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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, June 15, 1900, Image 4

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ruuusiiKD nv
C. 1 . UHOWN,
1 l;t; Ivhi MllK 1- t! tti n Hi tin- .(irt. Il'.iv III
Alma for t rr i; tui i -lo 11 tliro::!. the umi!i w hi 'n.uJ
c lac matte r.
Advertising Rata-Net.
M'Att I " W .1 W j 1 M ! M 0 M , M U
; ;, t; 1 hi 1 on .'-; 4 '. 7 if
.so 1 ,'.'. I 7" 4 t.d 7 o.i H im
C! im X ;; 'i Ml f'O I'.t U ) 1" M . 00
1 lie hxi"
'4 ( ul.
Hj vini ,n .iN. in 1-M-ai ruliii'i:), Mni.ts i r
II tic for cm-li at. '.I '-very ii. -ei 1 1 i .
I, K-lli UIHl'T fl'CCMl. lo Hi! C l.t JhT lilo-.
Sofuny in it!o ot i a: i tuio iiioih o r- th.o
Is a mom y coiimI nitMo, o c nt 1 1 r lire.
P. 1'. BROWN,
Hc;ut!ican Caucus .Notice.
'' 1 1 0 H- l l 1 1 .'.I ti 1 MtlTKT li".'l '
,1'-U at I. -Ill Ha.!, cil.. s. !. .Ion'-- '.' '-
IH'H L Ill- 1;V viol-! H C I I'oV.
'lh- rr; i,!..l :io-i I m t"-- i -'.i' wi.l oo i t
Jii i iiiKli- ul i: i " :i Hi'ii.
Si;..rJ,'i , Ji.uc i6. !900.
f.,r il. i i,i. ! ii ' ' - ' ' ,: '
t-iHJ :.t v in. .v :-;ii.;i .U llO.si-: . i .O.i 'I I'll .li.oi' ...
im- u.i- co ' ; i ,1 1 ,.. r ; -.: - "
M.it' f.'i.' oio o. 11. P..M.. 1 ' ' M.
Hc;ut;i.un Caucus.
Tto i.'poo.i. o! A i ..-.u tov. i.-:.;p a: . n- I
til t'Uiii-lv ., f.. i l n I.- : - .
1 ut'bUy. June ll t;t 2 00 t- n .
f,.r tli- ;.u!i,.f ,; i. - i i th
f.MJII.V ,-...'i f I I, il .'t Itif.t I. J'-- ... li-.'O I' '
tin- p '.p..-.- .; ,-;.. i.i. o .. .i- i - ii..- -i .t-
HrpjCl can Coj.ity C.incr.Jun.
Tto- lJ. ! i.l..;. .so ...!.: i . ' 1 1 1 ' . 1 - .' O.Oii.
ty iii i, -. o i ' v o;i. 'J ii.it .-a ;tt-
COi.rt tl M .0 ';.- 1 1 1 1 . 'I ":i
t riaa . Ju.-.v 2 1 l -i VO, ji U :VJ a in.
lor tlo- p.. i o -t. ,,i . , v 1 ....-' ' .a;.
hit. ul ti 1'.. ; .!! -:i '!: 1 . ;" "
..to o . ; .i o r
t.i . .. ; ; 'W
vatoil to Iho fiuprcmo bouch. llowevt r.
.Mr. Ft rry lacks thu ut cesbary U'chLical
It r;il knowlt dpo fur such a position, for
which hlH hiph roiiFcientiousness and
the natural fairm ot his dit-position
wt-u!d titlicrwi.-f juitniraMy (jnahfy him.
His has ht en a Luiness ratiit-r than u
loalcart cr uiiil l'H trainii'r hf hecn
iilt.t.' utlniiuif r;itivi i at her than jatiic
i t! lino-. Am the fv-rciuot hti. m s man
in the state, i rhaj.s, ui:tl c f the highest
ty;ie f tho state's citizenship, ho is uc
t onili;:Kly heinj: t'.r'ed tor an executive,
when under other circumstances ho
ntiht le urmd without qtif-stina of
.iu-vt ss I', r a judicial clUce. It is not
"Mr. Justice F.-ny" tliiit his suj pcrterH
wan' to he aid to write somo clay,
hut "(kv. Ferry."
