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Whfat Closed : Oct, W,Vc; iVc, f.2H;
May, 57 Vc.
I ihn-Closed: Oct., 4jc; Nov., 4sc;
Dec, 47c.
fU7f-Cloed: Oct., 27H'c; Nov., 2c;
Dec, Cf.Vc
1 I ( A ihonp Mess Pork closed: Oct..
Jan.. fis.r.ss,; Lard Closed:
Oct., 17.05; Jan., IT..':.
Catti.it On ota t ions ranee from fV?.'
f.oo for pood to cnoice rattle: f.voov'r.s.3'1
gi(Q t-hipplnsc neers; l:,.!i'4.7r common
to fair ners.
Hoos Sales raneed from f.V0YK35.15
for llpht; f4.'.CaR.l. for heavy.
Mirrr Quotation rarce from fl.7.1
I .on for Neftem: Il.2r(j3.':5 for Natives
and f 3.ro o 4.(x for lambs.
Wool Quotations as follows:
Wisconsin, lllinols.Michitfari, Indiana and
Eastern Iowa.
Coarse 1ib I.'al7c
Medium Tub IThC'Jc
Flue unwashed Kh1?c
Medium unw a?ht'd.., r , . , , , J-Jal''C
Coarse unwathea Halfle
Nebraska, Dakota. Minnesota, Kansas
and Western Jowa.
Fine unw as-Led 7allc
Medium unwashed ll14c
Coarse unwashed Ilal2c
Money on call ea?y at 1 per cent
dosed oiTer at 1 per cent.
Sterling ficbhnww oulet and easv at
48S?4 for Mday I illp.nnd 4k7?i fordemand.
Cicvernrorut Uonds Closing quotation! j
4's, coupon.-, 114,4'. '
Whf.at Closine t rices for No. 2 red
Oct., MS,c: lKc, WVc.
Cckn Closed for No. 2, Oct., Sic;
Nov., M'c.
Oat Market closed for Mixed West
ern c'J.S (st33c; White do., 3ic.
Wheat No. ?, spring, D3-;c.
Cof. No. 3 r.3e.
OATb No. 2, White. 31 Vc.
Wheat Cash. 4c; Oct.. 4c.
Cok Cash, 473-sc; Oct., 47c.
OATb Cash, -'i.'c; Oct., 'JYc.
Pkovisioss Pork, t!3.50. Lard, I7.C5.
An imperial decree has been Issued
guaranteeing protection to all foreigners
in China.
In the I!el:ian elections the liberals
met with defeat. Surprising K'alns weru
made by the socialises.
Experts have discovered that Stark
County, Ohio, has been robbed of SlooG
by dishonest otlicials.
Delia Keenan's suit for10ooo aeainst
Ruel Sasre for breach of marriage prom
ise has been dismised.
More than half of the eastern lines aro
Ignoring the pool agreement and a col
lapse in rates seem certain.
Oilicial estimates of the w heat crop In
Ohio places it at r.M.SW.433 bushels, the
largest In the state's history.
Experiments at an Orn iha distillery of
making spirits from U-et sugar molasses
have proved very successful.
O. A. Sjostrom, a Swedish banker, of
New York, has failed for 3vx. His de
positors were poor laboring men.
Chester Hill, an Ohio village, was al
most wiped out by lire. The loss will
reach $7.1.1 mn), with no insurance.
Dispatches from Shanghai state that
Chinese are in rebellion and are over
whelming the government troops.
The Pacitic express ottice at The Dalles,
Oregon, was robbed of tli.ooo in cash
during a brief absence of the agent.
It is thought several prominent citi
zens of Ashland, Wis., will be prosecuted
by the government for land frauds.
A stranger distributed about $40 In
worthies, old Indiana state bank notes
at Anderson. Ind., and disappeared.
Snow fell in many counties of Pennsyl
vania Sunday to the depth of three inch
es and the temperature fell to 4 decrees.
