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mop at tiii:
Special Rates to Excursion Psrties.
Thi h )tise i th mont rominoJio.is in
Pfttnkioit. KTer.vliiiDi: iirKt-olKhi. l'reo
fcriH to and from at. 1 1 train.
S7i :Mf Proprietor.
Correspondents, Take Notice.
Correspondent s will 4 t eouiui'jnic.dions
to an not hiter th:m Tm ly heretfter, u all
tT tr (if tho Gratiot County (). will he
3ei earlier. We cm 11 not injure insertions
0 riKtihir letti rs n -t.cl.im: us at St I i a i-
kfcr vix Tuei ly. It any thin,,' very im
tcrtar.t happen., eml m extra, which will
elDtim if sent direct to the paper at the
Korce ruhvs rt -iK'Ctivr':', if it reiche n
Thursday foiiow:i. l,:tt.e nuttier -honM le
vent to nil three papers st pfinttely, its tlu
B-side of each linger i net at home.
The Silver Knight.
Onr nbsorilei will thi week receive a
ample copy of the Silver Knight a paper
rntlifhed by the order of Silver Knight,
Washington. This paper devoted the
lEttrest; of biuietullie-ui, the regular pricrj
btiDK $l.l0 per year. With onr papier it can
r-f- hnd at 75 et.s. Address orders to this
efRce. Both yonr connty paper aud the
FilTf r Kniirht for $1.7:..
Mr. Roa Nowcomb, of Forest Hill, viit
rtl friends here for a few dft !at week.
R. J. Ijathrop returned home Tuesday of
iart week from the northern part of the state
where he has been intimating pine for Grand
Rapid parties.
7fce infant child of E. L. Wiley wan bnrried
Iwl Thursday.
Mr. Cheftnnt wa called to Ctwirlotte
tMk Friday by the erionn illness of
nvother, a lady of over X) year of age.
Taylor A Meyer have improved the ?ip
rwranoeof their store by putting iu two
show cases.
Mr. Stardivant. of Reed City, visited at
Tuylor's last week.
T. J. Elarton did business in Ithica Mon
ttaj. L. J. Sntton and Mis Martha Rowley
weri married at Aim t Snuday la-t by Kev.
McAllister. The young conple Imvo the best
w;?hfe o? their many friend. Mr. Sutton is
tin rjonert and industrious young man having
tCl the p itiou here a station agent for
lit p!k't two years, with great credit having
cuvJe many fritt.ds with his gentlemanly
mid tortean treatmeul of all with whom tie
Rvfl bo-iucs dealii't's. Miss Rowley is one
ef ocr most esttemable young ladit. Mr.
tiad Mrs. Sattoa took the western bound
trrun Tuesday morning for a short visit with
M r. S' people.
Mr. In;:erroll shipped hi household (roods
t ri left Tuei-day for Rramer, Mo., hi old
home, where he intends to reside in the
U. ttitfss of St. IiOr.is was in town Tuesday.
1'ntt Taj lor' are enjoying a visit from
two fit their small cousins, from Ithaca, this
Mrs. C. Porter is on the sick list.
Mr. Yaudercook, of Mason, is taking A. J.
ftwtf ns piace as aent this week, while A. J.
f d joying his honeymoon.
i'rtston Lane, of Alma, is making some
tended improvt ments on his mother's house.
K. J. L".throp entertained frieuds from
Sf. i.'cisoa Sunday.
h. H. Miller did bnhiuess in St. John",
Ve are hiving j 11 i soft wnnther.
f. J'koue lias (us (Kiine partly t-nclosed.
?:.4i first (jaarti rly ineetitw was held on
J'hscti tr.-et Saturday and Sunday.
Mary 1' irr.ou is ou the sick list.
..& t r.clo aid a C(n-in of Mrs. J-mu s
h'i iLi a: j litre viMung frua Ii);haru tJo.
,?-e. d of 0111 b y- t;k a holli.iay la-t
'iJ'-Lilay and improvt d Him -imw by hunting.