Mr. l'V-riy's nomination would lo au
evitleliftt of the t strcise of th it s.inie
tiiM-riininarioii in the selection of ca:idi
d.tt. s for admi-trative. ( thee that has
-iv. n th.o .-tai j-idiciary its hijrh ( ilici
ency and j. rc.it prestige. "(Jov." 1). M.
1't ny it is ;;oi::;r to he, if any defend
one at all e;i m lt. p!.icr,l thin year in
1'e..-" o'u'lis i'.:.il iii'liciitintis that in other
yo us have proed nd'alhlde intiU'ations
to' 1 1 u i . i ( . ,j pohi ieal evt lit-
Tin- proo' i t for a hvly time in this
county hi.-f.'veeu tin- Bins and Stearns
ipp!e lo- ks vt ry t! itt-ri'.n:. Th.e
M. arns I '-npI : j utt;:.ir up a v ry
tiim aJtu..ei'f n opp--sit.on to (.- I. Hli's
ci.tunii liiar .sir ;; ro li:e ir.'-i uiai
tiator At wo. a; a:ri Mx- -pcala r CJordOU
w opp). d tl.o tpi.d-t tx.it it n hill are
j out wt.il.io' 1mi-s. 'j tie a'-'U'ie nt i
ui ii jihii:, it n ;t. S't-iUns is ::i ;i lai.ch
I Wii; st. fitioiiti ;-. ti.'in tl-" iaet that
; V. -i. F10...1. -- II 1'.' r.-" ruid'Tap "
j u he. -I t. v a.-e li" io-.id workers, all
; 1 j jiu .. d t ".c 1 i . ' as u iii ho rt no inl't Tt d
, ty th'i-e Wiitc.iiu' th" pio-t t ili:;KS.
t;. 1 1 ..t 1. 1 11 .1 I , .-
I .mi... Li 1.. 1.1 ...ii. .- . t
)(. t. : n- '. o
ti- 1, m ' 1 .
(III-! l.'.l -1 10 .
TH-- -vii'iiovi-: a
' -A . .V i !.!:-
Al ... it
l:i '.';uo
1 .0.1
I.l. I ! -nt..
I 10: 'I
1. . .
Ittl -.1 .1
.V o a:-K
il ooh-i- 1- i; p..
Hat- 'I Ju;. ' . :
t 1 : . 1
. 1.1. . o
f' -1 1 ' .
I v. 1.
I Th- ( 'f :n ;.'! II ;u!. ..-:.!! s:.ut"d in
, wirlitio 1 l : J i-ri; hn-in:f' out of the
j f' r tl. ; ;. !iO!-hi nomination,
1 ! ,.t wtitntioN. I 'i '.(roe cano- tut f. r
' Si. . .1 r, it -.', u f " 1 ; 1 i! ii for I5i". War
ri ii aiul 1. o,,i: , oi;t l i-r we. k against
' .;'--.tr: It h. m com to a ji-.int wlure
1 'it:;:r- i:;d isi-mi-ut is a 11. enact to
a , y 1.' '. pr- -oe( ts for rth . 'L'he
; , tii rii . --''"! f..r si'V. ral tefonns
! i ii . : -!.t o;i' 1 11. hn' he has j.l.tyetl
t! ,1, .'.'.o-'' ;io- J "1 -isit ntly ilott the
; ,; v ti.i 1." lift- "f iiim r Ins re-,-.
r.-ia ton. ( iraiul Led":" lude
' . I.t.
A. M io.00.
All- .11:, .-r. .o.s -pii, Ih-r-if
o a'.'i C. 'im i"S have ! r d 1 ' 1 ry
i ; ;.'.tt. s to the tate convention 111 the
1. t da vs.
Kifuti.can State Convention.
