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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, June 11, 1897, Image 7

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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If TUflllCANnC ' nnK men, niiddln
II JLnUUOMIU'O their l.)h.. l.la. ..r
mm ine iiiorHuro of early youth, or Inter on
ii mx1h for future MuiTfriUK- 5
tin C A
win uri uif a rich har?r. Hlo.m anj I'nvutc- iti es- nap the ver lit and vitnlit
of tl victim. Our N liW MUl'liDD TULA i MLNT will iwitivel) cur, nil the follow
I UK uiiK-Htttw:
LI ARC YflM 9 NKKVOIH nnd ! pnndpnt; x.-ak or debilitated: tir.il ni.ua ns-
talh' yH miikon. rwl and blurred; iii"p;'i on friep; drenniH hii1 Light Josm-h; r.-st-I
i... -aairl looking: wnk hir);. b . . i.;.ia-: hair lm..n: nicer: soie thront: viirico-
ncele; d;o-it iu urinu and drain Ht stool;
i-ncWari.iitn!.8ti-W.T GAN CL7ZT
adiK'iorit uud nerve tomce by th n"ir without benefit: eiilissiouN ati i tmih lnrrenxed.
1 btH'aine a nervous wreck. A friend who had Ih n cured by lrn. Kennedy Jt Kercan
Kof a similar diae, adriso.1 ine to try tli.Mii. 1 did so and in two inoettin w.ih nohiine
ly cured. Tim wa- eight year ao. 1 am now married and have two he.ilthy child
ren." C W. LLoVJS, .SiKiuaw,
DVARIPflPCI C P 1 1 Q C n "Varicocele mado life misernble. I wnn weak anl
IHniUUULLL uUflLU, nervoiiH, eyen sunken, banhful in HMcit-ty, hair thin,
R no ambition, i lie 'Uolden Monitor opened my ejet. ihe New Method lrentiueut ol
DrH. Kennedy and Kergan cured me in a few week. I. L. PKTFKSON', louta,
IQ EMKCIfiMC PIIDrn J.!. EMKI:sdN relates hi Mirienw. Hl linil on
tw LllllOOIUIlO UUflLU. afnrm. At school 1 le.irn.-d an early habit, which
weakened me phjcicalJj. Hexnally and mentally, raimly d'tirH kiii! I wan KoinK
into 'decline' icnUMimption.) finally 'The (il!en Monitor.' edited by Dru. Kennedy
A Kergan, fell into my hands. 1 learned the TKU IH and the CAb'slk Helf-abune
had aiipped my vitality. 1 took tt.e New .Method I reatment and was cured. My
friends think 1 wa cured of coumjinni ion. I liave Kent tliem many patients, all of
whom wero cured. Their New Method Treat incut Minnlieit vigor, vitality and
QYPHIIIQ PIIRPfl "Thin terrible 11mh1 diseaNe was in my system for eight
OirnlLIO UUIiLLm yearn. Had tak- n mercury for two years, but the disenwi
returned. Kyes red, pimplea and bhtcheon the nkin, uh'en in the mouth and on
toiiKue, bone paiiiM, falling out .f hair, weakness, etc. My brother, who had Un
curtxl of (ileet and Stricture by Ir. Kennely and Korean, recointnendei tliem.
They cured me in a few weeks, and 1 thank Uod 1 consulted them. No return of the
disease in tix years." W. V. M., Jackson.
If READER! mTrfuSe? '
m Our New Methtsl Treatment wiL
Tictimi Have
Itis yur blotnl
iL cure yon.
yon. CONSUL! Al IUN putt. No matur wtio has tr-ate.t you, write for an honest
opinion Free of Charge, t'liares reasonable. BOOKS FREE. "The uIden Monitor"
(illustrated), on Diheaee of Men. Inclose pnt-tatre, ceuts. Healed.
VA1E. No mtidlclne sent C. O. D. No names on boxes o. envoi
opes. Everything confidential. Question list and cost of
Treatment FREE,
o nnp vtnikirnvo ironiu rMo.iaBbritLbYST.
? unoiM.mii.ui M;nuHiii Detroit, mich.
EA. ii.V'iLKl', lTyio:iti i-it SurKni
. iltce, Up"M llou-e III ick 'l llcc hour
l.ilO to In uri'l T to 1 p in Iiia9c8 ot tb
eye and ear special.
J F. dfVliAM.
EAHI. i. !'''
1 . I'.ij mi i
hun h liiocW .
id Sufooi
A!m:i Mi. h
Ub. 'tU'KiM
E Krn-h'v ...ch-
IC Ki'm ervle-e
1 Mr,
.Mk. Ma I. v ...
!(K.-mVTm N .til H"ii Jl,l UK.).
1j:. : i r't SOtioo. Hj. rtWinUK iiTVlO
jUI K.CMCKCli MoiniiiK ieiie. o:.'5(J: -ui
11, Jay c'u'io. Vi: :0. KvenniK servieT:'K
Voupk iopf' uiei'titi rueoot cvi-niii 7:0
HEV .1. A" Mi! VI.I.dlKK. l'ast'
ov.r .diinday ni'irtiitiir 10:."M . ai.
t'.iK T:tiu p. ru.
ttev. II. K. .Ikfith-'on.
FKKK MK.UO.HSl (.11 L il --e. .
every aun lay at 1 1 : a. in. in i 7:ij . i.
SuuJay School at P;i)j i. in. I'r.is .-r i.'.-uiik
Tuesday an 1 r'ri lay evenings .i..i,voirlu
ly IMV'llu'd t intend. ItKV. rt'M. '... N,
: Al'TItiT C llimjH--Mori.ii. -, rvn.
I; nundajl.Tiouiii. il) Kvcmh mt n t-
OUDK peopn-e ineelMi .:i1l Ulida ie:
1'raver n va-m I'liurninj .?v ."imijco
It. W. ClolU'il. I'Hdl.nr.
lc DO Kb
..'I A ..;t,a,.ti-r. Vd
, lau. I ITib r oi M 1 1 1 1 .
