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WHOLE NO. 1049.
Corrected April 21, 1M-9
Vheat, white ?u
Wheat, rod ?n
0tn -h
Hie to
Corn, old ear 1
Prn. shelled
Potatoes v&to
liuckwhiMi to
Uan to Gl.',
per bu . T.t6i. i
Clover Seed 4.00 to 4 to
Hutter !&i
Rtrirt HK3H
Honey 10
Onions, perbu.. .. 4,3
Ureen Hides tW&m
DreBsed l'ork S.fxXfM 0
Live Pork
Drst'tl iieef Oti'i (tfc 07
Live Ileef
Mutton, droeced M
Live Mutton '
. Live Cblckena
DresBed Chickens JJ.
Live Turkeys 0?
Live Ducks 7'-
Live Oeeso ?
Veal. Live '
Veal, dressed r
A. W. Wright, Alma.
J. 11. Be aver, Ithaca.
W. S. TrRCK.'Alina.
U. S. Ward, Altua.
CouiprlHlng the
lirtu of
Wm. S- Turck & (5
CahiT. Aes't Catthit-r.
Established 1S33. TratiBiict a Ucueral Dauklug
Safety Dcpocit Boxce for Rent
jTJl Best Tooth, $4.00,
uHmS $6.00 and $8.00 poi
FilliuR and Preserving the Natural
Crown and Bridge Work a specialty.
Spring Has Gome
bringiug with it a beautiful
line of bright new
I have some of the finest
creations in Millinery ever
shown in Alma.
Baby Bonnets
Sailors Caps
Walking Hats
Flowers Ribbons
Chiftons, otc.
I kindly invite you to call
and prove thealove statment.
Do not buy until you call and
inspect our stock and prices.
N. B. Mrs. Butterfield, my
trimmer, is kept busy with orders
and is giving splendid satisfaction.
Look Dill.
Or Anything in the
Jewelry Line.
Call and see me as you will find my
prices right.
Special attention given to repairing
of all kinds.
First-class work guaranteed.
First Store East of P. O.
Glasses are no longer a sign of age.
That time is past. We have old people
who read without glasses and little
children who wear glasses constantly.
The object .of lenses is to relieve the
e es of strain and put them in a norma)
condition. If there is a defect of the
eyes it should be correc ted regardless of
the age. The longer it is neglected the
more difficult it is to manage.
I make a specialty of measuring the
eye and correcting "all" it defects.
I do not charge for consultation or
Dr. Cora B. Wxpon
Scientific Optician, Church Mock.
v Office hours: 9:00 to 11:40 a. w. l:uo
Co 5:00 p. m.
Sugar Beet
On and after Saturday, April 22nd,
1S99, the Alma Sugar Co. will distribute
Sugar Beet Seed
to its patrons from it Seed House in
Ama, Mich. Please apply promptly
and bring a bag to put your seed in.
Seed house is located on State street,
first building north of the opera house
block; directly in rear of Sharrar &
Mulholland's corner drug store.
We have just been advised by the
Michigan Agricultural College, that the
sample of seed we are furnishing our
patrons tested "thirty points above the
standard established by the seed di
vision of the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture,
Washington, D. C."
The Alma Sugar Co.
To Farmers Who Will Not Crow
Sugar Beets.
It is the utmost importance to the
farmers of Ottawa county and to the
business men of this city that the beets
to supply the beet sugar factory should
be raised within the borders of the
county in order to keep the money at
home. If these beets are not grown in
Ottawa county they must be secured
elsewhere. The season is advauciu
and the factory must soon close its con
tracts. Ottawa county farmers will bo
given the preference but if they do not
care to furnish the beets it will be neces
sary to go to other counties where the
farmers are willing to grow them and
the vast sums paid for theso beets will
be sent away instead of coming back to
be spent in trade in this city. The mer
chants will at once see the importance
to them that as much as possible of this
money be kept in the county.
For some reason the farmers of this
county are reluctant to contract to raise
beets. They appear to want to wait till
the let their neighbors try the experi
ment. It is desired that contracts with
every farmer be made because the
factory will be likely to keep on buying
of the men who start in with it. If a man
gets his ground in shape and raises a
satisfactory quality of beets the under
standing is that he will be given the
preference in making contracts there
after. All will appreciate how important it
is to interest the farmers in making
liberal contracts promptly in order that
they may receive the profit from the
crop and that the money may be circu
lated in this county instead of being sent
outside. The factory can get plenty of
beets. The question is shall they be
raised in Ottawa county or shall the
farmers and merchants of other places
have the benefit of the money 'r Hol
land News.
