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Alma, Mich., Friday. Mar. 9, 1838.
Vol. 9, No. 51.
Whole No. 466.
M. K. CM 117 KOI I
MtNMN'1 S "i vici I ;': iirvHy ehMi
MM. Kvrillll MlVt.'e
A F. IIAKT. Pter.
conch, ciiuucii,
rl'.itVlLF.s nfia-'U nmurui "M l u
O lirtthscho.il
J, Vn XNTWFKP. PfcT'"r
SKUVUT.S uro ln-M at the Fpiseopal chnn
every SutiU.iy ''von'nir. .
Ktv. Ok . Vinor, Millenary.
RFC. UFA It M.'ct inr.on Sat ur'liivnn orbefore
,Uh lllll l"O.M. M. 1'OM. -v. '.
W. A. K Ull.Kt, Sec y.
ALMA CtUPfE.1, 0. E. S NO 4:.'.
T-tni .r nio tiii on tli- lir Fri-lnv of
MKS. ANN A MF.-4INr.!-:'t.
. Million.
cc y.
O. A. It.
Wm. Mover Post. No. 1I-. l'P t i. ii.
A. Itmet on in. uiv Uh. Tlnus'lav ol
pHCh month.
Jk.ukv Smiiii. 'i n l.
K. F. Moykk AU' t.
1 1 A N K K 11 S,
WW. S. TURCK it CO.,
At..'ii'T:il IliiUinr 'ti'1""" r';,1"'1"1
D-aler-h. For.-innn I lom-Mu- l.v. h uiv
........ill Vftfiitioll I t ' 1 1 to (.' .Ilectlolis.
V M . . 1 C III K,
J. II. s K"EI
' ' . IV k i( 1 1.
W, Wh HUH. "
I-... ' I-'IS I '
icl N ainl Su.r ).
h r i .' mug Mor.'
I-N-Tlt VI. PlNU'tice. OliH t ; Itolll room n.
linn: ffiort-,
PK.U Th"IN ptivMcioi.
.1. in, to 4 J in. "lhc
i o. front ro hiis up st.nr
I ntii c hour
hi Weill.1
i;'.'t.. II
- lni
E. A. BAGLEY, M. D.,
HOMF.OIMITIIH' Ptl.V-ICiall Ol-I MUk'-ol
Itci I. nee st it- ir.-. t. Mli-.-. room No
Wru-tit p ':l "oiim- i'i'-. k. ' ;:MI
. hour. 'I to l'J a. in.; to J aiul . to p. i.i
Ai ToitM :vh.
fhans palmer.
Lit.- ii hI Fir.- liiMir in.'-' '-nt.
A f aft, i'r ''"( ' .V'7..
A'n'OUNF.Y RiKiromiM lor nt liw All l"-iil
pK.mpflvntt. n lc.l to. Oiu-t m p. ,:, ..um-
t.locH. 11 ( vtilll
ATTOKNFV AT F s -li. itor in Than
fcrv. it Hi U.ul Fstat.' Air.nl.
Ai m . (in U'r . ' " "
I nivlv llxcl up in tho
IWnu-rlv oTUii"l 1'V Mr. Cnnialian.
Suporioi'-t. -t. :ili'l 5r.'l- to keep
. .;,.t.. i rr.KD. it: ) vin).s U:
niul' LIVl'llV ST A HI JO. (ioo'l I
V at iv;i'in:ilK' vatt'.s. CV i e
liim a call.
Wood tor Sale
Dflivrrfl frt't to anv put. (f the city
'ft Superior, cor. Ctr.mtM.
' ' W. A. BAIILKE.
A T T O It X K V A T I. A W
Solit-itor in Chancery.
Mllco: former bank buililinjr of WaMl'.v
opposite Wright Hon-.1.
