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Vol- 10. No. 26.
Alma. Mich.. Friday. Sept. 14. 1888.
Whole No. 492.
rui.inii itikt rHiUAT,
C. T. BROWN. Trop.
TERMS-H r P'r 'n n1viinrc: 7c
fnrnit nutiilh; .Vie for I hre mntil hn Itntrft
of n lv i tlin mini known on piltcMltm.
Purr drugs at Miller V.
Mrs. Prof. Stuart is on the sick list.
Fine imported Violin and Guitar
string at Porter's.
The well at tlie Sanitarium is now
down over 4 Kl feet.
The irrepressible Joe Kimble is busv
now days sweeping chimneys.
Ithaea lias a new elevator with a ca
pacity of .0.(MM) and will be lire proof.
K. Mover will open a lunch room in
the Messenger building on State Street.
(i. II. Porter moved his stock of jew
elry to Miller k (Vs. drug store, Mon
day. A soap eat er and street fakir, inter
ested some of our people Tuesday
I). DePew expects to enter his brown
trotter in the races at Hubbiidston
next week.
GotoG. H.Porter for watch work
and engraving. First door south of
the Post Ortiee.
W. A. Hahlke has leaded the build
ing vacated by G. H. Porter and will
move his law otlice thereto,
If any subscriber of the Hkcokd
has back numbers, he can get giKul
pay for them by calling at this oilice.
We are in receipt of complimentary
tickets to the Isabella county fair to be
held at Mt. Pleasant Sept. itfth to JTth
Hev. J. YV. Peach, the new M. '. min
ister, was in town Tuesday making ar
rangements to move his family here
next week.
On Sunday evening last. Hev. Yenor
preached the memorial address of the
late Hishop Harris, the tloral decora
very elaborate.
Come to the War Song concert next
Friday evening, Sept. l!lst. Everyone
can enjoy a war song whether he be
Republican or Democrat.
There will be a basket picnic and pole
raising at the Town Hall. Lafayette, on
Saturday, Sept. 15, at 1:30 o'clock. Good
speaking may be expected.
W. S. & S. last fall sowed 10 bushel of
"Improved Deal" wheat from which
they raised 107 bushel. They have
some on hand, and parties desiring seed
will please call.
In announcing the democrat blow
out at St. Louis last week, our devil
set it 2.000 people, ge ttilig on one too
many ciphers. Pardon us as we try mt
to mis-represent our friends.
M. 11. Faughner & Co. received word,
the first of the week that the ma
chinery for their Excelsior factory had
been shipped. This will enable them
to start about the first of Octoln-r.
The census returns of this school dis
trict, recently made, contains the
names of five-hundred and fifteen child
len U-twcen the ages of live and twenty
years entitled, to draw public money.
The tool store house to be built by
the Village and the township of Ar
cada, will soon Ik under headway.
It is tole built on the lot back of the
Engine House.
On Thursday, of last week, .Miss
Ross had the misfortune to loose a roll
of money in bills, U'tween the College
and Postollice. Finder will be re
warded by returning.
Elias VanLeuyan, living near Elm
Hall, got too much budge on board
Thursday and was arrested for last
driving "on the streets; lined $4.-0.
Several other smart suckers should
have this same dose.
The best musical talent among the
gentlemen of Alma Ls engaged for the
War Song Concert, to be given at the
College Hall, one week from to-night.
A fine program is selected and new
pieces will le sung. The proceeds will
Ik? given for looks for the ladies' library.
The head of the deer that died for
scientific purposes at Iliggins.Lake last
year, was forwarded by Rev. A. F.
