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ALMA, MICH., MI DAY. 31 AY 2U. 1K!7.
WHOLE NO. 5)51.
vol. xix, xo. ir.
Wheat., white W
Wheat, red k
Oats . 16
Hye wi
Corn, old oar Fl
Corn, she'lfl
I'otutnes 10 di "S
IVickwheut "s
lADk.... &'.
Apples per tm '
Clover Seed
Butter W
Onions, perbu.... . .
nreon Hi'l.jn 05
Dresseo Pork ' )
Live Pork .
lrcsl lleer 05 &
Live Reel '5
Mutton, dressed ,N;
Mvu 'hit-kens
lre;'d riiiokcns
Live Tu rk. g 'i
Live Mucks ;'.
Uve Geese (J''
VchI. dresned umour.n
Haled liny h.(X)GH.W)
We will sell
oil Saturday
rMay 29
lbs Granulated Sugar 1 W
M 1), n Snc-:ir 1 K)
y."ic Mocha and Java Cotlee
Uoc Triumph Coffee
A good Coll'ce for
cheaper than any placo in
If you want the finest Flour
made try the
1897 Model 575
1S Model 45
Jupiter 35
Year Guarantee with
every Bicycle.
Catalog for the asking.
v; rurnri nsxnn ivuyn rirurn ruuTruiLnjri ct
I Morden's
will be headquarters
this season for
for all kinds ot Farm
Machlnory, Throshing
Machines, otc.
A Fine Grade of Oils at a
Low Price.
Spocial Prico on 5 and 10 J
gal. lots. 2
For Sate.
House and lot in bkek 'J lot 1, 2 nnd
?,, village of Alma, known as thePritch
ard property. Will 11 cheap for cash,
A or will trade for fann land. Write to
J. S. Weidman, WYiilman, Mich., for
pijees, etc. Yours respectfully,
Dl.Vtf J. S. W woman.
E. H. WESTON, Alma
Plumbing and Heating.
His Plan for an Undor-ground
Railway Loop will Win. Just
What Chicago has want
od for Years.
Construction to be on plan of Gucla
Pesth Road.
The Chicago Times-Herald of Sunday
last devotes over a page to the cuts and
plans of the new railway scheme which
our former townsman Marcus Pollasky,
a prominent lawyer, has proposed for
that city.
Chicago, like the other large cities of
the world, lias tendered to congest In r
business interests into a small portion of
her large area and dining the busy
hours of the day tratlic is necessarily
hindered by the mass of people crowding
and jostling Utween Polk St. and the
Chicago river.
The electric street car has become a
nuisance and of little use owing to the
delays caused by the crowded tracks, so
in many casts the council has found
it essential that they refuse the right of
way for such purposes.
Then too, the Chicago river oilers a
very perplexing problem to the railroad
company since the run over it must be
made largely on draw bridges, which
the law says must open for tin
ship. The increased demand lias
compelled the cars to be run every
forty-five seconds, so when they reach
the river in case of a vessel passage, six
or eight cars are blocked on each side.
Other cities passing through similar
experiences have tried various met hods of
solving the problem but have been only
partially successful. Marcus Pollasky!
is a genuine American Yankee and he
conceived an idea that the way to run
the cars through the crowded streets-;
was not to run them there at all, but to
run them by means of a loop beneath
the ground. He made the subject a
careful and thoughtful investigati n
and was continued in his views u
four years ago he laid the plan for t!;e
loop or Subway before the couneil 1
Chicago and such men a Lyu.au Gage,
now Secretary of Treasury, gave him
hearty support. Hut the plan a.
laughed at by the couneil and Pollasky
was hailed as an idiot or as laboring
under a terrible halucination. So the
matter was laid aside. Since that time
the same system has been adopted by
Boston and several large cities and has
been fully perfected and operated by
that thriving city of Bohemia, Euda
Mr. Pollasky has recently been in that
city and given a careful study of the
working of the system finding it a
grand success.
Inspired by this he has made another
effort and this time Chicago receives
him with open arms and is prepared to
undertake the work.
