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v The Kind You llavo Alwajs Bought, and which has been
in uso for over HO years, has borne tlio signature of
- and has been made under his pcr
rrSjcVy77"7Z" Mnial .supervision slnco its infancy.
yVZf7Y. UcUti Allow no 0110 to deeeivo you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just -as-good' are but
Experiments that tritio with and endanger tlio health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Cafttoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys AVorniH
and allays Feverisliness. It cures Diarrluea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The 3Iothcr's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
ii ', - j B
To Chicago-Finest on the Lakes.
State Kooms and CaMu on the Steamships
"IXJMAXA" and "IOWA" are large, well
ventilated, el.-etric lighted, have running
water and call bells. Leave Alma at S:22
A. M., via. IVre Marquette Uy., and take one
of these boats at Grand Haven at 1:00 P. M.
and arrive in Chicago at t:00 A. M.
x Trade Marks
TprO Copyrights Ac.
Anrnnft aonrltntr n fkeUh mid description nisj
putokly Hsoert.mi our opinion free whether an
inrpiiti'in t prohitMy pMtofitittilp. Com nui turn
t icin t riot ly '"tit)cletitial. lliiinltxwik on I'atents
etTit fret. il'lt'ftt mrenry f i t fM'uriii? piitcrit 4.
latent, tjikcn iliinuk'h .Munti ,"t C'u. receive
tpfi'it notice, without thieve, iuthn
Scientific American.
A hnndtonioly l!liitriP'l wooklr. J timet rr
rnUtioii if any uneM iil Journal 'J 'ernm. f.'l a
ypr: four months, L, Sulci Ly ull newsdealer.
MUNN & Co.-'- Hew York
Uruueh uftlce. i:r F t.. Wii-hihtftoii. I). C.
ftfe. A)w r litifil.-. I,ft1lea, rk Prtipg'ist for
IIH lll-SI Kll :.!. ISII in Krd and
4old nii'liilhi' lft, weulel with blu r hUm.
Take no oilier. Itefuoe ilnngfniun itl.atl
luliona itntl Imltitt iona. I'.ny f your I inikfirHt,
or serl Ic. iti stamps ,,r I'artlriilnr. Teat I
mnnlitla and "Heller for l.i1lew." in inter,
by return nail. Hl.oOO 1 entiuioniai. o!d by
All Iniek'wt.
100 tlmllon Square, 1'IIIL.A., PA.
Mention Ibl paper.
While yon Sleep"
unparalleled night service. new steamers
"City op buffalo"
"City of Eric
both together belli without douht. In All
respect, the finest and fastest that are run tn
the lntereat of the traveling public In the United
Daily imciwoima sunoav.
Uare Cleveland S PJVL Arrive Buffalo 6 A.M.
Buffalo 8 M Cleveland 6 -
Connections made at Buffalo with train a
for All Eastern and Canadian point. Aalc
ticket Agent for ticket U C. fit B. Line.
Bend four cent for Ulntmted Tmr.ri1et.
The Most
Attractive country
ro THE:
Is that traversed by the
Tin (it cat Central Southern Trunk Line
in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama,
Mississippi, Florida, where there
are splendid chances for
everybody to make
money. Come and
see for your
selves. Half-Faro Excursions on
first and third Tuosday
of oach month.
Printed matter, maps, and all informa
tion free. Address,
Gen. Emigration. Industrial Afrent,
I'nless food is digested quickly it will
ferment and irritate the stomach. After
each meal take a teasjioonful of Kodol
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eat atid will allow you to eat all you
need of what you like. It never fails to
cure the worst cases of dyspepsia. It is
pleasant to take. Sharrar vS: Mulhol-land.
Information cannot take the place
of the culture of character In education.
Moihtia Io- tlieir dread for "that,
terrible sicond!umnicr" when tlieyhave
Dr. Fowler's Kxtraet of Wild Strawberry
in the houso. Nature's specific lor
bowel complaint of every fort.
