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Do You
now It.
I Good Things
JVlUst Move,
(arc one of them
jtj where, we vim not
(Tf would rather Hell
njivcluction than move
1 inventory.
tA Salt CO
,b:iiN Jaxon Soap. ...42T
bars Lenox Soap. . .'25
vaisina for 00
a Bulk Starch 25
bs Salsoda 10
"ks Crystal Soda. . ..25
Auk to ee the
) nimivi?'
guar antee not to nmoke.
In fact every-
ij, it, mi i i
E Beet
' Everybody irf talking
Beet Sugar row. e
lave the Bay City
product and our
i price is
5 cents
1 per lb. for either
! Beet or Cane Sugar.
Oir prices are al-
s htjj's tc lowest.
Good Kice per lb
Good ('rackers per lb. .
Best Crackers per lb. . .
Yeast Cakes per pkg. .
Lion ColFee per pkg. . .
XXX X CofFee per pkg.
10 bars Santa Clnua
10 bars Lenox Soap. . ,
10 bars .Jaxon Soap. . .
We pay the hlhrt prices for
farmer produce.
L, H. HftYT
J l.V Am5t kL&
NoarP. O.
1 Drifq Sundries I
We carry the largest
stock of Pure Drugs and
our prices are always
Wall Paper
SgIiooI Books
We Carry the largest
stock in every line in our
store and every line is a
Remember the place
to trade.
Corner Drug Store,
Tha Leading DnJisi.
I'ntrbttnk Kriilcn la Connection. V
For a fine mutton chop call on Huff Sc
W. S Turck went to Detroit Tuesday
on business.
Delavnns' are ottering some great bar
gains in shoes.
Poultry bou9 and oyster shelli at the
Alma Feed store.
Wool mittens and gloves at Petty
john's for men and women.
J. F. Schwartz was in Saginaw the
tlrst of thu week on business.
Vermeulen is selling ladies' tine col
larettes one-half off for one day, Satur
day, Jan. iJlst.
Do not forget the date of the big cloak
sale at Mrs. J. F. Lathrop's millinery !
store Alma, Wednesday, Jan. 5th, one
day only.
Henry McNamara was in New Rich
mond and other point in the southwest
ern part of the Ktate the first of the
week on business.
Remember the W. R 0. dinner dur
ing the three days of the Farmers'
Institute. The dinner will be served in
the W. R. C. hall and only 15 cents will
be charged.
A representative of the Klcokd called
on II. A. Delavan the first of the week and
was very pleasantly entertained. Mr.
Delavan is enjoying quite good health
considering that he is nearly HO years of , no complications . jast a ROOi hard
age, and nothing delightshim more than ; ff whch w0twl iu Ticllui
to recount incidents of his earlier life. ,n ( ne tim0 .angborI1 ha9 rvi.
An calendar gives these facts : atjveH living at Vestaburg; he was sent
Washington's birthday comes on Wotl- j up fr0II1 Gratiot couuty. Ionia Stan
nesday and Memorial day and July 4th Lj it will be remembered that
will be celebrated on Tuesday. Christ-,
mas will come on Monday, Ash Wednes
day on February 15th, Shrove Sunday iJ
March ICth, Good Friday March JUst,
and Easter Sunday, April 2d. The new
congressmen will assume their premga-1
tive on Saturday, March 4th ; May day
is to be Monday. The year ends with a
For tho benefit of eur farmer friends
we clip the following from tho Detroit
Free Pre ss of Jan. 11. It was written
by the Hay City correspondent: Th"
president of the Michigan Sugar Co. is
signing 550 checks calling for J io.uoo,
which will be handed out to the growers
of sugar b-r M next Monday, the pay day
falling on Sunday. This will make th-i
third payment this campaign, $1uohh)
in all. The factory willcontinuei tinning
until Mi-rch 1, and it is ln li'-d that
fully 'jo.Ooo m re will ! paid out foth"
f imi'rs by that time. This latv
amount cf lh;iv loph direct to thr- till
en n ilu Wiul. all b;wi": f triple
tf its Itfn'ttk-ial clfvctV.
John Rclillo of Riverdalo was in town
J. N. Ford was in Saginaw Wednes
day on burtineHS.
M. PoUanky was in Detroit the first of
the week on business.
Thirty-nine, cents a garment for wool
underwear at Pettyjohn's
M. 0. Lathrop of Rivordale wn in
Alma Tuesday on business.
Will Carnahan of Mt. Pleasant was in
Alma Monday on business.
Wood taken in exchange for merchan
dise at the Alma Feed Store.
A new invoice of that celebrated
'Roasted Coffee" at Delavaus.'
Bert Woodward left on Tuesday for
Scott sburg, Va., on a week's bushier
Eli Smith of Grass Lake ban been in
Alma during the past week buying
Don't fall to hear Harold Jarvis, the
noted tenor singer of Detroit, at the
opera house tonight.