W . A. I' w.Mi, a .'c'y
K. A. M. Llh
nik,!:i 'id oi iiu i 4 L
f' LMA l.ulMiK. F :
H on miuhv oi.
F. MO.N l'HiKL. W.
A . ..t. iU'iuiH'
in foi 1 U 1 1 n;n,, .
(luMA ..ItAi'i':
fi in.M-i iu'm . r,
VI US Alii.ll.
i. a. h .
r uc t i i uy
M. S"rn ;!:!..
v. A. I 'a I
n A . 'i - -w 'liiiitu r I'opt, N t,,ur
U. caeai ot 4 ;.u. an, t.j. . Ji., i..i-: h
uru ol ii u .atp :'. 7:i;.i ai mi I oi it
tin atur my ..I e.e-n ru -. i n it
VH. i Ml'.'. IT.
Jyi. ohkk, .vij .j t -oa .
I. m.
UM M'JVKt KHi.ll.t' i;it-'s. No. : ;, nuo
II evfojii'il i el i irth .Ve.lu-:.rlar In
raont r, ut o V H. an!! :
MrH. Orl.ni Ki l.uot. Mr II . A . Hotoird ias,
m. (.-i ,tr , r'r intent.
RMVA L. tlo..N I'M -.1,-o.u.a.io, ,Su la,
am IH ever", .ttier V .-u ,..-.., myht Ht 1. )
U.F. rl i.. i.N. ;;A JN AiiD. Kefc-ent
I' i i - -r ii l jit.i
ii I u-. r-.'irn:.sr
.... li.
i et !ni
(A N'". i
XIT "t
i ' ! 1 1 s t;;. iA'N,
U, K. . ,v
j. v. m i : i i .
LMA LOD'IK. 1. O. (). f.,
I vi-nin . .F .
r. . H'M.I.IA'iU.cK. K ..i
k I :
QUPoKldK nod i. u. ,,f k. Itcvuinr Mee
) lairs ';r! Hi oiMiti.
-tit-, ill - illM'. i tN(s, ,v.(,
Mit.i. K A'l'fC I) WllMDvi. ii. J
nLM1. tN'.::.ii'.iHr. X). i u. o.
n "i 'vt e ery flr' i I udr, I n-j.l i) in ene.
Ser.l.... ''ti:.-! ooniirol.
r. m.
It i'itu nr re. i.'W f
t in:H T-rr
(l iJ re e hi e . ry n
j n'wht it in I. 1 1, (i " iihiI. V'lsit.Ti,
memtirs of th" OtiUt Kr w..;,.. nu.
J. T. bit MP. iM'mr.lc. Cor.
K. I. LRMKN. H. K .
LO. T. M Almtlive. N... ('. M..f-m a'ter
, nate Krl lrty nf t.-rnoons ; v o'cl .ek : I o.O
K. hull. VHItor Rlwiiy e r ll i Iv weienrr.- .i
M ts. I'll vs. MlMUidN, l,. C
Mm Ann I.faiv 4 kd. It K
IO K. (!oiirt aitiih.No 77s. oa ,M ,, tiiiU
, tar meeting in the W. it. ('. II in, v. rin. u
1 tn Mlock. on the aeooiifl Th ir.v in carh
tnont "p n .Ine i. time. Vl-ator 'fifnrj e,
M.J CiUi'is, C U. O. liMutti , It.
in:" I im
eii i) n:
nion ami 11 rin e.n I k buck at
iTihiMxi itti n sih of ipdiofm.
a nd-sui-nt life an "oa of the Ioh" litm n
RI lr i n ti n il.lu n.i.i.i.. n.t.ira mi. I
disti netful: vomt of confidi-nee; lack of
200.000 CURED. NO RISK.
you lost hope? Are yon cnnemtlatinf
Iteen diseaHel!' Have jum any weakness?
V hat it has done for ot hers ir will f.r
KioMieHe i rHiHuett u. dealers in Koi.
ana uern.su Kxehnnire. re-eiM. ..ti
ifivcn to 1 jMections. mtice hour J to 1
a. in. ; I -: i.) to ;i;3 1 p. in Standard Tune.
Wn.s T -hcv. a. w vki.oh. il. v
J M . AXWV .
-! ...! H' .i ! ... , 4 (te.
One of t l.i ' .!. en' l ! .
rill bi. -!cj i j, ei.t . iii.-th !.
!:'!-." ' ef . : .t,.l ; i r Piri', i
wn! v ; 1 1 ... 1 1 I i
-"XT 1 1 i )..' mi in i i. r i.
IMlt ,
I Ml- 111"
.ti;m 1 I..- . v. i : . . :
j . . i I t, i :i i ;,. j , .. ; ;, ,
i:ni :'! t!. it i ' i
;. f'iv A r l . f : ,
Kept m. I :. . . . .ill . ;
nil 1 '.:(. (!( :. . i ., r, t .
IJ. i pi
... r. .In
i nii.-t i
i i
kri'pi:! I - ,'y i
fll ' I : -V ' i . , i '1.
!;. .! .. a r ' 'rd o
. . M-l.'fl'l i f IM'1'1' C?.T
rif thr lin
ill IrttPrr II,. p,.i
I'"'!. ."I- I..'- ..I .... i.o.i , .
ki d up .. i ,i :
pun k-t lie irrii - :t jit ' !..
iiiiorinal i
In I v.
