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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, December 15, 1899, Image 3

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Ottlce: I'oll-eaky Mock. Hour, Dr. Princl'
2hn to 5:iio p. m. Dr. Mveetland IO:(Ht a. in, to
m. ana 7:00 to y;(J0 p. ni.
1 A. HAtil.EY, riivfuiati hiuI Sureoa
j, onVt. Opera Hou!f Mock, onice-hour!;')
to .1 .:k) uiul ? to 8 p. in. DiM UM H of tin- f)'i" uiiU ear
a ppfcialty.
JF. SUYDAM.M. D., Phyfiflaii uiul Suriron
OtVuc opposite C'hure li block.
1R. N. F. Med.lNToN. (Jraduiitu of the
J" I'liivt-rnity of Michitnen. eic iuthI Pra-tU e
Otllce in the New l'olla.ky Klock. entire hours,
V:.iO t it a. in. ; I ::io to 4:m and T.oo u :iu p.
in. Nijftil falls t rt8iil n o ono mil wont of
U. E. T. LAM It. I'hyfl-ian and Surm'ou.
Olli. e opitte, leuUiT.
EAKLCJ. TOHKEY, Attorney at Law. JSj.rela
attention piven collections. Alum, Mich
TAMES U. KHEdS, Attorney ut Law and So
licitor In Chancery. Alfo C ircuit Court
Coinniliomr for Unuiot County, Michi'un.
Oilice In Heath Block, Ithaca. Mich
T K. HI NT. Veterinary Surgeon, (jraduatv
.11 of Detroit College cf Medicine and (iold
Mediil !.. All liunffH of Veterinary Work on do
meftieati d animal. C'hIU attended niuht or flay
OHicc at Wriulit House Livery.
H. CUUHtil. Morninir srvices 10:.Tt).
Mindny School 1J:0 Kveninjr Mrvicf
:w. A. H. Howman, Fastor.
rKKSHYTKKIN CHI'KCH Mornini? service
10::!0; !und:iy "'hotil l':tK). Kvcnint, M'rvict
:30 p. in. 1 t v . K. Si'KNctu. i'ustor.
IjiPISCOPAL CHirUCll-STl'8 me held
J every Sunday nt 7:30 a. til. aud 10:00 a.m.,
Sunday Hehool at 1 1 :'i0 1 in., F.veninsj Service at
7:00 o'clock, standard time. Se'ivicie other day
a announce 1 . Kkv. 11. U. Jekiekbon, Hector..
ME. CHl'KCH Mornini; services 10:30; Snn
day school 1J :(. Evening service 7::J0
Young People's mei ting Sunday evening at ti:3rf
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7: 10
lUv. K. L. Sim i.aik. Pastor.
lilKEE METHODIST Clll'IU lI-Services every
J; evening at T-.'' p. m. Sunday School at li':l0
a.m. Clas meeting at 11 :(). Prayer meetings
Tuesday und Friday evenings. All are cordially
Invited to att' iid. F. I. Palmer, Pator. "
jAPTlsT cm itcH-Mnrnlng service PC-K);
I Sunday school 11 Evening service 7:'J0.
Voting people meeting ei:oo Sunday evening.
Prayer nn-eiing Thursday evenintr.
LMA Chapter, No. I 1. K. A.M. Keirular meet
i in-.'- on Monday nii-ht fn or after full moon
('. S. Vm'Mi, Sec'y
LMA LOlKiK. V.X A. M.-Ke-iruliir meetiiiL's
L on Saturday on or hef ore l ull moon.
W. KELLY". W. M.
Skth Ti bus, Se.-'v.
LMA CHAPTER. ). E. S. No. l:J-Hegu1ai
. meetinL'" on tlie tlrst Frfdnv of earh month.
A1K. Olive It. Cai-i.k, . Matron.
Maky F. 'J'ayloh, Sec y.
CI A. If. William Mover Post, No. 1W Depart
I. tnetit of Michigan, ii. A. K., meet on M Sat
urday ol ea h month at 7:UO p. in. und on the 4th
Saturday of each month at ',': p. in.
Orlando Sua a p. Commander.
J. J. TliOTT. Adjutant.
7M. MOVEK KELIEF (OKI'S, No. ls:i, meet
? every second srd L-urth l uiiesday in the
Mas. Sakaii Taylor. President.