Uy a vote of f,:. to 3.1 the general con
ference of the Tree Method. st cliurch de
cided against the ordination of women.
Wholesale grocers of Chicago are lead
ers in a revolt a.Mint the suirar trust
which is spreading over the. entire coun
try. Uncontradicted rumors are to the ef
fect that Nellie Grant SartorU Is to
marry Oen. II. Kyd Douglas, of Balti
more. Investigation shows that the soldier's
home at Dayton, Ohio, is haunted by
thieves who rob the Inmates on pension
During a riot between sophomores and
freshmen of Lehigh University, at Beth
lehem, Pa., a houso was nearly demol
ished. A shortage of upward of 2,noohas beon
found in the accounts of T. D. Meads. ex
receiver of the land otlice at Marquette,
Colonel Brecklnrlde has been suspend
ed from communion by the congregation
of Mount Iloreb (Ivy.) Church until Feb
ruary. Elections In Belgium were cloesly con
tested and the result is in doubt. It Is
believed the clericals will remain In
T. L. Dixon, an ex-star ofliclal of
Kansas, makes allidavit that Mrs. Mary
E. Lease urged him to steal t'JO.ooo from
the state.
Governor Mitchell say he will convene
the Florida legislature if necessary to
prevent the Corbett-Fitzslmmons fight In
that state.
Three Indictments have been returned
gainst Webster Flanagan, collector of
customs at El Paso, Texas, for aiding
The state democracy of New York has
Indorsed the ticket put up by the com
mittee of seventy, headed by W.L. Strong
for mayor.
Nathan Straus was nominated for
mayor of New York by Tammanyites
after Hugh J. Grant had refused to be a
Latest court gossip Is that the queen Is
itrongly opposed to the possible marriage
of Miss Anna Gould to Prince Francis of
Judge Jenkins dismissed the petition
for the removal of Receiver Oakes of the
Northern Pacific and indorsed the find
ings of the master.
Cripple Creek miners are again wrought
up by the arrest of two of their number
and the subsequent killing of one in an
attempt to escape.
A petition signed by twenty-seven phy
sicians, asking the Impeachment of
Health Commissioner Kempster. was pre
sented to the Milwaukee council.
The receiver of the Central Press As-
sociatlon (Post-Press newspaper) at Co-
minims, umo, was oruereu io sen me
property for riot less than fi.ooa.
In a dispute about a land claim E. T.
Hand, principal of the Kildare, O. TM
schools, killed G. N. Rohr, Mayor of Ar
kansas City. Hand has become insane.
A. It Crawford, ex-cashier of the
I American National Bank of Springfield,
Mo., has oeen sentenced to live years in
i the penitentiary for falsifying the books
of tl:- bank.
I The grain blockade with threatened
! Chicago some w eeks ago has now been
entirely lifted and the western roads are;
I once more taking all tho freight they i A Vienna physician, who Is fully In
I can procure. formed by St. Petersburg doctors, says
The Iowa Wholesale Grocers' Associa- the diagnosis of the czar's complaint
; tion met at Cedar Rapids and decided to ' wavers between cancer in the renal re-
I abide by the association rules and cover
any price made by Chicago or other Job
bing centers.
It cost Armour & Co. to pay fine
and costs Imposed upon Louis Dumont ut
Mussillon, Ohio, for selling oleomargar
ino without naming the Ingredients up
on the label.
Not the shadow of a tangible clew to
the Identity of tho men who accomplish
ed the remarkable feat of train brigand
age in Virginia Friday night has yet
come to light.
The semi-ollicial Cologne Gazette says
the powers have agreed not to oppose a
Japanese advance on Pekin. China has
asked Germany to use its good otlices to
cull oil tin) Japanese
Five hundred hogs aie being fed
Frankfort, Kan., by a farmer, who
giving them only fresh wheat, which
buys there, for 1.1 to .V) ce:its. lie says
they are doing nicely on it.
