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Alma record. (Alma, Mich.) 1878-1928, September 05, 1902, Image 7

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Many Vrt.rU WrrrUril In Mnnt Off
Siiulli African nnil-11 ft Moil.
! Wiialird lnre.
)Iunrur Man lrlra Intruder Iron
III 1 1 o 4 l.allr r t h-uard Uy a
lol autl Killed.
tr muni, mailed fhee.
A. . FK Ell. I'ontiratlona. Inflatuni
i inu ( ilun. Linn Frx-rr, .Milk Fevrr.
II. II. Vll IK Lainenraa. Injurlra.
t IKis i ICht-uiiialiain.
r.C.jMlUK TIIHOAT. Uuloay, KpUootic.
t'lit:s ( Dlatriuprr.
'tkVuwll,!,i' ,0- rub.
K. I". rOt'lti. nld. Influenza. Inflamed
rrifcn t.und. I'lruro-l'iirunioiila.
F. F.M OI.H'. llrlliaclif. Wlnd-Hlov n.
1 1 ntK t IHarrhra, I ntr .
ii.il. Prevent MIM'MtHIAUE.
I.I. kl llE Minir, Eruption
riutu I I err. .rra Farcy.
.1. K. II ll OMM TION. Marin I'nal.
TRj I titl Itf t'ol ion. Moiiiat-ti Mnut-ra.
OH, each; Stahli I'a', Ten Sh-Mc. lk, Ac. 7.
At ilriiiKVln. or wilt pr'iall n nivlpt of prlee.
Humphrey Medk-lue Co., Cor. William J. John
tatret-u. New York.
Sold hv H. S. WliBB, Alma. Mich.
fleios Pratt,
Tensorial Parlors
I-'irs.-class work ami satis
faction guaranteed
First door south of li. W. Kllison's
Grocery, State-st
Contractor and Bulldor.
Estimates Made ou Ap
plication. -
Contractor and Builder.
C;ii' Toxxn, Sept. 2. Kiliteen ves
sels, mostly sailing r:i f I , haxe heen
) ri fit n shore in 11 pale at Tort Klia-
heth. I'ixe of 1 li III were dashed to
pieees ,uul all tin- members of their
crews were lust. Txxu tue iiImi are
reported to haxe finnulered, ami a
score f lighters are ashore.
Sir .John (irlon Spri'. Whe pre
mier, vaiil in the house of nemlly
Monday afleriioon that he feared the
loss of life from the pale would be
The storm broke shortly before
midnight Sunday nk'ht and was ac
companied by a delude of rain and
brilliant liyhtnin. The niyht wan
xerx dark. Several tn went out to
the assistance of the emlanyered
i'sids, but nothimr "a xisible from
the shore at Port Kliabeth. except,
the eoniinual flashes of rockets as
signals of .listless. Daylight re-eali-il
tie beach at the north end
of l'o:i bay strewn with ecK ly
in hiu'li an I dry. while others were
in the surf and lei:i:r swrpt by the
hue bieakers. With the ex.-eptioti
of four ess,.l which folindelt'd with
all hi'cU. every sailitiir vc-cl in the
roadstead was ashore by midday.
Many steamers, after weathering t''(
storm all niyht. sfeamed out to ea
at da break l'ifty bmlies have al
readv lo'i-n washed ashore.
II iu Mill 'I'll miKM llnnil.
Milwaukee. i-.. Sept. I.- The Wr
.'e:er Lumber companx. a tu w corpo
ration of which ( . II. Worcester, of
ihb citx. is president, and former At
tornex (iciieral W. H. Mxb-r. of Madi
m,ii, secretary and treasurer, has
just completed the purchase of a bi'
mill at hassels. Mit h.. which was for
merlx owned by the Sturgeon liixer
l'.ootu company, and over 17. ."no acres
of timber land. The company now
holds lou.i'ou .noo feet urhascd and
under option. The property acquired
js valued at about $:ii0.ou().
Mini Droit iiy a 11 Uinxln.
J.!t( hfielii. III.. Sept. - Monday
niht xxhi!e Ix iny on a s,,fa reading his
mail Sxlvestcr Murphx. 3D xcar" old,
a fa rtner. x a shot a in! in a n t ly K i 1 1 e i .
