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Alma. Record
IM HLIS'lKt) if
The Alma Record Comoany.
(.akin Blown
bailor an J MaMCM
A'.i. Ute EJItot.
Tb. Kokp i nii Tt.Tt-il at Hit- i-oetcrtli m
A'.ma for t raninuiou through the mall an necoud
la matter.
The Kkco u h n thr. . ilmo- m.re renders in
Aim tit ATI any OtSSf juii-or BtfSOiatM h'Te.
FRIDAY, JUNE 13. 103.
T hi' r. !.n iitu of tliii pnr who have not
rrulnrl labSCfttSi lber for S h to
SSSOBBSS Unit the Saiiituriuin OeSBSSaf BBSS
atrlflrl ttf mt wt pspai Kistl. for a time to
all fOfSM r gurst at the cm itariuui.
Thkiu. are still a tew people left who
are uot on b strike --just a few.
.luhli l. Silliinv
I'll i llMOl li'
i;. i ui m t
ii. M . Hares
I ma
A gear,
riTiih w nutuvis should be oarofal how
they ohOM around ou Pflidft Koose
velt'H PsttllLo ocean without a permit.
1 1 ti .y l.mtoii nerseveres he
will pooii bawi rsjspsctable ,,f
BhamrOOkt, S:r Thomas certainly has
grit, even if he doesn't have luok ou his
Bknatok ruri'H r m irk that Wall
street is up against Roosevelt, aud that
it won't hurt him, denotes unusual
iRT-sncaoity 01 th put of the old m in,
I'latt it crawling
into the band wagon.
Tin. Preaide&t' I return to Washing-
mul oration which must
have m ule his home c uning one of the
v.ry plentanl events of hil entire pil
grlmagS, The dense crowd on Penney U
v.i tin avenue must have rt minded him
Of that time. Orel three years ago, when
in company with William M -lviuley he
rode over the same roote,
A i BATUM of President Koosovslt's
tour has been the D .n-partisan spirit dih
played at his reception at every point,
Democrats vyiug with Republican t I
awBand to him the heartiest welcome.
During the M dajl that he spent on the
road, th President made 968 Speeches,
aud had it not been for Secretary Lotb'l
mma v,a nrnnid hiive made a huudrt d 1
ill muror iiv . ' -
additional ones.
S. W, Tinker was in Marion Wednes
day aud Thursday on business.
Mrs. Wm A. Hannah lefl Wednesday
for a visit with relatives in Union City.
Dr. I. K, Brainerd was in Detr it
Thursday in attendance at the meeting
of the Michigan State Meiical Associa
tion where lie rea l a paper entitled,
"Seven Rare Bnrgioti Cases."
Mrs. I. N. Brainerd left Tut i lay for a
short visit with friends in Durand, re
lnaiuiuk' there until Thursday, when
she accompanied her hu-hand to Detroit
to attend the meeting of the Michigan
State Medical Association.
We notion bf the Mt Pleasant- papers
that H. D Wagner has re organized the
citv baud of that place aud will jivs
weeklv concerts during the summer
The oid baud had disorganised ou ac
c 'unt of ill feeling led wee ti some of the
members and now Mr. Waguer has been
selected to take charge and get it into
shape again. Mr. Wagner's ability M
band director is beyond tpe-t on and if
the people of Mt Pleasant will give him
their support they will have a band that
will be. right.
Last Friday Alma's kindergarten
school, numbering about sixty little tots
altogether, were escorted by their
teachers to the groTS south of the river
where they ware treated to a picnic out
ing, hammocks being strung up, game
indulged in, and the best of all, a picnic
dinner served. t .;te a number of
grown up visitors were present and
agisted the h tubers in entertaining the
little ones.
It is rank foolishness to attempt to re
i ;., o ...,,..
move saiownrsstn icnmusui
by the use of cosmetics, " local " treat
ment, as advocated bv the " beauty doc
tors." The only safe ami sure way that
a woman can improve her complexion is
by purifying and enriching the hood,
which can oolj be accomplished by keep
ing the lieer healthy ami active. The
liver is the seat of disease and blood pol
lution Green's August Flowet acts di
rectly on the liver, cleanses and enrich
es the blood, purifies the complexion It
also cures constipation, biliousness, ner
vousness, sad induces refreshing sleep.
