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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, April 14, 1899, Image 7

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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Tlio Kind You llavo Always ISoiixlit, and uliich lias boon
in tiso for v'r :J( yours, lias bunm t ho signal im of
-J? -M:til 1 1 ; i s brrn matlo under Ills jmt-
LZ XfJ' ;y' ' S",,,:1 uprrvisfou hu5 its infam y.
ymutyA Allow no ono to drcclvc- you in this.
All OiuiitcriVits, Imitations and Substitutes are lint llx
IM'rinients that trifle th jind eudauei the liealth of
Infants ami Children IKnerienee against Mperiiueut.
What is CASTOR I A
Castoria is a sulsstitute i'or Castor Oil, Iaie';orie, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and IM':i..niit. It
contains neither Opium, IMorphine nor other Xareotie
Mihstanee. Its no is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays IVveriNhness. It cures Diariinea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and iiowcls, jivinu' healthy ami natural sleep.
Tim Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Frieml.
Bears the
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Ttt fas-
riTI Vf-Trr " rx
i d stASfcD mm:
UiL iW f " d L3
tiii:m;v, v. i. i .
ri(f iti:il vitn U . K., w,i I " i i..
llVvlv rilie 1'ilt'MT Ml!' I I 1,1 i f I'd 1 T C?1
sexual ili-
JYji yntt it i"jiv 1.1 luatiu:;T ' I p'j
y,. ....
m . Tlii" tcrril.!.' 1.1.....1 l'. iv.j,. I!,.- t
1.I.....1 l..i
IjM f iiih ri k i ti ' 1 . vm-M- n-aaily t" ia:r .NI.W
'it:li, l'. '! Iiry may mi'i ymir y .: in.
ry II j o u n:i M 1 1 I ;i i :n- in mi mi i.r niiii;ur,
VCIiroWfl l.illllllC i.i T, hlllll'lr" tT lil'.Ji-lil -.
KtiilUlli'll lii lMlilT' liK lit. h.'!"1 ryes. Iii ll l
nrl.i. .1.. I i w tin- j 1 1. i v
a i.f tlii- l :!...-1 l'ui-.n. We n ii.'i; ii.c
VTA . i.. .:.... l ..I ..ii... 1 1 ..
IX-T worll fur ii ! wo ii --1 -t fur tri ;itan iit
ti nl rainmt ciuc. Hy mir t r:t nun t t!cr";i
uli'rrs ln'iil.tlie liair ht !iijr in. :i i u - J&
.liw.ii,l,.!.r 1 1... I mi. lii';ili! . an.! PJl
Th.iiMiti'N f y.nnitr im.l ini.111.-.;.. .1 '
men tmxe their i'ur uu l itaiity (a .i . ,
rew Metl,..,! 'I'ri'aiiin-Til i-tin' i-'t a;:'.
A ti.l re-t'.r" iill i.art- la :i i.'.nn.il '!'. ii- t'
Fylti.ill. Anih ill' li. LC' t.!. I enny i.;.. i ...-J
I lii-we l. il'l'l one l.'i I- l.llli-eii '
M lilil'iinr inei.. I.ery ea-e to at. l in li Lj
ii ida:ill lai m e ali lirin e our '...r ln - tf;
ful sin-re--'. No iiK.tOr what nil- jn'i, jir,
e.in iilt li e..nli. Initially. Vai nn iui-nfj
ni-h l.-i i k L'.ii'l- t.i i-n.irant" U. :im ui- I
j.li u h i' v. i lain1. BrU
Ik-J Ur tr-at t.,..l -ur.-: I...1 !.-- v . LfJ
KVi V.Mlli a.'fl.l . .sM-llll.l-. i.:... I. Eil
TltH'I'l hll. IMI'o! !1M . i i 1,1 M-i
it.-ix i: i vv i 1 1 i: h im.-i n i.ii
r4 l. UIONIIV en I Id. Mli.K In-.:.-.--. E
11 i .. i i i a i 'oil.- i i . .i.
Pfi h'!:i.i:' i'f 'm.-;. ... Vaii! wtii- ;..V
f". 1 i.i i I . - i i ' y.r j I' '.m i . r.y
i . t . . . . ........ . a.;
k!M Cor. Michigan Ave. ar.ii Sf-eiv St.
lu i nu i i , rviirt.
I :T. t I, fBinirl- M.IIH IkllU fTinr.
laM.lri.t .l wllli tai h, mot Ikh.k, lintiov-
Jkl" ' """ eo.p laiiiut h limy m-i-iii-k
(NtiiKlInn W.-l. Hie r rid .f N... I lUol
W laiit. U.fi t 3ft l.iiNl.cm lo t
lt W t'nt riillroml I !; r.'rinl
ffkM .roi-tor. The test jrr
rouiilry In llu world.
lax-, htinitait fuel. TIk-
thfi lite, I...W-
a.lviit(rf to
irraln ami rattle
OimmI watrr. low
Minn.-..! nil-
tor, who rn-fiitly inail the Wi-oterii Can
ada trip, j k of it a th- home fur mnall farmem.
