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H UM is one of the dtttlea
tli.it a weak woman looks
forward t with ilnvul. As
a i 'If, sin kinmn that shr
ninst pay tor the over strain
with days or weeks of
womanly snfTerinx
I r PttfCS't 1 .ivorite Pre
scription makes weak
women strong and siok
women well. It cures the
womanly diseases which
undermine the general
health It establishes regu
larity, dries weakening
drains, heals inflammation
and ulceration, and cures
female weakness.
"I took two Imttle i.f vnur
Pevorite PrescrlDtioo ' and two
of the Golden Medical Uiscovcrv nnd am feel
ing well " write Mm Dan Mi'Kenz te, of I.orway
Mmr Cupe tin ton Co. Wiva s,otia "I had
utertue trouble alo pain in the ide and head
ache After taking your medicine 1 wan cured
You mav publish Ehil or net it in any way vou
think lK't. av l cannot sp-ak tixj highly of Dr.
I'lerce anil his medicine "
" Favorite Prescription" has the testi
itK ny of thousands of women to its
complete cure of womanly diseases. l)o
not accept an unknown and unproved
substitute in its place.
1'RKK. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt
of Itatnpa to pay expeOM of mailing only.
Semi 2i one-cent stamps for the Iwok in
pa pei covers, or 11 stamps for the cloth
bound volume Addneaa Dr. R.V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Mra. Win Eferron waaiu Alma Fit
Mi. ( urch is flatting rela
tives la Graod Rap id 8,
II E. Lew In and F Ff. Elorr are fieh
log at Hand 'i Lake tins week.
M s Dora Minoiah is v s 1 1 i 1 1 l Mrs.
Maude Polfrey of Alma thla week,
Effca Krm.i Whipple s; ,t Saturday
and S today ii i- fn d la id Riverda'c.
liiaa Jennie SmH h )( l Mm. Ai
Fuller, of Ashley, ere lo to n M n
day. Arthur Fuller ai.ti M 18 K ;i M ( !ol
luui railed on relatives In Alma Fri
Martin Parker is working for J. Al
len in bis barber ahop at Alma tins
Mrs. Katie Clark, ol Emeri d, went
to Vpsiianti. Friday, t i uurae a -ick
Mtai Ada Bates, of Newark, went to
Carl.inri. Saturday, to visit friends a
few day a,
Miss Edna A leo was the guest "f
friends at Alma 00 liege Friday and
Mr. and Mrs. A. Iff. of Deraod, are
visiting her sister Mis D Hasbrook,
of F.mers in.
Mrs Jennie Tyre, of Oauteo, was a
guest df Mr. and Mrs Sam Rloeeter
over Sunday.
Herbert lies, of Alma, visited bia
uncle, a. v. Soedicor, of Boaeraoo,
Saturday and Sunday.
Toot. Beak Went to Alma this week
to visit his sn. George, and attend
the firemen's convention.
W. K. WintOO attended the funeral
of his brother-in-law. Andrew S rvis.
at Chelsea the Brat f the wtek.
v. McKenney, of Foltoo, went
t Aluaa, Prl lay. to ipend a few dayi
with his brother, i: McKenney.
A. L Wilklni, cl Newark, arrived
BOOe Tutsdav fr. m Allen q Un!v.
Ohio, w hf n- be bad I en ai ing his
father fjr two e kt,
'iCitfl Blanche Baker v i-iu i a cousin
ifl AefaJay the latter part i ! hist w ek
and over Sooday and attended com
aaeooi meat en rclseN there Tburtday
even .
Mr and Mrs. & J Antirus, who
uuvc been here the tust two months
With he. pan Dta, Mr. and Mrs. .1
liarr.es, left Monday for Cleveland.
Ohio, where tie will conduct i branch
office and act aa district manager for
.the Malta Vita Co., ft r which lie has
Htprkod for several ears
Huw'i This!
w. offer Om Hundred Dollars Reward
fu any ea of Catarrh thai cannot be
11 1 rl by Halls Oata rrh Cure. !' J
L'HKNKV .v Co., I'rop . Toledo, W
the undermanned have known I .1 "ii-
lie) l"f lli' l ivt I .' 0- 1 : 1 1 I o him
perfeetly honorable In .ill buaineaa tram
action and finaneially able to carry out
n obiiKittlonn mad bj their firm VVest
(V l umx. Wholesale Druarariata, Toledo,
ft ilding, Klnnan .x Marvin, Whole
aah HruejiclMta. Toledo o, Haifa Catarrh
Cur i- taken Internally, ;itintc directly
Upon the blood oul mueoua aurfacea
if..- - litem r re, T'..' per bottle Bold
lv all Druaai ' - Teatimonlaia frc
H'.ill - P.imils Pllla an thi - t.