Ain'n"iii' U tt in my Irin I- will iv.i n.
tir impt nn l .Mif lnl nttfiition. I hive the t..l
If.w inu- K'-.il F-tnt r -r -.il.' own. ll.y Man n"
poll ikv ut t rou. ly low tin :
U hi Tf!. ot lm'l ltw. mi Ki fidnl-' i.fii
V'tniurir vi.: 't f n w "f ' '"" -north,
r ' w. A lo n ' o - ' f - -M.
town Vi ii. r .'. wt'-t. W. i in paivi l or 4
Wof VAl n"i-.
inn !- on x(IU(.. ov i:-v Tnni.
Two hou-s arvl I t on Cn- - mMiM -ii-
pU rvli l hoiii'" lr -in ill tnmin . ' l- va
cunt 1 't. it o l l.uiMliirf ito I fl'T lor
a tttxxi hoii'' on Fly ktr' t. wrll lo.-atr.l anl
hi. rlv tlnNh. 'l at I o (lnr. .
Parti. m d'sirin Itfil F.tal-ln Alma Mioul 1
pre b ?' pn.'mi- l for.-pun ha-in.
flOMF.-N.-w Vork .
. N. V
rNDEKWKITF.lt -Now Vork. .
II AKTFOKD- .... Fonn.
f IKE ASoriATlON-Phlln. .
AMEKICNN- .... ..
AriKICFFTFKAL-W itortown, . . N. Y.
MK'M. FlItF MAK'NF-riftroit ML It.
G KAN D KM'IDS i;raivl Kapi-ls
NEW VOKK urn N. V-
ACCIDENT INS. CO of North An.orlci
Justice of the Peace.
and conveyance:.
All lfl pipT (Iniwn 'aUIh mutiio
ani lisptch.
Heal Estate Agency.
Will lianilN' Hofil n-lMtr on re i ..oN
O.Tlrrnne dooreutof II. W. A lli"n
C. F. B110VVN. Prop.
TERNlS-fl per nr in nlvumr: , .
rrtri m iiMm; .. lor three months Kate
of ii lv. iii-iiiK- niule known on atM'lU'aiioii
Mrs Frank ( o.i, is in Stanton tin
week. II. r. F. Schncidrr was in Dttroil
Jack Nc itt U iiti:ig-h icii'ls ii
Foil line of Iluhbi'is at W. I.
I'rcs. Hunting i.s hillinl i'or Mason
M iich 13th.
V. L Hou'h was in Detroit Thurs
day on buiues.
Mrs. Dennis Moore, of Canada, h
vi.uini; liicicls in town.
Dr. C L. Downie is in the upper pen
insula this week on a business trip.
Finest line ol' hats for men and bo.
ever hown in Alma at F. L. taik's. J
A. C. Mairaw's Ladies IVbble IjuI
ton U ot lor sold by W. K
The bell bojs and porters at th
Wr iht Houe wear hand-oiiielv en
laed pold badges.
lIorMcnicu in need of bills, cards oi
f podiiees. will do well to call on u
j e'ul procured on short notice.
Some of our oun people eharlerei
the Wright JIouu bus and attende
church wl l'.n Kiijon lat Sunday even-ln-.
A sui ill party of our yonns pcoj'h
Npe t a p!eaaut evening with Mi
.Nora U.ulier. at Miller lhos. la.t Men-
Alma should hae a teiegrapli otlict
up town, it is a nuisance to be obliyco
to run lo the depot euTV tme. ou wain
to end a telegram.
dratint county lias a man fast com
o the trout, a candidate for Hep
ieeutatie who will carry the eihi
district like wild tire.
There is talk ot three tickeis in On
lit ld for the village election, Republi
can, Denioer.it and Independent, which
will make lntof fun.
On Thursday of hot week the men,
beis of the Ib-becca Lodjp gae Ml-.
.It din (iraham a happy suprise, a yraii'.
time is leported bv all.
A iepieentatie of the Detroit
Tri'nmf is in town jiviup; Alma a writ'
up, which will appear in an extra lar
'ssue of that excellent paper soon.
