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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, March 09, 1888, Image 8

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The M. E. Aid Society will meet with
Mrs. J. W. Vamleihoof. on VtlnerUiy
afternoon, March lUh.
The wool petition, sent fi'n lllis
place has leen reeeheii hy Nnatr Pal
mer ami w ill Ik? pn-M-nUil to the senate
at its earliest convenience.
Caucus Notices.
KeniPBitrr we puhlbh township cao
eus notices free; iirini; tlietn to iis-w'
me plal to pet them. Tickets anl slips
printed on short notice.
Our Common Sense school shoe, with
leather inner sole ami outer counter
tip, hold by W, K. Kim h.
I'ojt Sale: Account against Lou
Irish w ill sell for l!c. on the dollar,
also note of 610.(k apainst Alhey Stiv
ers can he Umnht for 52.60, bring your
cash and pet your doctor hills cheap.
Will add to the list next week.
J. F. Sun dam.
Our City Dids.
Council met in regu'nr session at the
Clerks office. Mar. 6, lsS.
Present, president and full hoard.
Minutes of last meeting read ami ap
proved. Claim presented:
Geo. I'ulf ley , wood - .- 50
V. Fechtibg 4i 11-70
A. Verinpton, salary -
B. R. Lain Engineer 3'J,70
On motion allowed at footinp and
clerk instructed to draw orders there! or,
when money in fund.
On motion president appointed com
mittee consisting of Hawkins and Mm
tieel to ascertain prohahle cost of put
Firemans Hall in suitable condition
for council chamber.
On motion Council adjourm d.
H. S. Weiw, A. Ykuinnton,
l'resident. Cleik.
Statement of the receipts and expend
itures of the Village of Alma for the
year ending March 7th
Hal. on hand Mar. 10, "87 1S1.01
Avails of Divount lli.s7.ls
Liquor tax f. om Co Treas. 14S51M
Tleceived for tuxes oiJol o.J
" tines To. 70
kt Licenses o.'l.oo
Returned taxes paid 20.10
Sale of Gasoline, haired O.(ii)
" i.L'O
Alma College for lamps 7 0o
Tranifered from sewer fund .19
Total receipts
contha Cr.
I'aid loans at 1 ;uik S 1503-j .W
Trans, to water fund :M7o.o
" Int. on water bonds lu4 1 -i
Paid .Mich.'l'ipe Co. i70.o(
Trans to high'v fund Euo.o
111. Street Gas Co. lamps 'MAO
I'aid for gasoline 127 o7
" Marshal IWi M
' Village Att'y 12) 00
Engineer pumping works 3is.iv
Night watch, lamp lighter '6Ul Mi
Clerk 12-j.oO
Treasurer 2s i'O
Assessor 4W.00
Piinunir 120.17
Township Arcada, bridge 27. 2S
sunury orueis
Total Disbursments
Halance on hand
,f0lo2 t9
Hal. on band Mar. 10 "S7 5 m.in
Received for taxes OoOOti
Transf. from Hfu. fund 200 0
S 125.1)3
Suudry orders $1235.57
Rail-nice on hand
Ual.onjiand Mar. 10 '7
Avails Htiscouut
Transf. from Gen. fund
"Water tax
y-jo uu
Fairbanks, Morse & Co. 1330.31
Paid loan at bank HJUO.UO
" Sundrv orders 21.S0
Amount on baud Mar. 10 's7
Traiisfcrrd to (Jen. fund
Public Imp. bouds on hand
Oct, 1 '67 10,000.00
Tran'f. to Harrington
Table Co $2,000 00
Ronds on hand
Total amount received f 0174.44
disbursed S91C2.S.
On hand
Total amount received S12S3.G5
disbursed 1203.57
On hand
WATfc.lt rTND.
Total amount received 13077.31
tt tt
disbursed 1062.14
Over drawn
Gen. fundam't. on hand
High'y. "
60 V8
Water fund overdrawn 74.93
Total overdrawn $3.1'0
Fub. Imp. tones oil tuba ttuoo oo
B. 6. Weed, A. YtRiyxjToy,
FmicJsnr. Clnk.
tiling Tut Ni1p.
