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: 4v
-'- Tin: III rotili will "t
Ik' M'i't to nil lu-vv
jan'y i, 1897 n
-, , crs iuir lip to V
" tint- lur jfl.no. 7
Until Jan. 1,
The HKconi) will -
FOR $1.00.
Iaj ing up to dato !"
ruim iiin in.
VOL. XVII, NO. li'J.
l7TI7 It t ni
- - - - - . - vjuj w J
ii in iiv iv i : w i
lima RsGorcfl.
will soon cost
much more.
Tin1 1 i n iiu.MiH'ss nun df Alma an
m ndii'LT nut M'V ral hundred extra ropit-s
-f the Kkcoko this v.vek lor the nunxiso
i liultin' hftuiT tlic lK'opjt their advrr-
li-i inrnts, at the satm time solii-it in
.Muir trail". Jt co.sts you nothing. Attn
jimKm;,' it over Ave shall le ltl. ad to
have eaeh ami every one Mihsel ile
Leave sl.oo with any luiness man run
nni;; an advertisement and the Ki:toj;n
will lie sent to your address until .Ian. 1
ls'ir, sixteen months. You can save the
l-riv-e liy liavinc a ehatu-e to read their
Leather hats
100 per com.
Wo havo
but are bollin;
lines at cost to
jt a Re
G, L i 6. fi Delavan.
E, G, Taylor,
I make a specialty ol testing
and fitting ihu Kyis, Watch and
"s Jewelry Repairing.
Carry in stock a line line of
Watches, Clocks
Chains, Charms
(io!d and Silver
I Mated Ware
Call and See Ale.
Of era House: block
makes but one ;:i.de of work,
and that is strictly riusr class.
Old pictures copied and en
larged. Tine portraits from n . I I to
life size made to suit or no piy.
Photographic coloring done
Satisfaction inn teed on all
work. Prices will 1 c found
reasonable for tin- jitality of
Gov. Rich and Washington
Gardner Horo.
Interesting t-xorclses In tho Opera
The storm lat Saturday did not abate
the ardor of our Methodist friends, and
th y were astir early in th morning
making linal preparations for laying the
corner stone of tiie new church. Some
di -appointment was expressed when a
(- le:':a:u was received from Col. A. T.
Lliss rxprvssini; his regret that lie could
not lie here. Then a little impatience
wnen ii was iviuiwii tJiat tlie Ann Arbor
tram, wincli would brin-' (Jov. laVh and
Jlou. Washington Gardner, was an hour
and a hall late.
iue nam came at iat, However, am
tlf two distinguished quests were nn
by Dr. .1. IJ. Lancashire and Dr. F.
i ettyjojin, ami driven to the Wright
House, where Gov. Hieh, .Mr. Gardner
Dr. and Airs. K. S. Pcttvjohn and liev
and Mrs. MeAllister had dinner.
The storm made it impossible to hav
:my exercises at the eJiureh, lmt tin
Km s, aim a i;umi.ier oi our citizens went
there, and K v. ,f. W. McAllister placed
the copper box, (the contents of which
were 'iven in our issue of Tridav. in
1 lie c auer .-tone, which was placed in
position and adjournment taken to th
ojtera house. K . McAllisti r called tin
meeting to order, ami read the ritualistic
.-v i .i t- miiii,-; mi- suen an occasion.
after which Dr. Kendall Dn inks ollered
prayer. Scripture lessons were read Lv
uevs. . r . .lones o this l.lace. and
Ceor-e Killeen of Jthaca. when an
anthem was Min-r bv tin. .-oil. .l,,,,!,!,
piai ti t, Mis (leririide Whiting accom
lauist .
iev. McAJlister tin n introduced (hv,
Kich, w ho was i- eted w ith enthusiastii
ij'jilau-e. I he governor coii'M-atulaled
the members of ihr eliurcli upon tin
sli'-eess Winch lias utteiu'i'il thr n, v
nterprise thus far, and predicted tin
any completion ot the e hurch. He y:iid
that Whatever had been started in Abi::i
had been pushed to completion. Some
time., said the governor, business comes
to a town. Whirl) is r.ol )u n, f,. i ,1 t,. tl..,
ilizens thereof: other industries are
stalled, wmcn add to the material tiros
perity of the place; but a church not onlv
adds to the intrinsic value of prop, rtv.
bat more than all, is of ine.-t imalile value
in its moral influence as a preventive of
crime, ill,- money nuesled in a church
s a wise and p- rmauent nnestmetit,
and the governor said that the state
could lietter atVord to donate money to
ioin h buildii:- than o discourage' the
en tion of i hiiiv!., s by heavy taxation
on church property. The slate is direct
ly and intensely interested in the success
of a hurch, auI in order that a church
be suceessful. it must have a staple
oernment behind it. The pivernor
t !.' 11 sooke of t he work tli,. vt .. ii,--
done for its depi ndent eliildren, and
said thai it is wiser to care for them
in this wav than to maintain criminals
a few years !at. r.
