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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, March 23, 1888, Image 5

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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).V, MA II II '-i
- - s - i
itv I 1 1 m it t 't ri I in. ii' 'ii - i
n- T";" 1 " ' '
t! lit'- mi ii1 - ! ' i : ' " ! '' p I-
p I 1 t !l '.'. I! '. '"'.''''' ' ' ' i '
t "i r, I'.u I r I s 'it i. - ,
a , : i i - , I i i i: .i i' i !
Qah:knr t Art an a Patlrncr i Maa
ter Detail Origin of Kwiluuv I.iuIi
tar A I". inner !' 1 atal MUt iki
Good Mituazr mrnt.
Tho railwiy when it f.rre Into
LuinJta vrorl i Ir. u r'.t i e'.i :.:.:: I f
ccw bind cf r:-.,;i::.l for.-" r
The ra.hv.iy mu.i fro;a t!a p.a '.-:
the brakca-uu rnut p"--' -' ''
to jrctne. a i;v.;f:.i;j to j. -patience
to li.arlcr del. .1; ! ..
a tifck rcay c.-1 jrcat : - 7 ia
ftror li.'o. Whea a : ; I :
over L'.3 ror.d i-.i a p a. a"..' rr r. .
atainea t'ao trr.c'a . . a lr.J.-.-. .7..i n
tnoviar; r.t tlie r.-.to if t...r:y
Lonr. ho is tr- raw "-air. lv .-. c.i;v ..
tnay be csly tva in.vilr. iur.l im. c-..!..
hould be iv;.-.ovel ir.iV-.y
and le caraaacad.al to t .: t r-- k i f m
Tlion of c.i ox or j ru '.c hi rsa f rr
day com; r.v-a were now..-; x.-ov.'.',
; to
'; 1
2 ft
ii.-. 1
: at
I o-
Irifj tij looso bo.'Utl-i a.)
a ruilwr.v sLitlon. mm
eoafe ! t .
Uve of nidi inihistrj x -;
th fact th:.t th:- t ;
f.isM iiln.' nest I'uv. 'i "i.
the k.i..l cf
wuulil In- r:-f!e hy l . . e
In tho i.i-t ; if
c?..i rcjid 1 ' j s'.i"ll')'v ir.i
;s to I " f.. and i;;
; a. re;- eat v.. , a-i.'-
I -.-.j l.a.-.v
; vi.:.. .i t:.-t
e .' . I.
.1. . a..l h.vhs on
it f t . ':!
t I v.-i .'a
ocss cf r.:i iu-M tir cost.i t. c cc-u:..:y
ir.or.t-y r.!ul nut hi'o. It a I. t- ...1 in
a U'v '. ' .ftvr huvir.T .ot-n j-;--a:MiM'.;i'.
v ;..t is ,.:i rvti.t n-t v. i.t.'iy
cnknxvv.i; Lut t!:o v't. p ) .', .s
a; c
d.r.i'reiii'i .--'.la'.c. A f. t.lj. 1
p,o.ii;i t.;i:; 1 may iu the r.4.1vv;;v ;
k:o;ic a ; fatal i a ca cf ;,,.
aa earthquake.
. .aii
ic or
a N!-".v rnn'; or :i
Mr.ay rr. !v:" t -'..'cis 1,
fro: a I lit' Lhnv.v f n'ti"
cr-'es. Ti;e Ji' irr.a m.il 1.
!?j::a::l t .r a ia -v 1 r:a ,f
tr 1 a
i ;.t it
Cfi:'.:a at :,c f;;; p
Cai. .vv.-T, c. c if t..
Aad 1 i.l ..; :
!;'.! O.S'o t'.al :;-a i
runs f.n'.a C. ;j :. t
tljf'f.a a r.i' .!..!,!
QTr'..i tv t iC.'l il'.l! V
1 i:j !.?;....:
I. a cir ,
a i c r-
r :. ,.:a . ';. a
. i .i. t j a. t
fil iai;. f . .t
1 1
"!.ea o; ; -a cr
ttpnn tll.S ?;alO':ic at, ;ir.l ri::. ho.v
diaarult it i' to t;:.l ',"() c;.;.., . t..c .1 'a a
- la;Jo row. the .:.. - r cit.-c t a tr .:n
ver j .icj nviru -) i.i.lc i al!i ul'.Li-ut
btfii? : mi cl.t .l cr iajurt d.
