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Vol 10. No. 24.
Alma, Mich., Friday. Aug. 31. 1888.
Whole No. 490.
C. F. BROWN, Prop.
TERMS-fl l"-r vi'r In "''vnf r.
fornt iiftnihn; .Vie Inr thre month. inm-B
? M'lvMticinr iiiu'Im known on applicatlou.
Tin' well at tin Saitarium is down
I To feet.
Salvation Army camp meeting at St.
Louis this week.
Next Thutsday is tin- Democratic
congressional convention at St. Lou'h.
On Tuesday the wheat market took a
big jump. Detroit market quoted at $1.
Look at l'ollasky llros. adv., the) are
loaded with goods and want to unload
for their fall stock.
Kelso Iho. offer cook ami heating
stoves at a great reduction. Look at
their adv. in this issue.
Line repairers passed through Satur
day morning on D. L & X. Axing up
and making it work well.
The stone is on the ground ready for
the new walk in front of A. W. Wright's
residence and the Sanitaiium.
Hon. Warner Miller was nominated
for (Jovernor of New Yoik on the re
publican ticket lat Wednesday.
A. W. Thompson, a founer s'.udeiu
of Alma College, writes us from (J rand
II ipids the i-:coni will be a weekly
visitor hereafter.
Ihiggagemau V. Thomas ieturned to
work again Tuesday morning, very
much retiuited after his vacation, Ids
wife returns Saturday.
The administrator's sale of the prop
erty of the late Kliza Talmer w ill take
place Saturday Sept. 1st in .".out of
Adams Iho's. store. Alma.
Jas. Clark a resident near Alma
states that he Noted f.r Harrison in
1S40 and he is just like all the rest, will
vote for his grand son Hen. Harrison.
The Inaugural address of Pres. (leo.
P. Hunting delivered at Alma College
June U. lsss. has been pi'mb-d in
pamphlet form, by order of theboaid or
(I. H. pjrter has rented the window
in T. A. Millers drug store formerly
occupied by A. W. Peqtie-nat and will
move his tine selected stock thereto
next week.
The Young Men's Kcpuolican Ch.b
number Ho and still tliey are coming
Several who have been of Democratic
faith hcrc-to.fore have come over, and
still there is roor:i.
Prof. D. II. Adams returned Wed.
nestlay from his visit to Veimont re
porting a grand time and by hisappear-
ance we should judge he had. He is
now ready for his years work in the
170. Ooo of brick have been received
over the D. L. t X. for the College
Library and still thev come, besides car
loads of stone from the Lyon's quarry
and large pieces of timber from Sag
inaw. A movement is on foot to extend the
telephone line no. th to Mi. Pleas. int.
Hiving us better communication no. th.
Xow. if they would wake up a. id inak"
such an extention west to Kumoie then
it would look like business.
Xathan Church accompanied by his
two sons. Leroy and Clarence, will sail
from Pai i Sept. "lh for hU home at
Ithaca. Leroy will take a jtosiiiou in
his faihet's office at Ithaca, while Clar
ence w ill attend the College at Alma.
On Saturday, September 1st. the lie
publicans of Klwcll and vicinity will
raise a pole, together with some fi.st
class speaker. They w ill have a speak
er that can answer questions. Seveial
from this place expect to turn o A.
Prof. Stuart, who has been absent for
some time engaged in liteiary work at
different points, returned Saturdav.
He n ports a very pleasant summci's
woik. and is fresh and vigoious, to en
gage in his duties, upon the open'ng of
the next college jear, Sept. 1-th.
The 11 .coi:i job rooms have just
completed two very neat book jobs, one
for Alma Co'lee o! r. KO copies, and one
for Alma Sanitarium of lO.ooo, and
ami have st.uted on l.ooa copies for the
Union rvhool. We have tiist class ma-
terial in a lame otiantitv. and emnlov
first-class woikmen. e"d men of experi-! Mi,,V L- IMnIlips. of Frankfort. Almut
ence, hence we a ep epaied to do all;tl,ir, K,n NU'l,; I'"""! nla very
kiiuK,f work. We doour own woi k. I en.:o able lime spent in social inter-
no jobs taken out of town for comple- j
We are pleased to learn that Hon
A. K Darragh has consented to le
main chairman of the county Kepubli
can committee. This insures a vigor-
ous and effective campaign as Mi. J)at-
ragh is a keen sighted, shrewd andcapa-
ble leader ami 111 conduct an ares-
she and effective canvass. .Now let
republicans put shoulder to shoul ler,
work in harmo j io.d secure a glor-
iou victory.