The assassin exidently .stood close tc
the xxindovx. through which he tired.
There is no reaon xliy the attack
should have been made and the xxidow
has no .suspicion as to whom the cul
prit is.
oloiir !;taltllhrtl.
Keokuk, la.. Aul'. n..- A number of
Anii-li have bought 1 . f m m 1 acres of
land near Mexer, ,o miles sotitli of the
line in Illinois on the Mississippi
river, and haxe established a colony.
The purchases ;.iv amounted to.fio,-0i0.
Monroe, Sept. I.-- W alter I. einerand,
lately of Toledo, came home Friday
noon and found a man, a rreuchmati,
in the house with hisxxife. A quarrel
ensued, the unknown inallx iu tin i ii
from the house. An oilicer attempt
ed to arrest him, xxh.n he ran down
Third htieet. a crowd purs-uing. The
en : ".ssaultt i" xxas raided, and the
mob beoan to sii,ot. The man run into
a cornticld. where he xxas unrounded
and shot dead, a bullet penetrating his
heart. The woman denied that there
xxasaux assault. The 1 vx o men xx hose
Kltts killed the v ic t i m a re k mvx 1.. a ml
arrests will soon en-ue. Mrs. la 11. el
and sit x s-: "The man vx as sit t i ntr i n t he
pa 1 lor xv i t h me xx he n m h usb.i nd ea me
home. There xxas not h in Lr xx ping. M rs.
l.etueraml later t Id the sheritT tlmt
the dead man Is .lo-eph l.alaryc. IU!i
I herrx street, Toledo. She s;,ys that
he and I.abar"e had planned an elope
ment .
At;eil liiriiirr Xinr M iiikr k ii Klllt
III tin 11 11 tl Willi ml a a
Muskegon. Sept. 2. Daxid 1'. .Jones,
ndf -confessed murderer, is locked up
under a strong guard at the county
jail here for the shooting of his son
John and also the xxoundlng in the hip
of a farmer named Henderson. All the
part ies reside in 11 ol ton township. The
tragedy occurred Sundax morning at
the fa rm of t he elder .lames a lid is t he
result of a feud of sexeral months'
standing belxxeen the father and son
oxer a former housekeeper. I.ucv I.exx
i. The xictim of the affair had been
for some time past residing xxith a
farmer named Henderson, a mile from
his father's house.
Ml eh luti 11 Operator Are I'aoliintC the
orU Mure Miner Ire
Xer le.l.
dust Two oats"
Improved Dally Express Service
Leave DETROIT Daily . 4 00 P. M.
Arrive BUFFALO Daily 7-30 A. M.
()tinr.-1ion. with all r-Jlfwuf. for jwiuU EiT.
Leave BUFFALO Daily 5.30 P. M.
Arrive DETROIT Daily 7-30 A. M.
C.ii,n-tltif Di Krlit tram, for all point in
HI) 1111 u.l llixiUM.ti.i llh l A I . MSB
of .ti-aiii' r. t.ir I ( r'-n.t I jk Suihimt Kv-rt,
h. nl 2 f r 1 1 lutriit. inihfU ti. r .!.
)Uit tvn ltrnt anil Huff ai '2.4llnn
. VIM) rxtin.i tr-p lu-rtlj. II.IMI, l.iO;
htitriTixiiu. J.0li . h dtriH.tiou.
1 1 y u r railway agent will tr t sell
ymi :i throuli tii ket, p!e.is- luiy
n I'kmI tii-W-t t UnlT.ilo -r D.tr.ut
aii'l ay ymir tr;itisU-r charges from
Irimt to wli.irf liy 1'uik this we
will suvr von j.'t.OO to any t ut
Kat -r Wr'st
A. A. SCHANTZ, Q. P. A., Dttroit, Mich.
FO' t jne Favors a Texan.
"Having distressing pains in head,
bai k and stomach, and heint w ithout
appetite, I began to use I)r King's New
Life rills," vxtite I'. Whitehead, of
Kennednle, Tex., "ami soon felt like a
new man." Inlallible iu Stomach and
liver troubles Only 25c at Sharrar&
Mu'holland's drug store.