We cannot explain the system in de
tails as our space is limited. Approach
es or stations are placed at every corner
to receive passengers and lower them to
the track. The tunnel through which
the tracks run will be made of iron, be
brilliantly silvered and lighted by elec
tricity so that one can see to read with
perfect ease. Air currents will keep the
atmosphere cool and pure. On emerging
from the tunnel the trains will run out
on there own tracks without any inter
ruption. The underground way will
be six and a ouarttr miles long. The
cost of the project will be $s,0uo,oo0. A
company has been formed to constrict
the lino if the council favors the move.
Furtherit might bo said that Mr. Pollas.
ky is working for the city as well as
for himself for he provides that at tin
end of twenty years the entire plant
may pass into the hands of the city on
payment of the cost of construction ai d
expense to the company.
The plan is a magnanimous one and
will be a preat credit to Mr. Pollasky'a
ability. The Rkcoi:i join the citizens
of Alma in wishing for the success of
the project.
GRAND MA'S TEA, io cents cures
stomach, kidney and liver diseases.
It Is the Dost on Earth."
That is what Kd wards A: Parker, mer
chants of Plain, (Ja., say of Chamber
Iain's Pain Balm, for rheumatism, bone
back, deep seated and muscular pains.
Sold by Bivms k Rhodes, druggists.
Alma Colobratos Her 10th.
Annivorsary this Year
fivl: notld ohators.
As usual Alma promises to do herself
proud this year vlnn commencement
week rolls around. A glance at the pro
gram below is sullicient to understand
the promised merit of the event. The
annual concert will be an especial fea
ture this year as Mr. E. C. Crane, the
famous Detroit baritone has b"en secured
by the department. As an enttitainer of
high order, Mr. Crane has few equals in
the state. On this the t nth anniversary
of her founding, Alma looks out upon
the world with most promising future.
Citizens of Alma note well the excellent
program arranged below and attend
every event you can. You will never
regret it.
Srxi'vv, Jim: loth.
Baccalaureate Sermon in College
Chapel, by President A. F. Brusko, at
:!:()') p. in.
Address before the Christian Associ
ations, by Rev. Fred (I. Caldwell, of
Lansing, Mich., at s :00 p. m.
Monday .TrsK 1-lth.
Examinations from !:00a. m. to 12:00
Dedication of the Francis Hood Mu
seum at J :00 p. m. Address by Hev.
Charles Bronson, D. D., of Saginaw,
('lass Day Fxercises at 5:"0 p. m.
(Iraduatiug Fxcrcises of the Commer
cial Department at s :nt) p. m. Address
by W. A. Hahlkc, Ksq., of Alma, Mich.
Tit.sDay, Jri: I rt li.
Address before t lie Kindergarten De
partment at 10:00 a. m., by Bev. CJeorge
Barlow, D. 1)., Moderator of the Synod
of Michigan.
Opening of the Lincoln Library in the
Library Building at i :oo p. ni.
Annual Concert of the Music Depart
ment at :oo j). m.
Wldnlsd y, .Irsr. Kith,
.M.l'.MNI DAY.
Craduating L'xereises of the Prepar
atory Department at l0:0ta.m.
Dedication of the Founders' Room at
:oo p. m. Address by Bev. David M.
Cooper. 1). I)., of Detroit. Mich.
Meeting of the Alumni Association at
:! :;! p. in.
Union Prayer and Praise Service at
voo p. m.
TiifirsDAY, Jim: 17th.
i'i)imi:vi;mi; r day.
Meeting of the Board of Trustees in
Founders' Boom at !:iio a. m.
Coiunieiicem' nt Lxercisesat K):00a. in.'
President's Reception from s :O0 to
10 ;oo p. in.
On Rnce Track, Fivo Toams will
Compote, 'j;ilnaw, L5ay City
ami A linn.
The Saginaw V:;!!ev Field Dav is now
m assured fact, the other teams having
;i''iii!ieil their intention to conic. One
wci k from today, promptly at V.' o'clock
t lie events Come . V. Tiii " Will be US
oll i .vs :
)tie Hundred yard- Dah.
Two Hundred and Twenty yards
Hurdle. (-J' , fr. hurdles)
Pole Vault.
Running High .Tump.
Shot Put. (1-2!!. shot)
Mile Run.