Before the Arawa left Honolulu a ru
mor was in circulation that Queen Lil
iuokalanl had gone crazy. The report Is
not credited, although for several days
she had not left the house she is occupy
ing. During the Hessian
maneuvers near j
Hofhelm eight reserve soldiers attached
to the Eightieth regiment mutinied and
attacked their captain with swords. The
prisoners are liable to be sentenced to
The highest average yield of corn per
acre siuce 11, as given by t he govern
ment, is ;'7 bu. The Michigan state re
port says the average yield in that state
is 40 bu this year, while the government
makes it .10.
Two hundred Evangelical churches in
Pennsylvania will be given over to six
Esherite preachers if the plan for pastors
and flocks to go out is carried Into eirect.
The row is a new phase of the Eher
Bowman troubles.
Sir John Astley, the well-known sports
man, is dead. He will be remembered In
the United States as the giver of the fa
mous Astley cup, which was so much
coveted during tho craze for long-distance
pedestrian contests.
Oyster dredging on Chesapeake bay bo
gins this week. The supply has fallen
off one-half in the past fourteen years,
owing to the absence of a system of cul
tivation. In many places the natural
beds have been scraped clean
Chicago now has in public warehouses '
4.733.0k) bushels of spring wheat, a de- !
crease last week of filT.ooo bushels, while
winter wheat stocks increased over 200,
ooj) bushels. Chicago Is rapidly getting
to be an exclusively winter w heat mar
ket. Tho Universltv Press, the second larg-
et printing establishment in Cambridge, and attention your valuable life may be
Mass., has made an assignment. Work 1 prolonged for some months, but it is uso
wlll not be interrupted. The concern I less to conceal the fact that no remedies
was established in 13'.i, and, excepting a I will avail beyond a certain period."
lapse of one year, has been running ever It is semi-oHicially announced that
8mce' ! Great Britain Is dr. inu lu tt, tn tn.lnpA
juv resun oi uie uaneis airme in
Newark. N. J.. has been to divert trade
to Yonkers, New York, Reading. Pa.,
and other cities. The hatting bosses in
Newark, realizing this state of affairs,
will take immediate steps to settle the
Conslderbly more than f.vo.noo worth
of potatoes, weighing 31,74.1 tons, were
brought from Scotland to the United
States in nine months ended In June, and
this, too, notwithstanding a protective
duty of 25 cents per bu on imported po
tatoes. Professor David Swing's death ends tho
work and organization of the Central
Church at Chicago. The board of trus
tees met, and voted unanimously to rec
ommend to the 2,.V0 memU-rs that the
society should die with the master geniu9
who made it.
Much annoyance is felt in German
government circles from the unreason
able delay of the Washington bureau In
transmitting to that country the awards
made to German exhibits at the Chicago
World's Fair. Not a single medal or
diploma has reached Berlin.
The friends of the Rv. Dr. Parkhnrst. i
the New York reformer, have begun to get
alarmed about the state of his health.
They are watching him with the keenest
anxiety and are constantly warning him
that he Is putting upon himself a strain
greater than the strongest man can bear.
The executive committee of the strik
ing cloak makers of New York claim that
3'),oooof their members have returned to
work under the terms specified in tho
joint agreement formulated by the strik
ers and signed by factory owners who do
not belong to the manufacturers' union.
The Michigan crop report estimates
the yield of wheat for lv.ti at i.'l.i,,oty
bu. It states that IS per cent of the crop
is being fed to live stock and that the
proportion will increase. The yield h
about 1,3.10,000 bu larger than reported
by tho national department of agricult
ure. The federal grand Jury in session at
Madison, Wis., has had no end of testi
mony presented to it touching the Ash
land land frauds. Evidence was exten
sively offered to sustain a report of "true
bills" in some fifty-eight indictments
which had In-en drawn and presented by
the government.
The Illinois Federation of Labor In Its
closing session at Belleville went on rec
ord In favor of single tax and against so
cialism by squelching the advocates of
plank 10 of the Springfield tdatform. Thu
federation also strongly denounced con
vict labor and Indorsed tho governor's
Stand on the question.
