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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, March 09, 1888, Image 5

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. . . . . " ' N
lew. : ;
FK1 DAY, MA1U 11 .
1 SSS.
rzr5'x 'w -Tor 1
fly In ikuur ut tli he:.lin- of I he tht .
til i.mt on viH I. -' :
Wlioll'-NTMIU:!'. 1 'I
I f I hi' nil i n I I I 'II inir ifil i;iiii mii I his J'l
p ! Is the i"ii' or l Hen. llif nu.nl.er ut the
PH'er, t lie ii "iir vim- i ipri m h.i- e"i"t.
.Vel ntMoptti' . ip r until so ontei . a ly
V I'ttrflttllv ltfHMl'
h1 for Tltr Opiinlntv.
1 1 Is but just tn Miy tlutt woiiK n an
themselves partially n jonsil!c' f.-r the op
prcs.sion td which they tire snbttit
vVhcthiT 't is Hit indication of inferiority
cr tLe result of evuentt on i.f in, ..si uliiu
supremaey, it is true Unit qualities inhcj i
tut lu IIjo nature of women impede theit
IrorcM m wan' -earners. Mot womeu
ui k If avst i lion, nnd fin; timid ahoii
ruishimx tin ir ow n claims to prefcrim nt
1 hey arc always subtjii-si vc to ll.v. cvUtmfi
or.u r of iliim: not to ihe extml of ae
c'pin it as richt, tut to a .icne whirl
makes it diihcult for rcfunmis to to, hi
thtm to aitivf pretest. .iiw, it i. lit.
wiy if ' c business world tli.it the uiai
wlio succeeds financially, who eis tin
high salaries, whose service arc cajt-rlv
sought for, w hose opinions carry wti;;hi
is n-lf-conflde t. self -assertive, nnd .piiili
to dcmat.d his rights. Tlu- lir-L Us o'trjitt'
h ad the cornmuiiity in jjencral'and Ids rm
plovers in patiieuUr to a rrpt hur
ht ' hit own valuation, (.'oinpiam
with . hi rlftinvs ftft.r th.it . u i'
niittvr of course. It . is fios'nibli
that, rmrit, however modrwt. .should In
H-rocriizcd and duly api( (;1atcil, hut uu
f.irmuatclv tliii is not apt to he the j n.
it i-s onfy in Nmdny-school hook.-. an(
aporryphiil talcs rt hiud fgr the -nroi:r
-utiiH-ul of youth ihnt the lii h in'u l..L.t
of his own motion, rapidly advauco 1 1 if
; worthy emplov c- md taki-.i tliC mortal
ntcd into partnership without so'.i.'itnii'.n
In real lift the favmii ne in-ii-t diif(!l
mid indinrtly tliat he is ntitlnl to th
prrmntion. Mid itch e. thu injpjrM- i
thai he is the one that nndcrs the st:r!(
hy accept in the a-iv.inrcincnu Woiuei
are n'it the only ones who t-u'.Tt r frotn hi' t
of the rpiHlity known us 'puli." Tu
' wrrld ii full ot men who have p!M;d on.
-.inif iccompiiisfd, thrf-n.'h a li'.etirrit ol
nh'or. while larly companions with fai
2es nhility have hy shi cr lone of nlf
;ur!idenry nd self a-M rti. u cone on U
Mcalth and prosperity.
Wointn, houtcr. are unlfortiily timid
f.nd n u clas nre under a .1jjiii rin'aue it
the strujirle for n liMli'ivs l Wln-th'-r i'
' i hrlter Ihnt they should :cul:ivate lie- a.'
. ?:rcs.ive selfcinfuh nee an I a tuh iil
iiulvlinir their own rr win tin r th-v hou'.
. :onLiuuc to toil inei kly for vvl:atirv.-r p I
-.'aru e is Ustowcfl upon theui, ut jen It
jir'dy upon the joiut of view.
' A I'wir rt OilT .rtlf.
Thirty year .'tun J-Mw.ird ('lit! r. l. .i"
younc: iirtit f f ( iiuiniuiti, tea :..
pRintituj of 'consi'h tahh; ir. i ,t :i tie. .Mi
chan'cs' institute ther. S--inf one r lim d
tl.e puintinJr ly thruoju? : .-.me t h rtM r it f
the" rnnvas. and the artist crieM-d so ovr
lie loss that his mind heratr.e un-i-1th! ;
nd he di'npjMre 1 II" fell in wi'.h uu
tlu r artist. K oun S C'tehman, i.an;e !
t h orcc l'.ry( c. vvlm was aKo rf unha!-.
nn'-csl mind nii'i Inia.iiiid tluit he w;.s
his reputed fhtht r's m n. 11 rn tn (-on- i
r-fiinl sjiirits hirarni' m vy ( Joe frii nN ,
TJ'cy went h.iel; to (' n.-intiati.w !.--re the.1
p;ire"n's lived, and rcn'e-.l a little ) k
r.om, nnd li ive lived t ie . r sii.ee, im- .
known to any of 'le'ir frit t ds. Thiy -ol,
hut hn oer-nsion.nl paintunr to supply t!: ir
Wants, and now th ir w;d'.s Rrr ir.vij-ii
with rea'Jy tine pa'ntin:,-. u.ti r: r w rk
n et detrovcd to make ri oiu for 1- tu r.