A large importation of beautiful
China and Japan floor mattings is being
opened at F. E. Pollasky's.
Joe Duuevant, the nightwatch, who
has been quite ill with typhoid fever, is
convalescing rapidly at present.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Ely arrived in
Alma Tuesday night from Detroit. Mr?.
Ely will remain in Alma for the present.
Those who love jubilee singing should
nut fail to hear the Slayton Jubilee
Singers at the opera house next Monday
If you call at E R. Griffith & Co.'s
meat market you will find the largest
and choicest line of meats of all kinds
that there is in Alma.
Tho Ladies' Aid Society of tho M. E.
church will serve dinner and lunches
in the empty building adjoining J. L.
Miller's store during the Farmer's Insti
tute. Do yon need a cloak? We want your
money. Come and se what kind of a
tntde we can make Wednesday, Jan.
V.h, at Mrs. J. F. Lathrop's millinery
The indications are now that there
will be a large attendance at the Farm
ers' Institute to be held in Alma Jan. 531
and Feb. 1 and 2. The sugar beet will
be discussed pro and con, and this ques
tion alone will be of much interest to all
Dr. A. F. LJruke was called to Chi
cago the first of the week to officiate ar
tho funeral of Dr. Edwin M. Hale who
died on Sunday. Dr. Hale was one of
the best known homeopathic physicians
in the country, ami author of a number
of medical works.
"The duet by Campana, 'I Vivo
Tamo,' by Miss Christie and Mr. Harold
Jarvis was splendidly rendered, and took
the aa lience by storm. Mr. Jarris' fine
tenor voic was heartily appreciated in
his solo, 'You,' and in 'Como Into tho
Garden, Maude,' which he had to give
in response to the encore, which would
not be denied."-Chronicle, London,
Mrs. J. F. Lnthrop has purchased of
T. A. Ely the building occupied by Win
Wilson's grocery and, after remodeling
the same by putting in a new front,
lowering the lloor and making other
improvements, will occupy it as a milli
nery store. Mr. Wilson is undecided as
to where he will move his grocery stock,
but is contemplating renting the store
in the opera house block formerly occu
pied by Webb's drug stock.
In another column will be found the
program of the concert to
bo given in
the opera house tonight. Harold Jarvis,
the noted tenor singer of Detroit, it will
bo noticed, has the most prominent part
on the program, and the numbers by
him will bo awaited with much eager
ness. Those who have not purchased
their tickets yet had better do so as there
will be a large attendance. The price of
admission is 25, U5 and 30 cent9. Re
served seats on sale at Webb's drug store
without extra charge.
Albertns Pangborn, who was serving
a five years term at S. H. of 0. for
arson, and who had yet a year to serve,
died at tho institution Wednesday, from
a severe attack of la grippe. There were
i-dnirWn was convicted of setting fire
to Chas. Spicer's barn and was serving
sentence for this crime.
A small Uiy was comp'lleel by hi
teacher to write an essay on the month.
au cXChang, atid this is what he
wrote: "Tho mouth is tho front cl'or
to tho face; it is the ajx-rature to the cold
btorago of your anatomy. The mouth
is the hotbed for toothache and the
bunghole of oratorv. The mouth is a
(Vinson ailo to tho liver; it is the
foundation of patriotism and the tod
chest for pie. Without the mouth th
jolitician would be a wanderer on the f aco
of the earth and go down to an unhon
ored grave. It is the grocer's friend, th
orator's prido and the dentist's hope.
It is the temptation lunch counter,
when attached to a maidem, and to
bacco's friend when to a man. It puts
M)nf nu n on tlm rostrum and snne in
the jail. If is the h mi" of that unruly
inemb-r, tli' toi gu Without it m..t
rkl life would be a amine? if ream.- and
WtlMk' KVLldlofrt h'utf Vwattpa'Huto. :
now on at
P. M. Smith was in Saginaw Tuesday
on business.
Good homo made mince meat at Hull
tic Frisbio's.
Nineteen cents buys an all wool hose,
fust shades at Pettyjohn's.
Mrs. W. R. Kiuch visited her sou in
Mt. Pleasant over Sunday.
Remember the dates of the Farmers'
Institute and don't fail to attend.
Ladies' fine collarettes ono-half prico at
Vermeulen's Saturday, Jan. 21st.
Ii. Schlessinger of Hancock is visiting
his sisler, Mrs. S. Fink for a few days.
Ed. Perry of West Ray City was in
Alma the latter part of last week on bus
iness. The Metropolitan is one of the leading
15 cent magazines published. For sale
at Webb's drug store.
M. J. Chapin went to Lansing the
latter part of last week with a view of
obtaining a position there.
There seems to have been an unusual
ly largo number of bufiness changes in
Alma during the past week.
