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This is the fate of sufferers from Kidney trouble, as the disease
r- ii -, ....
often people have serious kidney trouble without knowing the
as diseased kidneys allow the impurities to stay
Tlu's accounts for the many different symptoms
You begin to feel better at once when taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE as it
.1 l . : i i , .
uiuuicii.es uic ncart, increases ine circulation ana invigorates the whole system. It strcneth-
. i it i
unuaiv uivan ami skives vou new lire ano v
is so insiduous that
real cause of their illness,
in the system and attack the other organs,
of Kidney Disease.
NSID6M trip tO
;i viMt
Foley & Co., Chicago, June 11th, 1902.
.k!i?:ri?! ! EX x TJ hcahhi !f " l Uilt ! l0St flesh and ncver fc,t wdi- The doctor thought! had stomach and liver
trouble, but I became convinced that my kidney I were the cause of my .11 health and commenced taking Foley's Kidney Care
increased my appetite and made me feel stronger, and the annoying symptoms disappeared. I am now sound and well.
J. K. Horn, 13"4 Diveney Blvd., Ch.:
For Sale by Sharrar & Mullholand, Alma, Mic h
A Smith wa in Breckenrirke Sun
day. Bea, Winelaod wa- lo thaca Tu
C 1. Kinsley moved to Ithaca last
Dell Reynolds went to St. Louii last
J, T. Swi.rart. t' Aim, was in town
Paul Murray, ut Elite, was in town
last week.
L. H. Mom moved Into his house
latt Mondiy.
J, Casteti
Stephen (July.
The land played
urday evening,
i. H ion is entertaining an aunt
and a nieee from Ohio.
W. J IJverest, of New Haven, was
in town Wednesday.
Miss Lola ResseKuie visited friends
in Caraon City last week.
Rtv kfcD'Howsare, of Maple Kap.
idi, was m town Thursday.
C a. sham isitcd bis son, a. B.
Istaam, at Elsie, last week.
The Christian Sunday school served
ice crttm Saturday svening.
Lewis Reynolds and wife returned
fr'itn St. Louis last Monday.
Miss Lydia Ressegule is visiting her
rrandpirents at Wllllamston.
has sold liis fiirin to
n the street Sat-
Misses Daisy and Lizzie Helman, of and wife Sunday.
A Ion so Evans and wife were guests
at A. H. Jeteup'S Sunday.
Jesse I'ettit and wife, of North Star,
were in old Pompeii Sunday.
Edgar Mikevl! and wife and Lei i
Mitresell spent Sunday with Mrs. E
Dor. Woodhatn and wife, of Ithact
spent Sunday with IVter Cole and
L. Argerslnger and wife and Leon
Sooy visited at the home of 0. Smith
Cuas. Bprague has gone to Minna
sola to visit bis daughter, Mrs. Buby
Mr-. Merrett Smith visited her
daughter, Mr. Mabel Wilkinson one
day last week.
Mrs. I)r. Hamilton, of Pompeii, and
Mrs. J"hn Taylor called on Mrs Mary
Evans Friday.
Ord Tra.sk ami wife and Maggie
I Taylor called at the doom of (leorye
Wideman Sunday.
II B. Smith and wife spent Satur
! day and Sunday w ith their son. .lue
Smith, of Hamilton.
Mr. Helnley and Mrs May Wright,
Of I'ompeii, spent Sunday witti the
latter's mother, Mrs. a Sprague.
Mr-. Stockton, of Pompeii, Mr.
Harris, ol St. Johns, and John Keller.
of Pulton, were guests of J. Lam-aster
tram Monday
In Maple Baptds
Ithaca, were In town Thursday.
MISS Rosa Naldrett. of Maple Hap
Ida, spent Sunday with relatives here.
Mrs. WlllOuntber and Mis Lottie
GuntUer, of Carson City, were In town
Burton Shaw and wife, of Grand
Rapids, and Miss Ruby McDaid, of
Chelsea, are visiting friends and rela
tives n No! t ti Star.
William Boocenamitb and family,
Floyd Wilkinson and family. Millie
Miss Delia Counsellor, of Ithaca, land Olen Smith and Clyde Sooy at
was toe guest of Mrs. f. Counsellor
ist week.
Mrs. Lottie Fercell and Mrs. J.
Schong wars In Carson City Wednes
day and Thursday.
Oren Daniels got his face badly cut
by a wedge while working at the stave
mill last Monday.
S. s. Moss and wife and Mrs. Hal
stead, of Maple llapids. visited friends
In town last Tuesday.
