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- f . , . y . . , v J:
Til V lillilK!) V ill
I - to nil lli'W
i n iiiv 1 (;rrr nmi :
J MU I 1, lO-..-' : .1 . :d Mil-M-rilu
i i a i:. ' lip ti)
il.i-.t-) I n 1 1. 00.
ft ITntil Jan. 1, 18JI7
The Hkc ord w ill
j tt; H-iit (ill new
: hiitiscrihcrrt (find
FOR $1.00.
old huhscrilx-rs
pjijing uptodati;""-'
VOL. XVII, NO. 40.
HI DAY. NOVEMBER 22. 1895.
-llm i".GC3orvL
IT t l i
A ) . V .
. Qhoes
will soon cost
mucii more.
Leather h;o advanced
lOO per cent. Wc havo
Alii s
but me s..-!liiv.; many
linos at cost to
1 1 ' '
i t i x -i tv ; . -
v t rj !1
i w j -j f -j
G. L G, K, Delavan.
E. G. Taylor,
I inako :i o-ia!ty ot testing
ami 1 1 1 1 i n the Hye--, Watch and
Jewelry lli-pairin.
Carry in Ank a tine lint of
W.iicho, Clocks
Chains, CiiarniN
Ii!i : t ti 1 Silver
I I.iim1 Waru
Call and See Me.
F, I Osborn,
make- but one jraln of work,
and that is strictly i ii;si-( lass.
OKI lictiwos cojiicil and en
larked. Kino jioriraits from 11x14 to
life size nrid' t suit or no )iy.
Iinto:r.tji!.ic coloring done
.t'l!-f .ftVli .:..!! ,'i rd oil all
-voik. Pric'-s v-il l.c found
reasonable fur the ijmlity of
sample cory.
Tin- live Lu-oiii --j men of Alma ixrv
srlidiu out several huiltlretl extra copies
i t' tlie iircono this week lor the iuixse
i' put lint: heluri- the jw'ople their adv r-ti-euients.
ut the same time soliciting
yiuriratle. It costs yu luithinjr. After
looking it ovi-r Me shall 1h jdeased to
liave each and every one .subscribe.
Ji' ave .l.oo with any business man run
nii;' an a(lvertiement and the Hi:coki
will be sent to your address until Jan. 1
ls'.ir, sixteen months. Von can save the
. rice by having a chance to read their
College Notes.
The heating apparatus is toinp put in
the gymnasium.
The Zeta Sigma public has been post
jtoned to Monday, Dee. Oth.
New curtains havo K'en hung in Prof.
.7. T. Ewing's recitation room.
Miss Winifred Ileston has loen ap
pointed physical director for the ladies.
The Presbyterian Sunday school of
Mil ford has given a :'0 scholarship to
th" college.
and Kd. Kinniehave
class leaders for the
began work in the
under instruction
V. Albertson
been appointed
The "co-eds"
gym" Wednesday,
of Miss Ileston.
Samuel Magaw gave his Stereopticon
views of the World's Fair, at the Day
school house Friday evening.
The United Congregational and Pres
byterian church of Milford has given
the college a ."'0o scholarship
Prof. .7. W. Evving gave the young
men some very helpful suggestion in the
prayer meeting Sunday afternoon.
The hell clapper has been returned,
for which the town people, as well as
those on the hill are very thankful.
All the afternoon recitations have
been shortened a quarter of an hour to
give the students time for work in the
Regular work in the "gym" cem
menced Monday. For gentlemen, the
time i from ;::'o to l::!o p. m., Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday, Frida and Satur
day. The "co-eds" will use the "gym"
Wednesday afternoon and Saturday
mi rning.
The members of the Y. W. C. A. are
planning an entertainment, to be given
in a few weeks, for the purpose of rais
ing money to apply on the $1000 . fund
being raised by Y. W. ( A's. in this
eountry to defray the exenses of a
volunteer secretary, who will visit all
the college associations.
There was a "spread" at the table at
which Prof, and Mrs. .7. W. lowing sit,
Wednesday noon. The spread was of
the character of a re-union of people
from Ohio. There wire present, besides
I'rof. and Mrs. .1. W. Kwing, Prof, and
Mrs. .1. T. Kwing, Mr. llenrv Peck and
Mis. Cook of lVrrysburg, Ohi, Karl
Mary of howling (Ireen, Ohio, the
Mi -es Adams, (now students in the col
lege) of Perrysburg, Ohio, ami Mrs. A.
Wright of Ionia. All of the Ohio
was call' . .
ad-, 1m ; I
the w i ,, !,
wh.eh si. i i
cult 11 s i nc i.
Other lad.
suggestive 1 '
,0 !'
i .: .ii;.y
-. ' . id of
;. i. IV of
. a; ii ! th" dltti
it I in brii 1" but
Literary - t s.
