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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, March 23, 1888, Image 7

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It Is a fart whII known, t hat if It was
Dot for Dr. Hull' t'ouli Sy rut hotel pro
prietors in t Ion. I would put their rates
up to ten dollar per day.
' "llintoritf niik men wi, l'oots
witty." Ifut what in the world does a
rim a waut witlt either wluii he hat
jralnod his miWIta. No sir, not tlu-Hf, not
tfiesol (iiva liitu lint onu l.ottlo of Salva
tion Oil. the Kloateot cure on earth for
pain. 1'rice -5r.
l!eal estat In . outh America ranges
from ilvM tents aa iuto m i'arauuy to
ftUOin Ituenos A res.
Caunn Cured.
A clrrt'ytnnn, afier years of iufTerlntr
from that loatlim d t atarrh. nl
ainly tr inj; every Unowu it'iuedy, at
last found a pre-" r. j tun which complete
ly cured and saved him from death. Any
sutlerer from t his dreadful di.pii.ft sending
a mlf addres.i-d stnini ed envelope to I 'i of.
J. A. Lawrence. I- a-t Math St. New
York, will n-i t-ive ll.v recij e free of charge.
Thomas Harrison, t h on -t famous ' toy
preacher" is now living at KliaU'tli,
Th lliimrlli-.t "tlmi III M l liltfilll.
As well as the han .Umnn t. and others ariv
invite 1 to call on any d racist and net freo
a trial tottle of kt-inp' Knl.um tr tin
'I hroat and l.ans. a reined y that is sell
V Inir entirely upon its merits sad is uaar
anteed to reiiiM an I caro all Chronic
and Acute Coughs. Asthma, I'roachltis
and Consumption, l.ur.'o dottles .0 cents
and 1. L
Dakota is a Mi i n ritorv. Jt possee a f Up
hrai trd people. . 1. t t aiics are made from
email tt-vri ii uir.tr-. It ha the liLxot furnu
and produces the I ir'i-t crops of all kinds
prow u an w li re in t his broad laud. Dakota
levels iu inr Lioness.
f on.iinipllu i Surrly CurciL
To tho Kdifor:
i'lea.. inform your readers that I Iirts
a KitiTH rente iv for the above named
disease, liy it timely u-e ten thousands
of hopeless caes h ?e It-mi permanently
cured. 1 shall ! c; d to send two dot
tles of niv r'i e ly t're. to any of your
readers who have consumption if ther
will send me thir express uud l O. uJ
dross. lU"i.Ci ti all v,
T. A. Suxtm, M. 0., 1M learl St., New
The report of the Secretary of State fir Kan
pas jrives the wheat i r.-p t'"r"th-' whole State of
Kansas for ls7 at 7.."'"o,ou hu-hcN. ,.ra"d
Furks and Wali-h counties iu the K.-d Kiv. r
Vallevin D.ikota r. i I in 1., PMi 7. Wl
hushi'ls of wh.-.it. h( id's -t .i". 1 '. 'J hu-h. Is of
vale. Moral. li,i . iur ow a coaclu.-ions.
A uma who lias I'i'.i. t n-e.l iin'ivnh! f'T 41 yivir
. unlit to kn.'W i I ti lil .iuii:-; r.':i 1 what he
T l k'. -.. . .t in P. I--:.
Mii.r K. .! i 'l r i v (-. i ..mi' en-.... I hive
tl in III" wete'i.i: t t .! .ii f r
11 1 yi'il' . it it 1 tl I - 4 i I ' ,t in a! :p . i 1 1 - :i ' . I
v 1'iTienei', Iriv.' i e r ..-ii a ,r- :i '.c i "tl thai I
W..I1I-1 rriTll e a :: !i a- line It i 1 1 : i . 1 .-li i et ue
l ess us I run ll.i: I t'irr'i i'iov u i a n II '. a I II -e I
hv you. II ive i r r I it Hr i; in-iny tm.e
hi i! ii e"i't . ri ! i ; ,i .. .ii it i lit I iy in
elut"ii tt.at I ! axe 'i.i I n ea t t atarrli
that it wmil I ii-. i . a r , if t ' i - v i i I ' iK" il a.-eor.l-ilU
V-..ir t-u v.
I.. I. i. ':;-! en. t t .
I et i '. . .'. I Mi in 1 1 M.
Wo wit! tsv i ' r V - -'.!' I il i' I h teat eaa
Dot l.e curi-.l vrii ', II . i :i;;inli "iie. I.U.'i
ternnlly .
I I. ( I1KM V V C'l . l'r--iv, T..'.e I .. O.
JTmmI I'.v lru.- -!. .
l'h agricultural dv.-l -i-n i:t (f Dakota
Territory is civea us foi:,..,:
'Acres.' r. i-d,.!-". Aer.-s-. H i-h. U.
Corn.... .Vlii.loo i:,,..i.inm i..'.;.'.i 1.,m;hihj
S le at. .2,l,,7.t,M ,'7.,.,:::.oi 'J. i'7."i. :io,7ot.no)
Oats.... J'Ni'J.'Mit I'l.'.'J.i.ooil s .'."i.tii 1 ,' i .u"i I.i )
Flax :tiv...vt ictsi M'.mmi :t..:;-ii
The area .wn to wh at thi- year (1"7 "as
a,yr.,.:'.,.t acre-, and the ie l' npj.r.aim.ited
Oti.oiKt.iMi ha-led. -nearly !..uUe tie' produc
tion of l.i',, or a'.' Ut one -seveidl. of the et. tire
hcat crop of tie- I i.ited Mati s in 17.
The SufTrr.r,: Clas Say? S To The Tnk
ITS tl CI o l;l. i AK l.l.Ol .
Chronic to Y-ai ' MandliiK Cured
I'r l it- a fie n t ?.
rim t Ii it 1.
rfn.. ItHlln.. Mil.
Cur iifw tm;in rn
ffi.f'rnf c : . - i .
.-tii.ni 1 OO . i -in- .
f atirrti in I m :.i.l- r
c f ali t-H II. m :. r -cutf.l
i. a r'.l ef a
aiami-ti.r outfit ...r I v ; . V
.lrrl t.f.;..f.-fa. fn . . Ii i-.J a
ar.TTlnnf ,-kt . nei. fi a-: .1, l V
l.iiilr br i:r:.t ! l.ar IV::,IU
arh ...el: .- 1 ..fi-P-l - r r-
'.. i i , r,i, ;. I " K i t
mm i
for atai'.-ni
! t l - r -la
n Im-r
t i ti-aa tl
' l.il.l re,
1 1 il ll. I .l I til It 2. '
krnlii:liin ... '
In i-.ii.i'i.j r I.
a. to enn'a i.i Ii. a - 1
Bir..i. to in.'i! m l i
I u-jai )-.. 'tif
tti.iurh it ! 1 1'fr,
ttlirilll g i tlt (Il in l n f.
la a.i c.--r. a. ... i - ; i, .
d.i.ral.ia '.hiM h !, ,....
r irli II. Iia.e.r VOU.OIKI
dun ii f id. iluil a-., ii. y a (it ci
ft- lnr.f Wll it '9 "I.-: "it r ! i
llltillO It a :i K .'.;-. :
rii.Lu an-t ia w. i .
f.iil-lic. larm an-1 H i..'..i
Miif foluiiina. r. ru ar
kii'i1fl.i le iha 1 p T-.. . i
an t fa.n.,y j .un a! :t ,.ir- . ii
t ililr..t. aa w.:; ni . e.- -ran.i.f
Lr iiiant ta I I . ' 1
In. in r nf n urn u( ti.tr I n
vonlh; ultn, fitr I lio.r
lirttrla m e iiol il liri . I :
mni. rj i ar pn . ,'S i a ,
ulr aa lit l.aat -.cli in :.Ci v :.
f..r y.eh. in lit' t ;
qnM I " r tl.a '.( aa t ..i
' ' '.Mr i i .'! v in
V .'. Ii inl rnr
' a it tl.. a i
"l a r j a t ' ia tha
, . , K ! farrt, i4
a )'t I ia .n"ai y ar.
