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house yestcrdaj n bill was Jut roriuccn
to increase the term of office of tlio
president of the United Stairs to six
5 7 V
The Kind Yon Have Always lioiilir. and wliii-li lias brcri
in use for over J50 jvars, 1;as bonu tlu signature ol
. and las Imcii made iiiider his rr-
f sniial sitprrv Kion since its infancy.
t 'CCCSl6ii Allowno ono.tol'crie von in lids.
All Counterfeits Imitations, and .J iM-ns-jrootl' un but
Kvpei-iiiiciits that t r i lit' with and endanger the health of
Infant and Children F.pei -ience again-st Kxperinioiit.
What is CASTOR I A
CaMoria is a harmless substitute lor Cantor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing S.xriip. II is lMeaant. It
contains neither Opium, .Morphine nor other Narcotic;
Mihstaucc. Its age is its ;uaiantce. It destroys Worms
Xtnd allays Vv ciishncss. It euros Diarrlnra and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures (.'oiiol ipat ion
Stud Flatulency. It assimilates tlio I'ooil, regulates tlio
Stomach and llowcls iiim healthy and natural sleep.
Tlio Children's Panacea The .Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
TMt (tNTlun CONMNV, TT iiumo Bt.CIT. new o CITV.
aar i ii i uii; i
. r. .- tori i . i - , w.jr.'i
for the
Young znd Old,
exhaling the
very essence of
A recent speci
men copy and
handsomely illus
trated prospectus
outlining the ex
tensive plans for
will be sent on
Buy the
with its beautiful
cover. At all
news-stands, 25c
t- j Outing Publi
ahlng Co.
Ma. Vnri
In the Semite tli 1'orto Itico Tariff
IMII (leniplii the Principal Portion
of the 'linn- llmix' Pilose Appro
priation Utile I ii 1 1 S t in in 11 r if
I'rmcfil Inn.
wwKA40 50 YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copyrights &.c.
Anvnno onrl!rnj n krtri nri'l r1ocriPt l-r ttirt
illicitly ini iTt.iin rinr 'in.i"fi f ree w tu t Iht hii
i n v -ti 1 1 ' i n 'r"tnMr j it cut nt'l. Ci.niiiiiiinrn.
t pin t rn'1 ly 't i tl. lent 1 1 and!" ink on I '.iti-i.is
edit f !. i'1c-t fik'fiif y f M i urnnf put fht
I 'at Tit t;ikfti tliroiicti Muiiti C,i. rt'-lvc
t( !' nnf U f, wifbuut ctinrjo, lit tlio
Scicniilic JImcricaii.
A luiri'lo'inifly illiHtrntfl wri'Uly. I nrtoot rlr
riiUti"H i t any in'ii-nt Itlf J -n r-! i il Tern., f :j n
Vfir: four nxinths, f 1. tfulj by all rrwixloali'M.
MUNN&Co.3ti,BroadNew York
Uranc li uniru. tri K St.. Wnyhiiitftori. D. C.
0 I p
Hfp. A Iwhvi ri-liuM.-. I.ndlra, vk I'niK(fit for
4 If l II KNTfrilt K.I.IHII in Kril and
4. old iih UiIIic lioii'H, !-iit'J with bill r m.
Take no oOier. Itrfuae djnt;eroua itln
lufin.nnl Imitntlona. Iltiv if ymir 1 "Pik'kMNl,
or d-n1 le. in tnmp f ir litrll-nlnr. T-ll-mnnlAU
m l Heller lor l.ntlle." in trttrr,
by return 71 l I. IO.OM 1 "tiriiiniHiH. fx. I a by
All Ink'k.'!M.
1I0O H nrf I on Siiarr, IMIII.A., !.
Mrnllan this p. per.