Viiy s'.i'al I I i it. pa; Uc, irh!r! rasr.ot
ln.'I'xt a l;a!; or a i. Ik r.;::. i.-. l i.t the
me a t..o -o:;h cr.ly t. t-ly i r la-
pM.i!i ix fwiUvay 'I i.c n ! . y i . 1 c
las U i-iahc al; tt;r 1 a.a (a . ' at
biainijcf ilow iv;h. A '.h: 1 r an
won iccca'lv arhc.t :t at t.r.v th. c .is
PassJ l.jj r.t! in. tin 1 i.i. r. r:i- t!:.-t
they xrrnt I; nil ia t i- i :.. .:.! ..:'
lu the ftft'.-ir.ooa. l'o 1 .a ?i.c!i .i i. -a ;;a
lO ii tonin f f'n a iliM: a. a:; i f tit.c
A 2:(0 nr li.l'icr.Vl'i. w al l c - .t-
tional t."'u if liol.it!'.' uii-;.t. Yo ;-.vi
uta a tuurtil a laco u; r.i n l ;a ."'V
Tfoahl bo cr;:a!a.J, lor if I c I not L.ii
oui a h? v.-iailJ ho-.a kill l.iU'-.-.f.
Oaiy 1 st vc k o-ic -f t:i'-.-e L-ij of the
fana. rJirosl by f. 1- f vanity Im .-': r il
way v.-i.rk. r.ict 1.:.. h-n;! bw:..: ' f i.aa
tal lacnts. !. rr.. a'..' hw,;r!::.:i at
ai;lhu:e f-tntjon. Vca !? i f
bcc.tr. i un-i'V. rd. Vi ..a: !
. '
;..c : t
t'v :,
abio u- 1.
t (;. a i.
rii'iC f;-o:n r v . i
a: I.-,
a switch u:, 1 Kt.' ;
eole car oa a - ..
camo rtii..v.!y. Hi 'i,...i '
on taa fana faiii-1 i.s a u.
lar I.
nOW SUn avl.: ia:5t.
q; ac:; i:.it.rnAD Mrv.
The cdacat'ouul j-ov.rr c f th" rr;way I?
kept bnk ly t!a f-a io tr-.t'a ih..t
many cf its oiUrials r.rc not p.. ... ; . .;? ; f ;t
lrati t, but ;;ro oniy r;v a!.. o:i ia h.a 3
or atyli v. !.i'a in it aai.lati" il cms.
Quack n;;iroad ir.cn uiv ir.r rt- uiti
than r(-i'.th i :r. ;,,! r. ;.: '.
Cla.r; to r.a.ha i j :u f. r f . : .3
thus fort i.u I 1 'o i ie
mercy of uatraau' l u:'.:;ii.;
ft roloav 1 v.o.; '.:.; la'i t'.:
cf the t-cnvir.'.lV fu: ..'.t h-
V1;Ca the iictv co.'oii.l ii.4
i.t ...
.c : c .-
la t'
t.. j.
ai t 1 1
the boy:; at nruis he t
thui.i 'to eo
thcr bi d done yesa ai'ay."
Tho railway pcrviee ii no dou1 1 sr.tTrr
Ins much from the jre-ineo of oiia.iali
who know rac4-o i.boat v.oaoj ai d l..;.a;y
than thoy l.aow abov.t bnd :o ;.a 1 ro : !
bedj. Under tho n:! if ii . v r.; t..loa
tho roco;pn from all t.-..(.ic f..av i ...: I
New Yorl:, and -ooa the Im:.'.. i.ccoai.t
large and the toad un a i at ; a I ii..::.'. .
oua. Tlc income la the ta.i.a th.aj, the
ait nothing.
Some ro-. Ii rr? rr..,,,"-"r 3 ' y rr.:'-- -y r: t.
The preside. it Lise-eif o'.;! 1; -a ;. I .;.'.;.a
tlve cr coatrii' t a b. i i ; r I . av, he
at .1 f.ritch. Thc-e la., i . ; r. r.. i.r l. e
Control Of th3 I'ilil v;:V l: ' ', . 1 If t ( I
the ehraav-'ae cad jr.v..: o c. r ,r:.i;: .
May tho Sitae r jai co:.;o . .a a t . . i.,cn
doUH a t'.iia : tii? ir.il wa.y !': .11 1 e man
yd by the f ew k ad ui iat 'le : a:1, fore,
tailed ra'lv.ay br.dn. D.w . i tw. in
Chicago Journal.
Onr t'Hln Immigrant.
Our Chincro franirant rr nfaly
from the province t Ihvantunr. ra I arf
naally country people, with l.a-j nii
tber a s!:op?:crp.T or r.Tti. rn fro. a the
cities, cf which Cintoa ii t'ae thief. They
Toiy en.a.ivliat ia tjcrh i;rl tr-a' i r
1 thCfO of the fat.. Tup rr; at:;:::;-! ..'
norrly tho-2 t f Caat jn, .hiL' lia-o cf th.
Si Tup. v ho r.'.e iao-1 j.amcror.'N uro r.:st
prurln'c'al, r.ti.l trc-hln a patois i.ar.ost
a Inert::; rohf r.-jl 1j to tiiclr count lrjaacn
a9 to the 'Mcl-can" can. They Lo:p fa :t
bold en tc traditions if their country,
and f tnvc to inaintrdn I U customs uu'lei
the riof-.t elver e ccaultioni, e Vs t .'aan j
wblcli i.t their own anxious, jet ofteu pit
ifnl, avarice.