Mrs. Maky Thomas, Secretary.
DOYAL A KCAN I'M Areada Conncil No. 10'iS
Aj meet every other Wedned'iy nitrht at I. ()
O. F. Hall. I. N. iUCAlNEKD, Hcyent.
A. W. Hkckneu. Sec y,
i"Ni.;; ; ;i" i Y'i iiiaj i it. .i.,ins i.o.ig-
1V No. id, K of p. Iiold its regular Meetings
every other Wednesday ni'.-ht. ; ..
L. A IUvi.ns, C. C.
Cahis P.rown, K. of It. Jt S.
KO. T. M. Hei:jlar reviews of Alma Tent
No. .'!Hl arc held every alternate Weducsdajr
tiiL-ht at s-io u. K. t.f P. Hall. Visiting mem
hers of the Order are welcome.
D. Vok.ht, Com.
K. D. Lkmkn, R.K.
4 LMA LODCE No. -VW. I. o. o. F. meets every
A Moild'lJ Vellil.K. Wali.o liooAKT, N. ti.
V. S. llOLLEMiEl K, P. S.
Meeting Friday nights.
I.i cia FisK, N. (1.
Mrs. Kva Kogkls, H. S.
ALM K I- M'A!.!!'!!::NT. No. I O. O. F.
meet every first and third Wednesday In
eaeh month. A. H. Angel, chief Patriarch.
Cl!A3 III Tl-IIINK. S'Ti .).
rO. T. M. Alma Hive No. 3:v. Meet alter
J, nate Friday alterooniis; a o'clock; K.of P.
bail. Vi-itors iiIwrvx wi leomed.
Mrs. D. V. llt UliEU L. C
Mrs. Ada L. (Jrfio. K. K.
I(). F. Court Almu.No. Holds its regu-
nrriK-etinj in theW. K. c. Hall. Vermeulin
liloek, on the second Thursday in eac h month at
p. III. local time. ' iitr- welcome.
Chas. Moudkn. C. K. Clark Heebe. It. S.
yrlght Houso Barbor Shop
Hit L) b H i ti MUUlviia
Kvcrjtliinp; Fir?t-Clas.
Ccnit; rntl si-e rue-.
For fashionable work I can please
JIM ALLEN. Manager
Bert Woodward
MaKcs loani on first-class Keal Estate
Draws Papern relatlntr to Real Estate.
Looks after property for non resident owners
Hua property lor sale or exchange la very
part of tbe eountrr
Grooms' Barber Shop
1 the place to jret a rood hair-cut or shave
Everything neat and strictly up-to-date
and satisfaction guaranteed the shaving
MlddauRh s Old Stand
Superior St.
Is offrn a warning that the liver Is
torpiil or Inactive. More Ferious
troubles may follow. For a prompt,
etlicient cure of Headache and all
liver troubles, take
Mood's Psiis
While they rouse the liver, restore
full, regular action of tho bowels,
they do not gripe or pain, do not
Irrlta'eor Inflimcthe Intern r.l organs,
but have a positive tonic effect. 2oc
at all drusulst s or by mall of
C. I. ilood & Co., Lowell, Mas3.
Ileal Mate Broker
B. D. Nelson, Enraged By
His Wife's Infidelity,
Dan Doddard, Her Paramour,
Also Under Arrest.
Sympathy of the Entire Community With
Tuesday morning, the startling In
formation was Hashed over the wires
that another murder had been com
mitted in Wheeler township, this
time In the village itself.
Uralnard I). Nelson, of Lafayette,
had shot and instantly killed his wife,
Sophronie. in a fit of insane jealousy,
caused by his wife's conduct with a
fellow uamed David Doddard. The
shoot in"; took place in a house occu
pied by Doddard and Mrs. Nelson.
From interviews with Nelson, Slier
rilT McCullouk'h, Prosecutor McCall
and others, we believe the fol
lowing to be the facts in relatim
to the shooting: Nelson, who was
staying at the hotel in Wheeler, saw
his wife pass his boarding place, and
asked her about uointf to St. Louis
with him that day. She had agreed to
leave Doddard and rent a houe in St.
