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SPECIFICS arc scientifically
prepared Remedies; hnvo
been used for hnlf n century
with entire success.
1 Fever, t'oiixcMioiiH, Iutluiuiiiatlon.1.
S-WorniM, Worm Fever. Worm folic...
3-Teellihitf. follc.frylnn.Wukt fuhubS
l Diarrhea, of t'hlldrt n or Adult
7-t'otuht, I'olils Hioiuhltlii
H-.euralla, Toothache. Foceache
9-llealacliea, sick Headache, Vertigo.
1 1 -1 m-pIi, UlllouMu ss, Constipation
1 1 upiirroMfj or I'nliifiil 1'crhaU ...
12- Whilca, Too Profuse Period 1
l.'l-Croiin. hnry iiuliU. Hoar lies
11-Hall Hlicuiii, KrlIah, K.rupiioiw.
1 A-lthf iiinnllkiii, or lUieuinullo Pulns..
lfi-Matnrla, ChllU. lever ami Ague
Itt-t'atarrli. Influenza, Cold In the Head
20-Whoopliitf foml
'JY-KltliM'v l)irencii,
Vis-V-Mon llcl.lllU
30- l'rlnarv Neakiie,
31- Kore Throat, oulnsy. Diphtheria....
"77" for GRIP.
....r.'. f..rii.. ii, I itr.l . . hi t ;
! Hi mpiihkvh' M c 41. , KnUriM llvf
IS, .1.1 l.v rtriiL-iMiiti
.nt r'ld on ri
, l. nii- only,
m 11 t iiriiKB
MiarilltMs'HIII. IO..III III WHIIai.SI.,Vw lurk.
State News.
Insanity is on the increase in this
tit ate.
Port Huron has an enthusiastic Pin
pree club.
Farmers in the vicinity of Newport
nre boring for oil. .
Alpena has talleti into line with a
larjre Pinjjrce clnb.
There are 1,1 patients in the Kala
mazoo insane asylum.
The Plaine Club of P..rt Huron will
have a banquet April 'JO .
Hon. S. P. Youngs, ,t Stanton, is a
candidate tor auditor-general.
A Pintrree club with :H0 members
was started in Saginaw the other nih.
Col. K. J. March, of Hillsdale, is a
candidate for attorney -p-noral on the
republican ticket.
The total number of bushels of wheat
marketed in this state during February
was 71 :t.Ji J bushels.
The pension olliee has granted a pen- ;
sion to Mis.Marv C. Spencer, widow ot (
Capt. Npeticer, of Lansing.
.Jude Cooiiii"" has called a rand
jury to investigate alleged violations of
the liipior law in Perrien county.
James A. Cro.ier, of Menominee,
h is been appointed Commander of the
Soldiers' Home iu Grand U ipids.
Dr. Kdwin Stewart, for more than
half a century a resident of Memlon. is
dead. He was an ex-stiite senator.
Fruit growers of Grand Haven are
Irving to an a line tor water transporta
tion up Grand Kiver to (irand Kupuls.
John Mack, ot Pine (Jrove, near Ot
neo. was found dead back of his barn
the other morning. He had froen to
death .
Frank Hrown. city treasurer of
Sanlt Ste Marie, committed suicide a
few days ugtt. His body was found by
his son.
The House has pas-ed the bill to
tension Isaac .N. Williams of the First
Michigan Engineers and Mechanics at
1 J per month.
Adam C. Arnold, of Battle Creek,
convicted of inurdeiinj; his son, has
been released on $,000 bonds per.din
appeal to the Supreme Court.
Mayor Woodcoek. of Niles, formerly
in business in Lansing, announces liim
self as a eantlidate for the republican
nomination for state treasurer.
Mrs. Alice Lane, convicted of man
slaughter in causing the death of Kmily
Hall, lias been sentenced to ten years
in the Detroit house of correction.
Manufacturers of salt met in Sagi
naw last week and organized a new or
ganization. The old organization
would hae expired by limitation April
Burt Shepard cut his wife's throat
and then cut his nun, dying almost
inin ediately. His wife cannot recover.