W'ri'-'ht, Schneider & Stuttz are pre
pv.ii:i for a lare spring trade. the
hae already ieceied lare invoices ol
spring -immU and more aie eviuiii',r
Don't fail to si e them.
L. Ki hn. the popular merchant tai
lor has somthiii to say to von this1 week
lie has the finest nd largest linef'l
,Coods in the county and can "knock
them all out" on price and Gt. Call on
Cur & Grander, th leading merch
ants of Mt. Pleasant, and the heaviest
advertisers in northern Michigan, are
satistied that their advel tisiiig li.i'
increased their volume of trade ?."),'0
per Near.
L. D. Hodman A: Co., is the firm name
of the Alma Tubular Well Co., adver
tised in another column They mala
a r-peeialty of all kinds of drive wells
Pumps. Wind mills and generalrepair-
ing. Those needing any of this woik
or supplies, w ill do well to call on them.
Letters remaining uncalled for at
Alma po.t office for the month endim:
March V: Sheridan Johnson (-;.
NicholasCIase; MisMinnie Humphrey .
Mis. la ah Teetpning. Persons ralli nr
for the above please say advertised.
D. Fly, p. in.
The little son of C. H Hutchinson
Monday last, slipped and fell striking
his knee on a sharp piece of bone which
chanced to be sticking up through the
ice, running it into his knee to such an
extent it is thought it may leavo ihe
little fellow w ith a stiff leg.
If the p. lor.brainlessscoundrel.depriv
ed of the first principal of a m in, who
I not is lower than a thief with n toieM:e
and heart blacker than the ace of spades
who swears vengeance on the Hfi okd
and a ceitain courespondent by putting
a vile article in the "Item Imix" will
call, we will wait on him to the best of
our ability. We enjoy entertaining such
A quiet wedding took place at the M.
F. Church parsonage yesterday at 1:3
i o'clock, the high conti acting parties be
! ing Tow ii Trustee Charles Gummow and
i Miss D 11 Iivlaml, both well known
in this city. The ceremony wa prefoim
od by llev. W. M. WiKtdanl. The happy
couple took the .".:.'io train for an Fran
cist o to spend theii honeymoon. Their
mai.v fiien is extend their best wishes
for long life and matrimonial bliss.
Woodland M'til
Dr. Kelly spent Sunday with his
fi ieud-s in South Fend.
Waviud: A good coat linker, stcadv
work. L- KeVn.
Pre. Hunting will address the citi-
z 'us of Hastings March llh.
Seth Tubbs smiling fan is nain
vm on our streets, alter a tdx weeks
c. II. Lamb, of Charlotte, was in
own Wednesday, the guet of a.,.
Miss Iola Hichard, of Alliance. Ohio
is visiting her cousin, Mrs. N. (J. Dav
idson, of this place.
Lookout for the Fee Hive Stores'
spring announcement atniut April 1st.
vimthing entirely new.
Wood & Wiight, the new agi icultui
d fn m, have opened up Jook ovtr
cheir new adv. in the Kkcokd.
The Mt. Pleasant TiHi,: is publish
ng some interesting sketches of tin
'.irl settlements in Isabella Co.
The eldest daughter of Mrs. Fib.
Johnson, who has been sick tor several
wcks p. ist, is slowly convalescing.
(i. F. Latimer, of Toledo, a former
v I m i boy, is heje en a visit, he expects
o open a jt w i-lery store ,iL Shepher..
It looks although J,. W. Miller the
popular photographer had come to stav .
ic has rented the Harry Walby house
i. r two veai s.
A new supply of College Stationery has
Mist been completed; a tablet of Not
aper and a bunch of envelopes printei.
;or - t cents.
Alma is agitating the (pietion d
o iiidmg an opera h u-e. (irand
d.ipnls lhmcit. Nut as anybody
billow s of. but we should.
Parents looking for children's rchool
shoes will miss great bargains if the
.til to call and examine the line assort
ment displaved by F. L. Staik. .