One Mile Relay Race. ( teams of four)
Hammer Throw, (lv! i'. hammer)
Running Broad .Tump.
OneMile Bicvclc.
Half Mile Bicycle.
The Alma boys have been in hard train
ing for the past three weeks and many
of them are showing up well. Last year
Alma had a walk away with all the runs
at Saginaw. We have the same men on
the track this vear, with better records,
o our success seems assured. Alma is
also doing good work on the pole vault.
The eountiiiL'is done by points, each
first on all except the relay counting five
points, the second place, three. The first
on relay, counts ten points. The prizes
will all be ribbons, except the Valley
Championship banner, which goes to the
team securing the most points. Special
excursion traim will run from Bay City
and Saginaw and a large crowd will un
doubtedly come from these cities.
This will be the best athletic exhibition
held in Alma for years. Everyone is
urged to attend. Admission, 2i cents
to all.
GRAND MA'S TEA, only io cents, it
don't cost a fortune to give it a trial.
Program for Decoration Day.
V. . "' '" Dr. E. A. Bagley.
1,Uf Mirsha! .1.' W. Holmes.
r..H.,",.. ...- Wm. .1. Oargett.
n,-tr 'jthr 'lh-, Rev. R. T. Lynd.
Exercises at the Opera House, 1 :IJ0 p. m.
harp :
SiliL'iliL.' t.V lli-'l Si limit.
IllVui :i! ioil T'fV, W. F. .Totioh.
siiii'hL' t'lill' t''1 Mnli Ju:irtft.
Kru'lm-Scli rtloii from l'n -Mi-nt Lin !ii
S.c( rli Ht lirttyel'Urj.
-im-ln... II Ith School.
(Mn Hev. I:. T. Lynd.
sin'lii l.y all .. CliiMri'ii'H D' corution Dny Song.
Procession formed on Superior St. in
front of Opera House as follows:
Alma Light (Jnards.
Uniform Rank K. of 1.
Alma Fire Department.
Business Mt n.
Order of March : East on SureriorSt.
to Wiodw'lth St., soufli t'Minietety,
where the Post will hae charge of the
Decoration services.
Wo an? offering some decided bargains in Ladies,' Gents' and
Children's Shoes. Special for this week IS pairs Ladies' Hlack and
Chocolate Walking Shoes for $1.25, good value at $1.50.
Mens and Boys' Straw Hats, Felt Hats, and the verp latest in Golf
Gents' Furnishing Dept. is full of nobby styles in Shirts, Collars,
Cuffs, Ties, Hosiery and Underwear.
Sun Umbrellas from 75c up every one warranted fast colors.
Special- .'55 pieces No. 2, and 4 all Silk Kibbon at lc per yd., or
25c per piece ot 10 yards.
P4v ,wi
Alma College Field Day.
The annual Alma College li. 11 day
will be In Id on the race track this after
iio. n. The program is as follows:
Two hundred yards, flat.
Hammer Throw.
Standing Etv-ad .lump.
Faeulty one-fourth mile Ricycle Race.
Ouv-fourtii mile Run.
One-half mile Ricycle.
Running Eroad Jump.
Pole Vault,
One Hundred yards Dash.
Shot Put.
('lass J clay.
Three Legged Race.
Running Hop, Skip and Jump.
Running High Jump.
One Hundred yards Wheel Barrow.
Two Hundred and Twenty yard
Two mile Bicycle.
One mile Run.
Everyone come and sec the boys run.
The winners of this contest will compose
the track team for the Saginaw Valley
GRAND MA'S TEA ioc cures billious
ncss, constipation and sick headache.
G. A. R. Order.
JLniljintrti i k Wm. M'i;cr lmt, j
l)qvirtm--nt f Mich. (i. A. II.
Aliwi, Mnj 24, iStf. )
The singing of the birds, tho snowy
coverlet exchanged for amantlo of green
reminds us that our annual memorial
day is at hand. Remembered bo the
lives and deeds of our comrades who
have gone to bivouac with the dead.
Like tired children they laid down by
the way side and fell asleep and wo
pause to drop a soldier's tear and deck
their graves with beautiful flowers.
How expressing at this tinio is the
language of the pansy, "Think of Mo"
and tho blue violet, that magic word,
Love." Comrades, show the world
your loyalty to tho memory of thoso
who were loyal to their country's need.