Bean the f You Hane Always Bought
Victim nf fin Inanne Vnn,
Kansas City, Mo., April 2. Harbor
In imaginary wrongs. John V. S , Mc
Kimm, apod 29 yenrs, Sunday nftrrnoon
shot and killed Dr. 11. V. Shaw, his
brother-in-law. n the latter sat read
ing the Sunday School Lesson to his
llve-year-old daughter. Shaw died in
fitantly. McKim, who had ln-en an in
mate of n panitarium nnd is Relieved to
le inf-ane, threatened to kill the other
five members of the family, nnd was
tynly restrained after a struptjle.
C'olnaiie In Mnrrh,
WashiDjcrton. April .1. The total
coinage at the mints of the 1,'nited
States during Marrh uus $17,075,833.
! Washington. March 2. I.ittlo itoct
j ross as in;n!f in tin.- si nat- yi-sti-r-!
day with the l'urto Kicu tarilY and
j ruMTiiiiit ht bill. Tlio conferrnct' re
! port on the pfiision apprti'riation bill
was ari'fu to.
Washington, Marcli 2j. Tin- st-nate
ycstt'iday aert-rd by uii.iniinuus ron
smt to otc on t l'orto Kito bill
and all j 1 1 I i 1 1 ir anu'iidinrnts next
'J'm sd.iy. 'J In Alaska .'ovLrnnu'iit bill
was furtht-r fonsidcitil.
NVas-hin.L'ton. Manli Th- senate
Atsttiiiay aiirifil to the confcrt-i.oe re
jiort i'ii tht-diplomatic and t-onsiilar nj
jirojiri.it ion bill; ln'aiil an cxtt-nded
sjM'i-ch by St-natur t riili't- in tijj)ort
!f fit c tialt' with l'orto Kieo. and by
a oti- nf to 30 rcfurd to t riK from
tin- bill the provision h-yin.y 35 jut
ct iit. of t lie Dir uloy law duties on l'orto
llico irod net
Va-llill-Mon, Marcli HI. Considera
tion of the l'orto Kico bill oeeujiied
iiift of the time in the senate yester
day, St iuitor I'roctor (Vt.) sjt aking in
fa or of free t rade.
Wa.-hinu' l on, Aju-il 2. The Tinted
Statt s s ei. ;ite Saturday coinj'leted eon
ridi ra t ion of the l'orto Kican bill with
the tet)tion of two a liu lid lin lit s.
(i.a1or l'airbanks i:.ade a lenythy
f jCfch defending the 1.' ju t- ci nt. tarilT.
The subcommittee lias reported that
all classes in Cuba eject indejiend
eiice. but are like children and must be
taught and led.
Washington, April P.. Advocates and
ojijionents of he l'orto llican tarilT
and government bill oeeujiied the time
in the senate yesterday. Senators Dp
pew. Cullom nnl Sjo.i: r sj.;,kjng in
favor of the measure and Senators
Date and Simon in ojiposition.
Washington, March 2-. The army
apjirojtriation bill was discussed in
the house yesterday and bills were
introduced to establish a bureau of
criminal information in connection
with the department of justice, au
thorizing the use of a jtart of the Na
tional cemetery at Arlington for the
burial of deceased enlisted men and
their wives, and forbidding the gov
ernment sale of stamped envelopes
bearing any lithographing or print
ing. Washington, March 20. In the
liouse yesterday the time was devoted
practically to the consideration of the
army appropriation bill. The confer
ence reports on the urgent deficiency
and the pension appropriation bills
were agreed to.
Washington, March CO. The army
appropriation bill was passed in the
house yesterday with an amendment to
open t oldiers' homes to officers and men
of the volunteer and regular armies in
capacitated by service during or since
the Spanish war.
Washington March 31. In th
. i'V )-'
Otto Kotb, Grand Chancellor, K. I'.,
Roonville, I ml , says, "I)e Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve soothes the most delicate
skin, heals the most stubborn ulcer
with I t good results." Cures
pil , Don't buy an
imiianv ,'land.
years, the president to lie ineligible to
reelection, and providing that rejtre
scntatiws shall be elected every three
years. The naval a pi ojiriat ion bill
( .'Oo.m;u) w;is n parted anil war
cl;i i ins w et c coi'sideri !.