The official report my : "To the utiiall farmer aerklna;
new home W rrtrtn Tanaila offer irreat Induremenl.
W hlle It neemi a lonir w ar north, the Canadian I'acifle
Hallway outh of K.llnbura-h, the climate
tLat of Northern Minnesota, anil the land raUe uplrn
0U1 and furerro. " For inape and fnll Information
appl.7 to Supt. of Immigration,
OtUfa, Canada, or to
Cfadln GoTernment Axeot,
Mk Pleaaaat. Mich.
Signature of
tke gc:gt dog.
Y s. 1 win; t m tS.
ar.d I
;Mk' .1 i. t . t ry ji..-,
1'road d"s ol e i r Lr J airl strain t)i.t'
ii !::. i.t'n t!.--ltut
not .r. eoa'.i ronip..r. v. i;ti yuu may
I.i ,,r it v. t li si;i-.
A iKtl. 'os I l-ii'.w that i a r look
.i i .
Not lh.it tin y would La vr .-ki!'i. l l.im w L n
1 In y (;.ie the rihtn ii.. oat,
Hail !h-T'- !. n ;i fii.ss tu lit i. in. though
hi- iii.t au- Is in ilouht.
No j.; .'f ;t. lotil l v't-r r sit the hon-
- :, f.ii: I. :'u! .vis
Of thai uhiia little jdlow h'i; that i.' Vt r
ll. lis I l it.-.
Saiii-. h- wasn't tr.ii:..l lo l.u.M. aJul
. r hi!;. .1 a rat .
At.-l i.-:.'l in ut h on ; ri Ic - or io.-hs of I.;:-: h
V. il. ll.lt of llul '.'
That iniuht In sail o! !u's o f , ,'. k s w Loin
Hi- n a t ; ;s a t a : i i . i - .
As v.-.! i.f that yellow !.; that in Vt r
ll.uk .1 pl l.. .
It isn't what it dt'' tan .Jo, or what a UoK
may i....
That ir.;.- a ir.au. It's simj.'y tl.i. iloc s he
l- li. w In n.. '.'
1 And hy th.it t-t I kt;..v th-re's i...: thy
i -oinj- r 'n. ath the -kh s
! Of that i.;..in Utile i How .."K thai i.ver
took a priZ'..
Oh. h- 's th" tll;et litth j.up thai r V T
I w avv .1 a tail
Ai.d follow 1 n an w ilh equal joy to eoiirt ss
of to Jail.
I'm i : i-; t tart a sjm .a! show 'twill
I- at t h- win M jut- .- .
I'or faithful littl. .lloW do;;-, a'. d u( h
.-hall !:a. a iri..
Harj'. r's Itazar.
$ HUNT for a wildcat H
A Day's Sport In Tangled
Sullivan County Swarrjps
i r
mu i. i i. . . .... .. ti.:.. ... ...i.i
iiiy ilh i i . , i . i " , . . i i . .
1 1 : r..!.'. , of I'ofl Jar
i-. "i - i.ot :t .-' n 1. 1 i..r n : 1 1 1 1 j i : i
of ( ! ( .'lie - 1 ie i: e (,t i i. I 1. 1 i i. e t !.r
l:ero of tin- ioiular lia!l;nl, lie lose
to w.ii.i!er from I.i- own tiresiiY. aiu!
I.r i- 1 1 ; i . ii fottui.ati- thai. iuo-t t'i lli.w
w the ability to iiniuli'i' Li-- w:iwaril
j i n. j e i, - i t . Mo-i ; ii , i : i . a 1 - o f o u r m d
m-c ( t reii.el v loral in i , i i r !,;ihit.
'I' lie w i ii'r.i t i - a t r i in i. It is e u -; . ,uia ry
for him to have tv.o lair-, a ooi n wa-
j side 1 1 :!?: T s aliii " l iiti)- as inai V tneri
ocea-'.nial s t ( ) j j i : i plaer-. l!i- tw
Jioinev ;uc f re(iieiit ly ten nr ilucli
iiiiles iiiart. ard nuirk two ja.ii.is on
the rireuinfr retire of an ainoitna1r
cirrle which inclo-e lii .-1 i in ii n tr
JTl! I'll.
"lie starts fruin nr of hi.-- habita
tions on Lis lonely jaunt, rovetin' in
tin first " hours Ihr or six miles on
the main line of his route, while his ex
cursions to llie ri.','ht ami left ihrouuli
tliii-l.it atal swamp eotnpri-c matiy
more miles. His route s rm- lo lie coin-jio-nl
of inniimrralilr small circles ami
eccentric (iirwrcs. When he rendu s
Lis s coml residence lie hunts t he ad
jacent piitcrs until his w ayw an! fancy
utrain asserts itself. Tl.i n he strilus
olT home, which he reaches ly tin nlto-p-cther
new route, or rather a series of
routes, lie is not a creature of habit.
Occasionally he curls himself nj like
a house cat and sleejes. ui the protiinl,
hunting usually ly uipht, a ml mmtic
times two weeks may elapse before he
repain his stnrtirij'' jioint. Without
doubt he keeps his rovinp up all tlu
lime, although it is only during tlie
the winter months, when the mow
holdn the record of his wandering,
that w can be nure of his. movements.