T'-y rt tnrned tirt-d, font sore and luawrrj.
Mr. Sijj,h:!i Lurit d t-.i.s j. vu;gr-t child
Mi-s j ., I' iirr has returned froii; (Ji m r,
Kiji'js, v tit rv 'tiM t. -iul:d!!i ,' tin-
MVj.n.ir with In r auvt V rs. I'.. V, V :.:..
Tfi yn;.:)-rt'-t child ol Mrs. Id 1 Willi un
a- .fiit ) r ick
.11. ant i - baildi aii a Idi-ioti to liis
..!. Wi:?n y is rj-b-Ti Iin ; is J -.l J
tinki:j soiiif linj.rovcjn' iit-.
!Atf. J'.ctli i.lner, of U-irjiicter, visited
f-.f ia',5 vn te o a!i"..',iy.
1?-f.1 hrii.itsgi if,4 wvrvic-s will lx hi Id
i '.v Hiiau cl'.nrth at lt:.W a. iu. Njv.
I)'.! of.tif.n peti'it.ns rt(. ing ironl f"d
In (rre nba.-h t'j-rn-hip ai'd jt i-Uh if
Ctrton couriiy would (nn In dry.
FA. K. Ktiser kmI Lena Wi idman w. ie
n r-it d hist 1 hu.-s jay at the h'.j,e of tlu
O.r saw mill, u-hirh wan di'rtroyi.J by tire
1ks -tlnter, wiil i-ooti be ei.cli.ri i.
r'rntof Vodt-rn oodnin of Xijir-rici
r.T.i.i.' J In ie iibnit two month" ago,
6l;tuv inn id) .") (ueiiibef.
f. V. Carter abd v,;fe spent wun J iy ir
'n f'.ri-'i.l, who l.rs ta.,-ht i-vr clinol
fr.f ' p t-t two y. i.'s, lrt-1 In ! '.vig:, ;'d to
ii the KigiP di-tn.'t for the wiwtci
Ik a.
Im Mary Hinkli j , of Si. John-., ;.rd Mrs.
W ;l y, o! :a sailing, visited triei ds here
fttiura.iy and l:T)l!tl .
vt'i uwivsr m:vai;k.
7' -o ids 'ire getlii.L'M'iiU' tuiiddj tl r'"iL''i
i -.t:'n. I
v'-vs.ire fi:ii-il'Ir.g their hai'sinj w I 1 '.
ar t .f-j Jai! t., twn .. I
. f h !iig r- . ntlin; . '
l..j( tl.y t.avv- 1.0 w;i r 1
(?r-er i repoi itd -u ' v j 1,
. I. o !' h rj i , I ' !, 1 A :
i .
Th box nwml at th school honw, for the
bene tit ot the library. Uetted the school t.'.Uo.
The pop c:ru .social ha beeu porttpoued.
James Lawrence is ou the gain but is not
able to do inu.li work yet.
(Irandiir VVheeler, hi; old iioueer, died at
her grand daughter', .vUk Floreucn Raeou,
at Linden and wa brought to !vet Fulton
for buii-d fMi the Ki. Service at the
Congregational chiircn, of winch nhe was a
member. She was the mothur of Supervisor
(,'linton KtMogg is attending the Ferris
school e.t Uig Rapid.
S. M. Hojle and Mart Witssou have traded
The. well at the center is not complete yet
but uowu about KHI ftet.
I houss-Ld of tushelw ot corn to husk .in
"'iir st'Ctioii yei, the rtio has come and gone
it will be better hu-king.
(i. M. Itnppert talks of taking in the ex
eurnon to Virginia next month.
fieo. ('rum writes from Ohio
was back on his farm again he
that if he
would bid
go d by to old Ohio; two weeks rain, lots of
11 ud aLd cannot rent a houae or buy a place
Hiihoiit paying two prices, make (Jeo. feel
b'uin, he ? ays he will come back to Michigan,
where there is enough aud to spare, unless
thing-, change with him soon.