:le ::. 00
.M..-0-v.io :
'1 l;.. M ,t. . ' ' 1 ' it;
y i , ci o 1 - 11 ' ' .i . l
ti.:-. :o iV ..'.'- I.
Wei.:viJ.is. J 27. i 'vU)
!-- '''!-
t . iii - ... . t .-
.;li : l . o- - i . .
...I.M-; t." ..
: . -i . , 1 ,0 - 1 ii
..1 1' I ;; 1. . -! I
,1 , . ,,1 . ' :. .
ii- j.- .... - I . '. ; - :
m o . ; . ! 1 .
0 . V, . . - .
... A- .- 1 ! :
( . 1!.. . ! ..-
I :.;..;!. ' -....'.
,, II .-II- i 1 '
ta-t c I.
11. ; - - -i ' ', .
ii, ,; v-.i i i .
.;,.!, , .. t V V. I
, a . ; 1 ' 'i 1 1 1 " 1 ' . 1 ' " ' '
tl'.i.ai '
it I- t . '. . . 1 .
i..'t 1 . 0
1 : - . i- e.
lit T ' . I . - .
e . . 1 j :. '
Mi . -,
1 1 ) i 1 ! : :. . I 1 -
II i .!..... I: .1 .-
III I 01' it ' '
taiuoi.e- i'.- 1
' rry i fa1- jrainin :ijiporfi rs
t! r. , the -rate. Hi- pr .-peets for
i .ni.;o.':o!; are Jo-kin l.'etttr vi-ryd.iy.
Qur Schools.
1 ;: 1 Iv-JiCICR I-diler-in-Chief
.-. r.i .i :i ,
11 i'.. 1. vo;,' 1 ''.on , Associate Kditoi
..yt - ha - n ! .1: ro d to 'h -ol.
i;..r.'-n v: t. .. -.-l.t ..1 'i'-ioflay
i' ik- h -s 1 -:t . '.-h'.f.; (j wet d
.' ui lor
1 ;.- I ul v
r 1 1 t : t 1
lit Til - lit" Up the
h-'.t Sv liool to
takiii. tiioir .;mi
r o:n had ;i ' h'.iu- Oil
a 1 , .: .
'.o'ori -;a i:t Friday
.'. rn it.
l.h-t ri's room
' : ' ! ti'.S e; ,:.
:- s r. 01 h ; t.i. r 1 .s
l : i.-.,i , . :f. -i
m i (.. - v. 1 ' ; r. : r . f Miss
1, ., , v r for;.", t
i .i! i'i on A I'.i.oi. C K"
i ta.lv ar co . 1 ia-t
1 a,'.. . o ..
"Gov. r ciri" iiiv al IL' il e- r.u
.1 .1 t"
. ;t:i i! t-!.. or
i . . " s 1 i.r
. i- -v- ii. ,n ::al
t .t 1 10 oi... r
JMI'-Ii ". . - - .1 - !.
th" -rao- ri.re .1: . o
eat ,.'i a';, lite ' 1 ,;
spoiol lh- p..: - 1:.
one ' t I la- ; ' -. -' . 01
to a ;a -n. 1 ' 1. 1 . 1:. : ;o 1 1
M.'ii'ol.o'i . .t' t .. ;p... -ami
.I:;;:; :' i;.: o: .
Tii" at-- -1 xp- t . 1.1 i-
jlidl' lal :.' I .11 ' !M"!ir
may ir- .i'm '.
It liO-'Ul 1" l' i ' .'.'' 1
two. J-.-i- ''I " 1 01 J i - a..
(.'0!i!in.l' il li.v tii" p tity loio-.'ii:.- r , ji.-i
us are I he - . c! l i;i" for o'r'r,.il:-.r a an
ex cuti vc odi -. - if!i toe Am rioait
venerut ami lor the ja neiury, h i.v'.r,
the create-: cai is t.o.'-n 111 makaik' a
chjicoof caiid'.it.tti s tor tlu -e jii'licial
places. Tie- aliie-r and m-t xp ri"i.ci .1
lawyers are ptciietl out for Hie h. neh.