Washington. Ajiril 2. The fortification-
appiopriat ion bill was jiasstdin
t lie l.oii-,. Sa t urday a s i t ea ine f rom t he
commit ti e. It carries .7. ':,4vi. A
lesolution was atlopted to reelect the
jire-eiit bo.nd of managers of the na
t ioi al soldiei s' home.
Wa-liitii'ton. Ajuil .''. In the house
e-tiniay a resolution was adopted
lookii.u to a possible red net ioj of the
war taes. I'.ilU were j : i - - 1 1 to open
to settlement -ll.te-l acres in jjie 1'oft
llall Indian reservation ami 2. .'.;!; !-."
acres in Oklahoma ainl t o a pnj u ia t e
I " i.i for a military jiost at Sheri
dan. W o.
li'lenn ' ii n re Openoi.
Cit of Mexico. April 2. President
l!a opened the sjiril i' iinli of ruii
i es s. H is n ii-ss a .-,. i ms !(! ra I sa t is
1 a iM ion as slewing u nehi el.ed progress
.: !l:e ration in every branch of the
si i ice and demons t ra t iin.'- the siierb
;.di:i..;i of the nation:.! finances.
The i:-t 'mi mil to Pretoria ItlU the
lloui ( oiuinlttee of III ( iiiii
plnlnt Auniiikt I : ii u I ii ml.
Washington. March 2..- Charles D.
Macruni. of llast Diver I, O., the
American consul at 1'rctoria, aj
peared before the hotise foreign af
lairs committee yesterday and told
nf the alleged indignities he suffered
nt the hands of the I'.ritish during
his incumbency. His testimony was
a decided tlisajijiointment. There is
no question that the Dritish censor at
Durban did ojen two letters of the
former consul, and it. was clearly es
tablished that Macruni did not rejiort
this fact to the department. When
asked why he had not made a rejiort
of the incident the late consular olli
cer declined to make an exjdanation.
After hearing the testimony the
committee decided to drop the mat
ter, and. inasmuch as the I'.ritish gov
ernment has exjrcssed its regret at
the occurrence, the matter is now a
closed incident.
Important Measures Under Discus
sion in Both Houses of the
National Assembly.
Arehltlfthop Ireliiml to Di lUer Chief
! Adore. lit l iivt-lllnu; of Monu
ment In I'll r 1 .
I Paris. Ajuil 2. It is now settled that
Archbi.shoji Ireland will deliver the
dedicatory address at the unveiling of
! the Lafayette monument on July 4. The
' address will be sjtnken in French and
j will be nonreligious in character. Am-
bassador Portt r will act as jiresident
ami the other American ambassadors
in Durojte as vice presidents. Commis
sioner (lenera. Peck will make the ad
dress of jiresentation to Prance and
Frank .1. Thompson, secretary of the
Lafayette monument committee to the
exjiosition. will speak on behalf of the
tchool children. The monument w ill be
umeiled by 47 American girls, who will
pull tricolored cords.
Iniiiiluriition to the Cape Nome tinltl
1'lelJa W 111 lie mil Aktniiml
IliR Flu il re a.
Portland. Ort., March .'!". Fourteen
thousand jicojdt hac engageil jiassage
from Pacific coast ports for ( "ape Nome,
Alaska, on the first licet of steamers,
which sails about May 1. It is stated
that 42 steamers will have for .Nome
from San Francisco, Puget Sound jorts
and Portland, practically at the sanie
time. Many of these steamers will
make two trips, anil it is estimated that
ujwards of 2 1,000 pcojde will leave
Pacific jtorts for the new gold fields
during t he season.
It nl n llinik.
llanlontown. Li., March 2'J. Rob
bers broke into the Clland bank here,
blew ojien the safe. Mole j.'iUO in cur
rency and escaped.
Ilnlaeil the Money.
