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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, January 13, 1888, Image 7

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The Squire's Wooing,
$.jiir K iulnll was working in h'a
garden, when Iac KreiiA camo down
the ruiul tlml beautiful Mar morning.
Tlio i;lit of her fi sh voim; face fvt
t1te o!l iuhii think n; how nt ono time
m hi life lie liaJ lorl her mother, anil
Hie iliiu;: liter's t-M-o Meiucil cxactlj
Vk.o (lie one lie h:ul known so well.
;mx inoiiiin!" he cm lied out
lieerilj from h s work.
KitmJ mornin-!" n'u the girl, stop
ping at thrt feuw nod shading her eves
with her hand. "My! how your
trawlerrie grow 1 don't believe
we'll get a pailful out of our patch."
"Well, you tell our m i he can help
kerself to iuii) whenever sho want
'm. Toll her I'll come over Saturday
and hring oim; of them with me. Hut
I $ay, 1 had a letter from Charley .cs
terda" with a tiinile.
"Yes?" she paid, blushing and pull
Mig at a ilainy in her hand. "You
ujht to he glad of that, squire. Coin
ing down here?''
"For a few day, that's all.'
"Well, don't d joppo'nt us Satur
day," ft she turned to go.
"I won't," said the srpi're, going
Waek to h'n work.
lie, was verv thoughtful, however,
all the afternoon, and when Charley
arrived ho Iook an early opportunity
lo corner h in.
"I I've been thinkin' omo lately of
gfttin' a new housekeeper," ho stain
ered. growing very red in the face.
"loen't Aunt Sarah want to stay?"
Mked Charley unsuspectingly.
"I I meant nhein! a housekeeper
f of, of another kind!'' explained
the squire rather explosively, wiping
UU fac very eiiereticail y after t ho
ompletioii of the dilileiilt seiit'-iice.
"1 think I begin to understand,"
nid Charley, iu great surprise. "May
I ask who it is? '
"It' it'. down the road!" answer
d tho Mptire, choking consideraUy
ver tlio words and jerking his thumb
Ml tho direction of the Widow Keenu's.
That's the way tin? wind blows, is
it?" lauglied ("hurley. "I'm glad lo
hear it. You couldn't do belter if you
bunted th orM tv i."
"I'm glal to hear yon say so," said
U a father, mtu-li iviieve.1. "I felt sure
jou'tl liko lo have Lucy ns as a a
member of the family."
"I haven't the least objection to
such nn :u Tandem- nt," answered
Charley, with a twinkle in his eyes.
"Thank the Lord that's over with,"
aid the mj'i ro. drawing a long breath,
as Charley strolled o!V down tho path
iu th twilight. "I hat's a sensible
boy. I wonder, now, that ho never
took a fa tier lo Lucy. I s'poe f ilk'll
s.iy I'm an o! 1 fool, but I don't care."
About i o'clock on Saturday after
noon tho squire, ill li s be-t coat Mil!
with a pa 1 of strawberries on his arm,
knocked at Mrs. Iv-eiie's door.
(bx)d nflornoon." .she sa d. opening
tho door to h r vis t r. lit; couldn't
kelp thinking that her face was almost
a.s fair as it had leeu 2 w ars ago, as
ho welcomed h in in.
Tho sj'i ro wanted lo say l.o'd liko
kcr laughler, but conclu led he
wouldn't jiit then.
By that t ui" he was in the silting
room. Who should ho see there Lut
Charley, holding worsted for Lucy to
wind and seeming very much at home.
I I didn't expect to sco you here,"
ke stammered.
Then Lucy and ('barley tried hard to
look very demure and failed, ami final
ly got to laughing. Tho squire felt
h'fl facv) grow.ng uncomfortably warm.
"Just st p what he brought tn," sa'd
the widow. di-pl.u ing the b 'rr.es. "If
you'll hull pome, L t y, we'll havo a
shortcake for tea. I remember you
used to be rather fond of shortcake a
fow car ago." she said to tho squ're
and smiling till a dimple showed itself
in cadi check.
"I know what you're thinkin' of,"
responded he. "That was a little the
best shortcake I ever came across,
Hester," ami then they both laughed
over the recollect 'on of somo pleasant
crcnt in bvgone years. Then Lucy and
her mother went to the kitchen ami the
squire and h s sou were left together.
"I I'vo spoken to her about being
ono of the Tamil and she's willing,"
said Charley with a 1 ttlo b!uh.
"What?" 'I ho squire felt hot ami
cold b turn'?. "I I don't under
stand'." "You know what you said the other
night when you told me you thought
of getting her mother for a housekeep
er," explained Charley. "I suppose
from that you understood Lucy and I
intended to I e mnrr ed sometime. We've
talked it over and it's all settled.
Tho squire wa.i speechles for the
ipaco of a minute.
I hope you'll h happy," ho man
aged to say, very faintly, at hut.
Just then th w d'low came in.
"I've got tho e-ke baking," she
aid. "Lucy said she'd hull the berries
and set the taile, and .vent mo in to
piny lady,' ho I came."
Charley conclude. I ho could hull
straw berrioa, too, mid slipped out into
the kitchen.
Tho sqniro had made up his mind
gain. If ho couldn't havo Lucy he'd
have her unit her.
"What's the usoof waiting." thought
Le. "It m ght as well be settled now
as any time."
A hnppv thought came to him, as he
ait about for wurd to express h i de
fir with
Jleitar," yery suddenly. nd n'th
the energy of desperation, "you said II
you had anything I'd like, I was wel
come to it. I want you!"
"Why, Squire Kimball" cried tho
widow, blushing so rosily that he felt
suro sho was prettier than her daugh
ter. When Lucy camo in, half un houi
later, to tell them supper was ready,
Squire Kimball rose up, blushing like a
girl, and said:
"This is your mother, Lucy," pointing
to tho widow.
"I knew that a long time ago," an
swered Lucy, laughing.
KJooduos, what a blunder!" cried
the squire. "I meant this is Mrs. Kim
ball, or goin' to be."
"1 s'po ) I niny k'ss my father.then,"
said Lucy, and kissed the delightod
squ ro plump on the mouth.
"And ou may give mo another for
your father-in-law while you're about
it," he laughed.
