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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, June 15, 1900, Image 3

Image and text provided by Central Michigan University, Clark Historical Library

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KrSrt!. sii m;k :t n uioi.i.ani.
British General Has Formal Posses
sion of Capital of the South
African Republic.
Jlneli Ii-triict Ion Iti-auK from Ter
rlll Wliiilatoriii in lllinol
lllltl IlMtlt.
i. ri.iM.i.i: .v - i l l i-M.
.,, M I! .. I'll V I 1 '
, , u . ll.ii- Ur. I'r.'
r,'..,. it. . t.in.''. ' "" '
I , V . , i ! . .
i r , . . : It
. i , '.:,.,.-1.
.1. 1 '
I vi; . r. v. i.inT"N. .r.i.i.i.it.- '
1 I
, I !,. i I . 1 i .,!:''
I ;. I'-' I', v ii . ,
I ,.n III - 1 f '
ti M i In
i: in st. .
I. ' ! I
M, ,' .-.'. A
- I , '
i .. : - ..:
. . . , n
, . . ...1 ... i.l
W,',, .1 ii"
I v ,.. ... s.-h....; r.M' ' - '!
,, A . H It. -x M W i
U I ' -1 ' V
n k: w i li: i: !-! '. i - - ix..
. ' i ..: r.' I m i -
,', ',.' ;j.V. v K .-i i.m i l'n-t"r
1M'lSO 1'.!. CHCl. II - ;;"
silliij.i- "
l Ml !. ' . I . ' '
I.v , li li - : ' at
-.-A r. - l.l 1" I' 1 I -
1(1.. K U .1 I.HM.M'N.I-'--""-
,i 1. 1. MM 1 AIK. I t.
I.IKr.l'. MKTHi'!)Il in i: I1--tmV . . w ..
H , ;,t ,.. 1,,. m ' '
., c, . m.--I i ;t II.'". !'' '
Tii-vliv I r..:.i iv. i ! --. A.. ' '
?. hi:, i 'I I 1' I'Ai M'- Pa-tor
HM-l l-T H i I ' ' ll-M..n.-.t.- n!..- I;': ;.
S'.i.inv i ... ; u .1'. - r M " '' 1
. . i. , mi . i.:"n . i v i "
1 Taj i"r '.. -i.i:- Tt.ur-:.. .v.
i i
A in.-, ti .M..i ! i t.l.i ..i...r,ft. rtu'.l n.'.i.
M. l'cI.l.AKI.H. r.
LM I.oIm.K. V. .V A. M Ki-.'ii'nr iiintii.j?
i,t vifinl'iv !, it in t irt t nil intuit..
V. KKl.l.V; . M.
sun T i m.s. y
Al.:.: I'llAl'Tl-.K. ". K. S. 4.1-1.. -uliii
,.., :,, ..!, Hi-- f.r-t I r i . 1 - ..f . h iin.i.tl,.
Ml;. OI.1VK 11. I'Af! E. W. M t'ri.l:.
Mi;-. A (hi I., Sit v.
i i: - ll'.Min M"V( r I'.i-t, No. V I 1'iirt
yj iii. -i.t t-f M.fl'i.'.-iti. 'i. A. K., in- t on V.M S.Ht
ur.hiv ..I n. li tn.it. Ih at i :"" tn. ui.il im ttit- It'i
S.itu'r.i.v.- ..f . ;.' li tn.'t.M. M -."" 1'. ir..
I. W. I. Ml -. ' ..!u!.,:tt.'i' r.
I.. N. 'n M l - A1 iut:itit.
TM MoVKK KKI.1KK t i:iS. N. I-', mo t
i.ry -i.. ti.l i.t.'l r.'irth i-.ln-Ml:iy in tin-
Maui iiaW m ki i:. I'r. -':'! ni .
Miii.. Makv Tiimma. S. crctary.
ROYAL Al:CAM'M-.r n.U (-..litif il No. 10!-m.-ft-i-mtv
otl;.r W ...liK-iliiy t.iklit nt I . t.
,,. - ll;.;i 1. N. IWC.lNi:Hl. U. v'.i.t.
A. W. IJUl KNKll. ?ll.'.
T'-NKiHTS uF I'YTIMAS-riT. .l.un. I. .1 -r-IV
N,, K i.f P. I... '.I i'- r. L-ui.ir i.u tl ;i.i.
vm ry a : t 1 1 . ; 1 1 I r i 1 ; i i.l'l.t.
.I.f. Hun. in.
.lull n l N ii i: I 1 it. 1 ' I ! v .
r T. M l'.L'ilur r. i.m - 1 A linn Tin!
IV . So. : nr.- I,. I.l H.Ti 't " 'li.' -'lfiy
M-!,t ),t it. K. f 1. Hall. i-.::t in-i
t)(.r ,,f it,.- i tn:. r ;. "in.-.
I). Y i '.nr. t . in .
v. . r.. .., vim . i:. u.