Their friend l ave only n renrly i!irov- 1
c-ed them, hut the artiN refuse to hav.r
firythirv lo d' w ith tl.i m. or to ssllpi'.
tuiw "t sculTeis to ruiu."
IVhat th lr-.Ujtfi'
Ir5. Milh r jh..t
nnd must ho teauiiful
hev follow her ptvle of
i v o rt io,
all wi mr-n can
.n l w ih I e si if
rlri.vs and self
treat nr nt.
"Will you r.rt sfn'r. hric i'y in ju t wl.dt
-ou r rc f orm c on.sist -
(), wiJh plea.suicl 1 prorrwe a jiT'y
ttin; pirment lo or worn in At to tin.
t o.U luakiu a womuu a vision of lovtli-
r-eiit, of
. T . .. v
oncp.Me.vvtil.nu, :ln,N,.r hind
rovcrinc the entire liiy n
'h phi' e el the pcidcoits I pr.'.o-r
r ne complete 1 hly covering: a-rmeut .vilhvl
." 'ei-aM. '
, 'We i dtntnloM thr .r.rset enliriv a- to
la, V unfit for ne in its coniiu-m f.Mi:.a:al
r Vnhst ,4u!e th. re for ii s.ipplc -uiir i.i ti;1 z
"waist. and llteii we m ike tlif !e pi n
- heauufid as artistic .-kill and common
sciisx! tau design."
A pf r nf I if fill.
On the road: Train hoy ted-in up to'
ward a passi nrcr in I p hoots. ea jckct.
;and islouch hat, Say. panl.vv'luit tr.ideyou
' L ecu follow in' out Ve-l
I'tisngir iwith a mi! tie jrin Well
pe i haps it would lie hi iter lor j uu uot lo
if now. ' '
Train ',y. (nw.h exritedy giuii
.ui e hem pi i Uy 'toi,-h. haven t y.eij
for U shock ? . -
Tr -in bo v (wild with admiral IotiV l,t
ew. t.tiiiinent-r. io
Wr.s it train roldibu
(jiillaiiher. Don't mind iuy mond?
I l,ss('!ir;i rACt t X'lf ' I V. I WaS a
'i :. i u i r it, i.T. v
I miii. boy brci.thb.dvr lis-
l a-en-erAmisio..ury ou the Dakota
missnm. -. 1
Train boy W.Jl, if this gou on IsLan't :
btlkve in iiolM.i'yl 'I
Vr- fV.,.1, r, kU.uA -l,ni!with nrlv
i' 'Vni i rl 2
'7. ,;,.U:i u iaJitS hriTc? i
i, l.fi ..l,.vri o ... fThici
remoe ln-r uu ive. aio ou ffoina
hot Ml. f a TtAfty.
. Utile Boston nnidi n win tnken by be
nx .iht r to call on ftiend and shown into
Uu tuiiscry.
' Mamma," mi l the lilfe Athenian dis
du-ifully, "I don't tL'ak ximch of that
Uly. do your' '' ' '
'NVhy. nn ly," replied the. ktouihrsl
mother." "Don't you think it a putty liillc
ihlmrT" ! '
"1'ittty tnousk. but It don't rat V.lh
fork " ;
.o shMke l.i.rius w,ui your .ove rcmoveur of vi.iu-bios iu so.'hi l the audiiv. ' '' ..,., lf ... .ihA,),. n..,l .- , " v ..
inquired I'. T. Haruum: "those girls wil a aCr.)S4 tho fcU, IX ; J . ! r. r ' c v ' t rJtlur' wf tl" ,' ' ,n h
rruh it," Mrs. Clettland in replv . ' .ioVl v, r,U a Vt,hl ttwica fraclc V ?, 'w , t
jrraMd the vetfrnu showm.in by the hiitid, ni,U iLrti-ii lnlui be dravi , , , , ''".- ,tr.' !Ct li.s.nfry for Conimpti(.n.
g- ' .1 lllm,n.,U.n. .l ...u ,t ; ' fc" i' ,Ur to tt. ?lhH ''ttTT''
; 11 . !j. ..I. . . . . of . j , i r ."lii..'. ) ' Kencvi llr
lk ItAllrosd 1cnilf tbf Srjr 4
UU llnyltooil Im.
