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Alma. Mich.. Friday. Mar. 30, 1888.
Vol- 10. No- 2.
Whole No, 469.
i:. ;inn(
i r
;u ni.ty Sclcol
:itil. Evening
I'. IIAitT. Pastor.
Kitvi. : (i i ;i :i m in i ::; l in Sill-
'JD t.itlisi-:io.. U';M)
.1. V n NTWKUIM'ii'lor
S"U VICES are li' l I :ir Hi- Fpi-c il church
every Sin I 'v ipm .
iiKV. ;:.. V i:oh, Misouary.
LODC, F. A A. M.
r.r. ;t L It Meet in on .itiir-iavti ormi i
nu ll lull in. miii. M. P
ill I. ,K . W. 1.
11 iin.Ki , scc'y.
W. A.
?r:t, o. e.
R--jilir i
e.icli ; M '
t i i j i
in i !i I'.r-t 1'riiluv
nth Mlt
MF.Sl W, F t.
W. Mai nui
Si ec y.
o. a, n.
.t, x . nr. i
SATm.M .v-r Post, X . IV?. I)-pM
r Mi ii.,(i
.11. UK
PUlMl III - tilt .
t on '.'il l. ninl It h .
'I'liur-'luv of
Fa v i I' vi.Mr.u. 1'otiiil.
F. Movkh A-lj' t.
11, X K i: 11 S,
WW. S. TURCK &. CO.,
A (ti'ti-r:i! Um'iin.' it 'isin"s i r . m - :n t 1
Xl. i) Mlei-sin K.tri-iirii itil Home-lie Kt liaiwi-
Sp.-cial Mention! oven to Collection-..
j. n. s.u;vi:i'.. r.K. wi.Hs-n u.
J. F. STJYDAm, M. D.
IIYSl I.N" ami Si;rr -on. 1 Mlice in rear ot
lrur .-tore.
C. L. DOWN IE. M. D.
GF.VF.lt A I. Pr.n-tice.
A'coo's Di'iiif More.
nVF.lt VI. Pr.n-tice. l.liee; irout room lii
a, m. - to 4
KACT!CIN Physician, oilue ii-ur;"to n
p in. o:lice in eius iivua
it;) c. front rooms up stairs.
Ji. A. BAG LEY, Id. D
lIMMHI'ill'lll Phyician ini-l
oolll No.
1, Wrutn's i i-r.i ll-ii'
Ulhce hours. ! to ID a. in
I. lock, mtoii'I tloor.
2 to ; ami to p. hi.
ArroitN i-'.vs.
fra:jcis pal:.iek.
IT; W FY V r . A'. V!s it it
Life a i'l Fire I u-ur nice Ajr -lit.
TDUN'F.Y ainiroiiiis. loi at Fiw All l".'.il
Al.iin.-s lv I ttrr -r t li -r-is.-, uilll...
pro npily fitn n li 1 to, (nhifin Opcrii
hlock, uUii
A T T MIS FY T I. S it-r In Fliam--X
try, ii -1 I It-al F.tntc Ain nt.
Ai.vt v. irmr Mint.
N nitvlv u in the
foniM-rly occiijiicil by Mr. Caniitlian. n
Supcrini-t. wvst. iiml prui'i'M's ti k''p
a !iist-cl:iri;Kl). liOAUD.SALi:
aipi livkiiv sr.vui.i:. (;.!
liis at ltMsoiiaiiif rates. (Jivf
him a call.
Wood tor Sale
lK'livrre 1 fivr to anv part f tho city
West Sui'tTinr. cor. Grant St.
A T T O It X K Y A T I- A V
Solicitor in Cliancorv.
f;rmor liank l.iiiM'm.' of Wnlilhy Fo.
opposite Wright IIoum
Ainuin' s !f ft in my Inn Is will ric ii'
prompt una M-lnl attention. I h i- Hi- lol
fnwlnir U-.il F t it T r s il--. ovm I liy Mareiis
Tollfky at i xtn-'iielv low ll.'iir.k:
) ,ii r-s f m l )i-tVM-n l.iv-nlale una
t.iir vl.: 'j rnw ' i of see o.wn M
ni.rtl..r:.w. Alpine 'i ui so of see .
town Pi n. r .'. we-t. Wjilell in paivels or 4',
HJor 1-tl ii-res.
roil SV'.K nil KXMUNfiP. UN F. A a Y Tfll M s.