AfP r an anthem by (he church choir,
Hon. Washington Cardm r was intro
luced. Mr. Cardia l- be-an his remarks
by saying that w hile, so far as he knew,
(ioy. Kieh was not identitied with any
chri-tian denomination, he was identi
fied with, and iiih rested in every agency
that works for the ood of the common
wealth. He then said that while some
of the ol.jt cts lor which the church has
been organized are not stated in its dis
cipline, the -jrcat bodvof its memlM-rship
has taken the Master Teacher as a
preceptor, and is trying V, advance the
work which He started. The church
building is only tin- material by which
the work of the Church is canned on.
The membership is only! he visible form,
liehind which is the spirit of the Living
Cod. As men consider linaiice, the
( 'hurch is a failure, as it lias never de
clared a dividend, but on the contrary,
invariably has to levy a t;c: on the stock
holders. Notwithstanding this, men
have always bu n ylad to irive to the
Church for the piod H doe. as a moral
educator, believin:, as they do, that
morality is not onJv the foundation but
the ran stone of manhood and w hum n-
hood. The Church is th
UCency with that object in view. The
public school is to develop and educate
th" mental powers. IV jple do not sup
porl sch ;ols to teach 1 aoralitv. but to
develop mind. It is tnre that every liber
of the life of a eommu nitv ix KtrrYvtli.
ened by the inllueiice jf i'111 educational
institutions in its midst., lmt these insti
tution of leaiuin;; would not have loen
had not the Church p: 'viously existed.
All the institutions c.t J earning owe their
ei.-t( nee to the Cnrisf .an Chinvh. the
coin, r stone of which is the Master
Teach v o! 111, in. Tin strength of our
people !io in llio xti nsioii and growth
el t he ( h inch and n it in the vastness
ol iuaieiial ivsoiirces , The real M length
of th--Nation rests r ot in its material
le.-iur es. as primo .Wt. .rs, but in the
manh i- d f its rid; ens and unless there
be a -iren-rharacti -r as a foundat ion.
the Miievs!r:trtu!i. v.illfall. Mr. Card
ner th. u ...poke of t. 'l,,;r j, ;S the
cusf diun of the M ord of (, od. and the
p.neiit of all tho missionary agencies
v. Inch have done, 'su' h a milify work in
s.uin- t!;e W01M ;ior Chrisl, and clo d
liis .aidivss by :-pe .lkinof the Sunday
."eh ol and its Al( ;hty intmcnce f r ko.mI.
Aft: :-r a roller! 1, hi luidlieui taken, the
exercises Closed with the viiediiL' of
tnerie.l bv thf roHi - a;. d ' rlmnli
choirs and tht ,o nr. r -afi i- uilli IV.s
Whitiiip at tli';- p iau .
j ue r.rieis, -mi 1 ne opera House were
necessarily brief, owinto (i.. lateness o
ti!"hourwh-n they commenced, and
the iact that Cow JiichandMr. (Jardne
nad to take the aln-r n tram to return
to Lansin;;. At'b r dinner and jireviou
10 1 ne c aiiueneemeiit ot the exercise
in the opi ra house, quite a numler
our citizens railed at the Wright Houst
and Pad the pleasure ol meeting tin
Covernor and t'i" Secretary of Stati
College Notes.
lh uske preached in Milfor
are practicing basket ball
The fellov.
in 1 no "jrym.
1 he "St. Cecilia Orphans" is the name
(a the musical society just eirfjaiiized
.1. C. Cilison lnvaehed at Forest Hill
A class of yetuiitf men has lieen orjran
izt il to study the book of Job. Jov. W
1' . Jones is the teacher.
JtoI. . A. Smith, who has larcro
classes in music in Ithaca and St. Louis
is a pupil of Miss Uushnell.
A mandolin and guitar club has been
organized composed of Misses Wheelie
Plum and Maud Dishop anil Messrs
McCabe and Mills.
J he o( ; ball bailie to have been
played in St. Johns Saturday between
the college and Sliepardsville teams was
been postponed on account of the weath
I lie stuta lit w ho was seen Wending
his way across the river with a pumpkin
under his arm. is asked to explain. He
stayed later than a deliery-boy usually
U tes.