8c much of each of tin follow-in? dccrllel
t nil In or parcel oi laud, situated in th" Villain-
of AlltlH, ColllltV f liiatlot. Slate ir
M it'lntraii. (i-lihii-nt lor tin n i 1 mm s lor Um'
v ar lN. im will Im outltoiciit U ay I ho laxrt.,
l.-iti-rrM unl I'liai'Ki'f iIk-moii. wia U mll a
inililie aiH iioit, l tln 'l ii ii-un r ot fanl V il
liHf, ut )lln-' ill tin' l.aiikinu Ihmip or S.
f l un k .. in lln' ViIIjik"' ol Alma. MiHi.,
on Moula, lhi 'SUi of April. n -.M. i-oiiiiiu'IH1-iiiif
nl 'I t n t lock A. M. an. I outliiii until
Hi' hiiif fliall have tN-t-ii lit I arconl
iiitr tu law.
Tav. Int. CtiM. To'l
( inn. nt n v 'r of h r
4 ol :j ll. a. Tin nr-
h ( r i' r " r
u il r K i aI IT
Anna 'i ot lot V
Kuion lot '. t.ik i t
A hint lot I.U I', I U
AhllM lot ' t Uk i 1 -I'
i n
i 1
Tin' w i.' !t '
lot l - I'lk 4 l.ljion -'tin ::j
Ltt II h-hH h ft on n
Hid.- k 7. Lot
l. hs H tt on n iil
I. Ik 1 lut H LfR 7 : L'O 1 i)S K
9 ia.
i.tH i 2 a 4 s r. Mk r.
Lot :t 4 hw -! it iinn: iv n m fi. u
Almu lot 4 l.k 4 0 M i I
fwMlit HI.IK Z 2 4'' : -. .'"'I
Kr HSotl4 1 - -.
Com i r h of th n w
cor of nwi.f w
.U it ihi-nco
::o rn4rwiurnlr I -,r K' 2 '
faM'lotlhkM lh T. &
K iff lot IS 1-0 H 7-'
ln-Mjutl -0 I.". h' r:'
A'maltHlSAc iU.k2l 4 ni ..' Ki .
.. ,)t jlk 4 ji,m M m 4 -
ravlt-'.il.k 11 H
SV'.of fl ttlt -V 1.21 14 2 16 . 1.4.
' "JU-ki I l" s -
('(irn t w rir fit lot
24 Krf uM th iic
v 4 I ll 0 i w 4 r B JO
r to iM Kiiuniirf 1 "
F.ly mill lot li) 14 K. 4
Alma lot Kbit 11 12 1" -J
t.'om x r .h of n w oor
f n w'4 1 thVn . , .,
" r h (t r w -"U r n tr 2 4J S'l Jtl
Ci'iu at a point on Kijr
st :i7l. r o or th- "-i
!4 line on the h o It
ot n w ot .1 li d
thence h JJ r (i 4 r n
jnretr 7 2-' 1 n4 f t H
Cum-adl lot II t.lk M I'l l':
lot I.I I.Ik 7 1 I I" 2 .'
lot I "'.V ill-k 4 r.i) .'4 r'. 4'.u
lot 3 l.k 2
lot I.' I. 3
l,,t 4 I k t ' fc'- 1 '
lot I ' I.Ik'.' .TH M m 4
Aim, i e L't If in-ris
lots7 .VJ'l.lk-'l Ut) 13s Wi U4J
For sale cheap, four of the bot locat
ed vacant lots in town. 432-4
M.J. Flanagan.
Misses and Chihlreiis' fine Kid, spi inj;
heeled Shoes at W. It. K inch's.
(Jood assortment of Children's Shot
at Hindi's.
Teacber's Examination.
The spring series of examinations for
(iratiot county, will be held as follows;
Ithaca. TnrRspAY Makcji 1st isss.
St. Louis, Friday " !ioth "
Alma, Fiuday Atkil 27th "
Applicants are required to be present
during: the entire examination, which
will commence at one o'clock p. m.
First and second grade certificates
granted only from the regular examin
iition. held March 1st. For further in
formation in regard to requirements
and rules, apply to the Secretary.
(Jii.ks T. Unuwx.
Sec. 11 uud School Fxaininres.
Fi: Sai.i:: A good second hand 15
horse power engine cheap.