A I.M l.ODi.r. No. :: I ' . r. in.-t-t-t-M-ry
M irnhiy v tri P A i i K-. 'N, N . ..
v. lioi.i i si i-. k , i: -
Sjl 1'KKIOK U1.UF.KA1I I.olM.l.. Kclu ar
O M. i'tln-'- 1' ri'lay nn.litt.
A i l l I. A i. I n-"N. N.
W. S. I tin. Mi l , K.
Ilotha I'r (i. mi riiiltiM-,
Mill llii Hrply I 'lhsU llw n r n
,,r 1 1 1 m ( ll I ii ioml 1 1 1 1 n ii I IrUh
Jt:i I ( n I lo li Hum to I l hlT-
rillu A'iirfarf In I iiliiri-.
J.nndnii, . I in, v ('.. 'ilif :ir dI- icc Ii aa
rei i inl tli'. fll. Ai:iir from I. mil l!ol-.
t i t f-:
Ti-.t r!t. June r,.--Ju-t lff.i:f .1 irk yr
t' r. iv il.v i n. my vt to In ;it' :i I' " k tri.ni
v, ,rl v ti;.- -r i"iv. tin y l,;i.l In n
In.', iin l l.m 1 l,i luilttm's tnotii.ti J in-
i ; i.t y l ni!, i i '1 1 1., in t . w r, i.'ii J, i ""I yar.l -t
l I I'l'i t'li:i. 1 3 I ' 1 . 1 1 Which tin. V Ti t f n 1 1 il
l. i' UI.v. 1- I.:.;'.,, tin. n i:t r.n nill'-t r
with :i lkiLC or tun.- l:ito tin- t...n. il
inan.llns Its htirr. ti.'.. r in my nun,'.
S'.irt'y '. '..i'.' iniilniht 1 wi- :i w:i :.' .1
two .::.' i.ils i f t'.i.- s '..tli aiiumh io
,;,!. lie. S i mil" iv;. i.iilii u'.v .-. .!' tnry tt
i'"ii.iii u,,'..i :;t 'liii.i.il i: ith.t, ncl n n
t i.il ,'::'; i r cf tin- h... r ;.ri:.y. ul., !.i-u;lit
in.- a It 1 1, i ii. .in 1". i h.i. J.i "I' .-: ii;,- mi
iii iiii-lU.- f.r (!., i-ui;. ! m tthn,,' tin
t. ni, i..:' . i: it. :... r.
"I r- i In ,1 ih it I w.Mil-.l l.n llv r.n t the
r i . ui . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 i in r:il tin- i:f-xt tin rni n ir.
l.nt th.it 1 w.is init pi. ,Mi.'l to !isvt;--.
fi:y tt mi,-. ;is tin- . ;,!! i. ! r ..f tin- l"tvn
n.i: -t 1... nr.. .iniiii..:, .1. 1 ;t-'.. 1 I f :i r'
! Tv .I.t Li. ik. ns I 1, -.1 t t'i. i 'I thf
U". t. in.iith on tPo t,j-.sn ns S'."ii as
it v.,-- li.hr.
"In his i. ; lv hi.tha t.,M tm- tl.a! In h nl
,V ,- :,!. 1 m.t t, ml I'M t .i-l.i. an 1 lint
lie t !-.:-!. .1 wi.r.i. n. t hH.ir. n nml it.'i"itv
w 1 1.,' IT"!. . t. .!. At on,- .!. U a. in.
t..-.l.v. whin' i.n tin- hin- of mar, h, 1 w,i
in. t hv tin. f f th" I'Mn. ;imI I'.';. i.i 1 .
with u r..i i'f till".', .-tatiii' tin ir wi-h
t surr- n t r th" t'.wn. It was arr.n;f 1
tl.it IT. tot-i i . l.",iM 1"' tak- n i", .- i--n
f l y her inaj. t tr....;.s at f.v o' lu- k
this alt' rii'.'.n.
.Mr-. l'."thi ai. l Mn. ICiu-t ar-- L 'th
In I'r. t"i a i. S 'li." 1' w of th" Ih iti-l;
j.ii-',i: -rs h.iV" l-'ii 1 . . 1 n nway, l-i. t th"
h .t 1 1- :v .-till at Wat.rval. n,r a
h-,.i'. li,.i . , i tho rs ah' in I'Mt'.fia,
'i'l... fnv 1 h t. M -1 af" l.."kili' Wi ll."
h lliitlulioii t tr lithiiftl.
I.i.f.l U.ii.i Its li
nt' t i nt tin' 'l'liir-
.;it!;t!i..;i of thf llllp. rial Yro
( 1 1 -h I w ;h "o t r lirlini i! 1
i at l.iinli. ."' l.oi-tl M.'tliut-n
;iia-. iiil'u-i i.t ni.-iri.-h to tin- M-.--
Sprinliili!, 111., June 11. A t rrilu
i orm i:i--t i! ocr this sii'tion of
tin' I'ountry Sumlny nfti-rnonn. n
.prii'r llflil hiiiin-rous -hroli' and fruit
trn-s wi re ( stro.ttl, am! r j o it
from nt ii'liliiiiiiiL,' t it ios for a radius of
1 i HiiU-s slum- rat daina-f dor..- to
fruit tivc. A t l't t r-Inirir a in! A t lirr.s
.-i-vt ral lniildiiiL's i i'i' iiijurii!, am! at
tin' latter jda.'r t l.o town of tliv t lic
trii' liL'lit j i ! .-1 1 1 1 uas i!i Mrnyt i!, Ihim
airf tn fruit trn s i!l aL.'L'ft atr thoii-.-am'.-
of dollars.