Chicago. Ajril C On the last day of
the time limit set by John 1). Rockc.
feller. President Harper succeeded in
securing SH'i.'JA'O to comjdete the $2,
o.OO ,orr) donation necessary to ?ecure a
like amount from the Standard Oil
magnate, according to the terms of of
his olTcr made five years ago. Mr.
Rockefeller has thus far given the uni
versity $7,0.iJC0.
AKiilnnldo In Chlnn.
San Francisco, April 3. News from
the Philippines received by the trans
jiort Sherman shows that Aguinaldo is
in Singapore. Singapore papers make
mention of the fact and publish short
interviews with him. The rebel armies
are scattered, and wherever they come
in contact with American troops are
routed and driven into the mountains.
Celina, ()., March 31. The floater
found in Lake Mercer a week ago has
been identified as John Dilley, of Reaver
Dam, a retired and wealthy lumber
man. He always carried a large sum
of money, and. as his pockets were
empty, the theory of murder is sus
tained. Another Hod? Ilecovered.
Charleston, W. Va., April 2. The body
of Kd. Hanibrick, the trapjer boy, was
recovered Saturday from the Red Ashe
mine, where there was Mich a disas
trous explosion on March 0. This is
the last body of the 50 victims to be
Took Ills CTrrn Life.
Waterloo, la., March 31. Lore Al
ford, a leading lawyer and former
speaker of the Iowa house of repre
sentatives, coyimltted suicide at his
home here because of poor health.
Boers Maintain Their Position at
Bushman's Kop Reply to
British Shell Fire.
After llenv- IMuhllnu llfttteen
lint mllnrt n ml II lot in f on t e I n , 7,ool
llrllUh Soldier Are llrUcn Hack,
ilh llt-ilt) Low. I ' ii 1 1 e r 1 e I ii 1 1 a o f
lllaaater nt il ii nil a I'oat.
I'.uslima n's Koji, Ajuil 2. The Roers
are still oeciiying the waterworks
which the l!ritih .shelled yesterday
afternoon, the I'.oeis rephing.
Ilrllioh ItepuUi-tl.
Pretoria. Saturday, March 31.
There has been heavy lighting be
tween Drandfort ami P.ioemfontcin.
The akkei st room ami Frinelo com
mandos attacked 7.nnii Rritish and
drove them batdc with heay losses.
According to the iijorts of the
woundctl who haxc arrived here, tir-iit-ing
occurred all along the line. The
federal troojis held jiositions on the
side and 1oj of the mountain whi!'
the I'.ritish jiositions were on the op
jiosite side of the hill. The P.riti-'i
(diarged rcjieatt lly, but were re
pulsed. The latest reports say that the
federals were more than holding their
own. but the final result of the liulit'
imr is not known here.
The federal loss was nine killed ami
won titled.
Rcjiorts from Drandfort, received
later, state that 2..o. federal at
tacked I!,! 10 I'.ritish sliecessflllly, but
that l.'k'iim Rritish reenforci ment s ar
rivetl and the federals were compelled
to retire, after jmnishing the I'.ritish
The federal loss, according to these
rcjiorts. was slight.
I'n Her Del ii II-. of Dloiiater.
London. Ajuil Fulh-r news of the
disaster to the Rritish army in the
neighborhood of Saunas Post does not
move to the mainland the juisoners
who are not going to St. lb b ua.
A dispatch from N an Vk
dated Monday, Apnl 2, u.d.c.i!. s JlM,, '
pacification of the iioilhwi.-i jiari of
Cajie Colony. The lel'uee.s are n turn
in g to their homes.
)rit r Rradley. of the Canadian ar
tillery, tli.d Ajuil 1 at Van Vl-.s 'lei
u.s the n suit of an accident.
A dispatch from I'n toria announces
the arrival there of ju ix.nt is, most
ly residents of Lad v brand who win.
seietl wilt II the I'.t t I s foiet ! the Rlit
s to evacuate that place.
'I he (ierman liner Koeniir ha afain
lt aejied l.ort no Marqtus, this time
having on board o i:i.-oi'i.- boiimt
f r the Transvaal.
