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Oeo Harrington
Vol 9. No. 5&
M. 10. CI I IT KOI I
MoitNINU S -rvir.- l;H; Snmlay SVhool
IJinO. Kveninvr service 7 :'"
A T. MAKT. Paster.
cono'i c;uirw(
SFUVR'F.s at pe.ai n in ami 7::'n p u Sl,l'
SF.UVK T.S a iv h.M at IIh Kpi-copal fhuivli
t'vrv Sumlav ciibnr. ,
Kkv. Cm.. Vt.Mm, Millenary.
RF.r.PLAK M.-.-liMir--'nntiinlav..iH.rl't r,.v
W. A. H viii.KK. sec
,riu-l. month Mil, a: i;i:a ADAM.
MKi. ANNA MF.sslMiF.K. Mvi-y.
V. Matron.
G. A. 11.
.. t..... V.. IV! 11, n't of t i-1 . . 1
A K.'.'invt oal'nl.' ami Uh. Thuixlav of
rach mouth. F lvN( .Ml.u.MKii.riin.I.
I! T. MOYKIt A.1J "r
II A N 1 v 10 KS,
WN1. S. TURCK & CO.,
A General .ll.uikin Ui'iii'-- Ti;.n:u-t-I
U,.MliThli.ror.-triiiiiiii Done-tie Lxehaiu"-
Special Attention .lVt 11 lol ulin I1M.
WH.s.icmK. . w. witn.iii.
J. II. SAt-l.K. ... ' 11
J. i SUVDAm, M. D.
PHVSI l.N ami su I-,?. -.n. ()!' i" n iu-ol
Mil;fr (' .' Drnjr Store,
C. L. DOWNIE. Nl. D.
GF.NF.UAL Practice. OlVue; trout room in
Webbs 1 Sioiv,
OUATI 1 N't Physician. omccli.mr-i'.Mo n
"a,,,,, a to 4 p m. oilii-o in Welbs Urn
t!) o. trout rooms up -tails.
E. A. BAG LEY, M. D.,
HOMKiU'OTHI Phy-nian ami Suryonii.
Itr-Menc Stat- Jtnul. ntti. room No.
1 Vriht'! op. ra ll"U!i-l.o k. st t oii'l tiooi .
Uttlcu hours. 'J to Ma. in.; -to a ami . to f p. m.
Llt.- ami Pin- lu-urancc Au-nt.
Alimi, (h'it'ud f.o Mi'li.
ATTOUNKV aii'K'ounsi lor til Law All b-jral
hnm"-- l.v I. iter or .-tlx r-ii-if. will be
promptly Httfii'lcl to, otliee in Op' 'i l'Miii'
block, np-t air
ATTOKNF.Y XT LAW, Solicitor in (h.inc-t-iy.
ami Ib-al IMtte -p tit.
Ai.m v. (iHATior '.. M n H.
Is ni-elv fixed up 5" tin-
formerly i.'Tiij.iivl by Mr. Cai nahm. n
Superior t. west, and proposes t korp
:i int- ! is n:i:i). ijaim.s
:up1 LIVKliV STAIJI.K. 4 i I
Ilis ;t ifii'iti;il.!f i ati s. ii'wv
him ;t call.
Wood tor Sale
U.'livi'if-l free tn anv pint of the city
Yst Supt-ri'ir. cur. (Jr.mt St.
Solicitor in C'li.-iincry.
(irtU'i-: loriTHM-bank biiilliiir of NVal.lby ('o.
oppo-itf Wright IIour.
All bii-in' " li'M in mv In n l will n i .
prompt aid arilul nttnt Ion. I have 1h" tol
(owlnv U -al I'.-tatf bT -a If. owm-.l ly Mari ii'
Poll i-kv at vtrrtii' ly low I i r 1 1 1 1 :
l.M hi ii ol laii'l Ix tWifii r'tlal' iui'1
Vf t ibuiv i :: 1 ' f n w ' , of 4. :!. town i-i
north, r ". w. ANon-r1 ot .- '., of - '11,
tiiwn lii, r.'iwr-t, W ill -I'll in paiviN or t ,
Stlof ',-.11 a rv.
ni sec on nnuMa: ov ka-v ifkv.