I'rcsh Oysters Daily at C M. Scotts.
11. W. Kllison has a change of adv.
this week.
Head C. W. Yeriii';ion's visit to
Mammoth Cave in this issue.
We furnish nil our readers with the
address of Kev. Dr. Hunting in this
Delevan iS: Co. shipped out three ear
load, of wheat this week and ttill it
m ves.
The I). L. & X. sold 1S7 round trip
tickets to Ithaca at the dedication of
the Log Cabin.
The Advent tents were shipped over
the D. L. X. & M. C. to Huron, Mich.,
for another meet'ii'.
Several people went i'ein here to
attend the Piee Methodist camp meet
ing at Amble this week.
The wood work at the entrance of
the Wiight House is receiving a fresh
coat of paint, a very handsome wine
The residence not th of the Sanita
rium is oeing moved to the noitli to
make 'oom for the addition to the San
itarium. Our Parkinson correspondent was too
late for this week. All such communi
cations w ill please be sent as soon as
Sneak thieves are making a raid on
St. Louis having stolen of Geo.
(lutermans and a valuable watch of
(ieo. Perry.
W. S. Panss, a former citizen, now a
resident of Indiana, was in town the
first of the week, looking alter hisbusi
n ess interests here.
The business houses were closed
from 1 to 4 Thursday afternoon, giving
all an opportunity of hearing the ad
dress of Dr. Hunting.
The last car of wool was shipped
fiorn W. S. & S. last week. mak! lg
Deleyan's. Pollaskv Pros.' W. S. &. S.
oing via. D. L. & X". this season.
We are under obligations to the De
troit Museum o.' Art, for a complinu n
tarv ticket to their exhibition which
opens to the Public cpl. 1st and will
continue until Nov. l-Hli.
Alma Lo.'-e. So. VA. 1 A. M
wi'l ioNI a spec'al meeting at their
hall o:i .Ntluiday evening Cue 1st of Sep
tember. Woi k on tin? .'Jul ile.'iiee. All
meuibeis ae invited to attend.
M. Pou.askv. W. M
List of letters remaining in Alma
potoiliee for the month ending Aug. '.'
Ladies: M s. Kva Wi e. .Miss Vie Wv
liever; (Jent Tlior.irs P.ently, P. S
Comsto 1;. IV-sons c'li.ig for the
above please sav adveriked.
D. Li.y. P. M.
Mrs.W. X". Pogers ieturned Satur
day from Milton where she was sum
moned by telegraph Monday on ac
omit of the sickness of her daughter
Mrs. llarriman. Miss Louisa Toddie
maining to care for her mother until
entiiely recovered.
Alba He) .vood and his troupe gave
a most en lovable entertainment at
the rink last I'liday evening, j
large audience being p; esent. .Mr
Hey wood is one of the best impe;son
aters on the American state, and the
other memoe s of the lioupe are excel
lent in their specialties.
Xicholas Jobr. one of the oldest pio
neers of Gratiot, a resident of exilic
died last Saturday after a lingering ill
ness at the age of 74 years. He was;
highly esteemed citizen and neighbor
The family have the sympathy of the
entire community in this their sad Ik?
rcvemewt llev. ILut conducted ihe
fore .d sei.ces on Mo.iday.
K. . M.'. on, ist.ue a.eiit for Clwe
V Co., re e ymen of licneva, X'ew
'ork. was 'n town Tuesday and math1
the Hi:( (n:toli e a plea ant e.t'l ' ev.v
ng pleasant ir.emoiies ot tne pi bv,
memories of many iiicidenls of an in
leitiu'ii'e ol kind acts and servites in
which we weie wont to indubre. Wt
oeem this Jinn very fo lanate in se .ik
ing the seivii.es of so eneigetie and etti
cient an ;:;eut.