I tended Baptismal services at Bridge
Ville Sunday.
Mrs. Tom Hewey was
business Tuesday.
mis on
Mrs. Fred Stowe -pent the fore part ('arson City.
Peter Huffman Ii on the sick list,
s. Vannatts was In Ithscs Satur
day. a. c. ; iiett was in Lansing last
William Richards lost a horse list
C. F. Sehuit was in st. Johns Wed
nesday. L. C. Hull was in town MondSJ in
Claud Bauldlng was in Carson City
Billy Guynn was in Matherton last
L. I . Price took
for Ionia.
Alice Pruden wa
Quite a number from town attended
the show at Lansing.
Geo. Carr is putting a new stone I
j wail under hi b IBM.
Mr Minor, of Lansing, wa- In town
I Saturday on business,
j Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Muuer,
j Friday morning, a girl
Mr. Stoddard, of Rubbardtton, Is
! visiting Sidney Sessions.
I Mr. Haskell, of Lansing, was in
i town Tuesday on business.
M. E. Sheridan shipped two ear load
I of etftfs to Boston last week.
Mrs. W, Smith and Mrs. C. Sheller
were In i'ompeii last Monday.
Mrs. Cordelia (Hiiette, of Lansing,
Is ? Is! ting Mrs. h p, Sessions.
Mr. atid Mrs. Milo Porter spent
Sunday with relatives in Toledo.
Children! day exercises will be held
in the M. E church Deal Sunday.
H. T. Barnaby and wife, of Grand
Rapids, visited Mrs. Morey Friday.
Miss Hatha Dunstaii, of Lansing,
was the guest of Mrs. a. Gillette last
Saturdaj .
Mrs M. E. Sheridan and daughter,
Lillie, spent Sunday with relatives at
jom . wa
Planting corn is the order of the day.
Mrs. Will Andrews is uck with a
Miss Annie Creenswike spent Sun
day In St. Johns.
Fulton Center school has e ised for
the scb i ! year.
LOD llirlow has gone to West
Branch for a while.
The Ladies' Aid Society served ire
cream at the home of Mrs.fMary Wal
ler D o tratloe iay.
Ueorge Stead and wife visited
Allert Stead and wife at Marion last
week and i ver,Sunday.
Mrs. h. a. Price, of Ithaca, visited
friends In 8 .utli Fulton last wtek and
came to do iome decorating at Fulton
Silas Moody has fOBS to I'ark Like.
K. K. (Jlhson is in Elm Hall this
K. Lake ma le
Alma M .nday.
Mrs. F. Frishee is enjoying
from her sJatat.
Miss Nellie Sharlow spent Sunday
with iier mother,
Bar, ;. If, carl nas as to ett nd
the state eonveatSoa.
B I I wan went Bshlag the 'tii and
bad good luck, of course.
VV. Struhle, of Shepherd, w.is in
town on business Tuesday.
One of f. Bauer's horses fell dead
on the street last Saturday.
Children's day exercises at the
church next Sunday evening.
L. Lake ana J. Miller have been
working at the creamery tills week.
F. Maynard and wife, of Kim Ball,
were in town Saturday and Sunday.
MKs Myra Carl is studying music
under t lie instruction of Mrs. tpedyke,
of Alma
Mrs. c. H. Jones and daughter, Be
;itrice, of Shepherd, visited friends
here Saturday,
Jas J, Kellev. of Mendota. Illinois,
who lias been the guest f bl sister.
Mrs. C. Bstea, since June 4, left for
Toronto, Ontario, Monday afternoon.
The dry weather is very Unfavorable
for crops.
i)r. Young's brother, from Shepherd,
was In town Tuesday.
Wesley Packard came home from
Lake Qe irge lust week.
Mrs Lease went to Mt. Pleasant.
Saturday, to Visit friends.
Mr. Sackett, of Kdmore, visited bli
slater, Mr. Wiley, last week.
Mr. Poat'S family have been enter
taining Mr. Gale, ofbberman.
Ira Livingstone and Mrs. g, y
Wiley were married last Friday.
Llxzia Belback, of Alma, is staying
with Mrs. Kerrenberg for a while.
Mrs. Sliaw visited her uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mr-. Carl, last week.
The June sun shines on many a fair
bride, atads doubly lovely hy the une
! Km. Uy Mountain Tea. The bri h-'s
nasi friend. II cents, Blvlns a
The fauli-fl Mting woman ofiaa tii is
fault viiu bereeif with just causs
"I ii. . n troubled for some :;:ue
with Indigestion and io ir stoms h.'
a s M i .- S;t i ah .' ( 'urt i -. of L- .