Two h"ii-" ami l t- on 'af's ai'l,ti n
"lon jl hoiiM" tor -mall tannin -. kI-o -i va
cant I 'H. ifuivl biiiMin; ili I llrr tor -al"
a jrool hoii-o on P.lv trn t. wi II lo ab il ami
liii-olv tlnt-m-1 at l..w lijiir.".
parti, -d. -ii imr Heal IStub-in Alma lioiil.
iii.' iho-i-pnini-" b;loif pun li.fiiiK.
MOMP-N. w Vork N. Y
r.N'DF.ICWKITr.U -Now York, .
MAItTPOUH- ... . onn.
r IKK AS-O IATION -Phila. .
AMP.KI AN- .... ...
AfiKI(.rLTi:;tAL Watiitown, . . N. Y.
MH'II. PI UP. A- MA It' NT. Detroit Mil).
(J HAND KXPIDs (Iran i IUpl-1
AIDF.NT INS. CO of Nooh Ann riot.
Justice of the Peace.
All liV'il nip-rs dr;ivn -a-i t Ufalm.
an. I 'lisinli li.
Estalo Aironey.
Will ;i'r lie Ufal K-tatf on ri'-i-on.-bV
) 11; I- MIO doorc.kSt of i. W. A llnon
ITIM.Itmi KVEItY rilllVY,
C. F. BROWN. Prop.
TERMS-II P'T year in Hvanoc: . .
form month-; Mo for t lire month !ati n
of a lvortl-iiur uni'lo known on npi'lioation.
To l;iy we i'scnt our rcailora with
the last number of Volume ten For
jut ten years now it has lcon making
its weekly visits to the people of Alma
ami vicinity. Since the paper came in
to our hands, ae;trao, it has hern
our aim to h a legitimate husiness ami
treat all courteously with whom vre
came in contact. We have no fault to
liml with the patronatre that has been
extemleil to us ami we have always en
tleavoreil to (rive Value received. '
We have made improvements as fast as
we have been able to do so. and shall
continue in this course as circumstances
enables us. That we have made mis
takes we are fully conscious; but we
have always done what we thought at
the time was for the best. For the fu
ture we have no promises to make
We shall continue in the same course
that lias characterized u in the past,
ever ready to promote the best interest
of the community and hope by a consi
tent. manly course to merit the pod
will and support of our present larjje
circle of friends.
Ashlry claims iMo voters.
T. A. Miller spent Sunday in Detroit.
Smith Lyon's will have a Furniture
Full line of Kubbers at W. U
X. W. Wilcox, is the new editor of
the Ashley Arjt.
St Louis will have a new band. F. M.
Harrington leader.
Ilavve Uice. of Stanton, was in town
Tuesday subpenaintf witnesses.
Mrs. llrown of Mt. Pleasant, is the
jrtie.st of Mrs. M. i Dallas this week.
Finest line of hats for men and boys
cer shown in Alma at K. L. Stark's.
Miss Hlackman formerly of Alma,
now of Howell was in town Saturday.
(J. t-J. Kie-s is attending the state en-
canipmeunt offi.A. K.'s. at Lansing
thi- week.
A. (.'. M(.(iiaw's La.lies Pebble liut
ton Hoot for .rJ.uo sold by W. P.
The fish spearing season is over, and
it costs bin money to be caught at that
amusement now.
IMward Hiitchins. who had the mis-'
fortune to fall on the ice as spoken of
las' week i-. improving.
Mott Lyon of (irand Ilapids late cun
ductoron the 1. L. ia: X. was the ue-t
of Part. Miller on Wednesday.