A man who lives near Christ will
never think has attained tn him.
Reports show that over fifteen hun
dred lives have been saved through the
use of One Minute Oough Cure. Most
of these were cases of grippe, croup,
asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis
and pneumonia. Its early use prevents
consumption. Sharrar & Mulholland
This Important Pass Taken by Gen.
Duller After Long, Hard
lirll) -Knn Iteporta . Stucceaaf ul
Mot fluent of Ula Troopa at 1'olnt
lieri llrltlah Coiuiiiiiiiicnt iuna
Are ut Medium Still I nlieHrd
Frmii-le ti Itepurted er Iteilx.
Loudon, June 12. The war oflice
posts the following' dispatch from
(ien. I hi Her:
"Headquarters In Natal. June 11. We
forrcd Almond's nek to-day. It isn't
marked on the map, but is the last de
lllo tn Charleston Hats. The enemy were
in i onsM raide force, with several Kiins
in j'ositlon. Tlie brunt of the HnhtlnK
l 11 uiMni tlie S, ciiinl Dorwets, who carried
th- iM,;it.in at tin- point of the bayonet,
and the Third cavalry brigade, who were
1; avily attacked on our right from very
1 r k( u country round IkctlnJ mountain.
I liope oi;r casualties are less than I1"'.
w!:!'-h. oiisideiing the extreme length
ol ilic po.-ltioii, is much less than I ex-
revt. i.
"The wliole attack was directed by
Jllldard, whose dispositions were ex
tremely good. The artillery. Tenth brig
ade, iu.,1 Third cavalry brigade did
IIKe t i.f the wor k."
Iloern Defeated enr ltoideul.
J lie war oilier lias received the fol-
(ii-patch from Uen. Kelly-
Kc:.:.,'. :
" l ;loi r:-.!"otit In. June 12. Our troops
lroni the north are at 1 bmiugsprult (south
(jf K'odival, lnre th- Kocrs cut the
1 1 1 i t i s 1 1 lii.es of c oininuiileatloii), having
defeated the n, iny. They will be at
America Siding to-morrow at eieht a. in.
"(on. Knox muxes out from Kroon.-tad
to lnt ri ept the t nciny.
"Full r particulars Liter."
u Word from Metliuen.
London, June l'J. The follow ing
dispatch has been received at the war
oihee from (ien. Foreaticr-Walker, in
eoininaiid of th- lines of communica
tion in South Africa:
"Cap" Town. June '. The following la
from Kelly-Kenny:
" Juti" 11. No communication from
Metliuen since June 7. He was light im.:
June t; to the north of Wtchkop. Steyn
is n-ar Kdtz.
" "Th" Kritlsh prisoners sent to Vrede
are will treated.' "
l'leiitifiil Crop of Heporlw.
A jilentiful crop of reports has been
filtering through Lorenzo Manjues.
Aeconling to these (Jen. De Wet, with
l.';.noo burghers, is inarching on Jo
hannrsburg, the I'.oers have retalAn
1'iloeiu fontei n, where President Steyn
again oci'UiHes the presidency; the
Fritish hae sustained a severe de
feat at Klandsfontein and have alsc
lost To I killed anil wounded and 1.V,
prisoners in a tight at Vredefort.
Nothing from any other sources lend?
color to these stories, with the ex
ception -of the last, which is prob
ably the I!oer version of the disas
ter to the militia battalion of the
Derbyshire regiment at jJoodeval.
In regard to President Steyn be
ing at 1'loemfontein, a dispatch from
Maseru, P.asutoland, dated Monday,
June 11, says President Steyn was
then at Vrede, 2(x) miles from liloem
fontein. Iluller MnUIng I'rnuren.
(ien. Puller seems to be making
substantial progress, and ought soon
to possess the railroad at Charles
town (in the northern extremity of
Natal), whence, presumably, lie will
advance on Ieiddbrrg and clTcct a
junction with Lord toherts.
