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lima Rsaorcd
The IUcobd Is enterod at tbe DOStotSoe at
Alma for transmission through toe malls as
Second class matter.
FRIDAY, JUNK 11, 1897.
The Tariff In the Senate
The sikiis in tho Senate aro favorable
to tho speedy passage of a tariff bill
The attempts toward needless delay by
academic debate or by frivolous amend
ment thus far have been avoided,
seems evident that there is no orpani
opposition to a protective scheme of 1 g
But the crucial clauses of tho meagre
substituted by tho Senate committee for
the Dinclev bill have not yet been
reached. It is when the sugar, wool
and tea clauses of this strange evolution
of committee work are under debato
than the battle royal will begin. It is
not at all likely that the Houso will con
cur in a tea duty; it ought not to accept
the Senate committee's wool tariff . and
the sugar duties prescribed by tho Din
gley bill are far more acceptable to tho
people than those desired by the Senate
This is a time when St. Paul's advice
"Avoid the appearance of evil," is pecul
iarly applicable. It will not do for Con
gress to appear to favor trusts ; and that
the Senate committee's sugar schedule
is favorable to the sugar trust is proved
by the fact that the trust prefers it to
the schedule of the Dingley bill. Nor
will it do to favor manufacturers at the
expense of the farmer ; tho one class is as
deservimr as the other, and the Senate
committee's wool schedule will bo re
garded as discriminating against tho
farmers. It is dillicult to speak of the
tea duty otherwise than as an irrational
ity. Mature deliberation could have
evolved no duty more obnoxious to the
people. Complaints would arise from
every household and from every retail
store were the obnoxious duty enforced.
The proposed duty only can be regarded
as a climacteric blunder, which it will
be the duty of the House to prevent from
passage into law, unhappily tho Senate
at larire shall be unable to eliminate it
from the programme of the finance com
Township Drain Commissioners
LeKlslated Outo f Office.
The legislature just adjourned ha
made a very important change in tho
drain law. There are several minor
changes, but the most radical one is the
abolishment of the ollice of township
drain commissioner. The bill was given
immediate effect, and as last heard from
only lacked the governor's signature.
The new law provides that all records
of old drains in possession of township
clerks and township drain commissioners
shall be turned over to eorresionding
county officers; also, all funds in hands
of township treasurers shall le turned
over to county treasurer. For a time, at
leat, the work of county officers will bo
largely increased. The county drain
commissioner now has all he can attend
to, and with the work now done by town
ship drain commissioners on his hands,
he will undoubtedly have to employ an
assistant. The other changes in the law-
are mostly technical as to specific direc
tion for conducting the buiness.
The last section of the law provides
that township drain commissioners can
complete drains begun by them as though
the law had not been enacted. Gratiot
Objection is made to a tariff' on wood
pulp by a free trade exchange In cause of
he possibility that it would only yield
a revenue of iO,(MM) or 70,000 per year.
This possibility may or may not exist,
but there is ono thing the duty on wot 1
pulp would do and that is to furnish a
market for many thousands of dollars
worth of northern Michigan timber
which is now unsaleable because its dis
tance from the eastern pulp mills givs
Canadian pulp timber a controlling ad
vantage. Small as the proposed duty is,
it is large enough to divert a large and
importaut trade from New lirunswick
and Nova Scotia to Michigan and that
is possibly why it is meeting with oppo
sition from the eastern freo traders and
some of their western sympathizers.
Cadillac News and Express.
Great progress has been made with
the tariff bill in tho senate thus far.
Senator Vest shortly after the measure
was brought up said that more ground
had lK:en covered by the senate in three
(lays on the Dingley bill than in three
weeks on the Wilson bill. There has
been no "let up" in the speed since.
There is a strong probability that the
bill will pass the senate before the
Fo irth of July. Tho democrats have
promised not to resort to any obstructive
tactics against the bill and they have
kept their word along to this time.
