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It is not
that Foley's I Ioney
and Tar will cure
Consumption or
Asthma in ad
vanced stages ; it
holds out no such
false hopes, but
does truthfully claim to always give comfort and
relief in the very worst cases, and in the early stages
effect a cure.
What a prominent citizen says:
Messrs. Foley Co., Inijiaxatolis, Isn.. March 2398
Gentlemen As a result of continued exposure I contracted a terrible
cold which fjrevv worse rapidly until my physician said I had all the symp
toms of hasty consumption. All the physicians' remedies were valueless,
as were several proprietary preparations, until" a friend recommended
Foley's Honey and Tar, and while I had lost faith in patent preparations,
yet I took her advice and be.in taking it. In a few days I began to im
prove, at first rather slowly, but before the first bottle was gone I was
much relieved. The second bottle completely effected a cure for which
1 am truly grateful, ami take pleasure in recommending it as the best
thing (r coughs, colds or lung trouble that I have ever known.
J. F. SMITH, b06 Harrison Street,
Councilman !th ward. Indianapolis, Ind.
Worked together in perfecting BANNER SALVE, the cure for cuts
or wounds, for sores of all sorts, for all ailments of the skin and for Piles.
It's guaranteed to cure. Your money back if it doesn't.
Ontg )rtDS.
I,c 12. Mrs. Dora Hale, of Lodi,
California, arrived here on Thanks
j;i ing day and stopped at her brother's
Dan Miles', whom slit had not seen
for twelve years, and Dan knew her
not. She will visit relatives and
friends best - and a round St. Johns and
Ann Arbo; a c r.iple of month- and
then ivlwni to ( 'alifornia. Mrs. Hale
formerly lived near St. Johns.
Mrs. Ilender.shot and son, formerly
of Finer. s n, are visiting her sister.
Mrs. Corbet, and her niece, Mrs. K'cin
inett. Her home is now in Lansing.
The Cinsad'T band has made their
headquarters at the Daggett school
house having held forth there the
past week and expect to remain sev
eral weeks more. Their efforts have
been without success as yet. though
thTe is much need of revival here.
Clayton Ilrowti raised one acre of
sugar beet s which he pitted ami has
tried ever since they were harvested
to gel orders to ship 't hem, but ha ing
failed is now feeding them to his
stock. There are more that will be
ftdifno! ( ideied soon, whiv h. ill uiir
opinion, pays better or brings better
returns than shipping to the Alma
Sugar Co. When a load of from forty
to tifty bushels will not weigh a ton,
or when it takes from twenty-four to
thirty ftundred pounds for a ton,
somebody is getting beet and the
other fellow is getting beat. Beets at
all other factories are testing from
fourteen t. eighteen per cent while
here we have not heard of any beets
that tested thirteen percent.
Henry Hard has inoed to F.recken
ridge to work in a wagon shop this
Mary Koehensparger is visiting in
Ohio, that King her home in child
hood. Parties from Ohio have lought the
Khulen Howard sixty acres and have
moved onlo the same.
Dec 12.--Mrs. Harriet Haner, wife
of Win. Haner. died Decemlier 10 of
cancer, aged ;. years. She was buried
in t''i -North Star cemetery December
12. Kev. Hoof othciating. Deceased
leaves a hwshand liesides a large circle
of friends to mourn their loss.
Timot by Smith has moved back onto
Ids place and intends working it the
coining year.
Henry Camp has rented the. Jewell
farm and moved onto the same.
The Washington Center Evangelical
society ;ue preparing to build sheds, a
much needed improvement.
Jas. niiynard, of Midland county, is
here looking after the interests of his
Mr. May,' who has moved onto the
Iiowker place, is puttingup an ashery.
Flick niiynard is remodeling his
house which adds much to its appear
Djc.r Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy and
Mr. and Mrs. Hurt, of Liingsburg,
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. (Will
Kan last week.