"Ono'll answer for both." said Lucy,
And then the squire gave his arm to
tho woman ho had meant to marrv live
and twenty year before ami led her out
to tea perfectly satisfied with the wav
thing had turned out.
Christmas on tho Plantation.
'Hang. snap. fi. bang!" When
first I opened inv eye in the gray De
comber dawn. I almost believed it to be
the Fourth of July, for surely it could
bo naught but firecracker that wore
thin noisilv salul ng im ear. lint as'
tho cobwebs of sleep passed upon my
brain, I quickly recalled that this was
my lirst Christmas n the "Sunny
South," and that 1 had I oen told that
in some places it was a custom of the
light-hearted African to welcome tho
happy day with the gay ami festive
Chinee crackers.
W.th cons d.'inb'y curio ty, then, 1
sprang fro n my eoueh and hiirri tl to
tho window, to ga.o down upon tho
courtyard bolow, whero dozen of
black and shinning little "pickaninnies"
were squabbling and tumbling oyer
each other in a perfect frenzy of delight,
and occasionally being brought to order
by a well-aimed cull' from soiao fat,
good-natured "Mamuiie," who, how
ever, seemed to enjoy tho small lirc
woi !; as much a tho youngest ehoco
lato lined shaver there. Suddenly tho
master appeared bowing ami smiling
upon tho broad v-'ianda, when in an !
iiistnnt arose sii 'li a chorus of "CiiV- I
huh gf'. massa, Cr.s'inu gif!" as j
speed. !y brought a shower of small !
coins scatter. ng am nig tho crowd. I
Then w hat a franlie scrambling ensued, j
while for two hours later, the mistress j
of tho household hid her hand full,!
g ving out extra rat o:n of butter, su-j
gar, tea and tobacco, to say nothing of !
bandanna, aprons, r.bbous. juid largo ,
gdt pins and ennings for tho joiing1
ami pretty gii Is, TiiO whole day, 1 1 1 l ).
was ono of feasting mid joliiticalion,
tho men, boys and dogs indulging
n that rarest of sports to the true
African, an exciting "'possum hunt,"
while in the evening, the negro quarter
was a scene of boisterous revelry, as
old and young "l rippo I tho light fan
tastic toe," to lb! squ-'.iKy strains of
Uncle Jake's ant que li Idle. Not till
tho night wa far spent d d the fun siib
s de, and closed with a "Cake Walk,"
when iu still' and s lent p airs the dusky
belles and beaux para led two by two,
ami in the end Mauni Chloo proudly
carrie! oil' the cake; for, in negro ver
nacular, "She never b it an eyelid, and
Woro a tlealh-l ko look on her fa c, "
two peculiarities which the company
evidently- considered the height of grace
ami beauty. Certainly she was a "sight
for go Is or men," a w.th shoulders
back, ami arms akimbo, she marched
with the a r of a queen, mid va nly
conscious of h'r holidav huery, a low
necked gown, gorgeous bandanna, and
glittering beads and earring"; which
semi-barbaric splendor well accorded
with her dark skin, l.kc pol,. shed ebony.
And as the inidirght bell proclaimed
that another Christina was passed and
gone, the air resounded with hearty
cheers, from many lusty throats, for
"Olo massa, olo missus, ami the ole
plantation!" .1. ". Sajr, in Anirricun
Triply Accommodated.
There is nothing l.ko taking easo in
this world. A wealthy old bachelor of
this citv who i. a regular patron ot
tho Court Street theater invariably
buy two or three Su-cent reserved
seat when betakes in the show. Somo
ouo may supposo that ho take h s
best girl with him or perchance a rela
tive cr fri ri I. Not at all. Whon ho
busy three eats ho use ono for h
coat, ono for his hat, nnd one for him
self. When ho wiiiits to bo saving nnd
feels that he can :dfrd only two scats,
ho crowd i i ..si hat ami coat into ono
and hiin-elf inl tho other, ucli is
l.fo. AfifJ'ilo ( 'I'tiri r.
IIov,- KntioVj Father Paid Grac?.
A South end bill.' g'ul wa taking
supper with a plavmato a few even
ing ago. After tho pa'erfamilia had
"sa d grace" with duo solemnity tho
l.ttlo hostess turned to her guest and
asked: "Doe vour papa say graco at
J supper. Katie?" "No," replied Katie,
j with candor, "but ho sas Komething
else." This answer, of course, nroused
tho interest of tho elder persona.
"What docs ho sa) P" was asko.l the
little tisltor. "(Jood Lord, what a
upper!'' was the sweet and caliu re
l pon te. Hot t on Com m o n wt al l
Oo of (li Nucrourul Oiib TcIU ITow It
I Hon.
No proper estimate of the future econom
ical progress of the country can be made
that does not take Into consideration an
clement which maybe termed "the woman
In business. "
She Is km cklng at all the do rs of com ruer
clal enterprises, and there are very few in
to which she has ut already forced an en
trance. '1 he renilt seem to indicate that,
be wind a doubt, she ha come to stay.
Sho cannot perhap often reach the
lever which move the great driving
wheelsof huslne-s, but she proves a mo t
Important tac'.or In the minor but scarcely
less Important machinery of detail.
I'liU Armour's pnvato secretary Is a
young lady who was first employed as a
rtenographn ami type-writer, she prove I
so capable and cllieient that her sphere of
Usefulness has been gradually enlarged,
until she now ha probably a closer ac
quaintance with Armour's extended busi
ness than any other person connected with
It used to be clalme I that woman had
neither physical nor mental stamina to
conduct a large business.