Fifty million dollars is a large lump
of money to put into the rocket of tho
farmers in less than a year's time. That
is the increase, howovtr, in tho value
of breadstuff's exported in the past ten
months of the preceding year, the ex
jKtrts of the breadstuff in the ten
months ending with April, 17,
amounting to 11, i ;!,;) i and in the
corresponding ten mouths of the pre
ceding year amounting to only f 114,
Uur Spanish-American menus ac mo
south of us evidently recognize tho fact
that tho republican party is again in
control in tho United States. They are
sending a delegation of business men
hero to encourage trade, a step which
they carefully avoided taking during
tho existence of the Cleveland adminis-
tration, which cut off tho reciprocity
treaties and thus closed to the United
States the markets which those treaties
had opened in those countries.
Not a solitary sound money Democrat
attended tho silverito state convention
in Kentucky, and the hard names that
were applied to the absent old-fashioned
Democrats would create a sense of hon
or in Billingsgate.
GRAND MAS TEA. only 10 cents,
small in price, great in results.
We Hold the Championship Of
oi... ii An,n
Alma Scores 60 Points Out of 108,
With a very pleasant afternoon the
Saginaw Valley Meet took place at the
raco track last Saturday afternoon. A
large crowd attended and showed their
appreciation of the excellent work of
the Alma team by loud demonstrations
and applause.
Alma had a comparatively easy time
winning every running event, the pok
vault, running broad jump, one-half
mile bicycle. Long again showed his
ability as an athlete by winning the 100
yard dash and breaking the college
record on the jump.
Sidebotham was the man to break the
milo record, bringing it down to ." :0."j
with Eastman a close second.
Cooper, tho crack rider for the Nation
al Bicyclo Company, was not a little
chagrined at his defeat by Bruske in the
one-half milo bicycle while Alma people
cheered loudly for the winner.
Saginaw East Side secured second
place scoring thirty-five points which
was an excellent showing considering
the fact that she only entered five men
in the contest
Saginaw West Side was badly crippled
by the loss of some of her best men who
could not get away, so only scored thir
teen points.
It might be safe to conjecture that
Bay City stood so poor a show that she
preferred staying at homo to a humiliat
ing defeat which is probably correct.
Too much cannot be said of the praise
worthy conduct of the visitors while in
our little village. All were true Y. M
C. A. men in every way and Alma
hopes to welcome them again ere long
Below we give the summary of
Alma, No. 1.
SaKiiiaw K. 8., No. 2.
yairlnaw W. S . No. 3.
100 yards dau
l i odk
1 Crane
1 bcott
Timt'. 11 M'coudi.
i mile bicycle
l nruBke...
i Cooper
l Nelson :ird
T...... 1 . I ii I
Ono Mile Hclay
n lie noia v ' ' ' I
1 Alma.
' Saslnaw K. 8
3 battloaw W. 8
Time 4:iW-5
.. 3rd
Hammer Throw
i Kin-r i.'ni
1 Scott 3rd
Distance !1 ft. 7 in.
Kuuninir hiirb Jump
v; u. Aiaon ltt
3 Uillelt --'lid
1 route 3rd
5 ft.. 1 In.
I'ule Vault
1 KiDnie 1st
3 Moriftta -nd
1 i-teveoa Hrd
Distance 7 (t. b In.
W yards Hurdle
Alma run a dead heat.
Time 31 seconds.
Ono mile bicycle
i cooper 1st
1 Uru-ke
1 Nclsun
Time. iiiM1,.
Itunnintr liroad jump
1 lAUtf .
'i Klbtrt
1 Foote
Distance. 19 ft . 4 in
Miot Put
2 Elbert.
3 Uiser
Distance 1" It
.Mile run .
1 SMt-botbam
1 H'Ktiinau
(J. Mason
Time, 5;0o.
Ji ixiitt. A. V. Drown, Uoy Covvrt and J
h kkkkek. A. U. fctuUr, V. M. C. A., D.troit
Timkks. J. M. NicuoM. L. H. Hayl and J. N
stai.tkr. W. II Young.