, i I. ii miii-m
j--.-.. . i t an I f
i ' .,- .. -t,.i
... t a. u- tiarnin
-:it ., Niiiialiliif, fur
tilt mii'i hiia
..t. .r-a M li.nir n.l-
, I It .:l, -. t
W a :.i i.ia
iiu Ii ua but
n.od-ta'a ...ei-.i .1 'i.a !.
mrp l-itii-n. ,.. ..... t -i ,.,r ai'a"r-.r. f-.f
FRtt i :rr :;:.!
i.r n - HID ,
ar i.c a 1 .; , . i., i,. ...
tha .a.rt i f,,;i,.vra a a., i -ia. lr-,
aul a- rli i. and 'j .. .n. .. f , ; i (. ,., t.
4 a.it.,. .ii li-.n aid I ,.i-.,. if,.. . at . ... tui
i.n-1 a i'.....at I ill. '-- t I r '.aa. , I l-aooi
It.ilrr ai en. a t't th-aa ft in ' t . ...
yoo ran dn it hi I. ii, i,h i I u-. I
si, 1 1 n
I e a . a . .1 i a-
laall 1 WI1-1
n-ici lr aa I Ii ia il
..-rti n Mail a. I.
'.r an I ara wl
.ra n il ba n.ai r I rr 1 v t : . r a.
(l litl Jfltr a e.a. 1 - --a ar. a.'.
mal, ll r,T Ihtii in-atio '!:!
fad an liar I a,.r f..r a aar. im it :aAi
tartl.arif,ar p a if", a .a
t'n.a r.-'ia on. aaa ra a -r ' t e .t a.t .)., ,
Pt.PI" I I bat. .1 e.- a - ,. r,a
.. ,:. Km, aa
!m -.ai f roe,
( sitilii..
Ba M f pa f
ant tn a o. Ki'L.il .ii .oi
1 11 g- lnl lit - .- I 'it a.ar I
t 1- f I', ia t!. f-'a'-at
rrartra la ti tha . i..r. Large ! . f r
r..at ..tt. r
a .. r
o .
iratliat.anl-. -l.aial ... I:
r. th. a. taa Lrat, th. n, t
llrlo r-aa a ' at -f l!o
ICrunl .
r a. ,,. 7 1 .
Ll. lo a 1 rr.it if t.a-i. ' f a 1 II : a f r S ,
t li.l daa n.r l-a . '. . ' -1. : I I al -l-f.nlt.n
K-I.SIn .:J- ' 1 . a I a .a r ? V
I ull It. a-t; W VMi-ai . -.:-.. a 11 Ma I
la I..-T I'.i r: I I.i I M i - a - m
I'r.r . I H.ei. .fiv : I 'I, . . a a '
2-. -VI- nun , ..... a. - ! . . t I a .-
ft-ri.a n .ta: t . t - -. ' !.- I . : .. I
l. M. II -a ;il , '. ' i (
In tii. It-rf l lue. ll ' - - a
p'lTtil f C- .. ,.- a . ' ! ...aa.i (
la lr an. a. h e i -.- ... i ... - I r, ... f . .
ranri.t.r..iTl .aoi.!M. a., ii. re i.'1
tic mr r,.r. an I r . ' m it 1. e i.n.n a i- I
l..atr. K-ria ,;. r an I i i.i- I am- i.gr r -Hi a
Inf .trtl n in 1 a. r a. , . - , ..- w -ii.qaii-
K t ..da
i aim arra 'o n ana
-ia f r .. ti a.. I ..r
e- .an I tl,. I look,
i tel. ar. I h
en n.ana i irara ih
o-i.iirti,'. in h ina
i na of tu a llli.iL
. t.a.r ... n : aa h.ri
.. a ta a. i t trai.f
w JMa.i. i.h Lira
t"tua h.a .lif-.i. I i. a ...tt t - 4 . j a
l;r..- h t,f p.. I'. w -a f a i - t
aaf Inalriii liriiia ioe. . i r .
ulflt aa il ilo ni- ra t-.r ' v it an I I a..
arrinnit of ( III. I fr a .' a l t -i
hitud I, a with e .t it. I i, a I a
V. 1 1 "f untf.'a H All. -to. I..-,
r.if onart i.ri t. a i.a..f ti
1 at ; a I. Trait :'- .-,a a f
fa.d frm 1 (., S J I r -e I .a.
ur drl.r'.a, ha.. I . r , -,t a
tbart I In a. I, . a '.a. r ',- aa I f .
i..ara I f irrr.a ti. nr- i r- ..i r a .
Ilia n.a,..ntir ai,l maa i.(. n -. a t... i a.
. ..f. li.'I; 'h'f aa
it I in. 1 aa-.ia f .r-.r t!,l
t ll I ai-rra Ma. I aant-ti
ai -ar an', a r Ii n, In i
K I .1 a r I .... J llril'.f
I I.a a , ; ,t Iv, a tn.it a
itar.ai h.
lua fnuiir-l ll.a m-a.-f
aafeo n t 'n" inf.. a
fokUKua, b il.Nao. 4CJ
I r l t ba ratiu.j.i u u, vm
.. ijva't't fuaiLa.au, Ma in .
f .r IIKI AIIM f yVw
ria rintii.iMf i.Hiir to all
(iiarta i.r
Hie Luiie l Mittes,
Jenniy & Graham Gun Co.,,TIt!Co(i:
it V J
..11 I r ll.n!f. t"" I.U-
. . ' r a t' 1 'ii." a tin.,
A - . i' i : Vll. .
c.t lti;.il lln'rn f
l..r. I ia a ... I
. ai, I .. . tn .. h nii.r
-.. i.g f I I. ai.J
i . ii. a ! f r u,
1 1 at I . a . t h. ma nu
, C.nl h''p nimhl
i ta.i. ni.-.l
OlnrVitown, V, Vit, ha natural pt.
Coimul liuaker llrl at Iiemarara of jellow
Hub a frost lite with fure oil of jappfr
rniut. Pi of. 1'atton wus electf.l succesior to Ir.
I hrre are nevoral caien of trlchlnoIi near
Toledo .
John llTr? fell l.) feot d.wn a mine shaft
at Neanncc, Mich.
Hon Will, fumhack Is lecturing In Indiana
on "I ho Model nusliaad."
A balloon corps ha arrived at Paatl, Ahy
aiula to join the Italian forte thrrrn.
At a dejdh of 14) feet In a well b'lti unk
t Mratton, Nch., human hone wore found.
Samuel Mvern. of Avon, III., hn ralseil a
fltie wutci ait loa this winter oa a vine la hU
(" ill Sch u r. I nul l t() lx perinmentlv crip
p!ed lv the result of his fall ou the Ice lust
w inter.
.loh n Armstrong was pround ti jlece by
tho nhaftln iu the irUsirtorks at Martin's
retry, ().
Kdliisoii mvi he will have fiv.! hundred
pr.ut'cal phonographs readv for market iu a
few ilavs.
Kan.a City h.is rained toward a fund
f. r a monument to the late Vice Trcsl lent
l'rof. Tyndall has reported a white rainbow,
and Lord Moiite.ile follows with tho SAiue
Keal estate In South America run-on from
live cents m ti acre In l'araguiy to in
JUletloaj A VICS.
There Is a flour Ichlni; rroro f (') cocoa
nut trees at Cape Sable, the goutlurnmoBt
Point of Florida.
l'p.f. L.-wU Swift, the Uoehostrr (V. Y.) av
troiiouicr lecturing through the West on
tho wondt-rs of the telescope.
The yoiitur w ife of old Charles Iironkmm,
of Yoiinstown, ()., ilosorted her husband,
taking i'k) of his money.
.Tohn Wol.ssor, a farmer near rittburir. bo
eaiiiO rrazv beiiue he was pettin.' rich bo
fa.t, ii nd haned himself. He left f JOU.O n).