He has been of unsound mind for over
a j ear.
P. Hi 1, of Maple drove, near South
Haven, shot his own son the other
morning mistaking him for a thief.
The lad is pretty well tilled with shot,
but will recover.
A training school for nurses is to lie
establishments at the Soldiers' Hone.
Heretofore, the management have cm
ployed man s from the dilVerent hospi
tals in (irand Bapids.
.1. J. Healy, of Bridgeport, has com
menced suit in the Saginaw circuit
court against Bichard C. Lyle tor $10,
000 for alleged slander in insinuating
that he set tire to the VanSton barn.
Mrs. Bradley, who died in Northville
a few days ago. located with her hus
band on a farm near that village, pur
chased ot the ledcral government in
l!s;lo, and had lived there continuously
ever since. She would have celebrated
her !7th birti.day in May.
Free silver democrats met in Lansing
last week ami perfected an or
ganization. A committee consisting
of a representative from each congres
sional district was appointed to take
charge of the campaign. An address
was issued to the democrats of the
While skat ing on the mill pond in
Dexter the other d.y 1'earl Walker,
IJcarsold. broke through the jee
ni d would have drow ned but for the
heroic t Holts of Miss M)ttie Bostwiek,
a teac her in the high school. She flung
her cloak to the girl and stood part of
the time in a foot of waier, the ice sink
ind with her, until with ht lp the drown
ing girl was rescued.
Small pox is npoittil in Mavii e
An rxtensivr ileiiesit of white nnr
ble near Iron Mountain U t: bo workrd.
lVrry Hul of Orleins, huug him
self in a tit of jralousy, the other il:iy.
lit- hat been inanitMi six mouths.
1 1 a it v Keeves, a D., G. H. V M.
tr:ikein;iii, tf 11 lift ween two ears at Fen
ton a few thus ap ami was kil!el.
Prof. Woodwoi th, of the Agricultural
College. su;rests the top wire of fences
for telephoning. He says it can easih
be done.
Thomas Weaver, an intm te of the
Ionia house of correction, committed
j suicide by (utlinr his throat with a
case Kiuie.
Mary K. Atherton lias been awarde d
a rdu-t of $'2, ."00 against the village
ot Bancroft, for injuries sustained on a
K. 15. Tyler, tirst American Kxpress
Ajrent in Dexter, pensioned by the
company after K) years service, is deatl,
aed -s; years.
If your dealer tells you that some
thine else is "just as good" as Doan's
Ointment for Hives, Pin Worms, Itch
ing Piles, or other itchiness of the skin,
tell him you want the original. It is
safe; never failing.
News Summary.
Mayor Pingree want, postage put on
a gold basis.
Senator-elect Foraker has declared
his allegiance to McKinley.
.J. H. McVicker, the well known
theatrical man of Chiraga, is dead.
An electric car line between (irand
Bapids and (Irand Haven is talked
Georgia delegates are pledged to
support McKinley at the St. Louis con
vention. The permanent headquarters of the
Miehigan i. A. 15. has been formally
established in Lansing.
New York republicans of the iJlst
congressional district endorse Morton
as a presidehtal candidate.
A wholesale robbery of the peniten
tiary contract linn by convicts
Wisconsin state prison
Senator Hill made a
for Cuba's freedom in
other day. Senator
ringing speech
the Senate the
Sherman also
spoke for Cuba.
The Abion paper company, of Hol
yoke. Mass., has failed; liabilties $7oo,
000, assets 100,1100. The failure was
entirely unexpected.
Children and matches caused the
loss of several buildings on the farm f
( leorge (ireeiiman near Decatur, loss
$J."oo, in utancc $1, loo.
Capt. (ien. Weyler has issued a proc
lamation in which he promises clem
ency to captured Cuban rebels, but
they must swear fealty to Spain.
The National lleform party has been
organized in Pittsburg. (Ien. Coxey
is one of the prime movers. A Nation
al Convention will meet in Pittsburg,
May J7.
A bill has been introduced in the
Senate for the establishment of a de
partment ot of the government to be
known as the department of commerce
and manufacture.