1 I iMy ir. Toiith, overxertiiin of mind and body
TU: RCCIIf T of l? urn
ink iiwtfwt.i induclt
find f st a re liapfir? si 1 f tiiou
y-J at ka eifl zie, at the t
we rv, I u
inon ) l it !i 1 1 .
ia all ti. m
tn'o . t e t. !
XVihiihi r-u'.
f: . Y j . . 1 1
cjrz- wi:m r.
-! .s-i 51
1. .11 1 . 1 11
1 I nil , U
leaf I ii':;lii 1
v li !! 11 !
tr .;:!(: f: .
buiir tn s u; '
WVf. .1 m in Ir. fttr, rip-'it. Tr.
akilt.il a (i. 1 r.-sp'in ,i I li'i.nci
caa b cjrod lv nr;ui li! U .ii.'t'.'
t ' ad e x ft nure are conttaut ly w i-i W lug t he li re
9 t rroiri tri voutisj men. S ''rv faJ a"d wittier
ra-tliMl, while oilers are forced t drag' out a
i la. e or ton fort t'icre. TL victims are found Yy
..I 1, t-... .1. n..r .... . l..t'r
. and th rro:-- on. Ntr6 0&!Mty I'd Sfflinj
'ri'itwu'-'i ell'tiH't . Metfirj T:e jtnirt or fl
; T (. 2 -, ear i -I !f Irm :. It i:,k m
L ELSE. FA. LED. Ka nimti uird mtnout
f .1
id TL
K s,- in y. f.r.j
ut written eens'.!. t ,
i.;is I led a k'-iy t- i
I'.av Cit. Sept. 1. Wi.rkat theeonl
Ttiities (if tav c'tn-t is 1 . 1 1 w on in full
blast, and the etTici- of" the recent
st rike are r:ipii!l n i.t jipea rtni:. When'
the new Hritidv I'.ros. m jri e i : i n s t-
1.1 1 i n and the llev lleela ( eiuetlt
ci Mti pa n s mine i- opeiicd in th
f.m-se of ano:h-r n-k thi- cinn:t
will double its coal output. All the
old tnir.es ;ue ninnini; with larger
Clews than before the s - i K bej.Mll.
to -uppiv the i ncreasi inr demand.
There i room for more men. and more
are arriviry evt-t v d t from Ohio am!
the eat.
Iliii llmlier llenl.
Sayinaw, Sept. . A rcpor: comes
from I u 1 tit li that a dc?.l is beiii- re
potiated whereby Mitchell Me
( lure, formerly of Sayinaw, dispos.i
of ih.dr sawmill jilant. h'iro-iny rail
toad and standinp timber at Ibiluth
and in Minnesota to Alper. Smith A'
( o., of Detroit. The consideration
will reach near the million mark.
The sawmill manufactures .V), (mm), hoi)
feet f lumber annually.
Dropped llenil.
Tor; Huron. Mich.. Sept. 1. An ab
rupt end came to the family reunion
held at the home of William I'.ranMi
in thi city recently. A l.irpe num
ber of relatives hud pathered and
Mr. .lames I! ranch was one of the
party, together with her husband.
She complained of headache and iu
a few minute dropped dead. Heart
diseas was the cause.
II 11 r Hen ne I'll I n 11 I '. ml In Journey
ut Drill rr A e run 11 11 1 Nil
I.ir l.oit.
