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.HIrna Rsaord.
C.F.BROWN, - Ed.tor and Publisher
I.ooal lvlitor and Mmiarr
T- Kii'iiHii is mtertrrcd t Ihr iHiftiofflce i
Alma for trvimtniilo!i through the mailt a ecotid
1 1 mt'r.
Republican Ticket-
or K' pr.-etilsOve in iNmi.t s. '.I ll i'onirro
.imia: I I i
AHr lilt it It UK AM
i Or (, wrii'T
AAKHN 1 IU.1S,t Htni.aw
For I.teiio-imrit Uovrnor
ALKX M"K vi I I NI 't Nfrtum-'
For nl i t (i- iiril
1'KUKV F I'liA KIb f h.IiIIh .
Fur Atton.. v f)'th THl -
I'll A HI. F A MI.MK of Jn-kt.ni
For stilt I r Hur. r -
IVXNIKI. l( :OV of Oriiinl Upil".
For Wr.-t ry ' M M- -
Ftt::t M XV'.KVKUof Firiniiirftoii.
For om,iii--i.nT of tin I. ami ortl
K I N I N xVll.DKVot Paw I'M
F-r ui rlni. ii.i. nt of I'lii-U'" lntni'ti'ri -
DKLtW I'U.I. of Albion.
Fur V.-miT "f lh- State Hoard of Elu Htion-
PATKP'K M KKI.I.KVof Detroit
I.UrilKHI.. WKIUH'l'uf lrotiwod
Ptcutllcsn SUte Judicial Convention
Tbe sta'H fonventitii of thf KepuWi.-au of
Michigan i-li. p hy .-U1I. .1 to mH-t at the Audi
torium In Hie .-Itv of Urand Kapnl-. on Thurs
day Sfjit.-iiilt r .'.'. I'.i. at t-l. vfii o'clock in the
forenoon, fir tlif purpose of nomlnalim: a can
didat'-for Ju'tW or tti' Mipr.'tn- Court, and
trans tmir am li oth-r business as may proper
,y come U'fore tli'- eonv ntii.ti. .... .
In ac-irdancf with tin- r.-solutiong of l.tjain1
lu ii. every county will Ik; entitled to one dele
gate for fH' li Ave hundred of the total votr n-,l
thrr-in for (JoM'rnor ut the last election in a
rrenldentirtl year .Novemi'er. n'i undone ad
ditional delegate forever- fra-tional amount
Inir toth'fH bundr-d. ea.-b ortranled eounty
tu-ii.jr entitled to at lea-t tw delecate-..
L'nder the n "iolutiona of is. no iieixte wi.l
Im-entitled t.):aeat in the ('(invention who doe
lu.l re-id- in the eounty lie proposes to repre
sent. tlBRKiT J. DiKKina. Chairman.
Uinnh K. AI.W4 ri, Secretary.
The Hkcokd has become a memter of
the Natimal Publishers Association of
Minneapolis. Minn. Oar subscription
account has grown to such an extent
that we decided to have their assistance
in this matter, as we cannot attend to it
properly. The association is not a col
lection agency so we trust no otTeuse
will be taken if asked to pay accounts
through them. Tne association is for
mutual bent tit and you will assist us by
complying promptly to their request.
Uu ler the preliminary provisions of
the new Chinese treaty it appears that
the open-door jolicy, which the govern
ment has insisted upon, will result The
wholofthe immense Chinese empire
will b open to American business enter
prises and commercial development.
The protit th United States will derive
from the provisions of this treuty, if our
merchants go after the newly to be
opened markets in their characteristic
manner, is almost incalculable. The
outcome of the negotiations reflects
great credit upon th State Department,
since this country has secured its con
tention, without the advantage of the
"sphere of influence" from which the
cthr powers have operated.
Pro Vanderook of th St Louis In
dependent is one of the few Populists
who object to b taken in uuder the
Democratic wing and having the doc
trine of Populism swallowed and buried
in the coming campaign. While we can
not agre" with Pro Van lerc v.k politi
cally, we admire his independent spirit
iu Btauiiug by what he thinks is right
and refusing to be asorlro 1 by another
party, even if he has previously joined
for'va with that same party in endeav
oring to force a false doctrine upn th
Iu promising what they will do if they
get into power, the Democrats are not,
by way of establishing confidence
among the voters, 'pointing with pride"
to anything they did the last time they
held the reins o! government. Iu order
to point effectively with pride to any of
its performances the party must go so
far back that people cannot see what it
is pointing at
After much diplomatic friction it ap
pears that Turkey is now arranging to
pay Of! the various items which the
United States has charged against her.