Lt.ii.MK. W. F. Knox.
tfcoKiN'. First place counts five; second,
ounts three; third counts cue.
In Keiay first counts ten; second count 11 w
thiol counts three.
GRAND MA'S TEA toe, all druggists.
Special Notice to the Public.
Tho Sanitarium Company find that
their request, referring to tho proper use
of tho Sanitarium Park, is unheeded by
8 line and especially is this true of bicycle.
riders on Sundays. Tho noise and dis
turbanco created has proven very objee
tionable, and as we cannot admit one
and not another, wo aro forced to an
nounce that until further notice, carri
ages and wheels will not be admitted to
our Park on Sundays.
On other days, as long as the rules aro
observed, wheels and carriages will be
For Sale.
Two farms near Alma 40 and f0 acres
1(H) rods apart. All improved choice
1 , J t . 'II
iuiui. yjn account, oi limeuteuness i win
11 one or both; exchange for good
mortgages, improved or wild land; part
town property, hero or elsewhere. See
or write. W. S. Panus,
J.j-1 tf Alma, Mich.
Tendered Him a Reception.
Tho reception tendered Dr. II. 1
Butler by Mr. uud Mrs. A. C Adams at
their residence Saturday evening was
very pleasant occasion. Many members
of his congreuat ion and other friends
were present. Light refreshments were
served in tho dining room, and Miss
I Julia Dross sang in her usual pleasing
I way.
I At tho close of the Sunday evening
80rvico a large number of tho congrega
tlon remained to shake his hand and bid
I him farewell and God sieed. Clinton
j Hepublican.
Miss Fannie Henyon of Saginaw
visited over Sunday with tho Misses
Dr. Brusko has succumbed at last and
now appears on our street riding a line
new bike.
Miss Elizabeth Merrill of Saginaw,
former Alma student, was tho gifest of
old college friends this week.
permanent lecture courso has bee
Pidecl tho faculty to begin next
year. Some of tho best talent in tho
coumrv win uo heeuieu. j niMi-uum
lecture has been one of tho great need
of our institution for some time, so tin
students hail tho project with delight.
The young ladies of tho Froebel Club
were invited to tho home or .miss vai
hjianchard last Monday evening for their
farewell meeting. An excellent supper
was served and tho young ladies had
splendid time. Tho following officers
were also elected for tho coming year
Pres., Miss Mina Hannah; ice, Miss
Evelyn Sweetland: Sec. Mi.t Ed;
Monday night last being the hist meet
intr of tho colleiro literary societies for
tho year the following new officers were
elected :
Ai.rH.v Tnr.TA Pres., Miss Adams
Vice, Miss Peters; Sec, Miss Hunt.
Zkta ShiM Pres., W. H. Long ; Vice
S. L. Divine; Sec, W. F. Knox.
Adki.i-hk' Pres., II. A. Eastman
Vice. W. B. Kobinson; Sec, Wilbur
Philomath kan Pres., Miss Vliet
Vice, Miss Carl; Sec, Miss MacCollum
RellKlous Notes.
Pastor will preach m the morning
subject, "Conversion Essential to En
trance into Heaven."
Sunday school at. 12:00. Epworlh
League at b :.'i0 p. m. l'rayer meeting
Thursday 7 :U0 p. m. Preaching service
in the evening omitted to attend union
service at college.
Meets at twelve o'clock immediately
after tho preaching service. This school
is on the increase both in numbers and
in interest in the Sunday school work
Tho methods used are showing grand re
suits. The orchestra is one of the lead
ing helps of the school, composed of
Robert Murker. Albert Udell. Charles
Pringle, Burt McCarty, .Too McCarty
with Carlyle Walker as organist and
C. E. Pet t violin as chorister. Tin
Methodist Sunday school is a good sing-
ing school for aimme to hear. The Sun
day school services only last ono hour
and one very instructive and interesting
lias school is under the direction ot an
tble corps of officers fully comietcnt in
'"Meach department. II Jn,,,n is tho motto
of the school for all who wish to attend
these services.
sr. .John's rumen.