Mrs. Frank Ledio has made a success of
a complicated a business enterprise as al
most any In the country. The strong
point In this case Is that when she took the
helm the Frank Leslie Publishing Com
pany had but a short time previously
Madam Demorest conduct a very ex
tensive business, which Include the pub
lishing of a magaine. Mrs, Annie .lenne-s
Miller conducts a famous dress reform
movement, and Is also the edit reus of a
successful magazine called "Dress." Her
dally mail is said to be larger than that of
any other woman In the United States,
Mrs. Miller ays: "Warner's safe cure
Is the onlv medicine I ever take or lecom
ii end. The safe cure has tho effect to
give new energy and vitality to all my
poweis. "
The e women have demonstrated that
the sex can succeed in business If they
take prop.T rare of their health. That i-
the main po ut, even with the sterner -ex.
and it i the sub cot to which, above all
others, the women of to-day should give
their attention. An I here, as ever w here,
comes iu play the old maxim: "An ounce
of prevention li better than a pound of
dire. '
Corn, uc rii.ig to lim K-jx rt i t tu lt; ait
mrtit of ar culiui?, Is infeiior In quality tliii
jpiir. The corn s njlas ut uvi-rnge lcsi
Until In lSI ; the th I U-mi ) oli cr n'.ntci mure.
1 he Yield ia 1 . 'J huh:s p r h re on T,i))),0))
acres, nuking n gr.rnt total of 1,43,0 M,0)J
buslicla. Al nut .'),() K),DiX) ucres were ahanJwu
cd before ripemug on kcoount of the drouth.
Among th rellrn taken t-om the Ill?h
MouikI, nonr the Olilo Kivcr, ifcentiy. were
two ii ver truwci ami thlity a ver lioo buck
Ion. 'I he I, ueislf-s, liearing Hie French Crown
and l.itc of 17.1'J, wore probably t art of the
convtMit ou:;.t, and l.Uoiyt'd to some J us ut t
Ii,l?siiiiur,c8 Th: inliatrs the use of the
iii )un 1 as burial laca lIo.mj lo q.iiic recent
t.IIU 8.
Fifteen tears ago Jacob Trar-kbnok, of Ne
Purtiie, One, who was thought to nu licli,
and was known to ho iin-erly, die 1, but all ef
felts to hnd the m oiey that hj was 6Uip).seJ
to have accumulate ! f.;lj 1. Thi o'le-r lay
t'.ro m tnic lio; .pel a cut d w n a tree rear the
1 1 1 1st I ' el l Lome, and in a ho e in the tr-c
found pol, a.ivcr ai.J iiutci to the wkic of
(i.'orje Carter and F.lia Croshr wnt la
fmtii tin; a nitty lo i'e the I. iuv He Ilxp."d
Una. Wlirn tiiey an. Vol th -y fun 1 tint the
lifw w as over. TIm-v relume I to the d.-jot,
b t fniitid lli tt their train wo .11 n -t le iro In
e ei .tl 1 1 - .us s. Ciir: r ;r.i; i"d t'.iat la order
to L.ll tine: thv slii'iil I i;ot nui rie t, and so ia
that wav II, ry ki.led time uut .1 th next train
c.itne aion'.
A c tlzai of Cnpoi)!i.en, D'timnrk, rreentlr
wiue to St. l.ou's, ailiiu f r au upj ointment
en the j oiiee lot c.- of I h t ci ty. liu iiudotel
h!s ho!o4i u;li an i '.d he w-as C feet 4 Inchci
In lu l'hi, welhtc i 2) pouii K au 1 coal 1 out
inn ai d out ivalk any uiiii of b a aize in tho
i'' u u try. lit: was lu!rm'd that thrro were
U KJ aj'ji'.ieatloliS by ffi J-u'i of St. Louii
a hcd of him.
I'ron'-hitH is -uret i.y treucnt small
dofs c;f 1'iso's Cure for Cou-umption.
A Carlisle d;r eominitte! Miieide y
puOiin lii.s head under u gate and choking
to death.
liil- Lo.i-niri
lraW a roll in twenty-four hour, and
jirevent ono under thi ino-t trtVei'. expos
ure, wlnli tlirtir u-.o does not reader you
more like y to tie co! I iftrwar l. K very
woinnn keps few in hr rticul for nn
i uier'eney. On co d l..'n; 1iivh you will
Fee lots of people in t.i d ran of stro t
car?, j-lippm ou on th -ir tonu . I 1 cts
a pHckag- f thirty-.-ix. Hr .i; ;its overv
wliere. M'w: Nk.ivi: Fo u C., Lowell,
Muss., I'roprtet ir-.
M. Wilson l ii ot, a sou o. in ) r it his
torian, is h'eturin in t'arn on Iviiiiund
I'urke au lNtilton.
ll.llltllO . . ..C.J l.lCll.
To the F.ditor:
He.!- inform your readers tint I haT
ft positive lemoivfor tie nbovn nim-d
disease. J',y it. timely u--e ten thousands
of hopeless cases h iva l ee i p 1 iiiHiiently
enrol. 1 shn l . p: d to .end twotiot
ties of my ran e ly tr to nnv of your
ren lers who Imvo roiiKDinption if they
viil oend me tl. eir pxprct. nn 1 1'. U. al
dress. l:es...( tfully,
T. A. Si.occm, M. C, 11 1 earl St., New
Tiie Mnrquii of borne bus determined
upon a literary life, and bus a serial re idy
f jr an English m r.ni".
st. Jacob's oil.
Relief. In any climate at nny joann one
or two npplie.itifiiis of St. .I.e dis" Oil relieves;
often cure.s jMTnianrntly. This is the average
cxi rience in ten yc;ir.s.
Cures. Theconfent1 of a bottle have curej
th.onsatuls of extreme chronie ca.st s. I'.sed ac
cording to dinition there i.s a euro in
every dottle.
The Testimony. Thousands of testimo
nials tite-!.intiafe the al've tat( mci.U in the
cure of all kinds of painful ailment.4.
The Proof. To m ike sure of this show
ing, answers to ii q airies concerning the pcr
rtmiieiiey of the 1 1 rs ie.,iilti l as follows;
'J fiatiifn dntr of hxtliii'i t line if raponM
nrry cure hu rttmiini J jh ri , inmt vithout rt
currt't' t of jtdin.
Its Supremacy. The twenty million bot
tles vihl can be justly rated n.s so many cures ;
in almo-t every cae a ernian nt cure. Its
price is the mm ty of every I t tie being the
same, every lottle being a cure nnd the Kt
are protected.
Sail '7 Drvgjin't nni Tf iUr$ liiryirhne.
Ttic Ctiiartea A. Vnar1r Vn., Itattn., Mil.
I fpe peaehea were pickeJ at Colaaa, Cab,
OYt r a week ago.