...i.- v! i-h
: If 1-m-t
C.-l. N tli ; I' 1. (-
?V. r;. ! i.i! - 1 . , :
It i.- i . !,,: . ;, I,,,. ;,,, ,i r
lit!..- ' - .,! ,,r a i ii
(r .'.. I. P. v : .r . . '. !i, ,
into 1 1.,- ,!. .. : . . ,-. .., ; ;
v li' v;i i: t - a ii h 1 1 :t .'ii'ii.e
nil'i. ii t:...l may "
ii .i I
I ) II. I'll.
r.-TM l:
..- .1 a
t 1" IKI
Jn :; r j. ,n to t!.
keeps a "I. r . f v
daybook my frlent:
" !;! i i : , ar
MMiwferr. M
i'-. ;h ai-e ii!.; .
when the Creator said to woman,
'Jn sorrow shalt thou brinp; fortli
children," that a curse was pro
nounced against the hum. in race,
!ut the joy felt ly every Mo her
when she tut presses toiler heart
her babe, proves the contrary.
Danger suffering lurk in
the pathway of tlie lixpectant
Mi'dhoi, and .should "he" avoided,
that she may re idi the hour wl.cn
the hope of her heart is to be real
ized, in lull vi"ar and mtn-to tb
so relaxes the
r - . ......
V? J7rr ci ..t c V ,
;l thru the ne
-3&HJ cs.,ry chrtn-e
--s. ;- r , J i n.u i eiu,
i c- ad
i, v-.r :. .
llio Mil iS .1 11
,yj ; ' . j fs, i c r v (in s ot
! l.Z. .--.J "..7 .
i ( 'fr' i:K-r l)()(lin; of daii-
i. ' i . - j & ;. i , iinine I n
nil MK n in. a
jjl' to bo r.i ci..-.: f..r .';:t ur.' i. .n c. HU,. ..
.,,' .!; mi;.... . i - 1 1 ; i:: .. ..meet ion will
lli l'l!-i,.C .'.1 , ! i!l v ,1, v xv..
- thai they can !,e turn. .! ia a ;,..u . :.t 1 " ?",rv'"
I Wn. n u m.-iie." Pas ln'1 i, ;;....,.. ,i ,.f . 1her -ae. th
i i .
1" M..r!, : ilnmi tl r..a-.:!i it, ai d i P.e l,;e'
nil. it cull t! -,t it ..'(; :.: nv;-i'.r.-it '!:".' If
"" hoi 1 1 . i j r ; i m oi iv:i. ' t . i i '.r. !
wl. mi i i!. ret!. o,r t)..-r i;. an- divPW t ; ) i,
'jy ! ate Jin. ii.de-;,;; ... :i.,. period 'auw ... , ,,r r,
KV. u. v. -MiJiieoli.Tnlune. .,.nM. of ,:..
j o! tine- IlPJ.s.
: c r, n n d t h c
.Noiiinuy mil " Monier s rriena clocs
this. Don't be deceived or
persuaded to use anything else.
"Mf.thor'i I rlrnd" N tfm creite.-t rpmrilyorpr
r-i', f.n t l.e mm lo't , inul all our nitniiier priii-f it
lazily.' W. 11. Iim ,v ;o., Uliitewrilit, Tex.
.'f ilr-icuin ; r. Sl.fta, or ent ev mall on rcrclnt
f i ri.e Write for hock eot.tainlntr valn.x.
... . I i .. Ili . J.t 1
I -'o nitorniMi'.n for all .Mother mailed Ireo.
The Bndflell Cfgr'stor rt Atlnt,
l,r C r, .') n (1 1 11 C J ' nan a;.- l:ls cut,.
trying hour is rohlcd of its tuiti K,i!""-V ,,n ' oh"it bar rare , ilula
i:ul MilTcin- as so f..;iny hnppv ? V," "l"'"u' Ur ixul ,,l,'m I"
t i 'i 'a'.v coind hae f. -lain d mi .vticre
rnotlicrs have oqicrionccd. L,Isp in, mm
ot the Thlnf Whitli Modern L'v
toiu Do Not Allow.
The "laws of war us at present
formulated by civilized nations forbid
the use of poison against the enemy;
murder by t reachery, such as assuming
the uniform or displaying the ilajof the
foe; tin murder of those u ho bnve rui
rendered, whether upon conditions o
ut diM'i-elion; dti la.'atiuns that no
quarter "ill b 'ivon to an enemy; the
use of sin-h arms or projretiles us w ill
ruuse unneeessary pain or KuTeriii to
un enemy; the nbuso of a l!aof tjiuv
to j:ain information eoneerniii un cue
tjiy's position; all unmvesnry drstnu
tion of property, whether public oi
They uJso declare that onlv fortified
places shall be beiefivd. ojmmi vilhics
or cities not to be subject to hicpe
or bombardment; that public buMdin'.
of whatever character, whether belonc
li'K to the church or state, sha'l l
ja it tl ; that plundering bv rrivati
oldiera or their oHicers rhnll be inml
r.iissable; Ihat prisoners sh:ill be trea!v
v i;h comiiion humanity; that the pc.
Mn-.ii eii-cts ami pnate property o'
prisoners, excepting tijoli f:nnsniul an.
munition shall be psp.-ctrd; tljst th.
nopuhi.ion of an enemy's country slr;i,
i"f considered to beoemnt fnn. partiei
;aHon in tlie war unless by hostile n.-tt
t'lcy provoke the ill v ill ,'f the enemy:
that j ersonal and family honor.und the
i.s'"--'wlMiriicii'Mii ui) invmieti peo
pie, f.!iall be respe.-fod by the .'nvadem.
i.'. i tnat all pillage by rculai troops
ir ineir ionowers shall be strictly for
Wan Mailt by tf l:oi.i,ii Miid In Nt 111 In
flood v'oiiiiltiou.
Tl,n ,v1,l.. U .
l-ITwliaflw. I.,.. . .. Ill i . .
luniiiiii i imrns or iifitriOiiso.