A scheme is mi foot to organize a
trotting circuit to be comprised t
ithaca, Lake View. IMmore. Mt.
i'leasant. Fai'.vell and St. Louis.
The Fee IIie Store will eontini c
there otf, off and otT sale on Fn
4 )ols. Woolens. 1 int Goods. Cloaks.
Overcoats, Suits c. Some guod Fal
;aius still to be had.
The show 'given at the link Thurs
h;y '.light bv Pmf. Noiris and his 'Jo
trained dogs, was pronounced very
line. He ga e us the same old "chest
nut" on the opera house.
Subscribe for (irand llupids best p i
per. The Dai'y Democrat, the leading
daily in Western Michigan, arrives in
Alma on the m uniag ti ain.I) divered b
1'. A. Miller at 1! cents a week.
Our Village election ownes off next
Moudav, evei v v- ter -.hould vote for the
b 'st m
r in oui
n, hi men be elected that w ih
busin. r to the best interest of
air litt'e city. Live clliceis make a live
tow n.
Tlio Ptepublican congressional con
vention was held at St. Louis last year.
Had we a lit place to hold such a con
vention. Alma might bo the favored
place this year, but alas! we have none
tweept a skating rink !
The students at the College have r
gtni.ed themselves into a Students'
Association, ith A. W. Thompson as
president and Victor Nellis as secre
tary. They have adopted articles of
agreement between the students and
Last Friday night w hile a sleigh party
on the county line w ere going to the Par
kinson Church the sleigh capsized throw
ing the entire paity out and injuring
Mrs. J P Allen very s.-vei ely. Miss
Fear! Chad wick of this place, chance. I to
be one of the load and was huit but not
Flection tickets and slips printed
cheap a d on short not ice at Uiis oilice.
Don't fail to attend the public meet
ing of the Womans Home Missionary
Society at the M. F. Church, on Sunday
eve Mar. lsth. The program for the
f veiling consists of appropiat' sr-U ct ions
of musieby the Choir, an address by Mrs.
S S Furns, of Fallasburgh. Kent Co.
Fecitations bv Mis Winnie Gi iffu.
Miss Flanche Cole and .Miss Flora
te.i. . ..l i. . .. .. .. ;ii i... t..
'hN' ",
,ittl(' f,llk- 1,:,-vrr a",, m,,;uK:S b
Key. Hart.
Alma sustains the reputation which
she justly deserves, of having as good a
band as is in the state. They have put
in a hard w inters work and are now far
superior than at any time during their
existamc. They have new and hand
some suits but that does not coin, li teor
perfect them, their instruments arc old
which istheironly draw back and we aie
glad to see them take steps toobtaiu new
ones, by liberal aid of our citizens, to-
pettier w ith what they already have, in
three months Wiikbts Opeia House
! hand will beautify our stiet ts with a set
' of Sl.noo silver instruments. Let us all
turn iu and assist them, it is money
well inuttel
Warm meals at all hours at
S. (J. Hopkin's
There has been five safe men in town
the pat week.
Wonder if the Patent Medi ine man
is back yet? Twas over thus.
Moidcalm County Teachers' Associa
tion meets at Fdmore. March Fth.
For S tie: ludg' meut against Kern
Frew baker, for tailoring; will s"ll'ch a p.
Da vii Ci v i;i;i.i..
The F( e Hive add, w ill contain a sur
prise about April watch (.ut for it.
souithing new.
A Laurel root picked up by F. N. had
wick in lsr;-)on Lookout uiounlaiu.
shown us Wednesday.
On Tuesday last a young horse ol
Cinv Wood ran away mashing up
things in great shape.
Weluo here to stay. F ug aiiis even
lay in the year in boots, shoes, hats,
caps and gents furnishing g od'.
F.L.Mark. "
Tt WltuM 11' MAY C'lNCFUN'. t h.ve
not w i ilten any article on either fic
trade or piotcct ion for any one within
the last three months.
Maich 7. A. J. Si i:a.m.i;i;.