Every glorious art of a jrreat life starte
forward an olo ueut fact. Dr. bull'
CoukU Hyrup i tbj glorious act of a life'a
tudy, ami it ia a positive fact that it
atanila without a rivul.
"Hope tor a aeai'n hid the world fare
well." when a man llnds him-e!f in the
relentleaa graspof neuralgia, but he ainilea
and taken heart when hi wife hringa a
t-ott'e of Salvation Oil.
Adam Ilede ia running
paper in Du'
We think, without doubt, that your
"TansiU'M 1'unch" are the finest 5o eiara
we havj ever had. Win. I lavia t Co.,
1 TuggHM. VVoreeater, Man. IL W . Tuu
aill v Co., Chicago, 111.
Victor Hugo'a o!I homo in the Channel
Ulan la la now vacant Hint to let. .None of
Ida iurmture remains there
Tkttkk. A memlierof th t'ioneerd'ress
Ktatf. troubled lor eleven venrs with ob
stinate tetter on bis bandi has completely
eurod it in les, than a month by the use of
Cole'a Carbolialve. -w'tr-Vo',.f. I',iul.
The Ver. 1. I'. I'.unn. out of the oldest
I'niversalist pr aebera in lldnoia, died at
Iecutur recently.
Sudden changes of weather cause Throat
diseases. There i no more eirctua' reme
dy lor Coughi, Colds, etc., than Urowii'a
brouehial Iroches. Ho.d only in boxen,
l'riee '.5 cts.
The Ileeeber monument committee has
f.'l ,'sk), an t .1. Q. A. Wurd, tkio aculptor, in
ready to tvgin work.
A Icliln it 11 (t'litrnl Itnllroiml I'midoj
Wlni III ( liar fler 1 Krirn 1 run'
4 ontral.
Ai.hhin, Mich., It-e. 'Jo, lsr.
'While employed as aent ot the Miehi
can Central Kail mud company ut Angus-
j ta, Mich, about seven years ago. my kid-
neys lecame ilisea-ed, au i I have been a
, great suiterer ev r miicl-. Have consulted
the leading pliyst-ittns of this city and
1 Ann Arbor, uud all iironouuced my ease
1 I'right'mliseiise. After taking every high-
1 ly recommended remeily that I b id knowl
edge of to no purpose, and w hite MiHerim
under a sevro attack in October last, be
gun taking Hibbard's Kiioumati Syrup,
ami am to-duy 11 s 11 man. It nltords me
pl'nsiiro to render to auitering humanity
I any good that 1 can, and In su.'iik mg of
tie' remedy, allow mo to my that lthink
it the greatest medicine in tho world.
j K. La i.ii. u! ,
j Agent M. C. It.lt.
' The chapo! in which Vesl-y preached
for iienr.y naif a century was recently
bought ln'ut auction tortM,"i
j T !.: ,., ()., Jan. 1 . ts7.
! Messrs. F. .1. Ch-viey-iV Co. 1 jentl'Tuan :
I I liuve been iu the general prarti -u ot
' tiH-iliciiio lr 111 t I v'irs an I would
' h iy tn it in i 1 my practici an 1 experience,
buve never s. mi 1 prepiritiou th it i
I'ouid jiroserib with -it mien ontideiiT'
if mi .vs. as 1 cm Mils Uitirri (11 re.
rnaiiuf u tuie 1 by yo 1. II ivi jroscr.le i
it a gre 11 ma ay ' tun , aa 1 its elect is
won lerr' i', an 1 wo il I say 111 cou'dusio i
t.iat I have vs. to tin 1 a cas-i of Catarra
that it won 1 n 't cure, if tuey would tixim
1 it according to duo ti ,s.
Vour- tru y,
' b. 1.. .i)Usi;C'l. M. P..
' O lice, '.'l.") Summit St.
I F. J. CHF.NI'.V ,V Co., From , Toledo, O.
' 1 "t, -'"So'id by lru;ists. 7" cts
' A Kansas woman w mts to st irt a chil
1 dreii's right s a-so ,'iatioii and muko largo
tanni cs tashioiiab e again.
llMllllI'lll I II ll It lift' ll'
, in jernieious praMi e Miruel in soli
i tu m is a ino-t startling iu im) ot nervoin
nnd gen i nl d.lniity, ink of .l;-c!t:i-,
deuce a id wil. power, imji.iire 1 nu iiiory.
l spoil leney. u:nl other utt.-n lnnt of
wiv. k d manliood. .-"iid'eror s dioui 1 ml
, iress, w.th in cents iu sta nps, for large
ill list rat e 1 t re it im1, pointm x 011 1 un ai.ing
' ll);ili or perfect filiv. W.ir.d's ill J Mi-
i;ir. Mcdi al A 8 jeiatiou, ti i-i .Maia Street,
Jiiiitalo. N. V.
A (M''!o,rrnm 'ivs
wants to m.i li.T rus,
- l.o v as ro bed there.
tint Mino. Fatti
in Wa 0 , be can ej
. ll V i l 4 I -II "I l . Vl'l,
On tlu nj; oaranc of tho lirst symp
toms, as a p leral de l.ity, loss of appe
tite, pa 1 or. etii.'ly ceusiii 11-, fo. lowed by
night- ve its in I 'ii g!:, prompt niea-ui es
of reliet lioiiil be taken. ( oiisiiniption
is a sc.-i.fuio ,s disease uf tiie lungs; t iier -lore
Use th great nnti-- rofa uu or
bioo 1 pur. te.-r and t: -n . th -re-t.jrer. lr.
l'ierc;'s "io den .Me licil Discovery. '
11 p r i or to C 1 iivcr oil as 1 nutritive, and
ui. surpassed a po riora'. 1 or wo ik
lungs, sptting of bl 10 1. an 1 kindro 1 uf
lections, it h is no e- ial. Old by drug
gifts, t or Fr. Firiv Vs treatise on con
s .mption, soid ;u cents in otamps.
O! I T I isier.sary Medical Association,
I'; Mam Street, FulVah', .. Y.