Good Pills
Aycr's Pills arc good pills.
You know that. The best
family laxative you can buy.
Maggie MeCaftv is better at this
Lewis St. .loan an 1 ion, Karl, if
Ahna, were in 11140 Sunday.
CTtiar les DtckeiiOfl w s called 10
Canada by the death ul bn tataer.
Walter (Jr. ss aud family and Henry
lloyt and fainiiy spent Sunday ev. n
lay at the boaae of w 11 Boot
Mr. Benjaaalo Sluugb area f uad
dea 1 111 her I. -d June S, Ileait tfuUble
waa tbe cauee of ber deatb. She witb
her hush nd was one of the rirt t
aetl I ir Mi Hand county an 1 Inert n
t he old p ice at the time of her death.
she leavts ;t buaoand, one daugbter
and a boat of frleodd i" mourn their
IOa The funeral was held at Bracken
ridge, Pitday, at the M. E oliurob.
Leroy tlenderabutt has purcbaaed 1
new boggy,
8. Onerlto made a bualneta trip t"
st Louia Saturday.
Arthur Kenney has lately purchaaed
a horse of Jim Stet le.
Will All n aud Lloyd NcWCORlb
; were in Alma Suodaj
K. S. Oomatook made a trip t 1 his
farm in Hast Seville Sa' 111 day
Drayton Pbelpa has purcbaaed the
Chapman forty aud is potting in aome
Bliaa Roekwell and faml v v sited
nis wife's parent-, la Sumner, over
rthur Keonej aud Howard Bock
well madi a tnp to Shepherd Saturdav
i renlng.
Wm, Thomas is dlivlog the milk
wagoo for the cream separator com
pai j at Poreat Hill.
( ira Bllia, wife and two children are
vi-i inw' his greatuncle, Jamea Hen-
j derabotti and family.
Tl e Mlarc Demoray, ; idle anrt
Wi ; Allen, Joe Welch and Lloyd and
Pearl Newcumb attended a dance at
the Gould farm, in Lii coin, Isabella
county. Friday a Ten lag.
Clarence Kddy wa nt to Ionia to work
laat Week.
J. L. Riogleand wife now ride lo a
Arthur Goodhall is working for
John Allen.
Mr. and Mrs. Plowman ipent Sun
day in Ashley.
Mr. Brenamtabl waa alck laat Sun
(in with heart trouble.
Mr. Sam Simmons is enteri aiolog
a Dlece and nephew from Indiana.
The Scott boyi and their families
spent Sunday in Ashley Wlttl their
pa:"' nts.
Mrs. Jasper Ilhynard. of Waahing'
ton. called on Mri. J K. Wllllami last
uite a number from here attended
the union camp meeting at Baer's
grove laat Sunday.
Beubeo ftingie and wife went t"
Alma, Saturday, to Ke his sister, who
lias been very 111.
Arthur Williams and Ceo. Goodhall
built a hay shed for John (ii odhall, of
North Star, last week.
Mr, Kddy. if ter spending the winter
in louia, returned home two weeka
affn and moved hil family there We
ae s,,rry to loac them.
Want your moustache or beard a
beautiful brown or rich Mack ? Use
Buckingham's Dye
'.flrf ' .it .aa r,r P P Hi 1 T.9 Nllhu N H
...... - w .SB - '
1 . . J
Mr. tlawley li back fr(m Ann
ixr, where he has been di ct Tin.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark, of St. Louis,
naitedD, B, Hatt-m and family Sun
Mlfi Ruby McDaid, of Obelea, la
visitink' relatives and friends hi thi-
Mis, Ethel Buab went to Ubaca,
Mi oday, t" itay with her iu-1. Mr
E i MUtpaugb.
North Star i.s well lUpp'.ied with
meat, as we have three different war
oil's coming here.
Mr and Mrs. Helmi and Mr. and
Mrs. Tierce went 10 Toledo Sooda t i
visit Mr. Bel ma1 sister
Mrs. Hessje II iskell is riaitlng her
pareota, Mr. and Mrs Rob iiartiett.