Mrs. Henuer's Mibbath School class
nu t ;il her home on Friday ee. Man h
ud. to have a good time, l ie-y wele
treated to sup pei .had m ii dc A. c and all
Aent away satisthd. hoping to meet
again in the future.
'i he agent fur Sprague Poor Debt A.
sociation, was in town Tuesday. Scv
ral of our business : : n 1 1 have joint-',
md justly propose to have tin-ir pay oi
lo publicly denounce such d"'ol.-.
Mi,: Matilda II. Ko:. of Chicago
who has won a laateri d n putati n by
nor lectuics on the kindergarten will
make her head piai leis at the ladies'
hall of the Col: -go. until the meeting ol
the Fay View Ash mbly.
ViM.ig" election is n,-.ar at hand. If
you are not satisfied with the way the
corporate business has been miiiaged
daring the past year, now is your time to
talk it up and ai rang'.' to eh-ct a new s(-1
of ofii -crs. If you are salisti" 1. elect the
o; i nuc.s.
A petition i.- being circulated and nu
nicrouslv signed asking the couFnission-
.T of l a ill oad to take tops to bring the j
l". A. A. v N". M. depot b.teU w ithiu the
eoiporat ! mi 1 1 St. Louis, according to
the agiteii.ent when tie bonus wa
subscribe I by our citizens.-St. Louis
''"' . Ask an-l ye receive,
eai th. hade trees and all.
"The National Sm face (Juard Com
pany":s the nana- of a new organiatiop
j hav uig ;..r its presi. hut A W.Wright,
f Alma; vice president. T. M. Fish'
sMperinien lent of the ! tioit, Lansing
Northern laiiroad; secretary. James
T. Hall, of St. Louis, who is the Inven
tor of the contrivance The company
propnsp to manufacture a new style of
cattle guards for railroad ciosslns.
Last Tuesday was the annual meet
ing of Wiight's Opera House Fand.
election of oiliceis took place as follows:
Pies.-G. S. Ward.
"ict Pres.--Geo. Yeringtoii
Cleik--A lllgton.
Ti ea s. Geo. Yeringtou.
1st Trustee for - years. fieo. L. Har
rington. 2nd Trustee for 2 y eais, Dew itt
Trustee for
A Yeringtou.
Leader and
A. D. Aui-den
Di uiu Major.
year, lo lill vacancy )
.1. F. stuttz
Comtuitttc to audit treas. looks.
A. Yei ington and 1. S. Webb.
Mr. Frank F. Poll.isky, of the firm of
Pollusky Pro. Is now in Chicago buying
Spring Goods for their IF-e Hive Store,
we are imfoi mod that he is hcarchinp
the m nket for the Lit st styles, novel
ties and the best bargains he can find
in first el. iss goods only, knowing Mr
Poll isky's good judgment, taste and his
ever wakefullncss to the best interest
of their patrons, there is no doubt but
they w ill be able to show the public as
handsome and complete line of dry
goods, boots, shoes, clothing, furnishing
goods, hats etc. as ever was opened up
in Alma and lower prices than ever. f
We. as ladies of the Leap Year party,
wish to explain in regards to the item
published by F. M. Milliken, stating
that "he gave the ladies just the sup
per they ordered;" moreover that he
"had returned the money." 1st. A snp
ptr was spoken of for sixty cents
a couple; we. thinking it to expensive.
j de idtl to have a lunch, cheaper; but
j when the settling up came sixty cents
pi r couple was t barged. This was the
trouble, "the quality for the price."
Mr. Milliken has since came and asked
for the money, and we paid Liiu his
UvOrtDLitor CoM-niiEE.
Dongolia Kid button Shoes at W
Dewitt 'oii5!;t and wife were in F'
well, Tuesdav.
W. T Knovvlton, of Saginaw, was in
town Monday.
Faster Sunday falls on the 1st of
April this year.
Thegreate-t draw-back to toboggan
ing the draw back.
T. F. Hogers, of Havenna, was In town
Monday and made us a pleasant call.