For tills reasou, too, the vintrlthe
only time we can hunt him Kciontificnl
ly. If he U disturbed by man he will
pike off for the more distant home, per-
hap running for eight mile In a per-1!
fectly fctraJght line. Tf you ran nel a
dog upon hit hot track he will take to
the nearest iwamp or patch of briers,
and wind and twHt and rum until he
almost unseat the reason of the cu'in
ft and moct calculation okl honml
that ever follows a trail. II will not J
take to water or resort t tin other i
methods of obliterating his trail that
n deer adopts. lie nniply go s nround
and around In tin- thickest brush he
ran find, depending all ihe time on
ini'i'i' strength of grit mid endurance
t'i win out and throw IT tin pesterim'
hound. IN- i- not afraid f the dog, hut
the lattrr holt v )iim by liN pe Isi v t f ncy .
and he rj sorts to tin same iniMMin
adopti d hy the man w ho ow es on t c ti
dollars. It is very diflicult to t ! a
wildcat. SoiiH-titiM s, after In inr hunt
id fr hours in tin- way I have indi
cated, a fresh and fast hound might
ma h" hi in Hindi a 1 1 e, but 1 hi- ra re.
The man who shoots, a wildrat with
out nm't r-tanding these principle Is
1 1 ir Icy .
"Last week law l'.od
thr tii-i-sidil"'
.... , ' , .
,-rniu, of t 1m- hunt at 1 la r I u oof!, tel.-
1 1 1 . r 1 1 1 1 1 1 to ii i thai he had foiled tlu
f resh t racl; of a ea t.
"Thtit cat'- conic bach from Mien.
wa the way f.ew put it lab v was
t ! i -. c .lid e.l. e of IT- h'crcr of t lii
pai'i oil.ir eat -,;:t:il 1 e' on tl.!- side
of :!.. .Nbii ticelh, road, now.'
"-'o 1 teb phoned to Mill v Sturtev.int.
o color ('o ii frotli I 'til W ooil t!.e ne V 1
iiMnnii L1' to uni t rne. I met hKwaio.n
t i!;e i'.:,il fo.ir miles from town. We
I. t'tiii. i! Mir wa over the turnpihe to
the top of Sii!lian rount. an! then
turned into ihr M Ti a- road, jiicl-.iuir
up Le w II d ami hi- hound on the
way. Thr.c mi ii - f i; r 1 1 e r on t .,- ( ; rti
t .m: -1 ! hi - i tit to the ea-t at i i'- !i t
; I I I'll.-. Mere U e !-ri i --ei I t 1 e u a L' O II,
I'haii'i d the lnut d. an! walked i u in
tli e ! I i : Ii - n of ( i i a - w ;, m p. t 1 1 e
Mad i.r i r:. - a :: p m- f ..:. i ! ihr
I t rack- f a !!- 1 1 j-oiii tiiti;- t.-.ward the
I ' w a m p. ar.d a fi w ar.-'.- f rt hi r i n v. c
! e.'iii. upon a -imilar Track -ro--I M.r
I ' l'i h' ill I he i t e di i -rt i . n . !.- w
;- rti d co 1 1 1 1 1 ' i i ;!y that ihe two
t rack- w'. t:::..'e that d.", .a: ! ! The
a me a i in':. I. ard t h.- ipu -: ! i: re
;:.:.:: ! t- be ci b d . n w hid. side of
the r'-::-' h- w as : t t! at ::i:.m. ; !. He
v.a- rr 'r . j . I r i mi "hat the eat wa- in
I.'-r;." -vsauij,. S.. we trudged tlfoutrh
I I e w ... .i '- f-.r 1 1 ri c mi!, v ;ih)t: y 1 1 t oj)
"We p;.- . d It: ii u ii:. ralde deer tracks
on the w a . - we m nr. 1 I. one '".vamp
Me iut up a fine deer that went da-shit
u oil' tow;;ro 1',,1-t .Ieri-. an! a little
later am.tlur juinpid tlnoiih the
brush c!o-e b. Luni,' -w a Jiiji i - of the
l;upe of an eiioinioii- t w o-;i n.' r ml
1 and. ru el ivj htn u reiN of a en s. Aft
er we .'aiiied the swaniji the sun went
Ul.dier the cloud.-, am! eeu the il -tinct
of (iir. ctioii jnysi ssed by Lew I'.oyd.
trained woodsman as he '.a.-. was at
fault. We made our wa by t.'ie aid
of my jiocket coliiiass.
"Oil the we-t ed-jr of t he s w r. ill 1 1 w e
came -uddeiil UioU a J.lai-e where
the ground was torn and tiainpled.
