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ALMA, -MICH.. FJUDAY. MARCH 20. 181)0.
WHOLE NO. 889.
Additional Local.
Tom Prinle went to Mt. Pleasant last
The iay roll of tin Sanitarium Co. is
s-.,loo.o h'V mouth.
Mrs. Klla 1 Kllison wt'iit to Toltdo
Wceliu-selay mori tinr.
Mrs. Anna Kindle viite-el friends in
North Starlavf Sunday.
Harris Snyder of Klwell died of the
k'rip last Thursday niudit.
( I. Powell of tlie Chicago NewJaper
Union wa in Alma Thursday.
Hon. . U. ( Iieen of Olivet was hen
on lm.-.ines Friday and Saturday.
K.C. Crane, the famous baritone of
Detroit. v;i in Alma Wednesday.
Mrs. I). H. Hip-low of Sumner died
last Thursday evening of e-eiiiiniptiii.
I'rof. and Mrs. .I. T. Kwin enter
tained friends at tea Wednexlay even
in?:. Mrs. Klla F. Downie leaves today for
a two weeks' vi.-it in De troit and Lau
sin.u'. Henry lirewbaker rejx rts lots of corn
ceinin; in at tJie Koller Mill.- these
Mrs. D. I). Whitesell was in (irand
Hapids Friday and Saturday after new
A brother of ( ). W. Rogers of Sara
nae will move f Alma, and eiiae in
Mrs. (J. M. Iildson left Thursday to
spend several weeks with her parents
near ( la.
Mrs. .John V. S. Pii rsou of Stanton
railed on friends lure last Friday and
Missi s ( Jraee ami Hattie Woodward
sj)ent Sunday and Monday with friends
in Stanton.
Lumon (!ee was called to Pontiae
Menielay by the death of his ltrother,
ltev. A. (iee.
Dr. Hauler reports a tine boy at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rhodes,
last Saturday.
The Sanitarium Co. has let the eon
tract to the American Hank Note Co.
for new brochures.
Mrs. C. M. Scott ae an "at home"
to a number of ladies in Ladies' Hall.
Wednesday evening.
"Whit" Kllison was around Wednes
day morning inviting friends to a basket
picnic to be held on his farm.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Vliet returned from
( Irand Rapids, Wednesday, and are
quests of Mrs. Theodore Nelson.
Misses Stella and Kva Rockwell and
Walter Rockwell of Manistee, are quests
of their cousin, Mrs. A. L. Fi-her.
.1. K. Wallinu of Shepherd has been
in Alma thi week in the interest of a
floor pain? which he manufactures.
Mrs. W. H. Miner and Mrs. I). W.
Thompson will open dressmaking
parlors in the Church block next Mon
day. The Alma Orchestra will play in the
opera house Monday evening, on the
occasion of .1 ah u D'Witt Miller's lec
t ure.
.lohn H. Winton of Ithaca has been
appointed circuit court commissioner,
vice (leore D. Reeves of St. Louis, re
signed. Leave your orders at Fink's for home
made bread, pies and cakes, ice cream
and ices. Orders will receive prompt
Abram West, who keeps a general
store in Sumner, w hich has been closed
for several weeks, took possession njjain
last Friday.
(leoive Fun rick w as called to Albany,
N. Y., last Saturday morning by tele-
rain announcing the suelde n death of
his brotle-r.
Dr. Morey of Riverdale was in town
last I'riday, and drove home in a hand
some new buy which he purchased of
J. W. Holmes.
Misses Hums and Otis, and Messsrs.
Hill and VatiPae -ave- a mu-ical and
literary entertainment in the Fly school
house last Momlav evening.
The semi-annual examinations of the
classes in anatomy, physiology and hy
giene in the Alma Training School for
Nurses are beinr held this week.
At the annual meeting of the Congre
gational sociijty of Rrecketiride, last
I'riday, Rev. J. S. Me Ireahani w as re
tainer! as pastor the coming year.
Township Drain Commissioner Chilis
of Ktii'TMiu .sold the .south branch of the
French drain for ."'. m. This drain w as
laid once before and sold for M .sS.
