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ALJIA, MICH., Fill DAY. JUNK 11. 1!J7.
WHOLE NO. 958.
V 1U ii
: yol- xix' y-i?-
WhhI., white 7i
Wheat, red
(HtH 10
Uve :t0
'orii,oll enr M
(irn, thelU'l Vii
l'olHtoit 10 (f )"
Murk wheat
v uHitA rn
Apples per tm . '!
Clover Seed
Mutter woi.u)
F.xra us(L& '
Honey 10
Ouloin. perbu.... l.,K)
(ircen HMph 05 ft i
Dresrtc.i Pork ... .V
Live Pork , '-'.s"
lHes. l lU.ef 05 "
Live lleef 0.1
Mutton, dresM'd "r
Live "tikkenn '
lrt 8-t i Chickens l)'
Live Turkeys "J
Li o Iuek e7
Live Geese
Veal, dressed
Haled Hay S.UO 8.50
Too busy.
E. H. WESTON, Alma
Plumbing and Heating.
again to write an adv.
lots of
lmt we ant selling
1SD7 Model 575
1890 Model 45
Jupiter 35
Yoar Guarantoo with
ovory Bicycle.
Catalog for the asking.
r rLrLruirLnrLn njonjnJinnnjanjiruT ;r
I lVTmfl mi's
Class of '97 Graduates with
Appropriate Exorcisos.
Rev. H. B. Jetferhon Deltvers the
Baccalaureate. Supt. P. H. Kelly
the Eighth Grade Address,
Commencement wwk at the Alma
Union School was opi ned Sunday even
ing with a stirring sermon in the St.
John's church by Rector H. 15. Jefferson.
His address to the class was inspiring
and highly practical, warning them
against false idea of ambition and fame
and urging them to be hornet with
themselves and the world, he pointed
the class to Jesus Christ, the (Jreat
Exampler. The closing words pointing
the class to Christ, the "(ireat Rurdcn
Rearer" in time of doubt and despair
were beautiful and eloquent.
Supt. Kelly of Mt. Pleasant sjoke be
fore the Mh grade in the high school
Tuesday evening. His address was ex
cellent and lie threw new life and spirit
into his subject, "Impelling Forces of
Life." The largo audience which tilled
every inch of available space listened to
the speaker with unbroken intercut.
Long before the time for the regular
graduating exercises had arrived a large
crowd tilled the opera house, showing
the deep interest our people take in our
public schools. A leading feature of the
evening's event was the beautiful chorus
work by the members of the school.
The selections by female voices were es
pecially line.
Mr. Rrock took as the subject of his
oration, "Alexander Hamilton." In
lifting terms of eulogy he extolled the
virtues and true manliness of the great
linancier, showing the active part he
took in laying the foundation of our
monetary system, the nation's pride.
His delivery was plcasinir.
' Mr. Murphy's oration, "The FnglMi
Race Ci rowing Retter," was highly
optimistic, showing the marked victories
and steady advancement of the race.
His manner of presentation was t xcellent
and his delivery simple and earnest.
The subject of the essav chosen bv
Miss Nevins was "Oliver ( Joldsmith,"
England's happy singer. Her treatment
of the theme showed a careful study of
Goldsmith's works and a deep scholarly
research. Her sentences wire well bal
anced and her periods well rounded
Aliss levins delivered her essay m a
faultless style.
Ul tne last production too much can
not be said. Mr. VanWcgen handled
his subject, Perpetuity of Our Nation,"
in a scholarly maimer. His valedictory
to the class of 'u7 was beautiful and ai
propriate, while his delivery was one of
the best of the evening.
Great credit is due the instructors and
class for their excellent work.
At the close of the exercises Supt.. Fly
and President Schwartz presented tlu
diplomas with fitting remarks.
The annual Alumni banquet was held
in the Wright House Thursday evenin
and was very largely attended.
heard to s:iy "Well, if you won't let me
hang you, I will hang myself." He
then went into the barn, took a rope,
tied it around his neck climbed ujMdi a
box, fasti iu d it around a beam and kick
ing the box from under him hung him
self. The boys cries brought a little sister,
aged about twelve to the scene and sho
ran to a neighbor's, Will Iker, who lives
on the Chase farm, and told the story.