The Yankton (l).ik.) I! mrd of Trade pub
lishes a rdatenienl that the nntal'er of lives
lost In the recent hli.zar 1 wi.l not exceed V.tK).
Forty thousand pivitids hterllnp have t'er-n
U'l-anted ly the Irish ll.urd of Works for
"reiHoretlne" a part "f the wet of Ireland.
John Wildams, while chor pin winuI near
p.-Jawaro, (., let the ax II v out of his hands.
It h t his little M-n in the head, Instantly kid
in him.
(ion. r.ritL'k'' peculiar acidity of temper is
Recounted for bv a friend, who n-s tliat in
h s Ii.fancv the (ictu-ral was bottle-fed on
' i In .w ( 1 o v.
j The trcafv between Itnlv find Cicrmanv stlp
'u'atosthat if France attacks elth'T country
the other fii. ll send an army T .'St , L-tn) ineu to
: the French front b-r.
lbniT Mrs hi Sm Francisco have carpel the
climax "f their tloins by entering th- hcu-e
of tho chief of Police and steilin $l,.VJ
iifitn an !r his no-e.
j New Haven, Conn., is crreatly pleased over
, the assurance Chit (ien. Terry will take up
; his residence In that city fter hh reth eni',ii I
; from the arm. next year.
A Huffalo merchant has In h s pioe.ori th
preat iron pndhnk which was usd in locklttj:
; the irrr.it rates of Fort (Jeore ilurln:' the
war tf Isl'.'. It weighs about five pounds,
j G n. MdwelTa ofler of a tifty-acre tract
i near Chico, In Ha:te County, Cal.. for a tree
I j hintitu' station has been accepted under
th clur-o cf the California State Hoard tf
I A hundred years aro Julieti I) ;'n , st
foot in Iowa, at the placo where now is the
I ctv bcarui his name. The Old Settlers
: Asoeiatl"ii is pre;-riti for a eentrnn ai
cebd'rat ion.
! 'I he Siate of Sonot a, Mexico, levir-o a tax of
f J on every baby born within its limits, and
; charges tho fartm-r live cot,ts for
every chicken he raics atid f.fty tents fr
every siieop.
A man who was arrested m Omaha the
' other niht for titu' wr,re five ;ai: of
trousers, threo .:, three cat, thrre
; Kliirts, and had thtee hats, two of tl.e'U h-:i;
In his p cket".
The e;rel u'--l bv MiO pre: din othcets of
the I'liiie l State. ei:a?e has been In Use oyer
lift v six veirs. It is nu le out of an e!e
phant'a t.M.th and has no han IL nor did it
f ? have one.
A pi'iti", which Is uod for tuning practice
na mil'. cal Institution in H ston, has ap
parently wonderful recuperaCve r wer, as It
is aid that it has had over 'J,')) t.iniiia and
it sectna e'j'i il to as many more.
A prande datne (.f Tarii was aske-I the
other day by a friend why she hud dresa-d -
for a soiree In a bs docoilptc fashion than! 'J ho Pisci ivory ol' C'li I i if rill.
usual. "Mv dour fr;nl," was tho reply, "I ... , ,
, ii... . . 1 A towns In aneiont (rreero t a ined
have resolv d to throw a veil .,ver the past." j,fti.,.., u,t r n
. , , ! o be the btrthplao-of Homer, and as t ve r.a-
A London t.rni has received an or lor for a .i ...,.. i i . . ..
... , tions profeia to have !..,iilit out the ma 'net e
number of war m Ootis from the Uuss an ! . t-. . . ... . . . . . .
dovernment. l.a'-h lull an will bo t.rovided
with a tar to arc omuiodatc aix men, nnd will
cost t ,00. ihev will ti ma. c or lire rwoof 1
A btewer of i'.eav'r Fau, 1'a , awoke enrlf
th-other ui-.nrii,' from a Tivl 1 dream tl.it.
hi. bte-.teiy w.ts on fite. He was ao 2t:i;.ie-ied
,!l t he fill' immediate In restitution, and'
' . i . 1 in t'.e boiler ro .m a fbe juat Martin; .
v. h lo- w.m ahie to ex!ir;ii!i.
Vr.i,-. ri.ii.M'ne N'iiaaon iy In a letter to a I
I'h tii.t friet, J tint l.e a ren.ant
' if r i' r ;:T.- e- r,. l she fear th it she will
! e I .. I-:,,.- ,e- j ro'esnl i:i il career at
oi. e ,i ! !s that she has not f veil Con- !
: ; -it" 1 at. other American tour.
A I: n man h. j ist had I) tkerii bo'ind
ill . Xteen ililferen! toloia, pm , r tjern rd,
l lo'All, ol.'lliL'e, IL-ht nnd dark bit!, lemon, i
fa wn. maroon and h'ne',, F. toii nov.-l wa 1
'"..in, I in an ind v.d i il ,'i , the miiv dti;!ica- i
M n o.i'iiiriti when a story tame In two !
V -1 iKl.es.
Ib-njnm'n FranMiti. of the .Wond M'nne
sota Volunteer, i the only man on the tlov-eriim-.nt
t r '(Mi roll, ,, sucrM'icel lK)th
h ind an 1 feet in the late civil war, and as
there Is no jroviiion of law a,.;.licstt'c to nucb
sj.f pirtl rav s a bid w id be preii-Mi ted to 0n
cres in re-islns tl.r .enbm In now recelri
totl.'aia month, it" nmv receives the pay
provided b r a foMier or a ta br who hut
loiit both hands or both feet.
One of the most curious natural rhe iic-mena
In I loud Is n bo lin.' freh water ;.rir
r t:ht In the Atlantic (. , a!1, 'j-hls aprii,-; Is
Sillllted about SeVftit.ill li 1 -a amjlhenst
from St. A n'isl itie and :
fn m th coa.f. "I i e ! .
about fifty fe. s, i ,
make it a tl Hi' tilt n r
athivinrT f.n or i e:t r ; t.
' ''" Hides out
i the boil It
i .Me (, to
p U coo 1 a.zcd
wafer Is fresh.
aonos't tlrlnk.-i'ilc. uin 1 m;i have been made
In if, but the force ol t lit water throwa tho
lead out one aide or another.
Napoleon's Lost Treasure.
The .Veia York Trtbu-i writes as followa of
one of the limit remarkable historical Inci
dent of the century, the diiaj x arant e of
the tint Naixileou'a fortune: In lld he was
far and away the iltheat Individual Iu the
woild. He ratlin out of the Italian cam
paign, endinir In 1S0, with f I.oui.ik) , accord
In; to his own account. This, he ina'iitalned,
w as his privste property. Taking the ttate
inents he made to his private friends and oth
ci at St. Helena, he must have hidden away
w hen he left France the lat time the tnor
nious sum of iim) 1,0. 0 or '.'i)d,iKi:,0 n) francs.
'Ih s would make hbn very much the wealth
iest man In the world, for the sum then was
ctjiial In Influence to K,i)i.Mi(ihsl now. ,N i
mo'i Tcij;ii of Ins fine could betin to approach
him in personal fortune, M unlial Soult, the
last of the Imperial inaoh.ils ftUio died ia
.November, Is.) I, jllnt about a )eai bffoie his
.'teat H ll t n o i Mil f . the Ihluo n Well . Ii t oil, )
tohl a Veia-iabio Frelictl irelieial ollieer, Who
lepea'ed It to the w riter, that hen t l.e emperor
wral to Flba lie hud iVO li-M.O K) fiano covered
Hi In Falls alone. Of the f I ,',1110,110 hard
cali paid over at one time by the l.'uited Mates
to Napoieoa as fiiVk coiiMil in '.i it was com
inoii rumor not very ueiicr.il, ,ou may be
Mire, however that 7ol ,,aa ' francs ol the
Mini w us in vei accounted for in Vouchers. 1 his
mielit cnailv have been Napoleon iu then
l',r-t consul for hie. lie coii-d tin jnt w hat he
chone, and lioUtdy tlaritl call him to account.
