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Vol- 10. No. 23.
C. F. RUOWN, Trop.
foi m nih; .'Mir lor Ihiep month. HutrS
oi :i t ri ti-iinr ma'tp kiiiiwn on npplicHtlon.
Alia Haywood. Aug. 21th.
Wo are in receipt of a ropy of tin
Gland Ledge ,(. ; ah at. Collie again.
Jas L. Clark addressed a large 15
publican rally at Rmcrson last Thurs
day afternoon.
A War Song Concert for the benefit
of Hit Ladies Library is expected to
coin.1 oil" in Hit' near furure.
Tin D.LA N'.R'y will run an excurs
ion t Petoskey ami Traverse City Sept.
4th. Tare from Alma and return, c. ".
The Dailies' Aid Soeiety of the M. H.
church pic-nicked in the park v ednes
day afternoon. All report a grand
This weeks Ri:oi:i gives its readers
a supplement setting out and giving the
many attractions of the Detroit Art
Museum, making very good reading.
D. Del't w, has his promising young
brown horse on the traek at St. Louis,
getting him in readiness fur fall raees;
for a young one he is doing exceedingly
Miss Matilda Koss has completed her
very sin cessf ul term at Hay View and
has gone to Greenville, where she is
conducting a teachers' institute this
The yearly meeting of the Disciples
of Gratiot and Isabella will he held w ith
the church at Forest Hill, commenc
ing Friday Sept.Tth at - o'clock p. in.
All are invited.
The latest musical instrument man
ipulated by A. D. Anisdcn is a Yoca
rhoue; after ten minutes rehearsal he
performed it nobly and expects soon to
have a quartette.
Memorial scrvues in lion, a of (ien.
Phil. Sheridan w ill be held next Sun
day afternoon at o'clock. An address
will be delivered by President Hunting;
services held in college chapel,
lien Lane has rented the Skating
Hi nk for the season, of .lames Gargctt.
We are infoimed that he intends fit
ting it up. making it a more conifort
able place for the public to visit.
The Pioneer Association of Sumner.
Seville. Tine River and Arcada town,
ships will hold a basket picnic in Mil
ler's glove hear Hi We'd. August lth.
All are eordialh invited W-
The ilag-slone for th.e new walk in
front of Mr. Wright's residence and
Sanitarian is expected in a fe v days.
When in place it will help to adorn
these hand-me premises which our
people are justly proud of.
Marcus Pollasp.y, our former res
ident, and whom our citizens are all
interested in. has united himself with
Wile vV. Uarpham. one of the oldest law
firms in Chicago. Mark is a hustler
and is Miic to be in the front ranks.
H. W. Dixon i in town this week
solicting for an atlas of (Iratiot Co.
which will be j.ublishtd next season,
giving e:u h town, township, school dis
trict and locating each farm, making a
very valuable book of reference.
The many friends of Mrs. K. W.
Kly, will lejoice to learn that she has
received a situation in the Auditor
General's oilice at Lansing at a salary
of r7 ' per month. We might say in
justice to representative Wood that
the position was awarded her through
Ins influence.
On Wednesday last the scaffold at
the Library building gave way letting
three men and .loo brick to the ground.
John Keneisel! being the only one hui t.
the brick failing on his foot and leg
biuising him i,:iite badly. An insurance
agent wearing a white hat with muv
black band than hat had the misfortune
to have it sin a- lad in the fall.
On Monday, the L'l-d. a patty of three
ladies, residents of this village, might
have been seen engaged in what they
termed '"a wade" in the mill pond near
the boat houses. After several mis
haps had occurred, such as falling down
in the water, and losing hats, they re
turned homo looking much like drown
ed rats. Item ii x.
Next Tuesday the Young Men's lb -publican
Club propo- t g. to Ithaca
to participate in the dedicatory excl-ris'-s
of the "Log Cabin" at tint place.
(!ov. Luce, .Senator Giddings. G 'orge
Dalioll and others wi!l peak. It is ex
pected the club w ill be uniformed and.
to the number of one hundred or more
Will go to swell the crowd expeeb'd to
he pit-sent on that day. The friends of
the rlnb. ci'C. dully those anions the
fanners of this vicinity aie cordially
invite 1 to coin in and join this pro-
cession. Hats an I torches v ill be pro-
The Ilubbarston fair is Sept. is to LM
Horn to Mrs. W. It. Cooper, on Wed
nesday last, a daughter.