Fred Furrows, formerly with Honk A
lloighmaii spent Sunday with friends
Font bringany more Hecoicd of .Ian.
.'Tst ; our note last week brought seven
Cltas. Woo I examination comes, of!
before Justice Yeringtou next Satur
day. When a hog sticks his ikmc in hot
sTviil. he iisualy s pieals. Thus vn find
it w ith some pop--.
On the L-ath of Feb. Mrs. Wm. Alams
ehui ned from four gages of cream 8
lotiuds of butter, who can beat this for
i farrovr Devon breed.
"A genteel carver always sits when
;e cai V es," says a book on etiquette.
Depends on the age of the fowl. When
it slips away from the would-be genteel
carver, caroms on the gravy bowl and
upsets every thing on the table, the ;r'n
tet 1 carver wished a mountain would
fall on his genteel head and hide him
frmn the indignant gae of his g-nte 1
wife and the genteel company.
D- troit Fvening J'niru'i.1: "H 'wareof
i man who is going about the state sav
oig he is the agent of the D.-troit News
f'ompmy or tie- Union News Company,
sfdbng the Young Ladies' Journal, get
ling l for it in advace. and promising a
framed picture as a premium. He is no
in agent ot the news. comnauy. and is
evidently a fraud. He has been work
i ig Ionia county of late and has also
m mrning dupes in Montcalm."
On Wednesday a letter was received
by A. I. Atnslen. leader of Wright's
Opera House Hand, inquiring into the
orosuccts of holding a three days Fand
Tournament in Alma, next June, had
we an ojera Lou-o. this could be very
easily brought about. .jO bands heie
f r three davs would be a big card fcr
ur litlle city, but where could a cot,.
t"si be held? We must sit down and
let some other town have it.
As th.' nam' of our prominent Gratiot
Co . citizens are named over as to their
fitness and ability for the several county
i llicers. which will soon be nominatd
which facts should be discussed ami
thoroughly understi od by every voter
in our giand old county, the Ui.eoni)
would like to see our well-known Aim a
.itizf-ri. Aluion Yeiington mentioned as
judge of probate. His good judgement
his business reputation and his years of
experience, fus him second to none in
this county.
The Mowing letter was received by
township treasurer Mover and too
good to keep:
A i. .my, Misir.
Mimtsi: Aut Mokfk.
Dear sur i tak mi pen in han to
rite yon bout them six scuts which i put
in this litter please give mee creditt for
them on tackses
Yurs truulv.
The reroitof an article in these col urns
from the S Lyon Picket, stating that
Alma College w ill put in a ?-00 printing
outfit in thespring, is denied flat footed
by Pres. Hunting. We heard the same
report tlo ding amund but wjth our ac
quaintance with Pres. Hunting, know
ing his desire and everyday seeing hb
never tiring work to advance this grand
institution and put it at the head in
this state sufficed us that he is not
short -sighted enough to put in such nn
opposition and consequently have not
noticed it Two boys have a $V) ama-
tuer outfit which they do some work
is the extent, from theso tho report
Notice of Election.
Notice is hereby given that the annnii
chatter election of the yillagc of Alma
will be held at the Fi remans Hall, in
said village on Monday the 12th. day of
March ISss, at which time there will t e
elected one P'V'dent, threo Trustee's
one Cleik, one Assessor, one Treasuier,
one st. Commissioner and one consta
ble. The polls of said election will b
opened at S o'clock a. m. and finally clos
ed at o'clock p. m. March 1st. 1S83.
Almun YnniNfiTON,
Village Clerk.
Eegistratioa Notice.
The board of registration of the Vil
lage of Alma will be in session at the
Clerks office in said Village on Saturday
Mar. loth. 1SSS. from l o'clock a m
until 8 o'clock p. ni. for the purpose of
completing the Registration of the elect
lion of &aid Village,
Almon Yerinoton,
Mir. lit. $S8. Village Cleik.