Jennie Scott returned home Satur
day, after a week's Lit .. I lit Tciul 1 VCo
i Owcsso.
1)11 Mattes in wa the lucky man to
g.3l the L. O. T. M. carpet.
F. S. Nichols ff Mndij' f"" A !'.'!Mn
John Scelcy moved John Scott's
house Monday.
D H Smith reU"nd to hi- stucllca
at Albion college, Monday, after a
visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs.
John Smith.
Hen Scott visited relatives In De
troit last week.
Do-:. -The funeral of Mrs. D.
I.ailey. who lived near this place, oc
curred at her late home, Thursday,
November .".nth. The diseased has
been a great sutferer from cancer.
Her remains were laid in the l'rich
ard cemetery. Kev. Wiley, of the
Methodist church olliciaLiag.
I. II. Church has gone to Indiana.
He expect to return about the holi
da s.
I. P. Taylor has a new and up to
date gas light in his store.
A young man from Ashley, while
attending church, Sunday evening,
!ot his best girl. She skipped with
the other fellow. A lady's coat was
found in the road a short distance
froai the church. The Ashley fellow
was very wroth and would probably
furnish further information.
Dee. II Mrs. John Sweet and
daughter. Mrs. Amy Stewart, of Ith
aca, were visiting friends in this vi
cinilv, last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. II P.aker are in
Saginaw, this week. Mrs. piker is
delegate to the Supreme Arbor of the
A. O. O. (I , held In thatcity, and Mr.
IJaker is visiting friends there.
Mrs. Alice Stewart, who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fd
Uellows, has returned to her home at
Miss Alia Smith, whu has been vis
iting her parents here, has returned
to the Mt. Pleasant Normal.
Mrs. Jerry Vorhels and mother, of
Ithaca, called on Mrs Cordelia Crosby,
last Friday.
IJjrn to John Heeiuer and w ife, on
Sunday last, a girl. A boy was born
the snue day to Andrew Dinman and
Robert Prown Is rejoicing over the
arrival of a baby girl.
Mrs. Mary. Seamen's two nephews,
who have been visiting her, from
Ohio, are now working in the sugar
factory, In Alma.
Dec. 1.1. Flzic Jason is grading his
A- F. Buckingham has secured a
school near St. Louis.
Wiu. Foster was called to Ohio to
attend the funeral of his brother.
Samuel Smith, of Ohio, Is visiting
his daughters, Mrs. I. Foreman, of
Ithaca, and Mrs. Klla Isham, of Seth
tori. Also his brother, William.
Neri Shrider visited friends here a
few days ago. He still resides near
C. J. Chambers and family have
been visiting friends and relatives in
Grand IUnids the past week.
A literary has been organized at the
school house with J. W. Chambers
Mr. Steele, of the Culy school, will
hold an old fashioned spelling school
In the n?ar future.
K. Buckingham has been at Flsle
the past week.
i Dec. 11. Clint Fox started for ()
ccula county Monday to work In the
Fred Smith was kicked by a horse
last Saturday and hurt iultc badly.
A Koon Cloar Brain.
Your best feelings, your social posi
tion or vusincss success depend largely
uu the perfect action of your stomach
and L'ver. Dr. King's New Life Pills
give increased strength, a keen, clear,
biain, hi,h u.b.Uvu. A 25c box will
make you feel like a new being. Sold
by Sharrar & Mulholland, druggists.
Dec. 12-Mrs. Cap Mc Pride and
two children, ot North Star, visited
relatives in this city, Monday and
Morton DeCou, of Pueblo, Colorado,
ai rived in th's city Saturday. .
Walter DeCou, aged Zl years, died
Saturday of tuberculosis. The funeral
was held at his home on Deleware Ave
nue, Monday p. in , and remains In
terred in the city cemetery.
Carl Drury, who has been visiting
relatives and friends in this cifv for
the past t AO weeks, returned to ids
home In Cleveland Monday.