Trinity Sunday. Holy Communion at
H : 4 . S. S. at 11 :'-i0 p. m. Evening ser
vice at 7 :oU
Regular communion next Sunday
morning. Dr. Bruske and Dr. Hernck
Johnson will assist the pastor. Several
members will bo received, also a num
ber of infants will bo baptized. This is
the farewell communion for the college.
An i:ts Wanted: For Dr. Talmage's
"The Earth Girdled" or his famous tour
around the world. A thrilling story of
Savage and I barbarous lands. Four
million Talmage books sold, and "The
Earth Girdled" is his latest and great
est. Demand enormous: everybody
wants this famous book. Only . ."().
Pig book, big commission, a gold mine
for workers. Credit given, freightage
paid, out lit s free. Drop all trash and
sell the King of Hooks and make .:oo
jkt month. Address for out lit and ter
ritory. SM8-!w
People's, :mi Market St.,
Philadelphia, lVnn.
Strayed or Stolen.
A two year old steer light red with
sonio white and brown on, small horns,
ono yearling brindlo heifer and one
yearling heifer dark colored. A liberal
reward will bo given for their where
abouts. GlUtEKT Cha FFI N.
0.":i-tf Cedar Corners.
An Opportunity You Now Have
of testing tho curative cll'eet of Elv's
Cream Palm, the most jnisitivo (Jure for
Catarrh known. Ask your druggist for a
10 cent trial size or send lo cents, we
will mail it. Full size ;() cents
ELY PROS., :, Warren St., N V.
My sou was afflicted with catarrh. I
n" to try i.iy s tn-am liaim
iiin.l Mia ilik"i'rvi.ii'ilili firinli.il unii.il ..11
Mt hin, ',, n"
one. .1. I;. Olmstoad. Areola. Ill
. . . . .
Sunday. Jue l:t. tin- Ann Arbor KnHrem!
will run nn cciirlort to Toledo p"f!iMl frni i
v ct Alrm Rt tt:'Jl h. m Kr tor roinl rln
' m.lf f 1 Ml. f hlMren u; !' r t we've y-'Mi lm
Ihin rale. Uot urn ii.i- train Uavin Tnn-un at
o.;w p. tn.
Of Briffpsvillo Mid Jacksonville
I euro not now to hiim.
They m.'iliH inu k;1 ami ery uiud.
My Inmost ul tlmy wring.
I'll liio me back to Knw'km'l,
Ami ptritigiitwuy I will yo
To lUixfunl uwl to ISwalThuia,
To I'luiiKur and l.ooso IJoo.
At Hcrooliy and ut Guncxby,
At Vugton unl ut Sun t th,
At Hottesford nnd Kuncorn,
I m i d not Krit my t ith.
At bwim i-h ml and ut Crumruocb,
At Bibsey und h pi tin ud,
Btoko Vvla und Volxolu n,
I will not wihh mo dobd.
At IIorbliiiK' and at Skidby,
At ('l)ipi ins Onur, too;
At I5otten 1 Stotterdoii and 8wop,
At HkelliiiRton ami M,.v,
At I'iddh ton und Isiuinsdown,
At Hhanklin und ut Smart,
At Oimberton and Wrangle,
I'll H) tot ho this w-hintf hfurt.
fcrrom"Th 1'ortryof PIm-h Nanus," Quoted
Ly Professor Drunder Matthews in SoriLuer',
Inimenxe Qnnnt IUcm of 1'rovlHlomi Devour
rd ut the CuIIik'.