A Cleveland dancing-master is said to
be about introducing a liew dance ex
pressly for fat people. All the perform
ers have to do is to sit and kick.
The Fine Plush Couch which has been
on exibition at P. W. Fllisons as a pi ie
with Forest City Pakin Powder, was
drawn Sat. la-4 by Willie Tracy, M was
the lucky number.
The adjusting airent of The "Fire As
sociation of Philadelphia was in town
Tuesday and adjusted the loss, by lire,
of the old School House at 4o, the full
amount of insurance.
Wright, Schneider & Stuttz are pre
parim: for a large spring trade, they,
have already received large invoices of
spring goods and more are coming
Don't fail to see them.
Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Hill, wish to ex
press their heartfelt thanks to their
friends and neighbors, who so kindly
assisted them during illness and death
of their little daughter Gertrude.
We are turning out some beautiful
besigns of job printing and our patron
age in this line has increased greatly
the past few months. When you have
anjthingin that line remember us.
Pemember, that with our steam
power and fast presses, we can turnout
election tickets and slips on very short
notice and at very reasonable rates.
Let us har from jour township. Xotice
publi-hed free.
W. L. Prigden engineer of the P C.
; P C. P. H. was in tonn Tuesday
looking over the route of this new road
having traversed the line from P.ittle
Creek to this point and is on his way to
Midland and Pay City. Mr. Prigden is
very favorably impressed with the route
as far is ho has examined it.
Pear fc Hall of Paton Papids are
here engaged in taking an invoice of the
Hardwaie stock of F. C. Achard w ith a
view toits purchase. These gentlemen
come well recomended as wide awake
honorable dealers ami as such we are
uladto welcome them in their new field
of lalmr. and bespeak for them a share
of the public pationae.
Alma, Mich.. Friday. Mar. 16, 1888.
St. Patrick's Day, next Saturday.
Philo Pogardiis is on the sick list
this week.
Palmer's trial has been set for Wed
nesday the 'J'Jnd. hist.
Mrs. C. F. Piown is in Sheridan this
week, visiting relatives
There aie Lumi students in attendance
at Hie State Fniversity.
Pert Haves a former Alma Citizen
w as elected Pres. of the Village of Sher
i lan.
The Pre Hive add, will contain a sur
prise about April 1st. w atch out for it,
somthing new.
Palh Ply of Pivertou Nebraska a for
mer Alma boy is attending the College
at his former heme.
Mrs. P. W. Fllison will entertain the
Ladies Aid Society next Wednesday
afternoon, all are inv ited.
For Sale: Judgement against Peno
Prewbaker, for tailoring; will sell cheap.
David Ci vklll.
With exceptions of assessor and one
trustee, the entire republican ticket
was elected at St. Louis last Monday.
On the 7th. of Mar. Joseph F. Sartor
churned from 1 gauges of cream 9 2-10tt
of butter, from a common cow. Next.
Dr. Donnie is home again, after a
few das visit al Marquette, he reports a
tremendous fall of .snow in that locality.
Mr. and Mrs. IM. Medler, visited re
latives in Midland Co. several days last
Max Plooniburg has closed out his Ci
gar factory here and leaves for Texas
where he intends to engage in the same
(ieo. L. Slate while exploring the
Pine Piv( r Friday afternoon, near the
School House had the misfortune to get
in up to his neck.
Xew series of the Alma Loan and
Puilding Association closed Mar. ;t li -with
111 shares, this with JiM series Xo.
1, makes a good showing of '! shares.
Ami now .1. I), Spinney and .lames
Kroshave their tickets bought for Ing
ham, where they make fieijuent visits
to see two nice young ladies, they leave
The res( rved seats for the Spanish
Troubadors at St. Louis next Tuesday,
will be on sale at Mr. Loverie's, Satur
day. March 17th. Admission, .Vi and
Parents looking for children's school
shoes w ill miss great bargains if they
fail to call and examine the line assort
ment dispkned by K. L. Stark.