A single bottle of August Flower has
been know n to cure the most pronounced
and distressing cases of dyspepsia ami
indigestion New sie trial bottle 25
cents; regular sie. 75 cents. At all
druggist. Shatrar v Mulholland,
Mr B, B Kane, of Detroit, spent Sun
day with his wife here.
Mr CO. Tent, of Kockford, Mich.,
was oue of the arrivals last week.
Mrs. Merry man spent a number of
days in Detroit the latter part of the
Miss Hinsdale, of Detroit, has been
visiting Miss Kent, of the same city,
duriug the past week.
Miss Margaret Niethammer, of De
troit, came to the sanitarium on Satur
day for a few weeks' stay.
Mr M M Lrmauth and wife, of
Thompsouville, Mich., were among the
guehts who arrived ou Saturday.
Col. M. L Doherry, of Detroit, who
nent nart of last month here, returned
Monday for a oontiuuance of treatment.
Mis- Penny F. Goodrich, of Laeon,
111., visited a few days with tier sister,
t is hitter having been a guest here for
several weeks.
Dr Butlef went to Detroit ou Wednes
day to attend a meeting of the Michigan
Btate Medical Society, win re he pre
sented a paper.
Mrs. Geo, (t. Booth and daughter, of
Detroit, spent a few days last week with
Mr and Mrs. 11. W, Booth, who have
been guests here f t several weeks.
Mr Walter Merntt returned from his
home in Day City last week, where he
hud been for a week or two before re
suming treatment in the sanitarium.
Saturday evening an impromptu pro-
gram WIS held In the parlor. MiBs Hill
gave a few readings and Mrs. Herrymau,
Mrs. Mills, Mr Warren, and Dr. Brown
ing furnished several musical numbers.
Dr. Browning preseufed a paper at
the meeting of the Grutiot County Med
leal Society, held last week at the'
Bramerd hospital. The subject of the ;
1 ajK-r was "lne leuueu-y ui uiuuciu
Mrs. B. J. Ellis, of Covington, La.,
accompanied by Mrs. M. Buudy, of
(ir.itui Rapids, were among the arrivals
Last Thursday. The former will remain
Indefinitely, but Mrs Buudy returned
to her home Friday.
Dr. Oorbus went to his home in Da- j
Salle, 111 . last Thursday on accouut of
the illness of his mother He fouud
her, however, iu no alarming condition
and returned to Ainu Tuesday, after
having spent a day or two in Chicago.
Senator W. i. Thompson aud Mr.
Homer Warren, of Detroit -pent Satur
day and Sunday with Mr- Warren at
I sanitarium. Mr. Warren arrived
Friday evening In time to take part in
the reotal given by Mi-s Hill at the
( p'-ra house
Batnrda afternoon a number of the
nurse- drove out to Mrs. Doane's, at
i ,r kssmere, and en j iyed a most plea-anr
OUting together with "a'l sorts of good
things to eat '' Monday evening about
-ii of the ( lasj participated In a moon
light ride given by Mrs. Keilly
Mr. Dncian Wnentiey, of Charleston,
111., accompanied l v a nur-e, MiSf Elisa
beth Gannon, arrived at the sanitarium
a week ago, Mr. Wheatley is a very
prominent business man of Charleston
and president of oue of the banks in that
Dr. J. H. Metagei Assistant physician
at the Ohio state Hospital in Toledo,
came to the sanitarium last Wednesday
to Spend his vacation of two weeks.
The doctor WM here for a day or two
thi anrinsr. having accompanied his
father here, the latter having recently
returned to his home in 0.1k Harbor, O.
The Record has bee 11 aware for some
time of the negotiations by which the
insurance agency controlled ny H. N.
11 tyss was to be transferred to John D.
Spinney, but for reasons concerning the
parties interested nothing has been said
in iegard thereto. All of the companies
formerly controlled by Mr. Hayes have
now been formally turned over to Mr.
Spinney ami as there is no longer reason
for keeping it rrom the puonc, we giau
ly make the announcement This is the
oldest ageucy in Alma and the compan
ies, represented are known to be among
the best.