It is not very d llicult to h de money in larire
blllliS, ton, ao it tanilot be fntin I, be tint seiiicil
I'urni carelal. I erdlnaud Ward h s koine
millions thus envt red up. and no li'imiu be
Hie; lias ever yet to. Hid a clue to the stolen
ticiMiie. It was said ami believed t v many
pcop.e, too, that Stephen (iini'd ot l'hiiade.'
phia had a lsrre sum In his hands beloajini4
to Nap. leou 1 , which he would have handed
over to 1)J tit had he Micceeded In ettln away
to the United States after Waterloo, as he
tried to do. I.ouis X 11 1., tiTo iu!i his mui
l.tcr of Miiance, Old all In los power to dis
cover th!b hidden llenslire but tho-e who
knew would never tell. Thv proha'dv took
it tbeiaselves, wliou the Fmp'oor died, In
IS-.'I. Hut It Is a very iuti le-timr ami ro
luantie story, the dba; pcarance absolutely of
the irreatest fortune iu the world's history up
lo that time, leaving nol a tiace behind.
rcleiilioiioe-rapli, or Sia ccli Jloconlcr.
Tho telcthonoirraih. savs T Wr-trrn
j ly.ti O ld au, is an inslruinent f. r rec or lia.' in
i legible thai ai tei s more 1 spec hilly articulated
J and iiiusval ounds. It ions sts e.-s alially
' ia Jan hi i aiijfciiient of a tb x.hie d aphrarm
i to receive the iinpxtt of sound avcs, wlilih
lil rsted by Ml. h linpaet, ia ieS V.bl'aliou of
the diaphragm that p)vrn an ink- lichari;-
I II. IT txdnt. a movable liblmtl or pii;i-r beliuf
niranjed to rece.Ve the ill., hai j.re ot th'pen,
i wherehv Joy liiir? characters are iron . led. r p
' reseutliu; the ultit uhitcd or other Muad., as
i ll. e case may te, received bv the pi uiaiy
I Jiaphi a.'in.
I I he depeadini; hollow j en Is suspended
! tioin a MC"iid tint) rh'xihle diaphragm, s i as
1 to render the pen inore hOlis t ;ve 111 Its lateral
I or vibiatory Movements. A vihratorv rod con
nects the pea nith tho pi.imiy ilia (li t n 1 n.
m a to caae the pen to vii iate ia unison
with the tluphi atu '1 he ',11 is connected
; with the ink ifaiivnir by means of a H.-xn le
t u ! Tne noa p s-i v .;r 1 k .'.ures a contiira-
llU' jet of ink ihloll-h the p. u henevrr ttlif
ins' r.i n.eiit ih put in op-ia! ..n. I h r.ii..on of
' papei, liav.ii"; uin'oim inot.oii bni ai ied lo it
' b ti n kwol IP caused to i as ist lin-ier the
: ; on as to irceive the jet of ink as It is dis-
j chained. When the api al at IIS r Italy toll-
leiyt or 1 raiiMnit, but the pilmaiv dia;.iiiatrai
Is hot Vibiated, tlio ink make" a stla.jlii l.ne
oa the 1 a per. On the Vihiatoiy movement of
the I'.iapijiia.'iii, t.'io poo move-, suh-taiitially
i at rie,!it antics to the paper. ct resj 011 di 11 4
to the found at tuatln,; the d!aphrai:in.
'1 hear figures ulways have the same eharac
j ter relative to the sound waves discharged
iifoii the jrimurj' dial ataxia. I hey are lect
bie, und 111 h v be leaitird a other chat actcr-.
I his !h..tl tltnelit records the .pokeli tl'ollL'htS
ol men, mi I saves them the drudgery of the
1 jen. ll may be connected to a lelejhone
' 'there It will record all that is Mill. 1 he
1 stem r, whli" hearing the words sj.oUen at
the other lid, Can see them beinir rctoided.
J)rew ilelt't riollUV.
One of the p.i,'c, In the llouv; of llcj-resen-tativ
a had a faculty of draw.ii,;. His k-"tcii-ts
of tl;o members wore fairly coo 1 carica
tures. TI.e euaiest mark for his jiencil was
th.- stitttsuiaii from Massachusetts, aul tiJt.
tarciiiures of I'eii bean to fioat aioind the
lb-i.e j rettv proia.acuoii.iv. I he matter
. Ill hi to the attention of Mr. 11 .tier, coiii-
j.-aint a, null' to the uo,u kee 1 ,-r. wn o had
l'l '' I'! the J .i;'-S The otTeli.l.hif b. .y Was
koj.t after a 1 1 ..it 11 a ie 11 1 to l-e i .1 .mn.ed.
He rtys tal.en In bee the . t . ! . Mil :. n. Who hud
waited to hod c..urt on the little i run Hal.
'So ou ate the . v ttjt lias Ueu luauinc
theie j..cturt !"
"Yes, .r."
Hum I Jbov old are jou I"
"I ttelvo, n,r.''
'Well, j;o to the tloak-r-otn and cet my
hat." J
'I he boy s.-ampored o(T ,MJ th errand. lad
even for 1 he m iiiieiitiry rep.t, but t evo.'T
nii.' in his mind the j. s-ible character of the
im;.endliii: paaihhment, nhieh was mi.1i that
the jlhU'e r.eeded h. hat b-b.re irolni: to the
P-ace of execution. When the Vounc-ter hftl
leturiied und treinhliu.'Iy yield-d up the tile,
the ceneial, who ha an eiioruio'is lt.u . threw
ti e hat like a candl" stiulTer d can over the
tow head and Ham. lik' fMce f the bov. It cov
ered htm like a second mort.'.ie.
"My Bon, " paid the hero of NewOrlrnns,
"when you tan tiil that hat ton may carica
ture lielijauui F. lUitlrr. Now ti."
; irir,rnpu, co ii-rT t neia si, eat a living in n
1 iTr-tent country, claim to have tirst pn. lin ed
cUrToform. Tl eprtnons who hare a:crd to
11- h, ,,f i
the Iirt
t -overT of t h'o
' rofjrin are Lien
of (j errnaiiT, .vo il.eiran of
Samuel iiuthile of aciet'.
Fi ance, ai.d I -
Harbor, New Votk. 'I In-re ap; - ara t he lit
t'n d. u!.t that eaih of tti,. , i.,-, ,vtre-1 th"
"ll1 rtUlo'C th'lt ll.li pi .ye l '.yj .(. of SO L'l'e.tt
value In inelicinc an I s,ir.,rv njihout any
hint from the otner. 1 in- oue.Mon of piloiltv
of di't-ovcry an i of th" t rtt r ubikation nf it
ha a I a a f n pi d ,-; !
'Ihe tialliii of em-1 1 of the per a oris named
above to priority of discuvrrv lnvn lately been
coimdcred by the ( b u ao " M,-d leal s- ciety.
iiikI a ommittee, after coiieetinir evidence
from three cutui !, ,i(ve reported their be
lief that Ir. (;.ithr."l iustlr entitled to the
honor of Ilr.t Jii-overnnr chlorofoim, an 1
that hU publication Iu regard to th" i roduc
t on of the substance antedates t bat of
either l.iebiir or oiii.eiruii.
I)r. liijthti". who was the irrandfathrr of
O. (.utlnie. i;. i,., (,f thi city, wut educated
us u divs.c an. but s ent in,, ,f (he years of
Ii a active Hie In the manufacture of chemi
cals. F .r many years he inn le the he! irnu
ponder manufattiired In th s country, and lis
Mcedeiii e wut ack lion le li;ed by sj-ortjujcii
everywhere. ( h i n. TiUft. ,
Mixxiiis: l lni l.
Th treat lakes are a foot an I a half lone?
than they were three crt i.eo. 'I he prohl
b.tionlst must h ie I e..,, n.iiii; the inlslnr
bipiid for tam;.i.i'ii purp 'M'l liur'sttr
'Hip r.njit'i' .sjzn.