"Self preservation is the lirst law
of nature," and to take Hood's Nar
saparlla on the lirst appearance of im
pure blood is an important step to
ward self preservation. It makes
rich, red blood and insures good
Hood's pills are non-irritating, mild,
Dec. 111. -Mrs. C A. ("leaser and
daughter, liernice, of Sunlield, spent
Thanksgiving and last week at the
home of her parents.
J. W. Doane is attending court at
Kev. F. 15. Hutl'man, of Pethany,
V.' . t Virginia, is vh it ing frh-nds here
for a few days.
Kev. Jelferson. of Alma, held service
here last Friday evening.
Silas Moody is building a barn for
Dr. IX. J. Davison.
Wednesday, December Ft. istheitlst
birthday of (Jrandma Pandolph. She
is well for it-of her age and sits and
sews 11 net of the time and that with
out wealing glasses. She can thread
a needle as quick as any girl.
Mrs. Silas Moody has been having
her house repapered and painted, Mr.
Parks doing the work.
Several cases of mumps in this neigh
borly kI.
Dr. Da isou reports thesearlet fever
about done with.
Dee. !th A bee to clean up church
and draw gravel for the sheds, rived
things up in tine shape.
Gratiot can boast of tine weather and
roads so far this fall.
Twelve saws at work on the wild
eighty and several more to follow.
One man with a four horse power saw
ing machine.
Jack Wiley and wife have moved to
Ithaet. Jackson Pilchards and wife
will run the farm.
II. L. Laycock, of Ithaca, was
through our town last week working
in the interest of the Gratiot Journal.
II. D. Curtis and Sid Peechler were
In town working for the IIkkald.
Pert Kice is finishing his husking
with t he com busker.
Cora Dodge lias returned to Mt.
Pleasant to work.
Charley Weller ha- returned from
the west.
Fred. Stead made a short visit at
the farm and returned to Spring Ar
bor Monday.
Charley Crego Is at woik for Geo.
Crom by the month.
Henry Collett and family enter
tained company from Newark and
North Shade. There were eighteen
that, gathered at his iiuner table last
Claud Miller announce a night can
foetal at his school house , at Washing
ton Center next, Friday evening every
body invited.
The Fulton Center Farmer's ehib
meet Jan. 1 with Mr. and Mrs. Jay
Walker in Washington township.
An oyster diunerwill be one the main
features of the day with usual club
woik. Oliver Challin, representative
of the state will be presjnt.
The Crusaders went to Mapleltapid-'.
Dec. 12 A new boy is reported at
Frank Creaser's.
Protracted meetings at the Evan
gelical church.
A. Clark and wife and Mrs. G. M.
Kuppert have been visiting St.Johns
K. McClure has a new corn crib.
There was a grand bee Friday, to
gravel the sheds at theCcnter church
Chicken thieves are reported in
these quarters.
Dec. 12. Ed. Schurr has returned
from Saginaw, where he has been
spending a week with friend and rel
atives. The surprise party at Geo. Feder
splcl's was well attended and enjoyed
by all.
Jas. Prownelldid business Id Prcck
enrldge Saturday.
Mrs C. Mead spent a few days with
her mother, Mrs. 11. Loud 1 v.
Baldwin. Ga.. Sept. II,
Dr. J. 11. M Lean's Liver and Kid
ney B.ihn cured tnv wife of dropsy
after four physicians had given her
up to die.
J. F. Ma I nt 1 nr..
For sale by 11. J, Ciiawfokd.
Bmi iU M Kind Yoa Have Kl'vars Bought
"Every Weil Man
Hath His III Day."
A doctor's examination
might show that kidneys,
liver and stomach are normal.
Bat the doctor cannot analyze
the blood upon which these
crgans depend
Hood's Sarsaparilla purifW, Titalizf
And enriches the blood. It curea you
when ' i bit on'' or wmn bei.aiy
afllicted. It never disappoints.