Cleveland has got his dander" up,
and is gunning" looking after the
members ot his cabinet who are talk
ing too much, thereby revealing state
secrets before they are ripe.
TRe House has passed a bill making
one year's residence necessary in a ter
ritory to obtain a divorce in such terri
tory. The bill isitimed at Oaklahoma,
where but 'JO days' is reipiired.
A gathering of Prohibitionists was
held at (irand Kapid.s one day last week.
A. M. Todd, of Kalamozuo, made a
speich in which In; exalted Piugiee, as
a man who could stand side by side
with Abraham Lincoln.
Ground was broken the other
for the first building of the Am
fimersuy m v asnington, nisiioi
Hurst, of the M. K. church, president.
One million dollars have been seen ret t
for the University fund.
The Koek Island express was held up
by masked men near Joliet, III., the
other morning. The outlaws went
tin ough one coach, but in the second
one they Were greeted by the passen
gers with revolvers and driven olT.
A peculiar case has been brought in
the Oakland county circuit court.
Uriah Terry, of Pontiac, has brought
suit against his daughter, Mrs. Henry
Covert, to recoer possession of a farm
winch he says he deeded to her when
he was drunk.
The investigation of the books of
Paul Schultze, for years n trusted oil'i
cial of the Northern Paeilic Railway,
who committed suicide a year ugo on
the exe of exposure, has just been com
pleted at Tacoma. Washington, and it
is found that Schultze's shortage was
Ohio republicans, in st,4t(. conven
tion, endorsed McKinley for the presi
dency , and places in nomination the
following state ticket: Secretary of
State, Charles Kinney: Supreme Judge,
Marshal J. Williams; Food Commis
sioner, Joseph L B'.ickburn: Member
Boar.! of Public Woiks. Frank A.
H'.limau; Dclogatcs-at-large, Gov. Asa
S. Bjishnell. Senator-eli t J. B. Fora
ker, Congressman Charles II. dlosve
nor and Hon. Man ns A. Hanna: Alter
nates. J. K. Lowes, Charles Flei-ch-nnin
J. P. Green and J. N. Taylor:
Klei tors-af-large. I. F. McKay and
Albert y . Douglas.
Omaha republicans endorse Gen
Mandetson as a candidate for presi
Dr. Kli.a M. Mosher has beeu eleetei
ileaii of 1 he women and professor o
hygiene in the literary department m
The Salvation Army, of America
been loi miihtted at a mass meetill'
held in Cooper Union in New Yoil
City. Over 5,000 nu mbers of the 01
j:'hi.ation remained lo) al to the tie
pd commander. The waving o1
the American ll:ij was jreetetl will
wild cheers which were repeateti whel
a portrait of Washington was displa ed
In liis speech said he wanted no suit"
with the Salvation Army.
The man who eats because he is bun
tri v is, thus far. on h level with th
brutes. The man who stoos eating th
moment his hunger is appeased is Un
wise man. Nature needs no irore fooo
than Hhe calls for. Continued excess
brings alout ind'gestion or dyspepsia
with loss of tln'sti, strength, sleep, am
hitio'i and mental power, and an at:
cumulation of aches, pains and mam
dangerous local maladies. The stomach
now can do nothing alone. We must
appeal to some artificially digested
food which can also digest other foods
That is to say, that we must use th
Shaker Digestive Cordial. The effect
is nromnt and cheering. The chrome
pain and distress ceases. Appetite
presently revives. Flesn and vigoi
gradually come back, and the sufferer
recovers. But tie must be caret ui in
future. A trial bottle for 10 cents.
Laxol is the beMt medicine for child
ren. Doctors recommend it in the
place of Castor Oil.
A writer iu a recent number of Th
Woman's Column says that the people
who want to let woman s sutlrage wait
until we get the temperance question
settled are like the man who was hur
rying, iu company with a woman, to
siik friend. The women fell down
ami the man turned and called out to
her, "For God's sake, madam, don't
wait to get up but hurry right along!"