The Maple. Rapids Dispatch says the
(Jratiot county fanners have beaten
those of Clinton county on wheat this
Sheplierd hand have received their
new instruments and now the pood
people of that hamlet may as well take
to the woods.
Ii. Kt hii has put in a machine for
manufacturing and covering buttons.
Mr. K. is a hustler and will always be
found up with the times.
(iov. Luce has selected Senator L. G.
rainier to represent Michigan as a com
missioner at the industrial and ed
ucational exposition in Columbus, ().,
next month.
The Great Arabian Show is billed for
Alma, Aug. 3oth. consisting of trained
horses, trained dogs, trapeze artists,
tumblers, etc., and a grand band and
orchestra of .Vi members.
Inquiries in regard to rooms for
students are in good demand. Parties
having rooms to rent will do well to
inform Pres. Hunting as to the num
ber and whether furnished or not.
We see by the Norwalk (.'hroaiclc
that Miss Nellie O'Hagan, formcily
of Alma, has opened a millinery ami
fancy goods store in that city. She
has many friends in Alma who wish
her success in her new venture.
Miss Louisa Todd, of Milton, who
has been spending some time with her
grandfather Win. ltogers, on Monday
last received a dispatch announcing
the serious illness id" her mother Mts.
Ilarrimau and left for home Tuesday
accompanied by her grand mother Mrs.
There is no excuse for going without
neckties any longer. See what McCul
lough A: liutton are offering: 7" cent
necktie for in cents! Also parasols so
cheap that no lady can afford to do
without one. Call and see what bar
gains they are offering.
Prof. (). .1. Stilwell and wife returned
from their bridal trip Wednesday visit
ing Rockford the home of his parents
and friends of the bride at DeWitt and
Lansing reporting a pleasant tour.
The Prof, is making arrangements for
the opening of sciiool Sept.Jnd.
Tinker A; Lancashire are furnishing
the woodwork for the interior of tin
new Library building at the College,
'i his well known linn are working up
an extensive tiade in this line, having
st-eral orders for other towns on hand,
"(lood work and fair dealing is thiir
Jos. Kilison is the happv possessor of
a log cabin pin of 110, which has been
in his family since that date. On cue
side is engraved tho cabin, while the
other bears the likeness of (ien. W. II.
Harrison, making at this day a very
Pleasing pocket-piece for as good a re
publican as Mr. Ik
The Ann Arbor common council has
voted a franchise and right of way to
(b n. Nathan Church, K. P. Pet t. Rob
ert Smith and others of Ithaca, for a
stieet railway at the university city
The road will call for live miles of track
and will be built early next spring.
Such a road ought to be a good invest
ment at Ann Arbor, and no doubt will.
John A. (iil'son while digging a ditch
on the irroumls of N. Church one hun
dred rods south-east of the din n
School llou.se. found the fossil remains
of some large animal probably a mas
todon. Mr. (Jibson removed a portion
of two ribs which though not entirt
one measured three feet ten inches, th(
other two feet eight inches. The re
maidei is to be exhumed at some futurt
Mrs. Henry Stark s Sunday school
class gave her a pleasant surprise last
Monday afternoon, it being the ;lth
anniversary of her birth. They gavt
her a silver napkin ring, with her nami
nicely engraved, typical of their regard
for their teacher. After a bountiful
lunch had been served, Mr. Stalk es
coiled them to the park where they in
dulged in the amusements that pleasant
resort affords, after which thev repair
ed to their homes, well pleased with
the enjoyments of the afternoon
The second Adventist's Cnmp-meet
ing which had leen in session one week
uie't r lb' direction of Rider (ieo. L
Hi t ;e; a man of t rumen ability oct
pvinvra ver) prominent position in tli
(.culmination dicing their cheif pre
siding oT;cer) assisted by Rider Van
Horn. Miller, Ostrandt r and that em
inent scholar Dr. J. II. Kellog, phjsi-
eiau in t hai ge of the Rattle Creek San
itarium and member of the National
H unl of Health, broke up last Men
ilav. The attendance was good, tin
discourses were edifving and ihstri.ct-
; i e andt!;' wek ph a-cihtiy spent by
j tho,. in altt nd..iice. It is estimated
that there weietive thousand people
I on the groan Li Sunday.