Tufts ,,t' hair and pieces ,f i t !a
about on the blood-stained snow, and
t in-re w ;is i e r v s'il; ii of a t en itic s t niLr
f.'le. On the edye (;f the ba 1 1 leu'lo't nil
lay the pari eh of a deer, and a few
feet further on we found its l.e.'d and
sine. euawed clean. The wo' k I ad
been done two 11 i e h t s be f o re, a lid fro Ml
all si t' us 1 h is had In en u o r u i. n i i ba t
tle of miles. The trav'-dv had all been
enacti d within a few l'ert, and we both
felt a t ew respect for the animal that
could do away with a nearly ful!-iM-own
deer. I.ew cut through to skirt
the east end of ihr swamp in ipi'.-st of
a fresh track, and I went u Handy hill
in the oppo-ite direction to look over
a smaller vwaniji in the ieini'.
" 'The eai ain't I.e re, I,e w a ti r.ou net d.
' dffiuitdi. wh'-n we met airain. 'He's
back in dray swamp.' .
iira -vamp ;' the wor-t jdaee in
!ian roimtv. It i- aliiiol inn.iiu-
j tralde. It is perfectly Hut . and it: ad-
ditioti to the usual d ns" nndeibru-h it
! is oveiL-iowii with laurel who-'
j branehis ate inti i laced ..-o deftly 1 hat
j It M em- imjiO-i-ible fof IIIIV Cfeatllfe to
:et tl to.iL'h. 1 would not cro-s- (Iray
I -wainp for n:one; fur a wildcat. I
iui;rht. 1 nli -- In- had winded or si'ht-
d us the animal u;b -oiiu w het e i n tin'
in ic h bo : 1 (Kid. and we had reduced all
! Ilk'dy hidil.;.' places to the dijltllsfif
I tlii- -wt.'up. I.ew 1 1 dd me t o .ro i n a ud
select a- op' r. a jio-ition n I could find
while he wallud around the swamp to
lord, for trad-.s 1 ;i i 1 i ; tr out. I w
,f-'.d and twi-tcd and tore my way
I. r- i : I: t he hru-h until I found :i well
born di i r path. aiotiL' which I lame
upon s. vera: of lheit lound beds. One
"f ll ;n. a little lariu-r than theotlu-r.
was. surroumb (! by the tracks, not
much larger 11: an a copper cent, of two
fawi.s. It w a s jire t ly t oiiL-h w oi k jret
tit;;.r iii-id. of that swa'tij). and loner
before I had a suitable po-ition I heard
the dei i bay of the hound. A moment
!:iti rsonu thinirheay b.un deil through
the bru-li within .' feet of me. I
couldn't we a thing but laurels, nnd to
I kept still and curwd my luck. My
only chance va to remain quiet and
wait for the dog to bring the animal
around again. After the dog passed I
huntl around until I found a fallen
log, from the top of which I could we
for ft few yards about me-. The ound
of Ilica',' '. he'd onttultcto the further
tdg of the & . p and then gradually
t timed.
"Suddenly buu. Mng lithe and toft
tail. Graceful zaade . curvlnr lean over
In military prisons an offender is sorre
titnes M'liti nerd to tarry camnm balK from
one place to another and nile them nn all
J day !i in.;. That is all. l'i rliajis it dors not
! -urn vi rv t( trihle hut it ! .nun utars hi.
I Hie om. i l I practically a ili ath sentem-r,
"" lu' .11,)WS l; 1k wv.ld lather he sh,,t.
-winy a - u k in u: n . dm same way i.hout
tV i)UI(iin ,jf .. lh;,t !u. is ilu,.,iM,r
hai k and h-rUi fiom day to day. He would
as sunn l..- down with a mortal disease. It
will ronii l tint mm.ih i or latei.
man's lift- cm 1).- di.-.'jjMd out hy
dy-pcpsi.i ;;nd bvir eomnl.iint. The ex
piiinue of Mr. J T. Caulwdl, of I'.dl
Cork l)i p. .t. rutsylv.ini. i Co.. a., -Inuvs
liow lr. l'ii tee's (iej.lt n Mtdieal Iii-cov
cry sires people fioin coiisuinption bv
waking up tin ir ri.trttive oi.i'ii-tn .-.lid
MiiikC it pouer to Mipj.lv pure, health v
bh.od, which diives c .i ; t blood poisons and
(h ad tis-uis and build- up sound. wIh.1i-
S itn.- h"s!l ;'iil ll-.u-el'-.
" I !' 1 it in v . ! i it ,' w i iu - Mr. Cat 1 .u It ia a
1 it r to Ir 1'ien-e. ' to utile ou ol the la-taiv
hi in lit- i- tir.l !r..in Die u-e ol !ir I'lto.'-i
' ..'I'lel. Ale.li.al Ili-.(i.rv ail.l little fi i! t- '
Sie. Ti . -it, a. ! . ee.tr:.. t . a s i te cohl
win. h 1 .. i:it .! tin- si.i',1 ol one o Ihe h. st vl:v
sit!. ins iii my st,,te t.in -in .-iii.l I (.-"li t : till -ally
l'ii w v.ol-e until I com huli-.l to write to
the WolM- Im-Jii-IIs.ua Mcllial A --IK ia t lotl . '