The pri'Mimpt.oa-r.i of inf. nor prae
tioiiers in uspiMiiH' to Micii a po.-itioii is
severely r duiLod in tie rare c.i-es
in which, leoau-e ot ' e:-.ct j.; ioa.d t ar .-.iia-stances,
a candidate w h(i is unworthy,
or at least not the m ,.-r worthy, m curt s
a place u.s nuaili.ee on th" J. 1 (3 tiektt,
the people at tloJ Jn.ll-, hhow with
empha-is t!:e w ay they are ripahle of
discriminating in matt- r- j'Tt:nuii: to
the judicial sy-tem of the state.
The result of all t!ii.- care is that the
judicial dcpaitim nt of the state run.-,
along smoothly, discharging without
friction or u. du e. .n. -.);: p-ocduie the
duties it is lot. inh d to di.-chai go, j-t 1 -forms
itn ork i-ei and ii tains the
confidence ot the-p"i .jut', A v.t-'ly dif
ferent stilt of a'dairs can h" easily im
agined with a judiciary of li.-.s calibre
and less int. tnty.
The tr.nl 1 r I hh that control these
Belt ction for j udieial o!hc s idiould hecx
tended to include, at least to h.uuc ex
tent, tho selection of inoumh"iits for of
lices in the other two departments of the
utato government. Men ot intelligence
and judgment are to h) de.-ir d, hut an
indispourahle qualification in vi"W of
prevailing tendencies should bo integri
ty of tho strictest type and a keen s nso
of tho obligations imiose,l by the accept
ance of a trust from the c. le
It i becau-e those in sympathy with
a largo and influential flemt nt in the
state have a very high ideal ( f what is
demanded in the person selected tv") fill
the rhicf magistracy that they r pup
porting as the. distinctive representative
of that clement the candidacy of Mr. 1).
M. Ferry.
II d Mr. Ferry chosen the law an his
profession, thero if n't a particle of doubt
that, if he rl1rwl on th attainment V f
middle life to give up the lucerne of a
tu.Cotiful practice, he would be ele-
1 t ;"V r f I'.ti il.iv,
, 1 1! I M - I' l.t " ai l .'0 .-S l rlh
I -1.0 - l h i to .- fay.
.--Vt -.id .")' ;i :. ra .rave
f.0.1- ;.' ;o.:'t -'-it . iiii iing
iv a-; ; W. ..ii - i tv ". 1 ... 'S.
,'!.i 11, i , , - . r ;. -d ho
A p. 1 a -a III.
. ;1" i.r-t ,
.r:i .-i. L :
'I p.
! -! . I nur-.iav
lao- wa- 1 :t irt'-.i
1 tic- r ti:-ri game
a i r: , ,v ,,:or
tti d i' Iii' s or"
1' f return
I'i -al la-t
r.- h i; 1 ; I i
1 .v i 1 . t:..- - -..re !
iii !..- 1 (.! A ; 1
d .. .. . g: a : h .V" p.: 'cii . d t a n
ft.-w I u..-, ' ' 1 u 11 ' a :md
t.n. of it .'ig.ei.ins . ami have Irani' d
two ii- w pa t u it s tor their r.-om.
Ti.-- t m i lot e- iiiuiy en nnji! ;;is f 10:11
M. Loi.is m t tlo or cmo! del, -at ;:t the
haod-i i A'.ma il' Ji S -h .1 fuesday
;t!fi ! nooii by I h -c ire if ' to
Th ' A s: ral il;t ry clas g ive- Miss
( aiit ;i vt ry pa a-ai.t surpi is" I'M Moti
toty evening. Dainty refreshments
were s.-rved and a pleasant time was re
p )itt d by till.