Rruske, the capturer. to Alma College
last Monday where it will adorn the
walls of the Natural History Museum
n nd delight the students of future gene
rations. The indications now are that Maine
has gone Republican by ir.t.ooo majority,
an increase of ti,nnouver tlie vote of two
yars ago. The Republicans will gain
a few in the house and perhaps in the
senate. The four representatives to
congress are elected with increased ma
jorities. Prof. Morris, with his wonderful
educated horses and dogs hold the
tioards at Holcomb's Opera house this
week, and they give one of the best per
formances that has Wen in the Opera
house for many a day. The old and
young are delighted and are loud in
encomiums of praise. It is a truly won
derful feat to teach horses and dogs, to
do everything but talk ami is an accom
plishment which but few human beings
tH'Ssess. In this respect Prof. Morns
has no superior as he seems to succeed
equally as well with loth species. To
Ik appreciated thisentertainineiit must
Ik seen and as the engagement is for
the entire week, closing with the Satur
day matinee, an opoi tunity will be
presented for our titiens to attend.
One thing should Ik- remembered; that
the children enjoy a show of ibis kind
equally as well as the o'der out s, theie
fore do not leave them id home Re
memlN'r the matinee at - p. m. : atur-day.
Fine stationery at P. (). Rook Store.
Monograms designed and engraved
at Porter's.
'Clocks! Clocks!! Clocks"! Clocks!!:1
At E. P. Su.Kn:i:s.
The Hoard of Supervisors will in 'et
the L'nd Monday in October.
Two ) ears back numbers of the Ki:
oui wanted at this oilice; good pa
Adama Rros. are now prep ired to
pay the highest market price for o.it.
Lubes' sol ill gold rhatealine watch
for jSIl'.oo, at Poller's,
A very enjoyable suite of rooms to
rent, unfurnished. I di pure at this
New goods. A lare and vo'l a
SOt ted stock of jew ell at E. P. SiI.U-
Dr. (ieo. F. Hunting is putting in an
iinliv nliiiil telephone at his leMdeluo
tins week.
The Alma roller null is busy on a
large order of ilour, to be shipped -to
.1. M. Montigel A; Co. exhibited a pair
of their patent sleighs at the St. Louis
fair this week.
D. DePew entered his two-v ear-old
trotter at the St. I.ouis fair thi.-i wee k,
in the green race.
A large number of Gratiot count) G
A. R. men are attending tin encamp
ment at Columbus. Ohio, this week.
The Frankfort extension of the T..
A. A. A; X. M. to .Mani-tee has been
commenced. .1. C. Carlainl lias the con
tract. The Ladies' Library h removed to
the office one door south of the Angell
House, on State street, nearly opposite
the Milliken House.
The Ladies' Library rooms have
been moved to the fust door south of
the Angell House, making much nicer
and pleasanter quarters.
Highway Commissioner Willanl is
busy this week opening the town line
road east to Emerson, a j I that has
been in need of notice for some time.
(ieo. Thornton brought into this of
fice, on Monday, a stalk of dent corn,
raised by Reid Latimer, which meas
ured ten and a half feet in height.
It took 2')0 extra Rr i:i. to supply
the demand, owing to the speech of
Dr. Geo. F. limiting before the Gratiot
Co. G. A. R. Association, in lat wteks
The Nashville V us celebrated its
l"th birth-day last week. The .V ;
one of the brightest papers in Michigan
and should be, and is, appreciated by
its citizens.
The well-filled advei t isiug columns of
the Alma Rr, i:t indicate its value as
an advertising medium, and the fait
that the business men of that place ap
preciate it. too. , frnlt '(.
At the M E. conference held at St.
Joseph, the Rev. J. W. l each Was " tp
nointed to the M. E. church at Alma.
From the report we learn that Mr.
Hart is stationed at St. I.ouis for the
coming year.
Sunt. Stillwell and all his assistants
are re-engaged at Alma. Sunt. Stil
well and one of his teachers. Miss Kit
tie Chapin. were married during the
vacation. The courting was carried on
in Volopuk. M"1 ritr.
C. M. Scott brought into this oifleo on
Tuesday, a cotton plant in full bloom.
Quito a noveltv to those who never saw
one before. Those wishing to .ee it.
can be gratified bv calling at Scut t's ieo
cream parlors on Superior St roet.