A New York Mail and Express reporter
ban discovered a down town houso that re
joices In tho lienor of supplying tho sweet
Vaesur girls with what they eat. It U
quite a serious itllair, tho educatod appe
tites of these young ladles. They have In
creased t-tcadlly the past fhe years, and
tho merchant who furnishes 'a few t
uros" says that If the incivasu roes tn it
will become necessary to include thy daily
fod purchases of thee'l!ee in thvi mar
ket reports to see what ellYf t tin y may
liavo upon prices. This im :c! ant would
not give his own personal fij;i.'ivs, hut !.
exhibited an annual statement of thu col
lctfo that had just been issued.
What will lloston culturo and other
things u-sthct ie say to an army of youn,j:
women who will so far for;;ct all conven
tionalism as to eat r.'.'i.ooo buckwheat
Cukes in one year? Nothing surrcptiliiiiH
about this, either; all dnno openly and
bovo the table b'mrd. Loo!;i!.g ahing tiio
list, it will be found that the young ladies
consumed l'.jO barrels of Hour, lo.i oii j
oranges and lenmns, 1 boon bananas. lo.V-
000 quarts of milk. l,:.'oo bushels of pot a- j
tM-s, W7,l'00 pounds of fresh meats, Iu.ujo j
pounds of smoked meats, ti.oud pounds of
chickens, r.coo pounds of turkeys: a.ooo
poundsof fish, lo,ti(jU clams, li'.." gallons of !
oysters, is, ono pounds of huttt-r and. la-t
but not lcat, bv anv means, iu a Vasar I
:..n .. -.; .... ,i . . t i
11 l l lllll H IM I H 111, .J..IKIII JIIHIIIU- I II M..ir. ,
In the above no ullow.ince is made, It
will bo noticed, for tin- "stolen fruits," i
Biich as forbidden luncheons and candy
tmaoks aft r retiring, nor i any attention
paid to the tea. cottce. vegetables and
sweetmeats. Surely thoso yuuu hdie
huvo educated aj-pt-t itrs.
Krcjiing W-t lu-rrock.
Old 15artle was a perfect examplo of the
type which sees only t lie poorest and li.can-
t sides of lib.' and society, and one of hU
friends a bl.'eUsndth, with a quaint hu
mor, thus ac-.-uiits, in n conversation with
tho squire of the Knylish village in which
both men lived, for Hartle's idiosyncrasies:
'It's icy belief, squire. Kihl Samson
'that there old (hap llartle i. e a-swal-
lowed thy east wind und it hu n't at; rued .
frith mi." 1
'Swidlowcd tho east witul?" nuid the 1
squire. "Why so. Samson':" ;
''Why, hevv cNo could ho go on ns ho
do? From mornin to idght. from on !
week's end to another, ii'e nothin but
grumble, lidt atal growl.
'First it's tlm diendfol necidents tho
fires and the murders. Then it's tho lever
and riots in Ireland, the paupers, tho
ails al.d tho strikes. F et y t ..iiig's oir.
wrong, und there s ln good news :ny-
"Why, bless V, Iio c-omo Into my forgt
the other liiornin. and what's he do but
icgin foragin about among my tools and
lUttln them to l ights 'makln'em tidy,'
ie says ami iqisi ttin thin;:s to that do
tfrco that every bit of fin went out ot the
oals and put mo all of a cold fweat.
' 'Ily olT, Uartle,' 1 says at last. 'Clot
I way out Into the sum hii.o there and take
good drink rf that and Key If It can't
clear all them cobwebs out of your brains. '
And with that, squire, away ho goes out
of the place like a mad March hare!"
'Will done, Samson !" said tho squiro.
'Well done. If he could buttako your ad
vice, that wretched old croaker would be
a different man in a month. Now he i.v
nothing but a nuisance to himself and all
his neighbors. liood night, tiamsou.
How's the wind?"
'West, sir west to everybody In the
place nut old JJartlo. uut ho keeps hU
own weathercr.ck, ho do, and it's nothin
but cast by .--ortheast nnd dirty weather
It's a pity such people was ever born."
The Ah and the Trap.
