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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, September 07, 1888, SUPPLEMENT, Image 10

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We are in receipt of cotnplimentery
tickets for the Ithaca fair, Sept. ITdh to
iWth inclusive. This will probably bo
the best fair in this section, as no
pains have been spared to make it so;
a large expense has been laid out on
the track etc , making grand improv-lnents.
Excursion Eates.
Tickets will be on sale via. the T., A.
A. X. M. lly. as follows:
(i.A. K. Kucampment at Columbus,
Ohio, Sept. 10th to l'.'th. Fare. $.:;.-,.
Tickets for sale Sept. 7th, Mb. 'Jth and
Hth to return Sept. l'.'th. The return
limit will be extendi d ". days on appli
cation at Columbus.
Ohio Centennial at Columbus. Ohio.
Tickets w ill be sold only on Thui sd;i
each, from Sept 1th to October luth,
good returning live days from date of
sale at rate of $11. o includes admi
sion to the centennial.
Thursdays f each week from this
date until October -7th, excurin tick
ets, including admission to the Cen
tennial Exposition, Cincinnati. Ohio,
will be sold at rate M.r. These tick
ets will be good to return not later than
lie das from date of sale.
Ait Loan Exhibition at Detroit. Mich,
Thm d;i s of each week, from Sept. Is
to Nov. li'th, rate $;;.i',o, which includes
admission, (iood to return the follow
ing date of sale.
Harvest excursion tickets to south
em. western and north-western points
at one fare for the round trip. These
tickets w ill be on sale Tuesdays, Sept.
Uth and 2M and October Mh and iSird.
The T., A A. & X. M. IV y will sell
excursion tickets to the .lackson State
Fair at one fare for the round trip, :'..l ",
from Sept. loth to 1 1th, and in addition
to the alntye regular exclusion rates,
will run a special excursion on Thurs
day. Sept. 13th, the "Big Day," at the
extremely low rate of $'2.i) round trip,
leaving Alma at 7:2: a. m., returning
leaves Jackson o :.". p. m.
Special excursion to Landing via the
T., A. A. & X. M. IV y on Wednesday,
Sept. lL'th, at the extremely low rate of
jd.li for round trip. f"pecial train
leae Alma s:l ) a. in., returning leave
Lansing at o p. m.
The following over the 1. L. A: X:
Kxeurion tickets to .Jackson fair at
tingle rates Sept. in 10 11, good to re
sum Sept. r.
Kxeuision tickets to (Jrand Uapids at
single fare. Sept. 17 to 2 inclusive;
good to return ept. '22.
Kxciirtion tickets to Flint at single
fare, Sept. IT to d inclusive; good to re
turn Sept. '2-2.
F.xcursion tickets to Ionia at single
fare on Sept l'.j to -.1 inclusive; good to
retun Sept.
Fxetirion tickets to St. Louis fair
Sept. 11 toll. Itliaca Sept. to lis.
Lakeview U to V2, lMinore f'-ept. In to
He. good to return day following, at
one and one-third fare for round trip.
loots and shoes going as low as pos
sible at Kinch's.
We sell the best plow shoe m the
market. Call and ask for the imperial
Kvery pair warranted.
K. L. Stakk.
Call and see the latest style in crush
hats for men, juuth.s and hoys.
K J. Stark.
W. H. Kinch offers a new line of
hand made cold liquor tanned calf
1m lots at bottom prices. 4W-tf
The Harrison and Cleveland scarf
pins are the latest at K. P. Shaffer's.
Fine line of neckwear, collars, culfs,
white and fancy shirts, all at prices to
suit the times. Call and see for your
selves. K. L. Stakk.
Ladies should call and get a hottle
oftiiltlMge shoe dressing at W. It.
Kinch's. It heats everything. -lUl-tf
The most complete line of men's line
shoes on the market. Trice $2 and up
ward. U. L. Stauk.
Kip imots I. S. & L. IS inch leg, cold
liquor tanned, sure to give satisfaction
at the lowest living price.
4M-tf W. It. Kinch.
We have a$..r0 ladies' line shoe that
cannot be equalled. Call and see it.
K. L. Stakk.
X. (J. Davidson and Garwood Kress i
went to Klwell yesterday, not from
choice, but as victims of circumstances
over which they had no control. Hav
ing escorted their w ives to the coaches
near the mill, that were to be attached
to the excursion to Petoskey, they
there rested quietly, supposing that
w hen the train was made up it would
stop at the depot, but to their surprise
and chagrin the first chance they had
of getting off, was at Khvell.