Milt Cox entertained relative from St.
Johns last Sal'irday and Suuday.
Fred Trice moved, this week, on th.) oi l
Jim. Oa-ada place near the Burn tt farm.
Andrew Norti 11 of Mapie Rapids and Mrs
Whitu of North lVrrinton have joined
fortunes and inteud to try the stony road of
life together in the future.
C K. l'rice is vry sick again.
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Stead sp.mt Suudaj at
C E. 1'rices.
smi 111 villi:.
Last Friday night, along toward morn,
When the stars were getting dim,
Along the road there rode three girls,
And behind followed Nellie and Jim.
iien they reached th corner by VYesley
Those girls onme to a tnnd;
Hut the hour was late and the horse wouldn't
So he pulled to "heat the baud."
Now those girls wvre bouud to hold thtir
And 10 give not a Mingle stitch,
So to please the girls, the horse he whirls.
And back them into the diteh.
Mr. Parks, who went down uooth,
Is back home a-harkiu' corn;
Ajd Miss Strickland of Ovid
Left town last Monday morn.
The Grangers' lodge are on the dodge,
And Tuesday night a supper had;
Orster and cake kept them awake
Till morning found them feeling bad;
Then they dispersed and their stomachs
And a little sleep got then:
Bat all declare they had good faro,
And are ready to do it again.
'Mid horrible screams and gracefal curves
They struck in a foot of mnd,
And the people around, 'tho' sleeping sound,
Were startled by the thud.
The school man ho went home to ee
How his mamma wait getting along;
Aud the very same night by the ''clear moon
light" The yoang people danced a song.
Newell Smith ot Gratiot's City
David Rath and wfe of Hreck
Mr, ljee of Eton county
Were all, this w?fk, on deck.
Philip Allen
the Charle
friends here.
and wife, who
Raudall farm,
onoe owned
are visiting
School began in the Allen district last
Monday with Miss Iturgess, of St. Louis, as
teacher. This, i her second term.
Mrs. C. L. Uavii has returned from her
vimt at Mason.
Last week old Mr. Clawson, father of Mr.
Clawsou. of tlii 4 place, while haaliug a load
of corn stalk near Hreokenridge. where- he
whh moving, drove near a tree, some polea in
the load catching a limb, throwing it back
with such foroe an to throw him from the
load, killing him instantly. The funeral
was held Saturday.
Justice Guthrie and family have moved to
Mrs. Spear Im ho far recovered ns to be
able to return home.
The Kmer-on farmers' club meets at I).
U. Whiton's Friday afternoon.
Lost One pair of Hoe shoe No. (, with
the word Morgan in-ide of bo cover, tiuder
ph ase leave at Nd Hamilton's and receive
liberal reward.
Mr-. I
daTghter. of
St. Johns,
this place.
"pent S i:rli with C
F. Pike of
.li-M Grace I. l ini.- of Pitts
is vi-ifiti,; : ,t tic Inline of M r-.
-pending a f; da 111 Ionia.
mr;, Pa. who
J. Guytou is
T h" (. . R. Po-t of tcis pi ice gave an
iiy'' r .rk per at the IYrrintou Hon-e on the
Mis Wilt, of Ashley i- vi-iting at tha
hjtni of ,..r rd-ter, Mrs. C F. J'ike.
The eutert ii."ri;ent tivt n at the V, K.
rhtirch last Fnu ty ivt niLg, under the
liUfpuv ol the Mpworth League, was a grand
l l'.e intniiiua.ta! so'o- given by the Misses
I.t wi-and Vo-burg vvtrK very much eppre
eia'.ed, us was h;o tiie Maphornnm solo by
air. i'ettet and Hie vocal oh s tiy Mi- iGibbs
I' d .Mr. Wiui'di, while Mrs. Fatniider and
Mi.-- 1 : t-!-i g ti.'r.' recitation- were received
with loud 1:; plans. The reproduction of the
famous po' in by LoLgfIiow, 'I he courtship
of Mile- St ttidt-h, wa- hNo well received.