410 tf. .1. M. Montigel & Co
The undersigned is prepared to scive
oysters in ei ry style, at all hours, at
hi restaurant wet of II A. Delevan s.
S. G. Hopkins.
Farm for Sale
I offrr the J(H) acres situated on sec
tl n 1 and 2, in Sumner, known as the
Hamilton Frichanl farm, for sale. On
the place are :5 dwelling houses. 1 large
frame barn. 1 medium si7e frame ham.
corn houe, a Mipenor fruit orchard
and ti e living water. The s il Is of
t lie best ami well adapted for b th
grain and stock. The place h veil
suited for dividing into 4oiicro parcels,
and I will sell the whole or any h m
number of acres, and solicit t'roiusit
ions. Address me at Adrian. Mi li.
4GO-.5W Win. II. Waldby.
Oar Chlnt fmroljnntfc
Oor Cblneo Immigrant nre mmlj
frota Win province of lltTantnn?, nnd an
tinnally country people, with hen ano
there a BhopLcrpcr or artisan fro:n the
cities, of which Cauton Is the chief. Thej
rary somewhat In bpecch and manrcr,
there of the Sam Tup approsimatin
ncrrly thoo of Canton, while those of tht
Sa Tup, who ore most numerous ore noM
provincial, and t pcakinz a patois almost
as incomprehensible to their countrymen
as to the "Mclican" nan. They keep fast
hold on the traditions of their country,
and etrirc to maintain its customs iimlcr
the most r.dvme conditions, chief among
which is their own anxious, yet often pit
iful, avarice.
It lain the cities amori? the colonics,
many cf whose members know no forcirn
vord, that these customs arc ino t closely
followed. In t.liop and laundry they burn
Incense before their native deities, and nt
New Year't visit the nearest fchrine to
learn, by tho fall of divining f ticks, whnt
fortune it will bring. Usually the pod la
Kewflji Ti "Tho Master Kewan." the
god of wax, worshiped in the China of
today. Various legends are enrrent of
his harinj apf-cared to protect his follow
ert even ia the new world, notably at a
fire which broke out in the Chinese quar
ters at Havana, and was miraculously put
out by the majestic and gigantic Kewan,
to whom tbey hud recently built a temple
Vw York Commercial Advertiser.
tparruTvn Mud n tlelng.
It is Interesting to know, in connection
with the English pparrow nnisanro at
Forest park, how thc t.Jrds arc treated
In Germany nnd made to be a blessing.
Troughs ore provided nt tho c.tves of the
bouses there for tho accommodation of the
birds in building their nests. When the
young fparrows are hatched and tho
mother goes out to procuro food for them
wire screens are placed over them, with
Interstices large enou?h to permit the
passage of food to tho younglings, but too
mall to allow them to C5cnpc from thu
nesUi. As kooij es they havo pron large
and plump they are killed, and they make
a very desirable oxticlo of foot! -Glob
Hotel Waiter (to little gtrlj win yoo
arder your breakfast, j lenst
IJltlo Gill's Mamma Some oatmeal, I
thing, waiter.
Littlo Girl Mamma, the waiter ppokf
to me. A French chop, please, with
tomato t.iucc, Fngllsh bncon, hyonalse
CLatocs. buckwheat cakes cml cotlw;, and
t tho coffee be strong and hot.
LltUo Girls M.tmma (1tb a nlgh-.Yov
ciy fcrlntf to lb
And Prices as
sistent with
Give us a ca 3 doors west
of Wright House.
and Fancy Cloths-
Tav latot Xew Ytik Mk's, and a perfect fit ffu.-iraiite.l on all ordeivil wcrk.
J.ai et slo:k in Gratiot County.
Alma, Mich. Opposit post office.
Here Is
A Bareain
The Millinery Stock
and Fixtures, lately
belonging to Mrs.
Williams in the Pol
lasky Block For Sale
very cheap and on
easy terms.
Enquire of
Dr. W. Kelly,
,T..wiVAi, aj kituAiitb it-wiii,1
Ucsthctiiof Teeth from fS.OO t.P..r,!s
rmiug ana iw8 tie N.iur-i
Simon llfssciiffli'J
i , 1
crr V't Prut AJ 9 .