This shoe does not tit the Woman's
Christian Temperance Union as its en
einies will testify, for our organization
has been carrying on the suffrage work
these manv years with an elhciency
which arouses the wra'h of conserva
lies. ltightly understood, we hae no
quarrel with the above statement trom
The Column or with the illustration.
But we have good and suilicicnt reason
that it is not rightly undcrst I'1 by
some, but that through confusion of
ii'eis all temperance workers are some
times included in the category with the
over anxious man quoted. We know
woman's suffragists who make quite as
serious a mistake in the opposite ex
treme. There are those who would
have all other reforms wait foi suffrage.
To our minds, this js very like insisting
that a child sha 1 make no attempt to
move around the room until it has
learned to walk. The objections to
this method are many and obvious;
chief among them being that the aer
age chihl would never Jearn to walk.
We do not expect linal victory without
the ballot, but we are not sorry to have
agitated the tempt ranee question until
total abstinence-has become recognized
as the correct principle both morally
and scientifically. We see no cause to
regret that we have put compulsory
temperance instruction into the public
schools of all our land with tin; excep
tion of those in two states. Nor do we
consider the time wasted in which we
have accomplishi d numberless other
practical reforms which have made the
temperance cause leap forward many
years. If we have not waited to "get
up" we have nevertheless succeeded in
crawling1 with so much effect that we
have made ourselves mote feared and
hated by the liquor dealers, on their
own statement, than eye:; the voting
members of the Christian churches. In
addition to this, we have done some
most effectual training of our women,
titling them for the various duties of
citizenship, when all of its rights,
privileges and responsibilities shall de
olve upon them. Last and greatest
we have accomplished what the leaders
of the suffrage associations have ad
mitted that they failed to accomplish
after years of strenuous efforts we
have "induced women, in large num
bers to labor with enthusiasm tor their
own emancipation. What women
would not do when their own "eman
cipation," considered in the abstract,
seemed to be the sole issue, they have
done when they saw in that emanci
pation their only chance to protect
their homes and dear ones from the
licensed evils of society.
Lven in the most pevere cases id
sin aln or bruise, cut or burn, Thomas'
Kclectric Oil gives a'most instant te
lief. It is the ideal family liniment.
A Funny MUprlnt.
One of the most ludicrous announce
inents that ever appeared perhaps was
made, by a London newspaper in tlm
earlier half of the present century to tho
effect that Sir Kobeit Peel "and a party
of fiends were shooting peasants in Ire
land. " The wonls misprinted, of course,
were "friends" and "pheasants."
The Stylun.
The Homan pen, or stylus, xvas an
iron implement, sharp at one end like,
an awl and flat at the other like a paper
cutter. It was used for writing on tab
lets f wood or ioiy covered w ith wax.
The sharp end was employed for writing
ami the flat for eiasing or correcting
wh.it was written.
How It tlitpp-ii'l.
"How did you" the visitor began,
when the ossjfi,.d man hastened to say:
"How did I get iii this condition?
Certainly. A young woman gave me the
marble heart when I was a young man,
at;d it spread." Cincinnati Enquirer.
Interesting Statistic of Transportation In
the KnglUh Capital.
Homo interesting deta.Is l;avo appear
ed in a report on the omnibus ami tram
car servico of Ijondon. The tramways,
which correspond to our car lints, are
all of 4 feet 8j inches gauge except two
lines, xvhich are only U feet 6 inches.
Thero are in the city 71 dis-tiuct route,
of xvhich LH are in use. The mileage of
thexvoiked lines is given as 849. The
average speed of a Loudon tram is . 4H j
miles per hour; that of a London omni
bus is 5..r miUs per hour. The averago
trum fare is 07-lOOths of a penny (2
cents) per mile. Tho average omnibus
faro is 92-lU0ths of a ienny per mile.
Thero are 879 cars on the lines, xvhich
among them run 17,K0 single journeys
during their day's work, which lasts on
the average Hi hours and 44 minutes.
The omnibuses are more than twice as
many. There are 2,10 of them, and
these are-run 3."i,u(0 single journeys in
the course of a day that averages 15
hours and II'J minutes. There are 12
London tram companies. In the course
of a year their ears run 22,787,000 miles
and carry 22.",2ii:5,OUO passengers. The
London omnibuses run 49.78:5,000 miles
a year and carry J12, 000, 000 passengers.