Tho Poultry orico brought a Petition to
tlio King of the Uamyard, praying for
Protection auainst the Fox. I ho Case
w.n referred to the King's Learned Coun
selor, th Donkey, who set about d;.-vi.iir.
means of resiralning the Fox. In di.e
time he produced a 'If: p of his own Inven
tion, wl.i'-li he brought in triumph to
Chanticleer. "Hut are you certain it will
itch the Fox?" ukcd t!ie King. "Sire,"
replied tho Donkey, "I have not merely
toy own opinion of its merits, but the Fox,
who has carefully examined It and h.-.mi it
work, Is greatly in favor of It ns well. "
In that cao," replied King Shanghai,
it won't do. Whatever suits the Fox i.i
good tiling for the Poultry to avoid."
Moral. It is a good thing to lind out
what your Enemy wants you to do auti
then do thy Opposite. "The Prohibition
fFsop; A Uook ut Fables," by J. W. 1W
Frlght.-uliig a Orlzlj.
Whllo I believe that u grizzly tear will
in a majority of ca-es wait for a fight with
man and take pains to get In thu way ot
one, there aro times when It will seem to
think better of It and back out. A remark
able Instant e of this I heard of once, whero
famous guide courageously advanced
upon threo grizzlies, an old shu bear and
two half grovMi cubs, and bv a series of
ridiculous monkey shines and acrobatic
maneuvers on the ground within a rod of
two of the bears filled them with such us-
mishiuent and apparent fear that tho
threo hastily retreated into the wo ids. 'J'ho
guide's nun had mapped In both barrels,
behaving drawn on thu old bear before
tho young ones ipi eared. 1 lo afterward
dd that It was In a lit of desperation that
ho tried the turning of a handspring and
jumping up ai d-down, Hopping ids hands
und resorting toother unhunterliko meas
ures. He had been told oii- e that n hunter
had trlgliteiied a mountain lion away by
similar absurd movements, and he found
that it worked to p rlv. tion in the ca-o of
the bears, although he did Hot encouragd
hliy one to gi hunting grl.lies armed
with nothing more than a capacity to turu
fcouiurtuulls. Sao Fi.oiclaco (.'hruL.!.lu.
The Public Aroused Dur
ing the Past Week.
Crowds of Pooplo Called at B.
S. Wobb's Drug Storo, to
Got F'roo Samplou of
Hundrods Now Tustini; tho
ffemody In this Vicinity.
An intense interest was created in this
vicinity by the announcement in la.st
week's i.-ssue, that a free package of Dr.
liobbs Sjti'.ragus Kidney 1'ills would bo
given away to any person who would
call and ask for it at 11. S. Webb's Drug
This interest was shown by the unex
pectedly numerous calls made at the
above store. Many ol theeallors.who are
sull'erers from kidney complaints, ex
pressed their astonishment at the offer
to make no charge tor the samples.
Heretofore, the practice of medicine
proptii tors is to require pav in advance,
and let tho alllicted ti'ke tin- chance of
The pr prior irs of Dr. Hobbs Spara
gus Kidney ills are reversing this prac
tice, j.reten-.ng to exorcise tho golden
rule of "doing to othi rs as tiny would
be done by."
They b iie e. bt oau-c it lias been dem
onstrated in ev ry instance, that if those
affected with kidney troubles once try
these pills, they will lie convinced (If
their great merit, and get well by tle-ir
For this reason they made arrange
ments with .Mr. V( Mi, t fivelv divtrib-
I ute as many sample b x s as should b 1
called lor. during T i i last seven davs
i i .. i i i ,
i iiOiuiiic w no aKcu ior a to.x was given
I it live ot charge.
oine of i!;of. ealii'-r for na'-ka-e
have express , them-elves as follow s :
"liie science of m- (1 iej no li:.s certaiii.
! ly advanced w lien tin- proprietors of :
, remedy can stake so much 'up n a fre(
and universal test (,t us morits."
"JJie Jc.jM.vt am, straight forward
i inanie r i:i w inch the in i;i. iK is offered
I tor trial, gl es llie ( (H-'ideia-e to use it,
J 1 hopo it w ill pr..o belol'ul."