't 1 e p.isvorth Lfr.gne f ur i prrgressing
liritly and will be extended another week.
1 he j (tung people gave Fruet Uuchnrd a
very pieavant siipprii-e tn Monday, evening
of la-t week, it being his '21st, birthday.
Aftir spendiu-? 11 pleasant evening they pre--en.
d l'.rtie-t with a beantiful photograjih
idhum as a toUtu of their e-teem.
The vacant houses in l'errintou ar fast
being tilled, there are families moving in
"on-lantlj .
A Lumber of Mr-. Bert Clows' riends gave
lur a birthdaj surpn-e party but Tne-d.ij
The L. O. T. M. of this place was called
10 attend the funtral servict of Mr. G.
Crou-e of llugeno I i-t Thn,--d iy. Mrs.
Croii-e wax a innmber r;t t!ie In v o here ami
very much r spectedby her i.-ter mwc ibees.
Mr. M. K. R-ife r timed from Shilop last
Vednesdu. ht had b'ii vi-"i'ing her
narrenls of that ii1m.
Tl c Free Meihfdist are holding parteily
on et ing here this we k .
The -parring contest that whs to have been
hi la-t Saturda erening did not take pl i e
s I'lichorn di l not show up.
A pleasant little surpri-e party t Mr. and
.Ir. Chas. l'eriis' lst Saturdiy evening,
' Samuel Fwwler ha gone to St. John lo
ork this winter,
Highest of all in Leavening Tower. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
Mr. Mertha Ferri i ori t, ick 1 ',
A surprise party was given by the Aid
society for M rs. C Gee last Wednesday, ah
eujojed a good time.
Kugene Harvey returned to Grand Rapid
las'. T uedaj .
Miss U rtha vVest visittd in Alma lart
Miss May McGtirn was homo over Sunday.
On Tuesday morning jast before
receLt f ill of snow, a little uirl efiinu to
home of Mr. and Mr, (ieo. N- vi
pitifully begged the privilege of remaining
with them. She was too small to be of
much assistance this winter, hntosing to the
revealed feet that sic bore the timily name
if is more th ui probat)ie that she will have a
home with the family.
Jay Van luvati, a lad of a Ik tit 1.1 jears,
with a lo.eded revolver, drove a tramp off the
premises at the rate of 40 knot an hour
T nesday night, Nov. IU. The plucky little
fellow makes i uiot-t thorough home guard
and is worthy of a iindal.
A Mr. Enuis frm the pobce force of
Chicago has purcha-td a home in ours iburbs
and will occupy the same next spring with
hi family.
Howard McColIum is again seen on our
tretts, having measurably recovered from
his injuries recieved by a pine stump drop
ping on hi bsck, about three weeks ago
The scrap on the street Monday night was
not between the Spaniards and Cnhan in
surgatits, bit the right to supremacy was
contested to the fiuHh. We wonder if it had
any thing to do with the fall of snow im
mediately following. Something secured a
change of weather.
Chanurea In Real Etrtta In Uratlot County
For tne Week; Ending Nov.jB
Wilham H. LaClear to Samuel id.
Post pt of H of nw sec 31 Elba $ 7.V) 00
William II. Stedman to John L.
Jessup pt nw V ec 3 North Star S00 00
Maggie J. Chatliu to O. N. Chaflin
Islathi-Ot 1'erriuton 2."i 00
Martha C. Reiser to Mai ford C.
Armtroncr and 4, int of nw of
uesec: Elb o00 00
Charles Remaley to Wm. L. Rem-
aley pt s of ue o: nw sec .'W
Washington 12a 00
William D. Gordon to Napoleon
15. Grant lot 1-' blk 4 Ua-ttngs
add St. Louis 1.7) 00
Henry Huffman to Abraham Htiff-
mau nw of se eo la North Star 1000 00
Abraham Huffman to Henry Huff,
man s n K of se sec la North
Star 1000 00
Andrea P. Brown to Herbert A.