Cuttmer (to foabdi-ub r) : "I w ant to
atoii of coal." Ii...ir: "Ve, sir; what
a'ref ( u-toiner (tlu.l Ih ) : Well. If It a't
a'kn too much, r, I won d like a two
thouMind pound ton." .Viic In. A- .",
A Little Mixed.
Nurse (to wiun? l.uband) : "A beantlfid
ten i-oun I baby, sir.'' Vouinf bust. and (tet
tmt thints mixed In his excitement) : 'Mi or
Ions! Am I a father or a mother I'-
'.Vasal Voices, Catarrh ami Faho
A roialiiciitliiijll.!i woman sayts tho
American women all iao hili, shrill,
liasiil volcrs and false teeth.
Afai'ticaits don't liko the constant twit
tliiL tlr. y Hhsiiit tins nasal twun, and
ct It Is ii fact c. in. ed by our dry stlniu
latins atmosphere, und tho universal
1 rest-net- of catarrhal l i tlii u It !.
Hut why should so many of our women
have fal.c teeth'.'
That Is more of a po-cr t tho Knlish.
It is i.uito itiiposiblc to account lor it
fxicjd on tho theory of deranged .stoiuaidi
action caused by imi udciicej in eating
und by want of tegular corci.e.
liotli conditions are untiiitutiil.
( atarrh. il troubbs ovcrywheie prevail
ami end in couyh and cot.utadioi), whb Ii
are prouiota d by mul-nutrition Induced by
I deianyetl stomach action. The condition
1 is a modern one, one unknown to our au
; u-stors w ho prevented tin (-atari h, cold,
. coii'.'b and con 'iiinjdioii by abundant and
regular n.e of what is now known as
j Warner's I n.n Cabin Cmu'li and Cousump
I tiou l.'eincdv ami 1 .0-4 Cabin Surs.ipatilla,
' two old fashioned standard remedies
j hiiided down lioui our ancestors, 0 in I now
I frxclusi vely pit foi th i.ndi-r tho stion;e.,t
I guarantees of purity und ettiacy by the
I norbl-faiinsl makers f Warner's sate
j cure. These two lemedies plentifully
' used as the spr iu' and siinnai r M-asons
ad ance n'i ve u positive as.nrance ol free
dom, both from catariali and those dread
I In I and if neglected. Inevitable coiie
1 1 ut-nci-s, piiciimoaia, Inni" troubles and
ceisiiiiiit imi, which so generally and
' fatally 1 n-vail iimoti,' our peojde.
Comrade I li 1'i-sher, of "iib-tn. Henry
Co., Iowa, served lour iats m the late
war ami contracted a ili-e.i.e called con
sumption by the doctors. He h id fre-iuent
hem ri hau'es. Alter iisin Warner's 1. 04
Cabin Ciiuvjll atul Coil-Utapt i ll remedv,
he ay, under date of .lauuary l'.'tl:, lssv
"1 do u t Meed at the lunj"s any more, my
coiih does led botl t-r me, and I do not
have any more smothering spells." War
ner's I.04 Cabin llnsi' Cie.itn cured his
wile of cat.it rah and ..In-is ".ound and
of course' we do not like to have our
women railed noc talkers and false teeth
ow tiers, but t hese conditions can be readily
overcome in the in. 1: tier indicated.
Tin re can l.e no i
ll tli- :iti..ll of the SO,
f..r the fanie r of 1
tbt pr..ee-. of the
iliw r-it of i i 1 '!-.
i. .re ci rtiiln und pod?Ivt
ei-fK and wealth In store
ik'-t.v tliati i- ill. laved by
at three leal , low ai d :l
!t lliriilis th tt lie ha. bi -
k'.-.nr n -tin
quickly r
superior t
k r:i:-er ;ib well a a t ol. r of the soil.
Ho.-ir.eiiess. Sore Throat, et .,
li'V'l I v I'.rown's I'.ronichi'i.
A .linp'o tin I el.et'tu.il remedy,
o rill other articles for th" s;ini.
So d mil v III boxes.
Th.. St
I.oui- l!enublie..ti urL'.M tins
Illinois donioer it to make (iener il .Tohn
L l liick t.o-ir c iiididate tor i;ov rnor.
Miitli' l.'riii'.
l'.re'ik a cold in twenty four hours find
prevent ono nu b-r the lllo.t s.-Vero ex
osiire, vbib their n-o tb not r-ti ler you
more likely to t.ik old afterwards.
Kvery w'oinitn keeps n few in her reticuio
for tin cinerKr"iwv. ' 'n cold, damp d ivs,
you will s"o lots of p'- iu ttio dr.iiiL'hts
of atreet car-, slipping oin mi their
tonsil", b) cents ii p;i.-kii,; of thirty-six.
1 irti'ists ev.-ry w here.
Movie Nerve Food Co., Lowell. Mn.s.,
Senator t'. K. I)ivis has resigned his
j osition us a mo i ii t er oftli.) lepuhlican
national commit tc. from Minnesota.
I I . . ! 11 !.
Syrui toins-Mo'.it urw, mt- u-o Itching
mil t i 1 1 1 1 1 ; : most al i.ic,ht; wor b ,
ri'iut. h tin'. If al (mm i to c ut m ii" t ii mora
form wim h of : n.i bired n 1 u c -rate, I e
loiine; very -ore Swa- lie's intinetit
sto t..e lt -ni and 1.1 dinv'. h als it t ;r
btioii. aid i.i : any case, removes the t u
n ors. It is e pin y eit.ca iou in cuiin
al. SltiM Id.f-tsrs I'r rswa n-' Son,
p'0;rietor, I hi a del ihi i. s w.-t . 'int-m-
nt can bo o' tame 1 of di ii,.-4ist . Sent
by m-iii for do c.- t s.
I WIS-" I cold t; n.i something that
would cure tails arid pree-,t the hair i niiiin,'
In White," Is UU e pi Ci-ioU fle.j'l.-t.tiV heatd.
Y tcriiiit r) 4 arbnlloMls c will alas do it.
hold b ll U.'.M.-ts at .V.I tents ;i:,d ilA-O.
For The Nervous
The Debilitated
The Aged.
' MM'eal and tc'tr.'.-.'c tkiil l-.aa at iift fr-Ira-t tha
rrfl'l'm tf tl. e i w T.es!a.l n f.- r the i r
tfou. det.il'.titto 1, ::d tl.a a,-?.'., l-y oa.n.litijiiirT t!'
twt I. arra t -t.tra. i r- 11,1 I w tti f -'h-r flre.
ttT ien.t.ri. which. actn. fT I J I ut !!lc!r! t'.y
en th" k.l:i. Iivt and b ia. riii.c-T" .iia'ii-.
rektora ititLiU ai. i if - Tiii.;t'. lL.it u.'c.Lt is
: Tf f Tla a i isee brwt nrrvret'tr-l. ar-1 trarts
a nw era in th trrau: : t tf ort-'ii tr nnir
C'riwrli, ai.t.ity. .1 aa-.. Jar t'.s f Ki litvn f
riTT -ua 'roatric. n :. pk r.rss. ai,. eir:ic
bit ,. wn that tt: ui n! rni.td cJt r.t t ri.eriit th
train tr.d r: ai c f tt." l.e rvct.i yatem.
Rerumind-! tj pr. farai nal arid burnt, rsa mea.
Bn t fur rirralarti.
Tncn f 1.00. S'! 1 hy drtig;ia.
1-L'HJ.lMi 1 '. VT.
aiivaiiio ?r.rmxn fhf.h t
T.iat. yar 1- I t:--.i'i I'.e iiii:.-t tl.a f-it-
'lt la.n.r Ml li u.Telit ( tu l'.''ti cutmr.
It ft .t i--' t-t '.'.i!..'if Vi,-h tu. it
te-i '.- il. i'.tii: r ! aWIH'.l T TTtK
WASH Bmi I'll olt A s V Id HlftNir W II l 1 KVr.it.