C trl Schurz is able lo wa.k with a stout
1 ne ttltii.i.,
dyspe; lie, con-ti jato I, s'.ionl l aldress,
w'ltu 1' cents in stamis for treatise,
WorM's Dispensary Me Fcal Association,
boi; .Main Street, liu lalo, N. V.
The retail p iee of coal at Fasaden.a,
Cat., is t7 a t n.
If afJlietel with .''re 1 yes Use Pr. Iaao
Thompson's F.ye Water. Druggisrs t ell It. CC.
A chair of journalism has be-n ota!
lished at Joiin ilo,i.itis umver.ity.
Cures & rrevculf
Coro Throat,
Stiff Neck,
Quicker Than Any Known llcmcdy.
No iiiiiIUt how !. .l-nt or t cruel a tin tlm f ' n I n tli
UtCinnHtle, lle.iriailfii Irit'rni. 'rt l'''l, . t uiis,
NcUnil.'ie, i.r lirtlttte.i w:h iIIsciimk, iii.iv mi Pit,
Will Allonl 1 11 iiiut l.nac.
ISTr.UNAJ.LY-A lulf t iuua -jn 11: ul In half a
tutnS'.i r ef wu'i r will In n fow inlnuu s c.ire Cramp,
Spi.ms, Si;r Mnmo'-h, Nausea, Vnir.ltlin;, Heart
U.r.-i, N r oust ess, S'e:.!es.s;a su, Se-h IU-mtuche,
Pl.irrlim.i, Cl'.c, r:atuliicy an 1 all lute rr.ul pftl.-m.
M ilirla In Its various f.irni curil and ji.-rventod.
There I n.jt a remedial agent In the wt rl 1 1 hat w 1.1
rure Ft'M r au l Aue and all oilur fevers aIJed
hy ItADWAVS PILIJ3) quickly as P.ADWAY S
Fur hrn l.ichc (whether kick or nervmin), t'Kithaclie,
neuralla, rirviiusns.sj an. I l'';.U'ifine8S, rheuma
tlxrn, luniUi; p.iln niel weakness In th liack,
nt'lne cr kitiiji, j aln arouml tlio liver, i leurlny,
welltn f tho Jt.1t.tM an l pl': of 11 kln.ln. thonp
ptlcatlia of Ka'lway'H Ilea ly Ilcli f will afforj Im
meillato ra-c, a:nl Its contlnucil UMf. rafew day
rffi-ct a pcrmarx nt c-ure. filer, Mcontn.
S-.t l l.v nil dm n i't-.
Wliollr t'nllW Arillirlnl fjtfm.
Any llnnli l.rnrnril In On Itrndlnf
ll"imirt"ni1l iv M t ItK Til'. fUrnnr l'io.
Ta. Id n lt.' Horn. W . W. ArroR. JrrxH I.
UnJ4wii, It Mii' . . cms. of M t'oiiimtia lw
Sru.ni: JO at HerMfti 1 j at Norwich K'Jat
turlln Collrj w C'lnn'' of 2i mrh at Yal"
oal L'nUrnnty of Ivim.. I'lillA. j4 at Wlll'
CVllrK, nn l line larr C at haluua t'n'-
l'rr. LoiSETTK, M7 ith A., New Yrk.
food's Sasapaoiila
rt'xxl' Haraaparllla U irr paisril from Saraapartlla,
Dandelion, Mamlrakr, Dock, Juniper In rrl. , and
oiht-r well known u tal.lp rrnidlra, In uch a
M ullar manner a to dirlve th full rnwllelnal
value of eiu h. It will cure, wbrn In the power of
mellrlne, ocrofula, salt rheum, aorcn, bolls,
plmplea, all humors, dj w ala, tlllounni, alck
hcadoi-he, ImlUeitl in. general debility, catarrh,
rheumallnin, malaria, kl lney and liver romplainU.
It overcome that eitreiue trl feeling caused by
Khane of climate. w as..n, or life.
Scrofula Humors
"We have um-U IIixhI' Sursuj.arllla for ieerol
yearn, and fel proud to recommend It ataaei-i-elli
iit I'rlnx in.sllrine or to te ul at r II tlmea
aa a blood purlflf r. Fur chll lren a well a icrowii
psvipla we iwnnl ler It the h. t. We et aal leone
Uittle for our tmy to take In th- rintr. He U nine
year old and ha enjoyed ff'M.d health ever ilnce
we kieitan giving It t him. We are aelduiu with
out It." II. K. Obovih. lUohester, N. If.
" I hae len untnn H xxl Samnparllla and find
It an ensellent blool purifier. It also relieved mo
of burning aensatlon In the utomoch." it no. C. T.
Taft, Woa'o, Teioo.
Purifies the BBood
0mm health depend upon pure blood; there
fore, to keep will, purify the blood by taking
Hood' Sarhaparlllu. Thl ineilklue I peculiarly
deslgued to a t Ujii th blood, and through that
apon all the orp ins and tUsue of the boIy. It h is
a ipeclflo action, alo, ujmiii the cretlon and
excretions, and axslit nut ar to etptl from the
system all humor, ljnpure particle, and effete
matter through the luns, liver, bowels, kidneys,
and kln. It effectually aids weak. Impaired,
and debilitated organs. Invigorate tiie iiervou
system, tone the digestion, und lm; arts new life
to ail tho function of the Ixxly.
"I have lieen troulilixl with lyspepsa. I had
but lit t lo appetite, and In un hour after eatlm, I
would experience a falntncs r tired, all none
feeling, naif I had not eaten unytl.l ii;. Hood'
fsarsai arllla gave me an app tlte, and my food
relUhed and autlstle I the craving I bud prcilously
ex p-rtence(l. It relieved me uf that faint, ull 'one
feeling." O. A. Faor, Watcrtowu, SI ass.
Hood's Sarsapari
Sold by all dri'gfcl-ts, (1; gtx fort"). rr'prel by
C. L HOOD & CO.. Apothei uric. Iowell, Vsss.
100 Doses Ono Dollar
l't kk i I.ivnt f)n. run In from alec'o I
H'.tT-. 011 sea l.oro ly 11a aril, luittrd t
l'a. IS. Y. Ali-olutc' v pure anl mci't,
iVitients pro'er it t a'.I others. I'bvs crun
h iv il i'nie.1 it uj enor to any otlir o.li
111 l:) ll'kct.