S. Z Convint'cn.
Tlie foll-jv. ing i.- the program cf the
Arcat' 1 lo.vn-idp IS. 8. conveiiti .n to he
i.eld 111 the hav.- h. hool h(iu.e, Sunday,
dut.e J7, (OMiiu tod by the president,
Kev. A. 1. B iwman :
1 1 ! i- .DO.N -K-ON.
t . .liuii .: I-. , lal I., (i. M. II He h trir-on
Va ti ot . Prut U . K. H- a-
II .ii-.. t.. Hun-' V,-loi:;iN .Mi-llt len I'alrn r
I'..- . i'o p. to :n... I'rt -. nt t fie I4. S I.i-m-mi .
J. It. ISAttili
I I'm .! I, p;. 1 ; tin nt u W orttniiKtoo
I, ie.-Oi.ll l'.OV
IAKMS11 -r.().
I 0 . .t .. a! l.xen ot -. . l.t 1 liy la . J. II Humor
v ii v ;'.v tl e ( . S'tl to t lie H Ml hell ?
(1 M. 1 1 Mt li iiioti
Mi-- uii .1 Hi" li ny spitit in tie- s. S Work. ...
J L. Miller
( 'i.-isr eraro.p . . . I:.-V. J. it. Hoover
K' :e oi I 010 1 otion t. E Hull
Ciri of Thaaks.
We de-Fire to publicly express our
li art ft It thanks to the kind friend and
neighbors who assistcrl uh during our
late sad lercavement. Especially do
we thank tho members and ladies of the
M. h church for their many kindnesses.
Mil. and Mrs. V. II. Kixcii.
We, tho undersigned, do hereby agree
to refund thn money oa a 60-cent buttlo
of Greene's Warranted Syrup of Tar if
it fail.H to cure your cough or cold. We
a!o guarantee a 2 -cent bottlo to prove
satisfactory or money refunded.
FirinrtAit Ar Mi'T.iior.T.AND, Alma.
LiviNs it Rhodes, Alma.
Kb lyr' FnEt lliiiox, Uivtrdalo.
q Churches Societies, j
( IH KClHiS.
St. John's church : First Sunday af
ter Triuity. Celebration 7 :'M a. in.
Morning servico 1U:.'J0 Sunday School
11 :.'U. Fveniug service 7 :ao p. m.
Baptist church: i'reaching at the
usual hours morning and evening by
llev. ,1. Oii.beof AlmaColh ge. Sunday
School follows the morning service.
Young people's meeting at G p. 111. stand
ard time. Prayer meeting Thursday
Tho graduating class of the high
school will worship at tho Presbyterian
church next Sabbath morning, the pas
tor preaching tho graduation sermon.
In the evening the last illustrated ser
mon on the Life of Christ will bo given.
All are invited.
"A regular convocation of Alma Chap
ter, No. IS.i, K. A. M will bo held on
Monday evening, June lMli. Work in
P. M. degree. All members are cordial
ly invited. M. Pou-a.-ky, II. P.
Dedal Sale
Hon. Perry F. Powers, of Cadillac was
in Alma last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. .lames Clargett returned
home from Ionia Saturday last.
Mr;-. S. V. lli'lleiibeck is spending the
week with relatives in Grand Kapids.
Mesdames .1. W. and M. A. Holmes
were in Grand iianids Tuesday, Dewey
II. X. Hayes went to Grand Kapids
Tin (.day to attend tho Dewey celebra
tion. liev. C. L. IJlanchard of Ilig Kapids
vi-itetl his parents in Alma the first of
the week.
Waldo Uogart went to Grand Kanids
this week as delegate to the Great Camp
K U. T. M.
Miss Kornice Cook of Mt. Pleasant
was the gue-t of Mrs. H. J. Vt-rmeuleu
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L Chadwick of Ithaca
were the guo-ts of Mr. and Mrs. K X.
Chadwick ovtr Sunday.
Mr. and Mr-. II. .!. WTnehell are en
tertaining their son, Wwlter II , and
bride of Montpt ih r, O , this week.
Mrs. (iiorge llm-ley left Thursday f 1
Kay City where she expects to visit
friends during th" n xt two weeks.
