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Alma, Mich., Friday, Apr. 6, 1888,
Vol- 10. No. 3.
Whole No, 470.
m. k. oitir koii
TV TO UN' IN ( S -rvUr. ll;; unlay School
XVX lUniu. F.venintf wrvlc
II AHT. Pastor.
CfEHVlF. -it 1:3 a m ninl T ::J p in
O bath school I2-.00
J. V N
NT WFHP. Pator
CM'HVICF-s me held at the FpUcopal church
O cv'iy isutiU iv 'Von"ir.
llKV. (iKD. VkSOR,
RKOHIi H Meptlntnn Sat until von or before
each full iiuioii. M. I'm.HSKV, W M,
VV. . It wii.k. cc y
AL M V. II?C 2 1.
0. E. S NO 43.
Din ilit 111
t in j"
n tli" fl r-t Friday ot
JbCi-iU'h month MUS. I'KOK.V
W. Matron.
O. A. Ii.
MnviT Pot. No. IV. lpptnf Mlch..f!
It., meet on -'ml. an t 4th. Thuixlayot
piu'h month. . ,
Fiusrn I' ll. mku. toiml.
E. F. Movku UJ' t.
II v N K hi 11 S,
WW1. S. TURCK &. CO.,
A General IttniiiiT tt iin --- Tronii te 1
iMalersin l-'or.-imi ami l.m-sth' F.xcbaiiKc
l.'cia I At tent i'i (I i en 1 U-i-l i n.
J. F. SUYDAm, M. D.
an-l Surjr-on. llic-- in rem- of
A; Co.' Urii;' Mniv.
IT .Mill.-
&ENEI!.U. Practice. Ollicc; In-nt room in
lUACTMMNfi Physician. til). c h-u r ; '.' t' II
J to 4 p in. omcc in fi'i! urutf
m ) o. front ro nn up tairs.
Phvician anl siirueon.
XI K.-M l.-nce t it- -tie. t.
lliliir, room .No.
I. Wru'ht't M" "i II 'u-'' block. . ou-i iioor.
(Hike hour-, '.i lu lu a. in. ; - to ;i aid to s p. in.
francis palmer.
rro'tsEV t lvw. u-u Lstate
Lit'.' a:ii Fire tiwnoice Atf.-nt.
AluVty (r'fittt'iit C J'.7.
ATPtHNr.V aii.li'.Miiis.'lor nt ,nw All l".':il
hu:tc hv l.'tt'T t ..tli..i.-. will be
P'-oMiptlv Mlt. ii li .l to, Hlii t- iii Opera II ..iiM
block, upUin
ATiOHNF.Y T I. W, s .licitor in Clian-
cry. an I Ke.O F.-taie At;, nt.
Ai.M v. 1k vnor Co., Mic ii.
I nicely iixl up in tht
formerly occupied bv Mr. Carnahan. on
Superior-t. vi't. iiu.l proposes t koop
a lirst-ci iss ri:i:i. uoaud.s.mj-:
uii.l LIVKllV ST AH LI-:.
Kis ;it l f;is.)ii.ill liitfs.
him a call.
Wood tor Sale
D.-Iivi'i-o'l frcoto anv part of the city
West Superior, cor. (tr.uit St.
A T T O It N K Y A T I. A V
Solicitor in Chancery.
former bunk buiMinir of WuMby f'o
opposite Writrht llouvc.
o:n or:
All bu"iiit' b it in my b'iivt will ncfivo
prompt an'l r ful ntli-ntion. I hav th.- fol
fowlinr Ucil Ktiib- for alc. owm-.l by Marru
poll i-kv at Mronifly low Hirim-H:
J i n rc! ot liOi.l bftwiTti Itlvrnlnlp nt
Vf-tatnirtf vi.: ' f n w of s f :::. town
north, r w. AIo n t ot o ' of - '.
town I'.'n.r.'.ttc.t. Will mH in paiv N or 4
m of J iicict.
roil HW.V Oil KTCMANfiK 0" KAY TrilMt.