It 1j in the cities amor s the cdsr.h-s
tnanr cf vvl.oe ractaher l.no.7 r.o f.:c!' a
wori, that there customs cro Lio t c'.tly
followed. In fhop m l Ijundry they turn
taxc-vo U foro their native dciiic. r.r.d at
jCiw Year's vi .t tiic p-r.revt fhtlne to
feara, by ho fall of divi: In r ty!!ck3, ?!..t
fortune it vili brin'. V .iu.l!y tho r is
Kcwan Ti "Tho JltsUr Ktu..n." the
cod cf ar, wcTfLlpcd la Co Coim cf
later. Vxtixj IcjxM U9 ouftvut
!.! huTlrrj iprcarcl t" .t'.vt ll3 follow.
r vc a ia t!ie nw u -h?, t.oally tit n
i. v- i. '. "i broh-LMit.t ia t'ao Ciiir.o qnr.r
t. a? lh: "ta'( ri'i.l -. s lairr.crl i-.i-ly pat
! y the I ' ! i' i ml ;'i.-::,:,iv la ri.
i i . .-v 1 . l t.t i ::!'.. I rait a i cranio
. V.iri t....:.urt. .1 A'iwrtJacr.
of I a.
j an i', A a! )' n ma
.i t.
, 1 i i!i,: UTt ( t kry
a w.;aa;. J tr t i;s tho !..:a.!i.
i ' !.t a: a;; oa;- cf tit fc:
-.."it : t ,
Uai i u;
r v
0." 1 . it
a-, tii.j j
M v.fa i:i 'x ..ut;oa la N
I ( .11 a v Tl'jI of v.: l.ir.ttliot,
ti.o r-'iiu-ati of .vhicli becarn.
y:i "..a v.vr.:i t ho r; rqn: t. Then,
ju'.'.a t ja.a 1c- u::aj tr.pin t r.'.oa;
v.av.t a : . ;i . i. v !'' I r.t crr.ch! olf
. . r.t the i:Mtc!i;a UinliT the f,ti s.aacr
il.i:t . i t!a (:.:: ihincra, orajtiii.;. r.j lacy
ihil to a tii y liap' L-'.aily t!: ra;;.' Iters
Ian ;!:ci, fvr i'.j f aa t. ii i:.t vithi;uit thai
cir: :eat of i ;a 7 r vhicii ir. tlc;r to I bo
h, a: 1 1 f cvrry li. au a. f:o:j.v t f tho rhUrs,
Ivrta ivin j ih .!, era; red a va.tcr to i icJ:
i'i tho a atc'urt. il:.;;! i!:vrc wr.i r.o
arc i.':t, v.liilo th 1 i0.ca:j f C.:; I. C'.i-w
i, ':':!.!;. :-?vt. 1 ti.j ro:i.1d:c. t f ti? .u
v I;. .1 l i.i.. alarmed by tho l:;i.vl".i.
I l.'n.jti .'
a c.-r
i..e :: o i.;
t' rtlmaf i an '-.. 4c
? (;'.-: ar :;c re .ait la fair cit'ew
li : i y 1 y a ::'a cq
.' . j i a "avcrar.cat bcr.os;
, 1 !!.. ". ir.MUj :. rhr.ua', ia fto.aly
, : I t : r. a uta triad to the
ir. c a: : t f ? i" ... r.t 4 t :r oct.i. A tc.va
ct; r ia ?h"-.:.-a:a t r ;. rowboy ia Colorado
iia-is thai la : :r;r:a :a:d skill r.rc v.ortli
ta Ian. ia v. '.: v :. h jaair, r..s f-.v.ch
v.-ordd b:- ( t ' iavtoJ la tho tarae
l.ou'.a. ( H l:o coal I b::y tlicra at rr
Tho la
ra-. a, v.
u hh-:.3
n ir.iro
:..::.) iac
: i ..t .;
. : ; ' i t i
,-ur r i3iyrii.;n ia a caaatry
a t .i t::, I : C-.CbO anaually. if
;rr.l frcr.1 rr-.cf.cc v.ta:hl
ii : t. . J ra bonds to j icld Lira ti.o
.a o: ..ad tho clitof ia chii- of a
.:...! 1....5 a i owcr ia hi br:-lj
hi- i. . -. .;.r 1 a.)!i. t'ac capii- tA
i'0 'JkJ. Veatu'6 C'ouiy.iiaoa.
A. Olo'OXIOUS liliAU.
Mii-f' a Jndlclon t' of a
Vnu'.itT Mrntlirr Tlu-ac lii-roin-KM'ii'iri
V ia l..iii;;'aln,; at Illi lunnj
Muiio-DU.cr 1'Iuiis.