Jttii."l a few l.i'ti-l-" 1 ft.. t iiiT.hIu.'
tam, tu r....! h t .r a lir i.im; ,.. ., I i.vrr
mn.(,Oi. ft." Ja If I -i (1-iia.o V:t r
Le tt, i'.i V. l.'. Il S-. .1 a.ia 1 i aaa, 1 ne- With
tiT a-n '. t'.at t .--,u nu m -i.t in l a i': l
.tar lii in 1 i r I..'- ,;l . W. C Him il, t
&i7. T .-. -ri'o, ii.-.t, .r :.!! j.-r tio 1'rr te.t
I'.f tiia ao:i;'..'. V- lx i-..ift ,f J.iat fi. h
iTuri it t:. a. Jt p-.ta "f.i raf ,..ir l.rril
Upon U; witrta ' ft! K tif l: T OKFI K Tin!
Jr we n'"i I to !) let 1- a tl.in UNE Jtltr
.Io WlStll T-t. I t't !. t'. W..1 f.tit
l-rt efTl.f till IN'ti AVAY 1 larri I. I Ail we
of Ui' wf,o r.:." r-.i la t it tHir will
ie It a "r-"1 tral, m-i 1 1! la- a'arl'.ry ir-tun-u.etvl
it t' the r forei-Ia Ai-rn'i ri n. n.riff
m.nr. I. a-i .1 t: o re tnakir.e lei
ter i!y IP I ti.wri!t " I :'f r.iti.a, fl rat lra !."
V"t if j ioi w a nl onn f 1 1 in t o I l t lie ..;:'( ti
firaiwaf I'llv-'iM-ir. a ipli'.r-.i at nUCta,
A I It aaa. M' i.VA Iti II 1. a f rf SVOI K H,
ft Wat.aau ,' '!.! 1" ' I.L ( !:.-.. n l.ia r,"T
A Special Offer! f.ArV" V;!. i
furr.a-t.e at
ti e er.t -.v
fit l"ft.r-.,.i v a I r . I
t'Votatr.l 1 i a I . V i -, .ivs
1 lua t.ni.rr, e ,,., 1 fl rt is ti ..
of In I jii: a.-.ii t- i. ( r
ONc K. It y J kn. w . f ant f .
' "arrt
1-r K f, i r I tl.a
- a I f, - r fl h,
a t. r ti.e t- p
- f oi r W, I niAl'
1 .aut r.f .. I -' t,
T. ,n I.a e .a a larcT.sc
won I vrn i'
f-nt fl.f It i. t.teej"t: e . I a.- e i f a l.f ,.
$ioo Roward. j:.;,.:.:'.;,,:!!.,":.T::,,,r
rnri 't hfiae l.rrn roj i- J,,- cti.ar (.ft;n avl -. ail
Jral... cf ..r tt-.' a - . s. I IU H (-F Iviia
1 1' 'N s I t La- l -e . e e e Iv -. ' a.ift'v ! t.-et
f.t yrsra -l 'I j ay Ii a, iei i lot ar.y ii.lma-
KeaoYhio! j;;,;:k::;:
fr-Mlly eiatnlrr I grrt marr la"Tt tr fi.f i
frfMn 'I ar rtiorit of te rr. intra fr.itn thr.. hn arf nainj
thu wrs-Hr ri il avlin-g Ma. I, me, ftn-l all unile n. f i-m-mertflire;
tt In ttif leg'.et trrrtia' M a .ao I irT
Ilirrrf.-ierf e frrm 1 l.e " I arm ami UteMJe," tl."H.nl
Iti put r i ii .-ei ofil-i f ri.ir!". trt y -1 1 1 ' 1 he"
tli.it 't.cv tlo fi at (rtie tui an iiilnif -l... -' re
tl I brr It I. 1 1.' Ii.e'llc tif w Ii li il J iii h ll 'I a i in ; ti
pf. ol a yiar hg i-fn rrlaMe, .-tn-i. lal. i.c-iKi:it li
take-iiiy fivol.tv lr nx ineill.-tiHt.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Fold l.y a t dni-'irta'a. i; alt f'-rav Pripirfl r,u'.y hold l.y a'l 'I'Hj'.r'aM t; att fr.r t Pre-.a-"i on'f
t 7 C. 1. IK Hi 4 C(., Apotlipcurlea, I,i.u!, Mm by C. I. II' m il A. ( i , A ; ' ti-ai lei. Low.- 1, Mali.
IOO Doson Ono Dollar 103 Doos Onn Dollnr
1 iii- in.. 1 1 no i.a.a iii v . M. .1 1 1 ..in U.r.
to live i l-.i. ui i in a liiiblM r i '. iii, an I
at In first hi 1 I.i .ti r ii i-x pi ritif in
a itnrm liii.lt tu h. ..tr..w thrtt it IS
l .tr.l.y a In tit r pr ..( . i I. i I' .iii a mm
tp.llll lla it.i.jr. ""I OH ' I ' I a I I H v n rn
al In
it Ih Iiik no r. . . l t.ie.i ii in. but a .. B
n-.l ll I.- il . n not i - k en . liy '.kn WMQ
sk l-.r I'.al MHs llllAMi'' M . K r H I
I t-.r il-a,-r!;.1 ;ve rat.tU
Ely's C ream Bain
. ttic in--' ri-ii. ..:) f j i ri.ii lien
Mirti-l l4 I t r .'
fold iu Held, Sininics
V " I'j'ril I'll "'id' ir.a tr'l.
il.V HKOS., ':' irtMMIli.-ll St.
LA r ' . f f j
. rl ifc'fcn at m
l'l.ltt II l ltllN iioici: ! . .. .
tI)II Purr Itlt .l IL.t ai a on llllll.l.
If yu.i :i:.- 1 1 1 1 . la. 1 1 ..' ir- .:t-M.' 'i .ra!...n f.r
lua-.'. i-.t -.-r ... ...ti.-l .r V- '-:i-.i:i 'i.--l. pur.!
l-r..-. .ir.-ri.l'1 a'.v w- w.--m ..r 'r. rli- ti,
tii'.i-i 1'. 11 1 .. Ililt V "l I'.I. l il til" 'a-flt!. M
w ..i , I lik.- to 'IV ..11. .ill 1 aa ,1' 11 ' r 1. 'I r I'.'t. r
lni.v u.,-1 -. . v -. . 1 .. .r ...r' i'.-iri'.' I . ;tt .. ! vti'i
1 fn tl-i.-M : .1 ' " r-- 1 a' ii . vn' pi ... . li.-.l f r... iy
11 Mil . V.' l-.-i v.' p 1 :i ii 1 !.. '.' ' ' . V 'I r 11 ! v hi, 1 n.
to .Ii-kI with ti-. t'l.r p M..III.- .-.i-.i'i '..ia-. W it
Iiupottt-rs mm 1 I'.r.-i- !. 1 Ii -u.ta -t... a rant..
i.r. .- it I- V i 1.1 1 '., . Mi. ti.
I'li':i" nil c- nil ,-Ha-r. .,. ,.t t ,u i. inn,
I)..!r...t, Mn h.
7 Tfl Diiui .
Tr-r iraV .
'a! frrlt rt hf'on tare l-aa-t aaw.4 b otia -ran In I
tltri. Iljn1rr1i haa aar-i 'i ai.1 ft er la dal " t.ti't'.y "
Cat r.r -a 'arrrir a . I W.. 1 Ch-p--r an i fnt nrgrr
Jlr tl It.itf a.T.. th. j7.,,fV ! .at-a-.l ( a a . r .. FfiKB.
Aii-U 4 0LUI.M. UVIMi MAf lllNK. CO.,
3C3 9. CaLal Sirtt. CLicajj. V3
Do TOM frcl dull. I'Ulllid, Inw-kpll-lt ed, lit'.'