Louis. Nelson walked with her to
ward the house where she and Dodd
ard lived, when he informed her
husband that she had decided not to
(jo to St. Louis or have anything more
to do with him. They entered the
house, when she said to Nelson: "I
will net go with you, you can go
where you like: 1 shall stay with
Doddard: Where he goes 1 will go,
and where 1 go he will go: I never in
tended to go with you." At this
point, so Nelson says, overcome with
anger at the duiliclt of his wife, he
drew a revolver, which he carried in
self defence, and shot her just back of
the car, the bullet penetrating the
base of the brain, and killing her in
stantly. She fell forward against
her boy, a little fellow about
ten years old, who was stand
ing near her at the time. The boy
ays that Nelson then put tho ipvol
ver in his own mouth and snapped it,
but it failed to go oil. He then sank
to the lloor and was putting his
arms about the dying woman, when
Doddard rushed in, seized him, threw
him aside, jumped on his hand with
his boot, hsdly injuring the hand, and
taking Mrs. Ncl-on in his arms, was
holding her when the neighbors
rushed in.
Uoth Nelson and Doddard were at
once taken into custody. A jury was j
impanelled before Justice Swope, who
soon brought in a verdict that Mrs.
Nelson came to her death by a hole
through the base of her brain, caused
by a shot tired from a revolver in the
hands of her husband, J'rainard D.
The Ufa oiMi believes that there are
many extenuating circumstances.
Ninety-nine out of every hundred
people in Wheeler and Lafayette think
that Nelson was Justified in what he
did and that his only mistake was
that he did not kill Doddard as well.
If homoridc is ever justifiable under
such circumstance it was piubably so
in this cafe. Lver since last spring,
when under a live year lease and a
bargain f jr board with Mrs. Nelon,
Doddard came to live in the Nelson
home, there have been ugly rumors of
their conduct. The house, barn and
feed burned and it was thought that
Doddard and the woman knew how
it happened. Then Mrs. Nelson
rented a house a mile away and Dod
dard moved in and crow ded Nelson out.
Tho neighbors drove Doddard and
Mrs. Nelson out of the neighborhood,
so it is claimed, and they went to
Wheeler. Two weeks ago, so Nelson
says, she promised to leave Doddard
and go somewhere ec and live with
him if Nelson would sell his farm
He did so, getting $.is.j above the
mortgage. Of this he gave Doddard
$2no to give up his lease and go away
and trouble them no more. lie gave
Mrs. Nelson $loo,$10 to pay a mortgage
on a cow, il" to pay for furniture, and
afterward :io of his pension, and
then, when she had all the old man's
money, the heartless woman owned
up that she never Intended to live
with him. It was this which finally
drove Nelonto commit the rash deed.
He Is a pensioner, fifty-three years of
age, harmless, and InolTensivc, wis
never arrested before and has borne a
good reputation among his neighbors.
It seems to have been a clear cae of
emotional insanity caused by the out
rageous treatment he had received
from Doddatd atid his wife.
Rnrdock "Flood Bitters giypfc a man a
clear head, an active brain, a strong,
vigorous body makes him fit for the
battle of life.
Usually there Is more rattle than
anything else In a rattling speech.
Can You be Convinced
That Or. Chase's Ointment i5 an
Absolute Cure for
Scores ami Thousands Nave Been
Convinced by being Cured
Baptist AlinMer Telia how
He Was Cured by
There are so many preparations recom
mended to cure piles, and so many that
utterly fail, that most people who sufier
the tortures of this loathsome disease
become discouraged and despair of ever
being cured.
It is just such people who, when once
cured, most strongly recommend hr.
Chase's Ointmeut, because they recog
nize in it the oue absolute cure foritcu
ing piles.
The evidence published here is con
vincing; the only better proof is a trial.
The first application of Dr. Chase's
Ointmeut will convince the most skep
tical by stopping the terrible itching and
burning. It is very seldom that more
than one box is required to absolutely
cure any case of blind, itching, bleeding
or protruding piles.
Rev. V. N. Edwards, Hiptist minister,
109 Trinity Place, IhilTalo, N. V., writes:
"I can most heartily recommend Dr. A.