0(111 IB 0
as is con
dea ing
j The Winter Term
n a rnn n a ri'Dy?
m 1? I,
1 mmms1
1 na .sa a m
iii ff Pill Pifiiif if 10pm
iilJliillM Oj UjIjJIj lijllllljo
'We ask the patronage of all who are looking
for .THOROUGH work, on Reasonable
auxiiio, iuiu u,uxiu. caiu auiiuuimiiib.
For vMin I0F j m, A, M , or
nuT(j.(ii:s.i:wiMiH, is.ruuit in
l.-cii nii..' I.i ilic i..im..it ol tli.'
inuiirj .iriirnl l.y rt liKlU'iH' l.ltn1 tl.c 1 ill
l.ij ni .l.iiiu.iiy .11 ih- x hi- t 1 i i i-xi-citi a
i y I'n.ii nil ! .s. . .. I'm,, hivir, 'imt'ot
t l.lllll il lllkMIl ll. I III. I l(. .M,llHI III III.--iiliii.
. hire, w Ii, ii -, i I,,,,, l..,. xva I l(iilel
ill I lie nil ee ol f lie r l-tr I I l l I l I lie ("ill II
I ol I J i it i ml, in hi,, r I'' 1. 1 li,i, I lj.ui.1 . i,:i ,'ijr,
' o.i I .! , I i ,i,i , i.i , in I ill III I lie ) i 'iir 1
Ul I li II ;i lit it III, ,1 Ml I r.lll'lIK , III I,,' ill,
iliil III" I ll-'.l,'e nt III i. lie i f tills III, lice I tile
mi: ul 'I'rtti ilioiii.ui'l 4, 1 1 I ihiriy n in' ilollur
in I lull, ly . lynt c.mi i.:i;,!i'.i-i of .rimi pu I
m,. i, i i ,1 ii. I lie I ii 1 1 In i Mm, i I w nly
M ill .,1.11 iih nn nt u i i, i It e ' u In t t lor
li in! luMU'niji' :n , wlnih i s Ihe'wnul'
MM' u : ' 1 1 rliiuii'il lut.e due li, IMipaiil oil -nil
liii.l U'i.'e in,, in, u,t , ,-o( , e,.ii,y i,i mil'
err ll illrliti.lril litli, I il t I i ' i r I h ( . I t ' ,i r
ii'Vi r I lie ,l,t luivv I'iiii.i . f 1 1 1 1 '7 -rrmeilliv sill
IM,l.i).e t r liny O.lll III, e, wlien dy tie
(.vrr et N.ile ( 1 1 l 1 1 1 . 1 in iu. emi I v I '-
,l;o. In-enlii,. -I il i iv. NOW til. Ii'loie ll'.t.ir
i In ii l y ,vtii tluit l.yviitue n the -.nil
l.i- i hi.' mill iii i u riirii nee if tlif
-iiuuie in mich r;i-i tna.le uiul j.ri.v d i I,
I lie , imi.i tiiiie u ill t,e ,,r, t liM '.J I,., a -,,'
Ot the fileim-i s therein il.M'llI.eil lit pill. I
I'lt-tiiiiitothe hihet liil in-, ni theiront iiof.r
nt tueruiiit litiiie, ,,r the nullity of lililllol,
II the Vlllllei.t ItlKII'H.ill Mli.l CoillilVOII the
tth'liyol April. . It. nt nine n'clix-lt m
i lie tin t riiwinof that ii,i. whieh mi. I prenii-r.
He dr-rriln (l ill wj,l ,,(, t-n'e iim 1'oIIumh. to-
vit: Tli' h'.utii' ,i-i ij i.ii lei ot th" i.'i ii.wr-t
iU.irtrr uiul t lie nort hra-t i(i uit-r ot tin in h
it iiuiiiter. nil on Mit.on thn t Iih ( tl ,
oaii-Ii p lut ve I .' . 1 1 o 1 1 1 1 if riniKC tlini' li.i.
es iii (..oil cuiiiity ol (l.iitot urnl tiito of
l ( lii'iiii .
ll iti .1 .lanunry 1 1. A. l. I M
I am i K Win .it r imi, I Wrioiit,
Atiy toi Moit.it" .