They win move to vid.
Libbie Planigan returned. Sunday,
to her home at Gallon, Ohio, after a
t wo weeks" visit at North Star.
Mrs Wm Camel and little boys
and Mi-. Gene Carmel and baby, of
Grafton, Ohio, are rialtiag relet tree
at this place.
Mr. Clapp's mother returned to her
home at Flint Saturdav. She has
iecn here caring for tier granddaugh
ter, Mr. Bditb Glk a
Mr Horn and his cousin. Mr Kteh
lOaTton, went home Monday. Mr.
Horn iias taught i verj lucceeafel jrear
ot acbool here. Flia acbool cloocd Fri
day with ;a very nice entertainment.
Miss- I'.urifiss room helped. Miss
Hurtross will teach, here another year.
Do You Eniov What Ypu Eat?
If yon don't your food does not do you
mu 'h Kd!. Kodol l)ysjepsia Curr ia
the remedy that every one should take
wlieti there is anything wmn with the
stomach. There is no way to maintain
the health and strength of mind m l
hotly except by nourishment. There ia
no way to nourish except through the
stomach The stomach muat be kept
healthy, jure and swet or the f-trength
will let down and disease will set up.
No appetite, loss of atrength, nervous
ness, headache, constipation, had
breath, sour risings, rifting, indigestion,
dyspepsia and all stomach troubles ate
quickly cured by the use of Kodol Dsn
pepaia Cure Sold by Bavins X. kin
Mrs. letta AiU'u, of Detroit, li 1a
iliiitf her moiher and other friends
Children's Day aril be observed at
the Congregational ohurcb next sun
day morning.
A nmber f Crystal Lad lea con
template taking advantage of the
Congregational excursion to Grand
B ipida.
Jane, thechildrenHi month, is here.
and l ist Sunday evening i he I It.
ohurch arai tu u 1 1 fully dt'c irated and
some sixty children under the direc
tion of Mr Georte, the superintend
ent, assisted by the tea iiers. inter
ested a crowded boUM f"i rie.irly two
Ih v Ceo Stone and wife, Mrs. Nora
Brillhart, and others of the Dunkard
church returned .Saturday from the
state meeting at BellfOQOtaiO, Ohio,
a id report a good meeting with an at
tendance of over 25,000 and a mission
ary co' lection taken there amounted
to over 16 000, thus the good work of
the Lord is going on
afra. bylveater Peck is quite poorly
tins maimer.
Meedamea Alexander and Ed Wiley
were callers at Kerr Murphy g Sunday.
Mrs. Prank klattern, who has been
having a severe time with rheuma
tksm. is aome letter.
The quilt drawing at John Day'l
the 2nd, resulted in Mr. Bcattergood,
of Alma, getting the $1". quilt.
Pearl le Uatel too passed the eighth
grade lamination luoceeefully and
received her diploma this week.
Mrs tVyman Stan! m, who has been
under the c I re of lir. M uifort. of Ith
aca, for some time, h on the gain
a sight t hat drew the attention of
the people Sunday was a nitii riding
a COW, and on meeting an aut. mobile
was forced to dismount rather hastllv.
School in District No. ." cloned laat
Friday T r the summer vacation
Mos L-was has been asked to remain
am t tier j ear w ith an increase in iala
ary. but lias rj it i Bt decided.
Chas. r is on the sick list,
cien Paraon driven a new carriage.
Charlie Gallagher is Improrina the
looks of h house with a coat uf
Mis M A. Cob Goo Is vi.sitirk.' her
daughter, Mrs. t haries Taylor, wet
ol Shi phcrd.
Sereral of tbe young people from
here attendee the Children 'a Day ex
erciaes at L e, Sunday.
W. A. Small and wife entertained
Chas. Rich and wife, of Blgge, Oaoeola
count v. Saturday and Sunday.
Will Robinaon, who was badly hurt
lat week by the seat of the roller on
which be was riding giving away and
throwidg him upon the ir und, i re
ported better.
After a very latiafactory year .f
school to teacher, pupils, and patron..
Miss (irace Sly closed her school in
the Allen district Friday with a
picnic at the borne of W'. A. Small,
where nearly ality were M-rvid to Ice
en mi and cake, after which thev lis
tened to the following program:
,ng by school "Vacation. "
Recitation, "Grandma Alius Does."