CittriTn IiV!. I Arr, I'implp nri'l
r jufr i hUti cuihI li v iisin Jumper 'I ur
bo up in ui 0 Ly iiuarJ, lin.iud A; Co , Nv
John f. Wliittier is enjoying botter
l ealtb than ha ti n for s'.-Ter.il y urs.
STe "-7.8 Original
V C oaaavX-T ITTLE
r.rir.tnn ov 121 ir.tnoss. .i.ir.tr.v
asic j oi: nr.. rirncrs J'LT.llts, on
j.UTLi: sv(!Ai:-coati:d vii.i.s.
IZr-iti pntlr'ly vrcrtnllr, tiny rp
rnit; wuliout U;.'tui imtn-o t tl..? ( st 1:1. !. t,
or oi'iiip.-it i-jii. 1'i't up 111 t:l;s-s viitN, hi-tim li
ffill.V t ;t !'!. AKv.t.h ll'i.-'i and It liabl'. .
a liixiitUe, a I ! rat I v c, r pin y.itlvr,
t.'ii-i' little lVoil.i lh' l;nxt I'. Ji.it
eiitisl'iu tn 'ii.
Itllion ll a!n lie,
IMziiic.. onilp;i.
tlun, J ml i:el ion,
Itilionsi AiliicUsiui li l
u ratii nn i.t.i id th" Fti !o
n li nnd Pm. is. it r- t i ; ' 1 1 j ' -lv
n in vcd nnd p no. incut ly
nnd l v tb ii'- i f Ur.
I'icrrrS II ;i.jint I'tjrraflvr I'rllrt.
In -. pl.irnit : -n t lb- r m 'li d p"s-r id tin
I'l lil-tl ir SU JTP'Mf ll Mlll'ty .t ilS( ItSrS. 11
limy ti tit lit 1 1 1 ' ' I- k.u I tliat tin ;r in tnm npi.t.
tin- systi'in is univTs:il. net a t:uvA or tiv-u
i-su-ap'in tin ir Mtn.if r. . Hdlui ni-c (.M l ;.
1 rut (r it J. c-tit s it 1 I. Miimit .11 t u rol nt t h
ClniiiK ill J. ut 11. rat in v t U iiiti.U's I)lsi-i..sAU
lLDICAL AfvsilUAlioN, l;ul'..iin, N. Y.
! f.T'-rcd I v th rr.:iniifucttir
tVvV , r. S;iic' t atiirrl
ICcinctli, f.r a iiso
( n 1 .ii 10 ,N.ial t'atarrli which
t.u'V iitiriot cine.
SV.TSI'TOIS Or C'tTAItUir.-Dtill,
heavy licit. !.i'-in d.tn:rtin:i or tl.-J T : a s .i I
piiKSit?"'?, i!isi-liiirj.'i-.H tailii! frctn tho hu 1
into tin tliioa. M'Mi drr.i s protnw, wnti ry,
and ncru!, nt nt!i rs, tiuck. trT.at'ioUM, ir.ncot:?,
pnriiliiit, l!oody nnd putrid: thu cjis nro
weak, watery, an l rd'ataed; thero Is rinsjinir
in tho rurs, li-.iitn -s, l..o k:tir or oiuah:.n to
i li iir tin thro.it, pi 1 b ial.011 of oil iif-ive
mattrr. toe ti er witti M'.-iha Inrni ulo r; tho
voie is . Ii.inw d and l.i.s ;i n:if-;;l tivan,r; tho
breath l.s oilri.'ne; mii-:I and tiisto iuo ini
puin d; then- Is a 1- t -.itmn of li7..inr"vs, wit h
1iK i1t.il 1 -prcaM'-in, u t.rti !iin coiik'h and ci n
cral ih-hility. Only a tew d tin iitum -nained
pymiloifs art lii.clvta In- present in any ono
c'ii'. '1 hoitsHii'Ls of c:ims unrniully, without
iniinifestitij.' halt of tin- ulnar- Bymptoias. rt--eiilt
in i-onsiirr.pti .ti, nnd end in tho gravo.
No iliseas! is s- t.imninti, tiior' deciptivo unJ
diinirerou. or I niiderviood I y phjMcinns.
Hy its inild. PfMithinif. nr;d hi-aiing- propt rtus.
Dr. t'lik'e'H ( nt.inli i: tneiH' rims tho wf.rst
(iH'snf Catarrh, 4-0 1st In tho head,
loryrn, nnd iitarrhal lleailaclir.
fiolJ by drugi'iftts i-v.ry where; W tiuta.
"I'ntobl Aroiij- from Catarrli.""
I'mf. W. IlAfSNEit, tho f iinotis mfinerit.
cf Ithaca. S. 1'., writes: "."some ten yearn ago
I atiflVrvi! untold luony from chronic tniKil
catarrh, ily lunnly pliy-i-iitn g.iv' ino up s
lnctirnt'lo, nnd nod I nnM n'. My cuse win
such a bad ono, that e very day. towards 8nn
N't, tny voioo would l'(oltl, eo lioiirsc I could
turt'I.VFpoak atmxc a w hi-p r. In the rnr tninx
111 v t-i'iiiRliitiir and 1 a; in of my throat would
nliiiost ptraiitfl' m'. Hy th1 n-' of Ir. "'aif
t utait h Ki-iiicdv, 111 tin ' tnontl.-i. I wn a well
man, unJ the cure- b.m been ivi iiiancnt."
"Coiiatuntly Itau liln nml Splttlnr;.
TllOM3 J. Ilt'siliv;, r., C.'"2 I'tnc Strrrt,
Sf.. ,'i'nx, Mo., writ: "I w;u n trn at nitlin r
froft cafuri h lor lin o yt ai i. At l.Tnes 1 conl 1
hardly bre.itho, nnd r is constantly hawking
and "pittinp. r..id f'ir tho l.ut fight niontui
c-oiild not brent ho through tho nostrils. I
thought nothing eutild I- lionc for rit". l.oek
llv, I was Hdviscd to try lr. Sage's Oitarih
ll'einisjy, nnd 1 inn now a well man. I P h vo
It to tho onlymiro roinody for cntnrth now
iiiiiniifncttii d. and dim? IiiH only to gio it a
fair trial to ex (n-ri nee a.-iouiiding n.ulwand
a ei uuiiicnt euro."