On Friday I..st a pleasant family re
union oicuued at the home of Mr. am
Mrs. Win. Howe, one mile south o
to n. Among those present wee Prof
,J. (i. Plowman, of White Pigeon, Mrs.
S. M. Pohertson. of Pewamo, Mrs. Mar
tha .1. Oilman, of Hast Leroy and Mrs.
Col. A. T. Kliss, our nominee for con
gress, in this district, was in town Wed
nesday and made the Pkcouii office a
friendly call. Col. Kliss is sanguine
of success in this campaign, ami if the
voters of this district, .leposit their bab
lots w ith lefeience to their own inter -
ests; he w ill represent them in a capa-
ble and business like manner in the
in mt-
Mitl Pe
next congress of the Fnited
Alter Hecemlwr his addicss
i Washington 1) C.
Lion Moyer returned Thursday from
the north.
J. P. Phipps, of Stanton, was in town
Miss Jennie Phipps, of Stanton, is at
the Sanitarium.
Mrs. F. Thomas visited friends at
Ithaca Thursday,
Soloman La Paugh, of FJm Hull was
in town Saturday.
James F. Hall, of t. Louis, was a
visitor in Alma Thursday.
A. II. 1'aton, of Katon & Co., Grand
Hapids. was in town Monday.
Prof. Lwing is attending the teachers
institute at St. Louis this week.
Mrs. Poach, of Lvart, was the guest
Mrs. L. W. Whipple Wednesday.
The llKconn gives its readers 12
columns of home news this week.
John I). Spinney goes to Stanton
Saturday to foreclose a mortgage.
C. H. Coats and wife, of St. Lou's
visited the encampment Thursday.
Mrs. L. W. Miller and children ie
turned from Petoskey Wednesday.
Kev. Dr Hunting went to Mt. Pleas
ant Wednesday to deliver an address.
L. W. Whipple shipped a car of oats
and flour to Kownlee crossing Tuesday.
Mrs. J. F. Schwartz and children are
visiting relatives at Edmore this week.
Miss Pomcroy and niece, of Litch-
tield, were the guests of Mrs. Sim Miller
over Sunday.
Mr. Max Pollaskv, who has lKen on
the sick list, we are glad to announce
is on the gain.
Mrs. A. J. Hall was called to Grand
Ledge Wednesday by the sickness of a
little nephew.
A. K. Dingman, of Mclh ides. was in
town Wednesday and made the Kecorp
a pleasant call.
F. W. Hooper visited his old home,
in Canada, on his trip to Kuffalo the
first of the week.
S. Messinger and fami'y speat the
first part of the week at Saginaw and
up the lake sho e.
John Ilartmau, of Stanton, went
with the band Tuesday to Ithaca, play
ing the base drum.
Heniy Puewbaker, returned from the
Tpper Peninsula Saturday and wdl Re
main here for the pie.-;eut.
Mis. Part Miller left Thursday for
Pig Papids where she has Ik-cii called
to the sick bed of her sister.
Miss Mary Yepnon retu ned home
i'rom Grand Ka'mls yesterday where
she i'as been visit'pg ,i lends.
Carl Andrews, of WiMiamston, an old
f, iend of ye scribe, was in town Wed
nesday looking over Alma College with
view of attending.
Lane & Hooper shipped two car loads
of stock to Kuffalo last Saturday, Gnd'tig
a very good market. Mr. Hooper made
the trip, returning Thursday.
Henry Vei oieulen is i t Holding -week
a- :sting Lamb & Spencer bi r -l.'Uging
their slock of gioceies I-i the
ai tislic s . le for which he is famoi ..
Mi sFloieme Kiddick, daughter o"
Lev. Kiddick, of Midlam. has leen in
town a few days the guest of M-s. K.
W. Ellison. Mr. Kiddick taught the
Co -t term of school in the old scnool
.jidMing l.dely burned down in his
village and was in town the day the
building was burned.
The county committee have called the
county convention for Sept. 12.
The encampment and McConley s
show made things lively Thursday.
Almut "0 volumes of the school libra
ry has Ikmmi relKuind, making it in fine
shape again.
For lack of space w e are compelled
to crowd out several inteiesting locals,
Pardon us this time.
The entire address of Dr. Hunting,
delivered at the encampment, will Ik?
published in the Kkcokd next week.