W. Chase's Ointment as a positive cure
for itching piles. Tor over 15 yean
the piles have been a source of constant
annoyance to me, and frequently the
suffering has been tnot intense. The
benefits derived from the ue of Dr. A.
W. Chase's Ointment have !eeu magical
and lasting, and I feel it a duty to my
fellow-beings to recommend it and use
my influence to make its wonderful
merits known. "
Dr. A. W. Chase'- Ointment, 50c ft
box, at all dealers, or Dr. A. W. Chase
Medicine Co., Huff Wo, N. Y.
Consumption Cure-Warner's White
Wine of Tar Syrup, the best cou;h
rcmedv on earth, cures a cold In ov.c
(1 v if taken in time. 2; and c;oc';
For Sal.- y SlIAItKAK M V MIOLI.AN f)
Miii'd-i-or-. to II. 8. Wt lib.
Work Being Done by Our Law
Makers at Fifty-Sixth Annual
Session in Washington.
ltenln(lon Introduced In tht .'nnle
to ( hnntfe rrrUlMi t Inl nnil 'on
K r r I o n n 1 TV r in I ni p o r 1 n n Mt'ixn
urn rrenentetl in (lie Home nnl
Debate on tin- ( urrciicy II 1 1 1 .
Washington, Dee. C In the senate
yesterday tho president's message was
rend, after whu-h nn adjournment was
taken upon the announcement of the
death of Senator-eleet Hay ward, of
Washington, Dec 7. Several hundred
bills and joint resolutions were intro
duced in the senate yesterda', tbe
most important being to provide a
form of government for Hawaii; for
the eMablisluneut of postal savings
banks and a govenmrnt telegraphic
system; for the restriction of immigra
tion; a joint resolution for a consti
tutional amendment for the regula
tion of marriage and divorce; for th
free coinage of silver; to pension Mrs.
(Iridley, wife of the late Capt. Clridley,
of the Olympia. at $100 per month, and
the financial bill.
Washington, Dec. S. Hills were in
troduced in the senate yesterday for
the establishment of a government for
Hawaii and to increase the pension of
Ocn. Palmer, of Illinois, to $100 per
month. Adjourned to Monday.
Washington, Doe. 12. Senator Mason
(111.) introduced in the senate yester
day a resolution expressing the sym
pathy of the senate with the South Af
rican republics in their war w ith (Irtat
Hritain. It was referred to the foreign
committee. Kesolutioiia wwe alo in
troduce d to prohibit combinations be
tween corporations to control inter
state commerce, and for a constitution
al amendment to maVe the presidential
and congressional terms end and begin
on the la.-t We'dne-selay in April, instead
ef March 4. Hills were introduced for
the coinage of the American product
of silve r and to prohibit the transpor
tation of goods eontrolled by trusts.
Washington, Dee. f. In the house
yesterday, by n vote of 302 to 30, a
resolution was adoptee! for the ap
pedntment of a special committee- tc
investigate the charges against Hrig
ham 11. l'obe-rts, the Mormon repre-ij.t'itive-eleet
from I'tah. The pres-
1 .
Dr. Humphreys'
Specifics act directly upon tho disease,
without exciting disorder in other parts
of the syptem. They Cnro the Sick.
do. rem. prices.
1 Feert, Congestion. Inflammations. .'25
'1" Worms, Worm Fcrer, Worm Colic...
3- Trfthlnf. Colic, Crjtng,Wkefulnes .23
4- IHarrhra, of ChtMren or Adults
7-Coucha, Colds, Tronrhltls 25
H tiiralala. Toothache, Facearhe. '25
O-llradarhe, Stck Headache, Vertigo.. .'25
10 Dyspepsia. Indltfcstlon.WcakStomacb.VtS
1 1 - Suppressed or I'alnful Period 25
Whites. Too Trofuse Periods J J
1 3 Croup, Laryngitis. HoarsoneM. '25
I I hall Itheum, Erysipelas, Eruptions.. .'25
1 5 Hheumatlsin, Rheumatic Pains 25
16 .Malaria, Chills, Fever and Ague '25
1 9 Catarrh. Influensa, Cold la the Head .23
VIO-W hooplnc-Cough '25
UT-Kldney Dlsensea '25
2H-erue Debility 1.00
30-1 rlnary W eakness, Wetting Bed... .'25
77-rlp, nay Fever '25
Dr. TTumphreys' Manual of all Diseases at your
DnijrffUtsor Matled ree.