T -I Temtmhtr liow J tfnr1 my tlrst tLsl-.
tar jut as ull as if it had on i.md yei
tel.. ay," .s.dd Senator Mantor 1 in nVcr
s.it.on ittintly. "I was a fanner's M.iniiwt
1 1 lived on my father s larm in the M.
hawk valhy, hetwecn Albauy and t;cheu
' leo.'ls. mi what uiui thii'kno n :w tun
. ro.icu road Thi re W'ete three hrother
l us. 1 was ahout ti ymrs old ailha
time. My lather was a'lonirnetor and
was ahsciit trom homo u r;ood deal of the
time, havin'r the place in i hare of the
:,ar.liiu r, who w. ut to the m ukei at
in heiw i lady lu icv u week w ith a wai:.n
load of veL'eikle.s to sell at the mat ket.
ime .lav iuy I Tot Ikts and mslf aihered
a lot et hulMTaill-h ill the irdui, v. u died
It e lea n and sent it to tue luurkcl wMh the
rest of tli.i vc.M tahles. lien hi lauu;
iimne. at ni:ht the .irdrni r handed ui six
1 oik shllli.j
. i . .i . . .-. f
fiur iToiiure, nial av:
utwl n. ..ivl. ...I i I i v . ri 1 1
Rll.l Ave lilt Ml 11 It VI II IN .
u.vlt of u. Laving two shillings. '1 hat
v.as tie.' tirsl money I cut i-.ininl, and 1
nevir see. n hoy tiyui-j; t-t:ir a lew pennies
u.tlio.u lee!m' a Vent wed cratiuuiiiou at
iuv sii( i t s in that ualeavor.
"My next tuiamial endeavor, icntin
tie I tlie Ntintor, "was ia 1-d or lNiii.
u hoj.- wire in the hab.l ol -atl.i .iiir a
s.oie ol ( h.-.tnut.s i vi ry tall laud piutiii:;
litem in Hie pirici for wiu.er's Use. one.
day our nired man eamo lioiin: lr. ut mar
ket Mid I oid a a hit of gossip that ( hot.
utitt. were oi'tii s.j a bushel m maiMl.
i-k. .et lime I he rn-At- i.i r A,-,,t u K.ve
Ad iSunrf of rrfnllon from th Insar
him- f UMIJIXn
" nl
Evrry year million of dollars' wortb
the imiti rial resources of the countt v .rr
swept aw.iy hv r.re. This loss is nn ahs.v
lute one. It call not In-replace I nor re
pairid. The indvviduai owner does no
lei I this if juleiiuately injured, hut, never
theles. wilhevtiy life the , nut.iry al h.rt
js noon-T hv the amount of The lo?.s.
It is only natural that thuitiMiritM e com
panics should, al the preiu: lime, fed thh
hiss most .severely, mid should he ( ontinu
ally trying new plmiK tocluek it. 'I heii
i .ielielK-e lias t an.'lit tln-io that nearly all
rir.-s em lw: ti a ed to curelcssm.-, in one
lonu or another, that our tiry-Iichlin up
pliant rs rvsd not murh further iniprovo
iniit. nn' 'hat preventive mi thuds arc the
Lest ui ea to aecompiisi) their purpose.
The j riti,;pnl insurance, companies of
N'.w Vui'v.. firtufl'cd hy nu ll coiid iera
tJ'-ns, have adopted a jilan w lm li is so
-inipl'i ,",nd proiiii-M-s to lie -o eiT , tive that
it dcMTfe.s to hnve puhlio atP ntion eal ed
to it..
They havr printed and propose to dis.
frihu'e cratuiioii'ly iltrourlt cvt ry huild
in,'. If t;ec(-ary tiii-oui'ii evrry room in
the rjty. a hi.:.d-.-mi ly i nrav ed sT of
i'l'ire C'unti'.-ns." Jf tie-y are remejnhi-rcd
ar;d atw a CanM ullv ol.-ii vi 'l, accidental
frei would lie tew and far heiw.-en.
The r.-n:ti..ns are iu tt helnw. It can Im?
vul thru Uu-y nrf-.sen.dhle, pr.ietieul, an I
Doii t allow tovrs or heaters on your
I n ml-s v hit h'urr n" t seiiirely M't z
'Trrrr rvrnt no-d I ri'-k, or metal, and h
.lire, t'l.at id w 1 1. ilw i !. iv ar the stoves ot
p;'-: s is carefully pr ! t.; I with mi lid.
l'on't allow ii n v 1 osi- jointed gas hiack
iti ea your premises which could h(
svvur a.r:i':lt wo.idnrk. or any
.bracket- without wire sep-en- or globes, jf
I .ay; 'straw, li.lit no.teiid.j or window cur
lams are m ar them.
ir 1; --.ts i.r ..wirr.
Don't allow aiiv . Ii ctri
on yoi.r pl'tiui-i-s whirl)
t .s. ,.-1
.... uu, r.u.vMj
proteeieu. .:-.
1 i ti t allow stut if pipes to l- lacontaei
uiih wood or ii:;;1a;i,il !e ti,.it-ii il.
Ioti'l allow an ki i os ne oil lamps 1 i K
hi led a.'- cr l.i: k. l 'iili:ir lamps ntr a hi t
: dangerous.