Alma, Mich., Friday. Aug. 24. 1888.
State street shows marked improve
ments by ii new sidewalk alovo the
Presbyterian church.
Chas. Verington has written an in
teresting article on the Mahioth Cave
which will appear next week.
Mrs. M. Pollasky has a fig tree con
taining fifty (igs just coming into ma
turity: putt! an unusual sight in thin
Ladies (Jossamer circulars, former
price 1 .11- now ?:o lor h'.i cents. Is this
not a great bargain. Wj ight Schneider
& Stnttz.
The residence lately occupied by F.
I. Hamlin, is leceivinga fresh coat of
paint and will be occupied by Prof.
Chas. Davis next year.
Col. A. T. Miss and W. II. Wilier
will speak at Riverdale next Friday.
The bare announcement is sutiicient to
insurt! a huge attendance.
Alfred Ronk left Saturday for New
York to buy his fall stock of goods.
Keep your tyes open for he will sur
prise you when his stock comes.
The M. R. Ladies' Aid Society will
serve an excellent warm dinner in the
Rerrybuildingt.il Thursday, Aug. ."..
Price, l'") cents. We earnestly solicit a
share of your patronage.
Win. Sloan, owner of the llainble-
toniau trotter. Diamond Joe, is putting
in his time with this well known horse
on the track at St. Louis. He informs
us that he is doing much better this sea
son than ever.
The Young Men's Republican club
s very fortunate in their selection
tif president. John I). Spinney is an
ictive. intt Uiu'ciit and aggressive Re
publican, full of energy and push and
alculated to lead the club in aggres
sive campaign as this promises to be.
The grounds near the cemetery have
been put in order for the reception of
the (i. A. R. encampment on the 2'.th
ins!. Arrangements are being made
for a grand time. As there must nec-
ssaiily be some expense attending
this occasion, it is hoped the friends
will respond liberally if asked to aid
in this matter.
.Nils. Joseph Sartor received a dis
patch I uesday announcing the serious
illness of her mother at Rerlin Out.
ie lelt here Wednesday accompanied
bv la-r dauuliti r Rmma. to visit her and
ntril ute all that loving hands can do
to sooth and ellcviate suffering and re-
tore to health.
The fall meeting of the Detroit Driv
ing t lull la! ( s piaee epl. till lo Mil
inclusive, and promises to be an un
usually interest ing and enjoyable affair.
1'he Nat ioua! Association of Trotting-
Hoise liiecders stakes. 1 in number.
art1 to he u tu n lor in auuuion 10 .s
stakes and purse races ottered by the
Mr. A. W. Wri::ht is about building
a sIock shed 'x.o iwo siories in neigni
the upper part to be used for storage of
hay. while the lower portion will
furnish protection to his line herd of
high bred horses. There are two stalls
for the use of the invalids ami unfort
unates, should there be any such
among them.
The person who furnishes items to a
newspaper is always a vaiuao.e irienu
to the editor. Many pel sons hesitate
about sending peisonal notes to a
newspaper legarding the movements
of friends let the newspaper man
should think them anxious to see their
names in print. He will think noth
ing of the kind, but on the contrary ht
is -dad to get such notes. Many seem
ing unimportant items when printed i?
news to a large number of readers
At the Young Men's Republican
Club meeting held last evening. W. T.
Merritt was elected captain ami Ik M.
Wilson, and Ralph Fly lieutenants. It
was arranged that the Club will go to
Ithaca Tuesday afternoon, next, at L.'iO
o'clock. The next meeting of the Club
will occur Saturday (to-morrow) evening
in the store building of Pollasky Rros.
generously offered them by this widt
awake republican firm as their head-
qu. liters during this campaign. The
thanks of the club were voted Pollasky
Hro's. for their very generous offer. S.
W. Tinker very generously agreed to
furnish seats.
Alba Haywood, accompanied by a
number of musical artists, will be at
the rink in this place, Aug. 2Uh. Mr.