Two hoiiss aii'l l-t on i'iik-' aiMiti-n
Pplen li'l li-mies lor -mall tamilies. nl-o ix va
cant I ts. ir.M. I t.iiiiauiir ite. 1 "ll-r lor sn
h (rood h ni'e on Fly tr-et, well lo ateil ainl
nleelv fini-!i'-a at low'tl jiir. s.
Ftirtl ! 'irimr lw-.il Kstatein .Minn sliouia
fee ihesc piemies b. Ion-purehaslntf.
alma insuiiancf: ac.kncy.
noMF.-Xew York .
LTXInjtW ItlTF.lt -N.w York, .
FIKF n IATION'-Fhiln. .
AfllllCFIri'lt L-Wntertown. .
9!tCII. FIKF A. M AUl.N'K Detroit
Olt.r It FMH-r,rtinl Hapl-ln
. N. Y
N. V.
M U b.
N. Y
ACCIDENT INS. CO of North America
Justice of the Peace.
All lv.?l pipers drawn ltli ueatnes
an l ili'pitcli.
Kal KstaUi Ai;cncy.
Will lianille Ileal Kstatt on rn:ion.ili'
tarms. O.llccme ilooreiint of H. VV. A llioms
A. 1E1UNGT0.
l-lllt.t HK TVK'tY Mill VV,
C. F. BROWN. Prop.
TERMS '1 p r vnir In tulvimee: t'.e
lor-ix in 'iith; ".ii- tor thn e months Itatcs
of a lvtTiiin.' in i'lc Known on uppliration.
W .elni in, clrwi 'h tin el
F;' I'Utn it. v-ry I ou;-h;
In y ill ;t sln !i ic I me,
Hut Co li s eiyht iImI'iiis now !
Sniplay is All r.nls' Day.
Tollaskv llios. have a new
a.lv. tl.
The spring term of the College opci s
April 1.
1'nll line of Ilnlihers at W. II
Kaster 'it'ts, sometiiin new at Mrs.
K 1' Shaffei's.
Highest juices paid for butter and
at Me. 11.
M. r.Iooinbiir left Tuesdav for his
new home .it Tler, Texas.
Township election next Mond.'y.
every body vote for the best man.
Finest line of hats for men and boys
ever .shown in Alma at F. L. Stark's.
II X. Stanton of Greenville made
this olliee a pleasant call on Thursday.
Republican caucus at the Anijell
House Saturday afternoon at two
Don't suffer with too' It ache row
that Dr. Kelly has his new ele.tiic
Max I'ollaskey is the happy fatlur
of a boiuiein j e-u 1 at his house, last
Monday nilit.
it. T. LM.d. of the (.l!e::e. HUed the
pulpit at the Uaptist church at St.
Louis, hist Sunday.
I'rof. . ('. Davis, formerly a teacher
in the Normal here, now of Lakeview,
wa in town Tuesday.
Don't forget that D. Yonht will do
m:r I'aintinir. Papering and Kalsoini
nini: in lirst -class st le.
A. D. Ainsden has oranied an Oca
line (puirtette. which will be one f the
amusements at the band concert in the
near future.
Mr. Frank Norton, who has been ill
dtuinu' the past two weeks at the lCsi
dence of his ousin. Mrs. Flla Johnson,
is able to be around once more.
Ira Fo-lcsoiiu'er. one of our best Col.
lec bos, is spendiiiLr his vacation at
II iriisnn. Ira is a hard working stu
dent and desenes a pwd. lonj rest.
A handsome, eiuht-paiie College
(Quarterly was iss; 1 from the llr.roi i
o!l',ee this week. Two thotisan l coj ies
will be distributed throughout the
A D. Ainsden is arranpin.u' so'os.
duets, tiii.s, quartets, and music for
full band for ocarinas, l'arties taking
them up will lind it to their advantage
to call on him.
John D ay, a forni'T Aim i boy, and
late principal of the IJIanchard h ph
school, resumes his old position at T.
A. Miller's drmr store next Mom ay.
(ilad to welcome him back.
L . W. Miller hastaken three humlred
and three dozen pictures during this
week, haviiiL' taken seventy three do; en
ia one day flh iisday) and yet there is
r mm .
T. Uichnioiid, west of this place,
produces two hens es one of wh eh
is sxo'J an 1 w eighs oz., the otl er
7Jx'i weight 3 oz. He informs us that
it is a common occurence for his hens
to act thus.
A party of friends .q V. L. Houh
a happy surprise last Fri lay eniii.