At.. Y-t.- L
:w en.lojT.1 iJl yoar rritia ; In
cv r ! ia
..rl c tail yen
.V. a ;:uvior i ;.-. I t!i.u-l
. ! t.;i r e l If ' I r.i, )
a I i !a; a.t :.ca .' i: oa.
pr a', i to i j '.m. ; aiy.
A i-inaij .u jc.a- vrJual'.
c f
: 1
t i.
t r.'.y why jou v.i:Ii to ret v.d
: t. . n, por do you '.! to wh.-.t
. . a'a l.ir::; v. i:ci.i r I.e. is i
..; (,: :.la i n t",i hia r.t in tJ.r.l
r ti l.r;t two j.i:.t.i cf las
i.v.r.:1. LTQ cl!'v. v.tii cir.r
r v i rt hL leading character-'-
si.iy he hr.s fatty dcr;cacr
ti .n : :'V l e i: r a iiaptaV- nt
,"; : d f i: f;r t'rt y. a 1 . ve
h tho I al i':.::..r; r f Malc
Maii ..a. j ;.: t.a.t. Low,
. e ! i to l. .ho l.aa fully ra
it )ou do not v.a.at haa i re-
I r.v
rc:i v tr.u.-T n
I ; .; ' ..r l ' at t'..C '.or.. r. If o,
i in ; r i 1 : h i i t y .ith
.P a f i v.- 1. '...:.. Voa r;a c.cr.;e
v.-i !. :...-i . c: i ly p-.t ta ye-ur
' . ai.'l :C : - a h y i-1.: eta ta'li
- e ti.r j ' a : r..;.a r. ;uct deal
. ; r.:Vi ri". :. V a c.-.a tc'-.c the
1 rf r. "i.i."rr 1 rot! rr. v.r.b la
.7 '. :.:r i: a v.-Lite ever- rrd v.-crtj
t a
ai r: d e v:o:i crr.ch? in th
: 3 .:.('.-, ( r.d if y a j ,tj crlj
1 (. ;, : hi . i :ay ClA b.rtta thf
. . 1 y j a .. a c : r. . : ' ; '. k ia r n
: -ijihii : u.ti v t to vv'th
: i a-.a." I hi ov t; to U- true,
i ; a t'.. j . rr': p.an L.li.
'.ol. .j i .. . y.
oia: a i: : : ; : :;i .
hr.o a a p.;u':; i- r.a r.d o n
.;. o li;t y to be era1, rated
I 1;.;
r ! . 1
: v :
t f MTV U.
laiac. 1 hey i.0 Lot
ci.? ia t'.c l.' tr c.
Ai. ether ; 3-ji vrctdd be to cTc'.d lnt:.?h-la-
rf l.i'- far.ay ci:: do: --. Vt;t till l.
? t' rcayh v.at'.i I ii trrcdetc nr.d Jocks
up ia pr.r eyes for a tw.alrl.cf trerrV
i..::.t. 'ihctijthe time to refrain freni
t v ::!i. V.'tittiil ho r.cfs to the nut
i f t..; j ho, it r.ere. 3nd prirl: up
t r-. vi 1. -t. n 1 r n v. .11 bur.t cf nlvcry
!..; .:.. lhat i; the t.:t.c to bar.:; on tc
v r ... ry 1 u "...cr. It v.- 11 j;ivo hitn o
la.-.-d t::-rc-...ou cf ccnxitcr.ance, aud
joa v.hl
h.ri coon titer 3rok at bis
T.-rtcii. V. i . a h: ccir.:!ctrs hv- ftcry,
tU'.h'.cr.ly w.-.ho v.p crd i :.k bun if that is
alh ft mcu can endute thhs lcr over
t v way hs.
(Jf eoare there are other nr.d mora,
rr.d'c d racthcxh'tf rtcompil'hin tho re
tti'.: yoti wi'.-, but these ere il. ceres moie
conrao.u in the 1 ert totiety. I uattirally
tappored that you vrantcd tho Methods
uuil iu the lx.t eoceiv. cr you wculd
h".vo louc clcwhc-re iarit.d cf coui.es
to rre.
Should yon finr.lly vrPli to be ranre fe
ver?, hovrcMr, yoa csn Invite a youcg
pill to bo prevent during the ycunj man's
ftay. I would rurc,c-L th..t this youca
pitl be a f.ucnt tallicroa tho cubject cf
rlctbcs. If you U th beep tho talk ecltg
pr'tty well while the younj ian locks ct
tho uibuu cr v.-itli a f.-cd ctcri
through a ctcrtcrccpo that becn't any p!t
turcH in it, you v.-i 11 tccn bavo biii pachy
(krtuic e a tho fence.
A ease rosc-itimT.
