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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, September 07, 1888, SUPPLEMENT, Image 9

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Alma, Michi, Sept. 7, 1888.
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Citj Dads.
Alum, Mich., August lSth, 1S88.
No quorum being present, no session
of council was held. V. A. Haiilkk,
Alm:i, Mich., Sept. 4th, 1SS8.
Common Council met in regular ses
sion at clerk's oflice on altove date.
Present, E. H. Green president, and
trustees Hawkins, Smith, Montigel,
Jlagley, Tinker; absent, Fulfrey.
Minutes of council meeting held
Aug. 21st read and approved.
Following petition presented:
"To the honorable board of the vil
lage of Alma: The undersigned, free
holders of said village do hereby petit
ion and request of your honorable body
the building of a sidewalt.commencing
at the south-east corner of lot eight (8)
block 39 of the village of Alma, thence
running east across lots seven (7) and
ix (6) of said block 39 and continue
across lot seven (7) block four (4) of
sa'h village.
John N. Day, Dkhwim Ely,
F. I). Ely, Ckma Conkiutk,
s. F. .Jknnings, V. M. Wilson,
Autiice Moykk.
On motion such jetition was ordered
placed on minutes and the subject
matter referred to committee on
Claims presented:
V. S. & S., highway orders, $ 7 M
do do water power, 30 7
do do sundries, l." US
W. A. ttahlke, clerk salary, 50 00
W. U. Kinck. highway orders. 2 75
Caple & Hall, do do (JO
Kelso IJros, hardware, paints, 10 Go
Edd Ferris, highway orders. 15 (V5
Mich. Fire Co.. 82 00
McCullough&IJutton h'y orders, 10 1
Aiireu uauoon, nignway orders, z
Richard Whitbeck, do do 5 00
W. W. Kollin. drayage, 40
W. W. Pike, highway orders, 6 LV
Mrs.S. F.Jennings, do do 2 25
Wm. Scott, do do 2 12
Hiram Utley. do do 1 2-3
Chas Wood, wk. on water wks. 5 00
A. Ilodgkinsou. do do do 1 00
On motion the claim of Michigan
Fipe Co. was laid on the table.
On motion the claim of Wright,
Schneider & Stuttz was referred to
committee on claims.
On motion the balance of claims as
alxne presented were allowed at
footing and clerk instructed to issue
orders for the same.
Health officer reports that the well
near Cronkrite premises does not prop
erly flow the water in tank on highway
on Superior street, causing stagnant
water ami stench.
On motion the matter was referred
to committee on health.
On motion the sidewalk in front of
premises of John Hicks, L. G. Holliday
and Edd Berry on Superior street was
ordered repaired. Voted on as follows:
Yeas, trustees Hawkins, Smith, Mon
tigel, Uagley, Tinker vote annouiiced
and declared carried.
Moved by trustee Smith and support
ed by trustee Hawkins that a new side
walk be and that the same is hereby
ordered constructed twelve feet wide
in front of premises of J. M. Montigel
& Co., described as lot six (0) of block
twenty-three, Alma. Vote, yeas, trus
tees Hawkins, Smith, Montigel, Uagley
a;i.l Tinkervote announced and de-
.', ud carried.
Tiustee Smith reports that W. S.
Tutck refuses to give village addition
of ground for highway on Ely street, at
I icent owing to want of time in con
struction of new fence, etc., this fall.
On motion Wright. Schueider k
Stuttz were instructed to complete
.vde walk in front of grist mill at once.
Vote, yeas, Hawkins, Smith, Montigel,
Uagley, Tinker vote announced and
declared earned.
On motion James Gargett was in
structed to abate nuisance on premises
near creamery arising from waste
of water from flowing well.
On motion commissioner was in
structed to issue duplicate order to
Feter Fechting in place of one lost.
On motion council adjourned.
E. H. Ghkex, W. A. Uaiilke.
President. Clerk.
Alma Market.
Correetetl Anjr. 3, 1.
White wheat per bu H7
Ul wheat ruT lu ft
White oats pt r bu 1
ll ns 1 fiOCV! 25
Harley rr 100 lbs 1 OViM
Potatoes 55
Corn St2M
Pop corn per bu TO
lnel Apples
r.irjrspcrtloz 13
Itutterperlb 15
Chickens anl Kowls per lb 7Ct
Wool 'X3-r,n
Special Notices.
For Sale.
i- yok' iI voting work cattle, well broke.
J ! r i 1 1 i 1 1 of Milli r liniN., Alma. 4"tf
Strayed or Stolen.
One tram, a borne 10 yenr old with lonjr
Into Ft no lo !', mure A yearn obi, white
tin e, blnck nMt on riht hip. Uewanl for in
lorniHtioii. Aktiich Mct'oT,
4"V-1 VfMiitbunr.Mlch.
For Sale.
70 acr'ft of choice land. In Antrim Co.; five
0 miles from county Heat ; nrat-clii!. hard tim
bered land; 1U bitch improved. Will well cheap
or cxchuiifre for village property. Krujtiireof
Members of the Alma Ibiildinir and Loan Asso
ciation arc hereby notified that the N-p-temU
r Installment to the capital Mock of naid
ABWK iatlon 1.4 due on Monday, rcpt. Jrl, no
At h o'clock p. m. there will Ihj a meeting of
the board of dircctora ut the necretnry's ollicc.
John I) Si'iNWtr, Sf'y.
Farm for Sale.
Situated 'j mile east and mile north of
Pine school houe: 4 miles N. W. of St. Louis
h arm -ontiMs of 40 acres, about ;H ueres
deared, thh1 farmlntr bind; abiindaneu of
fruit, apples, pears, plums irrnpc. cherries
etc., excellent water, rool new house Is.xLtJ
and wiiiir 14t, also cellar, snop, small barn
etc. This place will be Hold cheap If sold soou.
Apply on premises or of owner. t. II. IIuetz.
Painters All Say
c, nsma mi faijjis,
Pn-psnnl In white and a handsome line of
shades, ready mixed for the brush or in paste
form for thinning, VEvcry can lcnrs this
We jniHrantce this iaekare to contain noth
ing but strictly pun old proct-ss white lcnil anl
o ide of 7.lne, irnmnd in pure linwH-d oil and
dryers. Shades tinted with most permanent
colors. We will pay one ounce of irold for every
ounce of adulteration which this package may
tc found to contain.
I'rninsuliir AVhlte A Color Works,
Detroit, Mirh.
Call and see a hafuNoin" dNplav of tln-se
paints; paint your kitchen floor with Peninsul
ar Uoor paint. I tries hard oer nitrht. Very
durable and lattititf. Foil SALK llV
Cieneral Merchants.
onk'a f'ntlnn floot Cnmpoiirol. Tom
po"d of Cotton lUvX. lsny ni Prnny
mrl. Swrvfully wif monthly. Sf,
f'ffrrtnat. t'lnt. It by mail, or druir
(rlsts. P-sIM rsrllfulrSsnit Lsftt't
131 WuoJwud my ., Detroit, Mki.
Sold bv II. S. Webb
The Finest Line of
Ever in Alma, at the relable
Grocery Store.
Your attention is called to our line of
We carry the
Farmer's Favorite & Crown.
Also a full line of
And all kinds of
Miler Bros.
And Look Over Our
Cheaper than Ever !
L. KE In! Kl
Alma,Micli. Opposite post office.

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