To work its tram cars London re
quires 10,092 horses; to work its omni
buses it has 2."i.."i7:. A summary of
these figures shows that there are JJ.229
vehicles employed, worked by :., (H'.")
horses, traveling 72,."00,000 miles and !
carrying ij."il,.'J4.",000 passengers in a j
year. It is calcuUti-d that each of the
800 omnihuys which pass the Mansion 1
House in an honr will travel 4 miles a j
day, carrying 420 passengers as its day's '
work and earning Us. M. during each ot j
its l.'i journeys. St. Louis (ilobe-Dem-
ocrat. J
LiketiPHM ot i:nclifth and Americans. !
As respects character, the British and
American publics are strikingly at one. 1
The tone of popular sentiim nt is much
the same. The attitude toward ques- j
tions (if general human interest is often
identical. Political ideals are, at hot- 1
torn, not so unlike as superficial observ
ers fancy. Party spirit manifests itself
in very similar fashion. Both are sensi
tive, though in slightly varying degrees,
to the same appeals. The same national
spirit animates both, showing itself in
quite characteristic fashion when the
jealousy of one is aroused against the
other. Indeed it is in their mutual rival
ries and jealousies that their spiritual
kinship is often most manifest. Their
diversity is superticial and provincial;
their unity fundannntal and racial.
The American who can divest himself
of provincialism in England and the
Englishman who can lay aside his in
sularity in America each finds himself
at home. Edward M. Chapman iu
LfHsoix For Schoolboy.
There is no question that our fore
fathers supposed that benefit might be
derived f rum causing schoolboys to be
spectators of the hanging of criminals.
fcir Walter Scott had borne testimony
to this custom being not unknown in
Scotland. In "The Heart of Midlothian"
Mr. Saddletree is represented assaying:
I promised to ask a half play day tu the
Hrhllle, so that the l.uirils Tiiiu'ht kMllk' iO)'l see
the huniiip, which canna hut have a pli-asin'
cfFett on their y..iiiu' minds. seein th r. is no
knowing what they may come to themselves.
Chapter -'.
Sir Walter would not. we may as
inme, have written the above had he
Hot known that such things had actual
ly taken place. Notes ami Oneriuu
A year .'o;o Thr ('hicoj !ironl otP-red SJu.ilOO
In cash prizes to authors for the ImM stories of
mystery." The stories were so called heeause it was
required that a mystery should run throiu'h the
entire story and he disclosed
The nuiinl of author'
lenkliitr world to the mini her of IH were entered In the competition. Twelve cah prUew
were offered for the twelve hemt torle. The llrt prUe wnn 1 0,000, ami wan won hy Harry
Stlllwell Edwards, of .Macon, a. Ill Hory Is entitled
"Sons and Fathers."
and Its puhlication will herln in The Vurrt h't mnf i an intcrvalof a week or more between the publication
on March and continue in about aodailv install- of the last Installment contalnim; the explanation
meiits until completed. "Sons and Fathers ' is be olid of the mystery and the immediately preceding chapter,
all intention thr rtit utorj th- i'ur. There Mill be ! during which period the guesses will be received.
To Mill further promote popular Interest In till remarkable utory, TIIK CIIK'AtiO HKCOKI)
OfTern $10.00" In "0 cn.ih price for the "0 t;iiene which nhall come the nenreat to being true
and complete nolntloim of the myntery In the ntory. The $10,000 are diided as follows:
To the reader from whom Th' .' '" rl receives the most complete ami
correct solution in all its details of the enl ire mystery of the story.
as it shall be disclosed ill the last chapter w hon published $l,OOll
For the neiond heat Holiitlon 500
For the third bent Kolntlon. .1011
For the fourth het xolntlon '0U
For the licit " nearest heat solution, SIOO each 500
i 10
i ro "
.100 " '
ti t 500
III all SSO prliea, amoiiiitliiK to ..