Hut there ia o baro r!Liy ct
ytuaj ra.in 13 In bvc with ou. end rrordd
think it humorous even if you v.tre to f.ll
him full cf fnethot In thr.t car o I da
not Lr.ow v.-br .t you ouht to e'o. Love it
a ctraa.";o ta:'-ivc. It faces wheie it 1j
net cent and it rcfut.es to p;u where il is
If you ccul l rt blai awry by Mrawif,
It. wot: 3d be r:c ec-ti'a. je-rhcr-., to ctk
h!ta if he 3iivt3 joa.' T3i.t'i the wry I
woulltio. The nicker a ir.atter of thct
kind ii ;.:d rf t'.abcttrr. AfJc b'xn
la u K.-.n '.v v.av if rt.cli f3 tho catc, ctd if
be re: dly it: love you, ci.d bac rcatoa tc
belitvo r. r.t you v. ere paying cttrnticn tc
him ill thi.i tiiae, yoa enuot iu be lot do
te ri bin i.or.
Lio i.at be (V ccv.vrared. Ixt rr.e lmon
Lo;r j-u rct c. v. u.'i tho tttrcc-tlojis 1
h-vo r.a-Io idcvouid I uia ccuuxt w ,
v.all niccvcd.
Have ou cvrr tried Trrrrlr.t n Lrri
tall bat v.itJi a :l-a7cd line Jay in it to U
thoatro crd titt.r.rr in tho teat inl iu i
fnr.tcfkini? Try ii ,f ; cu bate let r3cn
6o Bli'cctly, ur.d ii joa t'o r.ct r.t-t lUl ol
bi.n. c.3 v.cll cj a pru-t Lt.nl er ef
vb Clzj cJlacx; writ a lj dud I vslil
i:ovi;i.i.s- iinYiiooi).
' t hit VTl fh' I- l! R .11
v . a';"i o'ir tiit x . . 1 ' r
;,t III. t l in t if tar y palt ol Ihc
P r. u'ai. ti b.t.n I ic vt d thi'it .
i ;!v t!i-no:'. ' I -iioii' ! IntVt
. t ' V U
ir.i v.
tiu i
v.iia iiili.li" ai d to tain .vane
, in a p; in : n":ri' in X . 1 'vn-
Ji mi y iin;', , ii -;K-Mt ('oinpositor, m ill
!i an. imd w In n tin- tori in in of the
piantaa; oll'uo nppiaitl ope tlnv at oui
cabin, mid a-kt'd it 1 nadd Come nnd tike
the pl:m- of a ib linqnciit bund, tht-ro wn
no ipr stion s itli niiy on bat tnytclf taat I
nrat r.o. Tor nit, a terrible lioinefcick dh
fill iii-tantl iijx'U uu a honitAick os
tha' :;!:v..d v . in tne mere propcct o! th
n-art , pic ici d my heart, and tillt-u y
throat. :md blindrd ino with tears.
The foreman wanted incbi buck wit
him ia Li bury, bat a day'a untce w:i
lanf-d un and then my older brothel
tvMk iao to X--, where ho was Ui Intel
piy latlit r at ihe railroud btatiou ou his re
lain Jioin Cii.cinnatf. It luui Un foow
':.:. iD the soft. niith'io Ohio fashion,
t the clouds had brf'kcn away aud tin
i i u fell in u cleur fcky, appU-grc n j
al the horizon. s we drove on. Thi j
color of the k must nluai Ikj uscihtetl
for uu: w ill) the (! pair that theu II 1 Ul mv i
srid. ami whidi I wan ronM.iut v bwallow
in down with treat pulp-. Ve jokel.
aial tr.t some hum mbk laughter out of thf
(llorucf thelmiM'to tree himslf frou.
th- snow that ludled in his hoof, but I
'ulTt rtd all tho time an anguish of homo
F.rkms tint now Mftin iacndihlo. All
the time I h id every fart of th'. cabin lit
I lore me, what iarh of the childrtii wa
doin. ckjv ciallv the younger tn s, mui
what. a1h)vg nil. tny n, other doin.
and how at every moment khe wns look-
in::. I saw Ihe wretched lilt It. pilantatm ol :
raelf moving alut there. 1
"The editor to wh"m my lrothrr tleliv-
cred me over cotdd not eU'04'.ivc of me it
tragedy; ho rux.lvtl ux- if I worn th i
merest common p!arx and delivfrcl me in i
tarn to thf cond mun vith whom 1 an tc ;
b":.pt. There were In If a d'Vn tcbooj '
pirls boardin? there, t', and their fMycty J
wheu they came iu added to mj dtola j
lion. !
The mnn said mppr wa aMut n-adv, i
and ho reckoned 1 would pot sruw-thiQK tc I
tu.i ii i io Kta oui ior mvKii. .r. ro
taction. I auflwereI that I thought
not want any wippcr. and that I muit j:o
U) and tiral my brother,
tell nnnctbintf. I lout. J
lrliAm T rl t .-
I lout, i him at the putiorj
and told him thid I was s'c? bo1" with
htm. Ho tri-l to rtvr-n wit! me, oj
ruth r with my frtoy c4' homrviikneKA.
und I M.'.Tecd Vi lav th question opu til)
piv- father thta, bat ia my own u-; '
Villi cJcScd.