Two lioiiH. im. I 1 .t on I '' ml lition
iilcn li'l hoinfs tr -mall lamlli-e. hNo ix va
cant ot. yoo l buililintr -ib'. I "Ib r for sale
a jroo.1 bouf on Fly tn t, wi ll located ami
ni.-clv nnlh'-.l nt I w ll.riin .
IMiftlc d'irinir lb il F.tatfin Alma hlioiild
co thc prcmi". b -fore purchalnf.
HOME-NVw York .
UN tF.UW HITCH -Now York, .
ArmiCUr.TlTHAL-W:i!f rtown. .
MICH. FIHi: A M HNE-H.-trolt
Vi It AN D H VIMM-i firnivl H ipi'N
. N. Y
. Conn.
N. V.
. N. Y-
nh A mcrica
Justice of the Peace.
All le il p ijir rs Mrau n
mi 1 li-i.itcli.
vit'i neatness
Heal Kstalc Aiicy.
Will handle Ilenl Kstati
on reason, iliU
O lice one dooreut of B. W. A lliv.n
tore. f
I'l'ltMIIKIt kvehv rum v.
C. F. BROWN. Prop.
TERMS 1 1 -" Pt ymr In H.lvnneo; ::
forix in 'nlh: .Vie tor thn p nionthi HtH
of ii lvcrii-.lnur nia'lo known on npplieatlon.
J. A. Stuttz was in Detroit lat Mon
day. Full line of Kubbers at W. II
Dr. ShafTcr of Elm Hall was in town
Dr. Lancashire, of Saginaw, was in
town Wednesday.
Mr. Alfred Thomson of Ithaca, was
in town last week Friday.
Mrs. U 'aves, of Lake City, is visiting
her sister Mrs. 15. C. Button.
llert. N oodnard has moved into the
Tinby house on Suiierior Street.
Hamlin & Green t-tarted their factory
last Monday, employing-- hands.
Dr. Hunt ing will preach at the College
Chapel on Sunday next at 3 o'clock.
Died, oti Thursday last, after a lin
gering illness, Mrs. Lewis Van Leuvan.
I)n't you see those beautiful Brus
sels carpets at McCullough & Button'u.
(' 11. Moulton has a pet ewe that has
trive;) biith to twins six time in Micce?
sion. Next!
Don't sulTer with tooth ache now
that Dr. Kelly has his new electric
W. L. Nelson, the gentleman in
charge of the surveying of the new
road, is in town.
The largest line of Ladies' and (tents
shoes ever brought to Alma at McCul
lough A Button's.
The examination of Charles Wood
before Justice Yei ington will take
place the C.th inst
II. I'. Clark and .1. W. Frestel of
Sheridan were in town Tuesday, on
their way to (Mare.
Don't forget that D. Vonght will do
your Fainting. Papering and Kalsomi
ning in first-class stxle.
Steps are being taken to organize a
lodge of Knights of Pthias. We hope
they may prove successful.
IIae you read that letter in the Bee
Hive column? If not, turn to it. read
it and think it over it is for jour
The letter received by Max K. Fob
lasky, a copy of which can be found in
the "Bee. Hive'' column this week.
Explains itself--don't fail to read it
The Mt. Pleasant Demockat rame
to us lat week under its new control
Some vast improwments have Already
been made and they promise more.
Success to them.
Monk A; Baughman. the Drv Goods
firm and Findly A: Morden. the Har
n ess Dealer and Butcher Bros, have
newadvs. this week, luck them over
and potit thereby.
The Woinans' Home Missionary so
ciety of the M. E. church will meet
with Mrs. J. W. McLeod on Saturday,
at 2:30 p. m. It is necessary that all
members should be present.
Hodman A: Walbridge, have purch
ased the handsome four year old Stal
lion raised by D. B. Sullivan and ask
the public to call and see him. Look
at their adv. elsewhere in this issue.