Mr Spinney returns to Alma to en
gage In business believing that he would
prefer living here to any other place on
earth and it is with pleasure that The
Ke ord welc mies him This phv'e was
his home for fifteen years previous to
his going to Heed City, and it is hoped
that it will 1)0 the same for lifteeu years
to come. He will remain in tho same
location where Mr. Hayes has had his
office for some time, in the Polasky
Mr. Hayes has moved to St. Douis,
where he has engaged in business.
TheBeslthdiCanbeMdit I
ii mil
While they
mingfl lor
On Soreen Doors
last w' will sHl all Screen Doors and Trim-
75 Cents Eaoh.
Th next regular teachers' examiua
tiou will be hehi in High School room,
Ithaca, Thursday and Friday, June IH
and 19, b ginning at 8 :80 a. m. Second
ami third grade certificates will be
granted from this examination. The
reading will be , n 'SessmC' of "Sesame
and Lilies," by Huskiu.
O. F. Pike,
Commissioner of Schools.
We Take the Chances.
If you have neuralgia of the stom
ach, gastritis, nausea, furred tongue,
or a constant pain In the stomach, try
Major's Neu Ral Pills. We guarantee
and recommend them. Bivlns it
has been a hard school teacher to mOSl
of us, but a lesson well learned pre
us making the same mistake twice. It
has cost some of your friends, perhaps
you, yourself, many dollara Ol bard
earned money to find out that it does
not pay to buy inferior juint, but that
Is no reason v hv you should sav that
all paint is bad. ' Rogers Hest Ready
Mixed Paints have been sold now for
over twenty y ;irs SOO are neuer umay
than they ever were before. Nothing
but pleasant smiles from the thousands
of j ople who have used them, no
scowls or frowns, but everybody per
fectly sstisfied with the results. The
best is slu the cheapest, aud partic
ularly the Best l'aint, and Rogers Best
Ready Mixed runts are just what the
name implies, the best i tint that it is
wtaalkla fur mall to make. We Sell it
,.w.. -
and sell lots o! it, and win
have yon call and Dee our
any time.
Alma, Michigan.
A. Urge stock of Gasoline Stoves and Refrigerator! t
be sold cheap.
be glad to
samples at
$30.00 to Coloradoand Return
Via Chicago A North-Western Ry.
FirHt-class tickets from Chicago to Den
ver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, daily
begiuing June 1. Correspondingly low
rates from all point east. Only oue
night to Denver from Chicago aud the
Central States. Two fast trains daily.
Personally conduct ed excursion in tour
ist sleeping cars.
V U. Guerin, 1? Campns-Martius
Detroit, Mich.
Short Jaunts for Busy People
Is the title of the handsomely illus
trated booklet, issued by the Chicago -Northwestern
R'y, briefly describing
nfarby summer resorts, with informa
tion as to summer hotels and boarding
houses, railroad and hotel rates, etc,
Sent on receipt of 2 c nt gtamp by W.
P. Km-ki i:n, Passenger TrafU; Mana
ger, Fifth Ave., Cnfosgo
See what you can buy
foi a little money in
Alma'a Popular Jewelry
Store. '
,I'L' I ihuIiIh.
'ur" t'oiti;tiH. AhIIiti ii
1 roup. Broni nit la auc
ui- t 1 1 1. 1, -1
Write the undersigned for a copy of
Wabash Summer Tour Book outlining
many attractive summer vacation tours,
with maps, rates, etc.; also illustrated
folders telling about the N K A. ex
Cursions tO Hostou and BpWOTtfa League
excursions to Detroit in July P, A.
PALMBU, ss't Gen. Tass. Agt., 31 I Mar
qnette Bldg., Cliicago, 111. 13 n
1 pinions to Boston,
For the N E. A. meeting at Boston,
July 6 10, I908 the Wabash road will
sell tickets at one fare plus ft! 00 for the
round trip. Choice of routes. Write
I for handsome Illustrated folder giving
full particulars.
F. A. Pkmi:i., A. G. P. A.,
!7 Adams St., Chicago.
f ANTED Uiiilnr r'M)m ftrl St OU
dre Oeo. Fink. rysta.. Mi--n.