'IJ.e ati-w.-r to mv iiiiiitv .i.';i-.il iik to e-c
e.ol.leii M.-.hcal iMsc..'-. iv ..ml - p. Me t-' tor
in.lii.'e-tioti am! liver coin;. Lam ; at ilii-, time
i.iotitlis li.el jaso.l In fvoor ti'.t-il.es
alter I !i el i oinm.-tii . .1 the u-,e ol vour in--.ti-
lltl my coilh Ii.c! eiitm ly -..'.'ie,' m ih:;is
ttoii w.- hi ll r. til !..v -j.i i tl - .It iv ii av.i :lnd
1 I tt in w lile and i..t in my whole t. !
This in. trvi loiis " iM-oivi iy ' ni ik. s
iiere force and rui d power. It i- far
bt iter than oily eniul-iiais ; i: dois not
make flabby f it, it d'K h not incrtas.e the
i.'einht of coiHilent pcujd.
the bri:- !:. I caught tu.ell . r .' i 1 1 -. se
of the tawny skin a few lYi t further
on. aia.iii .it it ijiiiekiy an! ittd. I !.
1 1. ! t.L' i .' ro 1 1 1. i ! . aii! sank s ! o w : anion";
the bo.-h. -. It looked as t hoio-h it !a
erotiddi'V for a 'pi hii' wht u I .oiked
my wa to it, its face toward me. and
the lite in its eyes, not et dead. A
moment later tin di hir-t through
the brush and buriid hi- teeth in tlu
cat's neck without a moment "s he-ita-tion.
That hound i of the .lo-h Cult
breed, a strain known throughout tliis
lecion for hoiiity. L'aiuene.-s and
y. tit . M a ny a j.'ood (!ol- w ill lli nd. from
a wildcat, dead or alive. Hut thi ore
went at it ;i- though he had nier
ki.own any other kind of lui-ines-."
The dead wildcat mea-ured four feet
!i and a half inche- from tip to tip
and stood vi inches; h!'h at ti:. .-hoii!-
def. The hide is Im-MIIT tllO'llitid ffi!
.ImLo. Crane. N . Sun.
Mfeneeil (he (Mlieloux Mnn.
'Mu le w.i- a !ai-L'i- crowd on an uji
lown llioailuiii corner t he oi h.f even
in:: d n-ely 10.1--.1! aiound a pro-tiat'-fiuiu
in the street, and llptoeine to s
our the c'o-ely packed -holi!l! tv of
the people in front.
A tall, imporlat.t-looh.i.e- man
dash, d up to the throi Lr and cried in a
loud nice :
"Vh t'on't oil e.iiifoiu ;ded idiots
moe back and L'ive t he ina ti a cha nee
to breathe'.'"
hereupon a -ma!! Mil.
iati frenile
I up:
:' I' '- dead.
man in t he f rent row pipi d u
"lb U'W ra. it'- a hot - . aid I
vo it i -! "
r.d t he 1 . forme;- l as-ten,
4 1. :ea l' (i Ti ti e-- II i ; a a.'.
m L t 11 nl I o in I 1 1 1 11 f I ri r I i ( i 0 11 .
A man. recn t ! b-ft .1 w id u er. w hi 1.
arranclnir f,r hi- lit.- w ItY'- temb-toi.. .
:.:ae order- that t he b tt. vli - d .o;il,
of a -tated si.-. At 1 h,. bottom of tl.
stone he w i-h d to have the v. ofd- :
"herd, -he was Thin- ." The stonema
son said he was afraid tl. ie would not
be room for the word.-, but the b- reaved
widower iiui-ted. nt'd the ca r I r r w a -put
in hat d. The on ect m - - of ?!
mason's view was ju t'lud. f. r -wlu'ii
ll'.e struu- wa- tiulsii. d tit th(- foot of the
tablet wen- the words; "Lord. -I.rwa
1 li in." Ch lea 'jc ( 'h mrdde.
lnln"n 1 n I - noil Jelurj-.
Only oice in their l.i-tcry tis a na
tion l.ac the Sjiauiaids achieved a
raval xletory. T!,at was at the battle
cf Li par. to, in l.71. wht n, with ihe nic"
Of Vi :. liau.- and (b ioese, tltey an
r.'liihif .a! the Tu;b h fled.
K'-;'uril !;5 ol Atso
I' i ; . 1 s ' t a ' s arc ic-p. n-il !c for 1 1 t
si( ku. -s, - 1 11 til 1 t.fid death-- than a'i
o: In 1 1 rr 'us ol the ho v
A majo' i y of tin- 1! s dll til pi i p
lo'Uy is t raccab!'-to kidney tioub'e. Ii
pu vadi all h-.Ks' - i,f si eiely, in al' cli
mates, ic e,, ,, afc, se or conditio:',.
The symptom, d kidney troubh: are
ittiinistaki idi'e, iti 'h a- rln utntit i-m, lieu
lilL'ia, sli pl"ssni ; pait) 01 dull i.ci.e in
the5 back, a liisue lo uriiiHte dten dav 1
ni'jht, profuse or M-anly supply.