Hold ty (IruvKists. or sent on receipt of prlo.
Humphreys' kd. Co., Cor. William 4 Johabta
New York.
loent h mejsngfivwas rearm na set mm
were introduced, being 200 greater
than the aggregate on any previous
opening day.
Washington, Dec. 7. The houf e was
not in session yesterday. The republic
an caucus unanimously approved tlTe
house financial bill and recommended
its immediate e-emsideration and pass
age. Washington, Dee. 8. In the house
yesterelay bills wew introduced to p-r-mit
national banks of the United States
te establish branches in Cuba, Porte)
Hieo, the Philippines and in all fei
eign countries; for the cetiistrue-tion
ef the- Nicaragua e-anal, and for one
cent le tter postage. Annouue-cment of
the death of lleprese-ntat i e (ireene, of
Nebraska, was fedhiweel ly adjourn
inent as a token of re-spe-e-t.
Washington. Dee-. t, In the- house
t e-ste-relay it w as de e ide el to deote ne-t
Meek le efiscussieui of the- financial hill
Hills we re intreeluce el fer a Pae-ifie e-able
to Hawaii, (iuani, (he Phiiippine's.
.la pa u and China; to reestablish the-Anie-rican
merchant marine and pro
mote commerce; granting additional
lieimestead rights to solelie-rs and sail
ors t)f the Spanish-American war; for
the raising, organizing ane! maintain
ing ef the volunteer army ef the United
States. A committee on insular affairs
was ordered. Adjourned te Monday.
Washingtem, Dee. 12. In the house
yesterday bills were introdue-eel for
postal savings banks; for a cable to the
Philippines, the- e-ost not te e-xe-ecd $s.
OOO.nno, and providing that the names
e)f state s shall be- given only to batlle
ships and first-class cruie-rs. Debate
en the currency bill was epenrd, .Mr.
Polliver (la.) .-peaking in favor ef the
measure and Mr. IV Armond (Mo.) in
opposit icfri
lnle i l're Ijih.
Minne-apolis, Minn.. D-e. 12. Louis
P. Menage, the f iiitive. pre sieh-i! t of the
elefiinet Northwestern (iuaranty Loan
company, ef this e-itv, w ho oluntai i! v
re-turned frenn his hieling place in Me -icei
a few months ago afte r five years'
abse-nce, was made a free man. County
Attorney bonis A. Ke-e-d e-hlered nolle s
in all of the tim e- int!ietnieiit for m
bezzlement that have- heen hanging
ove r him for six ye-ars.
Imvik-n nn Aililre-Ho.
Wa.-hiiigteui, Dee-. . i'.rihain J'.
Kobe-its, who was ned alieiwcd te he
worn in as a re pi e sentat i e- in etiu
gre ss fre)iu Utah, has isue-el an addle .-,
to the pe-ople elenvimr the right eif the
house- to take the- ae liem it eiid.
Paris, Ky., De-e-. 12. Clarence Williams
(colored) was hanged in the- j:iil yard
here Metr.elay morning. (In March :.v.
last Williams, while intoxie-ate-el. shot
and killed Jesie Tillman, a wemian with
whom he hael ejuarrelcd.
llroKe tli lleoril.
New York. Dee-. 11. - Miller :tnd Wa,-le-r
wein the- six-day I)iee-le- race- in Mad
ie)li Square- aielen, the -euie- beii,
2.T44, breaking all pre-vious records for
six da s by ove-r o()( miles.
Killeil lll tepoii.
Hurlington, la., De-c. 12. In a drunk
en tight near Ve:ive r, la.. Saturday
night Charle s Mayhe-w stabbed his step
son. Joe Fie lds, killing him instantly.
May hew is in jail.
Orse-rlpllon of tle lauer IMatuI j
T1..I 1 - I I'uo.l !. I nlli.il I
Staler Vit va 1 r men.
"The new Mauser pistol, withvhich
our cavalry is about to be armed, is a
horrible loohirg p'e-e-e ef machinery,"
said an est he-t ie sport sman the other day.