Opinloim of K rnuer.
An interest ii.g item appears in a je
riodieal calletl the l. tin. eiving the
opinions of the, roval family on Presi
di nt Kroger, culled from an allium be
longing to the tlliche-.s of Fife. The
ju i nee of a I s w rot e :
"Mr. Kra-.-er is a u ! j ;.! "- ..I' t..'. m-co
and t li '.i jmlne f il,. Ki.-.-l. ii pe..;.l- "
The duke of Ca ml'i idge, com ma n'.er
in chief of l he forces, w rote:
"I am an old lam. and s., j - K !'':. r. As
he !-. . .. am l-.ni 1 s,,;,, r. 1 I; w-
ii i 1 1 1 - faults niyst If, liov.- can I ji.d .t- ;. n-oih-
r? "
'I lie qlji ell w i oi e :
"May ... I uuid. l.itn aid all of US of.t of
our tn.nl.f. .- and 'iil'a i.lt i s "
Only lerin of l'eiiee.
Caie Tow n. April :.. At a n.a meet
ing held lo re Tuesday at w hieh 2
Jiel'sons Wi re Jil'esel.t a It solution was
jiass.d amid sa nes of great tnthusi
asm tit '(daring the solemn ct.nvietit.ii of
those assembled that the incorpora
tion of the South African rej.ublie am!
ihe Orange Free State into the queen's
dominions alone would stcure ju ace.
prosp, rity and juiblie l'rt t tlom in
oiith Africa. The national anthem
was then sung.
. llecKhHiii VA illlnu; to tiriint I II.
,or to tov. loiinl. If lie Will Do
I.IUiw le by Hint.
4We have three children. Hcfore tM
Mrthof the last one my v. U ureJ four bot
tles of MO nikk'S FItU.M). If you haJ the
pictures of our children, you coulJ see at
a plar.ee that the last one
Is healthiest, prettiest:-ii J
flnesMookinirof then ail.
My wife thinks Mother"
irleiu is the pre
anJ pr an Jest
remedy In the
worlvl for expect
ant mothers.'
Written by a Ken
lucky Attorney-at
die .-V'Kruo
prevcrds nine-tenths of the
suffering ineiJent to child
birth. The cumins: mother's
disposition and temper remain unrulfleJ
Ihrouphuut the or Jeal, because this relax
ing, penetrating- llibmeiu lelieves the
usual distress. A pouJ-natureJ mother
Is pretty sure to have a poo.l-natured child.
The patient Is kept in a strong, healthy
condition, which the child also inherits.
Mother's Friend takes a wife through the
crisis quickly and almost painlessly. It
assists In her rapid recovery, and wards
Dlf the dangers that so clte'n follow de
livery. 5oLl by druisti for $1 a bottle.
rim bradfiuli) klhllator co.
Sent fur our fite i'dustrnted bouk. written
ixprt-siiy f,,r txp'v'.ai.i a. others.
Frankfort. K v.. April ."..An incident
oceiirrt d Tuesday which is of interest
in view of the r jH.t't from I i,d ia n a jtoli
tiiat Ciov. Mount would not recognize a
r I e 1 Kj T! ri w
IV ti Vi if
Vf flJV
I IIM.f .
..f t .
Os. . - - M J? t - sir K. It
MAI MlOWIXi Till: LOCATION OF Til All AN fill".
(Where the 1 loirs attacked Cel. RroaJvvood's corr.mar.J.)
tend to imjirovp matters from a I'.rit
ish point of view, but with the dis
patches so mystifying it is impossi
ble to accurately portray the pres
ent situation or to foretell the ulti
mate issue of Lord Roberts' attempt
to retrieve the defeat.
The war otVice lias posted a dis
patch from Lord Roberts reading as
"lUoemfontein. April 2.-Tn continuation
of my telegram of March 31. there has
been considerable delay In get t Inn act urate
returns of the casualties, as the action tools
jdace 22 miles hence, the telegraph cable
has been Interrupted several timet, cloudy
weather has interfered with signaling and
although there has been no engagement
Fince, the force U continually In touch
with the enemy.