I'AN L, I . M'f.l.tVV,
i)Kii; (;i: s i.i: ii mnii i living i.itii
le lli ttie ,lllie it oj ll c rtuui tuort-
au'e niil.le mii l Aeeiittxl l y Johllh L'ouiU I.
n I J 'lia 1 mil ttr. Ii M wile, ol ti t toui'hhiti
1 iilini. l'o;,m ot (iiut:t. Ktnle ot M ,i ll
villi to Mi ii 1 1 nn -I Ol MiK'kton, N'W VoiK,
ii the tltt)t nth ilay 'it l)i ceiiiln-r. :'. Mini ic
iinl) i in tin- oiiie."ot the ri iri-tcr i t J li r
itaiiot (ount, Mirhitiiii. on tin -U'ihI ilay i t
i )o tiit- r. I '.. nt ii o i ii cli p in. in l.h.'t- Ml
hoi tua'i F, on pn-e 1 li, it tv I upon lili h mo t-at'-1
lit i ) is eta. m il to lie tin.; uiul unpaiil at
late ol tli s ti' i lice lor pr.ncipal mid il)tciet
.ni' i.lii of I hi ) hi'ti.in i ti lid S'venty iioilaiw
mil foity thin cciit. i:,". .i'i iii.tl no r .cci
nyhu ii.u l en taken to coiled t In.- -amr or
oi part thi r ol. citn. r at law or in eipiity.
Sot ire l In 1'i'li.v t'lven, that ly n t ue o tlie
power ol ml).-; ai'l tnoi twaio jrivtn. ami in
,i. iMiahee of the -tainte in mi. tl ca tn.ie
nut provi.li il, there wail In- -oni at pi.li.ic i n
me to i he h .a la -t hall 1 r. on thMMh nay ot
ot 1 1. I . nt in .i in, at tin tiot.t (a -or ol the
Colli t li'iliv ii. the nl.ine ot IlhaiH, (ilntht
. unity .MlclUi-'llM. tli:1- Id ll the laf f"l ll'ii'l-
.113- nr. mt t i 111 1, D r -i!.l o ni,t. , 1 le- on iiii""
ui -.i i1 tnoi tai)- ii -cril. l, rr u nun ti t hct ot
1 -hali i r ia n -.i r to mi 1 1-1 y t ne 11 inon nt. I w
II Mial inol.MLro with m Veil :T cent intcrt m
and li:al cot-tu't taer with an attorn. -y tee
I tt 1 1 in Holla r- ?i a 1- l.. M-.itut)- Di-
i't (1; that I- to -ay the foilo winy pa ' iicr par
)),l land -,tiiat.:f 111 4 ; 1 a tit comity. Mate
vim 1.. I ti" Mnit h wi -t iii,ai tt r of tin- -out h
a -t qua 1 t'T )t -n t a hi t wr 1 v in o .w 11-h ip
'i)-v 11 l-i not ih 01 r.uic lour wtM.in -aid
.-oi.nty uiul Mate.
I afe. In 11 th I -.
J )MS ! Sl'INM v. MoitriM t .v,
tt yior 1 1 1 1 . 1 k ' ' Mi.iU'iiK''i'
t at;
ill ,1N 1 1U1 !
I'iiiti. s in iiifil of w i;LLS will !t
well to call 011 tin
1 W'c in ike n sjifci;ilt nt --
Drive Wells,
of all kiii'Is: a!s fin ni-h
Pumps Wind fVlills
! El. , ''f iill IJimI.s. liOpair.'ng will v
d. du' on sliort nut ice.
Call an or aiMieas.
L. D. Rodman Sc Co.
Aim 1, Mich.
V A ill . Oft '11 Wt ' ll
We are now prep.uvl to do all kinds
of Uhu k"initliing. lit pail iiiir iiin.'
! We guarantee our work and Dufv
! Competition in workman-hip and
j prices. We solicit your patiun:i're.
M-.'l O TT A 1 1
in en oz. v an a rsuuiu.
"if.Sliop west of Wright limine Uain
of This Institution
Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan
Corn t trd to Juni'. 1. 1HS7.
Notil, It.iunti. htuii.JaiilTiiiie. houth Bound.
No i; t.x.
No.l iNo.l No. 5
K Y.x. Mull
I' M M.
; I'. ;, i:,
.i - ; -j
-H i x
t i., ..j
I i: i I .