Minister Leishman is entitled to a good
deal of credit, since the operation of ex
tracting coin from Abdul Hamid is sim
liar to the renowned process of squeez
ing blood from the queenly turnip.
The first sign of sagacity in the Dem
ocratic party was the spectacle of Mr.
Hill and Mr. Gorman in conference at
Saratoga. They are rivals of coarse, but
they are not as devoid of sense as somejof
the party leaders.
The new Virginia regulations have
practically disfranchised the negroes.
Although actually strongly Republican,
as is the case with most of the Southern
States, Virginia is in fact hopelessly
The Democracy is beyond doubt sorely
in need of a leader; but it is In yet
greater need of a few fundamental prin
ciples principles which will mean the
same thing north, south, fast and west.
The party has not such a resource today.
Senator Galium says that President
Roosevelt is assured of the Illinois dele.
Ration in the next national Republican
convention. The Senator believes that
Mr. Roosevelt will be nominated by acclamation.
We should suggest to some of our free
trade friends who are boboiug up as
though they had been hit in the head
with a brick, that the country Is not yet
entirely tired of the prosperity. .
Ex-Secretary Whitney says that De
mocracy has no man and no issue. A
sail ooudition for the old lady. The on
ly hope Is an adopted son.
Ctrl of Thanks
We desire throuRh the Record to
thank the friends who assisted us dor
ing the sick n ens and death of our moth
er. Also those who farnlihed flowers
t,nd to the slngeri for their services.
Mr. and Mrs. Tiikodork Frisbek
and Family.
Fall Term Opens September 16th.
The names of the faculty with the
work asMigued to each may be indicated
&8 follow (l
Rhv August F. Bruske, M. S..D. D.,
(President) Philosophy.
Joseph W. Kwing. A. M., (Priuclpal
of the Academy) Pedagogy.
Mary C (lston, A. M .Latin
John T. Kwiug, A. M , (Registrar)
Rv. JavClizbe, A. M , Bibical Liter
ature. James Mitchell, A. M., History and
Political Science.
Frank Notestein, A. M.. Ph D.,
(Dau of Faculty) Mathematics.
Mary J. Allen, ( Dean of Wright Hall)
Kdward H. Harper, A. M Ph. D.
Frauds K. West, M. S., Chemistry.
Albert B Cook. A. M , (Secretary of
College) English.
Kate L Booth, Fine Art.
1 ydia E. Kohn, German and French.
Mary A. Hamilton, M. t , Kindergar
teuiug. Josephine St. John, Vocal Music.
Elanora Bashnell, Piano.
Herbert Milliken, V'oliu
Rose Messinger, Piano.
Edward D Pennel, Commercial Bran
ches. ( Yet to b chosen ) Director of Athletics.
Hellen L. Colliu, Librarian.
Edgar A. Bagley, M. D.. Examiner
for Gymnasium Work.
This is by far the strongest faculty
with which Alma has ever begun a years
work. We invite our friends to com
pare it with other similar institutions in
the state. It is expected that one more
person will be secured for the work of
elocution, who will also have charge of
the gymnasium work for the young
ladies We long for the hour when the
bell will sound forth the welcome tid
ings that another year of study Is to be
gin. The old students will look upon the
college campus with the greatest pleas
ure. No one could have lwli(ved that a
fence around an athletic field and a
graud stand ou one side of the field could
have made such a chauge in the whole
scene of the campus. It makes the view
complete to the eye as it makes the
equipment complete for the college A
lawn has sprung up about Wright Hall
as if by magic, and the trees planted in
the spriug are crowned with beautiful
and abuiuHnt foliage. The "Dorm' is
glorified by electricity and iu all interior
arrangements has every comfort and
convenience of Wright Hall. Taking it
all in all no season of summer vacation
has witnessed so great chauges as the
one just closing.
Sin -e the atoe wnlt n. Mis-
'ot.ih ha !n secured f jr this position.
Dress does not make the person. Nor
does a clean exterior indicate a clean,
interior. To be well all organs of the
body must work in harmony. Rocky
Mountain Tea does this work. Bivius
At Rhodes. 12tVlm
Under a bower of vines and fl iwers
the nuptials of Mism Ri Lock wood aud
Mr. Will H. Sanderson of Eld-)ra, Iowa,
were celebrated ou Wednesday. Septem
ber '.'j,it the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S S. Lock wood, on West
Superior-st. Alma Mich., Rv. W. K.