Call and see our line of stoyes. The
Peninsular cooking stoves take the lead.
In coal or heaters we have an endless
variety. Catlk & Haul.
A late letter from Marcus Pollasky
requests the address of the Kkcohd
changed to fol to .75, U. S. Fxpress
building, Chicago He also informs us
that he is nicely located and has Mattei
ing prospects of satisfying his early am
bition to succeed in law.
Kurgess Hall, of Sumner, was in town
yesterday and paid the Kr.couna pleas
ant call. During the conversation that
occurred the question of representation
in the State legislature tame up. Mr.
Hall, with characteristic fiankness
1 stated that the proposition having been
made him by his fi lends he had con -
! sented to allow his name to lie used In
that connection, and had placed him
sen in ineir nanus, u is needless to
SI,eak of 1,1, mr. that pretty gen-
erally conceded, and If nominated his
. election can be confl.lcutly relied upon,
self in their hands. It is needless to
Union School
On Monday inonii.i;;, September
third, the ten weeks' summer vaca
tion of our union school clo-cs. Xo
changes have Seen mndc in the corps
of tenches except tli.it J. V. Heck
ner lakes he place of C. W. Yerini;
ton as Miotruetor in music and en
niansliij) ami Miss C'hajnn has
chanetl her name.
r'.NMA.Vsim AMI Ml'NH'.
Keconi.in the fact that high
schools are inclined to ive too little
attention to be so-called common
branches, ( W. Yc.rinton was em
jloyed as soeci; 1 teacher of penman
ship and music during the last school
year. The board and, it may be
safely said, a lare majority of the
ttix payers of the district are well
s. tished wiih the epe; imenl. and
consider the money wisely emploved.
Few schools outside the large cities
can offer pupils the advantage of in
struction by a professional in these
is conducted on the plan pursued by
the best commercial college where
book keeping is taught in the most
tliorou;li and practical manner.
School currency and chattels arc; pro
vided by means of which the pupil
carries-on va.ious branches of busi
ness. A room is fitted up especially
for this work. Last year the com
mercial class numbered more than
100, many of whom attended school
for the sole purpose of pursuing this
business course.
tin: nkws ci.as
regularlv recites curient events
gleaned from the newspapers. Tin
machinery of our own and other gov
ernnicnts, and the doings of our ever
advancing! w orld are so impressed that
the mind of the pupil is lr.oadenod,
while his knowledge of history, gvtv
irraidiv and the sciences is ever
brought into play and increased.
s.vTim.w. liisnniv.
Few schools in the state, if anv. of
its size, have so fine zoological and
botanical collections, as has the
Alma union school; the former con
sists of about .'100 stuffed birds and
animals, the laier of an herbarium
of b00 mounted specimens. Uotany
and zoology are taught bv directing
the pupil how to study the living or
dead plant or animal, rather than by
much book memorizing.
school r.iii.inst;.
The Alma Union School building
has hut tew oouals in elegance or
completeness. 1 he steam heating
and system of ventilation are we
nigh peifect.
1'pou arriving at school in stormv
weather, the pupil is not obliged to
agaoi leave the ouirling until tin
dr y's exercises are over, since a read
ing room, two large play rooms be
low, and a gymnasium occupying the
einie t!,:nl storv are provided for
rec c.tion and the water closets aie
h'luated in the basements. A lim
artesian well turuishes the purest
cor its K of sri'hV.
A catalogue show ing the courses
of study may be had by applying to
the superintendent. Foreign pupils
are not required to adhere sr. ictly to
the course of study; but may select
such branches as they prefer, lloaid
and rooms may ie had at from J to
3..0 p;r week, and Supt. Stihvcll
will assist any foreign pupils in pio
curing the same, who may wih to
avail themselves of the advantage
offered by the Alma schools.
It is to" be hoped that Alma pa
rents will not fail in sending their
children the tirst dav, on this often
depends the child's interest for the
ilk umbrellas at Toiler's.
(J. A. II. badges at l'oiter's.
A1! k mis of emblem pins at Toiler's.
Clevelaiul and Harrison pins at For
te's. Kawnide whips at Morden's.
(jet your harness repaired at Chas.
We sell the best plow shoe in the
market, ('all and ask for the imperial
Kvery pair wai ranted.