"It le)esn't re-se-inble a lire-arm at all,
but looks like some strange se-ie-ntific
instrument, such as one might see in
i laboratory. Imagine a cigar box,
japanncel black, with a handle at one
nel and a .hort tube at the ejthe r, and
there you have it. The bex contains
the mechanism and the tube spouts
bullets. The cavalryman of the past
was a dashing figure'. He wore a steed
juirass and a helmet with nodding
plumes, and while he carried a brace of
pisteils in his holsters, his real weapon
was hih trusty saber. Do you remem
ber the . pi end id Je-io v . vviiu ui'e e,.i Hop
ing past Napoleon in Meissonier's '107 ?
Sine-e then science has gradually sucked
all the- poetry out of war anel the Mauser
pisted is the last work of brutal utili
tarianism. The cavalryman ef the
future will carry nothing but a small
black walnut bov. r.rel will eIoe-!y re
MMuble a surgeon geung out to operate
fer appendicitis. When he ge-ts to the
right spot, designated by the engineer
corps, lie will dismount, open the box,
take out his hideous Mauser machine,
hook the case to one end, so as to form
a shoulder rest, spray a few quarts of
projectiles in a given direction and go
home again to rest afte-r the fatigue of
the fray. If the calculations of the
range finder are all right his bullets per
forate somebody a mile away. That
will be war a la mode. In some respects
It is a great improvement on the old
style, but it will inspire no poets. Im
agine Tennyson writing the 'Charge of
tho Light Hrigade? about a cavalry
regiment armed with Mauser automat
ic." Chleaco Chronicle.
At the Paris exposition the central
power station will be 1,200 feet long
and 120 feet wide. There will be 43,000
Meum horso power and 23,000 electrical
horse power. The steam wlil be supplied
at a pressure of 142 pounds per square
inch. Electricity will be supplied at
voltages of 125, 250 and 500 for direct,
and 2,200 for alternating currents.
The mining exhibits nt the Paris ex
position will be meist interesting. Ther
will be two realistic representations
and demonstrations of the art of min
Ing. A shaft five feet in diameter will
nerve regular mine workings, and all
of the machinery will be of the regular
type In actual use iu mines. Visitors
will als have the opportunity of vis
Itintr the ra tit co nibs tinder the citv.
n si i in
Violent Gales in the Lake Regions
and Heavy Snows in Michi
gan and Wisconsin.
Itri'ortx of niMftnterN on h- J.nkea
Art lie-1 ii k It -el eel or t Sunn
k to rm In it-urn i;rl'ii--J nt l.n
Crium-, W In. W Inter Wentlie-r lit
Older Point..
Chicago, Dee. 12. The storm pre
dicted by the weather bureau ariiveel
a little late- Monday night, but seon ful
filled the fore-east. Hetweeii thre e and
four o'clock in the' morning the wind
gauge re giste i e d .".1 mile s an hour. The
fctorin abateel a little during the fore
noon ane! at l(i:::il the- w ind was Is jnile-s
an henir from the southwest, ve-e ring to
the westward. At the- same- time- the
gale was northwe-st on bake Superior,
ae-e-ompanie-d by he avy siiew,uud south
west em Lake- Huron.
At the Straits of Mae-kinae, which
seems te be the e e nt r of the- storm, the
we'ather was warm and the wind at
nine o'e-loe-k ble-w Iif;ht frejin the- south.
The baromete r reae heel the lowe st
point in ihe- history of the- lake marine
ne w & -station.
Storm nt Detroit.
Detleiit, Mieh.. I)e-. 12. A
west wind has been howling
up tin-
rie-r at the rate of .,,) miles an hour
since e-arly in the elay. Heavy winds
are lvpeirted freon all parts of the lake
re'gion, while at St. .lose'ph, Mie-h., a
snowstorm is raging. Fears are e-nter-taine-d
feir the go r n i nii t jiier there.
Owing to the e-arly warnings given,
most vi's.-e-l e-aptains hae re-mai ned in
port, and n eli-aters have been re
ported as ye-t.
I ii uk.