Mv father n:: ted, bowcMJ. orcu
thli. that bad D(t occurred to i fiber of
us, we shou.d iAb ttay This Mtnod
pc6iblo for me, but not at that txkirdioz
bouo not within the otind of thr; tugL
lex of thoc girU! We went to Umhottl,
where ve liail httfMcak and bam aod es,
and bct biscuit every mrycinr tor brmk-ta-t,
and w dy ar we paid fii tipKCc for the
vuek w'e stayed. At the end of this that
the editor bad found another band, auJ
c went b-oaie. where 1 w-as welcomed a
fion a ) car 6 absence.
A?ain I was eali'l to uflrr this '.rial
the cnitf trial of my boyboM tmt ttcaim
in a mildtr form, j-.nd was liphtenrd toeu
vi only by the cpe4-ien-eof survival frou
it bat by vnrioii eircunkitanees. Tbi
time I went to I)-, where one of m
urele-s wai ttiil living, nnd be w.mchovx
UxiilkI the mis..y I 'u? in. and bade mi
crime and ttav with bun while I T-mainMi
in l . 1 was very forwi of bltd nnd nt
ihe t,entl': creature, hie wife, who Hood to
tae tor all thai wa- nNtundh and eonven
tionally rtiiiicd, a type, of gracious loveli
la v, :,ud worl liy splendor.
Thta had an only child, to whom hei
cam s pre tirn w.'u n eon tart jov
vcr tlKPi all bunu' t he .ha-lo-A- of fraili
heaiih. and I r t'.Tk at the in thr.ai
the halo lit tucu earthly de-n'.h; but t!n: ro
muatitariee ran n4 make them ki m h
tlaiu they renllv mto. With all that
lioui'vick till. 1 fell a!(ep with 'ih
iiaiiatit ini.-if ot oar i--. rabiu before nr
eytb. and I auifct with my heart iike lean
in mv biea't.
1 lii-l m t k1!. how I coa'd pet thro-jl
tin- day, aud 1 U::uu to feel it with mini
aide tiar. 1 bad found that by driuliin
a pool li al of vvattr at my men! 1 eoa'n
l.tp dr.n the sol b the time tain:
ui.d I pirticel thtt device to the surpri
nd uinrra of my relaJiv, who wer
'ioal)!r.- with the 6p.trtrieof my uoDtt
jial thirv.
ometimcs I left the table and ran mr
'or a ba:i of unrt rx bind the house
wry nLl.t after tlark I criii tlitre abne
13a t 'I craid uot wholly hide- my itim rin,'
lad 1 suppose th il after awhile the fUit o'
it. iN.enii.e intolerable. At M1V rM.-, I
i-ics-td e -venit t amo, when, rctuiriai
tr.iin w..jk. I found my brother waiting
lor me M my uncle', hn.-; and the ne.
morninsr we sot ot;t out f home in th
keen, tiltnt dark tafore tho Novtmbet
1 law a.
We: were Ix-ith mounted on the italic
ff-olcd mare, I It-bind my brother witl;
ny arms around him to keep him on better,
lad so w e rode out of the lt ping tow t
tad into the lifting shadow- of the woods
I bev might have swarmril with choMs ci
Indians, 1 should not have cartel; I wf,
i e'oi:i:.' home.
liy and by, ni we rodn on, the birds le
L'nn to tall iaie nuother from their dream.
i 'no quails wbisdhtl liom the stubble tleldsi
and the crow tin more d from the top ol
ihe deadening. The seiuirrcls raced along
the tenee rails. aud in tho woodu tbe
stopped b-nlf way up the boles to bark a'l
us. the lays strutted elown the 'blvtrin'
; bl anches Co olb r a puMing insult and deti
j atue.
! 1'reKntly, at a little clearing, wo came
i to a Uhj cabin; the blue smoke cnrldl frtro
! ii chimucy. and through the ckoJ dori
lame the Mift, 1jw bum cf a spinning
wbitl. Tho red and u llow Uani, heavy
, wiih the cold dew, dripped around us; and
I was profoundly at peace. The homesick
will understand bow it wu that 1 was
if suved trora death.
; At 1 ist we crt-scd tho till rae from tlx
island and turned up, not at the old loc
"nlin. but at the front door of the new
I bf ii-c. Tbf fsmily bad flitwl during ra
Hb-nee, and now tLcy all burst evil upon
i mo in exultant welcome, and my moihei
! (itiuht mo to Ler heart. DoulitleM she
ne w that it woald have I ictn better foi
! tr.t u: L iv: cr .r-v-crw! myslf; b't my tie
ft r.t w;is dearer lo her than my trlumrwi
! eonl i bavo U.'a. he mado mo ber hot
! oicd aot; 1 bad tho Nt plac at the ta
u, tivo tendr-rest wt or tonic, los ricbca
cu'i 'A br e olden oraiTiiC: and idl tdira Ak
xt'i "tompacy.