Hugh lhomas.
Recitation, 'Queer Little Houae,"
Bra Rlcbaroaoo,
Song. "Niw Mo,n," alsy 81.
Recitation, Advantage of Study."
M iry llafer.
I nalogue byria little cblldfeo,
Recltatioo, "Farmer Nix's .scare
crow,'" Edna Thi imas
Inatrumental Duet, Erm,i and Ha
r,e! Tbomaa
Recitation, "Making a Man," Ray
Song, 1 S ven Long 'i'ear.s in Prison,"
Fva Rtchardaoo
Recitation, "Widow (Jreen's' List
i rd," Brm i Tbi im iv
R citatl ai. An Apple," Lee
i: citation. When iluldah Hpecti
Her Beau," Lina Tbomai
Li klogtte, to I ied by ROOg, Work 1
Imaginative letter written by Hazel
'I'll' Mils
Dialogue, ' Auntie Puzzled," Lrma
Thom is and Lena ( rw ,g.
Recitation. "When Idy Had a
Beau," Gertrude Thomas
Recltatioo, "Baby'i Logic, 1 va
I 'aimer.
S rig. Mass.i s In dc cold, cold
Recitation, "Grandpa ' 8d ctaclee,"
Brn stiii'' Palmer "
Recitation, "Something1 Coral
r- lie dtat i on. A Tran.'' 'i rue Wily
Lei itat on, "Speak! og Piecea,"
Hazel room an
Duet, My Motber'i Bible
Recitation, "Trouhletome Neigh-
b rs. Lena rvig
Recitation, ' The Inventor - Wife,
Ther Mori ison.
Sung. Tbereeea Morrison. Lena r
wig. Hazel Thomas and Jennie Phil
Recltatioo, Nora Robinaon.
Recltatioo, Miior, Palmer.
Recitation, I rl Meyer.
Those from a dlftOOCl were Cha-
wife and son. Orl ana. arnl daugh
ter, Daisy, of Kim Hall: Mrs Andrew
O' Boyle and Thresh Hurrleon, of
Alma, and Mr Will Gtllaghfl arid
son. Karl, of Si. Louis
Dr. Humphreys.
Aft r fifty yearn Dr. Huinphr, yn
KpeeitlcH enjoy the greatest popularity
and larguHt salu in their hiHtory, due to
iatrinaie marit They cure the alak.
mo. ootmi Naaaa
I KtT. C.uk'-hIi-iiv aaMMMUlOM.
i-Vorin.. VVi.nii l-. v. r, W..rm I nil. . ..'J
aTwtklac OoUe.Crjrlai WakfvlMM .a.i
I IUnrrh. il. of CaUdfM OT A. lull. ll
7 t'uugha. Oohtoi BroBeaiOi .'ZH
I NeuraUin. I OOtkm Of. I i" ' " .'i.'i
t Uimpkm. aiefc H daeM. VwUeo 4M
1 n Bf papaia . IxIWwtWwi.Tl ife BtoflUM i H
i i Bippr a ay fotoftil I't-rltnl
i i araiiai. Too rtotfuM rwiodi .'.i
U 4'roui. Lsrysdil! Iommbvj.. .a?
1 1 Malt Itln inn . l i hM, I. mi t0M JU
H llhriuiinO.iii. BhWUMtta PaiM ,V2
1H Malnrln. Chill, Kcn.t uml AkuI ,ZH
lft-4'alnrrh. liirlu.'iiza. Cola lu the lleail
'O-WlHMipillB-t Ollgll .'JA
ntHUiM niaaaaea "4i
M-lltnHi OvUltly ion
10 I rinary HrnknrM, Wi-ttlng Ik-.l . .01
17-Uriv. Baj I WW .i.'J
N.ld ly lruKKltM, or wnt on r -lit ,f price.
Dr. Humphreys' New Pocket Manual
of all Diseases mailed free.
Humphrey' t . 1 1 in.- Co., Cor. Waillain ami
John si. , New Yrk.
Sold by B. s. WBBB, lma.Mlch.
Pranoee Pteming has a new
entertained com-
Miss I va Dalle)
pany soneay.
.1. Lacabaw, m . and wife are visit
ing friedns in Newark.