Dyspepsia " My husband had dypiej
ela hihI Pood's Sarsaparilla cured him.
Our little hoy was nervous and the hnhy
had ulcerous sores. It cured both." Mks.
Emma IIkhe, Portage, Pa.
Indigestion-" I could not eat for some
months on account of distress and indiges
tion. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured me so that
I can eat and sleep well." Mrs. (1. A. (Jcntz,
Taylor and Walnut !Sts., Wilmington, Del.
HnoV 11 1 In cnr Wvt-r UN ; ttm mm irritutifig stud
only t-Htli Arl.i- to tkw Willi I1m..1' S.trmn . ili
Married at the home of the bride's
mother, Mrs. Joseph Cook, PyroH Cur
tis and Bertha K. Cook, Rev. J. P.
P.ald win, olliciatiug.
Thomas Adams, whose parents re
side near Ilosebuh but who has been
in tin; employ ol Walter Whitou lor
seven month, was taken sick last
WYdru'sday ;it th Iihiiip of Thomas
WiMier and died Tuesday, of appendi
citis. He was but fifteen years of age
and the eldest sun His patents, who
were present, are heart broken. The
remains were taken to Rosebush Tues
day. The funeral takes place today.
Married by the Kev. Win. A. Tay
lor at the M. K. parsonage, Sunday
attemoon, Doc. loth, Mr. Wilson Zim
merman of Lafayette, Mich, and Miss
Edna May Cryster. of Navarino. N.
The revival meetings at the M.
E. church are still continuing and
growing in interest.
-Richard Knowliou is in Lansing
as county drlogatp to t h' state grange.
Philander SiMn, uf Edgewood,
in Montecello, Iowa, settling up his
brother's eKatc.
Dr. M. Weller, wife and son, of St.
Johns, spent Sunday with Dr. W. M.
-I. N. Cowdry his been in Mason
and Newaygo counties for two weeks
conducting a seriesof one day farmer's
ln-t itutes.
Renben Brown was home from
Alma over Sunday.
Mrs. A. Whitcomb, of Howell,
left December 5 fur Los Angeles Cal
ifornia, intending to penclthe winter
with her brother, S. P. Creasinger.
Marriage Licenses.
Byron N. Curtis, 2.", North Star:
Bertha E. Cook, -h Emerson,
('has. Reeves. 2t, La fa vet te:
Lulu J. Wright, 1. Newark.
Wilson Zimmerman, Laiavelte.
Edna May Cry.sler. K Lafayette
Wallace North Shade:
Rose Mar1 in, P, North Shade.
Nat haniel Jones, hi. E. Washington:
Alice Jones. l!, East Washington.
Royal M. Hyde, '11. Alma:
Lena Schwartz, iM, Alma.
Croup hi't iivlv r iieved. Ir. Thomas'
FiOloetric Oil. Perfectly mfe. Never
tails. At any drug store.
Just Saved His Life.
It was a thrilling escape that Charles
Davis of Howerston, O .lately had from
a frightful death. For two years a se
vere lung trouble constantly grew worse
until it seemed he must die of consump
tion. Then he began to use Dr. King's
New Discovery ati(l lately wrote: "It
gave instant relief and effected a per
manent cure " Such wonilerful cures
have for 25 years, proven it's power to
cure id throat, chest and lung troubles.
Price 50c and fi. pvery bottle guaran
teed. Trial bottles free at Sharrar iS:
Mulholland's drug store.
Women as Well as Men
Are Made Miserable by
Kidney Trouble.
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis
courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it Is not uncommon
for a child to be born
afflicted with weak kid
neys. If the child urin
ates too often. If the
urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
reaches an age when it should be able to
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
bed-wetting, depend upon it. the cause of
the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs. Thl3 unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of the
kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
most people suppose.
Women as well as men are made mis
erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
and both need the same great remedy.