Too Much Walter.
A young man who hud been stopping
At a very swell hoarding house, upon tin
Last s. tie, whero tho nieah aro servo i
in courses, und evervlhing is done in
! hang-up style, concluded to economise
' and proceeded to accomplish tils'? end
i by changing Ins hoarding place, j
! friend recommended a place, not a
J hundred indes from the pout office, and
i one bright, sunshiny day he sallied"
I forth to partako of his first meal at tlx
new place. Upon taking his seat al
table, the waitress, a tall, cadavernuj
female, with a roach l.ke.Ino. L. Sulli
van swooped down upon him, and ill
fhort, jirkv accents yelled in Ids ear,
"Roast I :i f . pork-el i op -spring 1-a-in b-WIIAT-DO-YOU-WAX
1?" That set
tied it. Our young friend had bed
used to a quiet lite, and besides, ii
nlllieted with a heait trouble, so rathei
! than risk a sudden death, ho took i
awift loavo, and is now back again a
the old stand where nil is refluerucn
I and gentleness. Peck's Sun.
A Kentucky Country Tovro.
Ab (addressing a friend) "Hello,
Ze! 1, whar'd you leavo yo' hoso?"
Zeb "Uound yau in a lot. TYuar'd
you leavo you'll ?"
Ab (iot him hung up outyander ter
a swingin' lim'.1'
Zeb "Wall let's seo ef thoy air all
(They go and look at their horses
and then return to tho public square.)
Ab "How long you goin' ter stay?"
Zeb "'Bout a hour by sun, I
Zeb "All right, we'll rido out to
gether. Whar you goiu' ter eat d li
ner ?"
Ab "Don't 'low ter eat none. O-st
too much. They tax a feller a quw i'
ever' whar I've found, a I ka.n't
btan' nothiu' Jike that."
7.:b "You bet I ain't a-iro:ii' t -r
try. Let's go in this lici;er-siiop here
aii' git it little snthin."
('1 hey go into a doggery, and after
taking several drinks go and look ai
their hordes again. Then thoy return
to the duggery.)
Zeb "The idea of taxin' a mac
twenty-five cents fur dinner is a'
w rong."
Ab "Shout'n' now, Itcllyou. Teii
on whut let's do. Let's git somo uv
thee here oysters."
Ab "With you stick a pig ef I
ain't. Here, give u- 'bout a ha'for
dollar's wuth uv oysters an' crackers."
(The7 cat tho oysters, take auothci
dr iik and then go and look at their
horses, after which they return to tho
saloon and take another drink.)
Ab "Whut did you come- ter town
fur, anyway?"
Zeb Oil, jst to bo sloshin round,
ez the feller says. Let's licker.'
Ab "With you."
( They drink.)
Z'-b "Let's git our horses an' fetch
'em up hero whar wo ken see 'cm."
Ab "I'm agrceblo."
(Thoy tie their horsca near th
door and take auother drink.)
Zeb "Bet iny horse- ken out-run
A! "rake you."
(They mount their horses and with a
whoop start up tho street. They are
both so drunk that thoy fall off. A
crowd collects about them and the
lown marshal comes up and takes th
two gentlemen to jail. Tho next morn
ing they are furiom, and when they
have leen set at liberty they hurrj
homo and toll how the m ilicious mar
hal dragged them into disgrace. Their
words are heeded, and this is tha be.
ginning of a feud. ) Arkvnsaw Trtf-tlcr.
Roosters can generally chanticleer
D o t o. I'ittsburj (Jhro n ide.
Out in Wyoming they call whlakj
conversation water. Texas Sifting.
Ttiero i no placo whero stylo count!
bo little as in tho lining of a pocket
book. Duns villi I! re ze.
Two of tho greatest arts in this world
ore: To keep polish on ft Silk hilt j
mid off the shoulders of a frock CO:lt. ;
Iho bright, dewy morning of the
averago Kentucky Colonel is in the :
evening about 10 o'clock. Kentucky ,
v . , 7 1 i
.it l C JUT )l't I. 1
. it
What scientitic inventors houlo .
i tackle now is an umbrella w.th :
burglar alarm in the handle. Mir-
ch'ili TraVi . -. '
, , , , , .
A good niiny of the people wlio aro
fetlling in (' mai'a are thoe who have
neglected to do an- settling over heru.
. Yun 'c ' .s'.-'t,i tit'' 11.
. ,, 1 1 .