As usual the Pee Hive is to the
front. Look at their new adv. this
week; also keep your ee on that space
April 1st. then look out.
The debate which was to come off jit
the Alma Union School Friday March
nth. failed to materali.e. post-poned
until next Fridav . even -body come.
Subsci ibe for ( f rand Papids bet pa
per. The Daily Democrat, the leading
daily in Western Michigan, arrives in
Alma on the morning train. Delivered by
T. A. Miller at 121 cents a week.
He is either a very good or a very
self -possessed young man who doesn't
turn more colors than there are hues in
a crazy quilt, when his possible father-in-law
asks him to say grace at the
family table.
Mrs. Paker the niotherof A. J. Paker.
aged w as found dead i;i bed Tuesday
morning, having died after two o'clock,
as Mrs. Paker saw her at that hour.
Her death was not unexpected as she
has been in feeble health for years.
Listen to the bray of Smith, the Rep
ublican's jack ass of St. Louis: We hear
it said that D. P. Peid will not represent
Arcada this vear on thr Hoard of Super
visors; Things have changed, we have
an idea that Smith will have but little
to do w ith it.
We understand that one or two social
clubs have been formed here and that
others are to follow, to take the place of
the saloons after the fust of May. If
so. Prosecuting Attorney Sawyer will
kep his official eyes on them and at
the proper time apply the ollicial medi
cine. St. Louis hmhr.
We are in receipt of a very fine speci
men of Pie plant, fully large enough for
domestic use, raised by Win. Thomas. in
his vegetable garden in the south part
of this Village. When we consider that
this is the I'Jth. day of March with snow
vet upon the ground it speaks pretty
loud in proof of Mr. Thomas' enterprise
and skill in this line of woik.
The Woman Home Misiunary Society
of this place was organized about one
year ago and during the time, have
sent out for frontier woik in this
state. Have raised alout for use in
our own place, also have collected, made
over and lepaiied 7 garments and dis
tributed among the m edy at home. They
w ish to tender our sincei thanks to the
ollicers for their efficient work especially
to our President Mrs. Pike, who has
faithfully pei formed her dutie.
Dongolia Kid button Shoes at W. P.
W. H. Taftof Iliverdale, was in town
Truman Whitney of St. Louis was in
town Tuesday.
MissXettie Posenbury spent Sunday
in Flwell.
Ponk : Paughmau have received a
portion of their spring stock.
Iok at those new spring hats at
Pollasky Pro. s' they are dandies.
Porn to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vought
on Friday the lth., a son, weighing ten
Charles Wood's examination before
.Justice Verington, was adjourned to
the sth.of April.
Fxamine the new adv. of W.. S. & S.
they have a fine line of goods and defy
Ice crop is about linished. three cars
being shipped to Ithaca last week
winding up for this year.
Charles Younglove formerly of Alma
now of Fowlerville, was in town Mon
day calling on his old time friends.
George Gage went home to Ferris
Center Saturday, and returned Sunday,
Rather a wet day for pleasure riding.
We;are here to stay. Pargains every
day in the year in boots, shoes, hat s,
caps and gents furnishing goods.
E. L. Stark.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Adams of Toledo, who are visiting
P. C. Latimer, is dangerously ill at this
Frank Thomas, baggageman at D.
L. & X. is at Ithaca relieving agent
Orbison for a few days who is south on
a pleasure trip.
Harry Putton has gone to Vernon
where in connection with Pert Xichols
lately with Pollaskey Bros, he Likes
charge of a large clothing store.
Mrs. Chales Ingersol ius Saley Sartor,
left Wednesday for her new home at
Pontiac, where Charles has put in a
boot and shoe stock. They have the
best w ishes of the entire community.
Sheriff Pettitt was intown Wednesday
subpoenaing witnesses in the Palmer
case, he has forty witnesses in liehalf
of the peoplo and it is said the defense
will have twenty to testify in its behalf.