j l)ener. Col.. Sept. 2. --After rt
lapse of more than :.' I hours, duiino-
l.ich no word was received from the
thii-e aeronauts who left Itotiver
Sundax to try for a transcontinental
.balloon xoyape. a feleyram catn
I Monday niyht annoiittcino- thnt th
airship had been wrecked in a storm
"7 miles north of I'l 'ience. Col. Al
though bruised and somewhat frost
bitten the occupants were not seri
ously hurt. The storm first struck
the balloon at '.:''.() Sunday nipht. and
lo-tween that hour and daylight th
eperience of the aeronauts xxas ter
rible in the extreme. Three times
the balloon xxas carried oxer Pike's
I'eak and the last time it xva nec
essary to throw, out all of the xvater,
provisions and instruments in order
to clear the rocky summit of the
mountain. At daxliphf a l.tfilinp
xxas made and Mond.tx niyht the men
reached I'lorenee. The adxenturou
men are Thomas l'.aldxxin nnd Percy
Hudson, both experienced balloon
isfs. and C. L. Shortman,
a : 1 m irric t. V." Ik:
r., tnl 1 iter icesHoi
r- ,u" . M r Ui lr.e
i". Ml."':' l I.ifo xv
I tri.-.l evrrt tlonk'
i rt :i M V ,Y K" if ? r a '
. t ll V K .1 1 1 V' 3 rt d
i"d nit s veirs .11; . Thr-v are honest
"t t't'i iaue e..a;Wi all l'kir -hfii tou
U vna
eia 1 tr. ublo for in
i.ame a:'ected at d
u .itifar'orv and .M
.1 . '. - Al ..(! I I . ' 1 I.l.iK f
Thir Ww !!th.ht
iil v. I fel and act I rd
CORES Gt'tfiiMEO CH 13 Kl ixfiz WAwM B!rK Free !Jf itae l:e:l.X2X
Drs. Kennedy & Kcrgan, M!r- R
Made in two styles at
Which CAM DE hmndlmd
without dang of bmlng
7Ssss-?X fas 7-lnrh Rnrordj
50c coch; $5 per doz.
lO.mrh Ifornrrlc
SrjS ' SI each; SIO per doz.
Doth Sizos can" to used on oUhor stylo of
Disc Graphophono.
For further Information, mddromm f . ' f ,
(SoDumltiiia Phonograph Go.,
238-240 Woodward Ave., DETROIT, MICH.
tianlener. Uniplnln.
iiiia. Sept. 1. Ionia L'artleVefs are
fore becane t h e s t a t e of M ich ipa li, a s
represented by 1 he t a t c re for ma t or y
in this citx. i- runninp opposition to
them, sellinp garden triuk raised in
the prison y;,rdef,s xx itli conx ict labor
at price, lower than the uvular par
tieuei s can afford to do so.
Wnitt Help.
Crystal Palls. Sept. 1. The revival
in thrt iron iiiininp indiistrv has
auscd a LTieat shortage of labor in
this xicitdty ami the dcm.ind is over
I. Oho men ahead of the supplx. He
sides the miners xxanted. Jni; han.'
.vill be needed shortly f . r the new
xv lepxvarc factorv.
MIcliiKmi I'ii t iu n t r r .
sainaw. Sept. t. As tl meet it r , f
the Michican Post uiMstei - " ;. c; r f.
n this citx m pt en. I - r i . t. i v :
It"rs iHe epei-t ed. The -f.-ii n- ui!'
be held ill the P. P. V. J ;;lact . I I .
trtie-ts will be e n f e r' ;, : :. (! at tle.b
fer.s th.eater al.i Kiv et i !e j rk.
A Mtillillnu Itituiii.
Caiae. Sept. !.- lap.c i- haxitip a
boom thi. jar in the bi'dt.'inp line.
P.esi' s ; 1 ia ir n-t buiii'irij's of the
lew p'-at facti i x . a !ari:e three-, torx
hotcj. ;i c ii t-nt f aci oi . s ' x .tores ., nd
l." new ia .s i in es haxe been or are he
ir, p built.
I'rotnluent l.nxi;r Dead,
I.aitslnp. Aup. V.I. Ilchard A. Mont
oiiierx.a leading iceinber i f the Inp
'lain coimtx bar since 1 T". a ml one of
the I test known a 1 1 or lie x s of the stale,
lied at the family residence in thi
oty. He xx a- nearlx t.T ears of ape.
To unie n t n l lil t e.
I'olitiac. Sept. 1- The iieiiioratic
'mix ent ion for t he Sixt h cotiijre.ss iona I
iistrict of Mic higan xxill be held heie
in Thursday. September H. a t 11
j'clock a. in.
nld to He l'nt llnnuer from 1'aaal
ouri'ea nn tl a Hchv) Yield
la In ii ml.
rhieapo, Sept. 1. Aceordinp to the
current isiie of the Corn Pelt an ini-
niene crop of corn i tnaturinp iti the
tie hK of Nebraska, low a, northern
Kansas, northern Missouri and north
eastern Colorado. Ijeport irathered
from '."0 ayent in the territory cov
ered indicate that the silk and tasel
haxe MTxed their functions nd are
withered and that the crop is f;tr
odxar.ced as to be practically "made"
and past danper from any un;il
.source. Th's, .same reports say all
fctnall trrairis are cut and in the stack
and that thrashing ha - reasonably pro
gressed. YorUhful Conn tr felt rr.