K. L. St a kk.
Call and see the latest style in crush
hats for men, youths and Imijs.
F. L. Stack.
The Harrison and Cle eland scarf
pins are the latest at F. P. Shaffe. s.
Fine line of neckwear, collars, cuffs,
white and fancy shirts, all at prices to
suit the times. Call and ee for your
The most complete line of men's tine
shoes on the market. Trice 5-- and up
ward. K. L. Stakk.
Take your rmberellas to K. T. Shaf
fer and have the tops (told Tlated and
Arcafia Republican O.incus.
i Tlio llepubllcans f Arcada w ill meet
; trs,"j!"! "J J1'' sVlVYsis11"!5-""'- k'"a
j nj .'fllrtVe purpose of ' ehctingdele-
; gates to attend the Ilepublican "county
convention, to le held nt Ithaca Sept
niiiniiiiiu,non-iinion un.n.i .--i.
.properly come Wfore the caucus.
j E. 11. Ukkex, Chairman.
Log Cabin DetPcit'o.'.
Some time ago the Republican of
Ithaca erected a log cabin, for theii
lieaduu.il iei s in honor of lleui.aniii
Harrison in dcfeicncc i the sim tie.
unosteiitious a, nl rustic stvle ot
the "llelo of Tippce.ilioe," and set
1 uesdav, the I'ih as the dav oi deo!-
c. tion and invited their Republic. oi
friends to join t.iem in an old-l.t-h-ioncd
rallv, such as were common
luring that ever-memorable cam-
pacii. in response to siica invita
tion a vat liiilltltude ni peoide, im
bued the same sii'iii. and filled with
the sr.ino loftv j..irioti.ii t.iat then
moved t.ie people began '.o Jioiir into
tlu' ide.isaut v'llage of Ithaca, from
every quartet, until it becine a mat
ter of wonoer where all the people
came from, since ihe. e had been no
"special train t.-oiii i.iaw.
II the unmoor ot peo-de iii attend
ance, ami the carne-t;u" aim en.hu-
siasiu displryed be taken a an indi
cation of their pilipose on election
try, it is evident to ihe nnt obtu-e
observer that "(irovcr is o V the rug."
ami that after the 1th of Maicli.
next, he can "go a tUhini'' on o'Jn :
thauinemori.il day-. Tin- dill'ennt
estimates fix the crowd in aiteinlance
at from r.ooo to ln,io, ami while wo
cannot with precision determine up
on the ex.ict nuinbe., we will ay to
our readers, imagine the largei
crowd of people you ever aw -assembled
in (tralioi eoen y, and it b
freely admitted, that thi-, siirpasse
that. After much inarching ami parade,
incident to sii.-h ocea-ituis the ini-ineii-e
en vd gathered in irmu ot't'.ii'
Court lmii-e, v here the s'teakilig w M
to take jl..ce, ;' i.ni a platfoiiu !ea ii
liflllly fe-tooneil with the beailti ' l
emblem, svinbolical f our naii"n
ality, the stai and -tripe. Al t'ne
right of the speakei' stand, upMii a
platform erected fr tin m, w..s a
goodly number of old gent leincn w ho
voted for the elder 1 1 a iri-on i n 1 to.
w ho M-eined lo enter into the spirit
of the occasion with all the euihui
am of youth.
After a song bv the Ith. ea ;Jt e
cbdi, and ini's'ie by the It'i.'.ea juc
nile baml. (.'. V. Ma . in in i odneed
(Jen. Daboll, of St. Johns, who, in a
very clear and convincing speech,
full of sound arguiiienis, s,. f,, th
the position and polity of the 1b
nublican and Deinoc.at pa. tie-, much
to tin
Ile w
d ipai ageineut
s t 1 1 lo nl b v ( '
the I p,
of Saginaw, u i ...
1 1 1 1
1 i i I : I ej
to be an orator i a :'
I'in;,' intelligent and p
lie views of public j.ol
if electe!, a he i likelv
. . ct le.t ! . it'si-
icv and will.
1 1 1 i ie. p o e
hllilseli a illelid to tne soh.ier a.I
a defender and pvomooT of t!ie he;
interest of his co,si'tliu nts and tin
worth represent. .live of the com1c
of the Sill eolig) esvn ual list ; iei.