Detroit. Mich.. Dee. 12. DtiiV iv
(ialtfie-lil. etf A mhe-ist burg, Out., n--
i - 1 a te-K-gram from Colchester
stating- that a ve-sse-l had sunk about
live mile- s m 1 1 1 i t from there. There
was a ste-amer standing by, the name
eif which could not b el ie-erned at the
elistane-e. No particulars are yet ol-tainal)!.-.
There i a heay rale from
the Muih .-i.
Ileiiv tOile on Luke I'.rlc.
!!!!. ().. I! ,
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12.- O. e of H.e
ear prea!ls on
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g at the
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rate ul .
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'ef few e-v( l '
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w eat her bun a u
nee Monda e i !;i:;L". t he
v ing More!:; v s nt unt
warning of the approae-h of the ot-mi
Telegraph and t e-h phe-nc line . a iv bad
ly proMrate'd.
roillUlillU Oil lllF JtOfk.
Sandusky. ()., Dec. 12. The steamer
I'oint Ahinej, eoal-lade-n, is ashore em
Mallast islam! re-ef and will probably be
a total w reck. She is pounding harei on
the ragged ree-ks anel is rapidly filling
with water. Her crew is still aboarel,
but it is belie-ved all will be able to
reach shore.
Worst Snimnlnriii In Yrnrx.
La Crosse, Wis., Dec. 12. One of the
erst snowstorms seen here feir several
years started in here Sunday and con
tinue!! unt il Tiie-sdriy morning. Trains
on all the railroads entering this city
are delayed from three to five hours.
Street car tratlie is blocked up and tele
graph and telephone wires are down in
ill directions.
Ullleil ii
New York, D
?S e:i r.- r.ld. n '
I. oil
. 12.
Iwr lln.
.lames Ibtlereiw,
.1 ch-rl; it:
Waver! v
hotel, a lodging hoii.-r at Eighth ;ienue
and Twent -eighth street, was shot
and almost instantly killed in that
place at 1:0 o'eloe-k in the morning by
Martin Swetm v, .'!.'. .yar- old. ; waite-r.
Itching piles.? Never mind if physi
cians have failed to euro you. 'Jry
Doun's Ointment. No failure there, ."io
cents, at any drug htore-.
f mk T TT v d "
should always be kept in
the house for the fol
lowing reasons:
FIRST - Because, if any member
cf the family has a hard cold, it
will cure it.
SECOND Because, if the chil
dren are delicate and sickly, it wii)
make them strong and well.
THIRD Because, if the father cr
mother Is losing flesh and becom
ing thin and emaciated, it will build
them up and give them flesh and
FOURTH Because it is the
standard remedy in all throat and
lung affections.
No household should be without it.
It can be taken in summer as well
as In winter.
oc. nJ fi.oo. 11 drucgit.
SCOTT & BOWSE, Chemist. Nw ork.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
HERE Is a medical lecture
in a nutshell. The Kid
neys drain water and im
purities from the blood. The
Liver makes bile and helps to
drive oft" other waste. If these
organs work badly the body
becomes a cessrx:x)l and disease
sets in. You must get them into
healthy action or die.
I is an old and unsurpassed rem-
I edy for Backache, Debility,
Sleeplessness, Lost Appetite,
j Foul Tongue, Palpitations and
! all other symptoms of disease in
j those organs. It cures as well
! as prevents every serious trouble
in Kidney, Liver or Bladder.
' At druggists, $1.00 per bottle.
j SllAKftAK (fc M U Lit OL LA X D .
(Successors to B. S. Webb.)
I A SuroCuro for Croup,
jTwonty-fivo Yoars' Constant
1 Uso without a Failure.
The first indication of croup is
! hoarseness, and in a child subject te
: that disease it may be taken as a sure
; sign of the appntach of an attae k. Fol
lowing this hoarseness is a peculiar
rough cough. If Chamberlain's Cough
! Remedy is given as socn as the child
becomes hoarse, or even after the
eroupy rough, it will prevent the at
Itack. It is useel in many thousanels of
1 heiines in this broad land and never elis
' appednts the anxious mothers We
' have yet te learn of a single instance in
which it has not proved effectual. No
.other preparation can show such a itc-
oid twenty-five year's constant use
! without a failure-. For sale by Uivinsiv
Rhodes, druggists.
j Mr. J. Sheer, edalia, Mo , save.il h
child's lite- by One Minute Ceugh Cure.