The paity loaded with refreshments
took jiossession of his roolns unbeknown
to him. the evening was passed in pla
in cards and a r.tnd old time,
If the new Council want to do a ood
thing for the town and gain some noto
riety, they ean do so by cleaning out
some of the peanut hovels on Superior
street. If allowed the town can be
tilled with such shanties.
I). Depcw has purchased the .".-year
old trotting stallion. Alma lloy, of Mrs.
fico. Iloxer, consideration, ?:um). He
is a dark biown, and is one of the most
piominent oung horses in this section.
Mr. D. is the right man to handle him
Henry Harris, living one-half mile
east of this plactf. was taken sick last
Saturday morning very suddenly. Mr.
1'iaincrd was called but spile of his
efforts he di d Saturday night after an
illness of 10 hours. He leaves a wift
and one child to mourn their loss.
"IMik lieie," said a man to a news
paper writer, "I think you ought to
.stop printing nonsense alout the dele
teriousrffei tsof citrarettcs." "Indeed !
Do you think them harmless O. no;
: but such publications injuro my busi-
noss." "Ah I What is your business Y
I "I urn au undertaker."
School closed last Friday.
o(M) jiair tf cheap pants, from lr
cents to 7, at Mc A: Ih
Union caucus at the Angell 'House
Fiidav alternoon at 2 o'clock.
A. W. l'eqnegnat has put In a 4,
000 pound Debald safe in hi jewelery
Ib member that Dr Kelly extracts
teeth without pain by the use of elec
tricity, A rew advertising clock has been
placed in the post office, by some of our
business men.
11. F. Miller was around Tuesday,
having suffered the past three weeks
with sciatic rheumatics.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Con
gregational church will meet with Mrs.
John Mullernext Wednesday.
Astonishing the number of cordial
handshakes to which an innocent voter
is subjected about election time
J. W. Prestle, one of Sheridan's
pn minent business men, was in town
We lnesday.
A. ('. M( draw's Ladies I'ebble Hut
ton Hoot for i'2.W )M by W. H.
Mr. Faneher, ef Marlctte. lias moved
to Alma to educate his family. And
still thy come.
Messrs. Hradley : Strong, two of
lliverdale's popular merchants, were in
town Wednesday on business.
We have just opened up our spring
s'ock of millinery and invite the public
to call in and look it eiver.
Mrs. S. Messinger.
Wright's Opera House band are mak
i ig arrangements for a grand old con
crt. Look out for bills and don't fail
tn attend.
We are informed that owing to the
late lire, the St. Louis Jlijinhlirun will
not be continued. Hro. Smith has our
s mpathy in his loss.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Haker wish to ex
press their cordial thanks to then
friends who so kindlv assisted them in
their recent sad bereavemen.
Parents looking for children's school
shoes will miss great bargains if thev
fail to call and examine the line assort
tueiit displayed by F. L. Stark.
F. J. Dibell, for the past four months
employed in the Vonv r office left Tues
d ly to accept a situation in the office of
the '(((((?.' Xi'jht at Oscoda. Alpena
Vinn r.
The winter term ef the College
closed last Friday afternoon, after a
verv successful three months' woik.
Most of the students are at home en
joying their vacath n.
The F.xccutive Committie of Alma
College have called llev. II. F. Hutler
of Jacksomillo 111. to the chair of Men
t tl and Moral S ience This chairs has
b en recently endowed by C. W. Wells
of Saginaw.
If friends ef the HF.coitn having pro
bate business will remind Judge Pad
dock that they desire the order publish
ed in the Hkc oi:i,'they will confer a fa
vor on us. The Judge needs remind
ing that there is more than one paptr
in the county.
Secretary Storrsed the state board of
charities has ready for distribution tin
proceedings of the convention of tl e
board and of the county agents at this
place in December last. Parties desir
ing it will enclose three cents for pos
tage to the secretary at Lansing.
And now comes the yearly house
cleaning. Hemember that I) Yought
is pn pared to do first-class work in
painting, graining, izn-writing, kaho
mining, paper hanging, ceiling lecera
ting in paper or paint. Orders left at
H.S.( litis or I . A. Aimers store
will receive prompt attentit n
List of letters remaining at the Al
ma nostotiice ior me niomn ending
March 'Jf, IsvS: Gentlemen: W. A
Chattcrtoii. K. W. Wright, H. Woolost:
ladies: Mrs. Jacob Hover, Mrs. Lillie
Washburn, Mrs. Fllie F. Wright. Per
sons calling for the above please say
"adutiscd.M I). Fly, P. M.