A iiine-)ound jri rl arrived at John Sul
livan's Wednesday morning, (irandpa
Snyder was ilown town early in the
morning talking about that blessed balv.
Carlyn Delavan, a preeeiein four-year-old,
is greatly intciotcfl in tin Lu
terc Club, but the nearest li ran come
to a correct pr. mount iat ion i to call it
tile tn;!.r i club.
J. W. Holmes yesterday received
l.ooo from theChurch Fxten'ion society
of the M. K. church. Work on the new
church will Ik' pushed as soon as the
weather jK'rinits.
The United States Flectric Telephone
Co., finished setting juiles along the
route as far as Alma, Wednesday even
ing. The work of putting up the wires
is now being done.
(!. Hyde of Purr Oak, was here again
last Friday, to complete arrangement
for locating a peppermint still near hen-,
lie may buy the so acre farm near Sum
ner, owned by Rert Woodward.
Dr. Niles, w ho came here from Ann
Arbor a few weeks ago, and fitted up an
otlice in the Church block, has come to
the conclusion that Alma is too healthy
for him, and moved back to Ann Arbor.
Those subserilHTS who agreed, some
tnont lis ago. to bring us some wood on
arrears, must have forgotten us. We
need it now. and hope you will refresh
your memory with the promise' and ful
fill it.
The line brick school house in the vil
lage of Sumner, was damaged several
hundred dollars by fire Monday night.
The flames were discovered ,jut in time
to prevent the total destruction of the
Mrs. Benjamin Fowler, aged died
at her home in Sumner township, Mon
day. She came with her husband from
England forty-eight years ago, and set
tled in that township, living there until
her death.
swego to press the svit of .lohn
Siddall of St. Louis v.s Fred Cooler of
Perrinton, to collect payment for labor.
is being tried before Justice (iee. F. D.
Yale of Middleville is attorney for
Cooley, and J. D. Spinney for Siddall.
II. K. Camphell of Clare, an employe'
of the Clarence Lumber company, died
of pneumonia last Friday. He leaves a
wife and three children. He carried
s-,'. ooo insurance in the Maccabees, but
there is some ditlicultv about getting it
as it is claimed he was behind in his
A meeting was held in Kim Hall Wed
nesday evening, for the purpose of talk
ing free-silver. Addresses where made I
bv .lohn Hiles. M. M. Copp and others.
not her meeting will be held next Tues
day evening, when a club will 1m or
(iratiot county hens were doing busi
ness right along last week, if one may
.judge from the number of eggs brought
to Alpia Saturday. Our grocers bought
J.ooo dozen eggs that day, to say noth
ing of the hundreds of dozens marketed
during the week.
Will Reed has been in Concord, Man
Chester and Portsmouth, N. H.. Port
land. Rangor and Rockland, Maine.
Bo-ton and Springlield. Mass.. this
week; next week, he will be in Hartford,
New Haven, and Rridgeport. Conn.,
and New York ( 'ify.
The manager. of the Handy Wagon
Co. of Saginaw are considering the
feasibility of establishing a branch
establishment in Alma. There are sev
eral desirable locations here, and every
facility will be afforded the, company
should it decide to establish a branch
hen .
W. S. Bangs and Mrs. Delia Andrews
have appealed to the township boards
from the assessment of the drain com
missioner, in the matter of the Arcada
and Newark drain. A special meeting
of the-township boards will be held at
the residence of Mr. Bangs, three miles
south of here, this afternoon.
Louis Rodman was arrested last Sat
urday on a w arrant sworn out by F. A.
Leonard, charging him with taking a
horse without permission. Rodman
was arraigned before Justice (iee Satur
day morning, when the complaint was
withdrawn, Rodman paying for the use
of the horse and all costs in the case.
A meeting was held in Ithaca last Sat
urday and the necessary steps taken to
organize the Fanners' Mutual Fire In
surance Company of (iratiot county.
Nearly enough names were secured to
insure the success of the project. An
other meeting will 1m- held in Ithaca to
mon'ow, when a chatter will le adopted.
