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Ladles and Children Invited.
All ladies huiI children who cttunot
stand the shocking strain f laxative
syrups, cathartics, etc , are invited to
try the famous little Karly Risers. Tlu-
are ilitlerent from all other pills. The
do not purge the system F.vcn a double
dose will not gnpe, weaken or sicken,
many people call them the Kasy Till
W. H. Howell, Houston, Tex , says
nothing better can Ik ated for constipa
tion, sickheudache, etc, et . Bob
Moore, I. tt.txette, hid , says all others
gripe and sicken, while De ltt's Little
Farly Risers do their work well ami
easy. Sold hv Hivnis ft Rhodti
Be wie fcodg. Vow d.m't kn w
iiow fo .1 ih you may he tomorrow.
Ai you tliin? Would you like to gal
fat and plump? Tried "laughing"
twouldn't work now take Rocky
Mountain Tea --'twill tio the buainaai
:;." cents. Blviaa & Rhode.
i mm ii i- mmamaai 1 1
Black Ma iri
or ft 4
iv kjie- j a i , - . no way
Take LaxatlV-2 iSrOTRC Q trC Sets.
?ven Million boxes sold in past 12 moii'-lil. i S. Xsyy
Cures Crip
Jn Two Days.
on every
box. 25c.
Conditions in the Philippines Are
Not Serious.
concerned. The remedy which he suc:
gests hy tlie use of the government
transports, however. I do not ooaeur
in tiih denser from iamlaa hn nut
beea ns great as i tuppoeed it was and
the Heutenanbgeneral was justified in
tippoelai it was from the reports
which he heard, in any event, with
the funds provided hy congress now. I
feel eoafldeal that the Philippine go
ernmenl hi in a position to meel any
emergency of this kind which mat
n i :
i rnnTTrm7 if i m
Conservative Estimate of Number
Who 1'enshed
"I have used yo;.r Hair ip.or
for rive ve.us and m greatly
pleased with it. It Ct inly re
stores the original cole.- to tray
hair. It keeps my hair sof.. " !: s.
Helen Kilkenny. New Portland, Ale.
lot Single Call For Free Distribution
of Rice People Planted Larg,:
Crops Scarcity cf Cattle 10.0C0
Carabo to Be Imported.
Ayer's Hair Vigor has
been restoring color to
gray hair for fifty years,
and it never tails to do
this work, cither.
You can rely upon it
for stopping your hair
from falling, fur keeping
your scalp clean, and for
making your hair grow .
tt.M c tattle Ml Inq
If your druggist exnnot mmply ;..
Send US OtM il" il.il- .mil WO Will I H
too a bottle. Be mre :nljciv tbenatne
of iui neari Kt ni i - .:. dill ee,
.1. A EIS o . Uiwell, .M.i
Lost Vigor Restored.
Vito mm Tablet are eoM with written guar
aVttoe to rottore loet vteor or none refunded
flRF VIM' i m: iiV'i iV u Vi i i )
nil l i u u i i n . i iii. pro i h 1 1 n i
from overwork Hthrt rif Iirnln or lody. or from
vxeeaset of sad kiml Vlto Tooo Tault'H will
posltlveta 1 1 r . ii i ny deotroi Ihateravlng
for Alcoholic stimulants, never fall sod narraat
ii perfectly bartnk ss. The i a tt m-i power
fui Nerve Restorer nown to tho sci- ntlflc
"T Id
Their action i almost ItBSaealate. a change
botnjr BOticeable from tt,.- Hot day'n Either
x. All 'omniuui.'aiinn Hrl'tlf coofldeottal
vicr 'i-o U rito fur .:irtl. uhir-. Hvcxpr 8
i a plain n ald poc age fl
VitoTono Co., 123-125 Libertv
Street. N. Y.
xw'i'- um" rao nriTer, anoc day in the flood! at Pacolet and Cll
himself at Ailorton's itunaaer reeofi in : tt)n. No lisl 0f dt.atl iri v, t available
this city Monday. Rapp arrived from I hcro. but it is euDDOsod that moil (if
worth. The action f.f rhlra- ln the rnc,minf;. accompanied j u,e dead were mill operatives. The
n directing a procla- 1 b7 directly to Allertoni , bodies Df four aaldenUfled white per
. BX v
Moid DttaJlh boxea, lealed with blua rbboo.