Tl e I. O. O. F. lodge of this plac
met at their hall last Monday night, the
occasion being in honor of the 37h anni
yersary of their Noble Grand, H. F
Woithington. They presented that
gentleman with an elegant P.G.collar as
a token of their respect ami pood e steem
A ireneral irood time was had all
Members of ihe Alma Huilding and
Loan Association are hereby notified
that the April instalment to the eapi
tal stock of said AssecIation is due on
Monday, April 2d, Ifess. At 7:30 i M
there w ill be a meeting of the board of
directors at which time a resolution
will be introduced to ammend Section
'J.of Artie le 1". of the by-laws oflhe As
sociation. All members of the Associ
ation are requested to Ik; present at this
meeting in peion or by proxy.
John 1). Sj inney,
C -A .
If you want a carpet call at Mc. & H.
Frank Medler was in Vernon ovrr
A full line of Groceries at McCullough
& Hutton.
Dongolia Kid button Shoes at W. H.
To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hai nes, Wed
nesday night, a boy.
Me.& H. will save you money on any
thing you want to buy.
The beautiful biiow" paid us a
spring visit Tuesday night.
W. A. Taff, of Kiverdale was in
town Thursday on business! ?).
A. W. Hahlke of North Star visited
the home of his parents in town Sun
day last.
Prof. O. J. Stilwell, left Friday night
to spend his vacation with his parents
it Kockford,
Flection tickets and slips warranted
to elect (if voted) printed on short no
tice at the Ufcoki office.
The Mt. P.easant Democrat has
hanged hands. Inning been sold to
. C. Hrandon, of Charlotte.
T. A. Miller iv Co. have just added a
new and pretty line of wall paper and
ilabastine in their post office stoic
Welare here to stay. Hargains every
lay in the year in boots, shoes, hats.
aps and gents furnishing goods.
F. L. Stark.
Having had experience in leading
uid fashionable dressmaking parlors in
Charlotte. Lansing, Ionia and Saginaw,
I have opened dressmaking rooms over
rislier s Hazar. where I am prepared to
lo dressmaking at reasonable prices
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Miss Minmis Con:.
1 his is the time ot ear when the
frugal fanner is looking at his harnsscs
md machinery to see if ever) thing is m
readiness for the spring work. It pajs
to take time by the forelock eery day
m the week. It these small matteis
tre attended to now, it may save a day
or two right in tho midst of the rush of
the spring work.
The old warhorfc to the front once
more. H. 6. Webb the reliable Druggist
nas just recehed a fresh stock of Hax
lei's Lucky Star Cigars. Hron is alwas
on the lookout lor best quality five cent
cigar made as he wants to keep up the
reputation he has justly earned by sell
ing the best Cigar for the money. Tiy
i Lucky Star and you w ill smoke no
other. H. S. Wi:un, Sole Agent 407 3m
To the four persons furnishing the
greatest amount of local new s from now
until Jan. 1st, Lsh'.i, we will send the pa
per free for one jeur from that date
Items must be plainly written, signed,
enclosed in an envelope and left in the
ooxes labeled "Items lor the Alma
Uecokd" at the postollice. The wn-
icr's name w ill not be publUhed, but is
requited as an evidence, of good faith
We furnish stationery free to those who
wish to use it in furnishing news. W e
reserve the right to decide In all cases,
whtthor the matter furnished is of sut
ticieiit interest to warrant publishing.
Last Saturday morning one of the
largest fires ever at St. Louis oc
curred it started from the litvblian
o.lice while the force wete at break la t
Help was called for lrom this place and
lr minutes thereafter No. '2 hose com
pany or tins village had a stream on
the tire, though it is four miles from
this depot to the St. Louis station. It
spread rapidly, and before it could be
stopped 14 buildings were destroyed,
invohing a loss of $: 0,0 0. All the
city buildings burned except tin; jail.
The insurance will not aggregate more
than one-third of the loss. Those who
have lost by the fire, with the amount
of their individual losses, bo far as
known, are as follows: Republican of-
fice.$7o0; Drury block, $6,000; Lee
Hing's Chinese laundry; Spotta's wag
on shop; fire engine house and councij
room, f.'i.CCO; Hum's harness fl.oj
fl.UOO; Johnson s second hand store
and lumlier piles, 12.000; Uurgess
meat market. 52,600; Littlelield's sa
loon, f MK): the Oddfellows' and Mason
ic hall; Hartem x; Hrown's store, Dr
Golf's dental office, Shelt's tailor shop
Hurgess' barn, Kingsbury's millinery
store, f 1,000, (by fire ami water); Dm
rj's grocery and a restaurant' $500.