The register at the Sanitarium shows
the following arrivals this week: C
W. Bird, Portland; (ieorge Dunlap and
wife. Chicago; J. C. Fisher. Warsaw,
N. Y.: K. T. (ietmaii and wife, Klkhart,
fnd.; J. A. Stoddard and wife, Chicago;
C. (i. Almendingcr, Detroit ; C. K. 1)"
Pny and wife, Stockbridge; Allen A.
Rider, Chicago.
A peculiar accident is re orted from
Kmerson township, nine miles southeast
of Alma. Clarence Finery Augustim
was playing the- school game known a-
"pulling sticks" with a schoolmate,
during which he- strained himself infer
nally so se riously, that lie died a few
hours afte r, having in tin meantime
suffered terrible pain.
At 1 ::!0 p. m. today, tin Ma-e-a 1 "e ef
this county will hold a se ho l of in
struction in K. O. T. M. hall in Ithaca.
It will be -endue tevl by Sir Knight,
Jame s J. McDonald. D. C. C. De gree
work will he conferred. In the- evening
a jubilev nue-ting will bo he-Id in the
ope ra house, when Rev. Frank Hoyt
will de-liver a lee-tun.
The corn social given by the Fpworth
Le ague- at the resilience eif Mr. ami Mrs.
I'M Kelly, We-dnesday evening, was le
cieledly unique and very enjoyable, ami
the League is riche-r by seve ral le dlars.
Frank Wiie-e le-r carried off the honors
and pop-oetrn winning twenty-e-ight
ei'm-plasters for his de-xterity in tossing
up i top-corn and catching it in his mouth.
Mrs. liUiiion (ie e was fifty-one years
old Wednesday. A number of the
members of the W. R. C, G. A. R.,
Oddfellows and Daughte-rs of Rebe-kah
planned a pleasant surprise for the occa
sion. Mrs. ( ie e was conside'rably take n
back whe-n so many came at one time,
but she was e qual te the eme-rge-ncy,
and maintained her reputation as a
pleasant hostss. That the-se- "etld boys
and girls" e-njeiy games as we-11 as
yetunger ones was plain from the lp-arty
manne r with whie-h the-y enforce! into
the e cnil'g's e-ntertainineiit. Refre sh
ments we re se-rve-d, ami the- company
C. Rush, teiwnship treasurer, made
his re tort to the county treasurer Tues
day ef this we'ek. That he has be-e-n
untiring in his efforts to collect the en
tire asse ssment, may be seen whe-n it is
known that of the si;.,ooo on the assess-me-nt
roll all but s . j:5:.-ji; were
collee te-d. The amount f unpaid tax
repeu ti'd would have lie-en much le-ss.
but for the- lvason that there are three
men in the township whose combined
assessment is about jssoo, who have' nett
paid the ir taxe-s. Mr. Rush has made a
very e fiicient tn-asurer. and is to be con
gratulated upon having made' the- collec
tions as close as he has.
Henry La Duke, who makes his home
with Orsetn Briggs. about one mile- ami
a half e at of Alma, sent by e-xpivss to
Mable-y A: Co., Detroit, last we-e-k, a
miniature man-of-war, all rigged and
eetniilete in e-ve-ry de-tail. This minia
ture' vi'ssel is to be placed on exhibition,
in Mabh'v A: Ce)'s. windows. This is
not the first work of this kind Mr. La
Duke has elone. Senile' time ago he
made a schooner and sent it te a firm in
Detietit. For a number of ye ars Mr.
LaDuke sailed on the high seas, se-rving
on a man-of-war and on ste-am ships,
and knows the construction of every
eleseription of craft. Tin spccime'ii of
his work sent tet Mabh-y A: (Jo. was as
line a specimen of mechanism and skill
as we- have see-n.
The In-door Meet.
Last Friday there was given in the
college an athletic e'literf ainnie nf of a
high de-give of exe'elle'iice-, which was
well patronized by etur citizens, the
ente rtainment m-tting the gymnasium
fund abetut s','0.