Fred Burrows, late with Ponk ;
Paughman, has accepted a position as
salesman with Pollasky Bros., and will
soon be found as genial and courteous
as ever waiting upon the numerous
customers of this justly popular estab
lishment. His many friends will be
glad to welcome him among them
Zerega's Poyal Spanish Troubadours
in full National Costume will appear at
Holcomb's Opera House St. Louis Tues
day Mar. unth. From notices of the
Press, we are led to believe that this
company possesses raro ability in their
peculiar line of amusements and that
no one fond of such entertainment
should fail to witnsss this one. Pe
member the date March Uoth.
A special meeting of the Saginaw
Presbytery was held hero last Monday
for the purpose of organizing a Presby
terian Church. The meeting was held
in the College chapel. The following
were in attendance: Pevs. Dr. Ambrose
Wright, of Pay City; Dr. J. T. Oxtoby
and George S. Woodhull, East Saginaw;
A. F. Bruske and C. I). Ellis, Saginaw
City; George F. Hunting, Alma; and
Elders A. Folsom. Pay City; Mitchel,
Emerson and Fleming, St. Louis: The
petition to organize a Presbyterian
Chnrch was considered and on motion
it was decided to organize one. Prof.
.1. W. Ewing was elected Elder, and it
was deeided that President Hunting
should supply the pulpit for the present;
A grand and enthusastie meeting is re
ported and our citizens aro rejoiced to
see this church organized here.
Attention: J off, J off and i off and
if you believe that anybody is selling
at these prices you are way off, so
don't believe it, but remember I am
selling watches, clocks, silycrware and
jewelry cheaper than any firm in Grat
iot county and will convince you of
the fact, if you will call and examine
my goods, belcw are some of the
bargains I am offering:
Waterbury watches waranted 1 yr. f 1.25
Rogers' Knives and Forks per doz. 3.50
Two dozen Roger & Bros. Tea knves
i a little shop worn) $1.25 per set. Some
Silve.i ware consisting of Casters, Cake
dishes. Sugar, Cream and Butter dishes
Pickle casters, Spoons', Fruit dishes,
Tea Sets, will be closed out at cost, a
job lot of Sheet Music, Violin attach
ments. Fifes, Flutes, accordians etc.
will b closed out lielow cost. Call and
see those :i7it. Pins with chain attached,
will have another assortment of them
in a few days. Remember that if you
would purchase a Watch or a Chain or
a Ring Tor Samanthaor Mary Ann Jane
to just call at Porters' and thre take a
peep at the beautiful things he Is selling
no cheap. Across from NYright Schnei
der & StuU.
Our Oitj Dads.
Council met in regular session at tl:
Clerks office. Mar. 18, 1SSS.
Present the president and trustees
Smith, Pulfrey, Hawkins and Green
absent McLeod and Montigel.
Minutes of last meeting read and
after being corrected as follows:
Claims presented:
On motion Green and Hawkins ap
pointed to the Board of Registration
and Hawkins to the lioard of Inspec
tion, approved. Claimes presented:
S. G. Hawkins, keeping man
per order President - ? .75
A. Pierce, cleaning up Fire
man's Hall after inquest - $ 2.7S
J. B. Parker, Marshals salary uo.so
Geo. W. Pulfrey, wood, 5. in
P. S. Webb lday inspsector, 1 5(
E. P, Green, " - 1 ju
J W Hawkins inspect. x; regis. :;.00
FC Achard cartridges, - .10
G. S. Ward, Tax sales - - 27.-JO
International Mfg. Co. resolvent r..25
On motion allowed at footing and
clerk instructed to draw orders therefor,
when money in fund, except Internat
ional Mfg. Co., laid on tab'e.
On motion clerk and president in
structed to procure loan of $ 2u0.no at
hank at i0 days with 10 per cent per
annum interest and and place same
to the credit of the geceral fund of
On motion Council adjourned.