LoS! -Tuesday evtiiine. In Almn. small
ladles' fcanuat esse told watch, f re
ward if returned to th iiee..r.i oil a
OT On Sunday, between Ainu ana roresi
Hill, red knit -tiawl. HiiMer ear Kei r-
.... .. ... .1. Lf .. I ' I 1 ...
ward Of lesTina ia"e "i mm w
; s larn h; I
natch, eliahi
M. N. Kiium
JOST.--June 1st. between MlDSO
i Sinltli A llai's1 tire, a nM
aiid -harin Initial on harm, '1
to He -ord otliee and get reward
LiTiivvF.li I have in my aossssslon a itraj
,.uii u.hlch I an Bid like to i.iid an owner
rw I'nin. nmncrtv Hl.il t;lTet- D B VSS
darbseki aiiuh. mo b.
i y i .'w
: Churches and societies
Christian Endoavor Special
Train to Denver.
The passenger department of the Chi
cago A: North-Western Ky. hanarranged
for a special train account VnPed So
ciety of Christian BndseTOff Conven
UOn, Denver, Julj ft 18, 190ft, to leave
r.nieno-o 10:80 d in.. Tuesday, July 7th.
with Pullman Standrad and Tourist
sleeping cars, frea reclining chair c rs
and standard day coaches through to
Denver without chauKe. This special
traiu will enable Kndeavorers and their
friends to travel westward in congenial
mumbi and unon schedules arranged
for their special convenience. The
route is over the only double track rail
wav between hievgo and the Missouri
Rivet, and will traverse the rich prairie
an I farm regions of 1 wa and the Platte
Valley of Nebraska by rlavlignt. miy
00 round trip fr m Ch cag I and cor
resp.ndingly low rates from other
points. Ticket j?o id to return until
August list Very low side-trip rates
la points in Colorado. For Illustrated
f ldei and full particulars nddress :
V H (.ii it in. 17 Campus Martins.
Detroit. Mioh 20
Forty Acres of Land to Clear.
I have forty acres of land situated
nnn half nub s south of Alma
nun v
that I wish to let to some responsible
party to clear and put in shape for the
plow. Address
1302-tf F. W. BnowN, Alma, Mich
- -
BundajF morning service as usual in
St. John's ohurch. Sermon by the rec-
r. i ,;i mount of the baccalaureate
it rmon thsre will bo no service in the
At the II. B. church Sunday morning
the pistor's subject will be "Elijah
under the juniper tree;" evening sub
j - t 11 'The making of a man,' was Prof.
Ferrii right -"
The Loul's Supper will le celebrated
lay morning at the Presbyterian
church. In thn evening the college
:. ui e.if s-rmon will b-' delivered
by the president, Rot. a. 1- . Bruake, D,
I). AH are welcome.
The Baptist Sunday school will ob
serve "Children's Day" on Sunday next
with appropriate . v reiaes, at 10 :80 local
time. These exercises will take the
nf the r.e-ular m arnini servi 00.
1 lor -will lie no SerriOS in the evening
on accouut of the college bacalaureate
- rmon at the Presbyterian church.
Young people's s ciety meets as usual
at six o'clock standard time.
An Ideal Vacation.
Summer hotels are scattered through
out the Rockies for the c mveniem-e of
those who prefer recreation without the
labor incident to camping. Wherever
th re ii mountain m Colorado or 1 tnh .
there is also an interesting canon, end
the searcher for a spot in which to lum
met Unas no difficulty In suiting his
To enable pers m to reach Colorado
without unm pessary expenditure of time
or money, the V'ni m Pacific has put in
sffect very low rates end splendid train
service from Missouri Riret to Denver,
Accommodations are provided for all
ISSt - f passengers.
Full information cheerfully furnished
on application to F B. 0BOAT1, O, A ,
IJii Woodward Ave.. Detroit, Mich.
Horse and cattle to pasture
ui ri' A. H. lir" I ::rill I o ill.
t.ortli hii.i two ii 1 1 : " est of Alma i
117 v NTED
Mrs C. M S-ott.