"There were many nets of conspicuous
gallantry displayed during the day. 'Q'
remained in notion under a cross nre at
1.21) yards, for some hours, the oiflcers
nerving the guns as the casualties reduced
the attachments. Several gallant attempts
were made to bring In two guns, the teams
of which had been killed, but at each at
tempt the horses were shot.
"The Rsst-x. Munster, Shropshire and
Northumberland mounted infantry and
ltobtrts horse covered the retirement of
the gur.s from that position to the crossing
of the drift found by the cavalry two miles
further south nnd withstood the deter
mined attacks of the enemy, who, in somo
cases, advanced within lotJ yards. 'L" bat
tery, of the Royal horse artillery, Wis sud
denly surrounded In the drift and the offi
cers and men were all made prisoners with
out a shot being tired. Uut MaJ. Taylor and
a sergeant major succeeded in escaping In
the confusion. Five guns were captured
at the saint time. Further details to-morrow."
;una Not Ilecovered.
Lord Robert' dispatch seems to
finally dispose of the earlier report
of the recovery of the guns, and the
fact that the Doers remain in occupa
tion of the waterworks is taken as an
indication that they intend to make
a stand sullicicntly long to cover the
withdrawal of the guns and wagons to
a place of safety, although the absence
of definite information regarding the
movements of (Jen. French's cavalry
makes it difficult to estimate their
chances of adding this crowning suc
cess to the blow already inflicted
Fall Into Ilnnili of Iloera.
A dispatch from Maseru, Dasutoland,
dated Monday, April 2, says the earl of
Rosslyn, who is acting as war corre
spondent for the Daily Mail in South
Africa, and who left there April 1 on
hi way to Thaba N'chu, has probably
fallen into the hands of the Doers.
Messages from Sjiringfontein sug
gest that the fact that press message
are keenly censored indicates an early
advance northwards, although there It
a question whether the loss of guns and
convoy will not delay the commander
In chief's movements.
liner rrlmnrri Dylnff.
The alarming increase in mortality
among the Doer' prisoners at Simons
town has induced the authorities '.o re-
requisition from Democratic do v. Deck
ham, of Kentucky, and the jirest nee at
the Indiana c a j i t a 1 of ex-Secrt tary of
State Charles Finley, for whom n war
rant is out, charging complicity in the
docbtl case. A requisition made by
Gov. Mount on the, "governor of Ken
tucky" for the return to Indiana of
Rudoljih dossinan, a prisoner in the
penitentiary lure, who.se term exjures
Wednesday, was presented to Gov.
Dcckham after it had been first pre
sented at it j'ubliean hi adquarters and
The jtrison officials declined to rec
ognize Tavlor's order. I'jmn receiving
the papers Gov. Dcckham sent a tele
grain to the Indiana executive saying
he would honor the requisition if Gov.
Mount would do the same by him.
Louisville. Ky., Ajuil 'k A decision
in the governorship case is exjtectcd
from the court of ajijieals within a day
or so. At the conclusion of the argu
ment, Monday night the case was taken
under advisement nnd the judges are
now considering the points involved.
Frankfort, Ky., April 3. The Frank
lin county grand jury began work
Tuesday. The physicians who held tht
autopsy on Gov. Goebel's body w ere the
princijKil witnesses.
IlfM Celchrntea.
City of Mexico, April 3. The mini
versary of the victor' of the Mexican
army commanded by Gen. l'orlirio
Diaz over the imperialist forces at
Puebla 33 years ago was obsiivcd as
a general holiday, public buildings be
ing decorated handsomely. The day
was celebrated by military maneuvers
on the plains of San Lazarus, near the
Kill Woiiinn' SiifTrnKO.
Albany, N. Y., April 3. The only
woman suffrage proposition consid
ered this year hy the legislature was
killed in the senate Tuesday. Senator
Humphrey moved to take from com
mittee the assembly bill allowing wom
en to vote at town elections. There
was so much opjmsition that he was
eomielled to withdraw the motion.