B. S. Wkhu, A. Ykuinoion'.
President. Clerk.
Statement of the whole number of
votes given at the annual charter elect
ion of the village of Alma, held March
12th, 1SSM. The whole number of votes
given for each officer, the names of thr
persons for whoin .such vote for each
officer were given, and the whole num
ber of votes given for each oilice.
The whole numler of votes given.
two hundred and ninety-one (2tl).
Whole number of votes given for
president, two hundred and eighty-
nine (2S(.i); Edelbert B. Green receives
two hundred and twelvo (212).
Joseph Sartor, seventy-five (75).
E. B. Green, one (1).
Esquire Kimball, two (2).
Whole number of votes given for
trustees for two years, eight hundred
and forty-seven (S47) of which Stephen
W. Tinker receives two hundred and
forty-four (211).
Edgar A. Bagley. one hundred and
eighty-five (1M).
Martin Montigel, one hundred and
eighty-three (183).
James B. Tubbs, one hundred and
twenty-seven (127).
Matthew J. Bogardus. one hundred
and eight (10S).
M. J. Bogardus, one (1).
John Coleman, (1).
Whole number of votes given for
clerk, two hundred and ninety rJ'.'O, of
which William A. Bahlk receives one
hundred and sixty-three (lWj.
Almon Yerinjton, one bundled and
twenty-seven (127).
Whole number of votes given for
treasurer, two hundred and seventy-
eight (278), of which Gerrit S. Ward
receives two hundred and seventy-
seven (277).
J. L. Clark, one (1).
Whole number of votes given for
assessor, two hundred and ninety-one
(291), of which Francis Palmer receives
one hundred and forty-seven (147).
Albert E. Woodward, one hundred
and fortv-four (144).
Whole number of votes given for
street commissioner, two hundred and
eighty-nine (180), of which John W.
Morton receives one hundred and sixty
nine (109).
Benjamin F. Worthington, one him
dred and nineteen (119).
B. F. Worthington, one (1)
Whole number of votes cast for con
stable, two hundred and eighty-sev?n,
(2S7), of which Edwin X. Chadwick
receives one hundred and seventy-one
Fred Ely, one hundred and sixteen
We, the undersigned, inspectors of
the aforesaid election do hereby certify
that the foregoing is a correct state
ment of the result of the annual charter
election held in the village of Alma,
March 12th, lbSS, of the whole number
of votes given at said lection, of the
whole number of votes given for each
officer, the names of the persons for
whom such votes for each office were
given aud the whole number of votes
so given for each officer.
B. S. Webb,
J. W. Hawkins,
A. Yerington,
Wanted at Almi Collkok: Good
plain cook and smart girls to take kitch
en and dining room work. Preference
given to students, apply personally or by-
letter to Mrs. Logic, Alma College,
Alma, Mich.
Warm meals at all hours at
S. G. Ilopkin's
Whole No." 467.
ri ii 1 1 iriini 1 1 ii winI
Pay Cornell spent the Sabbath at his
Weiss spent the Sabbath at his home
in Elm Hall.
Pies. Hunting hetnred in Ma.-on
Tuesday ni-Iit .
Rev. A. Marsh pn a he 1 at tlieChap
'1 last Sabbath.
Pres. limiting orenj ad a Saginaw
pulpjt last Sunday.
Prof. Ewing has been on the sjck list
several das this we. k.
Frank Marsh ii again -vn deck"
after a week's abst im e.
Xcllis is vainly endeauu ii:;g to coax
a young moustache into existence.
The time is not far awav when those
jurymen are to be elc-ted. Several
andidates aie already in the Held.
The Saginaw pjesbvtei v met at the
College last M :im! i r , ,, :,.,! .
Presbvterian soeietv at this place.