Tltrro Itottlrs Cure Catarrh.
ELI IlonntN?. 7:inwTi . f., roljmf t.-x Co.,
f'i.. Bays : ".My daughter had cutarrh whi-n
ho was hvo year old. vrrv badly. 1 raw lr.
rag'8 Catarrh K nn-.ty Hdvt itix-d, tir.d pro
cured a Pottlo fur In r. nnl r n paw that it
helped her; a thin! ! ft ni 1 a perma
nent cuit. Sho h now 1 il.tei 11 yt r.ni -:d tiU'l
pound "' h art v."
ritrr -t.oi ei Minnit iamin.
tlTMil.Ll 1NS of A .'KM "f v-h In M n .e-ot.i NortT
liakn'v. M'n'ant w n.-im rf..n mil 0'i" B
CPM.1 Tfll ' "' '"' ""i ''I' M u"1' - r.inn T.i A
dkll U I U I Ut vf Atrri 11 "'ir. 'iroi'iriilT.r'iUr
In.li)wi,,.n ti.Mn. UFATl KKi: AJdren
Ely's C' ran Balsn
IJive" re iof atonre for
c(Li in in:.i).
Not Liqtrd or Snuff.
Arp'f l"s,lrn Into eoeh nostril
lil. If IIUl'M., (reentci tu
1. "'NiT
10O Dums On Dollar," U not a catch linsn!y.
but U abaolutely truo of and ortlnoi with Ilood't
Saniaparllla; and It li as alolut. ly true thai It ui
honestly ! appllcsl only Ui Ibod'a Marsapwllhi.
which la the very bt prlun me-ili ine ojid bUwt
1'uriflcr. Now, rra lrr, prove It. Take a ltUe
home an 1 nu-anure lta contenU. You will find 11 Ut
hold luu taaNpooiifu'.. Now reol the direction,
and you will rind that the a-rae ds U liaa than
a teasjMHinfuL Hi us e.uoiny and etreutn are
Ioullar to Hood Kara arllla.
Fagged Out
"LaAt tprlnx I wu completely fatcc'! "- J
trvuth left me and I f!t l k and lulsorahU all
the llmr, ao that I could hardly attend to my
buslnea. I took on Uittle of Hood' 8araparlUa,
and It cured me. There Is nothing' like It." IC C.
lir.(KH r. Editor Ent-rprl., II. ll.-vlilc, kllc a
" With the first bottle f Hood' buraipor!", my
healache entirely disappeared, and where before
I could not uiuatrr up an appetite for my rn-ls. I
ran not now gvt enough meals to atlfy my appe
tite. I am at present taking rny rN-oud bolUe and
feel like a different pernoii." Wiijjah LanuAii.
I'ofct 43, O. A. IL, Nenah. Wl.
'I must ay Hood Sursaparllla Is the bsv-t raedl
cine I ever us.sl. It spring 1 had no appetite,
and the least work I ill I fatigue.) me everao mul).
I legaa to take Hood's SarsapHrllla, and n t
felt a.i If 1 could do as much In a duy a I lovl for
merly done In a week. My Bp;x-tlte Is voraoioua."
Mks. M. V. IUYAHD, At Ian tk- City, N. J.
" I wmh to say that I had salt rheum on my left
arm three years, suffering terribly; It al.'iioel dis
abled me from work. I took three btUe of
Hood's S.trvjp.irlila, and thu wi'.t rheum has en
tlrely disappeared." II. SI. hUUA. 71 Frni.nh
Street, Iiwed, Mass.
General Debility
"Hood's S.'irsaparilU hctjj 1110 iie.ro tluvn any
other medicine I have ever taken for general
debility, and I hae tried almost everything. Our
whole family us it, and I conier It ahead of all
other ntedli'lnes for giving strength. lam pleased
to (.dvo this testimonial Iu regard to no K'm1 a
m-ll. Iiih om H.hkI's Sar-.aparl.ia." itit-s. li. Hk-'I-Fir.ihKR,
Mauch Cluirik, l'a.
Sold by ad lrui'glt, $1 ; hlx fr $'. Prepar by
0. 1. HOOD A r o., ApothccJ.rlcs, Lowell, Mm
100 Doos Ono Dollar
Our ev More, mIiUIi we niai ormpy,
hat alxtiit 3 at i en of I .r hpite.
The W i:itV f.VtUV. U
Ismieil ami .March,
eiiiliyenr. A-.101 paea,
.. t 1 1 1 , Im Im-m.ii ii I. ., P
3. COO llli'vlintlom, -a
whole I'UCme (Gallery.
;iYi:S Mhole.alu I'il.r.
direct cnuiumrr on nil .-nod for
prrsonnl or fitmlly ur, TtlUhow to
order, nml fir ail roil of every
thins you u-, enf, strltiU, wear, or
have fun with. Thene I.WA I.l'A Itl.i:
HOOKS finitmii iiifoniinilon gleaned
from the iiihi),m of the world. A
ropy imt l'j;i-:i: upon terelpt ol
10 Ctl. to difniy eijieiir.e of mallliig
Ill-lit Ifhhlcnri A v etiti r . I im 4. a, I II.
1 i: .-i.N ii l.lt. or on
iry.- nyeor.-
mm mm m mm va-;ijij v. .Mn.i.
vnrn o itfi"Ti? S hy t rv to tieeur' a living from
tc!i hiwh prio"-l or'h'-avi'y n.ortsriucil turnia?
V'uy work o't rvnt I lo 11 ( 11 v not start tr r
iklr.g on
our sdt r w hy nt
ir i fit of - 1 sor:io ot tho
nr-pri-!' 1 Put vrv
1 :r and well 1 K-ided
n Is !i 1 1 ii' nt to fclroii.
to t'O Ol tlllll d
V til iv; .