Tik no ..lli. r It. r.i. (Ihiikitiiui uhail
lolloninml Hiillaliin
or ' ' r lrllcniar. TiU.
naonlnU . Krlli f Tor l.n.ll. .. In UtUW.
7, rf,urn lo.ooo . ilt. bold br
1100 adlioD SiDrf , l MM A , PA.
M fiUu Ull pi r
To Chicago
Via Per Marquette Ry.
The Graham & Morton
Line Steamers.
Leave Holland dally at 9 p.m.
This in the ofceepeM and ovtckett rout, to
hii-atro. Fur particuUri an t hi I't r- Mai'iui it
Hallway Agetil
Throogb tickets told ani baggeg cb eked at
I'ero Marquetle (tHtiorj. Bteameil arrive lii hi
-ay at about ti in the tnornin. Dock, foot of
Wabash Ave., wltfein a block of street can ami
elevated roai. Returning, steamen leave chi-
Affo daily at - 4., p m., connecUog a' Holland
with here Marueite trains for all Mit hitrun
The Graham Transportation Co.
Waahlngton, Jua)a Tha war de
partment has just aaada public a re
port received from Qoramor Taft, re
plying to statements made by Lieut
Gen. Miles, aft r bis visit to the is
lands last year. The report is dated ai
BsjBfUeet April IS. and says in part:
"That there g a gAortasja In the kg
lands of the usual food supply, is un
doubtedly true, but I have been sur
prised to find thus far how little renl
famine or lumper there has been. I
have not received a single call fror.i
a single provincial governor for nee
for free distribution in the entire arch
IpelagO. In the province of H'ltangas
Captain Bougbton, in managing the so
called war lamine fund, the history of
which has been already officially re
ported to yen. Las made a very small
gratuitous dlatributlon of rice, not ex-
oeedlng, 1 should think, in quantity
more than $.',000
the commission in
ruation by the civil governor, calli;1
upon the people everywhere to plant
corn, camotes or sweet potatoes, rice
and other quickly-growing food prod
ucts, had a very wide influence in stir
ring up tho people to provide against
the coming of famine, and on the
whole I have been greatly surprised to
find the suffering so much leaf than
we expected it to be. It may bo that
ln May, June and July we shall have
calls for aid, but I think that w shall
bo able promptly to respond to them
especially now that $.1,000,000 have
been appropriated for the purpose.
The Cattle Situation.
'The most serious feature of tho sit
uation is the loss of tho cattle from
rhlnderpest. The fields of the islands
are infected with rhlnderpest, so that
cattle from the other lalandl brought
here are almost sure to have the dis
ease. It is DeCOeeary, therefore, that
all cattle brought here shall be im
munized by having a scrum injected
into their veins which will render
them immune for three or four months
and at the same time by being innocu
lated with the rhlnderpest virus, which
renders them immune for at least five
years, and probably longer.
"Wo have made a contract for the
delivery of 10,000 carabao in the is
lands. Theco are to be brought from
the Yangtse valley ln China.
"It is exceedingly important that we
ball not pauperize the people of thre
Islands by unnecessary gratltuous dis
tribution of rice, In anticipation of a
corner in rice, we made a purchase of
rice involving the expenditure of about
1100,000 gld. We succeeded in break
ing the corner and hare sold the rice
in various parts of the archipelago
nearly at cost.