The ladies of the Colh-ge gave a
Leap Year party H I he Hall last Fri
day evening. An enjoyable occasion is
Miss Ross, an orgauier of Kinder
garten schools in dii'feient parts of the
State, is sojoiirnirg at the Hall for a
short season.
A very effusive article concerning
Alma College lately appeared in a cer
tain Michigan sheet which highly dem
onstrates the literary abilities of one
of our rising oung men aud we predict
great future eminence for him. but un
fortunately, this voting scribe of many
words paints our thriving college in
such brilliamt colors that it is made to
appear in the ridiculous sublime. And
this y. in. is an active member of the
V. M. C. A., too :
Villa;:-: El,-ctio:i.
Mondav was a er lheh day, two
tickets a Republican and People's ticket
in the field and all winked hard prin
cipally for themselves. The entire Pe
publieaiftickct elected except clerk and
Assessor with majority as tollow.s:
Pres. E. B. Green. 17o
Clerk. W. A. Bahll.e. ."
Trustees, M. Montigel. 50
P. A. Bagley. 77
S. W. Tinker, li th tickets.
Tiea.s. (i. S. Ward. "
Assessor. I'raiiei-i Palmer. 4
Street Com.. John Morton. ')."
Constable, E. N. Chadwick. 55
News From Ithaca-
The Thermometer registeied at zero.
Tuesday moaning.
The tiial of IMward Palmer of Alma
for murder has been set down for
Wednesday. March -Jl. next.
Magistrate John M. Everden united
in marriage Tuesday. Charles R, War
ren and Libbiu Wermuih. m account
ol the cold wcatla r they decided to re
main all night at tie- Hotel.
Marriage Licenses. Marshal J. Pan
ard, Fmerson. Clara Kretzechnian,
Bethany. Charles R. Warren, Xew
Haven, Libby Wermuth. New Haven.
Wilbur Mc Bridge, Lena M.Christman,
Xorth Star.
The entire Rcpublean ticket waselec
ed at charter election on Monday last.
Majorities ranging from 27 to '(. Wm.
P. Scattergood is President. Alverco S.
Barnes. Joseph II. Seaver and J. Leo
Potts, trustees elect for two v ears. Theo.
S. Barnes, trustee elect to fill vacancy
1 year. James P. Tibbs, eleik, Wm.
II. Beasley Trea?urir, Assessor Wm.
Bartow. Street Commissioner Nathan
G. SutlilT, Constable John Hart.
The Ladies Library Association, held
a social and musical entertainment at
the residence of O. II. Heath. Tuesday
evening. Among the attractions of the
evening was some v.eal music rendered
by the renow ned and celebrated "Prof.
Sprinkle Pomes" and his famous class
of eight stars. The large house of Mr.
Heaths' was packed, about one hundred
and fifty persons being present. It
was observed that the folding
doors of a large room w ere kept closed
and guarded, while inutterings and om
inous sounds proceeded t herc-frorn and
caught the ears of the listening ones,
many conjectures were made and nu
merous questions asked concerning the
evil tines in the Pandemonium, fears
were soon dispelled by some spiritual
and unsi en hand pushing the folding
doors apait and lo! and behold, instead
of the seven Muses, or any of the won
ders of Pluto's lea'm. there stood th
grand and imposing form of Prof. Sprin
kle Bot lies w ith his wonderful instru
ment thc'llunianiphone'' through holes
in a large canvas stretched across the
room there appeared eight faces repre
senting the eight notes of the scale, at
a given signal from the "Prof.", they
ran the scale and the delighted specta
tors were wild with applause. Tbo
'Suwanie River' was then most sublime
ly sung and the "Three Black Crows"
liad a thrilling effect upon all as the
last note died away. eveiylody was
hoarse wi thlaughter'but quickly gath
ering themselves together they were
soon refreshed with "Ice Cream" and
cake. At 12 o'clock the crowd dispersed
having had a much enjoyable time and
adding to tho tieasuiy Jdo.

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