Let tlio exercises be of such a nature
that it will indeed be a memorial day
and not a holidav. Let a fraternal and
cordial invitation be extended to tho
Woman's Relief Corps and to our citi
zens to join us in these leautiful cere
monies. By order of
John (IiiKM, Post Commander.
GRAND MA'S TEA. only 10 cents,
small in price, great in results.
For Sale.
A Standard Deering self binder, near
ly new, cheap. Inquire at P.angharl's
Meat Market. 1)31 -iw
All of Fargo's...
$2.50 SHOES
-J. L.
Notice to tne Public.
The Alma Sanitarium Company find'
it necessary to announce to the citizens,
of Alma and vieiuity, that while their
Park is open to the public between the
hours of s a. 111. to ) :!o p. m. a certain
few do not seem to appreciate the condi- !
Hons which entitle them to admission and
eonduet themselves in such manner as
to make themselves objectionable. The
Park is private property and any person
entering otherwise than through the
front or main entrance, is liable to prose
cution. The following rules should be
observed: No boisterous conduct, un
necessary noise or mutilation of property
allowed. Wheelmen must not indulge
in fast riding and after dark, lanterns
should be used. Fast driving is not per
mitted. Wheels and carriages should al
ways go to the right on entering. Above
all, please remember that tho Park is
maintained for the uso of the Sanitarium
and Wright House guests and while
the public are always welcome, if the
above rules are complied with, proper
deference should be shown to these
guests at all times. Tho attention of
young people especially is directed to
these rules and parents are kindly re
quested to occasionally remind their
children of them.
School Notes.
Monday and Tuesday of this week
school began at eight o'clock and closed
at noon giving us two half days for
field sports.
The Sophomores went up the river
Wednesday on a picnic.
Final examinations week after next.
School will close Juue 11.
The 11th grade Rhetoric class are par
aphrasing one of Eugene Field's pieces
into poetry.
GRAND MA'S TEA ioc, all druggists.
Found Dead.
Early Thursday morning Mrs. Maria
Moody was found dead in bed at her
late home in Forrest Hill.
Though sho was a very old and feeble
lady the announcement of her death
can e I a great shock to the entire com
munity. Mrs. Moody was almnt eighty
five years of age. Sho was a true
Christian mother and neighbor, beloved
by her large circle of friends. Her early
childhood home was in Vermont but she
has been a resident of tho county for
many years, and her noblo womanly
life will ever be an object of admiration
wherever its story is known. The
Rr adds its sympathy to that of
tho general public.
All of our $2.75, s.'LOO, .'L50 and
$5.00 Shoes for $2.50. The greatest
bargains in Fine Shoes w ever gave.
f'ellurlou'? Notes.
Sunday after ascension. Sunday
school at :! :;;o p. m. Evening service at
7::;o p. m.
Th" pasN.r will preach morning and
evening. Memorial services at :5:00 p.
111. Youm; people's meeting at (!:.'J0 p.
The pastor will preach next Sunday
morning 011 the subject, The children
of this world wiser than the children of
liudit, Evening subject, Reading.
Everybody cordially invited.
Tile pastor will preach morning and
evening. Sunday school at 1'2 in.; Ep
worth League Tuesday evening; prayer
meeting Thursday evening.
Little Maid O' Dreams
never dreamed of anything so good for
the human race as Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. So phasmt to take and bo
potent as a cure for Constipation, Indi
gestion and Sickheadache, three of the
greatest troubles that flesh is heir to.
In ioc, ,j0c ami $1.00 sizes of B. S.
It is made from choice, well roasted
Cereals, blended in such a manner as to
resemble the milder brands of coffee.
It is a food drink and contains none
of the poisonous alkaloids found in cof
fee, and is the best table beverage for
convalescent and
Well people.
For sale by all Alma Grocers.
Alma Auti-Coffeo Co..
Alma, Mich.
Office: At my Livery Ollice or resi
dence. Telephone connections at both
I have leased the F. A. Leonard livery
stock and ask for a share of vour patron
ago. I'or a first-f hi-s turn-out, cither single
or double, give m a call.

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