Mr, w. C. Sullivan spent Tuesday
with her mother, Mi, pontine, of
Wallace Norton aod Will Fleming
spent Suniay itn fileodn in St.
I'erry Adauis apeol Saturday and
Sunday with bl8 or iher, vVlllAdama,
of Eojeraoo.
M - and Mis L H j of M; l'.ea
ant. isit:da! the home ol N. Whit
erafi Sund.n.
Miva Maude aod Belle Sulllrao
ipent Stturday atterooon with Miss
Arm a Brown.
Mra. Sarab Soyder is rloo)y ill.
Chas. Morse is home from Lansing.
Miss Maud BortOfl is a little better.
Mrs L)inan Fiddler la "u the sick
Lyman F'iddler Is able to he around
Mrs. Kttie Wi es is able to he out
Marshall Morris has l en having
the in u in ps
Mr. Bacon, f St. Louis, did hus;-
oeea in He, be i'i I day.
Lev. Colgrove is entertaining his
mother from ESdmore.
All dlseaneB of Kidueys
Bladder Urinary Organs.
A I- Rheiiniatlsm Back
acbe Heai-tDlsease Oravel
Dropsy, Female Troubles.
Don t become discouraged. There Is a
curt tor vou. I fin ,. - ,n mi ti lit 'min
I TlT i.-V .'.unl .. It. .'......',... .. . .. .
GUMS Hs yours. All eoiiuliui i.,,im Free.
"Dr. Kencer'a Kidney and Harkarka Ohm
lL-rman Shaver v,as ,,, Alma or, bo, ftk
loeaa laat vYedneadar and reduced in veifbtu) iso pound, in,,
m . I weigh 1A5 pound a,
Bert Uartee, Of St , Louis, called on w n McOUOIN Olive Furnace. O."
Mr . ,, i. r,,r ...ii Book Free
s,i r- t ure in-uhir I ir
Keuuer. Kredunla N Y
L uia and Alma i n boaioeai laat Toi s- 1 m
' Mr. aod Mrs Edward' aot n a load ALMA BUSINESS DIRECTORY.
tneir naugriter. irmu .ortli S ar. Inal
Miss Claire Kunlman. of Alma
Called 00 Kmersn friends last Wed
Den laj
Ills .sister. M rs. S.iriih SnvH.-r lui Brl. PrusvlstM. SOr.. A a. f..r
ttev. Loigroveand wife were in St
if a haoi.kv, Physician and surgeot
Vj oekw. Opera Hooao Vlock, Office hoars ltll
' i and T led p. m. 1 i r mm r ipf tin t yt-aiid ear
Herman Shaver and family have!.,. Se!i! gJSSfi "cn i u-.llT S"rro,i
bakaa enteri .tin i m friends frnan I "
" 1 1" NELSON K
is ;iiie!iara. , I'
Mrs A. .1. liar.
entertained her
M, i .IN i S Ora.hiot.' I n-
iv "rsit v of Mtohliraii liMnm Unlia.i-
B oek. Offlot bourn, ; .to to i .H' ami : m t,, - i
p in. N if t.t i-ajia, i . N i.tioi,. frotu . flic- t.,.r
i.rother, Mr. Illller. of Maple Flaplds, I ag-rF oentrai.
ver Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. James Wiles, of St.
L1 a. is, called on Clinton Wile.s and
fHrnily Thursday.
School dosed at this place last Fri
day. Mr. Etoea baa k'lven good satis
faction as teacher.
The Ladies' Aid Society cleared
ahout no at Mrs Mary BortOO 'l last
Wedoeadaj eeeoiog.
The tent meetings in Ha r's gro?e
conducted hy Rev. Qeo. Jackson, are
larg- ly attended. Meeting's will con
tinue over tw i Babbathe,
It om n
p in Mrht on
aiiih. offioe mi Bab Ike '.inidin
ura io to u a m 3 to I and 7 to i
at uavx
I a a KUKss. Att'rneynnd Bolimtoi
ti Bon.4 Bad opera hoot, block, Alma, m
bo,.- No in Praeiiec In i irenit, state
i nlted Stat. ourl i
KEBT HAVKrt. attorney ai Uw and -oilcitr
loCkancerjr Cir-.iit i ourt :.nnuta,ioner
ror oraoot i ouiity. Mi tilKtn Ofl
Pollasky Block, Anna. M i t.
n Nov
Hm. ocniiam. attorney Ia knTa
. it. .r in CBaoenry i ittentioa
K j rToonve ann oinev uiw fra Almn,
L. JOHNBOM. L. L M, Atunwj at Law
M I ' o tl , i f. . i.r ill' t .irr Mul -.vi, .