W S. Hormig upon being released
from the penitentiary, a few davs ago.
was again arrested upon an old charge,
tried, and sentenced to Ionia, for one
vear. We understand there aie
several more charges against him. vet
to be met.
The iron fence for the pool in Mr.
Wright's park, is on Ihe ground. It
was manufactured bv Mont igel A. Co.,
and is certainly an art istic job and one
that few institutions in towns of
this sie undertake. It is of the veiv
latest design and adds one mole orna
ment to this beautiful result.
Chas. Stinrhfield spent several davs
in town last week, in quiet enjovment
and contributed, not a litth-. to the en
iovment of the Soldiers at the Home in
Grand Rapids bv sending one hundred
copies of the Ri--.ro i:ii containing the
addressof Rev. Dr. Hunting, delivered
at the (J A. R. reunion recently held
in this village.
Never send a dollar awav from home
when the article that dollar will pur
chase can be obtained at home. Mom-v
is our financial blood. Its circulation
keeps the business Ixidv alive. Weed
that bodv by sending voiir money awav
from home and soon trade will put on
a look of lethargy and .inaet ivitv . Al
wavstrade at home It is tw ice blessed.
It helps the person pat ronied and finds
its way to you again.
Alma College opened f,,r its second
vear last Wednesday. There is a pros
pect of a very large increase in the
liiimluT of students. Tin ladies' ball
is full, every room being occupied bv at
least two ladies, and the janitor who
has had ouarters in this building, bin
been notified to vacate. The faculty
has reason to congratulate itself on ti e
flattering prospect under which this
voungest institution of highet learning
in Michigan starts on its second vear.
t S'l liii'nr Jnu rnnl.
t- o der to m 'Ve th ' politeal meet
;' g and pole ra'sing on ' he I'' h a per
fect success, it will lo necessary for
our financia' comnrttee t -plied a
little pecuniary aid from the many
friends who will be glad to witness the
S iccess of 1 1 e nee nig. lie icadv to
e-ionra-'e the committee 1". a little
timelv aid and thos euntil"!i to the
socess of his. j,,. neM imvi'aot
meeting i f tl e oani a:gu in this 'o
cality this year
Nomine:' for Coi'pros, of the
On Wednesday. Sept. lt'th. Alma will
have a grand old mass meeting. Speak
ing by Col. A. T. Eii.ss. Gen. Paul Stand
went, of ( Mnaha. Ex-Department Com
mander of Grand Army, and others. A
pole raising and speaking in the paik
in the afternoon, and in the evening a
torch-luht procession and speaking in
the rink. Wright's Opera House Rand
will furnish music. One of the grand
est times e cr en jo e. in Gratiot coun
ty looked for.
Fine ;-;o!d head silk umbrellas at
Tuog 1 stows ihe.i-, at Miller's
Di iu; .! e.
L elics' ;;;,, Gents.' !d watches at
E. P. S 1 1 . i : i-;i;s.
A .Junior I!epub!ican Club was or
g ini.i d la Monday ni.rht numbering
::) bo s from o to p; veais old. with
the iuiluwing olliceis; Pies. Chas.
(obsoii: 'ice Pres.--Marm st Scott;
ee. Frank Kehn: 'fnas. 'ilson
Davis-. Captain l.'av'J'urck: 1st Lent.
John Sharp; L'lid I.ieut. Ed. 'ole.
The hold leuiilar meetings and ale
putt inc in lots of t iiue drilling and ex
pect to celel i-.,t e a pole raising soon.
Ever, Pod) sn-eihl encourage these boys
;n their right skai t in l;le.
Mis. I'lura P.rook.s of . l.oiii.s is the
guest of Mis, Angie Nichols.
Miss M.ny Way attended the vearlv
nieiting;;t l'oe-.: Hill. Saturday and
N U. I .i e le.id on our democrat
llag ,l';;ir Trad-" in-lead of "Free
1 i ad ' as i: w .is forniei 1 .