A dispatch from Lichtenburg, dated
June 11, says no Johannesburg mount
ed policemen, with a Maxim gun, have
surrendered to (ien. Hunter.
A probable explanation of the re
ports that a F.ritish force is moving
through Swaziland comes in a dis
patch from Port Elizabeth, dated
June 11, announcing the return there
of the F.ritish cruiser Doris from Kosi
bay, whither she had taken a num
ber of whaleboats with the object of
landing an armed force, presumably
part of a plan to penetrate inti
Swaziland. The I'.oers, however, got
wind of the expedition, and the force
was not landed.
C'nliliiet CrKln Continue.
According1 to a Cape Town dispatch
the cabinet crjsis continues. It is add
ed that should I'remler schreinrr se
cede from the bond, as he threatens,
his action would place the bond in
the minority in the assembly.
Mr. Schreiner has accepted the
resignations of J. X. Merritnan. treas
urer, and J. W. Saner, commissioner
of public works.
Among the members of the yeo
manry killed at Lindley was W. T.
Power, proprietor of the Canyon
ranch in north Texas, and son of Sir
W. T. Power.
Muke I nUerOt) One of III He Ira.
Des Moines, la.. June 12. Former
(iov. Drake, of Centerulle. who was
here attending the commencement ex
ercises of the Drake university, an
iioiiiirt d that he had made the univer
sity a joint heir with his live children
in his will. His property is valued at
r:,(Xm.oiiii, and the university will re
crive ..Vni.(niii. Cov. Drake has already
contributed in various benefactions
$2on.'imi to promote tin- institution.
Murderer Commit tilelale.
Sioux City, la.. June 12. Charles
Ilrinhart. a wealthy farmer near Ode
bolt, who murdered li is wife last
Wednesday and thin shot himself, end
ed his life by cutting his throat.
Iterlprorlt - with I'ltrtuAfll.
Washington. June 12. The presi
dent has Issued a proclamation for
mally announcing the establishment
of a reciprocity agreement with Portugal.
BAntU ThB Kind You Hare Always Bought
The Street ltalln Mrlke llaa As
sumed Such m erloua 'liue 'Mint
I'eople I'mII fur I'roleellon.
St. Louis. June 7. The strike in be
coii.iiig more serious and cit izens are
trj ing to force the governor to call out
the militia.
St. Louis, June ki. There w as renewed
rioting yesterday, one olicenian and
one Ixiy being fatally shot and many
other persons hurt.
St. Louis, June 'J. Mobs of women
yesterday denuded, beat and smeared
with green paint three women Tij
Irons of the Transit company.
St. Louis, June 11. The thirty
fourth day of the street car strike was
marked by four men being killed ami
half a dozen or more injured less feii
ously. St. Louis, June 12. Mobs tried to
drag a baby from its mother's arms
yesterday, tore clothing off two wom
en and fought another girl for rid
ing on streetcars. The mayor issued
a proclamation warning citizens to
stay within doors and establishing a
curfew for children. Thus far ten
per&ons have been killed during riot.
l'hlliidelpliln la Iteudy to Turn Orrr
II I if Convention Hall to He
pulillcuu .Malinger.
Philadelphia. June 11. The repub
lican convention city of 1000 has every
thing in readiness, practically, for the
quadrennial gathering of the repub
licans of the United States. All the
hard work and all the anxious moments
attending the preparations for the
coming of the republican hosts are
over, and the eity is beginning to
dress up to receive its guests. The
magnificent convention hall, on the
west bank of the Schuylkill river, is
complete in every detail, and awaits
only the hour of noon, June l'..