Tifft w of nw sec 'J Newark. . . 10.7) 00
Herbert A. Tifft to John H. But
tolph pt sw of nw seo 1 Newark . . I'lO 00
Hamilton Prichard to Wm. Pilch
ard pt sw of s sec 1 Sumner. . . 10") 00
Alma F. Wonder to John O. Mill
pt of nw l4 sec XI North SUr 0.7) 00
James U. Newton to Jonas pt lots !)
10 blk (U Newton' add St. Louis 1.7)00
William Dempsey to John Conley
1.; cf of no ?tc 1 Seville. . . 700 00
Mary MQaeen to Mary E. Bradley
se of se sec l'. Seville 400 00
Moses Wisner Post No. 101 (. A.
R. to Frank Fox pt lot 11 blk I
Ithaca 'Jf-n 00
Village Council
Alma, Mien. Nov, 14.
Special meeting of the Common Council of
the villuge of Alum, Mich., called to onler at
. p. in., Thursday. November II, 1V.. by
virtue of notice called by trustees (iUss, Mon
titfel and UarK'ett. Original of which uoiice,
tORether w ith roof of service of said notlco
on rile at clerk's ottice
Present, President Ely and Trustee Glass,
Montiircl. Itaker, Kelly and Helavan.
Abu-.nt. Trustee (larjfctt.
Moved by Trustee Montigel and supported
by Trusttie Olas tlmt Ortliusnce No. -? ot the
viilaire of .Alinn. Mich., an ordinance to amend
ectlon three (3) hihI it of ordinance No. -i,
which whs read ty ihs clerk
Veus, MontiMel, Kelly. Class and Delavan.
Nsys. linker. Trustee Oaon-it,
On motion council adjourned.
T. A. Knv, m:th A Tvmts.
President. Clerk.
Ordinance No. 27 of the Vlllago
of Alma, Michigan.
Au Ordinance to amend sections
tbi ee '') ttnd loin (l)ot liduiance Mo-
of tbe; village ot Aim. Michigan,
Hdopittl by Uih Coiiituon Ctjtiticil of
aaia village October .-iOtli, en
tilled "An Onlmaiice gt-tntlng per-
tniMMion to tbt; Ann ArUr Hallway
Cotnp inv to lay out it road and to
obstruct and njieialb the bauit uiou
ai.il across Uie riads. Mtteels,, laiiei'i.
allfVd and higlivvavH ol said village and
to regulate tin: same." and to repeal
ali puits of said (Jidiuance contl cting.
heiew 1U1.
Sm iion 1. The VII.LAISI'. OF A f.M . or
('.iilns. ihut sections itiee ( 1 and munli ot
Ordnmnce No 1 wentyl v 1 .'to ot th.' village
of. -limit, MichiRan, entitled "An Onlinanee
(.'raniii H iieriiu-sioii to the Ann Arbor Kail
way CnmpHiiy to l out its road and 10 con
struct and operate the same upon and across
the roads, streets, laie-s, al t and hallways
cf saal v iilntfc and to 11 vulnti- the sain ," up
proved by thet ommun Conned of said villnKe
October oib, A. 15, be and the same is
hereby amended so as tu rtud as toliow-:
f.( Tio.s ;t. Ihe tei riiH and condition
reed upon by tb Mild Ann Arbor Kadway
Cori:pan and 1 tie I'oiniuon ( oui.cil f said Ml
lireaudlhe basis upon which ttm said cum
paiiy is permitted to oiaaipy ind cross the
roads, stieetrt, lanes, allejs and htirhway of
the sacl village, and conniruci and operate its
said road through the said viilaire are us Job