We hope our new road commissioner
will see the propriety of opening the
the road towards St. Louis, and do his
duty in the premises as wc believe he
will. By all means let us have the
L. M. Winters, our new crockery
man arrived Wednesday with his house
hold goods and expects to be ready for
business in a few days. Mr. Winter's
, i comes to us highly recommended as a
horough business man ajul we wish
hi.' success.
Miss Merta Sherouds, of Brookln
Mich, has been visiting Drs. Flowers
the past week. While here she visited
the Wright House and Sanitarium; ex
presed herself highly pleased with the
improvements of these fine establish
ments and also with the city order and
the fine appearance of Alma.
Dm ing the fire at St. Louis recently,
the authorities sent to this place for
some hose and because the nozzle was
not sent srme of their ungrateful
cranks are making a big blow over it.
If the.e had been a little more whiskey
there, there would have been no use
of any fire company.
Attention is called to the advertise
ment of the new hardware firm of Bear
A;II.dl. These gentlemen are placing
in a full line of hardware, and tools.
This firm comes well recommended and
we are glad to welcome them. By hon-
; orable and fair dealing tl.ey will try to
merit ami will doubtless recvivu a shore
There aru two case of measles in
Bert Crawford of Ithaca.atteuded the
party at Miller's Hull Monday evening.
Bemember that Dr Kelly extracts
teeth without pain by the use of elec
tricity. The M. E. Aid society will meet with
Mrs. W. O. Johnson on Wednesday
April 11.
A. C. McG raw's Ladies Pebble But
ton Boot for $2.00 sold by W. H.
The spring term of the Union School
commenced Monday with an enroll
ment of 401.
Miss Alta Wilson has returned homo
from New York, where she has been
visiting friends.
The Alma Orchestra was called t
Eilmore to furnWi music for the dance
Tuesday evening.
J. W. Bulkhead and wife have re
turned from quite a protracted visit
to friends in Ohio.
N. E. Belbeck was in Ashley Wed
nesday engaging men to work on the
T. & C. gravel train.
Born, to Mr. and Mis. A. 1). Amden
on Monday, a son. u is no wonder
that Arthur is happy!
Bead the letter in Pollasky Bros.'
adr. columndon't miss any of it as it
will be of interest to you.
Jay Alverson left last Tuesday for
Saginaw, where he has accepted a po
sition w ith D. Harding & Co. in their
Mr. Hall our new hardware mei-
chant, late of Eaton Uapids, welcomed
Mrs. Hall to their new home in this vil
lage last Saturday.
George McCarty moved his stock of
"firewatu.i" out of the saloon in con
nection with the Angell House, Monday
night after twelve o'clock.
Parents looking for children's school
shoes will miss great bargains if they
fail to call and examine the tine assort
ment displayed by E. L. Stark.
W. L. Brigden engineer of the new
It. B. was at the Wright House Wednes
day and spoke very encouragingly.
The survey will soon be completed with
every prospect that the road will be
A very pleasant social event was tit
presentation at the M. E. Church, Tues
day evening, of a very fine book rase
made by Ilutchins and Benner to Bev.
A- F. Hart. The presentation speech
by James Kress was very appropriate
Uev. Hart responded.
Announcement to the ladies. Mrs.
S. Messinger has a fine stock of milli
nery goods in new styles and at reason
able prices to which she invites your
inspection. Call and examine thi:
stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Mas. s. Messin(eh
Miss Nellie O'Hagan being about to
leave for her home in Ohio, her friends
gave her a farewell party at Miller's
Hall on Monday evening last Miss O'
Hagan by her pleasant manners has
made many friends during her stay
among us, who regret her departure.
II. J. Hatfield has bought Frank
Murdock's interest in the marble works
St. Louis who will continue
the business under the firm name
of Hatfield A: Son. Parties in want of
anything in their line will do w ell to
give them a call.