"I think generally the statement of
facts in the report of tho lieutenant
general is correct, so far at least as
the dreadful depression in agriculture
bv reason of the loss of tho eat tie Is
You feel mean, cross, ugly, down in
the mouth, nothing goes right. Had
Hver. Better take Hocky Mountain
Tee DrlTeg away the blues. vents.
Blvins & Rhodes.
Flocjged With Poisoned Rcpe.
OWOaaO, Mieh., June 9. With the
evident Intention of deetrojrlng Min
nie's beauty, an unknown woman early
Sunday morning used a r pe soaked in
acid on Miss Himburg's face, neck and
arms with terrible effect. A note it,
an unknown hand, and Unelgned, srai
thrown on tho porch'aaklng Minnie to
come to tho Michigan Central tracks,
two blocks away. It was signed, "Your
true friend " Miss HlmbUfg shortly
after midnight Saturday walked to
the place indicated. She was suddenly
seized behind by a woman who had
bean hiding in the grass and a shower
of blows rained upon her face. Kach
time the rope's end struck a piece of
skin was removed. Her enemy rolled
the shrieking girl over, tore off her
clothing, until Miss Himburg's should
ers and breast were naked and slashed
her cruelly. Her assailant is believed
to be a young married woman who
thought her husband too attentive to
handsome Miss Hlmburg.
Shot Himself Through Head.
Benton Harbor, Mich., June 9.
A Costly Mistake.
Hlundera arc soiTict iuu- very expen
sive Occasionally life itself is the
price of a mistake, but you'll never be
w rony if you takr I r. King's New Life
Pills for d spepsia, dizziness, headache,
liver or bowel troubles. They are gentle
vet tboiough. 25c at Sharrar Mul
hollaud's drug -tote.
Viill Industry Suffers to Extent of
$3 0C0.CCC Citizers of Spartanburg
Raise $3,5C0 For Relief Mighty
Cloudburst Caused Flood.
otherwise obtain a special private car
from the railway company, which de
rllned to make concessions to th
Croesus and would not even have sold
him a whole train if he wanted it. As
a result of the obstinancy of the rail
way, Mr Morgan and his party had to
lease Aix les-Hains. traveling like or
dinury mortals, in an ordinary coach.
Suburban Towns of St. Louis Suf
fering From Floods.
A Card.
We, the nnd rHigned, do hereby agree
to r fuii(i the money on a BO.OMl botlh
of Jreen ti Warranted Bj mp of Tur if it
fallH to cure your c ugh or eold. W.
alee aaarsutteii 1 90 eenl bottle to prove,
enlistee lory or mom y refnadod
SiiAKitwuV Mi LHOLLJ VP, Alma.
Bnrnra & Bhodm, Alma.
PESO Hi MOV, Kiverdale.
C( lumbiis, S. (.'., June 8. Though
the great flood of water is paaalng on
to the ocean, laden with ih-biis of ev
ery description and the BWOlh n
treanu are subsiding in the Pled a on!
region, the losses of life and property
arc Increasing, and a conservative esti
mate places the property loss at not
b-ss than M,60M00. The most con
servative eetlmnte of the dead ki
eighty. At Clifton alone 100 opera
tives are missing from the village and
all art believed to have bean loel mir
ing Sunday dead bodies were sraahed
ishore here and there, and OCCaalonal
Jy a disnn inhered limb would tloat to
the banks.
Spartanburg. S. ('., June s.- The
lat est reports are that approximat ly
; fifty-five persons were drowned Satur-
fTrr 11 "as oeen , Bons were tHkrn froni the rivpr below
stopping several days. lie went to hid 1 niean
wife's room and held a king conversa
tion with her. Leaving her, he walked
to the street in front of the house and
shot himself through the right temple
with a 82Caliber revolver, dying In I
Boy Drowned in a Post-Hole.
Detroit. Mich., June I. A little son
of Eugene Grazer.ne. In Hamtramek.
fell into a post -hole back of the saloon
of ex-Aid. Hanpjosten and was
drowned, the hole being filled with
water from the recent rains.