I 081
a rearllnji bull. i two
Hud ii' iiw bom
Wtllte -IV .t -
rormauoa ai
May IB and
lor re,! with a tew
I.Oi.tmI r. ward wu be DSId for lii
to whereabouts or return to J. L.
1 .'. -tf
nuH RENT, House one blool MUtta of
JT oolleee. Enquire of Mrs Van Dyne, next
soot law-iwpd
find S.R-i In iiD. new DiiUi
C short time. In juln at He ord afl
w ii i r in SaVS sain' by
liru lni' ir-ipert ail-1 payn.(T e(i i.
FOUND:-OoM rlog
nr. i InS i r pert
Apii'.y at l ne Kec,rd ntti
ITAN TKD. - A hrurlit . mrtT' ti, i .y to learn
ihi. l.Hri. r tra Anwiy io rr;m a
(.Oiid' ll. at tie I ny oaroer isu'
11T ANTED : bee t weeders to cemtnene
, t of June. Enquire at A. H. Hmwn
rmtwamllMDOrtb and two SSUSS WSl Ol
Alma, Mich., May .", 11K3.
To the Public:
I, this day disposed of my fire insur
ance business and office with the expira
tion register, and good will of the
business to John D Spinney.
The companies that he takes in the
agency are -
The American l ire Insurance Co., of
Philadelphia, Pa.
The Continental Fire Insurance Co.,
of New York.
i h Delaware Fire insurance uo., 01
Philadelphia, Pa.
The Cernian Fire Insurance Co , of
Fre.port, III.
The Glenn rails nre insurance uo.,
of Philadelphia, Pa
The Security Fire Insurance Co., of
New Haven, Conn.
And all exp-rations in any company
n rW or hOfl lOfOTS held bv me except the
1 1 .me Insurance Co. of New York.
I take occasion at this time to thank
the public for the liberal patronage that
I h ive re. . ived from them in the past
and ask the same loyal support to my
successor to the oldest fire insurance
agency in Alma.
1206-lW. HKKBr.K 1 . . 11 A l no.
Sunday Excursion to Crystal
Lake and Frankfort.
The next Sunday excursion to Crystal
L ike and Frankfort ever the Ann Ar- j
bot R H will i" ilren June nth.
Snecial train will leave Alma at :08 a.
, m. r are ior rou:iu ii ijj v uunmii
1 under twelve years of age half the adult
Tho North-Wosiorn Line Im
ported Japanese Fans.
A set of four tttiao'ive Japanese fans
issued by the Chicago A North Western
Ky. s-mt to any sdoTress ssouroly pa ke I
nn rec in' of 10 Cell's to pay postage.
W B Kimslkkn. Pass Trsfflo Hanairer,
.' j Fifth Av. , Chicago, 111 if)
W'AN I KD -Tnuiik.' in-ii tn imparl ' r u I
l Drnmnnt tionltlnna Fln opening! In i
department-. Qood Mlsrles. Rapid promo
tion- Bzamlnatlons soon. Particulars rres
10 IT InTKK-STaTI ( OS IM-T , ediir Kip"l- 1 1
BatWMa De trail and RnAilo.
The new steamers BastSfn BtatOi and
Wes'ern States are running daily be
tween Detroit ami Buffalo, making c,m
neotiOD with all morning trains. Dor
readers 'an v,,v three dollars on fare to
any point east or west. Send 2c for
foider. Address, A. A. S ham I, 1 1 P.
T. Mgr., Detroit, Mich.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Tko Laxmlvr Bromo yninlne Tablets AM
,i,iinflaii refund III.- money it ii ihiip tn ' uro
E. w drove's stanistort Is on eah box,
Specia Summer Rates
Via Cnicago iV North-Western Ky.
i..r mo nH triii tickets dnrini the sum
mer season to Sr. Paul, Minneapolis,
DulUth, Ashland, Waukesha, DOTill
Lake, . sjebtoi Lake Gnfuera, liadison,
liarquette, Lake Mills, Green Lake,
Lake Minnetonka, and other summer
resorts of Wisconsin, Northern Michi
gan and Minnesota, Yellowstone Na
tional Park, Oresron, Washington and
Alaska. Descriptive pamphlets "Oolo
rado," "California' and "Hints to
Tourists," giving detailed information
mailed noon application to W. B. KlWIl
ki.un, i'. T. M., Ohtoajro, iu. it 20
Thursday JeJH 1Mb KIsie Ixdge L j K
O F. will give s special excursion to De
troit over the Ann Arbor and Crand
Trunk Ky. and have invited other lodges
between Mt Pleasant and Elsie to join
Special train will leave Alma at 6 vo
a. m. Fare for round trip $2.85. Nine
hours In Detroit.