Th'.; seating capacity of the place is
close to 10, o,jii. The main lloor is pro
vided with 31 entrances. The main
entrance is at the north, and the
stage is at the southern end, eight
feet above the main lloor. The press
stand for ."m) working new spa p r men
is directly in front of the stage, and is
four feet above the main Hour. In
front of the press stand is the space
for the delegates, which is exactly in
the center of the hall. In back of the
delegates are the alternates' seats.
Gen. Pio del Pilar, a Rabid Hater
of Americans, Captured on the
Outskirts of Manila.
Iteault of the Cnmpiilmi UurliiK One
Week See ret Serlee Men Make
Arreala Member of the Commla
alon I'repHrliitc for Work Inaiir
Kent Ooeumeii t l)leoered.
its Coming is Looked Toward to
With Both Joy and Fear and ita
Safa Arrival is Hailed With
Pride and Delight by All.
'I'Mlile Miottiuic the Mtuidlnu of the
Club of I.eadlni; Oruiiiilu
I loiia I ii to 1 ) it te.
The standing of the leading baeJall
clubs U shovvn in the following tables.
National league:
Clubs. Won. Lost Per ct.
l'hllad. lplil.t z; l:, .t;.'5
Prooklyn z'. i ..')
Pittsburgh Zl 11 .n.M
St. Louis .l'i L'o .5'i
Chicago 'l .4H
Postoii i; ir .4.'.J
Cincinnati 1; .410
New York IS Zl .3
American league:
Indianapolis 2S 11 .718
Chicago l:i ,,r,.;s
Milwaukee :'4 1M .r.i.l
Cleveland 'S2 IN .r,:4
Minneapolis L'l L'J .f,j
Kansas City Zl It .4'J
P.uffalo 1.") L'S .::i.t
Detroit 13 .JM
i;s-(.o ernor Kill 11 .Negro.
Montgomery, Ala., June 11. I'x-(io'v.
W. C. Dates shot and killed a negro on
his premises in this city Saturday
atcr the man had killed his colored
ook in her room in the servants'
quarters. It was afterwards learned
that the negro man's name was IM
Parker, a drayman, who, it is said, has
killed a man before. There will be no
charges made against (Iov. Dates, aa
he was entirely justifiable in what he
Swept by Fire.
Duluth. Minn., Jun The entire
business and most of the residence fee
tic)!), of the town of Virginia, on the
Mesaba iron range, was wiped out of
existence by fire, fully K'." buildings
being reduced to ushe. There is not
a business house, hotel or store stand
ing. The residence portion of the town
was only partially burned. The lo-s is
estimated at ?o.000.
Manila. June 9. (Ien. Pio del Pilar,
the Filipino leader, has been captured
near Manila. Pilar has long been
looked upon as the most desperate and
uncompromising of the Filipino gen
erals, lie is u rabid hater of the
Americans, and, excepting Aguinaldo,
has inadav more trouble to the United
States troops than any other of the
rebel leaders. He is a master of guer
rilla warfare and handled his troops
with wonderful cleverness. He has
usually operated in the vicinity of the
Lagunay de P.ay and along the Pasig
toward Manila.
American Killed.
Manila. June 11. The result of the
Campaign during the past week were
nine Americans killed, including a cap
tain and lieutenant, and 23 wounded,
including two captain-. Due captain
vv as captured. The Filipino los is re
ported to have been 220 killed, '.:
wounded, and 1 10 men and Ko rifles
captured. The disturbances were
chiefly in Pa nay and Central Luzon.
The capture of the notorious Pio del
Pilar by the native police has greatly
discouraged the insurgents.
Volunteer Arreted.
The secret-service men arretted in
Manila a colonel of Filipino volunteers.
They also seized a number of docu
ments which showed that the head
quarters of the volunteers were with
in a quarter of a mile of the palace, al
most under the noses of the American
military authorities.
i'repiirliig for Work.