It eh r : 1 1 forms so cons'cuou1 an o!-
le-t on tli cliffs v ithin the preeii.cM
i iover castle. 1 iie masonry of thi
nterestui"; work is eomp.osed of tufa
Aement and llomnn bricks, or tile.s, nntl
s m the l.est style of J.'oman v.ot kman
'hip. History and trnditiou are alik"
-ilent ns to the a.-fnai date of its ere
ion, btit. judyinfr from the style of
nasonry, and beariejr ; ,nin,i that the
Taction of sueih a beacon would be n
Tactical necessity when once the If.
nans had thorn. or),! v Pst.,j them-
e,es in southern Iiritain, one. mav
"airly ascribe it to a date not mueh biter
han the i-.iiihlle of the first "enturv. A
'.. fcMowin'r 0l, tl,o vricditimi nftlm.
ii us. ana lite sueceenin conquests of
I.iutins. whj br nifrht most of tk ,
:shind sf,c'h of i.lM! Thatnos liivlr th'
'om.-in doiiMnation. To the turner i.:n
IT Him (house was n fTit.-il i.. T,l,
nn' an M.-T.-i'.-.T.al superstruet ore. s(,:
'ma-rr.y, alti.oMr"h mi a sadly b
erHi 'on :iit. on. Ihe remain of 'aK.
lve,:i'o.; sttcli as havt b '.-ti font) i .m
'irt.)i. Mere, ia SnlTnlk, and n.-ar . J n ?
'onhiirv, in Somerset, are suppr.sc.l b
onv to .lite p.-i.-t, so fa-as lo) IPC.
li t .i 1 1 ). , ... i t .. . . .
... uii-y Ill" 1 1 II I i I OH 'IIU'L.
ney hardly come within the
if the ouestion.
stroke Ti,nt llv. I'niiIiH Knorwum.
T. ......
j Jie most ne truel;ve st rokes of lirht.
-,(.,.. i i . i. ..... , ,
. . i .ei' i 'ost. v. n ,eu l.t vc- ea u i
:pto-ions. There ha'.. M.(.ri s,.Vcriii
t;.l.le i;:i:.. e? of idrnts of this
i..nd. l'iitiv. on August l -i;. savs
'ill' 1!.'II ''OT ( 'llll'llV'I'I'i." I t),.. t,,nr
.w,.., V I
r. . a a i re, at Ureseia, was struck h
;rht n Mi-'". Ir a larce aull b. n. ath liie
ov er lay on immense quant ity of ria).
'owner. i i,,. :n-n,e,Pa;elv eNj-Ioo'ed;
t.ltb part of the i h: !e ,:'tv of Pi-.-m irj
as l les I 10 4 ci . Wliic tint ;i v .w, 1 ,.!,,.! I,..
t: eseap. d dainafe. Tlie slum s nf
tow-r wen- t ! 1 1 1 1 ; un the
i!nl caii-'e, v it,,, foic,. flu.
m ifi'!ii"r,e oiianees. Th
n urn-
- MI'-O W MS .I.O'M!. Itt ntj.
: I. 1 .... .
. o: I I e- oi i .ilVl!";!!!-"
a i ! t here as s'mi',1 a :s ":r
''' :'" .'er. V,.is m, eej
": 'o- ion 1 ',;. fci!,nve-!
ed" of 1he .wcr io'yyi
.,:ns. IM tl;'s iie tai.ee
!" com t,f , ; n.'.r the tvi 1
I to a li.. t.:l;, e , f , pv.,
A""ain. in .ocmb t
i of St.
in the
e.l ns
: in u
i ! - a .
Od We
ad b-d.-bri!
h ard the
re le -t r
irn. si t
In the I . ' v 1 1
. and
noro 1 ha n
u ere ii is'-nV'
rial ai.ioti"
. eei.r.u I innnOo fiiil I'trmr. I'rl, a.
f'if . 'o in.
!i ''""' ;ls )'' v as in even
irainf. ..f .iiianee." n How,? n...i t,-.i..
i i . . . .. . i . . . . .. . . ... .
i a- oi ,e r oa . nr n:i, no
i . heli . r oi the a I i;e of or- bids
is i'i-c:i! I.r.i by. The oi I on bid eoi-
mciioii t;o ; t rot" -tun I .... o..-..
, hot '.'irit:'.- (.iiiiM's I'f'd iii i if w ;u-
J' e oi the Im. st in t he imoIiI 'II.,.
iimc-tint of money that had be. u spent
m it. nowevcr, was enoimous. ('arc.
fill, oai'.'n at biivii;" !. mi, ,,r. o.i.f
pert v.oidd ha p-athcrcd i; tordhe,
it a ur os t a fi'.ici ion l. f t a it- , .i , n .
d ot,t. .!a:.y c i ( n is ;i ,,. rat e a-
ricties were nun In r. o hi it ; mm
but i'ti cNces-sive price wa.s j aid for the
tllO'-t of I pel; .
" i he .'i i' :v neier's w ays in 1 h w ere
w' 'I i ' o-. ii. and pc,,r,p. w i 1 1 1 line or
elros to sell seldom failed to p-et the
r-um they a Acd. Actually, he u.,e, t(,
t ay a.-, mnc.'i as .-:.Vi at fines for orchids
that '.' ie hardly worth a ipiarti r of
ii:n. 1!) I.onin.;. .,. o!v
.sIi;intro SifreiMif.
There me scvhi hiitnaincs in Aj-ha-v
toe, -orresjl()i(;;njT the dasof tb.f
'.X'eek, as follows Kwasje oidieuteH u
man born on Sunday. Kudjoe on Mou
day, Fwabina fin Tuela , Kwahu on
WedncMlay, Va i nr. Thursday. Kolb t n
i riday, and Kwamtnn on Saturday.
T1oko a nil accented on the hrsUylhv I
Sic I
. t I im,
k. in th
in itt .i trict of
Truuscatieasur., beuiu uro le.ndeij
the vrcr.s: rjjejnlca ol tho lunicnelcK
and uheu the season for tlie inaizo cohl
to ripen conies round the population
tako all possibln siejis to jirotect th
fruits f their te'l. Iti tlm vc!-in t!f
'iea'i;nt. armed v.-;;!j u i m. a lo.i.ial, .
t ".t -;;lcn ruil;;. 1 .r.l.. v. r 't!.-
.'.m fi' id, Avhero J:m Kleojdi---iy ; :' - 't
in- i::;.: rtur.':- t' ewholo nijtjit, .