Spencer. D. D , ofliiatiug. The home
was prof usely decorated with fl nvers
pink and white for the parlor; golden
rod and yellow for the dining room. At
the appointed hour the strains of
Mendelssohn's wedding march, rendered
by Miss Mayiue Hayes was heard, aud
the ring bearer, Master Harry Lock wood,
took his iKjsition. Then come the
groomsman Mr. Roy Lock wood followed
by the groom, next the bridesmaid fol
lowed by the bride. At the hall the bride
was met by the groom and they pro
ceeded to the altar.
The bride was handsomely gowned in
Gaz de-Soie aud carried pink roses.
Miss Aria Holliday as bridesmaid was
gowned in tan silk tissue trimmed in
pink ribbon and carried pink astors.
After the ceremony the bridal party
repaired, to the dining room where a
sumptuous repast was served. They
were recipients of many beautiful and
useful gifts. Dating the ceremony Miss
Hayes rendered "Oh Promise Me" on
the piano. The bride is a handsome and
accomplished young lady, with a host of
friends, a student of Alma college.
The groom was a well known aud popu
lar young man in business aud social cir
cles in Alma during his two years con
nection with the Ai.M.x Rkcokd aud who
is now with the Eldora Herald, Iowa.
The out of town guests were Mr. and
Mrs.F.H. Coon.Chicago ;Mrs A.Wessels,
St. Louis; Miss Edith Wessels, St. Louis;
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Throop, St. Ixtuis ;
Mrs James Snyder, Eldora, Iowa; Misi
Mae Snnver, Mayville, Mich ; Mr. and
Mrs. A.W. Locicw ol, Potnp"U, Mich ;
Mr and Mrs. P. H. Sanderson, Green
ville. The newly married couple were ac
companied by a large number of friends
to the evening tram on the Pere Mar
(juette which they took, amid showers
of rice and congratulations, for Eldora,
Iowa, where they w'll be attiome to their
friends after September oO.
The Recutlican Caucus.
5.The Republican caucus for the town
ship of Arcada held last Friday for the
purpose of electing delegates to the
county convention was about as large a
caucusof the kind ever held in the town
ship. The principal interest of the cau
cus centered In the contest for the sup
port of the delegation by Bert Hayes for
the nomination of prosecuting attorney
and Seth Tubbs for that of county clerk.
Dr. E. A. Bagley was chosen chairman,
W. W. hinch, clerk, and Geo. Sharrar
and C. F. Brown as tellrs. A test vote
was taken to decide who should receive
the support of the delegation with the
result that out of 210 votes cast Mr.
Tubbs received 151 and Mr. Hayes f.o.
Mr. Tubbs being decided upou as the
choice of the caucus the delegates were
chosen without much contest, T. A. Ely
being elected ehairman of the delegatlou
unanimously as were the balance of the
delegates with but a few exceptions
The delegation was named as follows:
T. A. Ely, E. A. Bagley, Bert Hayes,
O. F. Brown, Uhas Meyers, J. T, Ewing,
E. Andrews, 8. W. Tinker, F. Alten.
burg, Geo. Parsons, J. W. UIaii, J. A.
Baker, J. J. Sartor, M. Sharrar and O.
8. Young.
AUItfOMl Locit.
Miss E. Andrews presented this office
with a handsome bouquet of flowers
this week.
Mrs. E B. Wightman and daughter,
of Fenton, are visiting Mr. aud Mrs.
John Duuham
Geo. Gargett went to Milwaukee the
first of the week in the Interest of the
Milwaukee Harvester Co.
Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards of Web
berville have been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
A. I. Bntterfield this week.
Eugene Tinker who is attending the
Michigan Mining school at Houghton,
is home for a month's vacation.
Mrs E. F. Moore and daughter of
Sagiuaw visited at the home of Mr. aud
Mrs. Geo. Moore the latter part of last
Mrs. Hattie VauDyne, who has been
visiting iu Detroit during the past
month, returned home Wednesday
Miss Blanche Boughton, who has been
spending her summer vacation at Mus
kegon aud other points, has returned
The youug people's danciug assem
blies will be held iu the vacant store in
the opera house block hereafter com
mencing this evening.
Micajah Douglas has purchased the
Pollasky property on Superior-st. ex
tendiug from the Record oltice west to
the corner of the block.