Iown, to-wit :
The said Ann Arbor Ilailwuy ( onipuny is to
cross and Intel sect the streets hereinafter
natiied at the point designated in ltsnmp of
said route as cstMblished, and In manner lol
lowing. I.:
(a) To pass the intersection of Lincoln and
Center studs at a cut below ibe, present irr.nie
ol said Hi reel, of not to xcecd I hrce ( U tect:
lb; lo emss Forest fctrei t, on the Ktade of
said street; (c) To cross the nt Mn et ett
an t parallel w ith Fonst stre-t, hert by icir
uaied as hup.h flrc t." at not toejcceii a
lldol tnreet 1) tt el above the pr. S'-nt irradeot
Mte 1 street ; on T . tom and int-rcet .stMte
Street Hi IHd to exceed lourt I) tet-l at'OVCllle
pies- nt Kitde of saal meet; (e) lo truss Fly
str-et and tlie one miarter line onel south
from hly stii-t on section three eO in town
sh eleeu (11) north of rano three t-'U west,
not to exceed to() feet ab r.e On- pr.-st nt
yrndeot ssld Btic t; if) To cross a. id Intersect
Wood wort n Ave , at not to excei d tlve ;) feet
above ibe pn sent Kradonf Miid street. Tlie
worl (Trade" as undersioixi Iti tnis 1 irdii anee
shall nieHii ih point where the center of the
st.d aim Aibor Itailw.iy Company' track
ciohh s r.d street Pcriiiisiofi is hertty
f until r kjoiiited to cross tlie bote 11 ml a'hys
hctci-n t- , itri'N herein described on a
ra ie to i
herein pro. .
M. the strett croselnK
Skciion 1. Tho lipids herein extended to
the xald Ann Arbor Hallway ( 'winany to en ss
said strict is I m tlicr inuittd and eon ailioiieu
upon tbe said Com pa 10 p 1 f I111I11K the nam
lug, lowit: Al lliu luteo eciion 01 Limeiuaad
Ct 11K1 nireitA, in -ml v --nip ;iy ruah cm the
Kraiie of tne huh. lo u ti uc via n; irt in iho
lop ol Die mil Where Ihe Hitid lon'l t l'o-eH to a
distance of one liuuiin. 1 au.i tiH il. Oy feet
1101 lit alia the satlit Ui-l.iL' t-h.ii. a on iii.c.il
olreel, and a UipIuiicu ol ivso nuinlrcO ami lll ty
led VlSi uml the ntlUie Oiplunee tuM on
Center sirect, and th. uholc to be t hirty -II v e
l.fi Icet Hiue between sicpes; i bj i lie said
Company tiiinb till to u iriiu v ritau fioni u p of
all Uei't- sum roaii ci.sms on Church
s'.iecl" 1101th to tho track of the Detroit, l.un
sing .oriheni Ka'.lro.i 1 i.'unipuuy and noiiin
to llicii nth line ot .Mei liunic direct, and to be
tniity-tlve i.'l.j; Ici l wale beiwccli slopes; (C)
1 nc haio coiiipany shall tiii to a true tirade
t roin t lie top ol lad where baid load clouscn on
stale sire t, north to u diMance of two Hun
dred und lit ty ci.iij Uct uu'i ooutli lo the an
piouctnd briiKe erosftiiitf Pn.e Kivcrund ihe
whole to lie Unit) eiyiil (.'i feel tc-lween
slopes; (d'ltie said coiupHii shan li.i lo a
true k ntie from the 1 op of 1 an wiuic uml roiel
crtpse Wood wort tl Ae. iionb to the lietioii.