The Pentathlon consisted of the fence
vault, pettato race, high kick, snap
under bar, ami high jump. The pettato
rae-e was we n by Perry in Pi seconds;
high kick by LrueM Scott, who made a
recorel of fe-e t 1 ine'hes; Me'gaw made1,
a ivcord of T fe-e t II inches in the snap
umler bar; Long maele the remarkable
re-e-etrd ef 0 fee t, lo inches in the fe-nce
vault ; the- maximum lvcordin this event
has here-tettore bee-u fee t 1 ine-hes; Scott
wem the high jump, his recorel being 1
fee t, S inches.
The houetrs for work em the paralle l
bars we re won by Janus Wight. On
the horizemtal bar, honors were equally
elivide il between Wight, Knetx, Class,
Crane, Kinne and Me-gaw.
The- dumb be-11 elrill was excellent, the
entire' exercise lie-ing gone through with
out a break. The entertainment closeel
with a pyramid, and the cetlle-ge yell,
and as the- last yell was given the py ra
mie! came detwn em the matting, amid
the lemel appaluse eif the ailelie-nce-.
The te re-e-ntages made by the different
nie-mbe is of the? class are as feillows:
Neil. :i:ir ; See it t ::?; Long :,:; Mills.
:;t)7; Clavs
The fe lleiws all elid exce-llent work,
re-flee ting much credit on the ir instruct
or, DitvcteirF. W. Knox.
The Euterpe Club.
A ple-asant and profitable meeting
was he Id at the re-siele'iice eif Prof. J. T.
Kwing, Tuesday eve ning. Miss Smith
present eel th symphonies of Haydn and
Metart. ami I'rof. Kwing re -ad a paM-r
em the Oratorio, giving its histetry eleiwn
to the tinie-etf Hamle 1. Mrs. Sharp sang
a solo from the irate irio of Flijah, ami
Misse s Whiting and Ware! played the'
overt lire fremi "l'e-te-r Sclinnill" ( WVImt.)
The re-st eif the- evening was given te
prae-tie-e em the reigram fer the annual
e-emcel t .
Attention Karmers.
Farmers wishing the- se rvice- eif a full
blonle el ( hi Petlainl China Iniar, eir a
full bloeide el Sh irt llini Durham bull
will ele we'll ten-all at my farm two ami
thrce- quai t is mill s setutlu-ast eif Alma.
New Spring Goods
Lidios' Shirt Waists in all the leading stylet. Prices lower than
ever. A good well made, fast-color Waist for 50c; better ones
for 7.rc and $1.00.
A large assortment of Prints all the leading brands, at
bottom prices.
Now is the time to buy Bleached Muslin.
Pearl Buttons three sizes, 10c per card of 12 doz.
When you want one of the latest Patterns do not forget that
we keep the best The Standard Fashion Co.'s Pattern.
For March and April's mud and slosh.
See Dingman's New Spring Mackintosh.
Cathode Rays," through drops of dew,
Our Dresden Silks
Dress Novelties, Florescence bring,
Prophetic visions of coming spring.
See the Nobby, New Things
at Dingman's 94 Cash Store
in Dress Goods, Waists, Hats, Caps, etc.
Trimmings a Specialty.
A New Firm.
The firm of Tinker er Lancashire,
manufacturers of sash, eloors. Mind ami
huildin material, has hecn elissedveel.
A new firm has he-en formed, composed
e f S. W. Tinker and I'M ward Hannah,
and the1 husine-ss will be continued by
these p-ntlemen. No be'tter men for
this business can be found.
Mr. Tinker, the senior member of the
lirni, has grown up in the business, and
can te ll just what is needed in a building
am! the cost of the same. A thorough
business man, honorable aud just in all
his dealings, the business affairs of the
firm cetulel not be entrusted to a more
worthy man.
Mr. Hannah, the junior me-mlter, has
se rveel a thorough apprentice ship in the
busine ss of which he is now joint owner,
and knows just how to erect a building
from basement te tunvt. He is one of
Alma's youngest, but most capable busi
ness men. We bespeak tor the new
firm abundant success.
For Sale.
House and two lots situated on the
corner of Pine anel Walnut street.
( Jexiel flowing well, cistern, barn and
wate r works. Fetr sale cheap for cash
or will give time on part of it.
87-4w John W. Mokton.
A Great Chance to Make Money.