Miiss., "and liavi in - taking Cham
berlain's Stomaeri si I Iver Tablets
wblcb have helped r.ie . much
that now i can eat tn my tbngi tluri
before I could not " ii y i has any
trouble with your stomach why ii'ji
take these Tablet and al arell? For
ale by Blveni a.- Roed -
The man of se;
pleasure In t lie oom
ti,' babtts Qodi
A korl i t a . i
U vou are blue ind despondent
beu ItC of (jilinc streneth. hold on
Deal ive 'way to mer.tal de-prcssu-n.
Week nerve -that'i all. But it'r
(trough. You need help now.
are curin" people who were ready to
die t'rennth gone hope gone
asbirsJ power gone nothing to live
'Klin to take them to-day. You
wl!l k I fifty per cent, better in ten
Tour money back if they don't
fio cnu bS, 12 for M OS Send for
fr, h.,t
HuUi'i Drag Oa . rlanlaM.O.
Bold to SHAFRAB MU1 ROL1 AN DA roa.
or tiiis week visiting friends in Lan
sing. Mrs. I'lrlck, tf fowler, was the
guest Ol her sister. Mrs. John Hauck.
Mrs. Wm. Herald and baby, of Spur- and family Wednesday
e n. are flatting her parents,
and Mrs. ( ' L. Cranson.
Mrs. a. Payne and daughters, Jessie
and Carrie, returned to Williams! D
Wednesday, after several weeks" visit
to relatives.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrv Dan Wright,
a boy,
oiive Smith visited at Mlddleton
Join) Koonej raised a larre barn
Sat urday.
Jeeee Osateel has sold hi farm t
Stephen (July.
Mrs, Joe Vats
f St. I. Ulfl
inn iier mother. Mrs White.
John Smith and wife visited their
eousins. Mr. and strs. V'olns Smith,
ttuarierlv meetink' will ie held at
the i t r i school bouse Saturday and
Sunday. .1 une 13 and 1 1.
School Closed Friday in district No.
with a picnic in Frank Johns i, -woods.
All report a good time.
John Keiler and family, of Fulton
COUBty, Ohio, visited their OOBSllBt,
Mr. and Krs James Stoaebrook, and
ther relatives here last Monday.
reo. Springer Is on the sick list
Mark I'ae has moved ids iarn onto
bis farm.
Old Mr F fkler is sufTerintf severely
from the cancer on his face.
Men in this section are busy culti
rating com and doing road work.
Solomon Spiece had a couslo from
'hio visit him one day last week.
Arthur (iuernsey and wife, of Isa
bella county, rial ted bis parents, and
friends over Sunday.
Relatives of Henry Gardner Kavc
him ouite a surprise on his thirtieth
birthday, June 3, and presented blm
with a rocking ciialr.
Ir. and Mrs, Look, of TIubbanLt on,
Wore the gueetS Of her brother, John
Hauck, and family Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. s. Groom were
Kuests of his parents, Mr. and Mr-.
Oroom, of Carson C ity. Sunday.
Mr. Hatbawaj and family, of Held
Ingi attended the funeral of his
nephew, Mr. Randolph, Friday.
Mrs. Ernest Lauren and son, Har
old, were guests Of her cousin. K. I).
VcunKs, and family this week.
Francis Cusslclc, of Bubbardston,
and Miss Lizzie LiOOff, of I'ewamo.
w r. married Tuesday moral Og in
Fowler and left OB the o'clock train
isit-1 for Colorado.
SfJta a
The Aristocrat among I
the Whiskies of the old I
School. Without a peer I
ALMA, - - MiCm. I
Linnit-and erna Struble. of (.rand
Rapids, Ohio, are the iru-sts of Milo
Porter and wife.
Frank McKibben has three acres of
tine strawberries and tinds it difficult
to gef hrip t.. pick these,
Mr. and Mrs. J L. Kiehard are
i spending a couple of weeks witli rela
tives in Isabella county.
MLs Nina Sheller is spending the
, summer with her grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs Jgg, Lance, of Ithaca.
Mivs ( era Bcbulti returned home
last Tuesday from St, Joseph, where
Bh lias been teaching the past year.
Master Oraham and Item SomenM
of Lansing, air spending their vaca
tion with their granlparenta, Mr. and
Mrs. Gillette.
Tlie Fulton and Newark Sunday
school convention win be held at the
M. F. church Wednesday. June IT.
All are cordially Invited to attend.