. D.-n t foriri t to kep thi- lump filled, ami
wick in ofst or i- r.V "W l. n "le- od iluw
it Loin rat's l-". wl.it hi' liahletotxph.de.
))on't allow li n.iiif. pits'-liiir, naptha. ol
j:plosivo.s in your place.. Your insurance
pohey plohilu!- it.
Don't allow a-hes t - he put in a wood n
l-ox or liarn l ijf yvur buihhc'. AJay?
have tin Iron adi oiii.
Don't allow any oilv wa'Te rr r.icrs to lw
thrown on the tl-H.r. t ut only in n ir.cta'
tan. with cover, arid h ive the.-n taki n on
of tiir huildiu: t very ciht, lle-y air self
, iuia.:.
'. in I arow nrv rr as r r riiv ras oi
rip,rst.-.l- m.M.l up with tlie clean clip
,..Us. oi r kuii nt'v.iu i i iii-jMU 10 ic
n ii in ponr piaoc teenir clean aau in
UJj;) t ,an Is a'.snl it. ly unavoidable! ;
IV.n't allow awdu-t'to be ts d on tioert
f r in fpitt'otie. It cause? mar.v
. ,)on-t hHoW sJu u u.
It cause? mnr.v l.rt--4. iZ
used foi
cn' him: oil -duppiti-s from machine.' ol
t h vnU r irent hif;. Niivl i -afe.
'Don t ji'.low raaU lii-s to Is- kept loow
in Ti r lcs, but only in - metal
-tirlhen safes. J ho-ij .ihim only uu tin
mix are safe.st.
Dim't allow strK'k inj on rour premise
wi.tre any n iiibu.-.uhle goods or maUiial
hr u-e I."
Don't frdl to hav e n our tl re buck ds fill'-d,
and test hose aud lire apphauci lriai Uiu
lo lime. ' - -
Doii'trdlow your sL'dts or hallway to be
blocked upor'iwd for "storage;" or rub
bi-h. hay, straw,-tr.. to accumulate or re
main r n your premises.
Don't fail to have all ih-vators or hoit
weys provided ' w ith pood trapdoor or
in'ches. ami have, the.se shut at ni'ht.
Dwt Icrgi -.tot lose your iron ehuttr
;it n cht 'r ;" ,
t.5L-.' . . i ' i '
' ,i.-, i ...r ...t,.- .....i
Mb- r ll.inC an l .i nforco rules to cuutJ
. . . . . ? e ,
fjniuni. ;
I iifsfl cannaro i"inr air-MOv auinDutea
1 . . ..... . .
r . .
(o'upanies are intcrrsu m mr projeei,
. ',..,,.,, v r f,.,,J. .
'rT ""r " """ytu " can 1-utiliml to drive tl.i mar hint ry in
: . . ...... '.. time of c:dm. Any such plan is. of course.
. ; , r'n..v' U J ttend. d bv a l.irce waste of power, but
A fculisJliute for the "aojsoin.Iaoy".; j,,.,, t)0 ('.rfj,,, ,-,tUmttv so t-norrmms I
tric:k h:is ln pioducfrt at th hpypuaa - M u is In n pi;c of wiml. waste is a nuUtrf f
rcMr 'l . f , i f; IManV pennMioroldrrmorrsttlCTlllonJ
liue Of -Le Cocoon "acd i Intnidijr! by m U-Vnvn to th-pte-tion ol yoking ihej
kJHUUCf ik' lvoluV,ll,e u"S-re0tfer.e.s ..f n.it,,,.. lo our uuu hi, cry.
r. i i . . - :- ..
. Hi ui i-ulv nt siertoi .slv arpear instead
ihrou.li it lu this full suspending btnly
Ihe ptrfonncr draws li;ht chairs, tic
ainull nud ir.iL'ile for any one to usptci
thtia ot totUinliU any apparatus for ion
ccidiiiUit of a Luniati botly. Yet wl.n
the cocoon rots upon the cuair Ihe fori:..
al vne Uio'nts aii.ru.iti). aJ, slulv
uiniii, d;si If.s. s lheL d- atni ' fchoukivl
oi Mioc. de Kolia. cliiily attiivd tolu''
ute the itppkr .n.c ul u iuuiu.pr.huitetM.
All litis li clone il. full view id the mi ;
aucc anil under a' uuui Wht
it aicredialjr rai'. :
1 ho i.
lift m lTon.nn TiwnT ri1 .
lC.il r.mnlriil.