I want to tell you of my wonderful
success. Heing a poor girl and needing
money baelly, I trie'el the Dish Washer
business a uei have cleared !?-'00 every
month. It is more money than I ever
had be fetre, and can't help telling almut
it. fe)r I believe any person can do as
well its I have if they only try. I sell
from f to l.r machines a day. My busi
ness is increasing and am going to keep
right on until I make .10,(Ko. There is
no excuse to le xor when so much
motie'V can le maele' se-lling dishwashers.
The Washers sell on sight; every lady
wants etne. The Mouuel City Dish
Washer deies splendiel work: yeu e-an
wash anel elry the dishes in two or three
minutes w ithout putting your haiuls in
the water at all. Try this business anel
le t us know how yem sucoeeel. The;
Mouuel City Dish Washer Co., St. Louis,
Me., will give you all necessary instrue
tions se yem can In-gin work at once.
ie)N I a Mie li., ATHlt 1-3, 10'.'i.
l eu Uilf o-lHt)ll (he l., U, H.M. lt in i
emiioi lion Pitbull othnr MtcbHrun Iiih-h will t
iiiako m fHte t imp fare for the- round-trip and
tick-m will l.rt to the public eu April In
mill v:nl (ooii to return to April lib. It it r.
penrd thai the, low rte inado feir ihln ckm
Mlon will lirlnj oitn luri' Mttmditnci'. The
l.. II Ac M. U'yrniip fnurtrHtiifl dnilrln
euch din e imn to Ionia wlthpHrlor ehalr c-Hr
Httiei lh il irxlrii e hnrjre eml) ,'i ccnl-) mi
ImiiiB mil moiltru tlerper ou nlbl Irnln
will spangle you.
To Consumptives
As an lutiie'st lvim-dy Foley's lbuiey
anel Tar eletes ne)t hold out false hope's in
advanced stage's, but truthfully claims
to give' comfort anel re lief in the' ve ry
worst e-a.se-s, and in the early stages to
effect a cure.
Uucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skm Eruptions, and poa
itively cures piles, or no pay reeptired.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money refunded. I'rice "Jo
cents per box. For sale by li. S. Webb.
"That Tired Feeling"
overcemies us when inferior preparations
are reeromme'iide'el by unscrupulous
dealers as "just as getetd as Fe)ley's
Honey anel Tar Cough .Syrup." whe n
we know the unequalled ine-rits eif this
great medicine.
C. K. Mai i an.
Tholdeal Panacea
James L. Francis, Aldermani, Chica
go, says: regartl Dr. King's New
Discovery as an leleal Panacea for
Coughs, Cedels anel Lung Complaints,
having used it in my family fetr the last
live years, to the cxclusiem of physician's
precriptions er other preparations.''
Ilev. John Hurgus, Keokuk. Iowa,
writes: "I have been a Minister of the
Methodist Kpicopal Church for 50
year or more, anel have never feuind
anything se beneficial, or that gave mc
such speedy relief as Dr. King's New
Discovery.' Try this Ideal Cough
Hetnedy now. Trial littles Free at 1J.
S. Webb's Drug Store.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Grape Cre.im of Tartar Pow'Jcr. Fie
from Ammuiii.i, Alum or any oth r adulterant,
For Frcsli Canned
in i
v.heru you will find fresh
Fruits aud Vegetables at all
times. Every cau, bottle
and package guaranteed to
be first-class and prices as low
as the lowest.
T. A. Ely Building '
Opp. B. a. Webb's.
Bert Woodward
Makes Loans on nrst-class Heal Estate
Draws Papers relating to Heal Estate
Looks afte-r pinpt-rty for ncn re'si.lctt owners
II as property lor sale or exchange in everj
part of the countrv
II, S. Pension JHorney
Jilstice of the Peace
Insurance and Collections
J'rosecutea all claims against the
(io eminent rejected and suspended.
Claims reopened and sticcesfully prose
cuted. I have all the rulings of the
departmental fa&t as issued.-
Givtf your tusinrs to an old soldier
that is riplit l:vro where you can see
and tHlk to him. If you want advice
come and see me.
So fee:i unlertH successful.
Oflice in Veimeulen Uiock, Alma.
Ileal fcsfate Broker

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