1 1, - Mo i in la.. .Ti:iit' 1 1. At an early
lini.r Nii:r,iV it.uli ill,' a w i i 1 d t o i i n
se;it II) 111" I ). - Moill. al!, y
tliC'ilil'll the Clt .
di.-:;!e that tin re '
In: t l',iri:,!;n:i-i -. lar:,- ae.
to li a m- 1 1. i n i ii j ii it ' ' ni t
II Ii l i ill -.line CI - i - S l!r- t I'i i
-and didl.n-' wi.rtlt of -1:
w a ld.ow n oiT t !. -fate ! .
wide t !i .-1 n e t car
1 ! a-K' . ! d u i i : r; ea r ' v i
l.y the 1 In i-. from fa I it n
1 irokc n t ft d !, win-;.
i IM - I I ci Mi'
I.O lo-.- of
am! sin d.- -
i i: -life,
And if They ntv Diseased Use tlic
World's (ireatt-st Kidney Cure
It's a i-.;i;,'v in T. r to tt-sl tin.- knl-(H-y-.
Vou in.c.l not oon-uit a doctor,
liy a-kiM'.t yourself three ij it'Si ions y, i:
fan duti-rmiiK' wlivther or ::o oui
kidney s are di r i:;;.;ol.
l'itsl: "il.ivvvo.i liacki'.rhe or weal;,
lame hackr"
cecoml : "Ih yoM liave diPd.-u'.iy .a
ur it; it inv.' or a too tn aiien de-'.re t
n i mate ?' '
Ihiid: "A;e tkeie .U't.e-ifs like Iniik
dti-t in tli;- mire after i; h i-, 'I'm 1 I- :
t w t nt v-our l our- ?' '
In its caiiv si.V'.s ki IrH'v
lo m rally,
.!. A tl. . .li
te I,, . ,!::,:
ii - c ca j e t '..
f ice u a -oil.
i I r l; I;
t n s an!
' I e .d i! v ctt :
j (dh.:'-V Ki.!
ti"ii w iiicu
e'.u-s i : d !
; Mr. I ..ti...
t'.AM, N.
j ery !, ,d ,
.-..:i:e t:!;-.",
I I Jr. A.
! w.
1 ! a few 1 o
ey-I.ivtr 1'iiX a
,.s in tda- 1 r. Ch e
n -
e w.irid tor
. of t ! i l ki
1, j.
v. rite- ; '
hi-, w or. h i : e.
! i. c
timer, Wat :
I li ne Lad
ti '! ;
.i v.iiu null
--I.iv-r I'd!
I ! Oil.
:i notice.
1 1 . e
Mure lliini loo llntc IIi imi rlairlt rot
Miice tin' New I 'I ri ;i n I n I lint
look i:iifc(.
h 1 1
t m
t I.M A FN' AMl'.MKNT. No. :, I ). F.
4-V meet evt ry a.ici nale . ii:ie-.iaj .
W. . K'.o Mt r. lin T 1'atti o.'l .
I HA!. lit If hiss S-.Tlh' .
I() T. M. A I in llhf No. XV:. Meet alter
i, t. at.- Kri.lH alterrioon; l o'clock : K oi 1'.
ha. I- Vl-ilor- alwa(i w .coiiicd.
ANN V I. ION Aid-. L. '
An M. I in r. K. Iv.
Jo F Cniirt Altnrt.N'o. TT". IloM it" r eu
t.r in. tin.-- in tl W. It. f. Hull. N mil 'iht.
Him k, on tin' ' oinl Tlinr-iltty in at ti inoi.tli h'
-h. in. lo. !'l liin.-. i-it.-r- Well oil'.'.
Ch.. Moum.N.C It. ci.KK Hkeue. It. S.
!'. 'N h 5ITKKS. l.'oval '1'. mnlc' No.
J. J.'. mil t- eetV altetliate Wetlm'hty
nl.lit in K. of I'. Mall. Anna Mayt, M. Ik f.
Minnii. r-m 1 1 ii . M. of '.
VrlRht Houso Barbor Shop
Kven tiling Kirst-Class.
Conn' uml see inc.
For fa.-hion.ible work I can jleas
JIM ALLEN. Manasor
Bert Woodward
Ileal Estate Broker
Makes Umnion nrtt-olai Heal F.atKte
t)raw PtptTi relating to Keal KntHto
Ixioks aft r property for non rniiler,t ownrrt
Haiproportflorialeor eichane In evtry
vart or tbe couotrr
Grooms' Barber Shop
It the pJace to ret a rood hair-cut or share
Kverytblnr neat and atrlctly tip to-date
and tatlitactloQ ruaranteed the havlnf
Mlddauffh Old Stand
SuDrlor t.co
a r.
the 1
law w
an im
-i'. mil
it r
n. June
tin- hoi:-"
! cum t.c
atic to tl
tncial law
. M.t m di
c o t u 111 i t t e t
ha.- f. .
e ii'i. rati..
from the
1 ! to .lun.
t...ke :
ith )
5 ro cd
n repnentative oi ti e World Monday:
'If I live I will m rve out my term as
K-nator. I'.ut after lC'Ori I shall retire
from public Kfe am from active par
ticipation in polities."