The bandits who held up a Southern
Pacific overland train a few miles west
of Sacramento late Thursday night and
looted the Wells-Fargo Company express
par secured over Mo.ooO. They seem to
have eluded the officers and escaped with
their plunder, which wa's nearly all in
?old coin and consequently a heavy bur
den. The Buckeye Natural Gas company,
lupplyiutf Carey and Vanlue, Ohio, with
j natural gas, has shut off both towns on
j account of failure of the supply. The
; SUpply came from Hancock county, the
best gas territory In Northwestern Ohio,
and this failure means that many other
towns will bo using coal and wood before
The four great breweries and two
minor ones of La Crosse, Wa., gave their
j employes notice that they must abandon
the Brewers' Union or be discharged.
Tills action Is taken on uccount-of the
boycott declared last week by the Grand
Labor Council against all La Crosse beer.
The cause for this a a dispute with tho
; gion and inflammation of the kidneys.
All the doctors agree, however, that the
end will le neither speedy nor sudden,
but that death will come after a gradual
The Union Pacific freight department
has mailed a circular to lis Kansas agents
notifying them to ship seed grain free of
:harge to the destitute farmers of Kan
sas. In different sections of the State
the farmers have no se.ed grain find It
will have to be shipped In to them. Most
of tho grain will bo distributed by the
Slat-e agents.
A iarge number of horses in Dubuque,
la., are affected with a new and strange
disease. It Is called la grippe and sev
eral valuable auimal have died. The
disease Is contagious. The animal be
comes stupid, refuses drink and food, its
eyes become enlarged and look dull and
watery. The animals have a tendency
to rub their eyes against tho stalls.
Nebraska cattle men are complaining
at the Omaha Union Stockyards that un
less some measures are adopted thero
will be no live stock In Nebraska next
year. On all lines leading' out of the
tate stock Is being shipped to feeding
grounds out of Nebraska. They are gull
ng Very low. This is the result of a
scarcity of fend incident to the drought.
Twenty-one people were more or less in
jured and 40,ooo worth of railroad proper
ty dtroyed Sunday In a railroad wreck at
the junction of the Louisville and Nash
ville and Now Orlearns and Northeast
ern tracks, about five miles from New
Orleans. Both trains were filled with
pleasure-seekers bound for the lake coast
resorts or the pine lands of St. Tammany
The storms of last week from the west
ward reached a climax Saturday night
in the heaviest gale experienced on the
lakes since last May. The largest and
best steamers, with powerful machinery,
were not able to breast the storm and
were forced to turn and run for shelter.
The storm was general on the four up
per lakes, Lake Ontario escaping the
The contract for the foundation of tho
manufactures and liberal arts building
of the cotton states exposition at At
lanta, Ga., was let Monday and contracts
for the nine principal buildings will fol
low. The board of lady managers will
invite the governor of each state to name
a committee of eight women and Gov.
Northen will Invito all the states to make
The correspondent of the London Stan
dard at St. Petersburg telegraphs that ho
has learned from an eye-witness that
j Professor Zaccharin, while in attendance
j upon the czar, said to him: "Your maj
i esty's malady is incurable. With care
j the powers to join in an attempt to se
j cure a cessation of tho war between
China and Japan. It is considered cer
tain that Russia will not permit Japan
I to permanently occupy Corea. In this
I Russia is sustained by Great Brltain.and
j the other powers are not sufliciently in
j terested to do otherwise than acquiesce.
I Corbett and Fitzsimmons have signed
articles agreeing to fight next year. Cor
I bett stipulated that he would not have
j to fight until July 1 or after, WJ5. Fitz
j Simmons finally acceded to this demand.
The men accepted the offer of a purse
, of t41,ou0 made by Joe Vendlg on behalf
of the Florida Athletic club. The tight
will take place at Jacksonville probably
in November or December of next year.