J. W. Holmes and J. W. Fullert n
wut to Fiu.-hing Tuesday to attend a
reunion of their regimt-nt, the ;th Mich.
Mrs. A. C. Middaughof Stanton wa
in Alma Wednesday while 011 her w ay
to Flint and was the guest i f Mrs G. l).
.1. J. Kirndollar, wife and son of
Coll'eyville, Kas., are stopping in Aln.a
for a few days and are guests at the
Wright House.
Lafayette Stevens has purchased the
Thomas Ferris h-v.is.. recently built in
the Ward iV Hall addition north on
Woodworth ave.
A ten pound girl arrived at the home c.f
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Hill Wedm-.-day
m irning. An addition to the Seiner
class of the College.
.dis Mai tin Dill, in of K'alania .0.
who has been visiting her M-tor. Mrs.
Frank K 'Hin, for the p.i-t two weeks,
returned home Tuesday.
The Pine Kiver and C unity Line
Farmer Clubs will j du 111 a larmeis'
picnic in Otto Mey'.- grove .July l?h and
invite all to p-nticipi,'. with them.
Mrs. L. K. M .riis.d Koekfnrd, wli
has been vi-iting her br-dher, .J. A.
Webb'-r. ;oil oth.-r relatives here f, r th.
pa-t few weeks, returned home Tie .
iav. J. K. Gaul of Ionia, repres-rititig the
buna TontiTic Inve-tni' nt ( .V., has b' en
mi Alma this v.ei k set duo; ns several
claims and incid ntally wrding a Io a
Il'-'V COlitl ilftS.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary So
cioty of th" M. L church ni.-t at to.
lo me 1 t Mrs. M. McLaren Thursday t.i
ia-t wt .k and enj iyed a line j rogram
A sp ( 1 vi I f-'iitur" of tlie afteli 0011 w e
riie talk by Mi-- Ihiruiioa 1, a -tu lent h
Toreign tm.--.oi!.-;ry w.irk.
The Ladies'( Juild of t. .Tolm's church
field an t Mi.i i-iiv s a' the ho;n" o;
Mr. it'ld Mt A.J. Hall i;t-t evcniM..
T'i" P ature cd' tic v ning u i.s tho r
ing by t if i.c in ; r- t h-w w :h ha-.
:-rii"d tin ;r ti i! ir lor tie- Guild ll-mi-It.
fr -lino 'i'- : r- r ,- d ami a Vei
jilea-'ant evening enj iyed.
Mvrtl" .M V. a..,, i a; , il .y If. .Will. .
wt-in married 'J nnr-d tv ;tt th Dime
of the bri 1 -"s p.u. nts m th
pros 'iicii of a fe.v invio-d friends and
relatives. K"v. L L Sincb ir ollp-iating.
The ili-;t !.;:!) extends congriituhtti ins
We will give a more xtendud account
of tho Wedding to Xt week.
J din Fitzgerald died at the home of
hH s m, Dennis Fitgt raid, in Sumtn.-r
ton la-t Friday, aged i years The d
ce.i- "d Jiad lt""ii sutl-ring witli cane, r
of th" head for some tim and it finalh
r suit"d in lus di-ath. He fcrmerly r
sideti on ii farm n -ar Mt 1 rid, bat ab :V
"ight months ago h s .Jd his farm and
sii co has made his h"ine with his s n
l'he funeral was held Sunday at :tn p
m. from St Patri"k's church, Summer
ton, Kev. Francis Kroger pre tt hing the
funeral serm ni, ami the remains were
laid at re.-t in the Sumnierton cemetery.
A I'reachor's Troubles.
Ai.mon.Wis The Utv J. X.
V..nNaUtr feels it his duty to tell what
Dr. Chase's Ointment has done for him
and his family, he says: "My wife was
terribly sdllicted with protruding piht
and contemplated a surgical operation
when my notice was drawn to Dr.
Chase's Ointment and less than" oih
box cfivctcd a complete cure I the a
used it for mi unsightly and trouble
some skin affection which had hafikd
the best medical skill for 25 years. Dr.