The Ori'uon Itlt'i'tlon.
I'.irt land. Ore., .June k ll'turns
fit. in the .-late !.c' ion .!-' V :i ert on
( t'ep. I. for j i i ic- of he .-lipl i n." co' ;r t,
a pliir.dity of T.'.'.M. Tor conu n - - man
in t !; l'ii -t id-t r'ct T.iii.M:e ( r p.) lias
'J.i.'l l i.-idi'y. Ii; thf (:..! :'i-:rict
looi' (ttp.t. f.,r oii :'n --, Iim- j..' 'J
pda a!i' . '1 ! " I pundca : - will con
ir.d d .ill b:am l. of t.h- :-' '.:. I nr.
..: d wid !. .. e a m a jo i 1 1 t;f ..." o... j d;.t
(.en. IIIh nt Mte Moii-e.
ddt :!.-!:. .1 . : :.- laj. ;. n.
(Mi- cad. ! n; ' :. I h j n -id. -i.t
iv.-iv . .-! for I a!f an Loir v- :u:t',i..
: 1 a'.' . r th- --! a'-o:. ii. th- I " 1 1 j I
i j.;,' :.- -. '! ;," l'- i . i a ! ! : : !', r . -
1 'i , l ' T , I'l ill 1 ! f" i. o. to Ids
I...; :u i:. -t. r. n. v., !.. r- i.:.s
V.'.:- ' ' : k'ddre i a re
derail lilol.tillilt r Di rnl.
('. ' d.' ', ).. .I'T , 11.- !-a:.e W.
n:.-:. o-. .. . . 1 i r -''' id r, d
!.. i. - : ;..' d lb had- :!., t-r.-;
thr. .!. i-'t d -.-!.', : . r on the iak- -..
t !. i.--.' '..., w Id.-'. -'id in -.. m ads-;-i
;.. ii. . : " r. ' !, : d! th- til si eel
;. aiia r. t! . (:' :.o.
I'iMIMIllH IllTlil.
YOU don't need the doctor for
every little trouble, but
you do iio-ed in the house a trusty
remedy for times of danger.
Thousands are saved by having
at hand
, n
ret. urt .-hows that s.n
a n t into fill el t hire ha- l .
ieit a-c of ! lint he 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i
i.a 1 1 'a tik-. :ui i nefca -e in 1 he
. w
i -it,
" 'a:i... i . . t .
t K'. . ,, i rr. c
CI l l il ill t l"I
capital -to. !
d a n i IMl t a-i
of .. m.:i ::-:
a t ;y
. i.
London, .lune
Jim t- to the war
1 ecu
Trie l'lr.l iv.iiii of I fir I'ifl.t-Mxth
S II t 1 l II II I llllll ( llllll'K to
mi Itnil In ii h 1 iu; t on.
Consumption Cure-Warner's Whit:
Wins of Tar Syrup, !
i ur.n 1 ' ' .11 eat 1 1 1, oil'
.! tv if t.iket: in tin.v .
I i -t
a v-mM
hoi-. IM
11 x KI
: Ml l . 1 1 I. : .
li s. w. ,u
on of
i ry
1 :'. .
made a
Cue.- b
Johi.iim -m-i
ni.- to ii
t he xx a r xx i!
I'rohahiv n
I xa-
i.tu rt ilia nrtiirc.
I . .III! I.XelX tlillio
iii-a t e that for 1 he f nt urt
! im r. !y a jndice a tTair.
t more than 1 "'. " . I ! ,er
;. ; , to the non h. In e..ii er.-at ion be
fore li e r.oers exaeuatt d this place
he i,.-. r.otha and (irobh r indicated that
they i spich d to confine their lighting
hereafter to .-idc attacks.
Ilot rn Will ltrlt.
London. .lune 7. Th- Lo. rs are pre
I aiin- to fortify Lyileiiburr with thf
txideiit intention of lesistimr Lord
Kob. rt' further adxance. The report
that Pretoria will be defei.dt t! s ems tc
have In en a Loi r ruse to cover their
le treat to T.vdeiinur. The insurrec
tion is inert aiiar in Cape Colony ami
WamnV forces are belicxed to be in
MniKuh Men ii n.
London, .lune S Later details slioxt
that the I'.oers took LCni prisoner!
from Pretoria and made orderly re
treat xxith all their L'tms. 'I he l'.oer
are -aid to be massed at Hatherh y, U
injh s ea-t of Pretoria. President
IxruL'er declares the rroxi-rnimnt still
eiTeetive and the n al .-truLrLrlc just be-
llolifrt "1111 llont.