One of the most extensive immigration
movements In tho historv of Minnesota
J Is now in progress of development. It
j will bring into northern and western
j Minnesota something like G,of) families
j of Poles and Slavonians. While ma
I ny of them will probably locate on
' railroad lands, a great many will no
; doubt take advantage of the homestead
i laws and take up lands at goverment
Up to Oct. 1 l,v,t of tho 3,000 factories
In the State of Michigan had been offi
cially Inspected by Labor Commissioner
Morse. Of the number inspected 1,1)0
were running full time, 314 part tlme,and
144 were Idle. If running full capacity
these factories would employ 7?,V'2 oper
atlves.whereas but47,4.V7 were employed.
The report shows a reduction of wages
from 5 to 21 per cent since last year and
a total annual loss to labor in the factor
ies inspected of 10,31o,f10.
The Express oilicials at Richmond. Va.,
now express the opinion that the Quan
tlco train robbers did not get over M.im).
Mr. Murray, who handled the pouches
and cut them open for the robbers, says
he Is satisfied from the feeling of them
the amount did not exceed this. He says
that the bonds were all saved, as he threw
them In a pile of stuff tho robbers dis
carded. It leaked out that one package
marked fjxto contained 20,ooo, the ship
per doing this to save charges.
A carpenter's negligence caused the
most disastrous mlno lire ever known in
the western anthracite coal fields at tho
Luke Fidb-r colliery near Shamokin, Pa.
One workman was killed and four others
closed in the mine with all avenues of
escape cut off. Fifty-five other work
men who were employed In tho Mine at
the time of the accidetit had thrilling es
capes, as they were compelled to grope
their way through the 9moke and noxious
gases in order to reach the fresh air and
A northeast gale of exceDtlonal force
swept over New Foundland Wednesday.
The storm was severe at St. Pierre,
Mlquelon, where thirty lives were lost
and great damage was done. A heavy
sea w as running In the harbor. All tho
vessels at anchor thero put out extra
anchors and took other measures to out
ride the gale, but notwithstanding this
I the maritimecasualtles were many. Not
less than fifty vesd drajei their
anchor or parted their call) and wer
throw n upon tho shore.
Five tnen were killed, two fatally in
jured. and several others painfully burned
by a boiler explosion at tho Henry Clay
colliery near Shamokln, Pa. The entire
steam-supply plant of the mine, consist
ing of thirty-six boilers, was totally de
molished, and in addition to tlm mon
etary loss, which will aggregate &30,(Hifi,
the Henry Clay, Big Mountain, Sterling,
and Peerless collcrles will be unable to
resume operations for at least a month.
The explosion is the worst of Its kind
that lias ever recurred in that region
and its cause is a mystery.
The north-bound express between Rich
mond and Washington, on the Richmond,
Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad,
was heid up at Aqula Creek, forty miles
from Quantleo, Va., Friday night, by
seven masked robbers, and from f loO.ooo
totlv),0oo was taken .from tho express
car, their being on board a very heavy
shipment of currency from Richmond.
The robbers, seven In number.llagged the
train and when the engine was stopped
the crew were covered with revolvers
and compelled to dismount. B. F.Crutch
field and H. Murray, the messengers,
Were then forced to open the safe.
Treasury statistics serve to show that
there was no undue Inflation of money
under the state banking system.
Receipts of the treasury department
are considerably below what had been
anticipated under the new tariff law.
Troop L, the last of the Indian com
panies, has been disbanded, the govern
ment considering them poor soldiers.
William A. Smith, a department la
borer, has been arrested, charged with
stealing 5o,ooo stamps from the govern
ment. Through Its minister the Chilian gov
ernment has paid into the state depart
ment 1.1,504.35, In satisfaction of war
Owing to the abrogation of the reci
procity treaty with Brazil. Importer of
that country will suo the United States
for duties which have been paid.
Secretary Carlisle gave notice that the
?l,7irt) in Columbian exposition silver
half-dollars may be had In any quanti
ties to suit In exchange for gold coin.