" ' n IT?f1rrtrtTtT Xmw.WnL
theater reienliy Hint is ra her i liarm ieris '
tie of a ti TUtiu tl;iMif the cjiie'is ol
that jjretit ciy.. It wjis nt the m?i form iiui
of a iciuiin rciiliirrly popular play, mid ,
Item tl.M Kidlerv U c vny phue wa !
tul.en; ll'.s aUfes , i-.cre ihiotiscd bo that !
nas.-i-'.-WHv wiia imw-tsihle. tint- tho onlv i
flee i.h.ee" was the' Ui.s. whirl. I)V law arc 1
prohibited to die- -ed as w fits. ln the (
miils o tneperio, mamvarainerpreuy
.lond.h woman, wtth a ladnl ,,,r, worked ,
he, way hrou,d,th(-crowd, nnd, walk n- ,
the h nUi of Ihe on ht-tra (hairs, seateo ,
mulst ol the iieiloimance a rattier preliy,
hefvlf on thc.low v-tj!ep, that of the trout)
ri w of h.-dujiiy ."cj'iatrs. An usher sojti
loti ;ht his way io hc-r and risjues isl h.f lo
rise explaining thai, ;t was against tuolav
t ' sennit iiivoiv ith occupy thai; rlate.
i ii wi.ii. in v'liti i v i in in ik nvr i ii
IH'. M BWIKieit Mm,l)A iMm r .XJ'i. ni
., , , j
Oili i w (-in. aw ay win. a pine, met; -no iiiimi
....... i.. .. f..- i.. ;....i... i... r,.i,,r.,..,t i
' ...... .....v.. ..
ne. ompanifii oy some one ol the innnai'e
mint, and Ih ri newed the conversation
At hist the woman rose half way up fiof.
the lrp and t cpea cdrj a-j jjv (it after
wanis loN(d) had; lh (H i3)Tn to them
sinecshe w as lirst refjtff :el KMtiovv: "If
vmi say on word to me ahoitt getlinj' i:p
Irotn i.rre 1 will cry 'hie,' and then th
play will end and i ll these people will hi
crushed to death." Of course theto wa.
nothing to do jilmut it hut let her stay. She
held the livts of lHindu-ds of Pufl in her
hautbii , li .d'Cluwl UMifiM.i'i. ii taken
out thQ t-varuiM". J UMr. fcrl,f!'rjf till thev
Of-uM rfrA-f" lVlV ' VY Tri rC ta.'rto men 1 It
step, and for Ihe rm of Uui pla uxinvi
aUsorhed in tie- p, rforinam c.
I-licit I M 411.
s.i d, Softlv
"Chnrley," she
th.nk what a tad.
I often
is 'o have a
ithere and lid it as vol, .
"have nou?"' rctuined C iia'tley, after
some study.
'Yes. "And 1 have o' n woritred what
my particular w.-rk in life is."
"Indeed," replied Charley, a'tcr 6r,me
h'.sftntioti.. . .
"C'liarieyti 11 tuo diiyou 11. Ink t atn
Dtted to make a home happy?"
Itoo.n hi Mentor and Iti
T- Trcur
I nnlnnliL
.. . ... . . ..
Jic.-erihinj; virs. Oartieia s nouic at aitn
tar. V'UKJ, tt COriCspwUiieni UlUJ SJica v
tfce I'fxint OUtaioiu'r Ihe ' trcaures" of lln-
(J.-rheld tamily: This room oniuira all
H.f i:iioico-t UiuiiUsciijil-s aud vahjahles of
Uie'Ucau3.il, locetlicr. with cnutitle yu
venirs which were liexowi-J uptn the
family uiiitr i.i ihe time r f Ihe tiorouia
tiMi. or of tlie inauuur.itioii. or of th
s. The loom is simply a lar'
itii e.vcee.iiu.'ly thick hrick walls.
vault, w
iion-uarucii wmuow-s ami tv-rv uicp.uo. ,
a:ci:.iry. Ii i . approached froui tut ;
bhrury. "tbrouch heavy Uouhlc irim loori
with cou.biuation locks. The 'vail of Ihf '
rm )Ui are. huu w ith ma-sive tut moii,j
lubstutJiitlly framed,. rcprfV-eutiri yCe'ie : ,
t.VO, 11 t ij II .1 IO-, HHUIll'dl t,w ' I uiuvuw
and oiuainatioiis of every description.
Only a It vv of these, romparalively speak
4nj. adorn the walls, (ores, and 1 sup
Pom! hundnd.s of , tin in are evpttivei)
bound into hooks nr.d le-t on tue lop o.
rutil larris hot"ltir fort hi. h which liui
) .... I li r.l .l4i..i'' f I... n
-"v. ... - v ...v .
Id Uk? t l-r thorro bound cop
I tbiv.pn,Vapai: ?iallie.H..turoughoul JJisVent-. Nu.U InjCt'or fret'
tuucsl Males lor the year of the uatueMr'. . w "'-"-' ti i tti, t -i-
ii i.Li. i ..i i i.i.l.iiuno' eira(Ls lloll
fa per?, cri'.t and sma.l. of every prdc
tioiuti,e i w Vok IJvlald t-j tue sui.dl
fcst ani.ujost po.'j"y sire t puldhhed in tLt
d niutflvsl lUlniOp (7.uip 14 the. iir A'.'tsL J
munVd sit y four u th"se K-r.i( lo.'kS."l
uppve this icpiesi ii the work of becre
tury liiovyii, but I -hould jude thai hi
lu u.st have bad a stoic of a.ssh-luuli,
'I'U'ii thitt are s oe aud scores of ub-
...... i .. i I I .f ll, rJ
r"1 ,r" : : :
1ioiii null a i.u rt.o.w ituit'sami,, , . . .... , . ii I . i
'.. le.i tt... i-i " ; ixlr has l)rhpfesrriUd for years for nil Ira.