' I)ubuiue. Ia.. Aup. :;o.-t lyle Kllit,
Koy (Irepory, Willie Kdson and Prank
Quinlan xxere arrested Prida x . charped
xxith n-.akirii: and passiry counterfeit
Jinies. The loys confessed and pave
V) mold crudely made of Lrli k.
Foley's Kidney Cur m ikes the tlis
ensed kidneys sound so they will
eiuiit' ite the pis'tis from tli- hi . od
'A t rr ir Mu h.llaiid.
( ld Moo, n A V kll I'.V 111 T'" tloll
They led.eYe.
W j Want to Son You!
Venn tell xxhi' nukes xoir etes
blur a d xo tr he id swim You ate
'uliotis and Dr Oab'w. 1 'sSxrup Pep
sin vv.ll cure ( u or h- tnautif inurtrs
w II rt-fund yn.i the ptoch ise i r:t e
Mold bv Sharrar iSi Muil ol and
llonliiinl Flllril a It h IViiiplii ea nf (he
lliitlle I reel. n 1 1 n r I n m lrui'U
l m Menmer.
Pattle (reek. Aup. .'.0. - I'ive em
phixes of the llattle ( reek sanitarium,
nurses, probationers ami stenograph
ers, vxere drovxiieu at Pake I !o" micas
a iiilt of a collision betxxcen th
steamer Welcome and a roxxboat con
tain i ri ir a pa i t x of x on i: o pei pie. Th t
drowned xxere: Mr. Ihniiett. Oillas,
Tex.; Pannie Ibadx. Pattle I reek,
Mich.; Maliel l.'i.-ard. Travern itx,
Midi.; Plla Dot-sex. All.jhcnx. Pa.;
I'annx Willis, North Toronto. Ont.
Ca r ric I'x ck . of .bdi n -1 o w : . Pa .. el it n p
to the boat, and xx n - the only mie
An r.nitrtiiou lied nf lieloa Is
Meeeiill I'ounil luae tu
I li pe in I ii u.
Ishpeminir. cpt. 1. A xaluable tTe
posit of asbestn. lots been pfoxed up
near the Pope- yod mine, several
miles from this city, and a local com
panx has been oriranied to dexelop
the find. Numerous tet pits have
been (ill and the asbestos lias been
found to exist in a deposit sou f,.,.t b.iip
by -"oin xxidth. There are many thou
sands of tot-.s of the mineral in ii;ht
and it is figured that a ton can be dis.
h'deed at everx b!at. The fiber ax
era'e, ti . inches in btiL'th and i
worth $ 1 0 a ton.
PLt.ALIt.iJ UU1L.1 I .
Member of llemlerioii- me. ( m
pail) I imiercitiill oirel li tlir
J II due When I'lueil.
Want to ilo to oniirea.
Ann Arbor. Aup. T.I. den. Pied II.
Wood, of Tecumseli, xxa nominated
'or cotipre.t by the SecontJ district
democratic convention.
nierr OCT Ilia Head.
Detroit. Auy. 0 Kdon Mann blew
Ihe top of hi head off xx ith a sl otg t;u.
rUe of aUicichf UOktlUXXU.
v .. MH:..
Larisinp. Stpt. 1. .1. II. Hunter. J.
W. Woodvvorth. II. P. KautTer and S. .V.
l!ickert atT. of the Henderson- rue,
company of Kalamaoo. appeared in
the circuit court and pleaded guilty
to the charpe of conspiracy to de
fraud the state by their connection
xxith the state military clothinp
frauds The charpe apain.-t them xxas
chanired from perjorx in connection
xxith their testimony lie fore the prand
jury. Hunter. Woodworth and Kan'
fer were each tilled .'.. oco by .Iild'f
Wiest and Itickerstaff was finer! fl.'Juo.
xxith the alternative in each cae of
txvo years in prison if the fines ;r
not paid at once. In pa iin p e n t eiic
Tod"-e Wiest scored the respondents.
He -aid thex xvere con t e m pt i ble in the
exes of the court and that the court
xxas induce. 1 to impose fines nt from
pity but from the fact that for a cen
tury courts haxe recopnied the fact
that accomplices xxho are Used by
states in the aid of justice are entitled
to considerat ion.