Haywood is well and favorably known
in these parts and will draw a full
hou'e (very time. The band have
taken the lesponsibility of getting him
here, and now let us all turn out hot
only to help the band, but to enjoy an
evening of solid fun and laughter. The
company eoiisi.-tsof "The SupeibTrio,"
Dewey I lev wood, flute soloist; Miss
Allie Cheatham, coi net soloist: Flora
(Jaidner Kling, conceit soprano and
I int. ist; Henry Kling violinist under
the Management of (). XV. Ileyvvood.
Admission, '.; reserved seats at
Webb's store w c; ihildren, l-c.
A Golden Wedding.
A pleasing incident occurred at the
Sanitarium, where they are spending
the summer, Thursday evening, being
the golden wedding of the Hon. J. 1.
(i. and Mrs. Ntlson, of Indianapolis,
Intl. They were first married accord
ing to the rite of the Fpiscopal church
at Ft. Wayne, Intl., August 23rd, lS.'W.
Mr. Nelson has held various important
public otlices, having for several terms
been a member of the legislature and
for ten yeorsa member of the commis
sion for tli"; erection of the State house.
Histwo daughters, Mrs. II. W. Hond ami
Miss Fva Nelson were present on this
interesting occasion. The guests of the
Sanitarium also witnessed the pleasant
scene and intokn e of their appreciation
furnished numeious beautiful loquets
from the llovver beds adjoining the lawn
of the Sanitarium. Mr. Nelson pre
sented his bride of fifty years a line gold
ring, a very expressive symbol of the
love he still bears her after their hand-to-hand
journey along life! rugged
pathway of half a century. Mr. and
Mrs Dr. Hale and the guests of the
Sanitarium presented Mr. Nelson with
;i gold badge with a representation of
the Sanitarium on one side and the
names of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson nicely
engraved tin the other. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. (ieo. F. Hunt
ing, Pres. tif Alma College.
The many friends of Rishop Harris
will be pained to learn of his death,
which occured at London. Aug. LMst at
(':.",() p. m. His funeral services wert
held in Westminster Abbey at o'clock
on the ilL'nd, conducted by Rishop
Whipple, of Minnesota, Thompson, of
Mississipi and the Dean of Westminster
The remains accompanied by Mrs. II
daughter ami son and Rev. Dr. Me.
Carroll, sailed from South Hampton
on Thursday for Detroit on the "Lahr."
The burial will occur in Detroit.
On Monday evening last Mr. A. VY
Wright, having his park in an advanced
stage of completion, issued a general
invitation to the public to be present at
a grand opening concert to be given by
the Alma band, w hose services had been
secured lor the occasion. The park
was illuminated by 100 parti-colored
Chinese lanterns, and by the time tin
first piece was played it was evident
that the invitation had been accepted in
the spirit in which it was given, for tin
park was thronged with the fairest and
best of our citizens occupying swings
hammocks and seats or strolling about
in the "dim religious light." And the
band well the band played. Comment
is useless. They broke their record
The applause which followed the ren
dition of the various solos and selec
tions showed that the audience was as
appreciative as it was large. The
following was the program: March.
The Color Guard, T. II. Rollinson;
Scholtische, Nora McCrea, Fred (1
Riniis; Cornet Solo, Concert Polka.
Tom. V. Short and A. D Arusden;
Laura Waltzes, From Opera Reggar
Student. Myrelles. Haritoiie Solo. Rocked
in the Cradle of the Deep, Rollinson
C. XV. Yerringteii; Overature, Rival
Pettee; Clarinet Solo, Second Air Vari.
R. S. Thornton, Geo. H. Yerrington:
Ouartette, Cebella, Messrs. Ward, Ams
den, C. XV. and A. Yerington. Alma
has reason to feel proud of a citizen of
such public spirit and geiiesosity and
who has the happy faculty of so dis
tributing his "surplus" as at once to
advance his own interests while con
tributing to the welfare and gratifica
tion of her citizens.
Something line in mouth organs at
For a nice, slick carriage whip go to
Chas. Mokdi n'h.
(Jo to Caple k Hall for a fine job of
tin woik.
Campaign pins, badges, buttons etc.
at the Ree Hive.
If in need of anything in the harness
line c dl at Monnns's.
Take jour Fmbcrellas to R. P. Shaf
fer and have the tops Gold Plated and
We sell the best plow shoe in the
market. Call and ask for the imperial
Fa cry pair warranted.