'i . .. r . 1 1 ' . t ' mn,i-n ovr'nnn ' ruritiwof theUlood. Inevery fonnofScrof.
il.eieaie Li s of campaign caooD ...... r t t.: h
iui.nc.i,e toilvtiicu. of pioio.raph illas- pious, hjvUlilr Mere"Wf i'J?,;
uat.u:: cry t v.ut iu tie liiee! of liar invaluable. I or I he umat isai, haa no
ut-.d. frotn his .hud li to in liis mink-si
j -wry uoaie a io auu iuu.j.ug a.i iui
j ... v
iiitn ibcit; araii ori oi tunosiuei
which have lifen prestniixi to Ihe. farutlv,
A uuueni iaoojait; uiguuuieuv uei
bun by .ytjsniBi' uiiiow .jefdy cut ou
ot vvuttc piper and pa.-ted upon a hla k
....:. . . . 1 J ' . ..... i
I ackiiround. i he CoiiecUon rt canes pre
i uUT to the General wa.s parttcuiaily iu
r t'.rc.stiu I'ht re- were about tliirlv. .u
rttjij'pctl vlj(ii heavy Ui hemis, aud -Lio
u j eratny -carved aiiLi cnrveii. ;..Nearj)
ivcry kiud of woil was it-j'reacuied, ana
the ,i Tiors were indivi iua s, bixuttius, auJ
various, orauiatioii. One. t.Kj culoss.n
iu biie to strvt any poiph, ' utility, w.l. v,
Iii..r .1 iiui.4 i,f n.s. noli. ui on iNe s'lhiu i
oi temperance. Auoiuer e. im-swm oi a .
witberea .ur.cafc., botujd .UaUKT. a
Uic. joiuwJ.v;iq r.JvJ-vvi yanu wi suul auo
lupplud wiili a haudaoLue gold Uisci a.'.4,
lliC Luul. t
Am rt.nllf r UlmlmllK
Windmills are a rrrv nnricnt InventToB.
. . - i . i - .
lu' Uk u"1,1". 4 " '-'" -
i crrunttj wIk-w fuel is . Ie .,p, from the ex-
i tfriiK. irr. c1,rite nf tlii ttind urion which
1 for tin defm.t has U-.n found 1r thtv Oner
thit jk-fevt has U-.u f
f Vi.tlt.. rln tlx. In. rial
iiorniation or the
' ' v-' , ,niUTPil,,, j,,
,r.l ix : ;rJ , - :
n ti . .Trfvr n ilve.-imn thii, mm rrtin
it intr. rlrflririfv willi .'l.irh lie rlmrw
-batter, s of strong ndls. 1Vp In turn
mini'. .ie- :iuo h-m-. .. ... ...
.... . . . r..a;... f.,.,
A CIlAftTA to
Naomi -William
i'.o you lovo nie a
o...i-..p iw.v foil We Are TI;lI .-it-d?
- ViJliatu-Uve you ? ' 1 worship thi
tro.ind 5-U walk on! .
Old man (Who has ovcrhrard them)-
Vou'do eh? Tlun drop into my .lttui on
i-nnr wav down and I'll Cvo - VOU koin,
T..rrin, ln J...1 itatt that'll mak vowt
evtlalli lintlfi.- You lav excellent fudz
) 1....
; mum 1 III lllllll V Cf'tl it I nA i
Tk -A . J i
; Si w ifiir niaclt'iii's and
II as n cot a u imp"
rrt""l lieaVM! Hi ( olllil'l tloll. General
', j epaii iue; uud work put up to order.
-r ( i.i js
would enjoy yoi
OV. alld Rn,
Ache r's Dyspi psiu
n y.,vtt ,')vwr,
lU-d by Dys.
Tin r aro a Tositive euro for Ivsrwrsia. In-
dfgestlon, Fldtuleney nnd t'outipMion.
Yo gaAruntto them, li-j and 60 cents.
. Cii'Uri.w lioofiiiij eoiiwli n n 1 t.ronehnis 1m
ii 'li.itt t,v rf-tn f ! l.y Mnl"ireiii s
lJu Jim iilur
int.. um e ami i nu niii'.ii.nn ,o uniri
... ..,.',..,,.,.,. ,1,..., .......u, i, ., if
- t . .