The comp ete noel n; the Itieni
ber issuu ol 1 iii J iiu -'ill's n ihe "O.d
Stiver Trail," b M-.iy I. Mie.kney. Jt
deals with Colorado uiuo.ng ilfe, with
strikes, pious, am! v,w tuns underground
proceedings, as eil as with scenery
and luotiuiaiti bte. es. The hero loves
his enemy's daughter, and his pluck
and manliness tnumpii over many b
stacles. Tho fccence of "hennwtt's
ivnapp KeeVt', is
Partner." bv .Janu
in a wild and ioee-. oie part of tht-
Gieat. West, which ! ml - it.-eif natural
ly to exciting advent Mes Hairy Slil
well Kihvaids, in a :.,nking tale, shows
'Where tlie Clue:- -GeoiRia.
"rhiM l-'.tte
by Virna V oods, are va
which would, or n,
the Califoioia heroine,
which of thiee suitor
"The Knd td ('apt:o:i
' h:ch was in
as outlined
i'miii; foiluues
li;.e befallen
acciiding to
s!-i married.
IVrusoii," by
people are old acquaintances
Kw ing, and sumo of them h
seen in thirt v Tears.
; nut
School Notes
-chool Moniay.
Hutchins visitt
Archie VanDyne
Mondav evening
Mrs. Timby visited
Messrs. Angell and
schi ol Tuesday.
Milton Holmes and
viitt d school Friday.
The entertainment
promises to be very interesting.
The foot ball team played with lth;i
high school Saturday. The score, was
to 0, in favor of Ithaca.
homo ot tno high school girls are
greatly rejoiced over the fact that college
closes half an hour earlier.
A certain member of the senior class
has been dismissed from all meetings f
the class for not complying with the
wishes of tho class.
Beulah Mm;e li., ;s- i brn-t but vivid
sketch, in th.' modern heioic tiMimer,
trom old wars ).i ci n. my. "lilish
Media-val Lift- ' is p:-is.ud ! v described
bv Alvau J S:mb i::i, a ,d ".MhletlC
Storts of Ar:c,jnt iMxs. 'i v Thomas
lani-s de la llaid. Lwn.ui Horace
vVt-eks g ves an ;i i.uii;t i ".Jp uiese
word Luie." As a -: darn tolhesn
foreivru topic-, Wnn-iui Cecil Flam
'ells of "(iunnii'g b-r Cobblers" in
Vitginla, anil Lav. rem-;? I r well ot
Otcluds," no v.- s.i rriueh cultivated
iinong us. Calvin i!i Wiioo enu-
rnerates tre vari M.s I '.r dsol Meats'
HHten in all pot-; of the eio.Ui. Uruler
the title "Oi-posing 'ie.v-Points, '
Frederic M. JJird c u siders the ques-
1 Jon whether editoi1 and conli lbutor
are natural ene'iue.r M:iivoi, ' ny
Margaret Gilnian Coi'e, is an un
nsuallv succtssfn! levv.i of the old
b tllad si I". h'uu'limr a delicate sub
ject with vigor and te dm.
(Indev's 1 1
follows th"
profb-r:ng 'hr:
their protn r ?
number j.s not.
Yule-tide (:' u
sncll seas'i:..ib!t
I Jecul atioMs." '
I'resent.'' and
o,!i -,t ol i lai ma grlil.f'H,
good o!d cii-tcm of
' s t n : o s eo'.ft et ions ill
:; an
a t ; i
Cb I !
J )t t ember
uie. with
.-. be'ides
' ' Holidav
Fast, and
I) iv in a
lapanesM (io-I ou "-- ' h latter richlv
illustrated by C. 1). WVldon.
Mary K WilUin-- i ;:
new in the J ece t I
pitted atid eiven b b
llomt! Jouinid for p;
series ol .cmt.o
s done su-cething
u . i k just com
r to The Ladies'
blication. It is a
U Iried Tvpt s "
These "types" ;
characters, and :.;e
posed New L'ml-;,:,!
poj ll aval o1 ;!.;; "t
devotes a h par.ite seieh ihns she
pictUifH a hinkiji n ale character in
und '
vi'h. :
' Mi.-
a op
to tb-
The Wise Man
of the inos- tiatur ! o4
' i llasje IIt, rvav:" a
"The Nta: Vouhi
with three l i cii t:
tmet Jl.' ie ;wi . ;
ary illusti.iied.
f 11
i a .'.e: one
n a i i "The
Ihrui o in
iial dis
'and all
(Jr o inl
Judge C.
mpct an
i hi
Supreme (,' url in'
of Alma next Siind.o.
oera hfti-e, oi ih
I'hiforet meni of Law
invited to le ar t hi.- li
and elofjueid ' -o h
important tin ni". Ti;
in ites the i.if ml '! - i
men generally, ana t L
in narticular to hear
one come and enV-v tliis treat
by tho W. C. T.'U. of Alma.