I 'i i li :c
4 .vi : ini
i" ; 1 1
1 I"!
1 :
H 42
M ,H7
m ;)
7 f.l
: 40
7 OJ
r, In)
I.V 'loll i). ;r'
.M.ii.liiitli n Jc. -....
Ali-.ii..... j
. M ui i i'i .!.. ,
. ..)ilinlrf ...
... ..Mi hi ii ... '
.. -I'ltl-lli I'l
...i.ii .rl-or .',
. .Unl ilnm . . . 1
..Soutli l.ion..'
. .Iliiinl.iiix . ;
Iliilnl'lilK Jc. '
... 1 1 1 1 1
. . M) i on .... i
Iimaii'l. .1
. . ,. I l lioli
. . .t'ornniiM... . j
..Oh'huo Jc. . 1
. .. . lilm .. .. '
. .. A KM ley .....
. North Mur. .
.... J 1 1 1 ii M . . .
. . L M A ....
..F' n -ft Hill .,
.. I'm kitiKi'M ..
.. Mieph. rl ..
. Mt. I ifii tunt.
, I IN'!
li 1-' Ml
Ui I-' Z4'
4.i Ii.' w4i
1 n -i'
;i u '
'. i
i.i ll :
nt :s
; l"i .rJ
iu :
! A 47
, 9 1-J
t OlV
i m in
(5 l i
f it
4 ."4
4 :to
4 1'.
4 (
4 it
.'i kj
.1 It
i s.;
- SvJ
i OS
: ii 3
I fnj
i a.)
ii -? s ;;n
: 1-1 .i i
'.I 4
Vi i. In
! i h: ii-,
l'i .1
! Z 1 1
15 II 1-i
:i vi
'.Mill 4-'
i I ,V
I'l ID 1,' l
I1' iii i I ; ,; .
r. m. p.m.
ti .1.
e in.)
11 tr cm (1 illy, eve pt Sun. lay.
Cnn. rtion-.-. Toledo with til) Urn s tli
v umiv; at Mai hatlcn Junction with Win il
1 1 iy l.aki la 10; at l xi Junction w it li .M. .,
audi... M. .: i(t Monroe Junction with
A. In hi lir.iiich I.. S. ,v M. h. ; at liuiidco with
M.u m,, 1 L. .v M. ; t Mihin Junction
wnh liutlri iiiM mti V ul'ttsli, Ht J.. A I'.; Mt
I'ltt-th iii with YpMiantl liriiiirli L. h &, M. S.:
nt .11i1 Ail), r witli . : at m nth l.jtiti with
I). I.. N., mid li 'I'.; (,t llainl.uiK with .M. A.
I, ini di 1-1011 (,. T. : at ll.-wt ll with ll .. X N.;
at liiiiaud with . U 'I'., and 1. A- M.; Mt
iwi,--nJnht 101, with Ii. and M. .; at
at -1 l.oi, n w ,th D L. .V N.. Mti l s V.A-St.L.;
W. M. Hi v. KTT, fien. I'iis. - Fr't Ag't.
II. W . : 1 1 i (,cn'. llp't.
- . DLohm. ytul, lma.
Detroit, Lansing & Northern J!. Ii.
Ill Ktlert Jlini- hf.
1 raiiin 1 nn I. 1 'eiitritl Standard Mm.
M l. I.J.NK.
(i).iinr W) -t. MaiDiti. Goingr Etift.
. M.-.V M.-l'. M. j , .... M..p. m
7: ID:I, :.::';iIa Detroit .ull:.V, J;15 'J:M
7:" ; i'i. ',7 i:l i .. Tlx ino-.ith , ll; -' 2:fiii p;4"J
vl7 H:J7 ti h'th Lyon UlJ'J :5 :17
-. M M.
I: Li Tr' ri.ltfe 9AA :.itj
!":' I - fil.'i LtiiiMii, ;i0 MM H:10
. M.-l". i -p. m.
11;:.'.) ;i:.-( : 4" Ionia 7:40 10:55 4:50
C. M - A M -I' .
1','. iti t: ii lli::'V .. fit... nt-ille !-'M u.r.
l-:V) 4.Jj l.:i) Howard t'ity f:fi V.Ij i'ib
KT.AMtl.V liKANCll.