I.iot rred Ilia Iteeoril.
Providence. P. P. Amr. 'J.'K Tin
errand circuit tneetinp at Narapan
ectt itrk xxas brotiolit to a close 'ri
tlax .:fteri .mm in a blae of plory.
Dan Patch, the unbeaten son of doe
Patt Io n. paced an exhibition mile ia
1:.V.'., reducir.p his record from
2 : en 1 4 . The mile xx as within a juar
ter of a second of the world's record
of l:i'4. maib; by Star Pointer ut
Pcadville fixe years npo.
I'oreala llnxe.
Hotiphto!!. AtiL. '-!. Porot fire,
haxe devastated hundreds of acres of
farm and timber lands in the vicinity
'f Pake Linden. Pice and Mud lakes.
Flames threaten the crops near Lak
Linden. An etioruiotis tract of lanl
Covered with herrx hul)e and -aje
brush ha been burned oxer.
tltnl Woman Tool. I'olaon.
Fentoii. Attur. 3o. Mrs. P. C. Dun
ninir. :i H known pi'iieer of Fctitou
township, xxas found dead in a barn.
I n est ipat ion shows that she left the
house durlnir the nipht and committed
suicide by taking strxchnine. Sh
xx a s so ea rs of ape and b a v es a n aped
husband and a daughter.
I.I iiemn it lioeUril lo Deeiltt.
Pan si up. Aup. K ( iiimiN li.dial.l
lineman in t he em ploy of t he c it x . w a
electrocuted. H,. went tip a pole to
cut an extra Used for one of the car
nival attractions, .and a- idei. t a I !y
formed a connect ion xx Inch . sent 11. 0" )
volts throiiph his hoih .
XI n ti ) lour lata Knew Mini.
S;t nit Me. Marie. Aup. John
P un lu r. the famous Indian pilot f St.
Marx' Falls. ,'i.i? lo-re. ayed ears.
IP- had taken t ho ivi i.ds of persons
air ihe rapids in I .i caii"e xvithotit
ice 1 1 ' n t . a t 1 1 xx a w ' known b it: a l.y
I I o i r i a t .
rw Yv a rileri.
M.l I', j Uel 1 e. Sept. I. --. lames I.UselI.
editor of the M i u i i p .h'H ma 1. has been
ippointed xx.irtien of the state prison
o re. to succeed fieorpe Freeman, re-
.'ipned. He xxill a.--ii lie the clitic
ihollt October 1.
Kllleil l l.lulilnlim.
Harrisville. Aup. :io. l.iplitninp
truck the hoiis, .,f Alex Y'lill. a pio
neer Ilaxnes toxxiisliip farmer, eipht
miles from here, and instantly killed
his P'.-x ear-old son. xxho xx.is in the ctl
lar. Ilentli of Williniti Mali.
Ann Aibor. Aup. ::o. William Pill,
af Haiiibnrp. t e n x ea I s a po a renowned
republican politician, and oner actinp
governor of the state, dbd at hi
jonifc at Haiiiburp Thutst a x .
No profetiiiou has ad r a need uiore rapidly
of 'ate than surgery hat It should not b
osed except where absolutely necessary.
Irj caes- of pile for exaruple.it is seldom
needed; I) Witt's Witch Hazel Salri
cures quickly and permanently. Un
equalled for cots, barns, bruises, wound,
uiu disi ase. Accept no counterfeits.
"I was o troubled with bleeding piles
that I lost much blood and strensth,"
ys, J (j. Phillips, Parts, 111. DeWitt'n
Witch Haze.1 Salve cored me in a short
time." s?ojthes and heaU. Uivins &
Thore is rifjthln,f hutyorou-s about
ho mid It y.
For a bad tatti in the mouth t:ilre
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tab-
lets For sale by Bivins & Rhodes
Flirtation rhv rues with vitiation
tUis sutiHiRM, just as it always did.
Gentlemen: My wife was afflicted
with Dyspepsia and Constipation for
ears After trying other remedies I
t'urchased a bottle of Dr. Caldwell's
yrup Pepsin for her and she is rapidly
improving. I cannot be without this
valuable medicine. Kesp. yours
S Hlliott. i:ik City Kansas,
Dec. 13, h)Oo.