R. L. Stakk.
Call and see the latest style in crush
hats for men, youths and lovs.
R L. Stauk.
The Harrison and Cleveland scarf
pins are the latest at R. P. Shaffer's.
We have a t2."o ladies' fine shoe that
cannot be equalled. Call and see it.
R. L. Si' A UK.
Remember, if you want a fine all-silk
umbrella with a 14-k gold head, you
can get it at (J. R. Porter's.
Fine line of neckwear, collars, cutfs,
white and fancy shiits.all at prices to
suit the times. ' Call and see for jour
helves. R. L. Si auk.
The most complete line of men's fine
shoes mi the maikct. Pi ice 2 and up
ward. R. L. SrAKU.
-Tur-fxiLiAmAxnTTK rjummi raj
F. Achard was in town Monday.
John Giaham was in town Wednes
M. Montigel was in Saginaw Tuesday
on business.
Joseph Miller has removed his family
to Litchfield.
II. W. Ashley was at the Wright
Utilise, Tuesday.
C. V. Nortis, of St. Loui, sized up
Alma Thursday.
Dr. Schafer, of Rim Hall, was in
town Wednesday.
S. W. Tinker was in St. Louis, Wed
nesday on business.
W. Ii. Hough was in Grand Rapids
Thursday, on business.
XV. II. Whipple shipped a car load of
feed to Mill ion Tuesday.
C. II. Coats, of St. Louis, was in
Alma Thursday on business.
Sim. Miller spent Sunday at his old
home Litchfield. Hillsdale Co.
Mrs. N. (J. McCuHoiigh, visited
friends at Riverdale Thursday.
A. D. Amsden and wife visited rel
atives near Rlvvell last Sunday.
Miss Dora Hicks is in the employ of
Mrs. Schafer in the fancy store.
II. F. and Frank Ward, of Shephenl.
spent Sunday with (J. S. Waul.
Jas. Morrison has his new residence
on State street nearly completed.
M. H. Faughner was in Lansing the
fore part tif the week, on business.
Miss Fannie lieiinett. t.f Palo, is the
guest of A. Yerington ami brotln is.
Harvey Jiutton Sr.. of Alba is spend
ing a few days with his sou Renjamin.
Jas. L. Clark was in Grand Rapids,
Wednesday, on professional business.
David Robinson Jr. was in town
Tuesday, a guest at the Wright Roust .
(Jeo. Latimer, of Shepherd, was in
town Sunday, taking in tie camp-meeting.
Mrs. W. Norris, of Owosso. was the
guest of Mrs. Win. Thompson Thurs
day. Mr. Sabbi'iry. of Lowell, was the
guest of his uncle. R. L. .Mark yester
day. Miss Libbie Church, of Chicago, is
visiting Mrs. J. L. Clark, a cousin, this
Robert Smith, of Ithaca, was in
town Saturday on his way to Grand
Dr. R. A. liaglcy attended the Re
publican rally at Rmerson Thursday
('. R. Riant hard returned from Ray
View last Friday after a few weeks
Mr. ami Mrs. A.W. Wright leaves
Friday for a ten days' 1 1 i to Mon
treal and ('iohee.
Miss Rmma Titus left Tuesday for
Rettsville, ()., where she will spend the
fall with relatives.
Pres. Hunting delivered an address
before the training school at Taw as
City last Tuesday.
Mrs. C. II. Carscadis and son H I lie
from Ruffalo. N. Y., a:e the guests of
Mrs. D. V. Hubbel!.
Mrs. Dr. McLeay. of Prairiev ille.
Harry Co., is spending a few day s with
Mv. C. Rush and wife.
Miss Nettie Rosenberry and Mrs.
DeWitt Vought visited friends in
Lak( view last Sunday.
Mrs. HIvira St cord and her grand-son,
Mortie, of Perrintoii. are visiting rela
tives in Alma this week.
XV. II. Carpenter left Wednesday
for his new position in Hay City. He
invites Alma people visiting that place,
to call.
Mrs. M. T. Rindge.of Ovvosso. is the
guest tif her sister. Mrs. Dr. Flowers.
She has been a resident of Owosso for
2d years.
Prof. J. XV. Rwing is conducting it
very profitable teachers Institute at St.
Louis this Aveek. the class numbers
about 100.