Lotaloii. .Tune M.-Lord. l',obi rts l;ai
communicated r.othim.' for three d ays. ,
nor iermit1ed the correspondents tc .
wire xxhat is jrolmr on. Londuids in-,
ference is that he i- rc-timr. althoiiirl
ho is pos-ibly disposing nis army f t ,
a naeh after ( 'o:n niandii n t hen ;
Lotha hen. I'.iiller. aft. r a .-l:i.'ht bat-
tie. has i, brained a o.-itim xxldch he,
l.eliexes xiil render Laini's Ni k un '
tenable to the P.oerf. j
( iiiiiiiiini li-n t hma Cut.
I.fmion. .Line 11. -- The Hurl's cut I
Lord Ih.bert-' line r.f comm u n ica t ions
at Lofidt xal. mu th of Kroon-t ad. in the
) ran ire Kix.T Colony. I'iha pect rd aye j
penrat.ee of C.fioo b'iro-hers there madr ;
the sit mit ion si-riou. I
Dent a llnnl llloxt. (
London. . Tune 1?.--1 Usa-ters to P.rit- ,
1sh arms in the (trance Tree State
are folloxxitiLT one another in discour-
aL'imr iicce--ion. Close on the- lieel? ,
of the nexxs of the destruction of the,
railxxay and teleirraph lines north of
Kroon-tail comes word that the burtrli- j
er raiders annihilattd the militia
force .it Loodeval. killing or "wound-j
u PO men ami capturmjr a battal-,
ion of the Derbyshire rrpdment f.oo
strori";. I
Dei'lii rcil I ii mi ne. !
Ih .s.Moim s, la., June 7. A.J. Holmes, '
( -x-conre.-s man, well knoxxn Ioxxapol-j
itieian, living at P.oonc, w as declared I
in-ane by it com mission, lie served I
txxo terms in congress and was clcch d j
serf.reant-:it-arins oi ine nouse. iohoxx
incr J'i retirement from his Mat.
Financial troubles nre paid to be the
to a eh ,.
enioou af
d i: r in lt vx
i k. t i'i H I lice
i.t:i:.; pub
The a pi
-ti n. June -. The first ses-,-
Fifty -.-it h eonirre-s came
at f.x c 1 1 'clock x -1 erday n ft
i r a -c--i..n !a-rii - i:;7 d;i s,
i it'll time 1 he IMl m her of bills
d xa- 1''.!",': toral p.ihii!,
lie act -. -1". : private act j., '.'it J.
optlatioii- am. ui.t to ;r7i '..-
1 IB I H A
7k"..S7''.. of whadi -i l.:T.:: 1T.1!.' is on ae-
' Coll ii t of tin- p l l;ih XX il f.
i The eor.ciudii.ir hour in the senate
v;..- j.i.r, ! a .-tela! -i -shm. No bu-i-;
r.i - beyond the adoption of the eus-
to:nary ri .-.dut ': n ( f thanks to the
chair (Senator Frxt ) was accoin
. plished. In nckm.wledi'mer.t of the
j I'ompliment Senator Fry delivt red a
; brit f and graceful speech, which was
! received with cordial applau.-e through
i out the ehamber.
I In the house patriotic, airs w re sun?
j by the members. After Speaker Ilen-
1 derson had made a 'Taccful farewt 11
i r
sjiet ch thanking the members for their
' courtesy and liad declared the house
! adj. timed tlie members testiiied to his
j iopn!arity by siriLTiriLr "For He Is a Jolly
) hood Fellow," and the newspaper cor
rt :-oi.dents in the press pallery ce'.e
i brated their r mancipation from the
j hurdems of congress by sintrino; the
American Missionaries Send a Mes
sage to President McKinley Ap
pealing for Protection.
Ten 1 Ii o ii mi n ii Troop lo Intnile the
(liliifti- C ii i 1 1 it I Ml oiin t rie to
He Itt'iirt-Hfiitcil IM'iuiiikIn of 1'or
tlun Minister Will lie line kid I l
Mtyiitioti I Dnnuerou".
li-r t Im- I'iilU.
- i . Fall-. N. V.. J'lti-
(,. ' : ..!,- Lo.-h. -1 SI. t!;- daU"h-
i !'.:.,. -.x n . Pa., '"inn;',"1 ! - '.!
el ' v . !' j-'.: - r tl.- fall-. he
I In ee lln llroii ni-'l.
Pin - l-iii'L' h. Pa . ; ; . Wild. i m
f, ri'; !.. .,",,! : .; i ', i , r ih,
:i . . 1 ! !. a: d ( i-"..r la n !i. a." d nit.-,
a . , o f ! . i'l ' i i x i ; i. row iiiil
iii '.. hd i t i. r- c i t iv .- ; i.day.
( til! ! re ii I'la.i ( tilek.n with tfiil
1 1 ii 1 1 I i i eu n I :t I'.li; Ii t
Men iville.l.
M il w a uk -. -I ..i." v- An llv . i ;n
Wi -ca . - i ii - ca'. t I 11 ; 1 1 ( )". u 1 tay.