I P. M. A. M. , y,
j H:""I.v Ionia Ar .... Uj.i'j 3:4
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c. 4.
l'amc'H lll.l'.S
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Mina ilO-15 :."J5
. . ..Kiinioro ! 9.1'f) rt.10
.Mf wanl City ! H.iKii .l.'-'O
(iraml Kapid- ! L'A- 4 .Ml
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ll.-:.. I 1 :n
I III Tt ST. LOflS AM) At. MA.
1 1 h 1 a . . . ". r.i 1 11 in '.' . :j 1 arn 1 fTiiOtn ti :w p tu
Air.n. .. . r, - i.i.ur ll.Vi 11 in n..v
l-.J.1 ''-.." 1 1 P li.il. 15 2.
m. I... ui. ''.ii.'ia in I. imp ni 7..V. tTili
!mn .. - , vl.'i " 1ii.,,.'i a in l.l'O " ,6.rt '
Itliaia ... i'.li " ...'i " H s
ConnoctionH. V
I ii ti-i .it . with Kailioad-iLM rtrlna".
I'l nn, nth Font A I'i i" Mnnnit tt .
Sunt Ii I.yi n T ili'ilo, a nn Ardor G'il Tr'nk
' .n 1 . 1 1 ! In . t!. 'I', liv.
Tn.w ,rnL'i CliU'nitf. (jrand Trunk Hy.
1 , 1 n 1 jr mi j . lnv.of.M.. u. h Lukcbhorf
Mn-hiji n Si.tiMiorii Itv.
I'.ni 1 I ..;. II. .V M. tv.. Hnd Ptantnn R. R:
II iwanl i'it (JrHinl Hnii dsiA Ii:dii,n A; R
l!i ll'- t W. M. Ky.. and C..H. A, I. R
.nt S.ti i n i w Sat'. I I v . of M ' H. R y. a
P. . M. f v.. IV II X , . T. 4 II.
J. IJ. Mr i.i.iKKv. fjf-iri Manner.
. .r-K.TtK, TraiTic Mm. Detroit.
0.-iira lOttui's IX'trmt. Mich
MorMOAfir: PAI.K.-Whrn.,iS, default has
la i n made- iti tlu; pnytnent and londitions
of a am in .1 ty ' t Ix arinc datf tii ti 1 t
d y or Of t"t. r. A. I. l-"v,, rxecuted by Jr tlcr
on I'ratt and F.lualn th rati hU w ifr, to J. M.
MoiitiKfl. Find r.and M"t.ti l, Martin Montuc l
andJohn Schw; rt. coniios n the tlrm nt J. M
Mi-niitt i A Co. and n coiil) d I11 t' c ofl"u-f of
tl.).- lo .;i-t.r ot li.i.Uot (imtiot count v. Ml.h
,;;iii, on !!)) twenty ilit dny of November A.
i. '. in I.il.i r 4'' of Mnr.K-ag-e. on pi-jt' 4'0.
irid wblob aiil mrrtp-atp was on the cleveptb
day ot i). ccti)t.,-r, A. I. K du y ciflned by
h. i id J. M. MontiROi A Co to William O.
lolin. 1. ; .iiid n.ivnni) nt record d In the eif
fl)' of the t.airt Ket-ht'T on tho 2ttb day of
1 tt 1 nib. r. A. I. iPN.in Liber .'4 of Mortgag-e
..ii cave IV.', nn I
w her. h. th.' nnioont claim "1 to . due and
unp,.i'l on 'aid oitu-avp Ht this date ts two
liui.diol Mi.d thiit- ipht doll.iiH nnd forty-threi-rent-
: anil a tui ther film of tif
tu n l . mi doll. 11 provided by Matino :n an
att"iii-v fit. in iiix- it lorcc ure. and n
-mt 1 r pr. i') ) )liny having br n tnM tuti-d at
law or 111 1 hancei v tt iceoer th atm unt due
n Mil Ii 111. Hyj;r.' ),i any part tin n ot wheieoy
th.' pui r ot a. eotif.iinid in paid niortjjnjj'e
ti.i- 1 ec 'no r. 1 t; tive, now then t ie.