The mild and the Immediate effect e1
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
by druggists, In fifty
cent and one dollar
sizes. You may have atilP-I"
sample bottle by mailfe
free, also pamphlet tell- r a of iwaonvRoot
ing all about it. Including many of the
thousands of testimonial letters received
from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer
2c Co.. Binghamton, N. Y., be sure and
mention this paper.
Dec. 12 Bert Knickerbocker re
turned last Saturday from a week'
visit in Ithaca.
Our enterprising furniture dealer,
S. W. Ingrahain, has already sold con
siderable furniture although he has
not all of his stock in yet.
Lathon Carr commences business in
his billiard and lunch rooms tins week.
Rev. A. T. Luther's boy fell and
broke his wrist while playing last
Dennis Baldwin returned last Fri
day from a two week's visit to Ionia
and Portland.
Clyde Waldo, of Alma, is making a
visit In town.
Lewis Brown was in Fowler Satur
day. II. D. Curtis, representative of the
1 1 Kit ald was I n town Friday and made
ye correspodent a pleasant call.
Many of our citizens donated liber
ally and Mrs. Mary Jones will soon
have a new lioue. It is nearly
shingled and floors are laid.
Frank Terwilliger is building an ad
dition on the house he lately purr ha- d
of Isaac Hewitt.
Henry McFarland was in Ionia,
Durand and Lansing on business last
Mis Minnie Stonebrook, of North
Shade, visited Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Ilorr
last Friday.
Oliver Blizzard is sulTering with a
lame back.
The Dcwe.v club gave their third
dance la-t Friday evening.
Younir & llonenuin 1 a. W. Milli'.'iiti
antl w lots l.a. 1I)1U 11 Hi ei-kcni itiu''?
V. K. McFitrUnd to A. V. W'ilU rt n'j nf
II W st'f ti I'ulton
M. StorUwi 11 to A. D. CluH; pt e'.i ..f mv
see North Slur...
It. HrooUs to II. C. Smith sc of sc sec 4
M. .1. Kinm.'itt to. I. 1 iti -'rii. 111 t sw'i
M'O I llltOII
.1. Kitiiinian to VY.C. Stitt ptsw'i sefJO
.1. Norton to 11. Maivott nw of in- li
Sll IllfUT
H. F. Wilson to II. Neweomb s'j of n'i of
lie sc 1'J New Haven
.1. V. Mevsucs to Ida C. Shatter lots lt;.
1!7, ltW Ashley
W. l'l inle to I'. Webb pt w'l of se sec
." A read a
II. S. Howard to K. M. Shonk pt ' of m
sec i W'tlhilttoll
II. Plowtield to M. A. l'lovier1 pt so sec
'1 New Haven
t". Wlertnaii to T. l'erry lot T blk
Win. N. Habcocii to A S. MCJrath lot -'A
Park Place K. Alma
It. F. Durfee to L. Turner pt sc sec -
T. II. Moss to 1. Murray lots 3, i, 7. !.
10 blk i: Mlddl. ton
A. Schni'ck to 11. Terrell n1 of ne sec 11
A.I-:. Hamilton to M. A. Sheldon ti'Jof
nw of in' sec ".) Klba
('. . Sharp to F. W. Hooper pt nw . '.
and pt ne sec A read
II. Weetlner to F. W. Hamilton pt nwof
ne sec pi Seville
(! II. Jones to .1. W. Vandeltnai k e' of
ne sec M Sevi'le
II L. Kneeland to M. Hill land in Si.
M. I. Strayer to W. II. St nrd i a nt pt
liw of lie se sec ti Milliner
I). V. I'hilps and wile to II. F. .lories pt
nw sec 1 1 Sn in in r
W. A. Markham to W. M. Harrier ne of
ne sec li Fmerson
II Fulton to (J F. (.'onlray lot blk I.)