-ax s a terrible Ma id, nt o,-ci.m d
r-ar m ock'oridite, o:. ih- Oi.elda In
dian :-. nation, which r .-uite.l in
the hihinir of i l-lit im-n and one chiid.
The , hi!.l vxa- b.-h. ad. .! by other ehil
i!ici xxhile jdaxii.L'' chicken, a i m 1 the
men i-xxit' th- awful siu'ht ht go
hiavy timbers they wen- rai-in',
which fell, killing ti.o-ht of them.
a certain cure for disorders of the
Liver, Kidneys and Bladder.
Use it at once for pore back, furred
tongue, lost appetite and changes
in urine or bowels. It is wise to
b'j always ready for them. Sold
by druggists, $i.go a bottle.
s 1 1 v i i:., i: ,V A, ri in i.i..Mi.
( , , to M. S. M el b. )
A I'ri-nchpr
o; W it, il..,., ind., ia v. S. I . Xl.'t.
wiito.: "I ll.ixeleell .'.hlifted OX t I i
a : - ti;; ii i ! x - .t si i or sout st otn n h .
lla'.etiiel d;::e:c:i.. M-med.ics xxitlioui
1-, hem tit A i" hottle id Dr Cald
'... 1 1 s s y t u p of I'i p-in -axe me Kfeat
!.. lalll Iltxetaktii lieaily ore ! ii;.;f
i nt'.!. and like a ditterent pcr-om"
For -ale hv sli:..riar ,V Muihol! ami.
Wi.ef. I'li.i-fit . -u'-l pr,ii-' i: -cf
::.-! ,t v. i h ire.. pr,n-.' !' .hi ( ' t ( i rs.
A Noted D( ctcr
( );;oe .-aid "most women lo-c- their
!a-!'.iif- ami lui.l looks much eat'.tci
i :i i: !c l ';: a u im (--.try btcau-e of ,.:i:it
tetition to matute's ie.iuiremer.ts. lie-f.T,;-f
of tla ir j.i cuiiar habits all should
make ;i M.-n. tice of u-in -ome simple
'idi-ie is no Ia,ative so simple, -o
; I- t-.iiit to take and u t so potent as
I'r Caldwell's Sy inp Pepsin, (ictaioc
ho'.t'e i I ' doses io risj of Sh.irrar iV
Iiy-i' i -i t I'.oi" of iiiim-tti . i-'e!.ie.
eiMt a-K iw oil iHMit- cure- n, proiupi'
jjerimim iitly. Ibmutes
' oi'ia. h
It i- in ce--ary to ptay anl wiitch
:i 'Ami :i- to watcli ami pra'.
All who suffer from idles xvilF be vjlad
to learn that IeVitt's Witch llael
Salve xx ill -ive them instant ami per
manent relief It xxill cure ecema ami
all -kin diseases. P.cxvare r f counter
feits Sharrar oc Mulliollainl.
liiillnnit Deiuocrn t.
atiolis, link, June 7. John W.
Londoi,, June 'J. The Pckinir corrc
Fpontlent of the Times, telegraphing1
June , says: "The American mission
ary conference to-day mit a dispatch
to President McKinley appealing for
jirotection and assertiiitr that the mis
tdonaries at Paotir-y-l'u and' other
places are in extreme danger; that the
Tun'-Chu mission station lias been
abandoned; that chapels have every
where been burned, and that hundreds
of native Christians have been mas-acred."
Will He rrotrrtctl.
Indianapolis. Ind. , June 7. John . Washington, .nine '.. llie camnei
Kern, of thi- city, vxa- nominated by lias !cenlcil to roteci .Miiericans in
the democratic state convention yes
terday for governor. Pryan wa? in
tlorsci! ard the sixteen to onei--ue ir
Over n Century Oll.
Pn ii .1. 1 n. June 1 'J. I !. rna :
ris. a can taker of the lav. p- i
met par!
i i
a :
hbrate.l his
,'lith birth-lav
II. Ilnmm. 1
n . ii i i r of h
for the
Icrer 1 1 ii ti u, .1
a :. Pa.. .Inn. i',.
was hai l-. d he
1- xx ife an
eTii on .oemoer iu,
'ni-. Nnti.t Hill.
P-i-Iin. Juna i-. '1 he reich.-.Iap
Tucsihix pa. -sid the navx bill.
imirrrnrr in the nea.
TVnji'.o are ri-ht or left yt il ju-t
they are ri-;ht and left lmmb d. and,
Just ns the ritrht hand is usually the
more powerful, so is the richt eye.
Only r no person in tn is eft-sipMd.
It Is very prcdinMo that the use of
weapons d urine count U ys nir s lias had
somethincr to do witli the extra power
;.f the r'Liht ry,
llrnilltnir KTsiilntlon.
In P.rail parents and puardian
may. before ron-cntirj? to tlie mar
riage of their charges, require a mod
f r-ri T certificate from tlie bride or
bride:: ror .m ci-rtifyino; that lie or lie
has b"i xperimted.
follritc Hy m n ml ii in llnrneil.