). e; ti e t !r ; i . is life He a -e-.1
r:::':i in ,'' : - P:n a" I (!on
1 tit? . 1 t "jo vhiU d.nr n;; i'."d:i
)' t ; . I b. woi-W tvi t!ie t;: , .-t
" pu vr. e':; ; tlj',t it i jn. 1 . t t :
m t. r. . l.t :i t'r v . s i
i':- tliat 1: 1 ! : i 1 tin i h s win a
i.l.cr i.i l..jci p.f b. ;i!is. t : p..ir l :
i.:r m ; : i,:id mr.ka ready j ).. .
. t'.t VA'.R l is II IV,:: If u I i ;
a 7.' '.'. ), i:i bo dr.- i i
vt t t o V::t;:rl.ed .-.fi!ij i ' e
-l;t, ? o I'r.-t f e s to v o! i.i;
v'J : t 1 " 1: uvy
i roil t'lid t p-r.w 1 ! i.; b -i
il.U .11:
-.iv.-J-d i i- ut a bit. t.iij !;.-..r b.
el ) iayfvl. ;;:il it is t!;cn
"i'-:z-i s :.',! (;. r.'iVr most s veic'v.
. I. a le;i iin lrr hhu, be :,:
r .'('! i f.-; ::i one e:. 1 f t!. 1
u o.': r, and in i.is ccar.- b- i
r ti.
11 t.
I (... : i:d toil, down i very; !i'l) i
is way, iriKie-i!"; iho v. JioIm ( ;0j
in. Loiiduu i j:jks.
M.ta l.'nd. r Thirty-Cre.
!rs. LiDiari Ii. 1 1, tho ii!::hoT!s, es
."-ti V'u.t eo:;Tct.-a!i-v.u Mi:n a nu'.u tu
:-r 8. ii i:i;p viL.m, doc..!..o li. i i;
.yirr 35 never converses; be f.r.lv talk
d j'uur c!iu f accompli!-':!'. :;t i f b
a t;oi.;i jistenor is cnt in ;v tl'ti w
vny mi liim, bvc;.UbO ho di es not
.(! 1 .;-t t ;:io V. betiior you li.MTeri or ir.t
.cither itt it of uso f cir you to kho
nt ho hns surprised or shocked you
i caivi Dot for your approval or dis
pproval. Ij in utterly indiffereut v
ca, r.ot because ymi do not please him
r.t b! causo ha had uot seen you at all
!o kowa you are thero in that chair
bows to you in tlie utreet oh, yea
1( knowa your nam nnd where y.ir.
iro. Jiut you are oulynri entity to him
tct aih individual. He cares r.ot foi
our likes and dislikes, your cares or
:ioa or :crs. ITo only wants you to
o pre'ty and ve)l dressed. Have
nind if yuuwill. JIo v.ill not know i
lavo a h art and a uml. Thev do not
oncera him. He want you to bo tail jr
iuda You uro u yirl to him. That'e
To Mak, m tinnd Cap of T.
v. yonn--' it:;i:i vhi)v;n U r, joket'
b:.:tt tin- tippear;!ico of the yoviti hidy
o va p-oi'-e; to ).,.ury aid in an anolo
Mio ay, "Well, hhocari make a pood
;ip ci? tea; :ihow. " TJii.si.s a qaahlica
ion that m.t many prjrs ,om.s. Very
tivv know bow to make a piod cup oi
ea. Jactc rnoM-me point; : Tea should
;ovcr touch metal. It should bn kept it
. aiKi", vcxl, frlasH or porcelain. Tc
nake if, put u unall quantity iu -
; e la in cup, fill the Ja'ter with boil
i) v.itrr, rover it with a porcelain
auccr and 1-t it stand threo minutes
'heu, if yon desire to I t: an epicure
Irmk r-a'y tho tipper layer of tho jnld
n liqu.d, throw tlio rot away, rinse
ho rup and boin ayain. Never ti t-nji-:r.
Do Lot t:o milk. Itrnimi the flavoi
f tlio tei, and tho combination i: ijnrti
ho Mnni;i"h, so the Chnie.-e sav. anr1
iioy oui:!.t to know their own leverage
Vbova all tilings, do not b :1 tho tea.
lo L'it'n lioyliooil.
Uo fvnif his childhood in the HiripV
tnr undines of Carpuieto. tln.n which
ioiio tould be simp.er, as every oin
;nov.-?ivho lias ever vi.-ited an Italiai
...iD'ry pe;:? ieinan in his in. me. l'arl'
.K.i.?. constant excrete, pJain b.od anc
ian:i interests made a htrom: man oi
aim, with plenty of .'-implo common
enso. Ah a boy bo w as a treat walker
:d clim'iKr, and it is said that be w;
;-v.-;.-,;o!y f. .ml .t bit.bn". th" onl
r::i l.t t port r.'." d by thaC 1 art
a'y, i":d pr.iet.ei.d there in thus-
IE).1, ttl It lne , not ( ;iy witil Ulls.
ut by mcms of n-is. It Pa ottf n PeM-
iii'i to..r i ."nd b;v. !. i f le ...ior
Oinoiroro ire.nieiitlv ii'Mia tne n.r,;::
li!- :A tit K.lsu.T.i th..:i l':o i at;..
jo rii.!i. Mai ion b'rawb.d t.
in. rji
i :i l : habit ;;al!y under ;
:i"ii.".bie Ii ; n:j a 'ijiiiii
U'V ' I' 1 n. 1
' iii y -,- , i .
ir ri:a:a, t r
,-Ja -t ! d. !' 1 I l.i the i e
i'eb -i: ! f, :i!.;.s f: - . ;
ip'.ii it. .M:.. s-.C. Hale
A D-.-t-.ii to..