Prof. Oarabed Krikor BoyaJlaa, of
Armenia, who gave a lecture at the
M. F. church, will also give an en
tertalnmenttteturdey evening at the
M. L church.
Messrv MUOBOO, ol New York City,
Battler and Hale, of Lyons, Michi
gan, millwrighta, arrived Monday and
will make llteoslVS repairs to the
Fulton roller mills. Mr. Schult will
BSake hh) Bill sec aid to none In the
Much corn is yet to plant in Fulton.
Fred Stead was home over Sundav.
The mumps are quite prevalent in
Soui ii Pulton.
'Id Mr. Hyatt was buried at Fulton
Center last Sunday.
Several from here took in the To
led' i excursion Sunday.
Mr-. Henry Oollett, who was very ill
last week, is s ane better.
Downs kelson, of thaca, visited
the family of George Crom'ooe night
last ueek.
Geo, Crom and Peter Creenswike
have gone to Ohio to be absent about
two weeks.
Mrs. James Efelmi was threatened
with fever last week. Ir. Martin, of
Maple Rapids, was called.
Sprinrbrook Crane will have an
other bee on the Church wreckage,
June 12. Everyone invited.
Vocal eruptions at various times
teem to entertain the neighbors from
the northwest corner of section 23
Rprlngbrook Grange is yet alive.
Several candidates were balloted on
at the hist meeting and company from
Newark present.
A social party was i ven at the home
of Mr. and Mrs Adam I'ricc Friday
evening, June Progressive flinch
and dancing was the order Of the
our etftf man of Perrinton. M. L.
Sheridan, informs us that he is an
nually shipping one COmmisatOfl house
in Boaton, Massschusetts, over s.iO.noo
worti, ,,f LrK,s ancj butter, besides ship
ping to other iirms.
Last week Fmrnett and Irank
I limes tore down an old frame house
anu landmark on their farm, one and
one-half miles east of Pulton ( enter.
Its erection dates back to the early
HO's at lea'-t. known as the old Wheeler
house and owned by them, mother
and Stepfather Of our supervisor.
Henry Read.
Everybody's liable to Itching piles.
Rich and poor, old and young terri
ble the torture they suffer. Onlv or.o
sure cure: Loan s Ointment. Abso
lutely safe: can't fail.
When the Advice of This Alma
dent Will Help You.
Memorial Day exercises at Last
Plains cemetery were well attended
Mrs. L. Vance, who is taking treat
ment at the Jeffries sanitarium, is no
The BrlCJh Otmol kstc an entertain
mcnt at Ceo. Morrice's Fririay even
ing, J une .
Cene Handolpli, postmaster at Te
varan, died Wednesday Bight, JbbS ;.
Interment Friday.
Mrn K I) BkMBJ and Mrs. Q H,
Fowler called at the iiome of Hiram
Vi ry n a people are entirely free
from baeka ha it does not take mueh
to d range the kidneys, a little cold,
a strain, Stooping positions or hard
work, overtaxes these delicate organs.
and many aches and psias promptly
follow. An Alma citiseB telle you hen
how rvrry Kblney ill ran ': !:- . ,
ami cured, lb ad about it i
.Mrs. Catherine iipe, living near the
Sugar Pactory, says: "1 hsr b, ( n
troubled niore or less with my kidneys
for four or five yeara My back both'
sred BM B great deal all Inst winter
ami spriag. I was so I could not do
any m wing, for 1 con Id sit only a
ft v minutes in one position at a time.
I did not rest comfortably at night
and If I made a sudden move sharp
twinges caught mo across the small of
the back. I took a good many regis
dies, but never found one that a. ted so
effectively as Doan's Kidney nils, pro
cared at BiVlBS & Rhodes- drug store.
I was . ured b. fore ( finished the bov
i gave the balance to one of my Belgb
v.. who was also benefited. I am
getting pretty old- 7." years hut sines
I BSBd Moan s Klduey Pills I frp like
a yourm person. I ran do a pretty
good day's work yet. I have told lots
Si people about Doan's Kidney Pills.
They the the fines? medicine ever
For sale by all dealers. Prleo, BO
nts Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo N.
Y.. sole agents for the United States.
Ker.iember the name Doan's and
tags no other.
Silas Smith lost a valuable cow last
Mrs Eva Smith, of Ithaca, visited
relatives in town last week.
Henry Harris, wife and children. Of
Chapin, visited her toother. Mrs. L
F Harter, Sunday.