Mrs H. C. Purvis and daughter,
Brtha Downs, who have been visiting
friends in Lake Odessa for a couple of
weeks, returned home on Friday of last
Twelve of the guests of the sanitar
ium enjoyed a hay ride to the Wolfe
farm west of town on Thursday night of
last week and partook of roast chicken
and green corn.
In the September Metropolitan is told
about "The Faddists of New York's
Smart Sep," by L. D Richmond. The
Metropolitan is sold by Sharrar & Mul
hollaud. druggists.
Win, Vanderbeck and Miss Cora
Shong were married at the M. E. par
snuage ou Tuesday last by Rev. J. R
Wootou The newly married couple
immediately took the train for Petoskey
where they will spend the honeymoon.
Rev. and Mrs N T. Hafer left
Wednesday for Newton Center, Mass ,
where he will take a finishing course iu
the Baptist Theological Seminary at
that place. Qjaite a uumber of their
friends accompanied them to the train
to bid them good bye.
Miss, .lenuie Starkweather has been
entertaining her mother, Mrs. E. Stark
weather, and sister, Miss Ella Stark
weather, of Romeo at the sanitarium for
a few days. They returned home Thurs
day and were accompanied as far as
Saginaw by Miss Starkweather.
The J. C. Lewis' "Si Plunkard" Co.
which is billed for one night, Tuesday,
Sept. 'i, at the opera house, presents a
talented company of comedians in nn
eutirely new version of the well known
rural comedy success "Si Plunkard, "re
written and re constructed by Robt. G.
Morris. All new features, new uovel
ties, everthiug new bat the title. Seats
on sale at Sharrar & Mulholland's.
His Work Accreclatei
That the good people of the Emerson
Baptist church have appreciated the
work of their pastor during the period
he has bnen connected with them, was
evidenced on Sunday last when he
stepped into the pulpit to preach his fare
well sermon. The following letter laid
on the pulpit with fJ'j enclosed:
"To Oi'R BKUiVKD Pastor:
We desire that you will accept the
enclosed aift as a small token of our love
for you and of our gratitude for the
work you have done.
It is with mingled sorrow and glad
ness that we say farewell with sorrow
lecause you must leave us and with
gladness because you go to better pre
pare yourself for God's work.
That God's choicest blessiug may go
with you and rest upon you is the wish
and prayer of the Emerson Baptist
On Sanday, Sept. ?th, the Ann Arbor
railroad will give another of its popular
excursions to Crystal Lake and 1-rank-fort.
Traiu leaves Alma at 0:03 a.m.
Fare for the rouud trip f 1.25. Children
under twelve years half the adult fare.
From Hot to Cold.
Dygntery is prevalent everywhere iu
summer aud is due to miasmatic toisons
and begins abruptly with inflammation
of themucuous liuiug of the large bowel
In America the disease is common, but
properly treated does not result as seri
ously as in the tropics. Perry Davis'
Painkiller is the best kuown remedy and
the most efficacious In the treatment of
Mrs. Martha Follick died at her home
near Elwell ou August C5, aged eighty
years, six months and nine days. Her
early home was in Cortland, N. Y. In
the early 'oOs she came to Charlotte, this
state and later to Elwell where she re
sided until nine years ago when she
moved onto a farm two and one-half
miles south of Elwell. Her husband
died about six years ago. She leaves
two children, Melvin Follick of Elm Hall
aud Mrs Chas. Taylor of Alma. Also
four step children, Mrs. Reed Latimer
of Alma, Marvin Follick of Elwell,
Edwin Follick of Elm Hall and Miss
Jane Follick of Alma. The funeral
servicts were held on Tuesday, con
ducted by Rev. H. E. Wylie, and inter
ment made in the Pritchard cemetery.
Self Protection
demands that you be on the alert to see
that you net Painkiller (Perry Davis')
when you ask for It ; some dealers will
try and persuade you to take somethiug
else, claimed to be just as good ; insist
upon getting Painkiller, the remedy
whioh has been the world's family doc
tor for t0 years; it never falls to stop
dlarrho'a, grlplnjr pains in the stomach
or bowels, dysentery, eto. Large bottles
25 and 60 cent.
Pile Ointment.
Drury's Pile Ointment is sold by
druggists with a guarantee to cure piles
or refund your money. No matter if
you have tried other remedies aud have
not been benefited, use this one and it
will cure you
Remember the name, "Drury's Pile
Ointment " If your druggist cannot
supply you with it, send 50 cents for a
package prepaid. Prepared by
St Loulsi Mich.
