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i Tin: Kn oiii) will
& Until Jan. 1,1KI7J$
The IIec ori will
; be writ nil new T-rm f
r Mihsc-ribera (mid rUl tpltUU,
Im M ilt tl (ill 11CW 'J
mi I seri I crs (und
all I1 Mitsctil-
a rs iia niL' mi to V
JAB'Y 1, 1897
old HutKfrncrs.
"dute i'or $ I. ('. V'
puj ing uptodate j
VOL. XVII, iNO. 87.
ALMA, iiii '!.. FRIDAY. X0VEMI5ER 1. 185)5.
fllrna Record.
S H 0 ES
wil.1 soon cost
much more.
Loathor has advanced
100 per cont. Wo.havo
Ho Advance
but are selling many
linos at cost to
B. L ft G, R Delauan.
E, G. Taylor,
and Jeweler
' .- -. ': ' s . .... N.
I make a specialty ot testinpc
and fitting die Eyes, Watch and
Jewelry Repairing.
Carry in stock a fine line of
Watches, Clocks
Chains, CharniH
Gold and Silver
Plated Ware
Call and See Me.
F. E. Osborn,
makes but one grade of work,
and that is strictly must-class.
Old pictures copied and en
larged. Fine portraits from 11x14 to
life size made to suit or no pay.
Photographic coloring done
Satisfaction guaranteed on all
work. Prices will be found
' reasonable for the quality of
Tin' live business men of Alma an
sending out several hundred extra copies
of the Hixoun this week for the punose
of putting N fore the jieople their adver
tisements, at the same timo soliciting
vour trade. It costs you nothing. After
looking it over we shall lo plesised to
have each and every one subscribe.
Leave l.oo with any business man run
ning an advertisement and the Kf.cokd
w ill 1k sent to your address until Jan. 1
l!r, sixteen months. You can save the
price by having a chance to read their
College Notes.
W. T. Hurdiek of Sault Ste Mark
visiting old frirnds at the college.
KU'orts are being made by tin Chris
tian associations to organize a lecture
The regi?trar reports a gain of about
:;o per sent in attendance greater than
last year.
President Hriiske preached in the Fort
street I'rt :-byterian church in Detroit
la-.t Sunday.
II. M. Clark, state secretary, conduct
ed the services held by the Y. M. C. A.
lat .Sunday.
The athletic goods given by .7. V. S.
IMerson of Stanton were received at the
gy i n n; m u m M o n da' .
1'rof. Davis has Ihcii moving the Nat
ural historv collections from his room in
the college into the new building this
Next week is the week of prayer for
Y. M. C. A. The week will be appro
priately observed by the association of
the college.
Frank P. Knowles i in Detroit thii
week attending the conterence oi
Apjilied Christian Workers and Social
Ketorms in that city.
W. K. Ure, a former student of the
college, now cashier of the Commercial
bank in Saginaw was the guest of David
Megaw over Sunday.
A hare and hound chase was run last
Saturdav morning. Divine and Side-
butham running as hares. Several of
the students took in the seven mile run.
School Notes
Annie Peid visited school
Three new pupils entered school Mon
Mrs. Prainerd visited school Wednes
We understand that the Ladies Trio is
to be reorganized.
Then- is no school todav on account of
the teachers association at Ithaca.
Misses Chadwick and Hood and Mrs.
Hall and Mrs. Klv visited school Thurs
The high school P division of music is
taking the place of the old choir for a
H. M. Clark, state secretary Y. M. C.
A., conducted chapel exercise.: Monday
There was no .school in the Kindergar
ten Moiulav because of the illness of
Miss Mitdiall.
There will be a school entertainment
in the high school room on the evening
of Thanksgiving.
Will Spiccr has entered school for the
purpose of taking the twelfth grade
review Arithmetic Work.
Laeh member ot the senior class is
pledget 1 to sell CO tickets to the lecture
course. The tickets will be on sale next
There will be a meeting of the county
teacher's association in ltluica today and
tomorrow. Alma teachers will attend
in a body.