"Dr Hobbs anno. n. i-meni that he h.;.
made a j.fit iis'-oio:y winch will curt
and l uihi up tin- kime. and liis oiler
to prove it tree of cliurg is a novel j.i
r,,,i'""l anu j.'is iiu- grcar nope o:
inisi, cenainiy a I ; u r jropoit i-m.
I liave even tldog to win and nothing
to lese."
-i any win I o ej;i j, u t) k:i(!w what
are the IVMllls Ot the tcsl tlc.-o Jill
now going on m the in i-iiiu.rhcod. If
is a little loo soon to look for result
probably anorh( r wt ek w ill make them
known. It' tk'.se Letting the sampl.
have f.iirhfully iolh.wed the direction
inev v. ii: i.e eiicouragi d to in rsovt re m
thell U-e.
Jt .s gratifying to learn that wherever
Mmiltar distributions have taken place
thel'e has followed a large sale of iiu
it medy, and many !eitrsof ;ratitud
have In ( ii w niton by tie -so wh
gained lost la alth.
i . i i
ave re-
-)J'ti "lonwi!0 Kliows or suTieets
r'hat hi-.
'.! eys or uriiairv l ; :-.-a:;es an
aneereo. : e . ry p( is .j) w 'ho has anv ,f
the following syiap'. i;:s, should make a
lest ot ih- .-t pin- v nlioot dii.:v. vi. :--Pains
in tlie k or Si.es, Hoadaelc,
NervouMies. Frequ.-nr Thirst. Short
ness of j;r ath, Pulhnews (,f the Fvolids,
Swelling of the j'e, r and Ankles,' Dark
Colored or Scanty Fiiue. w ith albumin
ous or too fr qi.eiii urination.
For th" ben. lit i f inter. .-t-d persons,
living i ut of town w ho. from anv reason,
failed to n t a samplo Dr. Hobbs author
ized us to say, if you will cur out the
e up'.ii b. 1' w and mail ir to the Hobbs
Kenedy ('..., ('luxd JH., v.itli your
name and address, a sample box of these
pills will be sent y. u by mail, postjiaid,
and free of cxpen-e.
!': i.i: ny
C. S. WI-P.R. flnnr
" v,OB
A I.
M K it.
JJ. ,T.iII;s c Ulty OUT.
l'.oii r.-;,.! nf Tills" ('(d'poX t.
ih. r widi vo ir ii.-iiie.' n. il mhlie.-- wltli
.rcwfi-k I .-i.rn liar.- of ihi.M jiiipi-r. we
M forw.tnl l.y unci u VHKK SAMi'l.i:
i .f lr.
lis.. I.i-- 1 . , .
is s;
ir.'isii" l iilm y pil!-:
v ( 1 i - -a .
Chicoo, III.
lluiidn -ds (.f thou-aiid:- have
dueed to fry liamb' i Iain's Cot
e(!y by n udiii.: w hat if has
fer ..lie
of la r, a nd Ir.y.f
I ! ; e 1 1 1 s 1 i s a!'e
friends. For sa
. its
v i 1 1 s
V Ivhode
The Coast Line lo AIACK1NAC
New Steel Parsencr Steamers
The (irtutcd IVi fection ct attnlnej In
Ilo.it Cu.istrut li-.n I uxiirious l.;uipmcnt,
Artistic l-'urnl.d'lnsr, ll.-cirtion anil l;1ftc
lent .-cr ice, in -ut iii' tl.c liiln.st di rte of
F.'.or Tuts h i lIk Br t acen
Toledo, Detroit and Mackinac
and DULurn.
LOW kTt.S tit 1'n.lurr kjuo M.ickinac and
Return, nikliiiiin Ti-uls inl ru-rtli. J?rin
Clcvt-Hiiil. JiH; trorn loKJu, Irom
hctroit, f M 5.
between Detroit and Cleveland
Co.iiutnir nt
1 t.'.iii-; !r ; ' 1 jxiii.!
wc-t nnd at 1 . t r-.it
Ni.rlln" t t.