And now comes the yearly house
cleaning. Bemember that D. Vought
is prepared to do first-class work in
painting, graining, sign-writing, kalso
mining, paper hanging, ceiling decora
ting in paper or paint. Orders left at
B.S.Webb's or T. A. Millers stole
will receive prompt attention
The donation party at the house of
William Johnson Wednesday evening
for the benefit of Bev. A. F. Hart was
a pleasant event. A purse of about
$40 was presented, Bev. Lynd making
the presentation speech F. A. Leonard
very generously furnished means of con
veyance to the party, gratis.
The M. E. Woman's Home Mission
arv society will give a supper in the
Berry building on Monday evening
April 9. beginning at 5:30 and continu
ing until all are fed. Supper will con
ist of nancakes and manle svrun. fried
cakes, pickles and coffee, all for 2
cents a ticket. A liberal reduction w ill
be made to families. This Society has
done a good work during the past year
in lelieving the nerds of the poor in
our place and now our funds art nearly
exhausted and we still find those who
need our aid, we propose this supper
in order to replenish our treasury, as
we cannot do much without money
We alio hope to be able by this means
to raise the deficiency in the Life mem
bership fund of Bro. Hart. A word to
the ladles: Please do not get supper
on Monday eve. but come with your
families to the Berry building and get
amo pancakes and 'lasses: Voting
men. come and brine iourlady friends
and patronize ua and" we -will ever bo,
Republican Club-
March 1st, IhSS. Fireman' Halj
inic to order with M. i'o'.Iasky as
halrman. On m tion A. Yering'.oti
elected S 'c'y pro tem. Proposed con
stitution and by-laws read. On motion
the said by-laws accepted and adopted j
y this club as their constitution and
by-laws. Pn cee h d to election of ofiieers?
B. Green, president; G. S. Ward.
ice-president; John I). Spinney, sec'y.
riie following vice-presidents in the
respective school districts were elected:
Wm. Bishop, 1 fr A. and E ; Jas P.
King, No. '2; W. S. Bangs. No. S; D
Beid, No. 3; Adney Dobson. No. 4; D
Sharrer, No. ; S. W. Peck. No.
Adams, No. 7. On motion A. Yei-
ington. elected tie is; on m t on ad
M Pom.asky. A. YniMMiTON,
Chairman pro tern. Sec. pro tern.
Constitution and By Laws of tbo Arcada
Republican Club.
Article 1 Name. This organization
shall be known as the ''Arcada Bepub
lican Club.''
Article 2-Objects. The objects ot
this club shall be to advocate, piomote
ind maintain the principles of Bepub.
licanism as enunciated by th Bepab
lican party, to interest in polities those
who have hitherto been indifferent to
their political duties; to encourage at
tendance at the primary meetings, that
honest and capable men may be nom
inated; to guard and defend the purity
of the ballot box; to promote the cause
of good government, and to perform
such other work as mav best conserve
the interest of the Bepublican party.
Article 3 Headquarters. The head
quarters of the club rdiall be at
village of Alma.
Article 4 -Membership. Every Be -
publican resident of Arcada tow nship
ver Is) vears of age shall be eligible to
membership, and may become a mem -
ber by subscribing to thee by-laws t r
in writing, authorizing the secretary to
atlix his name thereto. Provided, that
ifter the first election of omVcrs all
ipplicants for membership must fust
be recommended by the vice-president
of the club of the school district in
which they reside, or one of the olluers
of the club.
Article .r Officers and their duties.