Champaign, Ilk, June 11. Fire de
stroyed the men's pymnasiuin nnd
wood working fhop at the I'niversity
nf Illinois. The building was the first
erected on the college campus and had
lon been a landmark. The origin of
the fire is unknown. The loss is esti
mated nt $10,000.
Hnnged from Tree.
ThomasTllU, 0a.t June 12. - Senny
Jefferson, a negro, 22 yenrs old, wai
lynched' near Metcalf. He had been
working for Emory Stringer, a white
farmeT, and attempted to assault one
of Mr. Stringer' daughter, lie wm
hanged from ft tree and ri&Xed with
A. . Fr.VKHH, J'nnnr.tlnn., Inflamma
i i kks J lion. Luna IVtrr, lllk Fetrr.
II. II. tril I.miirne.. Injurlcn,
mkm i IOn-iiiiintl.ni.
C. C.JMHtK 1IIHOVT. Uiiln.y. K.ootlc.
l UKd S IMl'inirr.
rtkVJ;U OK1'' ,,0. iruhn.
I'. Ih COI (.IIS CoM. Influenza, Inflamed
iku ( l.iini, l'lriirii-1'nt'uiiionia.
V. F. COLIC, llrllyarhe. Ind-lllot n.
hum ( lliarrhra, 1lrnlrrv.
tl.ii. I'rrtenu MIM Allltl AliK.
I. I. )tKI IH.nKF. Mmif, Kruptlon..
c ihuii I lerra. rrr, tarry.
.1. K. j II ll COM)ITIO. inrlnc Coat.
i'hui ( IndlKmtlon, Munmrh Mtinrrt.
Me. fitch ; HUM Cane, Ton Spw'lfli. Hook. Ac., 7.
At ilriifrtrlnta or nit prrnalil on rlpt of iirlon.
lmlhry, MeIIHn tSi., t:r. William ft John
Ft., brw York. Viticriiaut M rL Mtvr Kara.
nnd Prostration from Over
work or other causes.
Mumphreyi' Momeopthio Spciflo
No. KH, in uta over AO year, tha only
ucceaaful remady.
$ 1 par Tlakor apaeial paekac wltk powdaT,far $S
BI4 kf Drmct lata, ar atal aa 4 tm tarda af arlea.
(raUtr aUa. Ca Cae, WUkaai Ma Ma., la f arft
China, but to avoid an entangling- alii
anee with other powers.
To Semi a Illu I'orre.
London. June 11. The admirals at
TaL ii. acting in concert, are forcibly
reopening the railway from Tien-Tsin
to IN king, hangs of laborers are re
pairing tlie damaged line, which is
-u.irded by 1. ."I.) men, composed of detachment.-
from the foreign lleet. One
hum! ret1. Americans, under ("apt. Mc
Calla. are anionir them. Thty have
-uns and armorid trains for use when
.. r three ehil- j ti(. js n ji;i!red. which can hardly
be effected before to-ni'ht.
Ten thousand troops of all national
ities, according- to a dispatch to the
).ii!y Fxpfe-s from Shanghai, will be
st nt to Pi kiiar to back up the demands
of the mini.-ters upon the government,
or. if necessary, to suppress thelloxers
thentst Ives.
(irnivii More Diuiuerotia.
Tien-Tsin. June 11. There are .Tl for
eign war vessels at Taku. A message
from Peking to the admirals asserts
that the situation is hourly growing
more dangerous for foreigner.. All
those at Peking1 have taken rtfuge in
Legation street. The civilian males are
under arm to light with the regulars
If nece ssary.
II ii r ii Clirlatimia Alltc.
London, June 11. The Peking corre
spondent of the Times, telegraphing
Sunday, says: The American mission
buildings ac Tung-Chau, 12 miles from
l'eking. which were abandoned by tlie
missionaries, have been looted nnd
burned by tlie Chiucse soldiery who
were sent to protect them. Within
three days 7.1 native Christians, well
known men, who had been trained for
years by American missionaries, have
been massacred near Tung-Chau.
Many of them were burner alive.
AVnnta n Protectorate.
Peking, June 12. China's young
emperor has nsked that the foreign
powers idiouhl remove the empress
dowager and establish a joint pro
tectorate. Admiral KemplT has 200
marines nahore and 100 more will be
pent him from Manila. Kussia is not
ing alone. Other naval forces are
under orders of Uritish admiral.
Veteran Demi.
Sycamore, Ilk, June D.-di-ii. Fvcrul
. F. Putton died Friday afternoon at
his home in this city, aged 02 years,
from heart disease. President Lin
! coin made him brigadier general by
, brevet during the civil war. After
! leaving the army hen. Dutton j-erved
' as clerk of the supreme court of north
; ern Illinois. For th- last ".J years he
i hail been at the head of the Sycamore
national bank. .
I iiiue a Nu tin mi I Tie Let.
New York, June 7. The socialist la
1 bor party in convention in this city nom
inated .Joseph F. Maloi.ey, of Lynn,
' Mass.. for president of the United
! States. Put one ballot was taken, ami
Mr. Malohey received the votes of CO
j delegates, Valentine Lemmel, of Pitts
! buriTh netting 17 ami W. 15. Hammond,
; of St. Paul. one. Vah nt ine Lemmel, of
Pittsburgh, xxas r.am.d. for vice pre-i-
i Wheel irka llurneil.