. ii.f rl t n it
pa? if :ity i f
ici.i!!- 1)
it ' i. ' i rio,
Oi:-- o! (
:!cli. r U "
tl;. -e d
j'.i.e vh:, i
Some (,f tin
'.oiainent l hv.-
.Ml in;
; w ell pretty rap o!v
ti.d iniiia r.ce of ;i
run ;
b. viiaM
'I ..t JV
:o d ii -ariiim; then
.' - that this doctor
-:li ).l.,e, s nod is al
i-'i . 1 r v h.iiiiiin'js
las a i..
a;. o i.o
:'ot )n. j
i ' s..n." l ( ..; i . In.m jje
d him at d M.e. r t, d ., t , .j
r I'll. . i,f i, in com?... 1 1 v. iti
hail i i the j . p-ii.it :o;i of I J s
io .-?(.? w as iM.f , nl forei d t(
i.e tii'if be bad n i r he. n
of ti c mi in .men;, but w ar
d v;,-i:
ilo if.t i ;-.
tf.ri. the
the ton
uil:ed t,, accompany bis ui .-ts to tht
Ftimmit of tho pM.ni.io tiaift. If caiivot
tease, i f lined wm ther t),,. person whom
they fouml the:.- bad ever Je ;ud f th"
rl.Kdor before, l ot b" bad m f P. n th. r.
many m.i.iitrs w in n oneof ihe stiaiiet i
was b aid to remark that the nu bad
such an infln. nco t ri the monument fh.d
Hi Winn da..- it waijicl it. This was
erior.-h b r the. doctor, and, with a part
i:i n rn.'.rk that he would sen his friend
at the I .!.-, be brut hasty retreat, go
ing down, it is s; id, lour steps ut a
time ami ind feeling Kale until bo bad
run out on the nn about the menu
rn. nt far enough tortcaitof the way
in case it fell. The joke of it all is that
the doctor, in n state of ale. ntminded
ucss told tho M'cy himsrlf, atid now,
liiuch to h.s chagrin, his patient arc
lauhm?,' thcniMdves iuto good health
Uoitoii TruviJnr.
aalttuKiou lurtilture liuiiule.
Irred for Sal M KriL
Mild (Jt-
J l K l K-: 7 . K; Utfr
vlth some other pieces of hs furuiture,
In In the povernor'a room at the New
" . '....!.! . V I .I. .
ioriv city nan. nays tne i ollector, and
a vry well-kept, convenient looking
desk it is. made of well-polished ma
botany, and with lots of room for the
w i iter's arm.
Visitors to ttii room ar inclined to
doubt the afff of the desk. Kntcrpris
inpr furniture makers t its dimer.
Mon h year a.ro, and promptly Hooded
th country v.iih licorice Washington
desks. They lire close reproductions,
end several of them have been held io
country towns as the original desk.
A dealer in ant'npies received letter
from a New Implant! town last week
oskintr what he would pay for (Jeore
V ashiiirton sdesk. The writer said that
it was in pfi-f'ct condition, and hecould
establish its identity by com pari n: it
with the old pictures of (ieore Ya.sh
niton's fiirnitun
"Prooahly the writer was honest in
ins pretense that his desk was the
original." said thedealer. "but of course
it is only one of the many counterfeit?
that hae been made
"There is hardly a historic piece of
old furniture but has been connic-feit.
d. and every week 1 receive letters
from country people who have fonm
cue of these productions, and. believ
ing it to be genuine, offer to sidl it for
a larg-e price. Some of these reprcuc
tioms only an exjert can detect."
Grrut HrlVMln IU Foui;ht ami t onrjufrd
lliree (ireat t't -n t nt-i.
The three greatest Hjtenfatesof mod
ern tunes have becu Ku land's streuu
ous autajfonikta viz., lMiilip II., Lou:
A I . and .Napoleou. Of these three Na
poleou was the most powerful, says
idackwuod ! Mafa.ine, IMiiliji the mo.it
deadly. The leader under whom th
Knt,dish rallied against these world-fa
mous monarchs were, lirst, ICJizabeth
und Drake; second, William and Marl
borouo;!,; Third, I'itt and Nelson. Tue
result of the lirst of these reat his
toric duels was to overturn the founda
tions of Spanish empire, with it.s do
minion over the seas, its va-st coloniul
possessions, its claim under a papal
bull to an exclusive monopoly of the
new world. The result of the second was
to decide which should be the residuary
legatee of the deceased Spanish power.
Trance or Knjjland: tfivin in the end
the succession to its old world dondn
ions to France, its trade, maritime su
premacy and colonies mainly to ling
land. The result of the third was to shat
ter Napoleon's hopes of ascendancy In
fa n, ami to force him back on Furopean
c-ompiests, ujion projects w hich related
to the old world and not to the new
I'itt and Nelson did uot disappear un
til that end wart attained and FnijIandV
part in the later wars of Napoleon wa-
that, having, as I'itt said in almost hi.
closing words, saved herself bv hei
energy she saxed Furope by her ex
ample and assistance.
Mlcrol.-H on ra. r nrreio y llett royed
ly tin A iiiiiionht Ituth.
The fair metropolitan cashier ha-
Odded a new faelor to her irrow in"1 vnl.
uatior. which will not prove so desirubh
n - rs -
wile in the eves of her employer
the honesty and ellicienev which have
W'on for her alnivwt a monopoly in thn
business,. It is the result of tl.e microb.
crae. says the (ilobo-1 lenioci at. and is
nothing less than w ashing ail the money
she handles, and charine- i1(r employer
overtime, too. I he discoverer of this
tew way to enhance her Usefulness am!
cost is Annie Nesmyth. the money-taker
of a hiir down town hotel Iiv.