Washington. April 3. Mrs. Sarah
Frackcr KauiTmann. the wife of Mr. S.
II. Kauffmann, president of the liven
ing Star Newspaper company, died at
her residence in this city.
town Mnn Appointed.
Washington, April 3. The president
Tuesday nominated Smith Mcpherson,
of Iowa, to be United States district
judge for the Southern district of
Ilenomlnn ted for OntiRrea.
Pittsburgh, Pa., April 3. Hon. John
Dalzell was unanimously renominated
for congress by the republicans of the
Twenty-second district.
n. ..-t il...r-.t.. f-e . .t. r
..- ' M'.:is.-n. M , (. ,-. .
a:. 1 ' ii.. .-t .1. !i. il.- i - t
I V Ml V I.' I Ol I O.
i.Ti.t l.I.I . . rv. I,
jjy V 'i' Vi'3 Nvi' u,'v y i iifw
to !:i:iiv'.--i tl.iy al.w -utely
;;n", :z i't:rti;sh tho x -rk and
te:ich - ; yt a '.vt.Tk ii tin; local
ity v li'-re yoi! I'. v..'. :(:. -i your
yh:- wo W :11 f"( i .i'l tlio busi-
ri " ! :.::.. . r :.. .' v" - : r.;ntcc a
?;;-; r v (' n 's work,
at.--::- y v. ' :.: :.cc
TiV. m.Vi'Vir ZOAP CO.r
You cannot n;.iUe a mistake
choicest v1 SiS
of tborour'Lly
Tested Seeds
enough to supply you w un vegetables
aud flowers
the entire summer.
You don't have to write a letter. Put a
cross (X) in one of the following squares
e.i'-h containing a collection eustln-r you
25 Cents
Si'u your name
Or just
sign your name and address, inclose 2c
sliimp. Inclose cash or 1. O. order to
balance and mail to
And we will send vou ourcataloueof pop
ulur varieties and f Qf f not small paeke
packet of seeds I MLL, of cheap seedi
but lull sized paCKct or best tested M
Seeds that Live Grow h
Remarkable Cii' f Pro. omatlsm.
Kknna, J m-'k ii . . Va.,
About three yea- s .g . m , o had an
attack of rheum f t sfu v h t- , confined
her to her bed lot . vr - ' .onth and
rendered her un b'e t d,k a step
without assitanc . h r l -nbs being
swollen to double the r u rmal size.
Mr. S Maddox ins.sttil . u my using
Chamberlain' Pan P. : t I purchased
a fifty-cent bottle n 1 us. .1 it according
to the directions K;.d 'V- next tuorniiig
she walked to break f d without assis
tance in any manner, .m 1 she has not
had a similar attack vi.l tr a. B. Par
sons For sale by lb vim S: Rhodes.
Indiscretion throw- away the key to
the sttiUtlon.
Cleanse the liver, purify the blood, in
vigorate the body by using DeWitt'a
Little Karly Riser. These famous
little pills a wars act promptly.
Sharrar & Mulholland.
I I.ettuec. ll.ipl.ls Four (Irand Sweet
Katlish Long Seed l'cas C,
I Meet. IJlooti Ti.rrap 1 pl Nasturtiums f
I Peas. McLeans Lil- 1 .kg. Asters Zl
tie Clem 1 pkg. Zinnias H
Wax Heans Our own mixture, h
I A whole garden All the flowers C
for you can pick. H
25c j 25c 5
I 1 pkg. each: 1 pkg. each: p '
I fleets. Lettuce Country (lent h k
I Kadisu Sweet Corn C
Sweet Peas Mix. Osage Musit Melon H
I Nasturtiums Mix. 'ueurrder
Asters Mix. Pansy Mix. h
, Imperial Jap. Morn- Aster Mix. r
1 Iuk' (Jlory. Sweet Peas p
I 25c 25c B "

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