The old game of "Put ton, Button,
whose got the Button" is again lining
talked of in the high school. This tinu
it is James who is the interested party
in the game.
The a Hair at the Graham, school house
r ridav evening was a decided success,
and those who attended 1h lieve that this
school certainly deserves t o le called one
of the most wide awake schools in tin
Charles Porter Davis of Glendale,
Ohio, a few weeks ago si guest at tilt
Sanitarium, visited sclioo.l during his
ststy in Alma and seemed greatly inter
ested in the work and m the school.
few davs ago Smierintveiident Fly
received by mail fixnu Mr. Davis
photographic group of the American
poets, Fmerson, Holmes, Lowell
Pryant. Longfellow mid Whittier. Mr
Fly will have the '.net ure framed ami
hung in the high, sc hool room, sis s
some nir of Mr. Davis ' visit, sind si tcsti
nionial of his kir.dly expressed interest
The Lacture Course.
inc. high scfjool suuior class lias com
plcted arrangements for the lecture
course to ix given m tho opera house in
Alma this winter. The course will open
wilh a emr-ert by the IIelerline Concert
company, to bo riven the last of Noven
Ikt. lhe Heberline Concert com any ts
considered tlin leading concert attraction
on tno American nlatiorn. and our
citizens ;tre to 1o eoiigrsitulsilod on hav
ing an opjxjrtunit v of hearing- them
JusLliefore school ; closes in DecemU r
U v. Thoicsis McChiry, theifsunous wit
will delivt r one of; his inimitable Jee
tuns. In Jsinuarr, (silM.ut January M)
Ualjih F. Miii-duH.' lecturer, scholar s uu
mstriH'ttu-, whom Pev. Gen. F Huntii ig
lormer president, of Alma colleg't
regards as stniong the leading ulp i
oratt i-n in the west, will lecture. Th
last lecture of the course w ill 1m; deliver
by Jahu Dewitt M'lhr th( universally
Mpular orater, )hilosofther. scholar and
wi t .
The tick ts for the course have Ih-cii
placed sit the very low price, of one dol
lar. The senior class should receive
the heart v co-opt ration of our citizens.
You Can't Afford to Chance It
A bavv cold may lead to pne umonla
or consumption. Foley .'b Honey and
Tar taken Jn time affm da per Vet
curity.tioni stiloua itButs. 5Uc
v: n. ma has.
at hers
I at lh
' ;en's
of this
Mr. Woodward was born in Ueiiniiigton,
N. Y., May 1, 1M7. He came to Mich
igan in 1 -!.", and settled in Layton,
Allegan county, where he lived until
the death of his wife in 177, since which
time he has made his home with his
children, live of whom survive him:
Susan, (Mrs. ( Wiling) of How en's Mills,
Parry county; Daid of Layton, All'gan
county; Peri of Alma; Meruit of Seville,
and .lehhd of Kiverdale.
Mr. Woodward was highly esteemed
by all w ho knew him. He was not a
memlHTof any church, but his religious
creed was to render to every man his
due, and to exeniply the te;c hing of th
Colden Pule.
The funeral was held Wednesday at
Powen's Mills and the remains were
interred in the cemetery in that place.
Sm.ivwv. K. S. Mi- ii., ct.. ,., IM'-'i.
TotheFditor of the At. mn Pi:eit:
In your issue of October J lth, I
notice' the following: "La-t summer,
two ladies, guests at lie Sanitarium,
were lined three dollars and cot each
for riding t heir bicycles on the sidewalk.
( )ne paid her line, but the other 1 it town
without doing so. She n turned to
linsi last Friday when she was in-
.rmed that the matter could he setthd
iv the payment oi uie line ami cos;.s.
he settled." Although you mention
no names in this article" it seems to be
well known in Alma that the lady re
ferred to as ''leaving town" etc., is Miss
iiige. I therefore desire to state that
the article is false. Miss ( i age was a
guest sit the Alma Sanitarium. In the
month ot July last she and another
young woman were riding bicycles on
the sidewalk of your village without any
knowledge that there was an ordinance
fthat village prohibiting it. Suhsc
juently Miss Gage was informed by the
lerk ot the aniHriuni that si complaint
uid been made, still later she was
informed by Dr. Lancashire of the ham-
arium that he had interceeded, and
that the complaint had been withdrawn.