',. vi l.ui 1 with I', ulir-i
lvit. south S..i:lh-
r all I'.jints Nuitli and
Sur.oay Trips June, Jul), fltijus? and Sept. Only
Cleveland, I'lit'in'IJay,;;1 Toledo
S n.l !.r liliixlr.it-.! I mhij.M. t. A.i.lns;
A. A. sCHNT7, onrnoir, micm.
.. .A.'i JK.T?iT
"A HowllnffSuccess."
Wherever properly introduce d Dr.
Caldwell's Symp J't psin, as a euro for
constipatii n, has md witlia phenome
nal hale. Many druggists cannot say
enough in j raise of its merits, as well as
its great popularity with the people.
In Ko trial si.e and also in oOoand .fl.bo
sizes, of li. S. Webb.
Physician and SiJrgeon
Ollice at t'onMuerclal Houne,
UlvertlrtlL'. Mich. f-CJ-3w
GriswDld Hoilse
Cor. (Jrun.l Uhvr Am:, ami Grlnwold St.
f .'.( per buy. Kirt ( !!! lu every purticu
THANK I'OdTAL. Proprietor.
Tornado. Cyclones and Wind
Ff. D. LEMEN, Apont.
Ecst Teeth, $4.00,
$6.00 and $8.00 per
Filling and Preserving tho Natural
Crown and Jiridgo Work a specialty.
Opera mouse block, alma, Mich.
SlaUyhter Sale.
I-or 11:
I will
t next
HO (lavs
Don't nii this opportunity as
I l)' ;in what I s:iy.
Carriage Repairing and Painting
. u.su iorsesuoeixg
HdUsb Gleaners :
Why eniplo- outsiders to clean
your wall jupt r when you can jct
it done at honu I have a prepar
ation to clean wall paper which I
guarantee will not injure or fade
your pap. r. lean do the work
without moving your carpet, as
thre is no dirt connected with it.
1 guarantee my work or no pay.
Paper Hanging
and Houso Painting
a Specialty.
t. f:- mills.
line line of frt
h, salt and smoked
on hand. Poultry.
meats constantly
lish, panie and ovsters in season
Best Goods and Lowest
Queen eWorld Hair Grower
A ICoon to tlu- Ititld
or Itt-ardh-sH. (ii Ait-
AM K.KU th must In
f.'dllljW." h:dr protlucer
I'venllsodVfittl. Mon
ey r. fiiiKlt d if not .'is
r.-in-.-H. nt.-d. Try It for
:iinit"t or ;i
Iik Im'. 1'rk-o p r bot-
ti. 1 1 in htaiiips or i
m: run k
moiu-y iil-ili-p. This. irrr..
tuay not appear a.iin. r. .1. . ;iLM()i(F
330 Ut st Lake Stroet, Chlcso.
S3 SHOE ,n .hDoeW
........ , ., ,.-, i -..rn.ctltnrs.
. I.. I " .III: I.IH HI...". Aim .'III. I Js-Lllll h,w P(,
,.. .r.l... i..,,s ,.r knic.t wnrkm,,,. f,m the
-I r.i ir. n;.! ),.wsi,,. ,lt tl.,-M .ru-.l Al.
$1.5 for Ii. y.
V. I.. ..nu!
'1 kl a i.e. I..., .
... r. , ... .,, ., .iiiraiiUKf
'r of anv
i i r .n. r i at ti.,. i.i i,.
liny nrc 1 1 1 .-1 .
im. I I
(v ..f l ti. r.
"Il till- lllto
f ry ur.
.Ic.'il. r fainii.t 1 1 1 . 1 1 T v ,y
t-i W. I,. 1..ii;,is, :r...:kt
i. M-rlt. for f ,fV
II. .Mn. N.,1,y

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