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offers this
3 lbs Evaporated Peaches. . ... ,25c
3 lbs Evaporated Apricots 25c
C lbs Choice Raisins 25c
6 lbs Cleaned Currants 25c
Cooking Figs 10c per lb or 3 lbs for
Fine Table Figs per lb 15c
The largest line of Canned Goods.
The finest assortment of Fancy
Chase & Sanborn's Coffees take the
Our own importation of Teas
Teadust per lb 5c
Teadust per lb 10c
Fine Japan Tea per lb 30c
All goods fresh
All goods new
Wholesale and
D, W. Mams,
B. S
0 iiititTI i Yi
Is headquarters
Flrst-Class Bakory in chargo
of a compotont bakor.
. . . CENTRAL . . .
Meat Market
Buyers will at all times
find a full lino of
fresh, Smoked and Salt Meats,
We shall also have on hand Fish
Oysters, Poultry and Game in
season, Lard, etc.
We solicit your patronage ana
hope by fair treatment to merit a
continuance of the same.
Will offlciatc as clerk-;
Lari't!?t stoek r; n 1 lowest prii
The ilnest and lar-t
sortment of
Linen Stationery
to be found ; i! I'
Are you on
to the Fact
that you can save lots of money
by buying your
Wagons and
who it surrounded by a holid
I'halanx of the bet and fined
goods in hi line manufactured
in the United State. lie makes
specialty of Fine Surries, Duties
and Road Wnyous. Theru aro
three things you tan always get
at his utore : Good Goods, Low
Trices and Curtcous Treatment.
6 lbs choice Raisins 25c
6 lbs good Crackers 25c
3 lbs new Figs 25c
The finest Seedless Raisins per lb 12c
3 lbs new Prunes 25c
Deland's Soda per lb 5c
Boneless Pork per lb 6c
Our Goods are all
fresh, new and clean.
In the Bazaar Department
We are opening up the finest line of China
Goods ever brought into Alma.
Just notice the low prices wc have on Haviland's
White China for decorating.
Our stock of Lamps is complete and prices were
never so low.
CiioiiT ci;.;arj :.t alah.m,-i.
:. iii-nui C.uah ..pent Kutuhiy in
;. u (.';;:'.'!. 'i did hii-.ir.esH in Fay
l l v' 'L ii - .J.:1. .
,1. '. !. v. i Hi J' i: en
. :.d: To a.hty
V'. " i . K bu: td from l)e
t ' . da; d'; t w'j.i.. .
'i :.n iba . .i ; : ' i new wall paper
yai i ( HW (! ..I Webb's.
lhio:ui:i o 1. a;. id, ab.o di'.y board, at
Fi: u I'..! c: ) . la l ran. .
i I : : 1:1 I tinea.
( - . : ,- a '.. .-!! v.M i taken 10 I he
.i.'. : nil i:i 'braver Cuy Monday.
i: it. V.'c-M):! n puUIntf a 15 !ton
'a i r lit tilt i' in Thomas' ;:reen house
V. Tiott, oliitf okctriehui of Fh
Hrn'U, spent Sundav v it li bid parents
1,1 V'.
J." :um' I'nion Ai.l Society will
r.ae;,aT.i.v l inn.e-dntely after
10 L K If
li. I). I.t-.ir'!:',- !i(i;::e has been moved
jC l !- tha Mi ill'".' hi, o raer of Foitst
..i; : bYab f . ire. b-t.
j .'. A. i''M',- had '. i:u- display of
, It , : . (I; t . 1 h ! 1011 at
l.i : .
1 (! e
1 . 1
' i'i ! '.-l!-d t,:i!
: : v.
.!;.) to-l: th
!,,'.'(.'; ; .- v.i f!;.j ;!j'G,
-! a fvi ; iUuilr.
i .v ielii:;! ly a
homl a;;
r:7iL x.
Warranted All-Wool, Imported Goob, Fino
FainuT Satin LWiinj;, elegantly trimmed, high
grade, tailor made all size, in Square Cuts
and Round Sacks.
For Widl paiu r to M :.l is. v ; ;
Special s'.;!od 0:1 tl) c for Hi.; m.t, ;
ay.3 at Dtliva::a .
Finest perfuints and toilet a; tides al
Mrs(ieorgo IJ.dilko i;j I.oiuj i'io;a
A. Cohoonis Irii'.dir: a n:v :ouv c:i
Orchard si reel.
X. J. Mct'u!!i!i!.;i and wife
Sunday in Mu'phi id.
Al. I'ontitiu liaj mi.; ed n.lo i:is !:'.",',
hoiiHe on VaUjr 'Jtitat.
Mrs. 0. I'I. Scott v rj.t liay Cliy
cbtcrday iO v.ril liiiuL1.