Fine weather for skating
Frei. Hunting returned from Flint
1 ist Monday.
Miss Gelston. our Latin teacher, was
ill last Friday.
Hev. Van Autweip preached at the
College last Sabbath.
Frank Marsh has been nursing a soif
eye for several days past.
Burnham is numlx-red among the in
lisposed at this writing.
Hev. Fruske, of Saginaw, visited the
college Tuesilay morning.
The Orpheus Musical club met
Prof. Welstead'h last Friday even ng
Drummoud passed the Sabbath bat
tling against disease, but "Hichard was
himself again" Monday moruii g.
A large majority of the students tork
in the "memory system'' class at tht
Cnion school last Monday afteinoon.
Hev. Wylie yave the jtu("i ids jn in
terestmg talk on the natuie an ' object
of the National Heform Association,
last Tuesday morning.
A number of ntudcn's listened to a
verv interesting sermon by H. T. Lynd.
about four m iies from town, last Sab
bath. The students have adopted the "Ar
ticles of Agreement" that have been
under e tisideratioh for several days
past, and henceforth, all offenders
against law and morality will be
brought up before a regularly disciplin
ed jury and dealt with accordingly.
At the meetingof the Mudents' Associ
ation hist Mondav night, the bal'ot
stoo.l is fur adoption to 1 against.
For s me unknown n-ion, the vote
was ma le unanimaus.
Last week the editor of this paper
was summond to Alma on a business
trip and while theie we had the pleas
ure of looking the town over pretty
thoroughly and think a brief descrip
tion would be of interest to at least
some of our readers.
It is a beautiful village of 2.O00 in
habitants situated near the centre of
Gratiot Co. and surrounded bv a tine
farming country. Its peopl are a live
nergetic class all working in harmony
md for the best interest of the place.
Its backbmo ami sinew and the man
who puts up the ducats for the greater
part of its improvements is A. W.
Wright, a man said to be worth a mil
lion 20 times, and withal a pretty good
kind of a man to have in a town. He
has a particularly fond liking for St.
Louis, (in a horn) and is slowly but
s uely pulling the very underpining
from under this once prosperous place.
He has a magnificent hotel called the
Wright House which cost SI n.UMi. a
tine Sanitarium which is crowded with
patients, and several f.ictorie and
stores all under his thumb. But the
one fine thing that struck our eye was
its magnificent school buildings, which
r ink second to none in the State, tioth
in points of architecture and learning.
The finest one of these Is the Pres
byterian College founded and erected
by the Presbyterian Synod of Michigam
at a cost of J 100.000 and opened Sept.
10, last year. It is presided over by
Dr. Hunting, a well known divine, who
has under him an able corps of in
structors, among whom may be men
tioned Profs. Fving, Welstead and
Stuart, all of whom we had the pleas
tie of meeting and they are indeed
pleas mt and courtoous gentlemen. In
this building are at present over 100
students taking the different branches
from the business course to the arts
and languages The institution even
has a printing office, on a small scale
and we understand that $-500 ii to b
appropriated for this department and
that much material will he added. This,
we think, is a very unwise step on the
part of the management as tho town
now has a finely equiped job office and
a newspaper, edited by C. F. Frown,
who lias worked like a beaver for the
College and has aided largely in putting
the College on its present sound footing.
To him. in our mind, should be giren
what printing the College has to do, ax
he has equipped his office to a certain
extent for this class of work and he cer
tainly deserves it.
We must not close without mention
ing the Union School building, a mag
nificent structure which cost $35,000
and is the prido of Alma and her cit
.ens. Over this institution Prof. O.J.
Stilwell, of Volapuk fame, weilds the
chalk and birch switch and although
not the largest man in the town in
point of staturo he carries a hat full of
brains nnd has a get-there strode that
will yet win him an honored name. The
town has 100 flowing wells that are In.
Iced a blessing, water works, a fine
flouring mill and machine shop and sev
eral large factories that we have not
the space to give further montion.
South Lyon Pikt.

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