Iker hailed Sylvester Rrett, w ho hap
pened to be driving past and the two
went to the barn but found Mead already
dead. They drove to Alma and notified
Undersherili Hall and Justice Dunham
who empanelled the following jury:
Henry McXamara, Judson Mulder,
John King, Rert Utley, Eugene Rogart,
and George Cowles. The party went to
the scene of the tragedy and brought
the body back to Peters iS: Dean's mor
guo where it laid until Monday night
when Charles McGrady, a brother of the
deceased arrived and the body was laid
away in Riverside Cemetery Tuesday
Mead had an adoped mother, Mrs.
Caleb Mead, living at Corunna but they
had had some trouble and she refused
to have anything to do with him.
The cause of the deed is unknown,
no doubt the fellow was temporarily in-
s tne.
The eoraiier's jury Monday morning
brought in a verdict after swearing sev-
ral witnesses that "Deceased came to
his death by voluntary suicide."
GKAXD MA'S TEA. 10 cents, cures
stomach, kidney and liver diseases.
1 The Alma lentils Company J
will be headquarters
this season for
01 LS
for all kinds of Farm
Machinory, Throshing
Machlnos, otc.
A Fine Grade of Oils at a
Low Price.
UK AX u MA b IE A, only 10 cents, it
don t cost a fortune to give it a trial.
Hugh Moad Hangs Himself
noar Alma
Spocial Prlco on 5 and
gal. lots.
utiu tfxnxu iiuu uui
For Sale.
House and lot in block ','s, lot 1, "2 and
'.5, village of Alma, known as thoPriteh
ard property. Will sell cheap for cash,
or will trade for farm land. Write to
J. S. Weidman, Weidman, Mich., for
juices, etc. . Yours respectfully,
JU.Vtf .1. S. W K.I DM AN.
Saturday afternoon the sad and start
ling hews reached Alma that a terribl
I tragedy had beeu enacted just south of
Hugh Mead, a young man IS years of
age, hired out to Mr. Hollenbaugh on
tho old Hood farm about four days be
Mr. Hollenbaugh had gone to Sher
man City on business, leaving Mead to
care for tho farm and chores and he had
cheerfully and faithfully iK.rformed hi
Saturday afternoon he hitched up tlu
horse for Mrs. Hollenbaugh and was
going to drive her to town but just as
they were ready to leave home ho asked
her if" she could not go alone, saying
that he would stay at heme and attend
to the chores. She assented and drove
away leaving Mead and the two little
boys ut the barn. A Mon as she was
out of sight he Ugan to chase the little
fellows around telling them he would
hang them. Finally tired of this he was
A Generous Proposition Made to
the Alniti Council. Undoubted
ly a Sure Co
For some time Alma has been in need
of a belter system of lighting for her
streets and private residences, but tin
nuncil have felt too poor to take any
action regarding the matter.
At last Mr. A. W. Wright has conn
forward with a proposition to the oiti
.ens of Alma, which for cheaniicss and
generosity cannot be surpassed.
He proposes to put in a J0 to can dl
rower incandescent and no nower arc
machine and furnish the lighting for tin
village, and also oilers to pump tin
water tor less than it now costs the vil
lage, it is also lurther provided that as
the number of lights is increased tlu
price per light win no lowered oiienng
in inducement for the councils of tlu
future to add more lights as needed. At
these terms we are informed Mr. Wright
mnot secure a cent of interest on th
investment, but he is anxious to sei
lnia progress, ;:nd so is willing to maki
the sacr.'Iice. An olnectiou has turn
raised that the excellent water supply
might be lessened if a stock company
houM run the works instead of the vil
lage. Header, stop and lrmder but for
a moment! Who owns the largest hum
r of buildings in Alma? Is a man go
mg to destroy the lire protection to hi:
nronertv for the sake of a few cords of
wood'.' Such talk is useless.