Bank, Ainu,. Mi Ii
I Tiircc apectrea that threat- n baby'a
lue. ho. era m'antum. dventerv.
Miaa Cua Fleming left Sitordaj for j dlarrbpa. 1 r. Pooler i Lxtract of
a te.v w.eks' riait with frleodi and Wild Strawberry never falli to con
relatives in Jacks .n county. ;M'J"' Uwn)-
Luite a fen from tbli vicinity at-
ten l i i!.t peniog ol atey a Smitb'a NEWARK
new blook at St Looia Wednesday. Wm. Tracy and wife arc eotertaln
JeaaeCroaett aod the Mlses Maud ! ing company.
Sol I Ivan aid B'eanor Fleming, who. r u c Overmler anri w i f bavc
took the eighth gride examination in , moved Into their new hous,.
B. ( Mi RCfj.Mornlng servloe h' I0:
HiiiidMy B li,,.. at 11:4". Kridenvor n.
li K at ' : .". l're:ietn(ii: mtvi ut " D
ke k b btiwabjt, paetor,
PRI8BTTBRIAM CHI BCH- Mornlnf servic4
10:.ao; suiidav sekoel iv'tim. Evening service
'Mp. m. Rbv w k Branosn. Pnator
May, have received tbelr diploma
the sick
W, titer Casat t la in town
M rs Baron Blancbard is i
. li. Sly hi" a tine itrawberrr
A. kflnacky bai moved to
The (.rangers intend to observe
Children's Day next Saturday June
U. at their hall.
We bear that Mb 8 Fanny Munsin.
who was reported better, is again iuf
feringtfrom rbeomal lam
Mr. and Mrs. i,eo. Martin Intend to
go to Canada soon on an extended
New visit tolreiatlvei and friends.
old Mrs. Lepley had a slight stroke
UT JOHN 8 CHURCH (Bph "pHU Sunday
k ' services, I1) :ao n una 3;S0p m Bandaj
bv i.moi after nornias servioae,
ka? J H i k ii h a i x h o Kector
J E. CHURCH Morning aet sa 1 0; 8ai
01 day school 18:00 Evening rv., 7:80
Tom t People's rneetlng Pundav evening al N
'rn sr niet-titifc' Tbaraday evening at ?tSo
Kkv. J It WOOTOV, I'nator
I school, 10:00 a. n Prayer and claaa meet
lag, : i i h to. . prea hing at : ;O0 p. u , io nj
in, imik. I uesdaj ' ! n u-
Rav B. W. M Kihkon, I'nstor
BAPTIST CHURCH- M..rt.1r,L' service I0:0u
Baaday acbool I! 40, Evening service TiOQ
Young iMi.pIfn riu-.-tnu; o , KJ .suiulnv . vft.ii,.
1 inlor'a ,,.ty :- u, rn.stiiii.l;trd tit
'myi T aii-ttiii' Tli irlny , v.-nuijfc.
hbv ii - ii ivy Paetor
rnsT cm ri ii op i ii
building ii siat- ut.
Is i . BC11M1 I8T
ihc ralinjf rouin
Allen Winters is doing a of Of paralysia ooe daj list, week at the
painting at Ferris C inter. bomeof her daughter, Mrs Geo. Allen.
1 -1 I ft. , .. -1- Iftl. 1 I Tlwifn IB' I I I iftttftlftAA n ft 1. I "
aQSrui inent ias: wteK wiin nci iw u wrf ivn ai me i . n. RaadiMm w,i: .... ,. u-. ... .
cjusin. Alia Taylor, of Alma. ooareh Sunday evening. June 21, with ,i"-i7 ifm .,.iu. i . iP m A'iare w.-,.
i . . i com.