"i'apa will never consent. ohn. (
j I'm soriy.'" "So am I." "Vou'ie an'
nn-jT'-l." "You're a goo-e." "l'luu
! lei's l'y." t'.oiton Vonrur. '
j Adam was not as good as he might !
have been, but he never reeled off hesj
; by the yard about the prank- of '1 ;
' j-ehooldavs. l'UiUUlphiti i l.
j To let, by the- Week or month,
1 r.. .1: 1 1 1 '.
one nea y i.ngiiMi maut; ;iiivoi mu .v
with inoullipieee complete; also attach
ed, one domestic dude (slightly ilai.i
aged). Ljc.
Xino out of ten men manage to es
cape a shower some wav or oilier, but j
only about one in twenty-live ean ;
dodge a sprinkling cart successfully.
tiuriin jl'tH Free l'rei.i.
Klliott F. IShopard is conducting re- j
ligigious revivals in Xew York. Whc j
would ;iave suppose 1 that a news pa-!
per could make such a change in a.
man? llrjia'cr Extras. j
A Philadelphia girl has had part o; .
one of her eyes cut out and a piece oj
a rabbit's eye substituted. By and by
her lover will be calling her ''Dearj
Bunny." Xoncicb Uu Ictm.
'Jhcie is at least oue man in tho
world vlio does not want the earth. A
1 .i:nl!'uls Idled up his promise so that
t tool; three weeks to uncover his
hoiiM and barn. I'lc'c's Shu.
An Knglih sparrow in the hand is
i.ot north two in ih bush. An Kng
sparrow is no- worth anything
any . here. The same w lh regard to
two of tlietn. i)d Lxltj lilizzard.
The hu-bitnd ol the doubie-head-'d
g rl is to be p:tied when she wants twu
n.-w bonnets at one fell swoop. This
is .1 ease where two heads are no
be tier than ono. UodiCitct Voit-Kz-
r .
....... .
"lie re, waiter! What kind Of a pie
.1....... , thi3" ii,,ln .1.
iloyouc.Ul this. Applo pio. sir.
But there is nothing in it." "Beg
.... . .
pardou. sir, but wo u.so evaporated
apole, in all our oios." Boston Tran -
Princo Willicliu and the Brewer.
So little of what is favorable la heard
fcbout the crown riuco of Germany,
lays The Vail .Ma i Gazette, that tho
following little incident, published by ' ISV.'Vrrl'eoi.V'I.Vv; S " Z
a German contemporary, will bo read "Kieni tie- An.rr.nr ; tnj-nier. uo.c prope rty
. . . , , 1 1 tx ii.ls lar more m a h njwiino k t than a lor-
with Interest and pleasure: The other ,IVn one; on the b..ie of pn-peiitv tor ftu,
day tho crown prince was cominc back '-"' r tbnii poverty for the n. any and pn.
J ' ; pent l r the incrchiint imix'i t rn ot t w l oi k
at the head of a rerimont of ioldlri ; em .
from drill in tho well-known Terapel-
hofer Field outside Berlin. At ono of
the streot corners, where a crowd hud
collected to salute hitu, a mart of g -gantic
tiguro left his brewcr cart to
come and falute the ('rown Princo Wil
helm. Before the latter had como up
to where he M ood he took off his cap
and flhouted his salutation with the
rest The crown prince had no sooner
noticed the tall figure in the leather
apron than he rodo up to tho man and
shook bands With n hearty "Good
morning, Tnbbcrt. How are yow, old
friend After a gracious invitation
to tho dcliLhted brewer to "come and
see roe somo t.iii'" tho crown prince
rode away, accompanied by the ring
ing cheers of the crowd. It appears
that the brewer had served as a eoldior
in the Imperial bodvruard. :nd as such
had been tho orduanco ofliccr of the
CrowQ Princo WUhelni.
Don't Experiment. 0
You cannot afford to want time In experiment
njj when your lanj-s are in danger. Connump
tlon In always at flnt only a cold. Do not permit
any dealer to Impone upon ytm with Homn cheap
imitation of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
tumptloo, Coughs and Col ls, hut U mire you t? t
the genuine. ltaraune he can make n.or profit
lie may tell you he has imethin, Jut ii.h Kod or
Jnxt the name. Don't he deceived, hut insist on
fretting Dr. Kin'n Ne Discovery, which id
Rtiaranteed to give relief In all Throat, Lu 11-4 and
Chest affections. Trial tot ties fr.e at D. SL.
bb s JruC iU,r. Ur Hollies JI.