Fi ed '.. a li is st ill in the employ
I 'A . M i i a i . i'li d is aboi i! as good an
artist as then- is m the state of his
V.'i -t At a:n,
Mrs. -:i Wile-, an I Mrs. Harry
Clai i. v i d !'; iei.ds in Sla ndan last
v.e. k.
J-'ires an ia::ii-g in the woods around
this v i'-irit) and people are anxious for
Mis , Meli-.a 1 1 is, as, mied the n
sp a:s.i,!:itii s ot a s.-ii ioi ma'am last
W eek at the brick, oil the tow li line Heal'
Ale. Wile)'.
Mi-s Neliie Cat eV began lie" maiden
term of s, :. l in' tie- Eckcrt district
last Mondav . w ith - scholars.
M. L. ( )st ei hout and family, of (i reel i-
V ille. Pa . ha e been V is, ting his sister.
Mis. J. II. Aliis. ti,e last week.
A very pl'-asant .-ui pi i-e w as planned
to help Mrs. y, . T. Rice I eliiember her
)lth I'M thday w hit h oeeiiried last Thnrs
dav , t he ot !i". A goodly number of her
friends find a- , j'laint a'ace.s met and en
joyed a plea-ant evening v ith social in
t e i con i se and 1 1 1 u s ie after whith seve
ral Wcll-lilYd ta'nles ut lefre.shuients
were relieved of their contents and all
wished the woithv lady many happy
ictui ns of the occasion.
1.I.-I.S1 MeaiiLT.
( ):i Monday. Sept. luth. the Kcpub-
licaiis ,f Elv.ell and vicinity, had a
mass meeting and pole raising. About
;;jO p, op'e being present . At I o'clock
a haiidsoni" oo fuut pole was raised
w it h an elegant flag and stieamer at
tached, alter which Mi. Cepp. an old
time ! luociat. who has ,sn u the folly
of his ways, was appointed tothechair,
after a few vav fitting icmarks he in
troduced E. E. Waldbi idge. of Ithaca,
and .las. ,. C'aik. of Alma, who made
strong and ooue;sje arguments for
the taiili' and the political is.-iu', after
a lev. jeiii n ks bv Mr. Copp, the meet
ing closed i'y t in i e ( ei s for the tick, t.
Tor th.; Yellow F-.-or Stiffen rs.
The appalling I avages of yellow fe
ver at Jacksonville. Fioiida. has led
the Del roit J' "i ) ' to o;ieii a subscrip
tion tor the s:ck a':d the s.ih'o and over.
W ho ill e o,li aall) icpoit'd to be with
out means of suppoj t . but v et who. by
the ii-id ijuarau ine regulations, are
lioptle.sly -hid up in ! he plague strick
en eitv. The D. tio;t i publishes
from d i today the a km-A lodgement
of all gifts sent. vilh tha names and
add; es - i s of the dun u s. a n I readers of
tills p. i pe I ,!. i . I Iili i 1 1 v and ipuckly
! i e -pond .t o the a p eal bv oi w a i ding to
1 the Detr...t . ;,' their gjtts. which
; liia', be sent bv !'.. older or in pos
it ie vtamps. .. mall amounts being as
! ace-1 table a , ge. '1 in le is no doubt
ihutlh.d our i'.rhis ,ue willing and
i anxious t help "lid have only waited
I for an ej p. j i unity. This opportunity
1 is naw supplied by the Detroit Journal)
I i' K- Mv.:
Dr. Lancashire was in town Wednes
day. R. S. Webb visited Saginaw last Fri
day. Allen Williams, of Elm Hall, was in
town Monday.
John 1'lanigan spent a few days in
town this week.
F. M. Milliken was in Ed more Mon
day on business.
E. P. Shaffer was in Detroit Wed
nesday on business.
To S. F. Anderson and wife, Wed
nesday night a bo.
E. R. Moblo, of Rivonlale was in town
Tuesday, busy as usual.
Fre I Hamlin and Mrs. J. T. Hall left
Wednesday for York State.
Miss Jessie O'Couiiel is visiting
friends in Detroit this week.