Wtir M nM If.
"Why, Hobby,"' tald his mother verr
! mue it sho ked. "whra In tho world did
i you hesr ilmi cApreionr v- . ; s
i . "J heard pa suv it wutri ha a poltfrij
' up tlic WAD this tuoc&lao." 'rMr)
i IWj7
i l T
(Si Him,
i . i
i i
in in:
' t:
A vvia!lv.
proo I lit-ai.- in iiuiiit rt am. ( ifiii-ral
jopaii inr and work pat tip to order.
"Il H KMl I II
Hani-, i'lll'f'
V ' :l !:l-li!iy MN tl
!' in l .'i -t nt-.
irrtiit pt
..I j on alii
V mi r lint r'tt f li'V ittfntirn to llolr
hrt It Ii ii ii iiii't my m l lair r't u I ir I . If
vnur hm-f mH-vUh i ni -ni.niiv, ihir-
b ii", f im vio. Mi'uirn I t 'Vt r in f- t
fct 1 ii ' ii . 0-ii n or cut, nr v rn i r c iw hic
P:i, (irf lur, or bud I oh1, nu will
iiiorry ti v tm 1 hir V i rnii'lir'n t'iii-ifnl l.tni-
mi'Pt Hii.t lining it f ft-ly for nn orail of IIicm.' :
tr'iil l, an.) mi hni'p tjr st. i k into a licilth '
t"l ;inl n I un I It-1 rn.1 it leu. iifcira' tt Im
lirifiil lils" Joe ci'crnl tii'l'v un.-. 'i J.c "'i
uml 4K' ii Ii ttio Snl'il vl! S. V'.!. mr
W'H ymi nuff,-r with liv(Hii mi l f tv. r
(Vim pl.Oiit? MliloL) n V.tnilir U i r. hi u
euta uu. 2
lui ipirnt c ntiMimpt i'i
t -., .! ... , i.u.ii iiil tr. nn
.. ,,.
fn'.t- t i i t . r
M re, tl:'1 liill-t t
mi t ana rail a I r i; i'b to rci i ve tliva ;
ia oiip h .1 u In M.jti up e nn e.iiixi. itni nt
fM Ii R: I '''Hlle mi l' (i i itriiiy nor lit
bund V h then U m f nn It o l e'liMr. n
ripi.i fl tn'itiii v v nral U i til h ii ll.niiiltoii
t'f nub It il.irn will reii v nil ol iIjc-c u:iM
pi h ' nt iP-i nirb ir riaiiiiiiiii:;i, Inttmi
Ntion luiiu" h'i'I ' miM!ipi Ion. buny (UiTl
eniti. ar- r n omI I H i' H nio.lv Price
un-i .".vC per l-ottli', M-il.l ov li.. Wol,h. na-
SU vpl. i ii, I.t ti
f rr t i- imiuh Mui
P r you.
ml If
) th.
ty thu
tSoothT at Land. It lo t'ao or.l tafo
medieino yet tnudo tliat will tmu all
infantlodliorder3. It contSn no Ojri'tr.i
or Jf7'J.i but pives tho child t nturd .
tau fi vm pain,, Trico 23 cents. Evld b .
-eld . v . I. . i
Mill II (ilHUI 4,
Do nil an
L'!,"l.,lr,,,,! r
P R.I nurei ihat 'or i:nTiil n- in ttifir
no H,v(ler i l ui. r Oil i l.anl to
jfivf iti-rnrtoi y t s)ai in, in tiii.e tin paiea
Py Panr-li t i-uh ue th-y n-hI y eoiuniu tla
v ainali.e r nnbi 'l"iii 'l, i ti.i )( , iiet u. o
iielTti'okly an'l efleetlvely In ctmih-. c
epifort'ie. Pad Mood, c pnue t v -trr, jn l
p .or d'R -i. n tr- m t.or-t s I" r cuttle, b
sh- p. poultry, they h r- ln nhiablo. I
itaiudp onij soai i v w 1 1 ti. u.r
I i'tvvnv lifo ara sorrow! ul!y let
I alone on aecount of Dybpopuia, Acker'o
j Dy5ppKla Tablets will caro Dyspepsia,
Indiarrtlon aad Constipation; bold on a
potdtivc guaranieo at aad LO cento, bj
I S i I by o S. b .