Two thousand yards of choice car
pets all the new designs for spring
being opened at F. E. Pollasky's.
A. J. Sutton of Riverdalo was in
Alma Monday on business, and incident-
1t mo. 1o lw, ,. T.1....P ,f,f
Walter Hamlin of Chicago, son of
Fred Hamlin, formerly of this place,
was in Alma Wednesday night on busi
ness. W. D. Kimball of Toledo was in
Alma Thursday. Mr. Kimball is stop
ping in Riverdalo for a few days on
The Slayton Jubilee Singe rs have been
booked for the opera house on Monday
night. Reserved seats on sale at Webb's
drug store.
Mrs. J. II. Lancashire returned from
Hoston, Mass., last Friday night and
has been suftering with the grip ever
since her return.
Township Treasurer Schwartz reports
that fully $12,500 in taxes were paid in
before the tenth of the month. This
leaves only about $S,000 to collect yet.
Have you been waiting to buy a cloak
cheap? If so attend the cloak sale at
Mrs. J. F. Lathrop's millinery store,
Alma, Wednesday, Jan. :25th, one day
The suit of the Goebel Brewing Co. vs.
P. C Taylor was given a jury trial be
fore Judge Dunham on Monday and re
sulted in a verdict in favor of the de
fendant. Miss Rosa Messinger lft on Monday
for Chicago where she will study under
God.'ffky, one of the most noted pia
nists of America. She expects to re
main about six months.
A n'ance at the program of the
Farmers' Institute discloses the fact
that a number of noted state speakers
will be present. Remember the dates,
Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 and 2.
Ouo of the largest cloak firms in tne
state will have a special sale of jackets,
capes and collarettes fur one day only,
Wednesday, Jan. 25th, at Mrs. J. F.
Lathrop's millinery store, Alma.
Civil service examinations, open to all,
will be held in most largo towns in
March, to get clerks for Uncle Sam.
Persons wishing to know the dates and
places and how the positions can be ob
tained can write Columbian Correspon
dence College, Washington, D. C, and
samo will be furnished without cost.
"Much had been said of Harold Jar
vis, tho celebrated Detroit tenor, so
that a great deal was expected from
him; nor was the audience disappointed.
He was at his best and even be
fore hi9 first number was finished he had
made a most emphatic hit. Mr. Jarvis
certaiuly possesses a remarkably sweet
voice. It is also a voice of great power
and range. Is it any wonder, then, that
he has in a comparatively short timo be
come one of the leading tenors of tho
country? It is only necessary to hear
him once to bo captivated. Mr. Jarvis
gave four numbers and responded to
three encores." Ray City Daily Trib
une. Wo are in receipt of a copy of the
Salt Lake Tribune, published in Salt
Lake City, Utah, which contains the re
port of an interview with Mrs. Jennie
M. Wright, Jennings, in regard to
the criminal career f Geo. H. Wright,
her husband. According to her state
ments, as published, Wright's crooked
work began before he married him,
but she was led to believe that the reports
about him were false and that he was ;
maligined by enemies. She said that
she had no doubt but what ho would kill
her if he had au opportunity to do so.
It appears that Wright has traveled un
der many aliases, even at one time using
the name of his brother-in-law, M. F
Jennings. Since lat week's isuo we
have learned that there are parties in
Alma who were conversant with the fads
in the case but for various reasons had not
made them public. Upon being inter
viewed these parties have shown us let
ters and documentary evidence which
proves beyond doubt that the ofliee-rs
have been hot upon Wright's track for
home time. The worst art of the whole
proceedings seems to lo tho imprison
ment of an ititiv cent m ui under . life
sentence ft r crime 4 committed by an-
otlur. Wright h. rx
Leni'fvd It:- jn.
Special fekirt salo
1Q nt.t (rror Vnr lmnrlrorlc ri rnvoh o a ay a nf
bargains m Clothing
I jgj
1 3
To enable those unable before to raise H.(j
the wind" we will extend the sale for one
weeK longer.
Suits, vercoats
Pants, Etc,
at prices less than
Don't neglect the
I tively the last.
m nruyryryynrryniyvi
The leaders in
year around..
Brushes, Fine
Box Stationery
Purses, Books
And everything in the Drug Line.
Up-to-Date pharmacy.
L S&
1m iMirk
Special 30 Days Sale.
We can offer you and v r i -ud a coril'al invitation to all seek
t-rs of good goods, at low p: ice., e look over our stock oi Couches,
lU-droom Suits. Rodcers, iio We will gurmmtce that your dollar
will go further in purchases you make of us than anywhere else in
Give us
aether ha
does nct
for it,
' "T appen.
A full
j uuo vi uiiuouiu iain
and Men's Furnish-
manufacturers' cost.
Staple Goods the
a Call.
1 ot
I, 01

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