Nona Hue and Mrs Kd Berry were preaching by the paetor, Rev. .1. w ' :
in st. Looia ( lie day laal week. ueers,
VI. .....I VT Hkaa Bin ,l f.....il TliP i H I . lt -,11
ir, I . IUO .Ml". VU.". 0IJ BUM lMUIJ mtmm mm . . o,v,iv.ij nil! IlllXt l
:it.t.en-h'fi i.r:iee S v'a sehool nicnie at t he h me of M r. and Mrs MelvinlA
I sse Lott will preaCb bll first j Lepley, Wednesday, .Fune IT Allare
sermon at Sand Bidge, Sunday morn cordially invited.
ing. The new hell for the l B. church
Mr. and Mra. Rlcn i visiting at ea arrived and been pot In place, hut
the home of Mr. Small on the canity 4oei not prove satisfactory and will he
line. retorned In liopts of getting a i.:ter
Mr. and Mrs. Temple, of Vickerv-1 000.
vi le. a ten his daughter. Mrs Wm ; "' Otrouse, woo omit a new ham
I. MA Hr.lCt No r n a,, li.TfT,.:, "
meet every ihuraoMv miit in w n
halt. Orm MianiBBA!
It, A MKIiLKH s,.rj(. ' gitm
Lrng. llHt week
Beveral from this place attended
the Rlverdale acbool entertainment
Mooday evening.
Ethel S.inder left on the excoraiofl
Bonday for a wcek'a visit arttb her
aunt. Mr-. Bd Long, ol VpallantI,
Mr. and Mrs .l"lifi Holley Bpeol
part ot las', week with her C Itaio,
Mr Andrew Gggteaton, of Satflnavi
Rev, L Raaeldine and wife left in
Monday for Greenville, lllinoia, t at-
tead the general o lofereooe cf the
Lree Methodist Cborcb.
There will he a Sunda scln ol plOOlC
In T. J. GMll'a grove i n- weak from
Saturday. The children's day program
rill be given In nonaction with it.
Cbaa. Itrook- is repairing T. J.
Llair's bOOM 0B Lim BUeet. '1 he
huilding is to he lathe I. n.,it. p d anrl
partitioned. An addition will be built
on the e,is sjfie ;.Vrid then it will he a
very neat dwelling 00080.
led a 1 1 rriers sebool cloaed Friday
with a picnic 00 l. L. Walker's lawn
A boot eighty were In attendance. A
bOOOtlfol dinner was served, after
WhlCU the children amused them
selves with garni s llotner Urlflin
obtained tine photograph ol tic
Mra. Mark hi .spnt Deooratloe hay
in ( vid.
There will oe biptiamal services at
the river .lune II.
Carp nters have hegun work on J no.
Doweni ham frame,
Irvin Khvnard Is Cnltlvating heets
for tin- beet ooeapaoj
Asa BlnOt, of Itannister. was in
this ylolalty last Sunday
Miss Uarrle Kellogg viaited Miss
I'earl Markle one da last week
Mrs. L" is Markle IB entertaln'ng a
nephew. (Jiaud Stmt n. of New York.
There will he in ic cream social at
the Stoddard school house next I'rl-
tins .sprir.L'. narrowly escaped losing
his old arn and contents hy fire one
day last week. ;Fire originated In a
straw stack close to the bam.
ALMA Chapter. No. 138. k . m Besnlar awei
iuki" ri Monday nijjhi .,r after ful I taooc
M PoLtaaKV, H I'
Wa. rt . carta, Bat y
klMA LODGE, F. A. M -Kegnlar saustlng.
7 "' raesdaj nifbt on or heforernll taooa
B v v MUM W M
M. POU.A8KY, Bec'y.
ALJTa UHAPTBR. O, I rTi-IU-irnlar
C mts- tiriii:.! on th hrt Prldavefeach month
mk.s hannam Haul W Matron
Mkh. Makth v Hi sski.i.. HC'y.
A. K. William Moyer Poet, N. nL' Ortiart
nu iit nf Michigan, li u i, , ,, u..
irm in , urn niiitilli nl 7:()(i ;. in. ntnl on the tl
Saturday ..f sack Baontfe al UO B
Hn.Miv Wtaa, Comtnai d
Joh (iKKii, Adjutant.
t la MP DA N BAGS Hi N
J H ' lm-. ,n,1 nir. t
each month.
1 N . i ii aOWM a Uol
I ' 'OS
FiKht Will Bo Bitter.