The officers of the club shall consist of
i president, vice-president, secretary.
treasurer and one vice-ptespleiit tor
each school district in the township ot
Vrcada who shall constitute the ex-
cutive committee, to be elected an
nually by ballot as hereinafter prov ided
md to hold their respective offices for
the term of one) ear and until their
successors are elected. The duties of
the officers shall be such as usually
pertain to such officers respectively. and
such as may be from time to time pro
vided by the executive committee. The
executive committee is empowered to
adopt such rules as they may deem
necessary for the government of the
Article fi Annual Meeting. An an
nual meeting shall be held on the fust
Monday in March of each jear after
the vear 1S8S, at such hour and place
is shall be fixed by the president, at
which the officers enumerated in article
5 shall be elected and any ether business
transacted which may properly con.e
before such meeting. In the election
of officers each member shall be entit
led to one vote.
Article 7Monthly Meetings. Meet
ings of this club shall be held monthly.
or oftener, as may be from time to
time demanded by the executive com
Article 8 Amendments. These By
Laws may be amended at any meeting
of the executive committee, provided
notice that an amendment will be pro
posed at such meeting shall have been
previously given to each member o
such executive committee.
Article 10. This club shall become
and be a member of the Gratiot County
Bepublican Club and the Bepublican
League of the State of Michigan.
McCullough & Button has a full line
of Ladies and Misses spring jackets.
Call and see them.
Hear & Hall are putting in a tin shop
in connection with their hardware stoie,
in the Church block.
Wiig t & Hooper offer two young
short horn registered bulls for sale, any
person wishing to purchase will do well
to call and see them before purchasing
elsewhere. 4 wks.
A violin obligato solo entitled "Light
from Heaven,' was sung by Miss Lelia
Stevens at St. John's church last Sat
urday evening in a manner to e!cit
much praise. She possesses rare talent
as a singer, and needs only to be heard
to be appreciated.
John Dunham of Ilartland Livings
ton has taken possession of bis house,
on Forest Street, recently bought of
Bert. Woodward and is now tolenuni
ibred among the residents of thispleas
int village. gladly wclccs&o Uiw
Arcada 1 ad two tickets tl e Ii 'pub
lican and Tnion. :he eut ie rep iblican
ticket was elected exc pt treasurer,
vote sto.nl as Jollow s:
srPKi: visok.
Darius Beid. B
. 2sf)
Isaa- Bu.vel I
cm-: uk.
John D. Spinney. K
Dr. Leland S. Weaver, C
Virgil M. Wilson. B
Fled Ely. lT
at s ri( i: on ii pi:ace.
Almou YeriiiLiton. B ,
Francis Palmer. U
school INI'ECTOi:.
Daniel II. Ad.ims.B
Chester J. IViliin, C
1 1 1 1 i 1 1 W A Y COM.
George Willard, B
Daniel B. Sullivan. I '
in i n CM.
winiield S B ings. B
Ephraini Mctcall. I"
V.) i
. Is2
Constables E. N. Chad wick. How aid
Willard. Jacob Merchant and licwj.
Miller, impolitic Horn 14 to 1j).
Pino Biver up. its a l.vely time
with three tickets in ihe r u e, "Bepui.
lican. Greenback and Piohil itiou, Vote
a- follows:
sci i: :vi-oi:.
Frank M. Fra v. K
D. miel Cuff. G
J. W. Doau. P
Albert II Lowerv. B
Enoch IIolli.I.iY. G
E. L. Beaes. P
T i:i:.sfi:i n
A J. Mclntviv, B
V. Now. G
(bin Gates. P
.irsTici: op Tin-: pfai: lull term
Joseph A. Cran bill. II
Hiram X. Woodin, G
Newi 1 Leonard, p
ar.s i h i-: to till vacancy.
II. W. sandall. B .".
2 s
J. D iv. G
j Emilia Brooks. P
! V, V "7- ""u . ,l
,.. j, iv p
dhain com.
! Staulev L. Nichol. B . ...
ouiii 1 1 j.ansnaw , 1 1 .
Thomas'! ialluher. P
M'llooL INsPIXToL.
Frank B. Ilullinan. B
Ileibert N Bobinson, G
Neil Band.-iph. p
co.Vsi Ar.Li-: i:u cted.
James E Men ,11. Ben.