E. Kimball took in the encampment
at Columbus, Ohio, this week.
C. M. Scott has made some vast im
proy eiuents at bis Oyster Parlors.
Archie Alexander returned Tuesday
night from his summer's vacation.
John Day has completed the school
census in a very creditable manner.
Ren. Eutton and wife are attending
the State fair at Jackson this week.
Mrs. N. LeRoy, of Coboconk, Out., is
visiting her sister, Mrs. M. McLaren.
Mrs. E. M. Webb, of DeWitt. is the
guest of her son, R. S. Webb, this
T. A, Johnson is confined to his bed
with poison caused while working n a
Mrs. F. Eutler. of London, Out., is
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. C.
J. M. Montigel & Co. turned out a
very neat open buggv Wednesday, for
A. J. Weston.
Lumla Hough left last Saturday for
a weeks visit in Charlotte, making the
trip over land.
Max Pollaskv leaves Friday for the
east and west to buy goods. Lookout
tor their new stock.
Jas. Kress is assisting Tinker x; Lan
cashire in the otlice this week during
the absence of Mr. Carey.
John Glass and wife left Monday for
Jackson, where they will attend the
state fair and v isit friends.
A. N. Rrown. of the Mt. Pleasant
Ti (i)ii,. . made the Hr;eoi:i a call Thurs
day, while on his way to Saginaw.
II. Harrington, of Harrington Table
"o., w ho has been confined to his room
for some weeks, was in town Thurs
day. John Courrence, residing west of
Alma, has his new residence about
completed, making him a very tine
farm house.
Charles Ingersoll was in town Wed
nesday, lie is on the road for the Now
York and New England shoe manufac
turing and selling company.
J. F. Norton ? as called to Riverdale
last week to defend in assuinpist suit,
w hich was adjourned two weeks. C.
W. Giddings appearing for the plain
tiff. A. D. Amsden and Geo. Harrington
are assisting in tin Orchestra at St.
Eouis this .veek. furnishing music for
the evenings entertainments at Hol
comb's Opera House.
J. L Clark will deliver a tariff speech
in Isabella county. Saturday. There
are but few in Michigan who can treat
this suleet better than Mr. Clark. He
has made a study of it. and has the
documents to prove each assertion.
We .Wing Bells
Married at the home of the bride's
patents in Feiitoii. Mich., on Wednes
day evening, Sept. l:Mli. ss, at 7 o'clock
P. in.. Mr. E.G. ( 'arev t Miss Gertie II.
Fihcr. The Rev. W. K. Ingersoll, of
M ilford. otliciating.
Mr. Carey, who is book-keeper for
the linn of Tinker ; Lancashire is a
young man of unbounded excellency
and a man of true worth.
Mrs. Carey bears the same excellent
reputation as that of her husband. At
the time of the Alma Normal, she held
the position of teacher of Elocution,
and since returning to Feiiton, held a
position in the Fentoti Normal un
til its close.
About forty guests were present at
the wedding and tendered the bride
many compliments in the way of beau
tdul presents, and at the same time
wishing them both a life-long happi
ness. The happy couple started the same
evening for Detroit, where they will
spend a few days, thence from Detroit
to Flint, where they will visit the par
ents and boyhood hotne ,,f yY. Carey,
after w hich they will return to Alma,
when they intend making their home.
The people of Alma extend to them
the hand of fi iemlsbip and welcome,
and wish them long life. joy. happi
ness and a Ind-speed.
Kip boots D. S. ,V; L. is inch leg, cold
liquor tanned, sun- to give satisfaction
;it. the lowest living price.
f'ddf W. 11. Kim it.
Roots and shoes s'oing as low
si bio at Kiiich's.
as i os
i W. R. Kinch offers a
hand made cold liipior
j I oofs at iMittom prices,
i Ladies should call and
new line of
tanned calf
get a botth
of Gilt Edge shoe dressing at W. R.
i Kinch's. It beats ever)thing. Wl-tf
Call and see our line of stoves. The
' Peninsular cooking stoves take the lead,
j In coal r heaters we have an endless
I variety. C.mm.k V IlAi.b.