The following resolution was passed
by the Faculty of Alma College at a late
Wiikkbas, the Cabinet of Alma Col
lego is in recipt of a valuable set of geo
logical specimens from the Winthrop
mine, presented by Mr. Geo. A. St. Clair
Ishpeming, Mich.
Hesolvei, that a vote of thanks be
tendered to Mr. St Clair, by this Fac
ulty and the Secratary be instructed to
engross the same on the records of the
college and to forward a copy to Mr.
St.Clalr''. J. V. Ewino,
Secretary of the Faculty.
Our City D .Ja.
Alma, .Mich., March 27, lSSs.
Common Council met in regular ses
sion at clerk's office at above date.
Present, K. H. Green, president, and
trustees P. M. Smith, Geo. W. Pulfrey,
John W. Hawkins, Martin Montigel,
K A. Haclev. and S. W. Tinker.
Minutes of last meeting read ami
Claims presented:
(ieo. W. Pulfrey, weod UA"i
P. M. Smith moving hose
to St Louis l.2i
On motion the above claims were
allowed at footing and clerk iiutruc ed
to issue orders for the same.
Committee on Fire Dep't report the
taking of hose and cart to St. Louis to
assist in the recent fire and ask the ap
proval of council. On motion the act
ion of Committee was approved.
Committee on printing report that
C. F. Hrown asks S40 to print the pro
ceedings of Village Council for ensu.
ing year and on all other legil printing
for the villlage at i less than legal rates
On motion the report was accepted and
ph ced on file
Select Committee on bond of F. N,
Chadwick report favorable. On motion
the report was accep ed and bond or
dered placed on file.
lleport of Special Committee on the
construction of railing in Fireman's
Hall presented, recommending the con
struction of the same of haul weod and
oil finish, at a probable cost of sixteen
dollars. On motion the report was laid
on the table.
On motion the claim of Ingalls Oil
company was taken from table. On
motion the claim was allowed at ten
cents per gallon or at ?KM'0 and clerk
instructed to issue order therefor.
On motion cleik instructed to pur
chase a five gallon oil can for the use of
engineer at engine house.
President recommends that some
pitch or other inflammable substance
and one cord of dry pine wood be pur
chased for use at engine house in case
of fires and that it be stored at the
On motion the matter referred to fire
committee. illage marshal reports
removal ef coal shed to rear of Fire
man's Hall as instructed.
President then appointed Trustees
Pulfrey and Hawkins as committee t(
audit the acceiunts of Village Treasurer
for past year as required by motion at
last session.
Moved and carried thnt a committee
be appointed on salaries
Moved and carried that the president
appoint such committee. President
appointed Trustees Tinker and Hagley
as such committee.
On motion council adjourned.
F. H. Green, W. A. Hahlke,
President, Clerk.
The following resolutions were pass
ed bv the Common Council March G
but were omited:
IU:se)LUTier: Whereas, Hyron S
Wetib whose term of office as president
of our village has just expired, and w ho
has been a good, faithful, painstaking
officer, and has fulfilled all the duties
of the said office with credit to himself
and honor to his constituents
And Whereas. Almon Yerington. as
Village Clerk has discharged the duties
in a very able and efficent manner, and
has rendered very valuable and highly
appreciated aid in the business of our
municipal affairs.
Therefor, Hesolved, That ns a work
of our appreciation, we as village ofhe
ers ef Alma, for ourselves and in behalf
of our constituents, tender our sincere
thanks to the said Hyron S. Webb and
Almon Yerington for the very able and
satisfactory manner in which they have
discharged the duties or their reipec
tive eiflices. and that our tl ank are
hereby expressed and offered.
P.M. Smith, J. W. McIjod,
E. H. Gkkkn, Gn . W. l'tn fiiey,
J. W. Hawkinp. M. Montioel.
On motion said resolution was ad pt-
ed as rea l.
On motien coui ci' adjourned
1 EUiwnox.
wm Bn.