The half-dollars are now In the treasury
at Washington and in the Philadelphia
and Chicago subtreasuries.
A letter has been received from C. J. F.
Kraft, of Chicago, whose name had been
presented to Secretary Carlisle for ap
pointment as supervising architect, de
clining to permit his name to be used.
Mr. Kraft is no longer practicing tho
profession of architecture.
A cablegram from United States Min
ister Denby at Pekin says the r.-r.orts of
danger to the foreign residents of Pekin
are exaggerated. There has 1 n only
one instance of an attack on Americans
and adequate punishment was meted out
at once to the perpetrators.
Treasury oflicials assert that the
habeas corpus proceedings now pending
In the case of Howard, Morton's under
coachman, will avail him nothing. They
hold that there is no appeal from the
secretary's order for deportation, and
say that Howard almost certainly will
be sent back to England.
The demand for Columbian half dol
lars Is far beyond the expectation of
treasury oflicials. The indications now
are that the supply will fall far short of
the demand. At the subtreasury In New
York i 50,000 In these coins were ex
changed for gold during the first three
days they were on sale. The demand In
Washington Is also unexpectedly heavy.
The great project which has excited so
much Interest at the ports on tho south
Atlantic coast, to unite Chesapeake bay
with the Delaware bv a canal and thus
supply the most important link in an in
ternal waterway route frm Florida to
Long Island sound, received an impetus
by the appointment of an expert board of
commissioners to select tho line of the
The annual report of Commodore E. O.
Matthews to the secretary of the navy
upon naval dock yards estimates the ex
penuitures tor the next iiscal year at
tl,l,2).". which is a reduction of the es
tlmates submitted by the commandants
of the yards of I.VJ4d,2n. The heaviest
cut in these estimates is in the Item of
Improvements, which is reduced from
li.22l,71S to $1,01403. The item for gen
eral maintenance Is cut ?1.17,0oo, and that
for repairs ?3o0,ooo. The leading feature
of the report is tho suggestion by the
chief of the urgent need for at least four
new dry docks, to be located at League
Island, Pa., Boston, Norfolk and Mare
Island, Cal. Improvements are recom
mended at different yards. In describing
the work done during the last year Com
modore Matthews says it has been only
by the closest and In most cases unwi9e
economy the appropriation for the main
tenance of these things has been made
to hold out. The wharf at Port Royal
is reported to be nearly complete. The
Puget sound dock Is progressing rapidly
and will probably bo completed much
ahead of time.
From present indications the civil serv
ice commission will te busy with Investi
gation of cases of assessments for politi
cal purposes for some time to come.
Speaking of the prevalence of thnso
charges. Commissioner Roosevelt said:
"We have had more trouble on account
of these cases this year than in any year
during which a presidential campaign
occurred. I am glad to have a chance to
say something about the matter now, as
I always have been before presidential
campaigns. Under the decision of the
attorney general we cannot proceed
against those persons who solicit by let
ter. However, we will publish broadcast
w hat Is being done and guarantee to em
ployes they need not pay one cent. If In
any way molested we shall try to have
criminally prosecuted those who molest
these emuloyes. Wo shall present The
matter to congress and urge as strenu
ously as possible that legislation bo had
to punish solicitation by letter as well as
in person. If we can get at the offenders
wo w ill have them punished as rigorously
as possible. This assessment business is
mere foul blackmail, and we Intend to
make a war on It In every way possible.
There are a number of oflices where new
complaints of assessments have ben
made, and these will be investigated by
agent of the commission." I
How a You iik Miui lu a street Cur Intr
ted St'v-ii Wniii-ii.
Ill :i street car the other day was a
voting man and sewn women, says the
Detroit Fne i'nts. The voting man
was in that condition known as befud
dled, anda.s the car rolled alonlm he
Ran to converse with himself, starting
out with:
"It was a wild niht. The? wind
moaned and the raindrops had a sd)biri
sound. I wa.s lonely and could not
He spoke so loiidlv that all in tlw car
could hear him. Three of the women
Ut on .0 became interested, but the other
four simply glanced at him and twruod
away Hiram.