Laneiiij,' St Noitle. in Huilroao . oiupan s lr..vk
and Mouili lo ttjc e.pp'oach tfitu- mom nmivo
acrohn Pine inter, nd 1 ho wuoleiobe iiijuy
clghl C-it fttt bittttcu pIojico, ie) 1 nc oald
C-ouipaiiy shall till to a true Kiude li:i, itio
top of rail where the said road crosses l.iy
Biiet l, east Mud wed each lo a Uislauce of
seveuiy-tlve t7) led und the while lo bj
tt.iltj tlve y'-'io) fed wi.l-j in twt-en slopes; (
The sMid t.oinptin ehal' lid to a true uiaue
troin tno point Ul-i tlie raio roat crosses the
one iiiailcr Hue road s um from r. I) rtuMas
ai-rt-said, 1101 in and nouiti, each, to a Uioiauce
of oeventy-tlve feoi. and ine wbo:e to le
thii ty-tlvu I feet wide bet ween Siope lbo
Kiaoes afoivsald are estttblislud tin the basis,
tuuitiio said Couipany wnl make the iimxi
uiiiin ciuo and tll.r p ruiHled under th.s lrdi
lictucc; should any si ret t be crossed ui a less
c-t or tld, tho approached or nnnwa grades
provided for In tun section iua bti nortened
aceordiuktly, p rovided oul ibal ihe angle ot
the Krade ehaii remain tho same toeacb All
sidewalks intersected b the suld road to tie
lowered or raised by the said company to a
Kradu in correspond wiiu the rado ot llie ap
proaches Ie n 111 provided for and left in a suo
BUtuiial and sate oudition. Tlo w hole ot the
said work provided tor in this Ordinance to lo
subject to ihe approval of the Common Coun
cil ox said vihaxo.
8kition 'i. All ot the provisions of said Or
dinance No. -(J in ant wise contravening the
provision of this Ordinance be and tbe same
are hvreby repealed.
section 3. Thia Ordinance shall take effect
and be In full force at once after its passage
and acceptance by tho said Company, and
6hall be published for one week in tbe Alma
Kkcokd of date Novem ber -J, lii
W e hereby certify that the foregoing Ordi
nance was adopted at a special session, regu
larly called, of tbe Cotnmou Council cf vlllairc
of Alma. Michigan, hold at the council rooms
November Uth, A. I) . PW.
T. A. Klv, skth A. Tchh.
President. Clerlt.
Herion troubles come from the neglect of
a cough. Dr. Wood' Norway Fine Syrup i
a perfect cur" for coughs and colds of all
The Mount Lebanon Jshakers recently per
formed a great deed of charity, although it
was not designed as a charity, being nothing
more nor less than an advertising scheme.
It however resulted in great good just the
same. They gave away 1,000 bottles of their
Digestive Cordial to those suffering from
stomach derangement.
It was so effective in curing tho-e who ued
the remedy that they were lond in their
praises of it and in consequence a large de
mand for the dordial was at once created.
The druggist of this town have little
book that tell all about it. Digestive Cor
dial creates an appmit, aids digestion and
briug about a rapid increase iu flesh and
LAXOL is the name of a palatable Castor
Oil, Just the thing for children.
In It Fate-
No v.
Did you ever stop and think how our lives
are affecte d by some "cemingly trifling circnm
stance. If the nose of Cleopatra had been
shorter the whole face of tho world would
have been different. It is said that a glass
of wine too much changed the course of
French history.; many persons who have
carlessly picked up a scrap ot literature on
Dr. Wheeler's Nervrf Vitalizer have tutu
cbretl of what they eouidred au incurable
disease by its use. C. S. Chamber, Atlanta,
III., wa a sufferer from nervous prostration.
A friend, who had knowledge of Dr. v heel
er' Nerve Vitalizer, gave him a small sam
ple. It use stirred np new hop. in his
mind; he used two full iz d bottles and was
cured fate directol this wonderful medi
cine to his notice. Your fate maj he urging
jour attention to the ame remedy, if yon
are troubled with nervous prostration,
spasms, fits, sleeplessness, mental depression,
exhausted vitality, despond ncy, sexual
and general debility,
B. VauDenKergh, Alma.
Oo'.'t no Together.
Kven in joke it's wrong to as-oeiale Amer
ic;.'s Thanksgiving bird with Kui j V Tur
key. 1 he latter is so -uggeive of hating a
lough tune. I'hilad-dphia Times.
J . o
'it dnid eT th
;.. .- 'i Flint-
11,'m iii. r.s.