C. E. Madeson of '.iOi-..; ls.-..i !. n
visilii: hi- bister, III.-:. )aim.
O. W. ilJ''i.-i :-h;5'i.;-d ';M u;.t..s .l
yg.s to xx:ev Vuik tit "iiM.: ;y.
L'lari3 liali, who l:a. lj..en j.-;.: .r:; I::..
uncle A. J. Hull, liusieturntd I j
One hundred and tuenl.', liw hunter.".;
licenses have heen issued bj t:i euunty
Tinker Jc Lancashire fchii-iieu a (;.;...'!
titv ui ducrs and .-;a-di to -Ml. 1 ....'n:
yesteiday. t- , ., ,i;
Fink's l'.daee lie ;l ' 1:1 1:11'. ;.; :ce.d- - ;. , i :,..;.;, . . r' t
ed 1:1 the loil;ins' f.'Uihli:i;:, oa t!:1. , f(, 'ol.
norlli siue 1 t-up iioi' .-.in ( t . ( v , .. .
Joe Hay h;;:i pureh.ti.. u i.ic McKvii.' i .". ..."
.ouse on Stat: f.fieeT. and v. Ml uiauc ,, ;i ,,.., 'j , .
some niut'li nteued lui'uNfUini:'.. ! i '
Ldwin i'. liwni has hfeii u n'.Lit d a ;
position on ll:c Iron Moa!.la;n i;;a... j
wiili heauiiiiarUia :n j-mij., .'.
1a. Weston v. nee; id to .
Clinton conniy, wlieie :.e opviii ,-j.na.ay
with I'nendi, iet;u:..n Hi- iie.; ' !'. I
The lifleiitin (.'pnetiie.. 1:1 . ':. n ,;; '
ippear at Hie 01 ua 1.. ia;- .-;
lage Wednesday ee.nTiL;, ioyi njbtr -7. 1
Mr. A. F. Vuu:: leccivid a tcic-1
gram lToni Jtidgclown, (;M., .Ii.mi r, ;
night annuuneu.ii ll;e deaih el .'..1 ji
inuther. 1
W. 15. I'tley of Whilth d! aial W. S
L tlev of line Cloud aio :.uiuz tin 11' !
brother Hiram l"tle,aud oilier 1
tives and lritntls. I
Miss Anna Furneli, v.ho has ki.-i '
visiting the Mio ed J ja-iliu::., has re-
turned to her hnuie ;i. Jiei ia:, aec.;U.
panied by liushiaai.
AcLaugein the Ann Aih;r time
table went into th'eel I!-.;m.n. 'i..
train which loinierly iuiivi.d heie al
lL':l(ip. in. now armt.i 'l ll;-' a. m.
The Alma Jullrr .r-.'t:il i sl.;mi-d ;
car loads ol iljur 10 Jj-.:oa a ..d .v
York juLUis h.st v.eel., K r t ; i .. ; , ,
Vnother cur load w; a!np; eu ,taui j ?'
j!.-. ;'.( ! .-.:: ir.a.i uo iort strtci
1 i 1 : it ' i ( '.!-:i ii J J'-!n,it.
i j. .-.;'!. 1) . ul::.v h:!: from a car
! a . Av.v rvit( h.. 'A 1u!h load
.', a' d I.t. cuilar Lone.
'ii:,h: if J,:::.;, Fa.-;. Worthy
i'.'tiv.n (;. !;. S , hrt'i.'gl.t Mrs.
to tiaS.i:iitaiiiim lor tieatrnent
: 1 ..' d:.v..,
V. A. idy Had liis l.ei.l of cattle de
I. ..). 1'. im.'.lrv, t'.:a:i v. la; ill no
a: :a 1 .1 al.'l ! ..miv u belter iua!i
iivd, iii'! ! ! wi : 1,.
'I I',.. I. Iia!i'-', loinivr pastor of
! j r ; 1:' : :t eh-.i 1 h iii t iiij p'ate, has r.c-
! 1 1." '.;il 11 i! ( ; ; tiitaU; of the
! : ; '. I in rhnuai, Or.t.
' '.'. ; , . :.'....' ;:. evm: h-ie can
. ; ! 1 ..-: t it i t oi'v T'.' 1 ; y 1: f-pecior.
pij.-.i'. : ( ? . ; vs 1 i 1 ;o O'lt
).;. ! erd d l.y the d?pii iment.
!! '.:' m;; : vi . .1 ni".1 l' id in the
;'..;;,.;. : e':a: ' I I '. i'i'.' laoriiin;: at
, :..:.; o . v, c. by l!a- dii'ter
e;.i : .::a.:s and Dr. 1. S. iVtt john.