Gorry L. Fields,
George Bice,
George Ilugmau '
The tow nship of Ithaca elec'.e 1 the fo
Supervisor. William y. B ir.st
Clerk. Ah in I). J'. tt t.
Treasurer.--Darw in S u;th.
Justii e - - i 1 1 i.i in L. ;i:Jips
w lb
School In .e, t..r Y . B ntliiT
Higliwav ( in. F S. V n Buskiik. "
Drain Coin N. G. Mitl If
Constable. '. A. Ur....ks, Jolill A.
IVrry. (J. S. Smith. Ilaivey B. Mitlilf
The board of supervisors for the en
suing ear will stand S republican. 3
greenbackers and dem cr.tts, as fol
lowing: Ithaca M. u. Biisr..vv
r.n-a r.'i. .Meaciiain.
Lafavette-P,. F. McXall,
WbeJderL II. P.illsh.
Bethany W . J. Miile.',
Area la I). Beiil,
New Haven,
SnmiH r Burcress Hall,
Hamilton C. S. Betts
v ashington B. B McEn lei
North Shad E. L. Kinies
Fulton 11. Still,
Newaik Frank Muno a.
North Shade II Hami.gton "
Seville W T. Pitt. Grcfiibacks
Pine Biver-D. O Cuff,
Emerson G. Holmes "
Our Citv Dad
Alma, Mr ii.. April 3. la.
Common Council met in regular ses
sion at cleik's office at above date.
Present. E. B. Gieen. president, and
trustees Hawkins, Bagley, Smith,
and Montigel.
Minutes of last meeting read and
Claims piescnt d:
W .. S. i S.. water power. $ 33 SO
C. F Blown, piinting, - is 2-j
On motion the two above ciaims
were allowed at footing and clerk in
structed to bsue oiders for the same.
Trustee Tinker appears.
Committee on salaries ask for further
time in which to lep.ut which was
granted. Such committee appointed to
consult with Wiight. Schneider A;
Stuttz with respect to the construction
of sidewalk between race and rival
lu idges, report that they have consulted
with Messrs Schneider ;md stuttz. and
Schneider and Stuttz have agreed to
build the walk across their lands in
accordance with the instructions iriven
your committee. L. A. Bacley, ) r.,
M. Montigel. Umy
On motion report accepted and plac
ed on file.
Committee to audit accounts of
treasure, report that owing to sickness
of trustee Pulliey, tl.ey have been un
able to audit the claim and accounts
as vet and ask further time, which was
Moyed and supported that clerk be
instru ted to issue order for l in favor
of U ritdit, Si hneider A: Stuttz to pay
for use of water power for February
2ath-can ted.
On motion the proposition of C. F.
Brown in respect to printing as report
ed by committee at last regular ses
sion of council was accepted and adopt
ed. On motion the street commissioner
was instructed to construct sidewalk
on Prospe t street near rail road.
On motion council adjourned.
L. 13. Green, W. A. Buhlke,
XYiiiknt, Clef.
It' iii-iiil( r im li hiv koI .cited from ull
n. int. -r- oi tim r, u!y and a h uud er
-t j 1 -1 1 1 . Html Hi. -in in nt l lie oltc or p
Hi 'in in t lie 1 1 mii I hi x w i th ii. mic of writer w nt
en int. i I inl mr nil bcatiou but for Kiinran
tee (jfK'ood t.otli.
'ieioj- Xthis. one of the students is
t iy sick.
Prof, stuart spent part of lfs vaca
!i--n in Muskegon.
B"". Mr. B m.s m of Muir has been
biting his m ihis week.
Prof. Ewieg will return Saturday
from a tour among the Colleges of
Again we behold the pleasaiF face3
and h.q py voices of stu lents on
our i r.'ets
B -v. Mr. B anehard has un ve 1 his
family to Alma, and still tl ey come.
Of cour.M' tiie College looms the town.