This Ointment is very spyere for from
six to twelve applications, but after that
will not digress at all
Below are teNtimonUls of people who
have used "Drury's Pile Ointment" and
have been cured :
St Louis, Mich. Anril 16, 1900
I suffered so from protruding piles. I
cften had to go to bed. I used Drury'a
Pile Ointment for five wpeks and it
effected a cure Albert E Earl
St Louis, Mich, June 24, BAM)
I have used Drury's Pile Ointment,
and have been cured. I cheerfully
recommend it to anvone suffering from
piles Yours. F M Vandercook,
Register of Deeds, Gratiot Co
Pleasant Valley, May in, P.W2
Two years ago I was troubled with
itching piles. I bought just one package
of Drurr's Pile Ointment ann it Cured
me. I have not been troubled siuce
Respectively, Geo Brown, grocer
St Louis, Mich, June ;j, V.HJi.
I have used Drury's Pile Ointment for
itching piles and have been cured I
recommend it to anyone wishing a like
remedy I225-4w' Nat White
Literary Notes.
In " A Bit of Human Nature" the
complete novel of the September Up
pincott's Magazine, Mrs Ellen Oluey
Kirk has opened a new vein of exquisite
social humor. She has been known for
pleasant satire in "Cueen Money" and
"Margaret Kent." but in "A Bit of Hu
man Nature" she passes from satire to
charming comedy, and there is. not a
dry hue in the novel. It relate the
consternation aroused in a family which
has expectations for its spoiled son.
These are fouud to be divided with an
unknown girl on th condition that the
two shall marry, or one refuses the other.
She decides to make him decline, and
her diverting t-fforts form the delicious
humor of the story. It is one which we
predict will long outlast the mouth of
its issue.
CarJ of Thanks.
The children of the late Mrs. Martha
Follick wish to thank the many friends
and neighbors wio assir-ted them with
kind words and loving deeds duriug the
sickness and burial of thwir dear mother.
Also the choir and the friends who fur
nished the mauy beautiful flowers.
Nothing Succoods so Llko
Thone. who use Dr. A. W. Chase's
Nerve Pills as a uerve and general tome,
as a rebuilder, as a medicine to give re
newed strength, energy and vigor never
fail to sound their praise to others.
Mrs. H. Storey of Wright St., Alma,
Mich., snys: "Last spring I was feel
ing poorly aud needed u good general
tonic which I found in Dr. A W. Chase's
Nerve Pills I got at Sharrar A Mulhol
land's Drug Store. While I did not use
many of them I felt that they strength
ened and toned me up aud I have no hes
itation in recommending them.''
Dr. A. W Chase's Nerve Pills are sold
at 50 eta a box at dealers or Dr. A.W.
Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y. See
that portrait and signature of A. W.
Chase, M D. are on every package.
Car Catarrh of Womb
I lvK-orrha and Kvrrv
form of 1M Troubto.
When Well Known Alma People Tell it
So Plainly.
When public endorsement is made by
a representative citizen of Alma, the
proof is positive. You must believe it.
Read this testimony. Every backa;he
sufferer, every man, woman or child with
kidney trouble, will fiud profit iu the
Mrs. O. Mack, of Mechanic st., says:
"At intervals during two or three years
I had slight attacks of kidney trouble.
There was a soreness across my back and
when stooping or exerting myself the
pain became very sharp. I had to be very
careful not to catch cold or get wet, for
if I did it went right to my back and
was worse. Doau's Kidney Pills , were
brought to my notice and I went to
Bivins it Rhodes' drug store and got a
box. They proved to be the very reme
dy for which I was looking. I noticed
their good effects iu two or thre days
and a little latter the backache dis
appeared entirely. My husband used
Doan's Kidney Pills with equally as
good results. We both endorse the
remedy, for we know from experience
that it does all that is claimed for it."
For sale by all dealers Prio, 50c
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y , sole
agents for the United States.
Remember the name, Doan's, and
take uootber 1224 3w
The genuine iitent "Miller Dean
Harvester" made by the LeRoy Plow
Co.. LeRoy, N. Y., iscovered by United
States patents. There are more of these
machines in uso than all otners com
Imitations are on the market, bnt you
can buy the genuine with l'.s)2 improve
ments as cheap as the imitations of our
old machine, l ou will never have any
trouble in securing extras for the gen-
nine "Miller Bean Harvester for sale by
J. W. Holmes & Son, Alma, Mich.
"LeRoy Plows are easy Draft."