Nesmyth serves at nip'ht mostly, and.
while less money comes in then than
durinpr the day, she is n-enerally kept
busy enoipirh. The money is often ver
flirty and to the la.st deirree reonlive
to handle. Now . th" cashier isa trained
llUrse rcstlliL' floin her ;n,!imns urn.
samal labors. Alter a sick snel!
from handling the soiled currency she
oncluded to resi-Mi. She w as iH-rsinnled
)t to by an increase of her salary and
permission to wash the money. So
trVerV f:''' ! sees II MMin-lihlte of mn.
1 r: t her elbow . into w hich.
it arrives is drooii. d. It
bat h and then i.-. laid out
'-'-' -f liaiinel to dry as tenderlx
a- if it weie her best piece of jew dry.
The water has to be chaii-M-d two or
three times in a ni:;ht.
y on't i.rk lirr.
It is nn f,dd fact that the telegraph
lines will not work ihroiip'h the Iloosac
tunnel. Messa.'M'.s have to p.. t on
wires struni,' on poles over the top of
Ihe mountains, fully nine miles, and
that is the way ine-0;I;.r ;.,i outcouiinpr
pusse ntre r and freight trains are her
alded to the htft.ers of the tw o t unneJ
approaches. In order to maintain
this overland mountain line swath of
wiMvllnnd has to be kept clear of trees
nnd Lushes directly up ihe steep moun
tain side. There are supjHiscd to be
magnetic ores inside the mountain.
t-owtn lla.t. rl.t In t!ie Soil.
Uerr Notle. a (ii-tiii.'in scientist, in
aid to have disrovert d a tin ans of cul
tivating the nitrogen abvoi bii-o- bao-tcri-i
w hich are the cause of the assimi
.'lion by leguminous plants to theatr
tnospheric niti n;'i'i, and be bdieve
in.., ,v- ,..,.. i. .mci.c.-s oi ccnaiu sr,us
can Im- increased by sowing these bac- I
tcria. As the eier;menf would co.t J
l... .. I ......... i .... . .. i "
ine larmer ..o an aci(. ne r not liUoly l
to try it on an extensive sc ale.
r.lilit Mut ritiinid.il rro-portik
In the rein of Louis XV. n s:)!emn
pdict w as passed in France to the follow
ing effect: "Whosoever, by means of
led and w bite p.int. perfumes, es- nees,
rrtificial teeth, false hair, cott'-n wool,
iron cor-et, hoops, shoos with hitrh
heels, or fa be hips, should seek to in
duce into the bonds of tnarrimre any
niab sutiject of his majesty shall h
irosrufed for witchcrn ft nnd declared
liicdpiihh iif nmtrlmony."
w'MtKHV rtte STORY.
ftut u Oi: Mau llUnkeli It at th 8
With a Walth Vara.
"Yo" 'lve t!iUi'ain gold rtng o.
my ,lttle finder," said the man from CkW
' ctitfo. turning the circlet off as If It wer
Lrasi" nut on screw "It run my wife's
fab name pnjjpivot? in th.c itwlde Well, II
'ur 1'iia. "i i .. nt i:.c. weddirv rin Mf
wife : t .t ji." h'.v w Per; w lived near
Kranebea. .:;d 'hwu.'.h re searched
fcirl and low we .'oaMi.'t f'.rd it. On
day ::earJy lw t; -ar later inend of
m.rs :n-i-tnl .m p e-entin me with a
Mna'i lu rrv t fee - -
T I! t i!.e n "i'ir thi time, please. r
rtarhi o he man troia Oi! City
I -aid ehi rry tree rontmned rbt mB
from C'hii-a'M. ;.tMl I'm: .r:l;v von a tru
t ry W, ji tins oiler ef n.y frier. A wn. d.
cli.ved ir fir :, 'eir my wife '.n:-t d ay
lr;,j tiiat we c.aiid set It o.;t in a partlculai
place it. the lawn .-'he marked the spot,
and I sent for the Itttic tree I du dowr
Rlioiit 1 itii !:is wlien she desln in-d and.
so ln !. ii.c- J turned up his riuy Hon
't got i!a re we never eon Id u.-s
'Then ' !:otb)n ln:proha!i!e alc)ut
that. id the Oil City man ' utiles It 1$
the .-heir, tree Hut did I ever tel! you
the s: -y of niv watchV ThU same watc h"
pe.:.:i: .u.f a gold hunter "Several
rears are 1 wa dri;!:i:y a well up in the
Iiradl'ord di-tru t eial Pad rot di.w n about
i ' " feet, v.itb iut i:iy -::.'n :i .'tick I
wa lonkiny ;t th. Pnl, .n iP r the derrick
with M i,. in;; ',ik,. Jespair one dayfor
tve ba.! -i. -pp. i! work a. it Fulling am
my wati li which I . an a d without fasten
ing. It -:.(!i!i nly -lipped from my finder
nnd down -he went '.huek into that dry
hole The idea at .id. iiny that to my Jos
riled lie so I yot a cyhndrieai tul.e'such
as we (.'i t tests ot sand with and put soma
putty neiir the oj cti end and let it down
the hole which ;t fitted n.Mtiy My watch
-a me up with the -ju-n stuck fast to
the putty It hadn't -top; i d running
Ves. and do yon know v.'e renewed
work on that hole th next day nd go!
List sand in six hi ur- '
"I hadn't flm-hed fdvut my rins.' put
In the i.'hi a'o man ' V.'e li.id moved to
bnva and mv wi'r lost It a.tm I aiTered
il". reward tor It, but ne use We cama
tc ChP a'o. and --even year.- p.fter I had
left the b.vva pl.ae I received th rim
thnuih thv mail from the man we hid
s'Id out to He said he was pulling cab
l'a;;e In theardi.n and found it solidly
iiMwn .in the root ut a .'aVacc '
We bcyan to mow away ncfore the Oil
'ity man rould recover New York Her
M Hadn't Fumed the It. ward.