Alma college is booming! The spring
term opened 'A'edi.esi'aj- morning
with eiiit new students, making an un
lollment so far the tirsl year of U.
Miss Boss. .t Chicago, the great
Kindergarten te icher. woo has been
a-oi.-.tingat a teacin is institute at Horn-
j er. has letuincd to the College to pro-
i ng tier rest
What is the tioub'e with our tele
graph svstemi' Several telegrams ar
rived for students and members of tht
faculty a: the clo-,e of the term and for
some unaccountable and inexcusable
reason they were sent through the
posioilice and consequently were not
received until too late.
New. Prom Ithaca-
The Ed. Paine r murder suit has
been adjourned until June term.
The circuit court was adjourned last
S ttunlay foieuoon sine-die. The next
term of tia: court vv ill convene June o
The jury in the ilopkins ease for
barglary 'one ol the famous New Hav
en cases; brought in a verdict of not
The common council of Ithaca nu t
at council hall, Fiiday evening, April
3d. and appointed James Orvens for
village marshal, Lary Knickerbocker
for uuht watch for the ensuing year.
Tt:e following are licenced to wed:
Dad ley M. Hovt, Pir.e Biver, - 22
Jennie E. Cohoou Isabella Co., - 20
Bobert J. Fisher. Elba, - - 2")
IVai I Dunning, Washington, - - l'.
Frank Gilb-rt. St. Louis, - - 21
Jennie Bichlnond, " - - - IS
Saturday Judge Hart sentenced John
! Bennett lor larceny of a horse, to hard
labor at Ja -ksuu for 1 j years. Arthur
Mctuade. convicted jointly with Ben
nett, was granted a new trial, based
upon an affidavit of Arthur Fowler, of
Arcada. which, if true, will tend to
establish the innocence of McQuade.
I. N. Colein in. of this place, who was
s sacce .sfuUy operated upon by Dr.
J. II DeMay a short time since, and
had his left lg amputated above
the knee, is now convalescent. Mr. C.
contracted a knee joint disease while
in the army and has suffered ever
.since. He is past 00 vears of age.
A prohibition county convention was
held at Ithaca, April 4th, to elect dele
gates to the State convention to be
held at Grand Uapids, May 2 th. SlOO
was raised for campaign purposes and
the following delegates were elected:
John Fuger. C. Levering, Newel Leo
nard. Alex Chiholin, J. L Miller, Sam
uel Gordon.
Several dcciples of Blackstone were
usheied into the arena of judicial life
last week in open court before his
honor. Judge Hart, and our obliging
county clerk handled out "sheep
skiiis'' to the following persons: Den
nis K. Sickels, of Sickles; John G.
Scott and Arthur G. G.irbutt, of St.
Louis. this county. The examination
was conducted by Edward L. Wal
l i idge. Byron II. Sawder, J. L. Patts
and J. T. Mathews.
pKor. vii: counr ruoci:F.niNos.
In the matter of George Grant,
I'lvsses Grant and A. I. Gridlcy, al
leged, dependent and neglected chilcl-
1 tit ions filed to send said child
ren to state public school at Coldvvatcr;
order made for hearing April 10.
Estate of James Ellsworth, deceased.
Petition filed for appointment of Ad
ministrator; order made- for hearing
April 23d.
Estate of Mary Ann Ilenson, de
ceased. Claims in said estate adjusted.
The party who stole Miss Nettie
Kress' Photograph from my gallery,
will save trouble by returning the 6ame
to me, as they are known.
L. W. Miller.
Dr, Kelly has received an
Electric machine, for the
painless extraction of teeth,
without extra charge.
I am m iking a specialty of collar and
cuff laundiying and guaruntee firstclass
woik. Parties wishing such work or
fine shirts or general laundry work,
please leave the same at 13. W. Ellisons
stoie. J. B. Sheldon. 407 4wk
Lucky Star is a ten cent Cigar told ly
WvbU for five CU4U. 4?Bl

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