:' th
. i mi:",
.bj. et
in the
of the
..dv is
d citizen
:i tiiis most
u.Le t -jiecially
e ( i iineil, the
sal .( ii keepers
ni. Let every
Captlst Mission Workers.
Mrs. Kendall Brooks presided over
the conference of the Foreign and Home
.Mission circles of the Saginaw Valh-v
Baptist Association held in the Baptist
ehurch Wednesday. Twc jity-four deh
gares were present. At the morning
session the following otliccrs wen
elected: President, Mrs. KeiuLvll
Brooks Alma; vice president Mrs. X. S.
Wood, Saginaw; secretary for Home
Missions, Mrs. S. B. Slocuni, Bav City;
secretary for 1-oreign Missions, Mrs. C
l. Urowu, Ithaca; secretary and treas
urer for tho assoeiational meeting, Airs.
1j. c. Oregon, Ithaca.
At the meeting in the afternoon. M rs.
M. B. Gay of Detroit, president of t he
State Homo Mission board, spoko of tlie
plans oi tno work lor the coming yea.'
The Society is pledged to aid in the sun
port of two general missionaries in thi?
state, a missionary and wifo at Calumet,
a missionary and wifo among the Swedes
in Mu-kegon, a Bibb' woman in Mexico,
a woman to work among the Mormons
in Salt Lake City, a woman aiaong the
frecdmen, ami a Sunday school mission
ary in the Dakotas. In all, thi society
is pledged to the amount of about :U)on.
Mrs. Cay sjxke of the work being done
by th" missionaries in Ca'.nrriot and
hhM'ming, and among the Swedes in
Muskegon, and urged the nieit Iht e,f
the different cirejes to renewed efforts
in behalf of the no-rltrtcd Hi hh-.
Mrs. C. VanHiwn of iMn lit , presi
dent of the State Foreign Jdissiotiary
sueiety. congratulated the ladies of the
Saginaw Valley Association m the
promptness with which t hey have
responded to every call, and said that
the contributions of this avo riatiou for
this year were Jis per cent g n-iiter they
were the year before. Mrs. Vanlliisen
sjioke brietly, lmt otferet', the ladies
many valuable suggestions for tho ad
v.uici ment of the work of laissions and
to m.vke tho uk etings of t' IjcjI circle
more interesting.
Mrs. A. F. Bru-ke. pr fsiVnt of tie
V.'onnn's For ign Mis; ; 'x-r ri'-ty u
th? I r-styterian ehurr jn this st.-.te.
The undersigned has purchased of Mr.
Sullivan a line thr .u.hbred Poland
China stock le g. on.u! th" best in
the canity. Charges reasonable.
s72-2wp W. S. Banus.
We want lo, oo ) skunk. .",nOo mink.
r0,(ioo muskrats, .'.o ;o coon ami all
other kinds weeing-i. A ft w of our
prices: Skunk, black, prime sd.-jO;
mink, large, dark, prime q, -jo; couii,
large, prime iOc; bhe k oo to s-::.on;
rat, winter, J I to uv, fall, large, Ic.
Wo deal direct wit li e.potttrs, andean
jiay you the highest market price.
1'a'rties living at a di dance may ship by
express, we pay all express charges.
Pack furs in saeks; send letter giving
number of skins. For n IVreneo we re
fer you to the St. .1 bus National Bank.
Parties having fur write us ami wo will
send large list. Bring us your furs or
make us a .shipment and see how we
use our customers. We forward draft
the day following receipt of goods.
Fe;:i: ii ir Dani.y,
i . .7 oh us, Mich.
Cut this out it tuny not appear turn In.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
most pi:s: lu .4 ,i ...
A pure Grape Cream rf TrC. r :. .v.Lr. I
f.'cm Arrnrnnia, A'-mi c : : '.:v r r
is near at hand. Now is the time to
buy Table Linen, Napkins, Covers, etc.
We have a full line of Table ClotllS, and Napkins to match.
Cloths 24, 3 and 3 J yard long, with Dinner or Tea size Napkins to mateh..
Damask by the yard at 25c, 10c, 50c, 75c, 81.00 and l.kJ5.
Napkins, $1.10, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $lV25, ?;j.m)aiid $:s.7f per doz.
Covering Cloths, 25c, 35c and 50c each.
See our large assortment of
Umbrell as.
(iood value at 7.1c and $1 .00 nobby handles and
fart black materials.
Specials in Uiidemveai
and Hosiery.
A full line of Ladies,' Mioses, ' MenVand Boyp' in all size and styles of
toes, all fir rt quality.
Rubber Boots
Felt Boots
Wool Socks
Give us a trial on the above goods and we
guarantee satisfaction.

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