Sold by Sharrarvt Mulholland.
Minirik' coal with bayonels is not a
happy solution of the strike problem.
Cured Hemorrhaj(eof the Lunrs.
"Several years since my lungs were
so badly affected that I had many
hemorrhages, xx rites A. M. Ake of Wood,
1ml. "I took treatment with 9everl
physicians w ithout any benefit. I then
started to take Foley's Honey ami Tar
and my lungs are now as sound as a
bullet. I rec:mmend it in advanced
stages of lung trouble." Sharrar& Mub
Force is, at bet a fearful thlnp, even
in a righteous cause.
MONIAL M. T. Lynch. Editor of the Phillip s
burg, N.J. Daily Post, writes: "I h?ve
used manv kinds of medicines tor
coughs and colds in mv family but never
anything so good as Foley's Honey and
Tar. I cannot say too much in praise of
it." Sharrar & Mulholland.
1'sually when you want your urn
brt Hi It is not here, but over there.
Avoid serious results of kidney or
bladder disorder by taking Foley's Kid
ney Care. Sharrar A Mulholland.
Kverylhing strictly up-to-date and first
class wcrk guaranteed.
Flrstdoo'reastof Vermeulen's.
tie Monifmentle BronxeGt.
Do not buy a Monument of any kind
without investizating White Bronze frr
durability and price.
lioo-tf St. Louis, Mich.
Service Resumed
SEASON 1902.
Loillsvills I Nashville R. R.
Through Uoache. Drawing Room
Sleepers, Dining Oars.
The fastest and finest seniCR smith.
For time table, maps, rates and
Sleeping Car reservation,
C. L. STONE. Gen. Pass At.
LorisVlLLK KV.
Doitt Be Fooled!
Take the genuine, original
Made only by Madison Medi
cine Co., MnJiaon, Wis. II
keeps u well. Our trad
mark cut on each package.
Price, .15 cent. Never I4
in bulk. Accept no aubttl
waeaanoit tut'. Ak J our dfUggUU
Diseases of Skin niul Scnlp,
' ruptions, eczema, old sores,
itching, (In n dm fTt seal d s t
Imrns, quick relief iu Piles.
Clean and cooling. Vegetable
antiseptic. 1s Guaxanto!
For SaI by Sharrar & Molholland,
Alma, Mich.
. i ii(--'-f f n i
MM) o,v r'urm. Jta
txrth n-ther twin without .1oSt. in atl
r';)rt. the finrt n.l faft that are run Id
the interest of the ' travt'.iti public in tha
L'niteJ Mtea
Da 1 iv IncLuoima SuMOar
v. rr tu"'i . 1 ,-rT -Kk, K 'dnl
.-n., por ti i . . i rfrnin-' 'lr a'l
a'omtifi- tr'MiMtt', liidltrtim id d?a
top 'a 1' i th wnnderfnl r"rontrrc
iv-f tiro thi making o many a
("tlJ wll nnil weak pDl1 tronjr br
'01 vf inw f h- ir o 'iea all of th nnor
I' m nt In ih- to d hr eft. He? .1 H.
Holirtdar. of Ilo i1t Xti writ:
Kofi! hf rnrd tne. "I mnlrier it th
. r nifdr I eer ned for dTgrpfia
ii1 at n a'h ttrnM I vra yiren op
hr i.hTi:in. Kodul aavexl my life.
Take it after meals. Birins & Rhdei.
Clev.IanJ 8 P.M.
Buffalo 8 "
Buffalo 6:30 A.M.
Cleveland 6:30
Special Dnvlirfht Trira L'vrry Saturday com
riencing July I.'th lo August ;kih Inclusive,
lam Buffalo 8 A M. Arrive Cllnd P m
j Cletaland 8 " Buftj o g -
Connection ma te at Buffalo with train for
ilt Eaatero and Canadian point a, at Cletetaax)
for Toledo, Detroit ani all polnta Weal aa4
! oxit)iweat.
I Ak ticket asenti for ticket xia C A B.LIna.
en.t four rent for tlluatrated rmpMt.
cLEvSi;iJDN,oaT' Atso buffalo
F. HERUAN, Gicenl Pissm(er Afeat,

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