Ot I. W"l"l
TO t 'I, III
to N.n-t !;-rn 1 nl. t 'i nnd . nirx
v '.i can tri:iK" a hit r n t pi 1. 1 1 r
1 t!
lo 1 11 K'i-1 ( r worn-out .nnd
Wnv not un and I -' c tl.n
1 I . for vouisi if. or ut h at
Ol ll'iW Oeeuj
.t-mt'on ov-r
.titiiiu f ; j n 1 1 r
nt fr.-. if
.VAHIU'N. ". r
un. t iu
:i. whi.-'i will
Address) '
I'a-s Agt
, St. Paul. Minn
jLmNO HOSYJii oiOOr. r
IVrrheron Il'irset,.
I'ien h I ojrh llire
l' -V Vur.um. Iir.f f
.... 1 I'rr' ir-t r f -rr.
-I 1:
Vs c oir
.1 ol : i t
e fc.--..i..t.;r
ft '' k, l:iit 1 !. 0 t.
t ie anj ':1 vn r
t-n:.i. Vi' ror jlivf 1.
cornp. l.t'i'a Ct.i.ia
i-ec. Ai.lre i
b'ii':ii rarivu.
Vbfn I '.ny r'lrp I ilo n. t m"n tvn-Iy t et'1 th'tn
f. r t ::n" nd t t: :i l.a t hi -n r.-tuni i ?-oi. I rnsn
ri.l '.rul i ur... I li-.- m . ! t .... .t.s. ,-.s till rs. I I'll. -I
I'.sV ir r Ald.i.Mi Mik.VLsmii.i! .itIj. I
e.'na,-: my ri'nii' !) tucirn t :i. w. .rst cn. P.rans
l tliers l n fii!"il is ni rt-an ii t r n. t Ti..v ..ii'ij .
l-'.ire. js-nd nl i.m e . r a t ' ' it i.vi mid a l'n i P. . ion
I my ints.l.ii'n' r i.i'ily. !... I. :' s n I .t !!
II. (.. HOOT. M. ( .. I.' I' nrl t. ew ork.
I Tf rtihe aid fn'ly ei
!ors. U:k i as the only
pfi-irl'' tut tiie eerta.D cui
f 1 1 is d s.ii.
ii.i.MiKA ir m. r p.,
Atastt id.tui, Y.
Ve hrxve cr.td P.ip V. fur
i.iiiy years, nj it ha
c'.ven ti.e tct uf (it:;-
u. n. uvenr ro..
( 'ti ir-Kiro. 1 '.I.
t.on. Kf.t.t i.t nr'i -Kins.
CUNtS NMUt Ait lUl f AILS.
Kl Best founti !s r-ip. Tastexg.MMl. Use
ll rear' f ip'-rlw : 4 reura'
ex im!tiT in U.S. Patent Of!lo
S ii l dcior akeU'ii iorree
nnlnlon wl. ether 1 at .-ti 1 r. n i- i-un-ii. Sfi'(
on i nt. nt Irer. rt -f. t-ii '"tiiMi .smner f Fa6-
eiit-i or any .io r n t .1 f n.e I', s. p it.-uf nnico.
N uablutfloa. D.
nfll I ADC ri-It lY i'.ir.i with PtfT
UULLArii) runs- l ,.r ii 1..-.I.-.T nnd lllt rl-
, ai AfO' iintmii; .' l-: i-kij.x. Complete
a i- 'iirit h.'oK a ! ? oi.f.lm la iie. N'.j
epe tet e tio."'' I. "i t c i rrui.iM Iree. luda
iritil I 'ii tt to., in toil, .i.ii' i.
rl wi.f l.l'i wt art ym. 6rmj
uf. nt. w '.. r I nouj;!i loiO'iuc.
I' s. J , .f.n A l o.. hi.ni. , J
C (..piutoa on ht i;t..liiliiy I i. LP, 'JDj r, Xjtrletjie,
L" Tt.rir.ltf oflfer' p y, H rrly iornret,
FJ-flv lOli.Jl tin, f -tera !!.. I. ;l pVil
E po'c'.i- '. -.c "T !- ' W 1 1-" f r rin u ar
nn.i I e l.i A. W . "h i "i mli k V kon,
Vutliliikloii, 11. t ., uml 4 inviiiuull, 4hlo.
I'm- i.o U 1 Ho oe U.Wh. el-
; . lo i mil r. M H I. Pat nl
l.iisii.fn i. toy. 1 nf ritiiOMn.-nua
I r.i.ernO' I and lii:.ti nnl.
h na rendered.
Itivi Mora' i.u Me ire.
TO M A TT. .i"ir).V rrt 1.KO
f'Hht:. t.i tiff not tinrlrr i fnrtf'f ffft. HVea
Uttumur iiatflu lirti H i itr C'y.. 'itliu, MUX.
A MOS T!! AgfnuMatUfi. lbenall
li.W arlH'K-a In ine wor ij. 1 aainple 1 1 ret.
rfll n "re.rtha.uperi..l'etltt,Kyetalelaworl,i
UU UU tliui,hui la aoU at i tenia a boa iy Oeaiera
"W.N.U. D."6-3.
"iThen writing to AdvrtUr pIMoa mmf
foa mw thm drertlaemDt In U0.( Ppiw
i mi
TOHlT8, ,
ry,'jOriit t i
Iw U r i on ly y Ua
Th wi.n.!erfnl new o'.irraTirp, (e Z'l 1 H 1"'1'
l-'lt for evrrv two l'- rifi.l.nis to t to- 1 1 I. f.
T ii si on. nil I ust ' no.! M .t . i . 4 ss iurfi-, ft
i-;it a yi Hi-. rt ,.:.; . . i.j.v. Pro li n.-ed l y t tie I'res
the It. v 4 h'-a S Ip.t.o on. I. I . and n o eiit
rl rcvni',n as "tin' li t toir. Ii mil .. innai to-. "
Tin p'.i l Tr Is I'ciiiT tii i" 'let on.- lnt' y 'oil in
lead I'l' urt o ra ..i '. Wrw iot ' "io ub.si-r!l-
rs. Wr t Mt o-o-e. V. .1. MOKItUW, l'u
I .h..r Mn.i i ii' .:. M.nn.
t ti H so i.'si w ii'i ' -" ya,J I ""j 1 1
I I,'! m V ll uf.ir.ww I. r. I nouj;!i lisiBiur."LJ

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