V.. ( 'unnitiL'hani to (i. ('n nnlnvham pt
w!i of ne sec -js North Shade
T. (iilTord and wife to W. Markham pt
n w see '.Id mi inner
4 00
lOU t',U
The lat terms of Judge Daboll's
c v-t is ::i"ving rapidly aV-g. The
f.ilhiwing long list of cases was dis
posed of up to Wednesday noon:
( It I M 1 N A I..
The I'eoplo vs. .lames tiardncr; burglary.
Pleaded jrnllty and sentenced to one year at
The People vs. Iletsey Uandt 11 and beonard
Cannon; bewtl and l.acl vlous ( 'ohabil a( ion.
Pleaded iniilty and Cannon sentenced to
ninety days in county Jail. Kandell to on
year at I'ctrolt Houseof Correction.
The People vs. Alvie Ileavos; Iirceny from
the Person. Cotivlcctd and sentcneed to De
troit House of Correction fornix months.
The People vs. William II. Jones and Amelia
Kcnyon; Adultery. Continued.
The People vs. Fred Mont-.; Larceny from
a Dwelling House. Pleaded jrullty and sen
tencep to ime year nt. Ionia.
The People vs. Willard Snyder; Having
(uail In Possession. Nolle pro-sed.
The People vs. .lames K. Hyde ami bonis
Muller; Selling Liquor without a License.
Pleaded guilty ami sentenced to pay line of
10 each and costs $ 10.
The People vs. Fred Hudson; Selling Liquor
without a License. Continued.
issn: of fact ami law.
Lorenzo Squires vs. Daniel M. Sutherland;
Assumpsit. Nircause of action.
Lld.i Worden vs. Albeit (i. Lerelt, ri al.
Trespass o-4 the Case. On trial.
Alexander Parks vs. William T. Naldrett;
Trespass. Jury failed tonirree.
Fdward Drew vs. (Jeorve Firh'ston; Tres
pass on the Case. Continued by consent.
I ll A M'KH V.
Julia D-irolT vs. Furcne iMSrotl'; Divorce.
I lecree granted.
Peitha A. I lamer vs. Austin It. Hamcr. Di
vorce Decree pi-anted.
Mary Snyder vs. F.dwinC. Snyder; Divorce.
Deem granted.
David D. Johnson vs. Phylura Johnson; Di
vorce. iH-cree granted.
W lllls .loniison vs. Carrie .ioliusoii ; Divorce.
DtH'ree granted.
Orvllhi K'HIkiiiiii vs. Abram W. K'nixmrn.
Divorce. iKtin vi anted.
Milljr Krauss vs. Max Krauss; Divorce. Dc
Ciee Kiit..tld.
Mercy Hawkins vs. (ieo. Hawkins; divorce.
Decree granted.
Sylvia Koecher vs. Win. H. IviH'cher; di
vorce. Decree gruntel.
M. Imiyene tireen vs. iru Jetli-ry and James
Fj. Clarke; Foreclosure. Decree granted.
May ItartK r vs. Myron E. Harlier; Divorce.
mh ree gr.tnlcd
Wm. Moss vs. Ortle (i. fintes. Case dls-l.-lssed
with costs to defendant.
Contractor Wooley of Ann?
Arbor Makes a Public
Mr. Edwin Wooley, contractor and
caipenitr ol Aim Amor, udd.i ium oico
to that of the gn at army of Michigan
people w ho endorse the liUle compitror.
Our r'presnntiitive found litrn at bis
place of residence. No. G1S Fountain St.
Sir. Wooley sippiecmies a good tbiiig as
do n. o.st ii oiii' ii. dili-'i t.bd 1. w .. l
hesitate to tell his experience for the
benefit of others. Kudom-ineiit of this
kind lias mute Doau's Kidney Tills u
household word throughout the stuto.
The good they have done has won them
many a titlo and tuch worthy names
anif)Ug Ihe people as the -'little con
queror ot kidney ills." 'little cn"nie8
to backache," "modern wonder work
erp," etc.