Faculty Grab Another Paper.
Ann Arbor, Mich., June 8. The man
agement of the "Inlander," the Uni
versity of Michigan literary magazine, ' destruction of property by the flood
An estimate, regarded as con
servative, of the loss to the cotton
mills in this county is $;.000,000.
A mass meeting of citizens was held
here Sunday and $3,500 was subscribe !
for the relief of the flood suffer ra
Many generoui offers of assistance
have been telegraphed from other
Congressman Johnson left for Wash
ington to see Secretary of War Root
with the purpose of seeming federal
aid If possible.
Charlotte. N. C, June 8 Develop
ments in the devastated mill settle
ments at Pacolet and Clifton do not
lessen the horror of the situation
there, though it is believed tho loaa Of
life will not exceed fifty people The
Twenty Lives Known to Have Deen
Lost Traffic Paralyzed Property
Losj Will Total $.C00.0C0 Madison
Refugees Drowned While Fleemcj.
has been assumed by the Quadrangle
society, and hereafter the bnalneci
control, as well as the policy of the
magazine, will he under Quadrangle
direction. This la in pursuance of the
general policy of the university of
gaining a closer influence over student
publications. The Inlander is the sec
ond college paper within a week tn
come under faculty control, the U. of
was far-reaching, and even yet a num
ber of mill points, where It is feared
damage has been done, cannot be
heard from on account of the proatra
tion of telephone and telegraph wires.
Tho flood was due to a mighty cloud
burst along the headwaters of the Pa
colet river, ln Polk county, this state.
The cre3t of the flood, when it reaebed
Pacolet, was sixty feet high. Th !
M. Daily having been bought by the mills were located along the banks
university senate last Monday.
No tv.at'T hSJW rg f OS tiat-aiflred Of barbarously you haTeboen treatM bt
urtfrnMn, bf cattlaff. strr hm? and burninr, we alt Ton to investigate our N K W
Ml'. I i 1 1 1 D 0 f Bflng it. if traat Utt ia ordinal with ourselves, and is the rttl tt
of iOys.ira'pxix'riciice In i si. tal dlSSJUMi The stricture tissue in tin-1 .nial ia
paiataaaly abaortxd snsl baaca rtfaoveel foict ar Asy dlacaaf which af toe c
rompanlea atricture, disappear, the in darned sarfa e m h aled up, all a aiding and
burning seaaations CSMSS the Kidneys and Bladder become strong and normal, the
aexu.il orraaa rasfaln vigor and vitality sad the patiajil f sale as thongh iif ifsrs
wortU liv inj,'. All case n" ueated timlrr a
01 H m VI mi. 1 hoi TRBATM1K1 will ci ro, sod n ue i ,nn
of vou. Under ita inftnenre tbe )rai 11 ie orties i t he blood pur. Lei so that all
pimplrs, blotchea and altera heal up; t e Hlti baovSM Bg SS Meal, aa that
nervonsnes, tahf BlMaS and de ipoadlei ii W diasppCar 1 he eves become bright, the
tm e full and ch ar, energy VStSiras to the botlr, ami the moral, physical Bad sexual
Areteme are inurriti-i ; Stl drains CSSM no in i S vital waste f rom the STtem.
The various Ofgaas bSCOntS nai tn il and maul r. You feel yourself a man and k now
marriage 1 Mao, be a fSilara. We la me all the a filleted to consult lis confidential It
and free of charge. Doa't let qti.iclis and fakira rob ou of your hard earned
dollars WF, WILL CI RF. N off OR NO PAY.
Watr.a' and cure NIKVul S OE11ILITV, BCXUAt W F.AKNMS, EMI9
HI, ADDER DISEASES, and all disease pecaliar t niea and womea.
If unable to call, write f or Qttmmilom at'anAj for tVomet Trmmtmrnnt.