Our new institution, which, one year
ago was dedicated to higher learning
and for which so many fond hopes
were fostered, has on the eve of its sec
ond year surpassed even the most san
guine expectations.
These chciished hopes have b"cn
fully lealied and Gratiot Co. boasts
to-da) of a college which is the peer of
any in Michigan.
Alma College may justly claim a
faculty, which for scholarship, ability,
experience and christian character is
not surpassed by any like lody in the
Even the fust year, the friends of
this institution, were justly proud of
the choice, which the executive Roard
made in its selection of instructors
men of eminent piety and eal men
consecrated to the propagation of chris
tian education men whose pft-emi-nent
qalitications for educating the
youth of oui land and moulding chris
tian characters have been recognized,
not only by the people of one state,
but by a long circle of prominent edu
citors throughout many.
Although the corps of instructors
was strong in the beginning, it has been
materially strengthened by the acces
sion of such men as Rev. Kendall
Rrooks. I). !., ex-president of Kalama
zoo College, Prof. Eutler, an eminent
minister of the gospel, from 111. and
Miss Ross, who has a national fame as
a kindergarten instructor.
Wednesday morning witnessed the
opening of the second year of Alma
College an opening which made glad
the hearts of its friends.
The beautiful chapel was almost full
of bright boys and girls enthusiastic
and apparently ready for business.
The thirteen etlicient members of the
faculty were arranged mie than the
entire length of the platform in front
of the students. The President con
ducted the devotional exercises, after
which he gave a soul-stii ring address
of welcome to the boys and girls gath
ered theie, which brought tears to the
eyes of some.
One hundred were enrolled the fust
day more are coming daily.
The people of the state may rejoice
in this new and prosperous institution.
May the good work go on may coiise
crated money and ability make it a
bright star in the intellectual firm a
Imperative duties compelled us to lay
aside the pen last year, which for a
brief period represented Alma College
in the college, department of this paper.
We now desire to say that circumstan
ces are so favorable that we are again
permitted to wield the pen in the inter
est of the institution we so much love
In entering upon this arduous task
we respectfully solicit the co-operation
of both faculty and students to make
this department not only interesting
but spicy and instructive. We desire
to allay any apprehensions which may
arise, by informing one and all that
there will be nothing inserted in this
column from a spirit of predjudic
or a desire to work mischief, but Um
an con fro or to promote a closer fellow
ship among the students. The respon
sibility of this department rests entirely
upon the correspondent and not upon the
editor. This much for the renewal of
our acquaintance with you.
Miss Ross has a training class of thir
ty members.
Ladies' hall is full to ovei Mowing and
more are coming.
We learn that A. W. is an exceedingly
happy man shake.
We are glad to learn that Reckner is
going to remain with us this vear.
President Hunting gave a very kind,
interesting and instructive address of
welcome to the students Wednesday
Elanchard's curly head and McKee's
smiling countenance have been visible
at all trains. welcoming the old. and new
boys, and girls.
Poor boys, how timid they are in the
presence of the fair sex. We venture
to prophesy that that embarrassment
will soon be a thing of the past.
'The student's reception at the Col
lege will take place this evening. Out
side friends are invited to attend and
get acquainted with eadi other.
Many of the old students are on the
ground ami we aie glad to see their fa
miliar faces. New ones are pouring in
and we extend to them a heartfelt wel
come. As we have begun another vear may
the good fellowship which existed be
tween the town and college last vear b
strengthened and extended dining this.
May God bless the faculty. and students,
as they enter upon their duties and may
much goo 1 be accomplished, as we I e
lieve there will be.
A full line of
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Republican and Dem
ocrat Plug Hats.
Harrison & Morton,
Cleveland &Thurman
Campaign Caps !
Badges !
Pins !
Buttons, etc.
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best in the land, at
75c to $1.25 !
"Eskines" Pants, extra
heavy all-wool, $2.50!
Look Out For Our
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