The above is also applicable to Gratiot
county farmers in a large measure. It
has been clearly demonstrated that there
is more money to be made in raising
sugar beets than any other crop the
farmers can raise, yet there are farmers
within one mile of the Alma Sugar Fac
tory who are afraid to plant over two
acres and some think they will not have
time to take care of any at all. They do
not reali.e that every dollar's worth of
beets raised in Gratiot county keeps
that much money at home and is not
circulated in some other county near by,
If it was a steel range or Bohemian oat
swindle there would be plenty to invest.
The Sajrinaw Presbytery.
A Special Meetlof to te held lo Alms la May-
Those from Alma in attendance on
the meeting of the Saginaw Presbytery
in Hay City last week report a very in
teresting meeting and considerable
amount of business transacted. A
special meeting of the Presbytery will be
held in May and Alma was chosen as
tbe place for holding the meeting. Rev.
Samuel Todd of Lafayette was elected
moderator and Elder Barber of Ithaca
and Rev. Samuel Megaw of Oiner, were
elected clerks of the convention. Both
Revs. Todd and Megaw are Alma Col-
ege boys as is Rev. A. L. Toner of
Ithaca, the outgoing moderator. Among
those to receive notice were the follow
ing Alma College boys : A. J. VonPage,
licensed to preach and Geo. A. Hill, re
ceived in to the care of the Prenbytcry
as a candidate for tho luinfctnry. In ad
dition to Rev. W. K. Spencer and Prof.
T. Kwiug, whom we mentioned nrt
week, Pres. A. F. Bruske and Harry
Porter were in attendance from Alma.
Sharrar & Mulholland are selling the
celebrated Dayton's Disinfectant Day-
tholeotu, a non-poiaououa'sure core for
mange, lice, ticks and all skin diseases
on farm live stock. As an effectual
sheep-dig and hog chulera cure it i
nneoualied. For reference rail on A.
B. VanLiew, foreman of A. W.
Wright's farms.
Lecture on "Lohewrrin".
Mrs. Rathbone Oarienter,the eminent
WagnGrian schollar and lecturer has
been secured by the music department
of tho college to give In r famous lecture
on "Lohengrin" at tlu college chapel
Friday evening. Mrs. Carpenter hv.a
spent several years in studying and
analyzing tho masterpieces of that
wonderful genius, Richard Wagner.
She has studied his literature, sang his
songs, and imbued herself with his
spirit until she has no equal in this part
of the country in Wagnerian lore. She
has spent some time at Bairenth, the
homo of tho composer, and has been the
guest of his widow. While primarily
intended for musicians, the lectures are
of interest to all. They have been given
just as often before literary clubs as
musical societies.
"Mrs. Rathbone Carpenter gave the
lirst of her series of Wagner lectures
yesterday morning before members of
the St. Cecilia society. Tho lecture was
well attended as Mrs, Carpenter's lect
ures are always occasions of assured pro
fit and pleasure. As a Wagnerian
Fcholar and lecturer Mrs. Carpenter has
few superiors. The subject, (first of the
Nibleiuugeu Ring,) was an immense
one, but so skillfull treated that the
poetry and grandeur of it appeared
equally to the professional musician and
the merest amateur. Mrs. Carpenter
posesses the rare gift of story-telling.
She can bo profound without being
dense, and humorous without being
flippant." Grand Rapids Herald.
Installed as Pastor.
The Services at the First Presbyterian Church
Last Evening.
Rev. W, K. Spencer, D. D., was regu
larally installed as pastor of the First
Presbyterian church of Alma on Thurs
day evening of this week in the pres
ence of a large number of the members
of the church and citizens. The services
were in charges of the Rev. Samuel
Todd, tho newly elected moderator of
tho Saginaw Presbytery, and ho pro
pounded the constitutional questious
Rov. Edward K. Strong, pastor of the
Westminister Presbyterian church cf
West Bay City proached the sermon for
the occasion, while Rev. Otis A. Smith,
D. D., of Bay City delivered the charge
to the people and Rev. Jay Clizbe.D. D.,
of Alma delivered the charge to Rev.