In two years the average tax payer
will never know the difference in his
taxes. See what this will add to our
village. Alma, the hub of the county
and her streets lit with gaoline while
her two humble neighbors burn elec
tricity. Wo understand that the coun
cil look with favor upon the project and
will undoubtedly very wisely accept the
proposition next Tuesday evening and
grant the franchise.
If the lighting plant is a go, Mr. Wright
will also build a large grain elevator in
place of tin? one now used at the mill
moving the present one back for a hay
shed. This will establish a hay market
for Alma where the highest market
price will be paid.
Mr. Wright is unsparing in his labors
for the benefit of our little village and is
bound to push her to the front.
GRAND MA'S TEA ioc cures billious
ncss, constipation and sick headache
Tho Famous Baritono of Do-
troit will Sing.
College Chapel Tuesday Night.
The annual commencement concert of
Alma College will eclipse in many re
spects all former musical events. Tlu
department has secured tho services of
Mr. E. C. Crane one of Detroit's most
popular soloists. He will be the leading
feature of the evening, appearing a lium
ber of times, in serious and pleasing
selections. Resides this some of the
best ability of tho college will bi
brought forward.
Don't miss it if vou are a lover
good music. Admission 'v"c. Reservi
seats without extra charge at Webb's.
Here is a chance for close Imyers to get extra value for their money.
For two days we will oiler Ladies,' Children's, Men's and Hoys' shoes
at greatly reduced juices. A Two Days Salt; on Dress Goods and
Two Days Sale on Wash Goods.
Friday and Satiirday, Jilne 11th and 12th.
All of our 81.00 Shoes for
O 1 ''O " "
44 4 4 1 75 " 4'
All of our $1.15 Shoes
1 1
a. oo
Monday and Tuesday, Jilne 14th and 15th,
All of our 12 J c Dress Goods for 10c
.J0c " 44 l-c.
50c 4 4 4 4 aOc
Wednesday and Thdrsday, June 16th, 17th.
One lot of Fancy Percales, G.J cents.
On; lot Fancy Ginghams, 5 cents.
Twelve pieces Fancy Dimities, regular selling ju ice 15c, sale juice 0c.
Your choice of our best quality Prints, 5 cents.
for 05 ey
1.50 4t " 1 25
2 45 Kl
coc fly
All of our 15c Dress Goods for
44 25o
Jackson Waist and Dress Form for
Some odds and ends from
25c to
5 c
Silk Thread, (all colors)
i ofT
4c and Sc per spool
L. HZ1LLER..1.
Jicycle livery
Ricycles, Repairs and'Sundries.
Repair work
neatly done on short
Offick :
At my Livery Oflice or resi
Telephone connections at Inith
For Sale.
A large dwelling house with two lots
ou -...in. t ,u oi. noi au i i.w.eoiii ois., t i1!lV0 the 1 A. Leonard livery
une locanon ami ail modern improve- 'stock and ask for a share of your patron
mcnts. 1'or sale ch ;ip, fcr cash or ea-y '
terms maile on time purckae. lniuiro ' l'f,r first-clas turn-out, either singl
at Iioum- or oflie,. of W. A. Rahlke. nr tfvo me a call.
!:;. 1-w
Loi lIK Rl!IM.LL.
Dlt, J. H. PETERS, V. S.
fllma College Summer SgIiooJ.
Begins July 6, 1897, and
continues Five Weeks.
Excellent advantages for Review study or Advanced work.
Courses leading to all grades of teachers' certificates.
Tuition 5.00. For announcement, address
J. M. jVJONTlGEL & (a.
Founders and Machinists.
Machinery, Steel Plowp, Rrtb JSlcifiliH, Tiaml
KnjiiH'K, Uoilers, Mill
Hollers, etc., etc.
Agents for Oliver Chilled Plows, Uusell t (o. Hnpincs and Sejcra
tors, Vood and Steel Frame Harrows.
We keep on hand a complete stock of Knine and Mill Sujdi('H,
Pipe and Fittings, Melting, Hose, etc., etc.

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