I'l ic ;u id. or biiekdu-: depoit it: nrim
me sietjs d i lolled kidniys, eai bin'
poisonm anl ci ini-lilled blood. Num
times the he.ilt nets badly, and tube CH'U
(wasting of tin kidmys) arc found in Ihe
111 inc. wh'u Ii if neglec ted will rinub in
Uriaht's Disease, the most daneirou.
form ol kidney trouble.
All these symplotn-, atal conditions! me
(iroiiiplly removed under the ir.tlm nce of
Dr. Kilmer's Hwanip Hoot, It htis a
world wide reputation for ts wnnderfu
cures of the mot distrecsin casii n.
"o one rued be long without .t us it Is
po easy to t;et at any ding More nt fjlty
cents or one dellnr. You can have a sam
ple bottle of this wonderful discovery,
Swamp-Hoof and a book tellioi: all about
t. both ent to you absolutely free b'
mail, hood outddrcs to Dr. Kim.
fc ('., llinghnmpton, N. Y , and kirn
mention that you read this; liberal after b
in tnis pnptr. I
TV Jftt
I Ah Inut'iiliiii. Illcctrlctil lletlee fur
VI it it I iik nl HU'i' 1 1 ml i'i
l. it ii Odd T:i lile.
An.oug the battered ib.t.-aui and
jt 1-am that I a- neci. in 11 la ! etl in a n
oi.d-l.anii st.uiw in .New Orb an-, t-uy
the Ti lues-1 )e mi ,i-1 at , is a shabby round
table with a curious sient. and t...
doubt a .-1 i II more en rio u - I. i - t o- . Tl .
top was oi.ee covered Wlih jM'ii'll bib
liai'i! ilotli. which is, wiiii to tatter
and di-diccs a .-ttd plate -.-t p; the
centi : and p rhaps ti u ii c.'h - -ijuaic.
The whole top is loose an) can lie n -inovid.
1 e a I i a 11 in t rior s pai'e con
taininr a hor-e-hoe 111,1;. 1.1 wnuitd
with a wire and coni.tctid wilh an ar
mature, vi iv touch like tt.it of an or
dinary ti it . raph in-t rum. A clo.-c
ca tti i n;. t b . n -how.- an ! ...an d wit e
Mil 1 I i.i ii..w n on- of tin- 1 e s to f.
small 1. noli - r button, pt ot riding on
the i.lit-I'ii . V. hen the top i.- in place
tLe still ).!..; e re-ts e'iiict'y ov er tio
im.L'i t.
'i hi- dun "'! i'tce i- oviil.iincd
cb.irlv !.'.!. e, ly it- pre-ci.t owner.
"It i- :: iIVi. table." he said, "on w Iiich a
lot of :.. ..ay ha- la i n w on. hen it
wa- in 01.hr '.hire wa- a j:ood--ied
ba 1 1 1 ry i 1 - ide co n 1 1 ct ei! with 1 1; c ma v -net.
! . n the hi. oi on the b - wa,
I f -d the current wa- turned on. and
that mad. ' -1,., p!.,;e ma-.-ndu'.
'i ' di.-c : . 1.--..! with it had small
tta tal .'! I on one f..ec. aid a- loi-r
',, 'I'" ciirr.-i wa.s (.1 td y i atiirallv
f M 1 i at dd. (',,w :. in ,, t he knob
r iea- I th. y w. u!, fall any way
.!.. y '.at ei d to c ,me, so d! that was
nt ei a ry i . . r t !.. ope ra t . .r t o obi w a to
t-e p hi- I ne on t he button and hi
could ab-dntdy control hi- play."
lloiiii-M unit I'aelorle Itemlereil Suler
Iriilii l)leiisi' I 'I heir
I '.fi'o r Im.
It is a in nLM,i( 1: fact that the rc
.sn atchis. of M. I'asti ur have s.;it d
many millions of f ram s to t he l'i ench
people by showing tl.ein how to guard
against the pests of their herd.-, fields
and r.e.;irds. be.-idei- reducing to a
remarkable extent the mortality ii;
their ho-pitn!s, and both the medical
practice and the hygienic habit s of all
civ i lied 1. a t ions' a re sha ring 1 he-- bi n
efits, :iy s Youth's Companion.
'1 he courses of biology in our college.-
now include some knowledge of
bacteriology , and t here i re r.peeia I pro
v isu.u.s for st udi n t s w ho w IsJi t o follov.
thi-i fruitful branch in tiie labora
tories:. Happily for all the p oplc. tl'e
result- of -udi ii 'uirie- become a
part of com in on know Ii i.'L'e en w Iriie
the proc---e- are -;i:i ana.nr the my
t 4' !'!e- of - e ie I ce.