"At n o'clock I ran the doorbell,"
continued the voim-jr man, "and v;w in
stantly admitted ;md shown inu the
parlor and told that Miss Sweet briT
would bo down in a moment. The
dear irl wa.s evidently c.icctin me."
The three women were doubly inter
ested at this juncture, while the other
four pricked up their cars and prepared
to pay attention ami wondered if they
hail not lost a i;ood tiling.
"She came down my darling Clara.
She m-vcr looked more beruiiitiil. She
greeted me warmly aye! lovingly
and I retained her hand as I UmI her to
the sofa on which we had s;U and pa.-ed
so many loving hours."
'Die entire, seven w..trnn 'were now so
deeply interested that Hone of them saw
a runaway hore 'o by, and two of
them hitched closer to the youn man.
"After awhile. he said in a niiiin
voice and his eyes on his to-. "I put
my arm around her slender waist and
she laid her golden head upon my
shoulder with the sweet confidence of a
child. It was a moment of supreme
The two women who had hitched be
fore now hitched a:ain, and the five
others followed suit, and all of them
wanted to kill the newslmy who opened
the door and shouted hi wares.
"I saw the lirht of love in her eyes. I
dared to press my lips to her maiden
cheek. I knew that she was mine-
mine forever. That is. she was mine il
I wanted her. Ah! that hour of happi
ness. Will 1 ever forget it!"
The conductor looked in to see sevej
women craning their necks and their
eyes bctrayinir the greatest anxiety.
They were now so close to the young
man that no one could hitch nearer.
"She waited for me to speak," he
went on. opening and closing eyes,
as if sleepy, "but I was too happy. I
didn't want to break the spell." lie
sides, how can I support a wife on
per week? reides. I don t want to ";et
married. The dear ;rirl is .-till wait-in-:."
"What! Didn't you ask her to be
your wit'"?" demanded one of the fe
males a,s she rose up with crimson face.
"Xo'm. Too happy. Told her I'd
call s'm'other niht. Ei;ht dollars a
week only buys my soda water and
cigars, and how'm l g,,in' to sup ?"
Seven feminine hau ls motioned to the
conductor to stop, ami otio after another
seven women dropped off the car and
went their ways with angry looks and
compressed lips, whi'e the young man
nodded and nodded and muttered:
"What happiness.! She waited for
me to speak, but I was too happy.
She's waiting yet. Let 'er wait I'm
goin' to sleep!"
At tho Ladies' Literary Club.
"You remember the words of Mro-re's
sojg. CLara-
We'll take a fllirlit ro heaven ro-nigUt
And leave dull earth behind u.s '
"Well, here's an account of a man
whose spirit took that flight and yet he
wasn't sati-fied. The first tiling he
saw after passing St. IVter was a broad,
green meadow, on the border of which
stood a jasper column inscribed with
gold letters."
"How beautiful!"
"liut it was tlw inscription that dis
heartened him sxi."
"Dear me! What did it say?"
"'Keep off tlx? grass." Jwlje.
"Jimmie. where did you z-t this 5
"It's the money you gave me for the
heathen, mamma.""
"Then why did you keep it?'
"My teacher said I was a heathen."
J th Swrt-fiirr nl
Looking for locations are
ro all olrth-es in one of t h
the Secretary of the Hoard of Traiif. Oreat
Kallepell, Mont : SecrHarv of Hoard of Trade. Helena, Mont. : Strretary of Hoard of Trade,
Butte, Mont. ; or F, I. Whitnex, CI. f. & T. A., (i. N. Ky., ist. Haul, .Minn. ::::::::
Apples, Peats, Peaches, Plums, Grapes and Iierries of superior Flavor. Aroma,
Color and ize.