Chase's Ointment perfectly cured it.
For piles and skin troubles, it is worth
its weight in gold."
Thousands of sufferers are daily find
ing relief, why not you? Seud stamp
to pay postage ind we will send you a
free sample box of Dr. Chase's Oint
ment which is positively guaranteed to
cure piles and all skin troubles, joc, all
drucguts. or Dr. A. W. Chase Med. Co..
Huffalo, X. Y.
"Take Heed Will Surely Speed "
He sure to heed the first symptoms of
indigestion, nervousness and impure
blood, and thus avoid chronic dvspep
sia, nervous prostration and ail the
tviU produced by bad blood. Hood's
Sarsaparilla is your safe-guard. " It
cjuickly sets the stomach right,
strengthens and quiets the nerves, puri
fiej, enriches and vitalizes the blood and
keeps up the health tone.
All liver ill aru cured by Hood' Tills.
on our entire stock
this week. Kvery Hat goes at O N K-II A L P V 11 1 C K. Come and supply yourself
ii! and family for the summer.
For Low Prices come to
j Opera House Block
Alma, Mich.
Pere Marquette
Prohibition Convention. One fare
rate. Sell Juuo -'(5 and 27. Return
Juue :.
Music Teacher's Convention. One
fare rate plus s,'.:,o. Sell June 17 to 21.
1U turn June 2:i.
oliKlUJN, o.
College Reunion. One fare rate. Sell
dune 22 to 27. Return June :0.
rilll.ADKU'HIA, i'A.
Republican National Convention.
One tare rate. Sell June 14 to lb. Re
turn June 2G.
H. F. Moki.lek.
Acting O. P. A.
Asrents Wantel
To sell the Marsh Reading Stand and
Revolving hook Case. Rest cilice or
library atticlo ever patented, and sells
everywhere on sight, at a good profit.
Why stand idle with such a chance to
make money? Ask the publisher of this
paper to show you sample of this stautl,
or write us for full particulars at once.
H '.! t;.m M ak.-h Mko. Co.,
Is'o. o42 West Lake-st., Chicago.
If troubled with rheumatism, give
Chambet Iain's Pain-Halm a trial. It
will not cot yen a cent if it does no
good. One application will relieve the
pain. It .also cures sprains r.nd bruises
in one-third the time reipiired by any
other treatment. Cuts, burns, frostbites,
'piinsey, pains in the side ami chet,
grandular and other swellings are (juick
U eund by apphing it. livery bottle
.varranlcd. Price, and 50 cents
iH'O-tt Siiakkak Mruiou.ANn.
If tl:e testimony of prominent and
ii-tiii;'iiished nun in every sphere of
'lie be a -ittlicient guarantee for the re
liability of a mt iiii "ine toe'dect w hat it if
: epre-t. ntt d to tlo, Marguire's Cunduraii
0 hitters b;i! an array of such as would
onvince the most skt tical. For sale
y sliarr;ir vV Mulholland, Druggists.
Dr. A. H. Spinney, of Detroit, also
proprietor of K'ecd City Sanitarium, is
coming-to your town, where he will
remain fur one day only to give the
sick an opportunity to consult him
that cannot see him at his Sanitarium.
The doctor has so much faith in the
experience he has had in treating
chronic diseases that he will give one
month's treatment and medicine free.
Ar.so fki:k sukcical opkkations to
All that he asks in return is that
every patient will state to their friends
the results obtained by his treatment.
Ml forms of chronic diseases and de
formities treated. No man in this
State lias had such extended expe
rience in the treatment of CATARRH,
UI5UASE9 as the doctor. He gradu
ated H7 years ago from Cleveland,
Ohio; wa- la years in general pra"
tice; after that lectured as Professor
of Anatomy and Physiology in Detroit
Homeopathic Medical College for 2
years; was '.l years Superintendent of
Alma and Ypsilanti Sanitariums.