118 Shelby 91., DETROIT, MICH.
aa Vmi In Detroit. JRO.ooo Cwn g. Bank Scusltr.
Negro Lynched In Georgia.
Macon. r,a.. JUDfl 9 W. Cope Wins
low. Jr. Whose father was one of the
leadinn members of th1 Georgia ba.
was instantly killed by a DegTO nanird
Banjo Peavy on the former's farm
near rort ai:ey .Monday 1 lie DegTO
owed Mr. Winslow a small amount of
money and was aeked to work out the
dobt. Ha refased and shot Mr. Wins
low through the forclo-ad. Pea y wai
soon captured and turned over to the
sheriff. Last niRht the ottleer and
rruard Were OTarpowered and the nero
hanped H's body was riddled with
Stats Will Have to Pay.
Laneinff, Mieh., June 0. Former
Mtorney-deneral Oren. who ha?
cfiarjr of tho state s interest in tho
case brought by the general govern
ment to recover some $08,0fj0, Which
was in tho St Mary" Falls eannl ship
fund when that Improvement was
turned over by the state, siys that the
effect of the Federal supreme court"?
action in overruling the demurrer Med
by the state is that Michigan will have
to pay the genera government the
abovo sum and posibly Interest since
1882. The failure of the court to
order an account inr; previous to 1882
was a victory for the state and saved
the latter about $S0,000.
Grand Rapids Pioneer Dying.
Grand Knpids, Mich , Juno 8. Aaron
B. Turner, who fell in Cii Iffl :. i two
Weekl ao when on hil aay ttOJJM
from the south, breaking his hip, is
very low and nfit expected to live but
a few hours. He la 81 years old and
close confinement as a result of the In
Jury makes his case hopeless. Mr.
Turner was born in Plattsburg, N. Y.,
In 1822. and came to Grand Rapids
with his parents in 1836. three years
after the first settlers reached here.
Revolution Imminent.
A sure sign of approaching revolt and
serious trouble in your system is ner
vousness, sleeplessness' or stomach up
sets. Meet He Bitters will quickly dis
member the troublesome causes, It
never fails to tone the stomach, regu
late the kidneys and bowels, stimulate
the liver, nod clarify the blood. Kun
down systems benefit particularly and
all the usual attending aches vanish
under its searching and thorough effect
iveness. IMectric Bitters is only 50c.
and that is returned! if it don't Rive satis
faction. Guaranteed by Sharrar & Mul
holland, druggists.
of the stream In a deep valley, h!!i
hills rlsinp: on either side, and caught
the full forcr of the flood.
Waahlngton, June 8. Absolutely
necessary relief, In the way of rations,
medicines, etc, will be siren by the
war department to the sufferers by the
disastrous floods in South Carolina
Dedicates a New Edifice In Washing
ton With His Aid.
Washington, June 8. The handsome
new home of tho Grace Memorial Re formed
church, which President Roose
velt attends, was dedicated Sunday
with appropriate exercLses. President
Roosevelt, with his family, attended
tho services and made a brief address.
Tho Rv. J. M. Schick, th" pa-tor, read
or con accretion, ana tne
Beehbach, D. D., or rrcd
preached the dedication
tne articie
Rev, R R
ertck, Md
Preaidenl Rooeevelt occupied one of
the tWO biahOp'l ( hairs, which he pre
sentod to the churcn H was lotro
duced by the lb r, Mr Schick ami
spoke in part aa followa:
"I shall ask your attention to three
line of the dedication canticle
"Verve the Lord with ajladneae; en
ter Into his gates, with thanksgiving,
and Into bis courts with praise Who
shall ascend into the hill of the Iord ?
Or who shall stand in his holy place?
lie that hath clean hands and a pur
heart: who hath not lifted up his soul
unto vanity, nor sworn doceitfaliv.'