Tin Wtaiiao's Fcr; in Missionary
;'. ; a ' y el Li:;' r.iv-.b tera:n church, at
i: ; l::r.r To ;-d:iv aftrmocn, decideil
: 1 a "M'dbfr 'Co:.";.; Market'' in
li ia-'ir 1;: ::
; !r.-. .! W. MeAilistt r ir-ctured before
I V.'r;. ;,!,'. l ! . 1 i ' 1: M;--i.n:.ry Si-ciety
in !'. d:-v t". . a!.'. Suti.i."t,
j.pv. on a jjeuget'
1 : !:-!ter from a
"1 !. ha : mi . t't-n
1 : v:s:t Mr.
oda Aula, Cab,
' his hivthcr Wil
vdr-c", left Satur
i a ib". Ai k., to
:. i;
!.' i 1 .!
: ' ..'.la
Men's Suit
Boys' "
These goods are not obtainable in any other
clothing hon-e for less than $10 to $12.
Heavy Men's Suits, $3.00 and upwards.
Good Boys' " 1.75 "
Ouercoats and Ulsters,
Men's, Hoy's and Children's at reduced prices.
Underwear Men's, 12k-, i5o to $1.25.
1 11
v;i';:;;! v
.. (': . P- i'i !n ' 'r.M-Ml.ty,
' i b. ! !.-.i-:s t . i'i I ! by nur
,: : -.' I-i a : : -ia al.-t;; lia s.'
a c h U ab'aul nim-.y d. .liars.
'-I , jt. ( !;;. ;, son oi' 1 bp
.' ;' iii ' "; a 1 iciatiiai
'):'! :.'. af-'enmoM at the roi
W. F..J"ie Tia-la iit meet
v id i... . -'d :.t b'1 v. ( I Ki'.Ieeu's in
va :. :;t Movah-.y.
.. !.i.-' oiioiii: of tbo (iratiot
at v Mi;; '-!'! ial A 1 a-aiation was
b--'d; .t.t naoa ft tlie residence
. f lb v. '.V. 1 .Ii.-: a s. Tb:- ; :-;i-ciation
.''l!:a"t v.i'b lbv. (r. ;.:. Ki'.leeuin
Itb... a u"Nt .Nbo day :ifb--r):oo:i.
'1 r are t'o'i-e per.-: !U ver' riek
.vil!. ty.,iii.id faver in tb.e home of John
(b !lr.' , :: : aiio" Mr. i balfrey. The
iaa.ily a.f in i i; d oF era :;;:d ii.ist
;. a , "and w ir?'" ; u.e tb.at t'ai.i notice
is 'it-t wi!! bi: luci..uv t- briii"
.sot i died oi' scarlet
""J" .... ". ...... ...... .ai. , e i ... ,.v
xne nu'ies oi ii;e . . ji. v . .u ai e . ,,,fi ., ,,,..,, .,.; i,, u, i,n.r.
supper ai iue ei. -v a. i...u ir iiuiisu.a , i
.oV. lib bY , atU
have an auction hal
'"wuu '-"-IU' f-vo:ed circumstances
C. C Tboun'suu it laiii'.ai lrom a bu.;-
. , , . , ' :.ri a'i u oaiaij ir. i'iu una.i' hi intr iiiuiit":
i u4lIt's lKl-; t.r.ivideinorherl'V this son, v. ho waa her
r w.iicu tbey v d. , ,,,( u L Sll;. ,.(.r(iH tJ,t, mpathv
le. All are coidiail () hrAnht hk.ht of t!;os(3 in mote
iness trio the other ? i..bt. ...a li ;d lex
ins arrival his grip: ii.y.-ter;.)i:.!y iii- ;.j
pe-iiied, iti.i; ii is i-aal il al .John J ). i
spinney knew all aboat Uuau.
Ilev. 11. II. .lehersoii of Ibaaber Hid,
lib, has accepted the call to St. John's
parish in this village, ami v. all be hue
with his family November hi, and con
duct service the following Sunday.
Mrs.Kendall Fiool:: and Mis. W. F.
Jones went to IJrand Ibipids Wednes
day as delegate: to ibe State Federa
atiou of Woman's Clubs which meets
in that city Wec'nesdey and Thuisday.
The hrone tiimmins for Ceyi'e i.
Hall's new buildint; b.aye been reee.vea
from Fuhl Sor: j ilc ("a. d Dt t roit
and have been placed in pa.Vdion. TJie
plate K'ass was be iut in ti e htsl cl
the week.
M.J. llok'ardus has enjoyed a vi-td
from Noble Fradhyof ciiari-itte ami
Cornelius 1 James oi Johns, bvdh of
whom were withhnniu the .;-.r, and
whom he has not seen in nearly thirty
two e:iri:.