I l'll:e ( 'out t , ii il'l
i'.oh ill I1..-
i,,;-d f.y
1 1 11 e i!
I 1 I , :.t
1 1 C i 1 t H
CS fll-lllMll-
I "1 .
o r v
1 I
!t 1
. ; a v -id.
'I 1 i-'i! im :im-
I V . i. l-MII-lit.
J n an :.
; r 'St. ill. ami
o 1-
M-.1VII 1 I HV. M'.VFI' K ill...
N A in-, ri liii.!1 mid mt rolit-1 lirt-ii.
ll)rr"'H, ncr.'ivo, M'urtr (T iintul
'Li . ..I.... V . .. . 1 I... n r- Uih JftdfeA
Imlli'. Invlrnrit- Oie f.rtfim. lip.
nn of ltn( p,ia Imltuibut. Nms
iHp"r. ti per l. Small l'V fl. Henf
n?iil',l in j-lnin wrni in-r. S nd t In
ftnmt f-r i.-irf lrn Wi . Hold lr Ik-
Hreir"tt'--,.t l''--i ITI-I KltYKI!
Teacher of
Vocal and InstrilniBDtal MUsic
Special attention tfiven to HIukiii
.Sch'x Is. Address
A. W. SNVriKlt. Alma
Physician and Silryeon
tltflceat Catnnierciitl House,
HiverdaJe, Ml. h. n;V;w
Ppeciel attention riven to IJ.t ' r u-i l
f -asiratinir.
Cads promptly attfn''- to da; r .,, ,t
'harii-s reanonatile.
T.y I'et -rs " l'onditi.!i ! .v l.-rs, 1: .
Wei. h a. whicli coic-iLi no p...- ,1,
()LH e nt the Livery ',.'., of f .
Bert Woodvaro'
Ui lentil U L'iV
Makes I.ans on hr - hm.. k, hi :ihii
Drnws Papers rel oit irt.. l.-al Ksiate
Looks after pn.peny n,. f ,.-rt,()ent wn
r Has property tor sale or fxchantre fn fv-rr
part of th country
M A N L' KA 1
Alma Woolen ills
Blankets, Flannels, Yarns,
Tho Rjrao exchanged for
at the highest market price,
ypeciat attention paiil to
Custom Carding and Spinning.
H. W. Moore, Prop.
Founders and Machinists.
KiiLfirw's, Hoilert, Mill Machinery, Mci'l Plows, Hob Sleighn, Land
Holler-, etc., etc.
Agetitn for Oliver CMlled I'low-, Iiti-fll 4t ('. Kngines and Sejera
tors. Wood and Steel Fr.une Harrow-.
W'o keep on liand a coiaplete stock of Mugine and Mill Supplier,
Pipe and Fitting, Heltinir, IIof etc., etc.
oaks, Capes
MortpaKO Loans
AUbtracta of Title
ttrCfT. Mich.
'A n;wv- have in'":' y to lii.'iu 'Hi Urii
bvoio .,rn Mid iry m nmi It an object for
'j.,r: o'.v:rs tuJ ' 'n..iLi b- iLii w If
t ia .kfr-miUilntj
" vfioilwork
Ti3ck ShoctiiK 4 Specialty.
0. S. A I KENS,
-Iea!T in
Confectionery and lotions.
Restaurant-Cod and Board.
( a I a d .- e 11; -opposite M K. ("hurch.
Li3tiot County Collection
Detroit, Howoil and Ashley.
'" '.d'.-. ;i !..- Hindi- in Mnd other C'XJUticp.
-I. ly
It. I). LEMEN,
Insurance Agency.
i!r... ! i.j ii'io, Ai'.i'Klmii
.li.i '.( i.'k Immraiv 1: v rittet.
ui ti " 'r.--t ( y-rn; r '.-s fV,nv yanriLg
il.n.e iv-th iieatnH?, aud illpnatrh.
Notarv Public
' I L'K K ICS t K
At ilry v IHJ V
1 iliyLO
S Dry G
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