A fat man carrying a gun and leading
,b. mad.' h da-h down Market street foi
the Oakland ferryboat He could havr
"alight it If he had walked quietly along,
'ut lie became excited and old Time com
nen. cd Paving fi,n with him The dog
rf-et:!d run on the wn.-m.' side of telegraph
,. l"s ;ii.d hydrants m il tamde up hU
:iia:n in the lef;s of e le trians IJy the
'line spi n; in ap..li;:iine end. untangling
he do,: he- wa delayed till tlie little pita
h -ed in hi- face Then he ran around to
!he bin K'te. dodjred around a mail waij
?v. and made a run for the boat. The dejk
hands rai-.-d the ann n and the boat mov-
Jd slowly out. but he was determined to
::ti h it. and. erippinir his lmiu nnd Jog
bain a bttle tiuhtcr. made a run nnd
lip'.'an into the air I lie boat was only -ix
feet aw av. but t he d. .ir balked at theanron.
Ihe hunter -topped in the middle of hid
.ap, his feet (lew out toward the steamer,
i:.d he dropped into the bav like a bale of
hay A mUl b -v who was il-hiii-' from
'he wharf dropped id- pole, splashed into
(lie Water, a'.:l towed th" fat man t. a
, ile, wh. re bo tluii till a boatman pulled
him out.
"My boy, you saved my life.'' hi ei
elabiied enfhu-iast n -ally, as he kk kethe
.1.' and tried to w Tin;: t he water out of
his shotgun. "I.et lee reward ou.
He thni-t his hand into his clammy
pocket and fi-hed out a wet M cent piece.
'There, my b..v, lake that, but don l
peiid it fodi-hly "
"No. sir; I can't take it, sir " Th
hoy j-u-hed t ! . ia r. his baml a-iJ.: "I
ia'.ti t earn it "
"Wh. von saved my life, boy "
1 ki;..v bv.t it ain't worth
Ui cent.-'" San Fraiici-eo Fust
' t'rul. Itilty's" l'olitii il Zircon!.
In every. .i::dy if K.ni in ky you will
:!nd a i. t ..t .-id men wl... take at pride
;r; le!!iti' you that l'.-r - ) or m-yb, j.)
...ar- t hey haw nev .-r ou d aiiv t himj h il
he p.-ioo. ra' ie ticket Thev be-. It- Iter-
'.a; - with . k
M.e line. An ..
e is re! .,1 Pi.
1 -e ti-ted, l.e
i tii.vi mm
ib'ly, , .!!:::-
way m at id i-k
w.t- I . IT i i i i 1 v j.f
-on and have c .tne on dowa
!d man of this s Tt. who
' Hilly ami w ho v a- very
dav - in- a m'oiip of voters
r I ': . tor K n. 1 1 . Fnde
m ).:- . Lvd ,ii
d :.. if.trodu-c.l. IU
' nted "as the .,:.!. -t vm.
er Hi the retail Y, -, ,t 'n.,r," sail
l"ii- 1. 1 Iniiy. with vid.-ut j ride, "I cer
rai'dy am the b t oier in i he county.
Fl iii'.v man w .. ten h a man as has
' hr. -.ved im re 1), it vote- t han I hev,
Fll fuMii-ii i;,,- 1; ;uor." Hereupon sov
r.i' cf ihe crowd knowing Fn. le llilly'a
tin.:ln.-s but i.iPvr 1 . . r any iIi:iiko to
" .. in:..) a t rea' . n
uni ri..le F'dly n..;i.
. niin' ilariiied at tlie
lie -h. -u id be r . ed w r
flawed and a. id d. "Th.:
ihp! -r to airy .nan a- b
" bun .ai tie- .-t ut.,. '
D- : mou lu C'eut m v
!.. d up their ers,
this and ).
pi- d'lf outlay if
..ItT hei.il. ed atel
I- Fll liirt.tsh the
l ."h. - tl,- io wi '
hv F.ivvaid J
Sh lonrtiriP
To tlio-e wh-i can tell an Irbh story
well, with all it- rich bioeue and rolling
r s. lin- I- !..' .-.tc 1 a. a p-ed otic,
Mrs was mueh ino rested at one
fll'ie tl: .1 pool widow whom -he had em
plov.d who f.-und ere.it dttb.'iilty In pet.
li.'-' 'i l.on; A:;, r a while, h.-wev. r the
w idew -married a nionwith -etue money
ut;. I In a I. it ba-tn.-s -md Mr- S rej.to-d
over her f.-rtu:: i!e j-r.-pe. d A few wve!;
later h.-wev. r -he met t he former wnlef
dre ec in t!u- ,1. . pe-t of tii.-artiT Shock
ed nt A -vti j :hctic Mr- s -.ml Why,
M iry J bofir- y.u. b.ivt- not nu t w tth tif
"Sure Mrs S ' r.-i died Marv, "who
nn- i ... .r 'I'ioi d : ,.1 I m i. ' i , i r ... .1. ,i i
,,.,. (1, , ,,,,, .,,,,!. p., tn.,urmiM fof
film md I .,'dd that when I eeulj I wauJJ.
anil -o I : n '
- i -...., i
' on-" an i noi-r i.-ive :een n nif
n i
i l.
had o
;ee!id to this P ;
ftdt'i; In
Jn-t yy'nltlnj.
An old laiv, far h.U.ii, ed In yci-s vciv
w,ilk!li' n;. divthr.-:-'. a . lii.A-livfird.
wh.'ti -he stopped b. fett- three moundi
that foim.-d a - II w-ie. three ddei nf j
sipt ire The praves were t h.-ie of the Infe
d etor ntal n-.-n of f he pari-h nnd of .ya
old F ist Indian noted whist pl.ivrr la
their .lay. "Th. ' they re, " ho rem -.rk-ed
placidly afn i -u-e, "tlif auid nir.
ber Jnt waiting for n.j to cut in Sa
Franc b-co Ar-- ii..a

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