A.J. an Pa -re has sold ,V() copies of
Ins iraiWalion of the "Sketch of the
Lme ol the Apostle Paul." Monday he
reeeivi d an ordi r for ten ciies from
lady in Calumet.
1 he state board of eorivctions and
charities has requested of the faculty the
privilae of sending four specialists here
to leet ure on that bram-h ot sociology
winch has to do with the indent and
dependent classes.
At Sophomore rheioricals Friday
morning members of the class handed in
slips of paper on w hich were written
sentiments more or less brilliant. The
slips were mixed, and each im niUr of
1 I, . .
ine ciass irew one to read. Jt seems
the very renliement ot cruelty that the
ntlemau most interested .should draw
and be compelled to read the followiiur:
c rtam youn lady delights in sinmj;
-Marcmmr thn.-uuh deoria. b'eause
it makes her think of 'Sherman march
ing to see.
'!! . .1 1 . I . . -I- I . .
iiievueipna 111,1a sociiiy uave a
reception in its rooms Monday evening
to the eta Simula's. There Were :':
present. Miss Heston preside! as toast
ju isni. .l oasis were responded 10 as
follows; Co-i 'duration, U. H. SidelMith-
am; Agriculture. J . W . Knox: Conval
escence. 1j. S. Jir, Kke; Have an vyv. on
t):- Piilnit. Paul Jhuske: The claoter. J.
15. Stevi ps: oot ball, .1. I. Crane; Class
meeting. .1. 1. Northon: Anything,
Mauric Crigsby: Heaven, l'rof . ' J. T.
lowing. The professor was pleased to
facetious, and said that he thought
their prcseni surroundings a fair exam-
of Heaven, to which sentiment the
fellows with one accord, exclaimed.
So sav We all."
3chooi Notca
Tickets tor the leclur, course are
Mit Jv.lna Forton visited school
Mr. Frye cjnduc'.ed chanlc exercises
Thursday morning.
Mb. lie'ulls and MU. llalstead
visiltd hctiool Meuidriy.
Mr. Samuel Ailarji.-; of Vermont
hile-t i ci.ool Tiitiday
Mir,s ihitton veiy pleasantly nter
lined a n umber ol her friends Friday
1 he iivbl number for the lecture
course Jb the concert to be given the
vening betore Thanksgiving by the
Heberlein Conceit company.
The program of classes on the upicr
lloors has been changed, and re'i itations
shortened half an hour, in order to
nable teachers to give more attention
o younger pupils and the- grades.
The Ladies' Trio has been reorganized
with Misses Woodward and (Jreig lirst
soprano: Misses Wilson and Jhitton
second soprano, and Misses ilattie
Woodward and JJertha fetruble, alto.
A committee of live was chosen from
the high school Tuesday, eonsistiug of
Jton Jirock, Lhesttr Walker. Atta
Wilson, Edith Desmond ami FllaFrye,
for the purpoie of making preliminary
ariangementH tor the ThanksgiviDg
You Can't Afford to Chanco It
A heavy celd may lead to pneumonia
or consumption, rolev a llonev and
ar taken in lime affords perfect se
curity trom serious results. 60c.
0. L Ma ii an.
Highest Honors World's
A pure Grnr1! Crorm of 'fxUr Vowkr. Tree
from Ammonu, Ak:;n or r,y olhcr aJ jltrjt.?,
40 YEARS Tll r.TANPAr.P.
To every Lady that buys a Cloak
or Cape, at 37.50 or better, we will
size Crayon Por
absolutely free of
present with a life
trait of herself,
Wo offer wmie decided bargain in Coats at .r..OO, T.fiO, 10.i) an.i
irl.r.00 every garment new and warrantiid to give satisfactory wear.
wt; will put ou sak; 10 dozen Ladies' Hlaok, VUwas IJiumI Hom; at lTk;
pair. We will not cell more than two pair to anu one customer.
Tilt goods are regularly bold at 5c and 45e jier pair.
Gaiters, Leggins, Alaskas, Felts and
all warm g;oods for the feet at lowest
prices for best qualities.
Gloves and Mitts for Ladies, Men,
Boys and Girls.
A good pair of extra warm Knit Mi tts for Boys, 20c and 25c
" " " w " fine " - Girls. 25c
Ladies' Mitts from 12c a pair to $1.75. All kinds and'
Heavy Mitts for Men and big Boys at 25c. 50c, 75c and $1.00
Call and sec the above values
It will pay you'
Store open from 7 a. m. to 8
Standard Time.
p. m. f
r pdii Ii
) v

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