"Three better lines could lUrel not
be brought into any dedication service
of a church; and it is a happy thing
that we should have repealed them
this mornlmr. This church Is conse
crated to the eefvJOa Of the Lord; am'
we can mtvp him by the way In which
we serve our fellowmen. This church
is Consecrated to service and dufv. It
was written Of old that 'by their fruits
ye shall know them.' and we can show
the faith is in us. we can show the
sincerity of our devotion, by the fruits
we brine forth. The man who is not a
tender and considerate husband, a lnv
Ine and wise father, Is not serving the
liOrd when he goes to church; so with
the woman; so with all who come
here "
Morgan Couldn't Rent a Coach.
Paris. June 8 J. P. Morgan left
Alxles Bains In a temper and is not
likely to return again. His Indigna
tion is because he could not rent or
St Louie, June 9. So greut an ex
tent, of territory is covered by the
Bood, so constantly changing are tat
conditions aa the water creeps, bighcr
ami renders the situation more ehaoti !
and sh unreliable are the various u
mors of the devastation that a si;
ataatiated summary of the losses of
liv. s ami property cannot be obtained,
but Information from apparently Lae
lo.-t reliable sources showed the if
Sal ii m to be as follow s :
River stage, ::7..". feet, itationa7
Probably 1 slight rise befon tod:y
when the blghe t Itaga shall haw
beea reached.
Ov er two thouaand acres of rich
fanning lands under water.
All of Venice and the greater pam
of Madiaon and lranite City under
Twenty hves known to have been
Twentj five thouaand people are
boon less.
Preighl traffic comph tely paralyzed 1
auu Jaseri,er trauie precilCAliy so
Tie shipping and manufacturing dis
trlet of Baal St. Ixuils for three mill 1
along the river front under from two
to eiuht feel if water.
Hundred, and probably thousands of
head of stock drowned.
Baal st. Louis threatened with com
plete Inundal Ion.
St. Louis flooded only along the
water front.
Entire prop rty loaa eatlmated at $3,
The Levee Broke.
The oilman f the flood came Bon
day right, by the breaking of a lev 1
near Gtan'te City, a wall of water via
lcei high ruahed down upon lindiaoa
weeping houses from their f.uin'.'.i
Hons and drowning fifteen refugees
who were vainly fleeing for their frej
The report was current that flftCM:
workmen In the St. Louis Car and
Foundry works had be. -i drowned, but
later it was found that while seven
employes had lost their lives, thirteen
others, men. women and children, had
Hundreds of persons were forced to
the roofs of their floating houses and
an appeal was henf to St. Louis for as
sistance Bvery effort was made to
force steamers against the heavy cur
rent four miles north to the stricken
town, but it was norm before the
steamers Mark Twain and Annie Rus
sell. lashed together and their engines
Working under every ounce of steam.
affor five hours of battle with the cur
rent, were able to reach Madison.
For the balance of the dny and into
the night the work of rescuing refu
gi I from floating or flooded bOttaaa,
tree tops and various high places pro
ceeded, and there being no place to
take them nearer than St. Ixu;K th. y
are pouring into the city hy hundred!
wet. hungry and dispirited,
It hi more than probable that the
estimate of twenty !irs lost thus fa
is below the actual number.
John Arnold, who escaped from
North Venice, brought the report thai
a house containing thirteen occupants
was iwepl awa) Sunday nh:ht and an
were drowned.
River thieve, aro looting the vari
OUS houses
Mayor Cook of K.i-f St Louis issue.)
a proclamation today ordering all bual
nana b impended and calling upon every
male citizen to lay aside his employ
ment and render service in preventing
the inundation of the city.
A Medicine for
Old People.
Rev. Geo. Gay, Greenwich, Kas,
paat years of are, vet he saya:
ariag udJu' ii e cf Lr M.lc' Nervine
an en' yfus cacelient health for a maa
t my a, ouo ectirly Vj tiic rejuven-
It bnrig-s klecp and rest when nuthing
else will, iidf ivea Strength and vital
ity even to cue at toy old ar."