1. !. l. I illd. -. I I .-!. IV lid' nil. If, Im.(I j.ljy.i-
(iiliy mi 1 in.Mt.iily: r p. 1 1- iirf a m.'" .f
I m!n-.s ur .;, mi in z ;if I' r I'i'i ii'ir, r l " v n.--tii
i.r i :n : i : i nf st iiiii. !i in tl..- iiini n-iii"-,
ti.ni.-tii' : i ; 1 . I.itt. r .r I i:id t;i.;. in
in. .ut ti. ii'fi irtil.ir upp'-t it'. (I;: ti.-ss, 1 1 jii.-nt
iii i. I.i ii. 1 .1 1 1 1 1 -. ! - . -i !.f , " tl. .;if ii: it hp. i. ks "
.i..r.' tii-' it-. f'rvi.iis pi r.u I. .11 i.r i'.t
ii.iu.ti..ti. iri-if.il.iiit y "t t -I'.'piT. hi.f. l!u.t:.'i,
;ilt I n.it ni ii Mi i liiiiy fc'ii:itii ii, f-tiiiip.
Iitii-i. fni'.-i- ti' p'lius lir-r.. and tin rt; -.. 1
t. i i. .!r .w -ni- -s n,i.- i:i.-.i;., v :ik tu.n. .s, ..r
t .-' i; r l . 1 in. I nun Im-..'i.ii' eli , n-fii'it,
in '.i r. ;!. I-' f.-. l.'l id dl'i'.t J, (.-I- cf m;p.nd
.li.' r.' .t !
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t!;tt in.isf i- .in in. .ii ut . m-i linn in:il:i'ln si -
I', il'.l.s l-si. ..., i.r TiTpld l.iHT, lls..cl;te I
W.ttl I f-pl .in, oi- I rn I.e. ft 1. .11. Tl-.l! in, il
iiiii'llu itt.d (.iif li..:i..- luis Ih-i-i .ni", th"
irnntir tin' ininl-r - a i I Iv.ts.tv if ht".
toins. N-) tii.i't r v.ii.-it .',:.- it In- r in Ii. d.
Ir. I'lt-rt ' !!-:i 'In'ii iil l)lni'i r
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1 1 ' T i ..f a l-fis. .hat.,.,! lelnMnof tllllt'. If IK.t
cm d. i oTnpiii'.iti. n-a imiitiplv nnd 'ofisiirnp-
tlM of til" I.IIIIU'X. vUll l.. JlSl'H. Ill lilt DiS.MH".
!:t'eiinmt imii, Kidii.-y I ii...-. .., ( ,r ritln-r fM'.ivo
ijijtl-i.li. s lue.pnt" hiit. I" to-'t in und, bu. ini r
or later, in. lino u f itnl n-rni n . 1 1 .n.
Or. I'it rt t-'ia .u.li ii Uedleal til.
im r) H. t-t pi ivi 1 1 1 1 1 iv upon tii" l.i cr. nnd
t l.n ..'' !i tll.lt Kie.it M. o - pilf; t v jtiir i, IV. ill,
. l -,t' . s t in- . - in of ail I I I taint i iiii.l mi-
pnrtiis-, tn.ni whatever i iu." nri.sirik-. It is
'jilliiV clllriii'lolln in iii-timr llpnll th" Kid-
m ya, and otlitr I'Tci. rory orirans, t-leniisinif,
r-t 1 1 ii wf In ii l ti tr, ii r 1. 1 lif.-ilintr tli.ir ilisea.es. ,n
HII llppet lllur, I s. . .( 1 1 tollle, jt promo'.
1 1 st mil und nut nt imi. th. ri In l.tiiidmir np
('..(li . . mid stl. tikth. In malarial (li.tricts, ,
Wr.t w i. iid. rt id i:..-!i. mo h is tallied tn uf j
i -I ! r:t in i in in .' I i-n r and . i:n.-, ( hi lis and
' m r, I ' i in Ii . l' ii . and km. Sr.. I dis. .M.i s.
Ir. I'ltrieN ;ilti n .Mitlltal Din-
from a ,-,,,i.-,,,(I !!.,.i. ,-r !'.ri;i ti..n. to tln
iMn.f Sirotiiii. i. t-i i. ma, ,,-r..,, ri-aa,"
-eal.v or Koiuh Sn in. i:i hhrt. till (li.ens.
I'llMv-il y Pad lo... Ml" Con. pit Ted I . V I 1 1 1 S
poWClflll. pill ill l.'lf. nil. lll ltfor.lt IIIiT llllill-
(ill", iileat lialiiitf I I. is -M. lv heal lin.li r
aw m
!",::."ii's,,:::;:rr;;, iiBABY carriages sent c. o. o.
I !r m pelas, I lo i Is, 'a r I hi in ! . oi e I i is, i i.. - T. - ,',.' B. 1.,": ... .",".;...'.'.?,
nl. .. 14 oi.s mil v. lnm.'.. llii-joint Iien.e, ! Z,'Z' ' ' -- - .1
"Wli.t" welhtitfs." I,, utie, ,,r 'Il.u-k Nei-k, -a-a.. . ," Lf a.- IT.Vi.'"' '"
nni i.ninrte.i i.ian-is. en. ten eeiits m
'atnps tor u lart" Treat is.., with t-..ore.
I lates. nn Skin I ii-i a., s. or th" nam" ninoiint
lor ii Treat i.-ai- on ,srmiii.iii . t!. i tion...
Tliot-Mtitf hlv il.-ins.a jt .-iisintr llr. I'lrrrc'
aolilt.i rI It al Ji tit. it) , un. I tf.....
!itfi itioti, a lair "ni'i, I novant bpiritu, vital
stitnttlj and l.odily h. aim viH - t .tatili..n ,J.
wliii li i s rnliiln nrtlif I.iiiiun isnrr- sK 1
alld illlid l-V II. s ( taken ill the
l lllll. l- M.itfes ut III" iis...,. .. I'M, in Its iii. ii-
velons i ohi r mi r this i. i i iPIv iHtal ill... aw,
vt In n first ott.-i ni' this now world-tiiine.l teni
edy to the pnl. lie. ir. 'i, i,.,. ilnnitfht wrioiislv
ol tallnitf if I, is " i,.s MniMN t i Hi." ..it
at.aii.oii.d tliiit nan:" as ton t.Mriitiv" tor
.'I lee.ll.-lli" Mhiill, l.. Ill Its WOlnlel t l -olt.
Iniiation of torn,., ..r s-i, i.t't luniiit. n ltei.it i i,
or I I.....I-. . an-ni'... a : ,-1 I 1 1 n .im. p., t.l.tl, in,. I
1 1 1 1 f r i r i . pn.p.it,, ... ., nn. .piaie.l. n, t mJv
!" h retiieii,- (,,,- i , . ii'.piion, ,i,t i,.r all
( lirtuiU- li a i i the
Liver, Blood, and Lungs,
.... iJ
i or txriK laim-'s. spiiti.ur cr lllood. Miort
ms nf lln atli, I ht. iia. Nns.,1 fatarili. I'.ron
ttnfiM. Asthma. Nun. t'oimh. and kindred
Utl' i innis. It Is an etlii lent . iiu-.lv.
."sold l.v IliUtfui-'ts, at -rl.OO, t.r aix Ilnltleg
for if .li(J.
t etid ten rrntt in f.t!irnf.M for I)r. ricrtx-'s
IxMik on ('oiiHiiniption. .ddrt-r-si.
World's Dispensary Medical Associalicn,
i'3 .tlalii St., Ill JAM), IV, Ye
flood'a iiria-nrfltai
tha moit popular atvt
uceeaafal Spr off
Medlcln. Nearly
rrllu'iii' r n.n'li. Ii e I ke. M r 1'. Karnpartlla
ripe I tlii-ln,,iirh f.a v I, i li bate accumolated In (lift
l.lt.od ilur'Hsf Hi ln rr, to kt;i up itrei.gth It. ft
warm ln-r iti.-a on, fira'ft an pel ta and iifsa
iii' t- t.- . 1 1. y il:.-. "..,-i Try II .J'i fsara.j.ailiia 1 1. at
rprtnt: ' '1 V" will l.e - n iiic d tt.at It t'.ott pofl
upcri.r aii't pi i-.illar I. I :i
A Good Appotito
"S)in I l.ran tuk i j II t .l a f-araaparttla ( WM
d tt.y In lt.it ij.'.i ii'rirf, t.a.l a lira. 'a !i-, ai,.l bo appn
II - e ; l.ii I nu at 1 t-i.n l.at il y '. r r.oi. 'i i'..okn lo eaC'i
y. m m a t ii i ra H n, 1 i r a- f f i o I W. r. '-'i-f, Maaa.