'I'hou-ai 1!- of homes ano fact 01 it -
i I'e -Ki fe f f t -on 1 d i-K a - p! (ui la it:Lr geft:. -
becau-c of the -prt ad of a kind ot
kt;ow!i.!ee which i-i ipdte -uptiiida'
The fa.'inei- ?pi ii:k.i- j ai i- . -, , :! ,, .,
hts pot at o in. - ; the hou- -I... p.r In y -
of the drui-ei-t a bottle of cat bold
acid, or .-o:ue be ; t r d ' i ; I . ctat t ; the
Iltine. Ul .'el- the u, U-i-ht of the phy
hici;. n. I ri a t .- the ('iph! he: it ic pal i -n ;
wit!: antitoxin: and- in ( ;,.-!, ca .,. th.-v
ot: ly n d t o n ne'er-1 ;, 1 d t i.:r t Jo - e - 1, ie
t-t a nee-. 1 '. --: roy pa ra -die I ' fe. I , ; -hap-
tl..- few w : - on. -, w I .. ht.ow at
1 at co-t the fruit of M.jem-e and art
are biooL-ht within eommoi, n-adi.
loti.v hav 1 heir own ipd t dim-klc at
the comp.'ai 1 t.t. I'laim of "pot.u'ar in
I rail i' liiesii. ii I'eoiilc Meli "iii.k--1
lilll.-H Vllll.es ' lit 111 iii-4ir
I. I .1 i I' II I O II .
Ihe j m 1 1 p'e of 1 .':-.: 1 1, aie v r y po
ii'.e. 1 1 1 v ei - p ! 1 1 e t ) at t hey ; ot i p. I ! e
(p.i( nt y lull u o'ovv a t ii!lcidc "pon 1 In m
s' i v 1- . I ; i.-el to be told i i. that i t y
tii.it a - : : ,. i. v . r w a - . . ; 1 a 1 c 1 a - -1 1 . .
the g rea t lu ide.- that - pan - the I h be.
and n-h'd a native to diiect i:im to a
cert all: church w hit h he v. i-hi d to liud
" !h a : iy . my d :. t - i . ." -..1 a : i.. I )i , .
il. i..-;-. bow i n : . w . "I e-t !'. 1 . . 1 1 a 1 1 y 1 u
say it. b it 1 1 a an,.! t. I! y ..id
Ti.e -' ra "ar pa- - d i-u. ! i 1 1 ie - a r
prlsed at t h i. v ( .. ; n .- a::- w . r t o ;, it:.
pl" t:i -t 'or. He had r.-. . - ,.. ,! but
a ho: t d!--iance wi n l . rd hnr-
rii d foot . : i p- ii, h i i.d h i m. ;. nd. t urn it'"
round, saw- the same 11 an running to
catch up w i t h him. j
In a moaiint hi- pi: :-ai r w a -1 by hi ,
s'd..', his breath marlv ..tie, but I
( noitgh left to say , hurt ii d.ly : "My dt ar 1
sir. ou adu'd mc l;ow oti could tim! !
the ehurch. ai d il p;.ined me to havej
to j-.'iy that I din' not Know, .lm-titow '
I met mv 'orother. but I "tieve to s?iy
that he did not ht.ow either." I
I m.i.-ile of '-a 11 1 1 11 un I'i iixIim
.beeih li. ( haiubi riaiu. of the Mos- I :
ton Tran-eripr. who w. 1.1 throueh the
Siintiiieo e;i m pad n . writi-': "It can. 1 J
truly be ;aid i'or t he hb ad l tubancIi-:
mate,' which we made deadly by ihe i
way i livid in it. thiit ali troubu s of ;
the respiratory (uy.iiis asthmas, catarrh.-',
co'di ', brouehil i-, s. and th-;it
sort of thini lisappi kited into tlic j
iniu. swti i, M-a-n jit a;rot tlie :u
t ::i tri mountain rov i n.ce as soon as w
trot there. There w eix- some of us w ho . '
felt as if we had iiev t r bi ca t lu d a per-
fectly fne breath before we cliniUd '
thoi-e preen hills, asiyet Utipoll 11 Ud by i
war. I wonder where els' men who '
ii.ni uii n ioi ii iiiM i.iiani; i iiicMiii me (
lip-litest provocation could have slept ,
one cold nipht after another 011 tUwup .
ground and in clothes and boot tnt-
urated by rain? torms and bv tlie ford- ;
inp of rivers, ami nver have taken ,
cold, at all? As to malaria. I think it
1 1.1- . .y. .
1.1 oii.iuir 01 prooi inai mere 1 more
of it in eastern MasMaehui't-tta than
there is in Santiago province."
Deserted CiI(mU In India.
A remarkable fcttture of India 1a ti.
r of dewrted capif.''. There
m. If? than three old TVlhls, all
. to onrh other ac3 touth of ihe
A drutrtjt i;i M.tcom, Ca., svs: "I
have so!J a large ipnr:t:ty oi Mother's
i:riendt ...ivl have tv-vcr 1 rov :i vn in
Mancc vlutc it has tailed to proJu:-j the
good rc-itlr claimed I'or it. All women
ap.rec thr;? it make J?bor shorter anJ less
Iff rrri
Mother's Friend
is not a chance r'?rry. Jy. Its good I.eets
are rc.vJi!y experienced hy nil txpeetant
mothers v. ho use it. Years ao it passed
the experimental stae. While it always
horrens lahf'r r.nJ lessens the of
delivery, it is also of the greatest benefit
during the earlier months of pregnancy.