Those who will persist in closing their
ears against the continual re, ommenda
tion of I)r. King's ',-u Discovery for
COBtaimptiotl' will have a long and
hitter fight with their trouhles. if not
emleM earlier ty fital termination
Ke.i I Wfl
has to ,,
every rmnoD i consumption, snc 1 mukeh i i -i-ent
took Ir King's New Discovery after Mas. Ana Kaie,8eertarj
everything else had tailed. Improve- fPKluHTnOI PYTH I AB-Pita Jamea Lodw
nietit came at once ami four bottiei en- ; N " K -f H ho .. - ......
In w
iHtiii. Ad, t
latT. R. Beall. of heal , Mite. ' M.KK, PJtffil l..01'0 ,Mi'
, i i 'verj serond ind rourtl wcdnesdai i th
iay. "hast fall my wife bad I taonth VistUinr memheis always welooniV.
A Serious Mistake
Ri C !eWitt & Co. is the name of the
firm who make the genuine Witch dav night.
Hael Salve DeWitt s is the Witch Mra. Jennie Whittnker called on
Hael Sahe that heals with ut leaving t her sister Mrs AntiaHofTcr. one day
a scar It is a serious mistake to use last Week
anv other DeWitfs Witch Harel
Salve cures hlind, hleeding, itching and n Dyspepsia bane of human exist
protruding piles, hums, hruiaes, esema 9moi liurd.ajk Blood Bitter cures It,
,n J all skin diseases. Sold hy Rivins promptly, permanently Regulates
Rhodes I pg. lne stomach.
tirely cured her Guaranteed by
BharrarA atnlfa .Hand, druggists. Priea
V,c, an il 1 00. Trial hottles free.
1 j in nair i rinay niL'ii I .
Oao i ' t.ivmik , c.
.lulls Kmikhtzi h. K (f . a S
ihe onlv kind of
on to fear is
i i ...
conk' arc carmnor that con-
i r
sumption i'. a ( urabie diseas .
: i neglected consumption
it is ao often incurable,
t the faintot suspicion (
ii sumption get a bottle i i
i itt s Emulsion aiu
regular doses.
The use of Scott 'a Emulsion
.t once, has, in thousands ol
cases, turned the balance in
I iVOf of health.
glected consumption d ics
not exist where Scott's Mmul
si in i.
PromfH use of Si ott's Emul-
si.n ctlCN ks the disease while it
an be checked.
Send for Ir ampt.
s itt h rowsF.. aaaaaeaj
"V4l5 Trarl - tftm ufk
pa and f i w; all arugfiflt
ift'io i.uM.ss,,,. no. rj k k. of P.-eaet
xj iti k t ball, Bra( reeadav aftrii ol
every Boath.
Cams lotou s, ( aptain
MaMviN RaavaT, Keoordii
Kv- J? r','1'4' u " " w "f Alma I, i,i
.. no 884 aw Deldevarj alternate (ii,, -,iv
ten ,f the rdi ran w, u om .
r Bob la a, i i r t
H s Booaai k at k
IMA lllllllt S... i,l .. .. .
4 v, v ' ' me- i . , ry
18 . 'N L
LANS, n u
a Boaaan i I
UUPBKIOR RE Baa AH LO OR. No. ini. I o
1 1 f I ha' I Ui" t IfiL'S Krl.Uy algOti la
UrCU HniiART. H.
E I : IM'MAs ,ia PHiriao h
M s til HI A RT, S Tl til'
f o I VI
l. i at
"n i- OT" ( wm h w. i-ti ,..H
.Minn lllw Xci tJ
Krirlay atternnnii- i
Mt'fU alter
8eet k .ir v
Mkh Matib E OPDVKB, U
Mae. J pa Maaia. 1 k
II A i HOONI 8IM1 BRfl Roi , rempw No
nidln in K r . ii-,r
Mits PLOE B?l rn.s1 M. E. C
Itit sd ay
I.M A i M
I' hull
a, kixk
M V A M ... i ... k"
E IUx.aRi . .rr-
Cut this outt This cut I.im
vary bottle. A .rlntod iruar
aoteu with eT tittl la
tir.M.f Clf lla ...... ft -
3etani '"'I" No"i 1 1 i nip
tiramlpa'v ( utifh,
CbE MM Cvwi tsa Trouble Obsi itiuaipt-
lve,CrnuptAstbinOr.M linoj
IriR. la (trippe, Catarrhal
't.eh. T.u-. Thntitarxt te.
fif ti u heatton power Rou
tWi. OA.- tti.,1 r.i-. -...'.I
where. T. P MOLt t N. nlr tm:- City. nich.

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