R. Ik Moblo and 1 e chafer. two of
Riverdale's business men v( re in town
Thursday. Ask Rob. if he t ailed on the
Miss Rthlo Raily. of Shepherd and
Miss Myrtie S.mford. of Mt. Pleasant,
spent Sunday in town the guests of
Rva Hudson.
Prof. J. XV. Rwing returned Saturday
night from Wyandotte, where he has
been conducting a very successful
teachers' institute.
Harry Walhy spent Sunday in town.
Judging from his appearance he has
not been over-woiktd of late, as he is
fat and hap.y as usual.
Andrew Watson and family, of
Highland are guests of J. S. Macdonald
and family. Mr. XV. is m iiiager of the
Highland vinegar works.
Miss Leona Stout left Wednesday
for Greenville, whele she expects to le
main this fall. Ib i many fr'.eiaD and
associates regret her depaiture, but
wish her a pleasaut recreation.
"Whole No, 489.
1'nll of Iti.neoM . , I. nt ( Tt;iin, Trui l arli .
It was about lo years ago, in the
(jiiiet town of Tcctimseli, t his state,
there lived a well-to-do retired
farmer,w ith his w ife ami only daugh
ter Mabel.at that timc,jut blooming
into waniauliood, having celebrated
her sixteenth birthday during the
earlier part of that year. Mabel
was born, and had been brought up
on a farm, located four miles and a
half from town, where her father
had toiled hard for many a year, and
having by strict economy, ami ju
dicious investments, accumulated a
sullicient amount of this world's
goods, to allow him to live in ease
and comparative luxury (luring the
remainder of his days. He rented
his magnificent farm, and moved in
to town three years previous to the
opening of this sketch, his main
object vva to give his only daughter
the advantages of the splendid
schooN the town afforded.
In the year in which this sketch
open-, she had finished the course
at the high school ami had graduated
with honors. Owing to her rural
birth ami education, Mabel retained
all her natural simplicity, being of
a highly sensitive nature; she did
not mingle much into society; on ac
count of her simplicity and some
what economic ideas'.she kept out of
the circle of what was termed "our
sid" of young society girl. She
therefore had no intimate girl
friends. During her childhood she
had for con-taut companion, a hand
some curly-headed boy, a neighbor's
son, who had often helped her
with lur lessons, and championed
her all along childhood's rough and
rugged paths.
Arthur v as five years her senior,
a handsome boy, considered by far
to be the haiid-onicst for miles
around, and the target for many
eupid darts sent forth from child
hood girl hearts, while at school, hut
none attracted him as did the simple
childish w ay of our Mabel. He was
proud but manly; hi pride was his
great "harbor of refuge," and in
hours of p. niptation always came to
his rescue. About the time that
Mabel's parents mov ed to Tecumseh,
Arthur, having also graduated with
honors, at Hillsdale college, had ac
cepted a position as assistant cash-
it r in a bank of which his father
was one of the principal stockhold
ers and otlicei's, located in a neih
boring town.
This responsible position had a
tendency to make Arthur still proud
er, if anv thing. His strict applica
tion and shrewd business
tact had advanced him step by step.
During all this time he never for
one moment forgot his early play
mate, having kept up a continuous
correspondence, and now that he had
boo une of age and Mabel was sixteen,
he thought to advance his already
successful career another step by
taking unto himself a companion for
life, and during one of his visits,
asked Mabel for her heart and
hand. Mabel's heart had
always bet n his, from the time that
his hand had clasped hers, when on
her way t the old log school house,
and when he returned to his home
that night, it was with "a promi-o
ever sweet" and the blessings of
Mai nd's parents, lint the old say
ing -"true hve never runs smooth
must of course be no exception in
their case.
After his return to the bank next
day, he sat down, and wrote her
a long, loving letter, in which lie
dt s ribi (I tl.e magnificent home he
was going to furnish for her, lioxv
grand everything was to be no
i money should be spared in anything,
jcveutohis t h thing, on which ho
. XN :,s .'oinir to h,..,,.! a small fortune.
As M; bel read this litter, constcr-
nation over spread her whole being;
with her simple and economic views,
she could picture nothing but ruin
iu such e.Mrav:g:int ideas. The
, t achings of hi r parents had always
J Cuutimud on Fourth Pu'ju)

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