Strawhcrrics prow tons to the acre.
Blackberry bushes prow to the housetops.
Currants are picked from ftep ladders.
Cherries often prow In thick bunches like grapes.
KHisinp fruit is a neat and clean business, and specially adapted to persons who
need outdoor labor of repular but not heavy character.
For further information, address F, I. WHITNEY, Q. P. and T. A., Q. N,
Ry., St. Paul, Minn.
risriinKi yoou ''i;i o ior in "
Hates, address F. I W hitsky, St.
It is so Pure!
Thnt's tho treat reason why you
should know ubout our nalL It re
uulres the best to produce the best.
The j;od farmer realizes thla with
tils seed; shall the butter maker be
less wiso? Our nalt is as carefully
made as your hotter made express
ly for dairy work; and bright dairy
men eery wiiere find their butter bet
ter made and their labor better paid
when they use
Diamond Crystal
Dairy Salt.
No matter what brand you havo
used, iufit L'ivo thin a fuir trial. Il
Is first in flavor, first in grain, and
first In purity. Whether for dairy
or table use, you will find It to
your advantage to be acquainted
with the alt that' All ftalU
Write us.
St. Clair, Mich.
'Uncle Tom' Cabin.'
"On a side track in a railroad yard
the other day." .-aid a traveller. "I saw
two white cars prf.ely lettered in red,
which were u--d for tin transportation
of an "Uncle Turn's Cabin'' company.
Along the top of a board fence near by
was a fringe of the heads of boys who
were loukini: over at the cars. Stand
ing upon tin p! ufurm in th yard were
a number id men who a!su were looking
at the cars. S fascinating dues every
thing pertaining to the stage appear U
lie. Sceino; t he cars reminded me of a
drowsy summer day some years a'o
when I was driving thruirjii a country
town in Jersey. As we druve along we
heard a band playing. We wondered
why there should lie a brass baud play
ing there at midday, when there was no
evidence of any ceie1 ratiun and the
village wa su uui.-t. The music came
nearer and presently the band
marching a.oug tne main street,
players w iv not in r.nifurm. but
all wortviruek cuuts and beaver
Their marching was perfect, their
ing dignilied.am! they p ayel excellent
ly. It was a surprising sight. A little
further on we came upun the simple
folmioii of it ail. There we aw a big
tent upun winch was displayed an
nouncements of tl.-' i':H uf T'neie
Turn's Cabin' and the buui-s uf perform
ances. T.ie baud Uial we had met was
made up .f players fruin this company,
which wem abu'it g'.i:ig the show un
der canvass. Such incidents illustrate
that peupie who are :i'cutomed uly
to entertainments as they are gien hi
the city, might 1 i : i 1 in the huw busi
ness as it is conducted oil' the beaten
track features of striking novelty and
IJubby Oh. mamma, mamma! Tal
bys gut awfully rich since you've been
Mamma A id how did she get rich.
Hobby Why. papa made the men
give '!' cents to the kilty every time
thev held three of a kind or bi tter.
Every patriotic citizen should give his
personal effort and influence to increase
the circulation of his home paper which
teaches the American policy of Protec
tion. It is his duty to aid in this respect
in every way possible- After the home
paper is taken car of, why not sub
scribe for th Amzbican Economist,
published by the American Protective
Tariff League? One of its correson
dents says t No true American car
get along without It- I consider it the
greatest and truest political teacher in
the United States."
Send postal card request for free
sample copy. ' Address Wilbur F.WaVe.
n an. General Secretary, 135 Wvt '3d
St., New York.
f" wa an
"Jfhe Treasure Stale
Invited to lnrektitrnte th opprtuE't'es cffrreJ
mnt resourceful States in the Union. Ad'tress:
Falls. M-nt.: Secretary of Hoard of Trade.
and JAPAN.
Keti.rn ltout.; Fine JWnerv; Hunting an.i
nmie wHKpr. r or I'ublicat ons anil
l'aul, Minn.

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