Air. Wooley sujs: "I was (subject for
years 'o attacks of backache or pains
through the loins and kidney f, generally
of a dull, heavy, aching nature, but of
U u wheu ihe, weaiher changed oi vhv,u
I moved awkwardly they became sharp
twtngtsof pain As I was lioing work
whicu rt(uiifii hiw.piu,, i u.- vtiy
painful, exceedingly ho, if I cat:ght cold
which, as a rule, setiu a in my nuns, i
.ried various remedies but was never
hucetiSlu. in ob.uuiiiu :,,,y V ' '-l
beueiU until I used Doau's Kiduoy 1'ills.
Atthotimo my back was troubling me
a great deal but bhoitly alter I bcan
the treatment iho aching abated and
This is months ago and up to date there
has bet n no rccunencc of the trouble.''
Doiii.'., Kidiu , Tibs f-.i .s. ! : ?;
dcilers l'rtce ."0 o. )'-. M iil"d 'v Fos
ter Milium Co , iPift.LO. N. V. Solo
ntrents for the U S Hi'mcm1""' the
name Doau's ami takt; no substitute.
List Sunday, I'M Clark, bridb.i.md
former partner of (n-oije Ciai k, d St.
Louis, in tlie saloon business, and Chas
Mason drove up to the rear of A G.
Everett's salotai, where C.aik had
been employed and knew the. combi
nation of the sife. Clark cut out a
window pane, entered the saloon,
opened tbeafe, br ! e oj.n t h box,
and took the contents consisting of
mone) and ciie(.:K-, juuipcu into i.iie
bu'u'y ;md the two drove to Saginaw,
twenty eiu'ht miles, in two hours, it is
alleged. On their arrival, they were
promptly nabbed for cruelty to an
imals, searched, Everett's check dis
covered, Kverctt notified and also
Kemp the owner of i he team. Clark
and Mason were brought to Ithaca
Monday. It is expecied that they w ill
plead guilty when arraigned.
Paid Dear For His Log.
H I) Hlanton of Thackerville, Tex.,
in two years paid over ;no to floctors
to cure a runnimr sore on his lev. Then
they wanted to cut it off, but he cured it
with one box ot lUicklen's Arnica
Salve, (rtiaratiteed cute for piles. 25c
a box. bold by Sharrar oc Mulholland,
Somehow the more ou try to be,
funny the more prnpv rb.n'r 1-nib.
Kver.v family should h'-ve ie jo?T--e.
hold mediciue" chest tmd the tirst bat
tle should be Dr. Wood's Xorway I'ine
Syrup. Nature's remedy for coughs and
As a cure for rheumatism Chamber.
Iain's Pain Halm is paining a wide rep
utation. I). B. Johi.stoa vif Richmond'
Ind , lias been troubled with thn.t .dl
ment since 1S62. In speaking of it he
say: : "I nevt-.r fc..:- a:: that
would relieve me until I used Chamber
lain's Pain Balm It acts like magic
with me. My foot was swollen and
paining me very much, but one good
application Pain Balm relieved me.
For sale sale by Bivins & Rhodes, drug
gists. The Best Cough Remedy on Earth.
Warner's White Wine ot Tar
Surup, Consumption Cure, rcs
a cold in 24 hours if taken in time
and does not stop a cough in one
plinUte hY paralyzing the throat,
hut it cures the disease and leaves
the throat and lungs healthy and
strong. 25 ami 50 cts.
For S.ile hy SHAKliAi: & Mt'LHoLLAND
bu'-'-i --ur to 11 s. sVcUo.
Bean th 8 Hav9 ,a',s Bought
Do you think it pays to buy- the
best of all other eatables for your
table and then spoil the whole
meal by using cheap package
coffee? Suppose you try some of
the famous
and notice the difference. Sold
in bulk only, at 20c to 40c per lb
according to variety.

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