President Taft and the other members
of the Philippine commis-ion spent
last week chielly in securing quarters
and arranging their oflices. They,
however, met a lafL'" number of Fili
pino politicians and commercial lead
ers. The heavy work of the commis
sion has not yet begun. One of the
foremost questions is how and from
what material to organize a civil force
with which gradually to supersede the
army as a governing machine.
Iniiruent Document.
The great store of insurgent docu
ments discovered by Gen. Funston, to
gether with some interesting papers
which Capt. Smith found in possession
of Gen. Pantaleon Garcia, throws in
teresting side lights upon the Filipino
government. Most important of the
lot is Aguinaldo's plan for the uprising
In Manila, which w as drawn by him at
Malolos. is in his own handwriting in
the Tagolog language, and bears the
Thft arrival of tho first laby In tho
household is tho happiest and most im
portant event of married life. The young
wifo w ho is to become a mother delighta
to thinkof tho happiness in etoro for her
when tho little one shall nestlo upon her
breast and latterly she fchall hear it lisp
tho sweet and holy name, "mother'
But her happy anticipation quickly van
ishes when she realizes tho terrible pain
and Buffering; through which she must
pass whilo bringing tho littlo ono into
tho world. An indescribnblofearof tho
danger attendant upon tlio ordeal soon
dissipates her joyf ulns.
Thousands of women have learned
by einerienco that thero is al)fiolutely
nonecoHHity for tlio sufferings which at
tend child-birth; they know tliat by
tho use of "Mother's Friend" a Hcien
titic liniment for a few weeks beforo
tho trying hour, expectant mothers can
so prepare thomselvt for tho final
hour that tho pain and suffering of tho
dreaded event are entirely obviated and
it is safely passed through with com
paratively littlo discomfort.
All women aro interested, and es
pecially exjectant mothers who for tho
first time have to undergo this trial, in
such a remedy ; for they know tho pain
and suffering, to say nothing of thedan
ger, which is in store for them. "Moth
er's Friend' is woman's greatest bles
sing, for it takes her safely thnxigh the
severest ordeal of her life. Kvery woman
should bo glad to read tho littlo book
"Beforo Baby is Born," which contains
information of great valuo to all. It
will be sent free to any one who sends
their address to Tho 'Bradfield liegu
lator Co., Atlanta, Gu.
cl I1
r- K
i 1
; oir address arid
1 si'ow you how
;nA'f al '-oluttly
the work and
v.'.ik In tlio local
,e. S'ti'I your
1 explain the busi
r we guarantee a
r every day's work,
absolutely stir'"1. Write at once
x i v. '
to link
teach y v,: fre'1; y(
ity where you li
address and wo v. :
ness fully; re i! i' u.
clear prrdit of $:, i
11 1
date of January 0, l'.'O.
Another (.enernl f uptured.
Manila. June IS. Lieut. Johnson,
of the Forty-first infantry, reports
tho capture of Gen. Sizon, who was
Gen. MacArthur's opponent in the
railroad campaign, and who has re
cently been operating with l.ooo
guerrillas in Pampanga and P.uluean
pro inees.
?&Uprice per gallon of the paint Vfe$5
Prepared Pain
Four l'eraonn lurdered.
W. sf New Held. Me.. June 12
Geonj-e W. Goodwin and three mem
bers of his household were murdered
and the house in which they lived
near here set on tire by the mur
derer, whose motive was presumably
robbery. The dead are: George W.
Goodwin. Mrs. Fl.-ie K. Home, his
mother. To years of age; Scott Good
win, his adopted son, l'O years of age,
and Fred P.crt-ch, a hired man.
my wears for rive vears
urinurc.aiiu i.uoisJ icoa uian
half as much per year as mixed
bv-hand or cheao brands that rnav be
bought for a few cents less per gallon.
hi: sai.i: iiv
A I. MA, MI( 11.
Seernl Drottned.
Tacoma, Wash., June 1. Two bride
grooms weie drowned on Lake Ben
nett. They were Will Hillikcr, of
Helena, and Clayton Schock. of Seattle.