"I at aptttin mv wl;ol f.mliy t.M.if ll-.'.-t i Hnrnaf
piHl a. 1 fa - rr.ul' ti tha' all lav" fren rurJ ol
kcrofu'.a. rt. y ll'il.- l-i v t.cln ei,il.ey fr". from .rft
and ail f. ur of my rl.11 trru Ktik brl,(l,t and tii-a t if
a 1 1. !!.: i i i l e. 1 I. live luitti'l II 1'a har a; a-U-ft
ff.i'.'l for t alarm. WmU. Aiikkkx, i'aaic City,
N. J.
U e !' r l:. Ii. ,-i a .... va .11, 1. . 1 v a
(not My.. ) h " t H-'t ".li H.-t ;)
I. nu hy 111 l'.' I 1 I. -t t. tin. It 11
-- . i.-. I .ivl i. . Hll l-lilMt
' 1.K K I U. " I.. in t aiiol.ar 1 i-wry
Ci v 1 v . ov i r r f a .1. VI 1:1 fu ni
IJH ll.e r ti v p. rif 1 1 U n I .tt rpr-a.f
Ri fcfl ".it la " 1 .w i t I - . I ia'. l .. ki-r."
ttVoi Q j an I t.il.i' liv-li, r. If I.r at ,r. k .
.M i
C'.iPrS '".L'it ALL lili .A'tS.
r-,t;,-!i p. p. I a-ti h tt ml!. Lao fz
irm .f.. S..--I I .!f,.hir:-!-. Kl
tii m iliiii a illlali ft i 1 1 aa1ft-j
I l.idiovo IMski'm Cur
for (.'oiisiimt'ti'tn Mived
hit lift. A. II. I)(iwkm.,
iMitor 1'ii'itiiifr, V. don
ton, N. '., April j:5, 17.
Tli hi st Cinicli Medi
cine is 1'lso'S Cl'lIK toit
(,'nNi'VirTioN. 'liiMifn
taiko it without ol.joftii-n.
liy all drurt;i-itM. 2U
f IPK AMfpf 1,1 H Sd ll.iSi
IJett I'riiik'li Sjnip. 'I ft-iee C'xxla
in titn.a. e. .it l-v ilnu'i'iatM.
.7.TSt V-Y M" tfV 1
Neuralgia, HcaJachc, Soro Tnroat. Sprains,
Bruises, Burns, VVcundS, Lame Back,
And All Pains Ot An Inflammatory Nature.
liiU tiy Ilttifclala. 5r. unit M.Ot).
moNfi itooK. rvti.r.i ricr.r..
Address VVIZAt'O OIL CO.,
t:kia,aj,..;l't ,, n:fr;-lffie.
t.irit at l . i r t .irria..-s t aell d
irrtin (iiliAlf tiurtlea. V .
ciiri th.-rft r-' it i tit'ti r with u
t'lan with a ii.'ftl.-r. Wfer' l car
rsfa to Hii p. ., r i a wtlnn .',l'ii.i.ei
i.f I In.-li-.. Irre ofilialVCa SvlJ
for at'. -i,t- tri p.
C2 i C 1 1 1) Vo jrn a; Chic aro, IIL
I irearr-aie. and ftr.lren.
t .r-e ; a tti- "onltf
I fi-- t'-r it.i- drift. i. curt
f ! ' . it ,ras.
H.I.l'.AlfAM,M. P ,
An.rte man., N. Y,
We r-ave r,, ft e ( frf
n.ai.y yi-nra. ar.il :t tut
fiVa-Tl tl.U Lt OI Mki.S-
.'.I 1. .'1 .
D. li IiVOir . ro,,
rti'.-ao. ni.
S 1.00. K-l I t v l.ni.-.9:aj.
V hn I iy i-ure I .1 t n t mean uift !y t. a?-.;, ttieri
I I -r ' m.e finu 1 1 -n l.ii t ' r-a r-' :rn u--' ".. I inn
I ra t.- a. ure. I f at-.-i,,H,!.. t'i .! -. a.-. i 1 I I S, J-.l'U.-1
1-V or I 4 I. MM, Mi ,a. M.S.. a i tl; I.r. I
I taairniit ir v r. in.- ly t.. n.i.. 1 1 . r-t im. . l;..'..un
I tit l.ria l.iva. I n ,.-. i. ti . r".it ti I r tl t -. re.-eu TpT ft
I firr. ,"s"i .1 t i ii, ti t..r a t' a.' a.- an 1 a I t.-.. l'.-.lt;.j
j (,( ii, I'.l.i:, i i r Mi-.S', ( .... I i ; ;i I I' al d-li.-r,
! II. I.. mT. .i.t .. I s: j'i ii rl m . -,, .rk.
fltlo!.T k
ftil-tfia-a. s.
71 trc?T.
.-fltiotiT kv -iit-in. j-tnii lar l inallTT
ar I (im:
i ts l.v mail.
r.-.'.-ht-a fr-"
r. i -o !...; i-
tee! ani
f r in-k"i-l.
a-rr -af-a,
,!ri Irlriri
KIDDER'S PA8T!LliS.--"o;
OtjyrZZJJl2 L'-a: .c. iv ft, ilfti.
dye: ,
i.i.t. . ,,.
(it-... I !
i'-.' nl
It .1
. ( ill-
oplliiuli.utj I ..
iy Pi.tr. .-I j i ..i -xii.-rloiii-ta.
-ii r. h ' y.-ur
t -! I "li n-
.. . land Itlall,
ii u :,..i-, p. i.
-' "'I'I for t: ur a'- ' ,
(... .' . tl-.-I.
: .-.- I 'o:.-.,r tt.'.
. f.. i;.. n. ,
l.ii. AM nl. 1.1 i.
03 flt A V - " '. t.e-.t .a'l
a)tll8 ll hilii ri . r i I ' , aa 1 i I . ..-,.i,;, ,j t ra.
A l 1 . s ...
i rrf n ,..()
f a' f"t. H'ri'ft
i. 'v. ' l.u, VicA.
stencils, i, - -
ll..t-t ua t . H ll.ii, ..'. r. s,
p f 'va.-v . ri irti!ri4
i i-. i: -i -,i.r s; a,nj.,l
i - ,.i. ( iii. K-i, i.i.
Efttaft tlTath".irr ! ,..,.. r
V J ' ...a", r.r r'a. -,, .,,
kin-f ,.,,..,
rni n "'"Hd
I'l-r i P. 1 1 1 v j. I : y i al e 1 -tr-irt t
UULU lii
(.I'll! I . I I lit ... -I a ,i l... l.jr il,.;,', ra
W. N. U. D.-G-I7.
Vlirn wrltlni; to Adt rrll.erai r.aet nnr
Jft r tliet .lertat-nnnt In t hi, I'm per.
V V,AI ) J
j ; (lgjsr;?:iiaJLtj
... r
Jaw lillltAW. aTjLl 1
Iaby gmriaseS
rxrii'iiii j
' EJl Ti tT1..1
ffl J fcuafaatar J n"l t
' pa,' eaaaa Strtcwra. "
tJ Wf 4 asly l-y ttl
r Clnclnnfttl.r'ya
i Tralr fcaain iir. Vj
I..- . ta a . !,.-i e . ii .- . u I ' '!. I . ".m
I . iv . i . . 1 1 1 , i'i i:,.,.' r . t. ( i. .. ..()., 1.

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