Lizzie Evans is one of the most
charming soubrettes on the stage, with
sweet face, graceful figure and musical
voice, she has no difficulty in winning
the hearts of her audiences. She
dances eiver the stage with the airiness
of a thistleblow, and beams on her au
ditors like a stream of sunshine, more
attractive than Lotta in her youthful
ness and physique. She is more charm
ing in manners, owing to an innate
refinement that is apparant to even
the least observant. Her company is
an excellent one; she has a good sup
port in Mr. Corey, who has a fine voice
and good presence and is withal a hand
some young fellow. The pretty little
star showed to good audiences all the
week ami was enthusiastically received
every night. St. Louis (Mo.) lupubH
The above entertainment at Church
cs Opera House, Ithaca.
Lizzie Evans, at Churches Opera
ouse, Ithaca, April 6th; arrange
ments are being made to run a special
ir from this place.
Again we aro called upon to express
ur thanks to the fiiends who aided us
our last bereave -incut, and for their
mpathy for us in our terrible sorrow.
Mk. ANN Mi;s. II. S. Wkiistku.
New Advertisements.
Wright, Schneider & Stuttz are on
hand as usual, displaying their com
plete line. Look over their new adv.
Honk & Haughmau address their
customers this week, they have a full
line ef goods and are selling tots of
Head the letter from Frank Pollasky
in the Hee Hive space this week. Max
says he has the goods and h..s purchas
ed them at t rices that can lead the
Your attention is called to the ne-
tices of McCullontrh Ar Hutton. the
new merchants. They have their new-
stock in and are busy waiting on their
customers. Call and look them over.
they act as if thev had come to stay.
H. S. Webb the reliable druggist, has
called the public's attention to hi large
line of Drugs, Patent Medicines, Wall
Paper, School Hooks, Paints and Oils,
Window Shades. He has the largest
line m tho countv and invites you all
in to see him.
Findly & Morden, the popular har
ness makers, have a new adv. this
week. They have the finest line of
harness goods in this section, and hav
ing had ye-ars ef experience and both
expert workmen, they can but please
you. Call and examine their light and
heavy line of harness, collars, Pv,
you will find them gentlemen in every
sense of the word.
Miller Urns, are supplied with the
laigest and e-ompletest lino of agricul
tural implements ever eifferod to the
people of Gratiot county; in addition to
a very large stecK ed iJuggies, Har
nesses etc. Farmers in this vicinity
need no longer go elsewhere for any
thing they may need in the line of farm
machines and tools. They will find
this firm obliging and honorable to
leal with. Try them !
Wanted at Alma College: Good
plain cook and smart girls to take kitch
en and dining room work. Preference
given to students. apply personally er by
letter to Mrs. Logic, Alma College,
Alma, Mich.
Warm meals at all hours at
8. G. Hopkin's
Tor Sale-
House and lot in good location in the
village of Alma, near the College.
House nearly new, acre of ground, a
good cistern. Small payment down,
the balance in monthly payments and
I ng time given. Enquire at this office.
4G7 4 wks.
Prohibition Convention
To all Prohibitionists of Gratiot coun
ty, lake notice, that a convention has
been called to meet at the court house
in Ithaca, on the 4th day of April next
at one o'clock p. m. to complete the
county organization of said party and
to elect delegates for the state conven
tion to be held at Grand Uapids on the
p;th day of May next. Let the prohi
bitionists in every township show their
earnestness in the work by being pres
ent. Tcs, nilly for the rijrht.
And KMher In your uiiKbt.
All rt a-lj lortlie tUht-
For Prohibition.
J. H. Duff, Chairman.
Registration Notics!
Ne.tice is hereby given, that the board
of registration of the township of Arcada
will be in session at Firemen's Hall, in
the village of Alma, Saturday, March
31, '83, for the purpose of completing
the registration of said township.
N. H. All persons residing on sections
33 and 34, formerly in Pine Kiyer,
should attend personally to thisregistra
tion. The recent registration iu the vil
lage of Alma will not ans wer for town
ship purpeses. Nathan Kevin?,
Township Clerk.
Cara of Thankg.
We wish to thank our kind neighbors
and friends and also the members of
the G. A. It. post of Alma who so kindly
assisted in the sickness and burial of
our husband and father.
Mas Amanda Burriss,
Henry Huriuss.
Dr, Kelly has received an
Electric machine, for the
painless extraction of teetk,
without extra charge.
I am making a specialty of collar and
cuff laundrying and guarantee firstclass
work. Parties wishing such work or
One shirts or general laundry work,
please leave the same at D. W. Ellisoni
store. J. B. Siixldox. 467 4wks.
Lucky Star is a ten cent Cigar sold ty
Webb for flro cents. 463 3m

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