Wjma-i Stanton has left :;t
Ukcokh cilice be pi.tati;s, v.iiiihiii.c
lbi pounds, J)tlbcit Frei.c'n live v.eu:.!
inX 10 pounds and l)aid J t ,1. iie
weihin 11 pounds, and Mr. fltot T..i!l
receive the Fr.coni) f ir cia- .rar.
(Joe anil one-third rutea h.. e bi cn ; i
curt don loth radro-ds Sattitday, t!i 1
occasion of the lavb; of the corner
atone. On the I. L N. tickets must
be bought in lots of ten. e.nd cn tie A' n
Arbor road the reduced rates are f rem
Mt. l'leasant to KSsie.
F. F. llclco.nb wi;o eraJu iteil frou
Die Orchard 1ike Mib.itary Academy
last summer and is imw doing c.ivalry
duly for Fncle Sa'i., and statio;,ed S'.t
F:rt Mead, b !., writes his motbet
that, although the v ,,i ii hard, aa.l
his yurroundinKs bukiiii: rel'aer.a tit,
he likes il N'-:v iaa,!i. Tie la '.
week that ho v. .. ; 1 1 i . b. wa , 'u'. cn
a HOC mile c:tlin,;i,'';'1 : ' d b'Tit
tbiee H tuibM- e.i : :t. i s r'-m . He
dci pen't v. ai'i i r i . : . :.i be b
, fun i hours ol ii!..niiel On!l and two
I hours of saber drill cwry day.
V. J. '' t;:a al--n b;1.- n 1 bis ba. ir
j-. a d c..' k iv into :av build-i:-s
;. - ;':'; t.f;:dhr
.;' ' ;,(; -a ; :;'.? it V of irooibs he
'a .-; ci:'( r ! f- r the hoi i lay trade, will
make hi;; f ii" of the m.st complete
b a :;s in 1 1 : i -J part of the state.
Cbri b '. Coleman is building a new
house in Wheeler. A number of Odd
( i;a s i f this pb'.ce drove down to
Wb; e'er Wedrw--iihiy morning and sur
t i l io! Iiiia "Wbf-n tb.py reached there
' .!::-'. all took o(V their coats nd went
to woik. and tb progress made on the
bou.se w;u wonderful.
Someriuudhi aj.:o a family named
Cin-rrv. eon ting of a man and hbs
ifund eral ehildrPii, came here
fr. ra Adrbm. They were very p.oor,
ed at inlervab? since comingb.ere have
bf -u t he i( -( ipienhs of rba'itv. Tliere
w."s evTY iialiration that they would
b."v..;vie:i county iharpe before many
real learring that tb.e man could
iMw ak at ViMr.a, the family were
sent thrc Tiu::-'!ay.
Th'- V. F. S C. i:. invitetheir friends
aii'i :'! t oj pie. to nttend a I'uni',)
kin Fie S ei:d to be held :;t tb.e Frrsby
terian l'avar;tL'o on Fridav evening,
Ne.ve'.der bVb, f'.u,. Sidtantial
refve-hmeids will be served during the
ca :;'"-... T'i" fee for lefreshments
w P"c !;a "!e, or two for a cpinrtrr,
A!! are inv'.led to eat, drink and be
merry, and to min the Hndravorera in
an h;;ur of mirth. Kocial from S:(i()
until s ojnin r.merd.
Dr. Fi-i j' 'bn 'eclurnl in tl e M. F.
ei-iTcb vu' .' b.y evniini', under the
ion i e-i f tl e Fawor!h I.ea;'iie, (n
'Faith Cuio and Clirictian Science,
liniii : i.b ie:inV Jdaml point.'" The
(hurcb v .u liilcl to the door''. The
t ru;e v, a srhobirlv effr.it, well de
livered. ut itdernU'd more for the
r..le . ''.ii 1! .a b r the btilv. The
; i..r dv b1- i-'b a tJ'e U'l'eti of
ti i-i ., ..-.''.i : " 1 1! ;.( superstb
t.,. '.!-.?.: ii' 11, c fi'ith rur".-i, and
f'r ... ; '') .-.a rla.r! at frr all to ue
ra a i pioiib'd by the Creator lor
the g'io'1 cf mankind.
w A
L7- n r
Bi ins your gi'in
to tho
If you wish to Exchange, Deposit, or sell for
CW, they will ive yon more and better flour
and pay you higher prices than any Mill in
P. V
i JLii
M'S Drug Store
Is now ready. You are
Invited to call and exam
ine foods and prlcci.
Wo havo a comploto stock of
IncludinR Fino WritlnR Papor
Pen and Poncll Tabids, otc.
Ash for "Victorinc,"
King of catarrh romcdios.
0. E. MAHAN.

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