Doe tors hfed give-n her up to lie with
crouj). It's an infallible cure lor
coughs, eedds, grippe, pneumonia, bron-
chitis, throat and lung troubles. Re
; licves at once, aharrar is: Mulludland.
I Mrs. R. Churchill, berlin, Vt , says,
' "Our bxbv was covered with running
' :c:c3. Dc-Witt's Witch Ilael Salve
I cured her." A spe-cific for piles and
'skin diseases. Hew arc of worthless
counterfe its. Shairar & Mulhollard.
J. Ib Clark, Peoria, 111., says, "Sur
I geons wanted to operate on me for piles,
J but I cured them with Dc-Witt's Witch
; ,jahc." It is i li icx ' 1 ddc nil pillS
I and skin diseases. Ik-ware of couter-
fcits. Sharrar Mulholland.
Miss Annie H. Gunning, Tyre, Mich.,
says, ''I suffered a long time from dy
! spej-sia; h.st flesh and became very
1 .., ..'. !:...b,! Tr. Cuee complete-
ly cureel me." Iteligests what you eat
1 and cures all forms of stomach trouble.
I It never fails to give immediate relief
j in the worst cases. Sharrar Mulhol
land. "One Minute Cough Cure is the best
remedy y ever used for coughs and
colds. It is uneejualled for whooping
cough. Children all like it," writes II.
N. Williams, Cent-yville, Ind. Never
fails. It is the only h.iimkis remedy
that gives immediate results. Cures
coughs, colels, hoarseness, croup, pneu
monia, bronchitis and all throat and
lung troubles. Its early use prevents
consumption. Sharrar & Mulholland.
"I was nearly elead with dyspepsia,
Uiwd doctors, visited mineral springs,
and grew worse. I used Kodal Dyspep
sia Cure. That cureel me." Iteligests
whnt ynu cnt. Cures indigestion, sour
stomach, heart burn ami all forms of
dyspepsia. Sharrar & Mulholland.
It takes but a minute to overcome
tickling in the throat and to stop a
cough by the use of One Minute Cough
Lure. 1 his remedy emickly cures all
forms of throat anel lung tioubles.
Harmless and pleasant to take. It pre-
y : '.-A 'irttrrs perinc
for grippe and its after effects. Sharrar
& Mulholland.
My sou ha., been trcub!el feir years
with chronic eliarrheca. Sometime ago
I persuadeel him to take some of Cham- k
berlain's Colic, Cholera anel Diarrheca
Remedy. After using two bottles of
the 25-cent size he w as cured. I give
this testimonial, hoping someone simi
larly afflicted may read it and be bene
fiteel." Thomas C. Bower. Glencoe, O.
For sale by Hivins & Rhodes. druggists.
I ur.
Made a
Well Man
of Me.
wtuay. X 4jtly
protleu et lUt- abo reoult ln'30 elayn. It rt
powerfully and quickly. Cure erhe n all othen fll
iTouDgroou will regain their lost manhood. ni old
men will reroyer thHr youthful vigor hy Hieing
lit: VIVO. It ejuickly and eurcly roMorec Nervou
new, Lor-t Vitality. Impotency, Nightly FmlRfionj
tKt Power, Falllnr lu niory. Wastina I)inea8e.anI
II effocta of Keif abut.e or eicicsand Indiscretion,
a hich uifits oao for e: udy. bnclnens or marriaKe. It
not only curtu by Martlim at the t eat of dlea. buV
'.sa great nerve tonic and llool builder, brln
leg tak the pink gUtw to .al rhceka and r
itorln the fir of youth. It wardotTIniianitf
other. It ran be carried In Tett rocket. Ky mail
l.OOparrackage.or aix for SS.OO. with m poal
tlTe written ifnaranteo to enre or refund
the money. Circular free. Addrena
Royal Medicine Co., aaK385.r5:
a n-ci'snor to It. s. W'et.h.
To Cu.o a Cold In Que Day.
Take Wf-nor'; While Wine of Tar
Syrup, tlvj bv.t cenli rcuicly uu
earth, .'inel 50 cents.
Fot- tale kv MIAHH.Mt . VI JU I.T AND.
mew or to n S. vl
15th Day. ?2l'lr

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