Jui' Inns i. Mitf-roiK' Irotii ep..ioiie. rout-
. . kii.iiiii f.nr.i It ti.l IfL'. i-vi r in ti-i-t
tiaiii. I ru s- p r ent, or our rnw h 's oak.-U
liiUf fori- tt lil, Ol- luul I'l.ioU, N (Ml Will H.iv
in- net .v Imi inz I'ani.. -lee'f l'.tiNeinl l.in
iiieni unit i.ciiik it lieely f r miy r. I of ilne
tn .utiles, it 1 1. 1 so it, i, if votir stoek inT. a In till n
HI nlnl Vail, ,1 Ie i nnd Hon. .Iitli.- lust ill)
iineiil it!s- tor foil , al ferity ot..-. I'tlen "A
Hint dea Ii -tt lo. soi l hy It s, WcM. mr
; Mill- 1,'- Vitalle' is wh-il Noiine" ! fnrdri
i Mii li.Mi. lo- of ajntite. iiineu i.ml all (
! v in i t inc ot In r pepsla. I'nee 1 1 uiel ,."i e nts
per Ooiilf. 7
lni i(lriil Coiioii in it ion.
i ( ': g1i. eol.t. 1 .vUUi-t-. i,re all 1he I -
mil.- et lu-xl' i t t i '-l s'im , ami iinisl ti.,v
I ) T m) ui1'! erotul roincilti H lo renmv ttiem: I
! i-Toun fcufl wIik'jh rs-Mo-h eni krient ul-
; i.,M.u,., Ml rte..t. wt n Uu,
l.inuT, leiu.n, t it -rrii. v- nil of th.
unnit'in K
l-rev i nl liers s. fui li us I'neiiitiouln. lntlum
i.tlori i f lnnuh aivl e- tiisii in (l h hi I,u njf 1 1 ITi
oi.lt ir- lire reii oei I t llii leiru-Uy l'Meo "
uinl e per lot tie, sol'l y It. t. fbti. In r
oil's ei'U. ti nii'i i. inisniiipt' .n eiin- i snjil
on a t'.iai.inti-'- It eiin m coiiSHirptlon.
vcvvo SSL.
)a warranted, 13 tocauso it la tho bst
lilood TnTsiration. hnovrn. It will posi.
tivelr :aro til JJiood libears, purifit tLo
wholrtfijstem, f.nd thoroughly Im.ldsup tlie
costlttuion. i.'enicu.Lcr, wo guarantee it.
I ft I I
r i. s.Wt b . :;
f Moek lirnvters.
I.onll nsree that tor trriirnl iib In tlieii
! buirn ss no pow.,r i l'i-it-r eal.uil.tteil to j
i Kite iitif netoiy r suits tlun 4t.i-e v irro
i tv farn-el- e. .e'ciiif I ti y reil y contain the
I . I i - I.. . I.i 4 I I. I . II ,t.
V I U IO ' .1- r' 1 1 n-l K -s . r 1 1 1 ' i , 1 1 ' i J ' if -i '
Ifictnieklv anl elleelively In eotjiti. coldu.
,.,0(,, (,.,,, i,;,,..ii. ...i iu-e i i,iu-r, ..ml j
. pun- uithm i, i ie in i.oi-ei. r "r i nure, ii'-K"
Ih-t' liitry. tir are mvuluat.le. . tull
- wMiy .
' v "jC'v js V always lmvo
, iVV Vk VVV Acbvr' KJJ
'soother at ' liaiii." It is tho onl ea.(o
triedieine yet ruado that will remove all
: infuntilo disorders, h contuir no 0m
, &r Jif-rj'ttin, but rrlvcs the child rntnrtl
i easefrvin jxiii. I'rico 23 cents, fckjld b
S iu lv ii.
. Wei)
rxir J s I'l.isti r. J i itr e tit
, ,n
VjOVV V i Jt
5 wun tr i treat OP
nncr Disease. If you haro
a uouga or toiu, or mo cuuurcn. r.rt
threatened with Croup or TiooplngCoug,
use Acker's Enjlitli Uemodyand prereut
further trouble. It is a jiositive cure,
and wo guarantee it. l'rico 10 and COe
. voi ii o. . v "
I- fat .r.-h dureJ.Wnlth atvl strict Mvath
t irr I, t mi Unli atxirh reun rty.
Price '0
" d--
tctsd- It in n Tvwitlve cure for Ulcers, Erup-
tionsorSjphilitic Toisonlng. Itparifjesthe
whole svstem, and banUbr?s all Rheumatic i
and to'uralgic pains. "We guaranteo U
!ol to p.. s. eh ..
Fl't-l'l( i iT t-nu'f'e ; Biit;rtMe by tb: j
tei ri;,!'- i'"ufb. Mnl .ib s t.re lb the reireUy t
f.r y u. - - i : ' d
r A- nn lrlia.ljioM:-d:cine.Taretiiet)rst
vv,)W, Acker's mood ei
1 r-oi'l ov 1 r. went..
v i .-s. v . no. : . . . .:.., , M
, ,, Mlfff.r v)tb vrrpn .jWwt,,.,;
i fVunpl.tint '.' Mukib 1 Vital!
aliffr t fniar-iiteeilhii
;. : ; 'sioj
0Ui-e VwU.
f : :
is i ( Ji t i :
j .f.ltl vltl ro' nit. ....