This experience, combined with many
years' study in the best hospitals in
hc country, and examining and treating-
thousands of chronic cases, has
prepared him to cure when thcencral
practitioner fails. Have you been sick
for jcars? Are you encouraged ?
Call ami see us, we will tell wit whether
we can cure you or not. If we cannot
cure you, we will tell you what relief
vo can give you.
."iKemeinbert one month will be
absolutely free medicines, surgical
operations, and the benefit of all our
-kill to all who are too poor to pay.
i:ir methods of treatment is all that is
h:i nvn by all tho schools, with the aid
of electricity, that most wonderful of
all agents in Paralysis, Loss of Power,
Wheumatism, and all diseases of the
i.ervoua system. (Jo early, as my
office is always crowded.
N I!. due m-. Tumor. Htond and Pk.n
Pis a m curd br a nw rtiMU. Pile cure,! in
from 5 tn .li) itar withaut the knife. Kemale
anj prtvat" dis..o ,f all forrnn treated nac
rfully. Many p. tient that cannot be treated
at home can be cur 1 at our Sanitarium, which
i in charte of tli tiet of me.ltcal it Will, under
the do lor's ilirevt'on. Trm for board and
t rat-tKoit the I w't of any sanitarium or hc
eital in the t'niicd Stains.
Remember, we give a written guar
- -i n cure every case of IML.I;4 atvJ
UJPTURl;. Also, wo I vcalying-itj
i.)pital department it bur Sanitar
una. Sctid for Journal
will bo at tho Wright Houso,
Alma,Tuo9day,Juno 2Cth from
10:00 a. m. to 4;00 p. m.
Alma Woolen Mills
Rebuilt with New Machinery.
W'li do you sell your wool for 20c jntr lb. wlitm you can
realize 40c jer lb. for it in comfort this winter? The wise
man prepares today for tomorrow, tben why not bring
your wool and have it manufactured into Blankets, Flan
nels, Yarn, Mitts, Hocks, etc. We make Custom Carding
and Spinning a specialty.
Roll Carding 5c and
6c per lb.
All other prices to correspond,
and don't forget your wool.
(rive me a call
H. W. Mooro, Prop.
( ixfdr.ls, 5.1 r fnts jicr
sri:ClAL.l ricj-..-
Three Prices.
The three grades in The Herrick Shoe
for women are ditinj;uished by three fair
price. $2.50 $3.00 $3.50.
The $3.(0 and 3.50 shoes are of a little
better quality than the $.50 shoe a little
more select in the uppers, a little better
heel, a little better quality of leather, but
tthe workmanship in all "three grades it
reliable t ijht straight through.
The Herrick Inner sole will appeal stron
ly to all women and especially to the woman
with tender feet the " cushion" effect
makes walking very
Three grades and
each one is guaran
teed $3.50 $3.00
pair less than abovo prices.
.'amf iii,l -. plainly ttantftil uti S It nf try shot.
F. E. POLLASKY, Agont, Alma.
W, R. PUrmort
In the new I'ollasky
Telephone No. 42.
Late Teacher and Lecturer
Metropolitan College of Music,
tcacmcr or
Piano, Voice and Theory of
Special attention given to both Ad
vanced l'upils and Iicgiuners. Address
Aim a.
mufrv nwn xl
All klnrli of Mercharnliie and Farm Troperty
sold. Term-" reasonable. Kats can be madu
AiMal Dividends...
Amounts of $20 and up
wards received. Write for
!l 10 Cent Feed Barn.
i Special Attention to the
rt Commercial Trade.
U Open at all Times. Nlsht ti
g or Day.
M 5
hjJUmBntlBXB Go,
Do not buy a Monument of any kind
without investigating White Bronze for
durability and price.
HOO tf st. Louis, Mich.
T bulll evfrTthiiiff In nvr litu. EtimtPi
furnished opon rtquekt. Hot 3IU Alma, j
Maternity Cases a Specialty.
Terms Reasonable.
Good References.
Addre l. Lock Dox W, Alms JdUb.

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