Full pftrtlcntar) as to the Metnils of tlm con. litmus govern
Ing tlx- loviirilliig of these prizes will Im- patillslie.1 l it Tin:
l'HH aoo IU" "Kl. I be principal rilled are as follows:
I Hut one solution can le etiten-il by a reader. It Is Im
material whether tin- reader MihscnU- f.r the paper direct to
the olliee id puhlicatlon. or hether It is bouuld trom I he local
newsdealer. The eontcM s o-n, under the specified condi
tions, to all who rea" I the paper.
Z TIih explanation Of the m stery nuiy N' nnele in tlu
render's own words, in the Kri-'lish language, and without nnv
httempt t " tine w riling." simply giv ing as many of the tacts
that k' to make a ' coinplet"' and absolutely correct solution of
the entire mystery " as the render may be able to discover.
3 The fi'i 0"i w ill be. awarded under the conditions an
nounced, according to the tiost Judgment of the Judge appointe.l
10 Cents
and get
The Record
10 Days.
Tiik. I'llieAOo Khtkh is Onca-'o
t i....t .villi h mie'U. exceetlon. it he"
dilation In m. rica - I'".ihk. i,
Associated Press ,,,,,1 print a'l t.
It i inl.s-lilent It' l".' 'tic : ! I : '
i ,.1,,-nd inii.i.iOaMf. . ir. ft tl,- I
I hlcag" - hiiti'U m,m s. (,
western t'nn. isit ti'i
I". I
v I i'C.- t,. th"
t !. Iii in coir-l
i eon with t In- '
" I I
after a w id
coil ti t r : s. ihil tni o o
ideal daily Journal a- we are for
t Iii se In. Tt It I sin iri s
i,icrtitl sbores
Tien hrrilmr 1,ttr t'nn ',nf
the lujbt! rj- Iu "Sens and I ulliers.
These are the letters she sent m
Had little fjM-ndthrift f ink
Yowini her love to content m
Fifty times over, on pink.
These nre my foolish old letters
All that I wrote her return"!,
thael.h-d in dainty silk ft ttt rs,
t 'uptivcH coiuh miied to he hurned.
PI. as for forgiveness or pity,
1,'uestioas and tender replies,
21) -ives im-lined t he witty,
Io.i us, and none of them wise.
Ray ! Ih re's a scnxihlV 1 ill t
Ai. 'tis her ultima'- not.-:
"V. h;.,ehen loll' enough silly.
1'lea.se nturn ull that I wrote."
How He l ollnwH i IH-lioiifMt J'urrtiMHcrs
011 th Installment I'lan.
One, cf the most important men in the
employ of a firm that makes a specialty
of selling goods on the installment plan
is the "tracer." His duty, as his name
signifies, is to find out the whereabouts
of delinquent customers, who think to
get out of the trouble of future pay
mentsby quietly moving away and neg
lecting to leave their new address.
Nothing could bo more foolish than
such a ceurse, for this is a feature of
the business that tho installment houses
have reduced to a science. It is obvious
that in this city tlx great majority of
those who purchase goods on weekly
payments live in flats. This makes it a
comparatively easy matter for the dial
ers to keep them under surveillance, for j
one of the first things the cojlector does
is to see the janitor and inform him j
Which families in the house have bought I
goods on the installment plan. It pays j
to fee thi' janitor for this service, for he '
is in a position to know when any mov- ,
ing is about to take place, and the in- ,
formation he gives the collector has I
beeu the means of nipping in the bud
many a well laid scheme to get out of
paying a furniture bill.
Sometimes, of course, it happens that 1
a dishonest family will move away in '
such a hurry that the janitor is unable
to inform tho lirm in time. In such an
event the "tracer" is put on the case.
He seis about his work with the method
of the trained detective. He is familiar
with tho name and address of every fur
niture movi r in the city, and his ac
quaintance among tin hell ers is so ex
tensive that it is more than likely he
has a personal friend among the men
who moved the family he is seeking.
With such advantages his task is not
nearly so hard as the uninitiated would
imagine, and there would be fewer at
tempts mad" to "beat" the installment
dealers if it wire better known how lit
tle chance a person has to succeed.