Cat in h dured. hfn'th and (rt tti.nh f
enro l, by Snt'oha rnMrrb rtui' dy. Pnee 0
oeiitf. Na il Ipjet tor f rie. (
trillo w-itli any Throat or
huncr Diseaie. If yoa havo
a Cough or Cold, cr the children rre
threatcneel with Crou p or Whooping Con;h,
ase Acker's Ecglith llemedy and prcven?
further troubi. It Is a potitivo cure,
and vre guarantee It. Trioe 10 and CCc
.re l 11 . v e o
Po-ltnif tmek. sM" or eti't, SB I
h,i oac pl..t r. Prii' 0' nt"
eArpvei BirvKl Elixir Utbeonly
sVVy t Uiood Hemfdy guaran.
ted. It Is a positive cure for Ulcers, Eiup. '
tlonsor Sypblhtio roiRonirf:. Itpnrifie3thc !
whole system, and banish os all l.henraatic
and y?nraJgic pains. We guarantee it. ,
Sol 1 b; li. . V. i bb.
MMIlovi'i. O'Hivh nnd con'.mrti n onrr t i-r ld
by !! on tt fc-tianiiitf Il eur consiiiiiptloii.
and reliable Medicine.arcthebest
todettTi 1 ur n. Aelier's Blood El
ixir haa tarn preicri'ued for jears for allim.
purltiesof tholiiood. In every formof lacrof
ulonji, fiypLilltic or Mercurial disea-va, itia
InvaluaUiA, For Ch-nr mtlroi, haa no equal.
."o.d b U r. w b .
h 11'' h's Vltslit Is what Tft'i n-1 fnr C r-n
tlpiton, b Of appi-tit" d'zrlnr mitI mU (
nuaom cr ip&ia. rrice 4 and
p.r Njttle.
- ey n'r !
I ( Itli nil I r 'on .
f P.i nil'' ! 'r hop. Iron
The i.e f p.n ni''.i 'i. hup. Iron sad hn. bu
aop-i ' la-p na dj eiitt m: tr. u fl i.fi--
i v t roin t lir rir.iiiiii'ii. Ui'tnt y or h i a "a n
renem I tonie a i t.ir m!i-j n ct mtUl in be
''oro preh'Tit ol to tin put) Ir. Tills irtp ii H
Ion i pnieiy m jot it v in u: . art" ex ept th
Iron, nnd lh? co;i tiiri'iocin ol th'-e throe v on
'erf ul drtiK' unr.ot tup to prodnci- voiiderJti
-imiU In iai f ei b tt ot V'e nt W tbb's, inr
the Children. They are es
pecially liable to rudden
Colds, Coughs, Croup, Whooping Couirh,
wc W'e gnaranU- Acker's English
Renwsdy a positlv cure. It tavto
hoars of anxious watching. Sold by
nnckIfnN Arnlcn Salve.
Tb. IWt Blrw In th. world for Cuu, Rruiiwti.
Rorft, tsMt Khunt. Ftinr hor. TKtrr, ClmppJ
nandA, CJnli.jni. Corn-, and all (Skin Eniptlons,
and potlly cur.. Plls, or no py rpilrrd
ft Is ruarantMd I si. rxrfct MtlfiKii. or
rtvnny rfund-d. Prtc. 24 ownU p trox. tr
8i ttj 0. h. Wrbh.
Is CniiHiunptlnn hicnniMe? 5
Rd th folIolD: Mr. C. II. )l rid. NVwnrk
Irk., sn: Wat 4cnto with Alt nf Lun r
lod frlerxl and phTkionn pr"Douiic'd ue ai
Incurable CooauropOvit. tw-;an tAkfi,;; li
Kit4j' Nw ltHXTfry for Coiif umptton. soj ti
ro try third txtl;, aod atl t ovt-rw the w., k
on ray farm. ItUth flntm.ti"D'eer ma lo. '
J Mlddlwart, lcfttiir, Ohi. aata: ' lla.
H tv Un for Dr. Klnc'a I)iH'u.erv f
."oosampUoo I would Lave aiwl of bunTroti lo
Wm kivtd up by doctor.. Am cow ui bl
bfaJth." Try It. tsiunpU bottlea Irtre ai l 6
Webb's Drug htora.
Electric Hitter. 5
This rtnvnly la hmlnj; a) wtll Hnoo an 1 a
pH'uUr s to txmd ao pciaJ nvntlu.' all ..
bae aasd Dotrtc FUw.rs tunc the am aot-1 1
!!. A juror RwdJcliNa Arm- iv eiltt and I:
la tti&raataod to 4d ail thai. dlmeL PJ-tin
tllttArs wlQ rore ail tfiAaa ra tho Lirurn '
KMawr ri:j ravv pimplMO, B.t!a, halt Rhin.
aod rb aaVicUoca ratial by Uupur. r4.wd -WUJ
djfr Maiarl from th. yrtta arvt prevent
a. well aa cnr. all HaJarlal fert. Fr cum ol
HMd.icbA, Oooatipat loo an' 1 . '.In. IV' N'V . iD
LlactrtC DlrvIttni.aiVM n J'irHi txl-.
r mocy rbfua4d.rviM W oia, at3 liAi 4 1
to" "to
n i
Gents1 Furnishing Department :
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a e
"a. )L LV. CCl lL U 11 ,
But oh how bitter,
To court a girl,
Ar.d then net git 'er:

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