$16 OOChicago to St Paul. Min
neapons ana heiurn.
Yin Chioago A North-Western K y
fJO 00 to Duluth and Superior and re
turn From Chicago daily throughout
the summer, Rood returning 1 otober 81.
Four fast traini leave Ohioafo8:00a,
in., Il90 a. m , o::i0 p m. electric) aud
10:00 p. m Luxurious eqnipment. din
ing car service uneqnaled. For tickets
and reservations, apply to your nearest
agent or address,
W H. Gunun, IT Oampus Martins,
Detroit, Mn h W IP
Ss, Cecple & Son
Hardware Dealers.
A'ma, Mich.
Ill IE i II...
The Ice Cream Season
Don't forget that we pack cream to keep 24 hours,
deliver it at the same price it costs you elsewhere.
nell tlit only ee Cream In town thai Is made from
Rockingham Cream.
Lunches Served
Night or Day.
at all Times,
J. W. Tracy,
A Farm all Your Own
There are at present exceptional opportunities
for homcseckers in the Great Southwest and
California. : : : :
Low rate round trip h -meseekers' and one-way settlers' tickets, first and
third Tue sdays each month, over the Santa Fe to Kansas, Colorado, New
Mexico, Arizona. Oklahoma and Texas. Very low round-trip excursion
rates to C alifornia in July and August
Write and tell us where you think of going We will send you
land htrntnre and information about good farm lands at low
prices. Values in certain portions of the southwest sure to advance
Let us tell you about it.
A i hlnsoni
Tnpeka v
Santa l a
Kail a
Santa Fe
nth. ..
(hi mgO
sasv risk 8
If 'BW ',1 A 1 cAaP"U II U
W. I flOWE
Don't Throw Awav A Chance
to improve the appearance and incident
ally the value of your property. This
is the season when some paint of the j
right quality applied in the right place
may do much towards beautifying and
preserving your premises.
We carry a full line of
Ready Mixed Paints
for interior and exterior use. Any color
or shade desired can be had. Prices are
low at
Tinning and Plumbing.
F.avetroughing a Specialty.
Local Agent for the
Michigan Gasoline
Stoves Repaired, Gasoline
Stoves Cleaned.
Lawn Mowers Sharpened
Sih.,. Chlnas.il t Daavar, CalofSMta
n int;- hikI Tin hl.
llil.00 to D'adwood, Hot Springs, So.
Dak., Casper, Wyo., and intermediate
points, via Chicago & North-Western
R'y. One way second-clas tickets on
aale May I9i June 2 aud 16. July 7 and
21, August 4 and is, and September 1
and 15 ( 'orresponding low rates from
all points East. Fast trains. Service
unexcelled. For particulars apply to
your nearest agent or address A F.
Cleveland, 884 duperior Street, Cleve
land, Ohio.
F. H (JOSS, Proprietor
We Can Sell Your Farm,
fctfTi. in nil
Factory. RuslneM or Ret
Sence. No
ont-1 W have I
haadrcds of others. Why
lint vum' W r have :i'i
i iginal m lhol which!
I Srii.l uvJ
i1pcrij)tinn nn1 irirr nnn
we will explain how.
on Good Mortgages.!
rindnnl Htir, hiehrmt ref
kua - A. A. ROTTNER A CO.. Blfl
EttstS BIOS.. PMts,. Ps. K-taMished
j Horseshoeing a Specialty.
Woodwork of all kinds and
special work such as Delivery
w Hgons and Drays made to
Paint Shop in Connection.
Cnrwft Catarrh
Th mm a
Trice SAc
of tlet
All Work Guaranteed.
Good second hand sewlna;
machine for sale.

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