A Sound Legal Opinion. i
E. rainbri1i.e Munl.ir I-!-, County Atty,
iny Co., Texas, wiys: JIavh us.-d i:it tr
Hitters with moBt happy r-sult. My I.n.tK.-i
aleo was wry low with M;t!;iHal l'-v-r anl
, , . , , . . ....
Jiumllcp, but was cwrej iy tirm-ly us tliU
me1cIntt Am l:Uu.tll ...j
Mr. D. L. Wilcoxson. cf IL.rse dive, Ky.. ad-la
a like testimony, myinu': H positively relieves
lio woulJ Lavo dieJ, Lai it not bet-u fur i:iet trie
Tlis rfme,!y will wr.nl o.T, well aa
cureall Mularial l)is r.s, anl for nil Ki'lmy,
IJver, and ytomach Iiison'ers stuii.I- une.juuicd.
Vric Wc and $1. at U. S. Webb's Uru btoro.
' CD
a.-i's.-? r
-C r, o i s (
n ii T , t r
7 2 ? - CI
Js.- ; i! -
sr. 5 si? r
-! ' -r- ,
Z.. 7? 1 " " B t -
1 fc,,.
jo J ...
3 cj
2 to
i "
niEii mm
The J oil! ica 1 I 1 1 1" 1 f t!n v e.i i will be t he
tre-t 1 ! 1 : 1 t t.ti'i th.it h.i- bein ti-ivht in the
I " 11 : t state- !..? j ear-. "I'll si 1 ii.-1; ! w ill not
'ii i be fc ir si. pi en. a -, in 1 le - W ii ,; I. I b m-e and
in eoire ... I'ut it will ;;l-o iiei'u nin-future
ec'iiH'ieie , ; 111 w I u-1 her !!; i:epu!'lu-au
l-une.pal t'j.'"'' i-ti'-n. Much :.; t l -ucti
whether ti'- Kepuhlu-aii
!' n 1 1 1 1 1 ! a le, !. . t . !. i Ii . . 1 1 el 1 1 I i l I ( in II t r I II
(.X(.r ,,,,,,,. ,,,,, .1l,t. jK ,,, h,,n
e..tnmue.i. ,r in ti- i -we -ti.i.t p;.u..-e the na-
t Into tlnaiM'i.'l net n - on. i it at l.ilr trou-
i,;,.., ,linK, upt, v nmj r.. . t . i. c..i r out the
! ,,I,,,,,I"'V ,'t' " m.d in.-i.iteMimniiki-
Tie- Itr.Ai'K vill ' tnuti.l where it has ever
Stoo.l .1 the s.'ie ut the t e-t 1 1 1 1 ' I -1 - of the
Wliole peep!' -; on t lie Mile it Alll'l ieall t irk itlW
in ell if i!Rii!li-t t le ! la i rope ; tor t he pro
perityof Aiaeiiciin nianut.iet i;n rs in.teinl f
!tho.'of toreifcra l.unU; in tai'-r ' Aiueruan
l'eoil made l y AlnerieUIl Wii Ivili'niell. as
ii'M!tlt t he eOli.; iu el the free trieh the-
ori-ts ant the elii-h niiK' ol in.poi t r- in the
Atlantic citie-. !w ho
ho ir eni.riii'ii. fortuiK's in
than ever tho coniIn jvur. !r. boekc hud
l.pMrnt' cci tain itUois tor lis .u.pro 1 111011
during lk. wh'cli will be fully and faithfully
t arried out. II tho rcirul.tr flp o tnint will
be in j roved arid bettered. The Umisehrild."
the "Vmimil' Folk." the '('amp Fire," the
' I'nriu," tui'l "(ncBtion llurcau" will each be
made the be-t of lt kind: and tie- Hi. ok duill
still be more wort liy of the title f "The only
perfect newspaper in America."
We make h peetnl cnmpali"n rate .f 2-1 cknts
H)H TliiiKK months. Club rates the cheapest
r cr know n for 11 standard newspaper. W e in-
ite e cry body to write im for n specimen eoj'y
and conlldcntial terms to an-ents Address,
THK JU.ADK, Toledo, Onio.
Bucklen'ft Arnica Salve.
The Best SaWc In tha world for Cut, Bruit-,
Bon, Salt 1 thrum, Ferer Sorea. Tetter, Chapped
Handa, ChUblalrm, Com, and all bkln Eruptions,
and poaltlrely cure 111, or no pay required.
It it guaranteed to give perfect Mtlnfactton, or
money refunded. Trie oeaUi per box. For
iaU by 0. 8. Webb.

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