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure
a oold in one day. no cure, no pay.
Price 25 cents. 1104-lyr.
Millinery Annonn
Mrs. W. T Davies has opened an up-to date Milliuery EuijKir
ium in the premises formerly occupied by Mrs. Lathrop, aud de
sires to announce that after visiting Fashion's Center, she has
selected the most stylish and attractive creations in Hats ever
ahovwi in Alma. The season's
New Shapes and Modes
in Trimmed, Pattern, Street, and every modern style. Trim
mings, Rib)ous, Feathers, Ornaments and all the accessories of a
rity milliuery establishment carefully selected with a vivw to
elegance and fair values Not a shape nor shred of olii stock in
the place, everything is absolutely new. If you are wondering
what sort of a hat to order for fall, we can give you the best Idea
If you will come and look over our elegant, up-fo-date stock,
good assortment, no two hafs alike and will tell you how cheaply
we cau make you a hat that will be becoming and fashionable.
A lady who has had experiewe iu cine of the most fashionable
city wholesale milliuery establishments in Michigan has been
engaged to take charge of the trimming department aud her
advice aud skill will be invaluable to our patrons.
Yours truly,
MRS. W. T. DAVIES, Alma.
Mr.. Lathrop. Old Stand.
DAPAI DAIII ram old and PrpMit-
lAUAL DALI.I tl or. rr horrt
rtiia. ana mi bkiu um
"Getting Soaked"'
that's what you're getting it
you're paying more than $1.35
a gallon for ready-mixed paints.
ready-mixed paints
are sold at $1.35 the
full gallon.
They're fast color paints.
No other paint is worth more
and no other $1.35 paint is
worth as much, as NOXALL
The Enterprise Paint Mfg. Co.
bold by ..
For Salo by
Smith & Glass,
At Pontlac. Soptombor 22-26, 1902.
Tli'Mi -c i-s f in-t jottr's Ftiir trlvc as
furHiK'- of 11 'orihr-r mil it is jar.
I.n-1 year tt.- eve it W h Uic iin'-t ui U-ly ri
C- ni- l in th- hi -lory tne itistluiM.-n I ii.n
ver tlif at t-ixli it-- k'-vs vt ry p mm lee of
Ix li-K vt"l kTcat r
uttra -tioi.s will be
r In t ry way.
mtums will t
mon- '-xt ni . Kvftythn k portend
tlii-your K.i'r wii; l- th- --row niui,'
i v tit 1.1 th .ntere-t of th-s clety
il. !. i l!i red
liiu'o 1'ur-es f aa
AlliO'Jt if:-.' to O-JW
boo tho Groat Firo Team Racos.
Grand Racing Program
Kallp-Hd trw:'.- iii d r t r x- chth !( KH' Half 'are rmes on rn r I-.
! . I. A mk: j-uv 'r- d. i t I. II. V.,t utMhi i lt.t;ae, "ccrt tnry
No. I basswood, soft f lm, black and
white ash logs; also bait wood bolts.
For further information, address
Tiik (Jo;iMN Rkuthkks Co .
KU-SOw Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
Studio opens September Sth,
Students received after Sep
tember Tth.
Apply at Studio, "Tho Mnplos"
Ono Door North of Wright
My wi(e, Rosa Velc!a, having left my
bed and boari without just caue or
provoration, I hereby forbid anyone
harboring or trusting her ou my aooount
as I will pay no such claims after this
Alma, Mich., Aug. Pith, IUQ2.
1222 4w Chkstkk Welch
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J Hotel I
!l Edwards li
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fir -J 11
The Old Fashioned
Plumbers Bill...
where you paid for ignorance and dis
honesty was very high and caused much
dissatisfaction, our bill like our
...Plumbing Work...
is of the new fashioned ttyle. Yon pay
for honest work done by oompetent
workmen, who have at their disposal,
and cse the beat material procurable.
All jobs are pushed through promptly,
but no details are slighted. We solicit
your orders.
Smltb & Glass,
:? unr1nv ninnnrc
a specialty. f:
1 IO Com Food Barn in Con- i:
r noctlon. 5:
: Parniers'TdQ Solicited
Scientifically Distilled,
Natilrally Aged, Absolu
tely Piire, Best and safest
for all Uses-

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