fc.,, hnp.iroti nd,b.jrh;ww,ci he m'Kht have
hu-r ' 'f i-r?MM.vpiinn ml tr, uthi r-, t ' Y o ,
g -it. r U ' "in- it i tar mIic .-i of titivlHtljc Oo UrA .T., , 1 -j 1 . , . 4 -.-.' .
t .rep -.,ont i ti..- P..:r. . Th.i.rreyr .r , ; cpTisible vounc: lady wlio views matrjmcny
r;u ; ttV, Zom t business sti nd-i oint should insist
S.'UflJ. "A? X?;:vri1 r.art of the coivtractrcn having the
- V. rl.t1is Ttir- am
VVvT v icially liable to pudda
CoMsvConcLs, Ctoup, Whooping Couga,
' ... ' i r--iT-u
vim rimrameo aici iutfiiu
a po?mvo cure. ;
aniious watchlo;.
. it eaves
Sold by
Jl0 arjof
" ' niicklrn'K Arnica Sal Vft.
Th fst Kle In th world for Cut. . nmla.
SortZ. Salt llheum. Fever isorr. TrUt. Cl,oTsl
II an 'I. CtitHlainsN. Oru-. ani all Mob Enijilo,i,
' 'H rflniawy cure. n,. or no V r,,
U1 riara.ted ""'' or
f k...... .t,.n.i..A TH..a ttinli rur fx k
K. n M .h
l a. .vi.
I - J -.
- cwi,fir iruuun-u uiui
Colic, TevUdng l'ains. er
.sumiach Dhsorden. ' can -lie nUTNl
I , u- ,,c;n AViva Ttitiv Kthr
t once Dr. usm Acwer a lULiy rvxnuer.
It contains no (tnium ' or jjorphlne.
hence id 6afr price 15 cccts. bold by
orlh Ii.fVliTg. 4
Vr. w li.'M .ivin: i.Kn hv.t. Uk C'.i fla.
tAku wi'h a rwri iieomfvniir4 m ttr
. dctn-FH -s tMir-l, nr.d rurttetV' tnw i urr
ix.pnUr n ,iv,ht Blfl vlilj Rrew wow. -
Jct-.l ir, u s... ,ul .li.Ti,ry t hrethr.r an.
umiM, IA sV.p., r.f.T tr-J f-r K,,,-,
- .-'..
ntean irii, hm. hi it ,i- i i; i"Ui u i1
. . ... ' ..; .
.tut n, ns.j e.-
rr rjiurl.r ea
euff t'r K ny
flurAnt'-'! t
-TiW botlk free
Ymith. 4
tttlc.owJ rrn.irkAMe ' tofjr. th' lth't
irtiloh r trouciifvi fur bt.T'TM(fWfl'I
towi..- "1 rn Ti je&n olS. hv brfrt ttob)$
,th ny cornp!.nt .nJ Imrnni tor ttny
- , '- J""- Jf ;fti'0tihrlp. N6yr
" frr .frrvm :i . .ain anj Aurenm. nd 4m
.! u do a my own JwtmAwork. I owimy
7 ?&- Klettrlc DitU-M for hAinK rrDfvJ my
; jrob. an-1 mn.-red oomj.letlj all .lM-e
wUa." .Tn 4 bott, 6O0 aad l tt n S. WeN?-
-T-tS-n-V A V , .
rn 1 -t
n j y
-V ,r--r:r,!- fJIW- !
1 We liave coming
; tiot county for quantityriality &low prices
I 1
5 o
We Oil r yc)U :i air of
u ' " "
' 4 " .
" " 4i
The above Cab has Canopy or
top and wire wheels.
Cj Hair in, , S. t tf. Dry floods Store.
One lot of Towels, all linen and extra quality
only 25c each !.
One lot of Unlaundried Shirts, pure linen
bosom, reinforced, double sewed und
fine quality cotton, at 50o each.
Now goods arriving daily.
I il
-nart of the
' Anorn Stoves.both
ing: saves so muehlabor and fuel, you
know'. Kelso B os. are manufactur
er's agents ior the Acorn Stoves: call
; . . and see them -also look at those
excellent seccrd-hand stoves.
Big Bargains !
- Kelso Bros
Carriage; Wiagpns; Steel Plows, and
' : j u.ljoia
fTTi-Tssi Ti.r tjfvt nin
: :M. ; VI-1 1V1T J JJ 1V1 J
i- - . -.. ..
'three new', lines that
Lace Curtains l'ur Vra
'Carnct -Couch " 4.ia
Plush "CWh " 1 o.fiv'
Chilil' Call " (i.00
'Tis sweet to ccurt.
But oh how. bitter,
To court a girl, 1
And then not git 'er:
- .
done had he promised
n.i- -4 ..tT A.
tor cooking ana heat
kinds of
4.'.;. i m.
Jll JL lu
0 1
1 : I i
I Hi
r ti
:;o-l ?.( l'ul
1 r
-. r
e..- "i t i-j f - -

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