New York World.
! The Cydippe, a peculiar water insect,
propels itself with a pair of paddles
1 which both in shape and general appear
ance closely resemble those ill llse by
The Venus fly trap produces juice that
to nearly all insects is a deadly poison.
Do not be induced to take any other
i you have made up your u ind to take
t'ood's Sarsparilla. " Hemember that
Hood's Sarsparilla cures when all others
fail. Do not give up in despair because
other mecicines failed to help you
Take Hood's Sarsparilla faithfuUv and
you may reasonably expect to be cured
Hood's Pills are p.irely vegetable,
carefullv prepared from the best ingre
dients -oc.
1,111 m
for the One who Guesses Best.
the purpose helm; to v'ive cash prizes to those
readers of Tin (Vniii'j-i liintnf who should he able
to solve the mystery, or come nearest to a correct
solution of it. in ifti'iucr of the puhlicatlon of the
last chapter in the paper.
only in t he last ehaplt r.
iiiUta Iihm J tiki Im-cii miiiiI-. Morten from all inrt of the KiikIImIi
ro ' .oo
' .! 500
'Hi 44 1,000
ft 'j.ftOO
I 0,000
by Tiik I'iim Auo UKeoni.unl tiny will have complete con
trul Hint 0 on ) ili-cisiori. I'cyuii'l any appeal, in all luuturii relat
illjl ti tills lllli'iue cnntcV..
Ami last. I ut not least.
Only Women and Girls may Guess.
Til K I'll ICAOO V
per, and its d.oly lii"ii,
(cut II re intended to
To cmphasic -(ltd a
IIK okh Is a liewspapi
Ing the further condldon
! pa il oni for r)itiiKtifi or n," '' nt i n , ,i,,t,rn nnt
ytrlt. All may rcud, hut nl WOM K. and (i niay ruess.
To make II f ay for all xho are not now faklntr the paper to become
acquainted xllh Till: CIIICAtm ItrlCOIll) an. I It Krtnt $10,(100 prize
story h HIkmiI eoeno tlllii t h ni I to a full term miI i Ipi ii In
adxance, the publish r makrx a pclnl offer to liiall TIIK lit. ( (11(1) to
any addreas. pol- Id. for III day". bej:liiiilii xxtlh the llrat thnpttr of
the atory, FOIt IO (MTs, In eolo or po-lngc ataoipa.
The story begins March 'J I. arid U is .hsirable th.it Mibcripi ions s,,,uld to
received as far in advance of that da'e as possjhie, I .i it all suhs. riptions on this
(kp-cial otter received up to April I will oc nth',!, t ut none niter April I.
leadm.' mornitu- daily
ff lar-.'.-st tiiof 'i ".' "-tr
I he o'irn;t!sis- cli"
v;.,(,, , .It,;,, '.ly- :
. It i . a n.'-'i ' -r
b'-w- Ir.'in i.l'
a ' I p' t III "'
ied ot p.ot- -shM
.( i t..
I In e
atipro n In
i;i on in "
our na .'
and I he ii
i- no paper
I I II..V.
is" in u 1 1 r
hi n a "I i
st. Ull I
s and
..iii. .,
corn - - tun" l,S ! to i 1
: pier-.
Publisher The CHICAGO RECORD, 101
- b:it three or f .ur lire t ;
r Mm. ., i i
t.' :i. . j
I 'll n m nns r uuij
oin n aiid tr i r I - I.
' . '
r-lITf u-nrknian
eats his lunch on the
L same bench where
hr dots his work.