Mi-s Ethel Martin, of steBain, re
turned home Monday, after a week's
risil w Ith f'iends.
If las Blanche Baker, of Perrinton,
returned home Tuesday from a sis
weeks" visit with relatives here.
Q, K. Boys j tan, or Armenia, sj i lie
at the M K. oborch, Sunday evening.
He also uave an interesting lecture at
the church Monday evening to a
rather small house, but it was appre
ciated by the few in attendance.
Monday afternoon about twenty-five
ladies made a raid upon the home of
Mrs. Dexter Harris much to her sur
prise, it beinir the occasion of her
sixty-seventh birthday. The company
was well supplied with edibles and
she was remembered by some well se
lected presents.
The commencement BXerolSOS which
were held on Thursday evening Of
last week at the opera house were suc
cessfully carried out. The stae was
beautifully decorated with tfreen and
the motto, "More Peyond" was dis
played across the stage. The four
graduates: Mina K. Hoard. Golden
liecker, (llles Con and Victoria
Packer each acted their parts in a
pleasing manner. The diplomas were
presented by their teacher, W. E.
Hoxle. Will M Goon, formerly prin
cipal of the school, made an instruc
tive address both for the graduates
and the many listeners. The floral
offerings were many and beautiful,
while many valuable and useful pres
ents were given.
Is it ;i burn? Use Dr. Thomas R -
lectric HI. A cut? I se Dr. Thon as
Be lec trio Oil. At your Druggists.
R0 Kldrcd has built an addition to
his bouse.
Sam Bto&ebrcok baa sold liN farm
to Henry Worts.
Thomas Thompson is drawing milk
for the Maple BapidS cheese factoi v.
Bom t Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wright,
dune J, a seven and one-half pound
The North Shade fat mors' club met
last Friday with Mr. and Mrs Dan
.Mrs. .eai. or Maple Kapids. spent
Sunday with Iier daughter. Mrs Dan
W right
There will be preaohtog at the
Johnson school house next Sunday, at
3:30 p m.
Mis Huyek. ,,f Butternut, is spend
ing the week with her daughter. Mrs.
Hiram Havens.
Miss ranees Hudson closed a verv
successful term of school in district
N' . i last Thursday.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
j carnaiiy compounded tablet etipeclall
prepared t r. M,,rv vitality, build up waste
Uaaae, develop atareekea parts. laTiforate the
W t. clear t ii - sum f an eraptioaa, and
atrenfthen the entire aerroei ayatem.
Nu-Llfe i .-ly curea all Nervosa Dle
""s, Headache, Byateria, laaomnia, w.-.ik
Back aad alldrainsaad .!!.!-. of tu.- geaera'
lire ornni In either s.-x.
We Guarantee . i ether
esaaed by riolating the lawa ol health or of
li-r. (l;t.u v or i i.iiotut.onal ur. n.
i. SI. 00 per cox.
Write lor Pre Booklet ' : ' frm
For Sale by e7 Cum St . Chicago, Ilu
Ousl Two Boats"
. me t w e e r
oMArlDOAr (CO.
Commincino MAY 11th
l a pmred t:;y Kiprrtii Service (It hourt) tmf
Leave DETROIT Daily . . 4.00 P. M.
Arrive at BUFFALO . . . 8 00 A.M.
Leave BUFFALO Daily . 5 30 P. M.
Arrive at DETROIT . . 7 00 A.M.
f'onnwctirtr with Farlint trin for U Pointt i n B1W
roes, RleTsss am iiaaast mitm.
Tl.rnugh ti rk - 1 r . . I J to all puigM, tDd Sc. X'l UWi
trat d mph UUat.J it t.
FUtobetwn D,tr. t m4 D iT..ln M.SOon
te.id roun,! trip, bertha ai.ee. ai.aa
j r"h '':' ' wiftij tcor.ioi. run....
Ra l ..akara t a,j.
I C your railway aecnt will not nell yon a
tluotich ticket. t-leae t
tn ket to Buffalo or Detroit, ami' Mr yol
transfer chnrKra from depot to wharf Bl
ii i n ir thwe will save v.. u 1:1 on n. ..
point Hast or West.
A. A. SCHAHTZ, 0. P.J. , Detroit. Mich.
A 1 r'J'
i trtrywBtrs rooogBiafaj m tho one
renu'dy that .an always he depended
upon and that ia pleasant to take. It
la especially valuahle for mimmrr diar
rhoea In children and la undouhtdedly
the means of savin the lives of a great
many children ea h yar. For sale by
Bl Bl Hoades.

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