Spencer. Rev. W.K. Spencer has become
very popular with the people during his
short stay with us and it is with pleasure
that we extend to him and his family our
best wishes. May his future with us bo
a happy and prosperous one, both for
himself and church.
Adelchic Public.
The Adolphic Literary Society gave
their annual public in the college chap
el, Monday evening. It, without doubt,
was the best ever presented to an Alma
audience by any literary society.
The program was opened by a piano
solo from Rubinstein by Miss Whiting,
the favorite pianist of Alma. An invo
cation was then given by Adolpb
Mr. Sanford's oration on the Initiatory
and Referendom Systems of Govern
ment showed great research and excel
lent logic. He brought oat the evils and
merits of both sides and ended by call
ing upon the audience to stand firm for
the Referendom system.
An oration on Beethoven by Mr. B
Walker was one of great work and pre
peration and he distinguished himself
indeed by his excellent production,
Miss Patterson sang in her usual pleas
ing and attractive way, but did not re
spond to the encore on account of her
severe cold.
Essay on Henry Drummond by Mr.
Martin was excellent. He traced his
hero's life from his early school days,
and showed how near he had walked in
the footsteps of his Saviour.andhow the
colleges had become from places of
recklessness and drunkeness to places of
Mr. Ronald's oration on Modern
Fiction was one of intense interest.
From the peal after peal of applause
which went up as ho took his seat
showed more plainly than we can dis
scribe how his production was written
and delivered.
The President's Address by Mr. Swift
on Plutocracy was oratorical and very
well written "for he brought the house
down" several times during his speech.
His language was tine and well chosen,
in all he eclipsed everything before
Mr. .1. McLandrfM Mtjg a vHal
solo which was Tory well reveired by
The mandolin club made their mark
this night for they wer repeatedly en
cored, which tbey gratiooily responded
Capable business men to take agency
for the Crown Acetylene Gas Machine ;
ready seller; best and most economical.
Crown Acetylene Gas Muchiue Co ,
Detroit, Mich. lW3-3w '
O ozxiloIn3.tIo3nL Sale
Two Sales in One
Our Linen Sale begins Friday, April 21, 1899.
Our entire stock of Linens, consist ing of Damasks, Unbleached Damask, Bleached Dai
Bleached Napkins, Linen Damr.sk Towels, II nek Towels, Unbleached Crash, Bleached C
table Padding, White India Linen, Black India LineD; also Dresser Scarfs, Lunch C
Side Board Covers, etc., etc. Kememb.-r Salt! ends
....In Three Days....
We will add to this sale our entire stock of Ladies' Muslin Underwear. Our patrons have
been waiting for the above sales and will ho greatly profited by the same.
n I Pettyjolin k Cl's Store
w Dm Goods
end Shoe
Pretty patterns in New Percales, Ginghams and Silk Novelties. A
fine line of New Tapes? ry Curtains. See them, they are beauties.
New Lace Curtains, a fine line to select from.
Try a pair of
ingrcc's Composite Shoes
For east!, style and wear
they have no equal.
$300 $3.00
Prints, (iinghams, Silk
Xoveltirs, Curtail, Bed
Spreads, Table Linens,
Towels, Orepons, Trim
minus, Silks.
Ladies' Shoes.
JVIen's Shoes.
Children's Shoes,
Offers Special Bargains This Week
Carpets, Settings mi Ladies'
All-wool Ingrains oTie, now $
Tailor Made Suits only BMW
Tailor Made Suits only $12.00
Tailor Made Suits only Lr.00
Tailor Made Suits onlv $S.00
Conic in and sec them. The largest line in the county
to select from.szs2'
- We Can Fit You
and save you money. We also have the linest line of HATS in the city. All up to
date styles and prices right.
10 I Ladies' $3.00 Shoes at 2.25
.) Ladies' $2.. r0 Shoes at 1.9S
Conic and look them oyer.
Ladies' $4.00 Shoes at. . .
Ladies' $3.50 Shoes at. . .
15o Salmon per can H'c
lUe Corn per can ,...'
lOe Beans per can 5e
Bet place in town to trade. (iive us
one call and ) ou will be one of our customers.
Department Stores, AInw.
A i V i

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