Th office man
Of J V snatcht-
A I V"! L nation
' A' UTtT desk i.
rW'rrr table.
snatches a few tnin-
om his occu-
nnd turns his
into a dininj;-
Ntither Ret
the exercise he
needs, neither takes
the OK'pcr time hr
hv v fsitlnir. It is stnU
woncirr thai the digestiot. of both Kcts out
&fVtt'iu- works as hard as she can but
tin re are some things she cannot stand. If
a man K ts some f..reiKn Mibstance into the
works of his watch, he dm-sn't expect the
wiuh to tun until the impediment i re
moved. Hi "'n digestive system i a
" uch more wonderful and delicate mechan
ism than that of his watch, ami yet he ncg
lefts it and abuses it. lie lets it ml out of
order, find refuses to help it In the end
his neirkct tv. icts with terrible force upon
himself. Th.- reaction comes on ra '-ally,
however, so that sometimes he scarctl) sus
pects the cause
The cause of nine-tenth" of the suiut ss
of the world is eon-tip atioii a condition
m. common that four people out of five take
it as a nutter of course. From this one
cause come indiircstioti ; dwnders of the
Momuh. liver ami kidneys; biliousnes(
h-ad.iches. flatulence. In artburn. impurity
of the blood nnd the serious complications
tint follow. To betfin with, constipation is
a little thine, and a little thin will cure it.
I)r Pierce's pleasant pellets are tiny, sturar
coatcd uranules. They give to nature ju-t
the little lu'.p she needs. They are as
Vfentle as th- V efficient, and will per
fectly cure the worst ease s of constipation.
There rmthimr in the world like them. s0
there can be nothing "just as ijood." The-diu"iM-t
who tries to sell you something
else has his own inte rest in view and not
For a free sample package of from 4
to " doses, n-ldtess World's Dispensary
Medical Association, No. 06 Main Street,
Buffalo. N. V.
u one seiidmir 21 one-cent stamps to cover
cost of tnailiim . will receive tree a copy of
Dr I'ierce's Cmuion si use Me-dicd Advi-er.
The- expense oT producim,' this wonderful hook
ha been paid hv the sale of t.s k- copie s at the
re-it'nr t.ric i . It has now heen decided to
live away ah 'i.lut'ly ft re, au edition of 500,000
copiti. Address a above.
MinUti rini; to h Juiet Kentucky Flock.
Ill a pleasant, social little Kentucky
town not lonr u.uoa new minister arriv
1 d. 'rv(tit in his'i.iission against the
world, ill" lit i-h and the evil ono and
not duly ' !iid ri'-y, 1!:" points of his
c -1 : 1 1 -ass, J.. o.-;i( i (1 from his pulpit
the iir.-d Miml.iy n tirade against card
playni".. On Monday the wealthiest
nu ml i r f his f'.'.ck call" d on him and
said :
"Oh, li;:r Bio: her Parker, your ser
mon was yery unwise. You will offend,
half your people if you talk against
cards. We are pist a little quiet com
munity all by ourselves here, and we
play cards v. In !i vi r we want to. Don't
say anything more about card playing. "
So the next Sunday tho new preacher
launched out on dancing. Again the
wealthy member visited him to say that
hi church people had always danced all
they wanted to, and he must not say
anything more against dancing. The
evil ( f horse racing was his subject the
following Sunday, and this brought the
li'-h member to him in great distress of
"Oreat goodness, Brother Parker, this
is one of the finest horse sections in the
state! You are beside yourself when
you try to put down horse racing."
"Well," said the despondent preach
er, "if you say so I'll have to let these
evils alone. Next Sunday I'll abuse the
"All right, " remarked tho wealthy
member, "but don't overlook tho fact
that I'm the only Jew in your congre
gation. " L luisvillo Courier-Journal.
HP is pre emilietit'y a family newspn
iinerit of a tngli-gnxle seriid "stiry is a
dally i-i'liilin-inl it to the home circle.
Kciiis.. in.' (not that Til K I'IIM ai.ii
1 -ii I " :i r I y suitable f.ir woman's r-ail-
Is iniuli' 1 1 lot the iIii.ihki in pnes shall
j a per. published in New Vork. calle.!
I is'ioc in An
ilea I hat
i nearly
:o auo
leal h-.
I'M i:
!pt. 'II
it ;.i,i'.V. s,, (t,ul
opti'-e I isf ltf ,,r,.
"'"t i-i tn .e ! r th
I w '
it ,i
u.-'s HIIK.M' fpi.nvu PKIK
Madison St., Chicago, III.
- 'i m id'
. rt j f r il,
-and win
e.X I.OiatloU tjt
pi I7

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