I Kaciue, Wis., June The plant of
' the Wi.-consin wheel works xxas ntin ly
d st roved by lire Thursday night. The
; hss on stoc k, buildintrs arid machinery
: is tut ween '.'"' am! V'i on w hich
j there is a blanket insurance of - - isho.
1 ..xk-,j-!i.)-C 5
N i one ever lu arrl a married man
c .ax his wite to sing for him.
Thn t! spectres that thre iten biby's
lift. Cholera infiiiiti m. dv-enhry nnd
diarrluM. Ir. Fowler Extract of Wild
Strawberry never fails to cor. tier them.
'J'lio mind may rind amusement,
but only the heart can di-covcr liap
piness. Kruinent station makes great men
rn .re great, and little ones Jess,
A Wealth of Boauty
Is often hidden br ntf-ighflj- pimples,
eczema, tetter, trysipeias, salt rheum,
etj. Uucklen's Arnica Salve will glori
fy the face by curing all bkin eruptions
also cuts, bruises', burns, loils, felon0,
ulcein and worst forms cf piles. Only
2"c i box. Cure guaranUd.? SoldJ by
Sharrar cV Molholhmd.
Does the
OM7 TftTfirA
Davy iiiiivt
i Convention is the soul's Kirbcd wire
! fence to keep the cattle o;T.
1 Glorious Nows
! Comes fmm !)r. I). Ik Cargile, of
Washita, I. T. He writes: "EUctric
PitKrs has cured Mrs Erewer of sciofu
; la. w hich had caused her great suffering
for years. Terrible sores would break
' out on her head and face, and the rest
' doctors could give no help; but now her
health is excellent." EUctric Bitters is
the best biood purifier known. It's the
supreme remedy for t cema, tetttr, f-alt
rheum, iilce. boils pud running seres.
It stimultes the liv r, kidm ys and
bowels, expels poison, helps riige-ticn.
builds up the strength. Only .",ic. Sold
hv Sharrar -V Mulholhuid. Guaranteed.
Will flnlt rolltlea.
New York, June 12. Senator Tlatf
friends having announced that he
would not be a candidate for reelection
in 1903, a rumor gained wide circula
tion that he would resign his teat be
fore that time. Senator Flatt laid to
i If not, something must be
V wrong with its food. If the
momcr s niui oocsn i nour
ish it, she needs SCOTT S
EMULSION. It suddIIcs the
elements of fat required for
' the baby. If baby is not
a nourished by its artificial
I food, then it requires
1 Scott's Emulsion
y Haif a tcaspoonful three
i or four times a day in its
bottle will have the desired
$ effect. It seems to have a
V mirf!--! ffc4 unnn K-iSloc
iliUllttl tllVVt uuii
and children. A fifty-cent
$ bottle will prove the truth
of our statements.
Should be taken In summer sa
well as winter.
$nc. an.1 Ii.oo, all druj-giitt.
SCOTT & BONVSfc, Chemitt, New York.
Men may differ on polics.l religon of
finance, but all who have tried Fanner
Salve are agreed as to its worth for cuts,
burns, sores, piles and skin diseases.
It's the most healing medicine in the
world. Sharrar Mulhollaml.
To Cu;e a Cold In G!d Day-
Tnke W.-.rner's White Wine of T
Syrup, tite lest eouh remedy in
c.irth. 25 nr.d 50 cents.
F.Y m!h I,t- MIAKKAll .r VI I IK -I .LAND
ueeeot to II. s. W elil ' v -
For Infants and Children.
Th) Kl:,d You llati Ab:js C:ht
Bears tha
Siff&atTaX of
Iron Ul.
l.tlax.i;JTCkVVC,i main
I5thlay.j 0fMc.
THE GREAT 30th Iay.
proilnrea the ahnve reanlta la30 dar. It a. t
powerfully and quickly. Cures when all other (aiL
I'oucg men will reitala their Inut manhood, anil okl
men will recover their youthful vigor by ulng
KEVI VO. It quickly and mrely re-tore Nenoua
DeM, Ix)nt Vitality, Im potency. NUhtly ErnlpftioD,
Cont I'ower, Failin-r Memory. Wantlna Dineasea. ami
all effect of aelf abun or exrea and lndlncretlon,
which nnfitsonefor audy. bunlneM or marriage. It
not only enrea by Martina at t n peat cf dieajA, bnV
U a great nerve tonle and hJoo builder, brio -Irg
back the pink alow to tal cheekaandt,
toring tha Are of yoath. ft warda off Insanity
and Connumptlon. Inaiat on having RETIVO,ta
ether. It eao ba can-lad In et rorket. By mall
I.OO per rack aire, or ats (or SS.OO, with ax poat
Uva writ tan aroarantea) to enra or raxroiai
tha moncf. Circnlar trea. A4draa
Royal Medicine Co.fag535.f!l2:
uccfors to B. 8. Webb.

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