Morning sickness and nervousness are
readily overcome, and the liniment reiaxes
the strained muscles, perrr.ittin; them to
ex pan .1 without causing distress. Mother's
1 rienJ gives grcot recuperative power to
the mother, anJ her recovery is sure and
rapid. Danger from rising and swelled
breasts i.j dime away with compldJy.
So.'j hy drucists far $1 a bottle.
StuJ f'.r o-r lr-c i!;.. ,:rav-;l ly k .i ii;.- tt.t m'tli'rs.
e TQ
Ir.rke.! ... ,,. ,1,,. i,,t.
erl i.r Nn. I'n ei. I la Mini
loo i n r Ash,
Cardinal Kiehard allows I'.iri-ians
anting la nt a n nimen that is not very
hard. I ncy may have meat every day
exe.-pt 'i i nevday a ml I'riday s, t houfrh
la v , r m. at and li-h at 1 he saiim ivpa-1 ;
1 i:i-r-' 'very day. except d u ri i j 1 he !at
three day .-. and the p,,or are authori.ed
to use fat for their coohin. We are
here very tar from the extraordinary
lenimen lh.it once reded Paris in tliiri
matter. 1 p t o t he very moment of tlto
rcviduliou it was. the pre feet u re of po
l"ce that f itci d a la t.t .: dirt on Paris,
and a very nVorou- oi..- ;t wa-. The
butcher-' -h ips were do-ial ar.d. the
j Oiice 'p.- .t their i days, in no.-iuir
roui.,1 : !., Lit chci .- to if 1 hey smelbd
meat., li w .- 1 iiu -. a- h'-tory 1 ccorils.
Maroins dc i'.a'.'d'i'emout leu her Kitch
en uiva
ili lli
1 1 w a-
tV. d con-
vt aii
vail, w ! :
li.-eattd for the bem tit of the Holed
Dieii, which alone had ii.c X i i v 1 1 i-l' e o f
po.-.-( .--ii i.i- it i:i la '::t. a i.d thi-, of
cours , lor tin.- urpi -e of dealing it
OUt t I) the -id-..
Iii IIIm I'I.kc.
Tin- a ui i'or 1 if "( a 1 .1:0 u a nd ( 'aini-ru,"
"a war artist ;it ;!:.- front" ir. ub.t,
says that after the nest met dn of the
Maine. I 'at !n r ( 'had w ich. her cha pl.ih:.
could b s en y "I 1. i' !.e r a : 1 ' : ii i t lu-r,
liow ot; the- .-ho!'.- ami now ; tb.at. c:i.
ire,- for th' boch-.- ri eovefei! f r 1 11 the
wreak, aid hcttin.' ooen ail po--:b.e
i; o ; - vv hi !: ;i adit it 'u! to t ;. 1 ' ; ; ,
t iiica t ioi.. lli..' ' r , ',: '.- aiou- a ; : i :.
d' i a t ie:i b ;. - i -1 a 1. 1 . . a si an., n the
Ja,-,.:::. 1 aot.
I' i ! : W ed- to
'. ' d. "I , :ti.'t
1 1 .
.').:!. at
shake 1
said lu .
1 : ot; l
w i 1 Ii
Hll (
is. no
- a
: 1 t ' 1 ! I .
sir." "Aii. my dd."
"V i : I : tied, tie Wit I
I'll o.-c the M a i !U ." "
it wa-, the i':.h; i:i
io v
- o. t .1 .
to I
.-'oeii afti r !
ll.uiiii I'lir'aitli'ii li 111- Itnec.
'Ii.c "di; - wh'dil;a- com. oviri'.y-ron'.-j
fame i rihiny 'y idu-t rated ,y
the tcpot t 1 hat (if the sj i.o... r:e. ded. f...
tin' pt'iipc-.d ir ott is trie r.t nt .b'-r..'e"u
only ??J.'i la- b.-fii s ,!,.-:;! d. a r.d
1 ha i i I i- p' 1 '! .a bio t ha 1 t :: J : . ;' t will
1. altandoncd. In al! (Jreat Pritafn
thepe is no adcijfate- monnmeist to the
pool. who. in ti e opinion of hi", con-trnipoi'i'rie-.
w a - tl c ;rrentt l'rtg!!rh
bird 're hrt hp T"1 fi'C.
It t.i ttei to p-ex rve he.i'lh limn to
elite di-. a-e. Theiefoli, keep V our bl.iod
pure w I, 1 1, . - s S ,t -.j ar ilia aid be nl-
1 W.lV s Will
''-" 0' . i,
In F vi r y 0; r of
Yhf earth's Best,
. ' ,
.',V 4
' .j)? W ff f v
' ''S fjf ? fMfi
jgf .yV Aty '3
' j
' KSf J
! Sr
t 4&
For Lttuu.li d.I UDeral Cleninc
LLur.Suvin, Kconotnirsl, Iwiutt Lonct,
anJ it the Purest an.1 I'.ent Soap
Atk jour (inn-er f.r "ATLAS " 8op.
fa m
r w If

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