They left Barbe in a canoe and were
capized. An unknown party of three
men and two women were drowned in
Windy Arm by the sinking of a barge
overt urned in a gale.
( iiIjiiii Teacher CoiiiIiik-
Washington. June 0. 1 ho quattcr
master general has completed arrange
ments for the transportation to the
United States of 1.4v! Cuban school
teaclu rs, who have dt cided to take ad
vantage of the summer course of free
tuition otTered them by Harvard uni
versity. This course will last from .1 u.y
1 to September, when the teachers will
be returned by the war depart ment to
I 'our Killed.
Providence, 11. L.June 11. By a col
lision which occurred in Warwick, on
the suburban line of the Union Bail
road company Sunday noon, two cars
striking end1 on, four persons were
killed and about 2." injured, of whom
three are probably fatally hurt.
A Splendid 1 ft .
Iowa City, la., June F. Whitney
Carr, of Jordan, N. Y., has given Iowa
state university $50,000 for the estab
lishment of free scholarships for poor
young people. Mr. Carr is 75 years
old and made a fortune in f peculating1
in Iowa land.
L nehed.
Biloxi, Miss., June 11. The negroes
Askew and Boss, believed to have mur
dered Miss Wiuterstein near here one
week ago, were hanged early Sunday
morning to the same tree by a mob
which has been watching them for &t
eral days.
Murdered at a I'ienlr.
Springfield, O., June 11. John Beck,
of this city, while with a picnic party at
Clifton, this county, was murdrred by
Bobert Mendenhal, a farmer, who be
came incensed over the upsetting of
crock of cream by the picnickers.
( roia Destroyed.
Guthrie, O. T.. June t. A terrilic
wind, hail and electrical storm visited
this section Friday morning. Thou
sands of acres of wheat were ruined
bv hail and wind, much corn and cot
ton riddled and many orchards
stripped of all fruit. In one township
northwest of here many farmers lost
all their crop, and the damage will ag
gregate many thousands of dollars.
An limn Trailed).
Sioux City, la.. June 7. Charle I.
Beinhart. owner of the Beinhart Hats
in Sioux City and a wealthy land owner,
shot and killed his wife Wednesday at
Odebolt. la., and then shot himself. He
cannot live. He deliberately planned
the crime.
t'onurena of .ruroe.
Montgomery, Ala., June S. Negroes
are to hold a national congress in Mont
gomery July 25. 2C and 27. The .-speakers
will include Bishop Turner, Booker
T. Washington. Prof. Council and other
prominent negroes.
Killed ti l.lKlitnlnir.
Jacksonville, Fla., June 8. Tom
Jenkins. Peter York, Harry Davis and
Peter Wiggins, all colored, were killed'
here by lightning.
Lived 115 Yenra.
Kokomo. Ind.. June C. Mrs. Lucy
Pulley, the oldest negro woman west
? the Alleghanie?, died in this city,
a; id 113 ear.
fof the
Young znd Old,
exhaling: the
very essence of
A recent speci
men copy and
handsomely illus
trated prospectus
outlining' the ex
tensive plans for
will be sent on
Buy the
with its beautiful
cover. At all
news-stands. 25c
Outing Pubiishrna; Co
830 Fifth 'Ave. New York
It i Strap ue
that some people who sav they never
read patent tncdeine advertisements
will be found luvging home every now
and then a bcttb' of some favorite reme
dy of theirs. We don't bother you with
much reading but just ask you to try a
loc trill bottle of lr Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin for constipation, indigestion and
stomach troables 50c and f 1 no sizes
at Sharrar & Mulholl.imFs.
It U iimhIIv sifo to suspect the man
who is suspicious of others.
Ivy poisoning, poison wounds and all
other accidental injuries may be qnick
Iv cured by using De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve. It is also a certain cure
for piles and skin diseases. Take no
other. Sharrar & Mulholland.

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