A huge preession uiriched to he
T. tv: A. depot to meet (Io. I.uce
. id escort him to the staml where he
w;.s most enthusiasticall v ". e-eived,
and inaitc a very char, able and con
vincing speech, convincing 5 he thous
ands who hca.d It in that he i the
man lhe ' it for (toernor for an
other term.
A short inle v. 1 of et wa in
dulged in after which !i..,:;i':iiiioi;
wove made for the en'ug ..leeling.
The jdrtfo in v;i'
by pan i-c do. ed ( ',
The va. 'on ,ii
nuinbe1'. ) '.o c
U.I '" e 'f1 1 I i ie in i , s e
hc;.d.pl. C' s of i ,.e
ga l
I dec' ra i c i
eeu'ieeii in
.d 1.
a !
I i i.e 1 1 t.aca (
tint u v ii e ic
Tu. ck. of
j ioces'iou
ei'ore eeii
ie s , ' o of ( ', i i :, i n V.
ihe A'iiia elt . sijeh a
e- fori,'c' a - was .ie er
n (I.atiot count v. A
to c'.i-l'g'it piocess'o,! v.iih .he d'f
"e cut brnds f.oni Ahna. St. I.op.is.
Ashley and lihaca, sandwiched at
pi oper interv. 1. i or.iicl one of the
iivi t imposing pagca"is yet discov
tned in "this nee': of i ie woot!."
The e were at a very reasonable ci i
iii. ie, si. liutnl.cd :oitdie in bne,
Mioceediiig in martial aray. they
t .tVe.Mil the ji incipal stteels. w't
tiessing the manv tokens of sympa-
jthvwith the seiitiiuents aniniat'iig-
the crowd, in the illuininations and
decorations of many of the dwelling,
on the route and having ''reduced
their urpliisM enthusiasm soniewl-at
they linaUy i cached the spcalxirs
stand, from which Seimior (tiddings,
of Cadillac. S. '. l. Trowlnidge. of
Ionia and ('!. A. T. Tdis, of Sa;;i
naw, in very able and eloipnni
speeches set forth tin jiiesiio.is at
issue between the two dominant po
litical part ies in such a clear ami h' i
cal manner as to elicit the most en
thusiastic applause of their immense
The large attendance upon this
meeting and the unbounded enthu
siasm displayed toward the candi
dates must be tat. en as unmistakable
,ngury of their suiccss at the polls
in November.
1 V tin., s
j cannot be equaled. Callandsteu.
F. L. Si akk.
MiliiH :) en n mm
' ' mi V III IV ILLLil.
Was it Murder?
A question not for a coroner or
hi jury to decide, but the public
alter they huo made an examina
tion of the way they are cutting and
Prices at
Hie lice Hive Stores;
during their
which loutinue only a few davs
longer. liny what you want in out
line before SF.PT. i:, a that is
positively the lat day of our "cut
price sale."
We have still left
loo pe r,Mi yd wide Sheeting at
t ;e, :.e and '.c per yard.
jo o pe- Dres (iootl ranging in
prices from 7- to I per yard, which
we will cni j' to :::: prr cent- indi
rriminat l .
1 " pc of n ami ljlc (iinghanv
at ii and 7c
barge line of Shilling's Corsets
Odds and Ends
in I'rints, Sheeting. Ginghams,
Dies (ioods. Flannels. Shirtings,
White Jood. Corset. Underwear,
Trimming-, etc., which we will
close on! at whatever they will
l"o -nit of Clothing at off from
the oiigmal juices which would
make them sell a follows:
suit for " siiils for
s '... suits for s;, no suits for
si;. c.:.. ,s"i: suits for l ami all
others at same propoition.
I .'-no Hats and Cas in all styles
I a"d 'pi di't'e from ."o.r to si.
.Mm pairs of Ladies.' Mssc' and
Chi'd . n's Siioes and '( pairs of
.Men's, Hoy's and Youth's Shoe,
at :' off from former low prices.
.b ise s, ,bn kets and Fall Wraps
at ."'Oe to rc on the dollar.
Don't h lav. a the best bargains
are goirg fast.
Pollasky Bros

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