.Notice x hi'iiby i . n ttint by tirtuc of
am p)iwi 1 il tie in -Hid liioitnijie r ntainvd,
and til plll-IPII ee 1 f the tiitute ill Ml. b CUM 8
iii.nl.' and pr. i'leil. the 'aid iiioi-t:'ffe wjlj to
i.ii eluded to piitiiy the iitiiouiit ''ue on jia h
mi'i tuace ti'i tlx r with ml othi r lepal rotN
mil e.e ii Iv rea-011 of thi foi e''t.piire
l y a kale i f the prend-e! thernn derib--t
at public Piieti' ti to the tiigheft bid e'er at
to tr. nt ,to 'i- i.f th,. Court IIodko In the
vll ns.' of Ithai H. In the countv of CratH't that
bei'iir the place ot h Idmu the Circuit Cou it
for mid eouitoii Fi idav.thi- tliii teenth day
of Apiil. . D l", at M o'clock In the fore
noi 11 ot ciii l d.i . which ai l premie hip
described a full .w. ti -wit: The south-wit
one iii.irti r .i of the wu'h west one-
(JUillt T l'ti Ot section pi (.1 in tn,. ,,W
tii 1 of vica.'.a. (iratiot county, Michigan,
tli.- anv bi i'.K acr n land in town eleven
ill north ot 1 11 iitfe tin t- ;t went, Hid pr nii
n w ill n Mil I ul.j".-t to 11 niortifiiife of M-ven
hundri il .ii 1! 11 vivi'ii to Win Uiitton, l ct.ru
ary iTtn I l. mid. ree mied l-ebriiarv IKtb
in liter 4iif nn Huhkc 011 j "1f. which
eon-tltu e the ttist tmj tir.ifcl' nijalnst paid pre-u,i-
Iiated Jan- I2th Ut4.
W, A, llHI. kk. Wirr.MMO, JOHNUll
A tt v lor AvMume AppIiicc of tiorignfv.
MtiUTd.Xfii: SAI.K.-lirfHult havlnjr Um
iniiih' 'n the pi, mii, nt of a certain inorte-,ik-e
tna.l)' and evented b.v.Iolin II. Mieldon a. id
Katie h idoii, lu wile, ot the townh!i of
Siiinii) r. canity ol (Iratiot. Mate of Michiaan
t Mi ni l.l.v .of ."'.H'kton New Vork. on the
iriulMlHj of n lob. r. 1-,. ai d reeorded In the
o'lu o oj l!iiii.!itnf Mini, tor tinitiot county.
M ii hiuan. on the itth ilay f October. UW, nt
I o v iK-k atid in in 1 1 1 . , p. ni.. in liNr 41') of
iiioitwiiui . on pate 12, nnd upon which inortg
Hire tin H' i I lH!ind to o due nnd unpaid AT
date of thf notice lor principal nnd intercut
In- sun ofi:i, en Hnndiiil nnd Hxty-four
.Mid tltty-M-vcn muh- t.,ilar il b 4.;.7itaidrM an
attorn) v tee oi twenty-tlvi' ..,llat atlpulat-1
to I e paid -hould any preceediiiBg he taken to
lorr-clo-p lint inortiiite; hiuI no piCHi-cdincrt
burins tu-cn tiilen to collect Hip .ani or any
pin t th. reor. either at law nr Inc.jutty.
Notice t h. ii bv fii n. that, bv ru me of the
power of Nile In aid inortnate 'aiven. artd in
puriiiiin e of th- tatute in weh cc nadc
nnd ptovi.i.d. there will oid ut public rcn
.liie t.i the !nu h)t bt.ldcr, on the nun da? of
March. nt on-o'clock p. mi., at tbe front
d)ir of Hi-- C).i!i t Moie. p. In tbe village e.f
Itlnu a. (.nitiot county. Michigan, that tin
the place tor I -oMtiur Hip Ciieuit Court for
sanl county, thi' land nnd priMnineo tei.cribpd
In nid nioitfc'nce. Mi : The north-ant uuartrr
ot the noil IhI ui;arter of net ion twenty
elfc'ht '-''i in town-hip elev en . 11 1 n.rth. of ranee
four (li rt, in the comity of (iratiot and
state of Michigan, tocetber wjtij tbe pdut
tnancp thereunto tioaalair.
Dated. Tn. n. ifc7.
TCi$ PitjkTfa. irOBTQUB ZlX.
Atrft7rK3rtic. uraf

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