"I am an eld soldier." writeN Mr (o.
Watson, of Newtoa, la., "and I hae
been a great aurleier fr m DC r w usness,
vartk'o aud spinal trouble, iave bient
conafderabie money for medicine and
doctors, bat with little benefit. I was
to bad mr mind showed aitpis f wek
nass. I began taking Dr. Miles .N ervine,
and I know it . : my hie."
Saved ssa fre the insane av
hum," Mrs. A. M. Ilcifner, ol Jenco
Spnogs, Mo, ntea. "I was so nerv
ous that I eocUd scarcely coatrol my
self, ooulu not aleep nor rest, would even
forcet the names of my own c hiidren at
times. I commenced using Lr. Miles'
.Nervine and it helped me from the
first, and now I am perfectly well."
Sold by all Druggists on Guarantee.
Dr. M,les Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.
tl 1 58 ADA
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it A -
- v ff AW
' 1 x TOLEDO- - , ;
tl sA ct N. mb if n th. lorn.
No. 1 1 :0s p. m
No. .f - II p
N 1
SI a in
4.20 p. m
BleefJiag Cers betwsea Frankfurt unM a
on net 1 i. ar.d Free CheJr car oe Nu, h.
t 1.. r-ifs Ajrt.. asjeet,
Toledo thlo A ma
Grand Trunk R'y System.
No. :i
Dnrand tn 1ft Musi von
( wi)cso Jet B Ifi SpartH
Ashlt y 7 10 C lar prii.a-a
Mirson ( Ity 10 II
si 'ndan 11 at Greenville'... .
pm Rnertden.. ..
Or envilk- ... 1 in Cam.. n i ity . . .
( -lHr Sprtniri- of. Atil-y
Sparta 2 lOQwogao Jet.
Muak-vn 4 10
. .. m aa
... v 00
V in
I 20
.1 is
ft 10
0 s
All trsdm i pt Sui lav.
. O. K iBIXSON, At" 1 I
rwosso, Midi
PR Marquette
JANUARY 8, 1 893
Many Figulgs Killed.
Ben! ouiiif. Algeria, Joae r ti.o
Frnioh artillery opened a prelimin.i 1
fire at :!n Monday nuirnlnp on the
rebellious FiguiK trtaaaaiaa. Qaaeral
t Connor OOBU&aadf the punitive ex
pedition, eonslstinp of 4,000 men of thi
foreign b trion and a strong force of at
tilb ry. amed with nuns flrinp melinite
shells The bombardment began nt
7:30 and lasted until 9:30 a. m . win sj
the Frenrh troops occupied two stra
topic hills, which they gained by put
prlse. It is believed that the native
loss was heavy There was no lost on
the French side. France bat formally
notified the powers that he has no
Intention of taking Moroccan territory
and will only punish the Arab brigands
who were responsible for Mm re( ent at
tack on the escort of Oov rnor-fienenl
onnat t
Kc.r ltr ;t ari'l East .10:10 am itEJ p m
Fortirand Hapid. and W. t I J a. SS. t'.iSp m
For Sairinaw aSHj Ba 1 ity tOlM p, m.
Par Hg ataglds snd Nona ian u,m l:ifp
F Mofi.i.br, Qeo'l. I'asa'r Aaent.
ivtrit, Miea
c. A. BULLOCK, AJjeat Ainm
Griswold HoiIsb
( or. Oram: River Ave. and Grlawold St.
tr Day. Firt claa In every partieo
')STAL i MoRKY. Proprietor.
Raw I 'i 00 in r Day.
Dont Be Foolcdi
Take the genuine, original
Made only hy Madiaon Mcdl
cln Co.. Madiaon, Wlj, it
keps yoa wall. Our trado
mark cut on each parirssja
Price. 5 ccnta. Navcr ao4d
In tlk Accept no awhaU
roMaraataaa tute. Aak our A-gSagSjL

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