She was never sirrested on any such
harge, nor did she ever appear in court
with such a charge ;igain-t her, and she
was never lined ' nor any oth- r sum.
That after receiving the information sis
ibove stilted, she was in Alma three
lays prior to leaving for ea-t for a sum
mer s trip, i nai sue jell Willi uie
impression and the understanding that
there was nothing fmlln r to be done
hv her or sinv oike in the i. remises.
rhat on returning to Alma for a sh ut
it in the middle of October, as sh"
wsis at the deiMr sibout to take ;i train.
he wsis informed by the Treasurer of the
Sanitarium that the atlnTitics had
hanged tin ir minds. a:il that they now
sired her to pay three ooliars. wjnch
he paid to Mr. ."-harp, treasurer ot tli"
I have investigated the matter and am
informed by a reputable law yer at Alma
that the only pap. is on tile i:i (In
justice's otVico are a ceni!.i! u' , anl
warrsint that was never s. red um.ii any
one. and that there wa im y, cHil of any
hearing nor of any lii!". and Ilia! tliv
ollected sis sibove stated, les, tdty cents
paid to Deputy Marshal, remains with
ie Justice awsiiting his report touching
the matter. Very Popectl ully.
(Jii.vi v i:y H. (!
W. C. T. U.
This (lepartii.ent ii ur.'ler tte (ontsol f tin?
W.C.T I .. Hii'l the editor (.i tut. p.J.y(r Is n-i
r")oiisilil( I.t Hiijtliin I li.it are- ios i.ai.cr
this head.l
The ngular met ting of the Alma
Tnion will be held W dnesdsty Nov.
:Uh. :'.:o i. m., in the Presbyterian
church. Subject, The Foes f h mptr-
since. L d bv Mrs. Peters.
A paper printed in th" Fp " P'n-
insulsi says: "The cigarette is a roll ot
psiiM-r, tobacco and dings, with a tire on
one end and si big fool on the other.
Some of the chief ch.joymt ids are con
densed nightmare, tit -s. cancers ot the
tomach. spinal meningitis, softening
of the brain, funeral processions and
families ..shrouded in gloom."
The Carthaginians prohibited, govern
ors, magistrates, son tiers ami serams
from drinking anything stronger than
wsiter, and the Athenians made it a
capital offence for ;i magistrate to be
Sentiment in Georgia seems to be
growing in favor of th" anti-bar-rooms.
to prohibit the manutacture. sale sum
keeping for sale of intoxicating liquors
for leverage purjKises. The measure
is chsunpioiied by Hon. Walter P Hill.
The Fail ot Carlisle is ;i very staunch
teetotaler so much so. in fact, that
wine is not allowed upon his table; and,
when he came into his title smd estates,
the wine cellar sit Castle Howard wsis
done away. Some splendid old ale.
worth si large sum of money, w as run
away, the taps being tumid, smd the
casks allowed to empty themselves.
Honors Worid'
22 SL'
Cathorod to His T
John K. Weed ward die
denee of his daughter s;t 1
llarrv country. Mond.iv
7 nm KWh
v v
A pure Ctipt Crcrni of T.niar nv.i-:r. I
fj tm Arnmoni.', Al.nn it ."') . Ii: t .i.!'.ii!:r:.t,
40 yeaH's .the sta:.tari
! : - I
Mi ran
In Ladies' and Children's.
Natural Gray Ladies' Jersey Vests
and Pants at 25c each.
Ladies' Natural Wool Combination
In Men's, Boys,' Ladies' and Children's.
Rubbers, Felts, Leggins and Gaiters.
Rubber Boots and Leather Boots.
Blankets at?50c a pair.
Comforters, a good line,
Pn 9
yyio y
prices right.
v-- f ..- . j-y f ' " T'-- T

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