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VQl . XXV, NO. 19
WHOLE NO. 1267
Tirst State Bank
(Hue. U W. 8. Turvk A Oo Hanker,
ALMA. MM 111. AN
Murplaa iinal l'iotit.
A w. IVitefet. PinMllt
W. 1. 1 nr k lee- PffSSMSBt.
Ely Hr wmkT. CSshtSr
0.0 Want. Ai-xUtHlit OSSMSffi
We fff r the pnti i- evt-ry reM
bankuiy fn-i!ity ind rvipeooTvlly M ICll
your patraaafs Hoaaj n koji oa t ai
sststs Ttarea per m latsfsst paiii n
Han ssrtitostei t ifMHit.
daft ty DsSSSit SsSSf for Kent
o 00000003 oooooooooooooooa
The Ahna State Savints Baok
Capital Stock, $25,000.
Surplus. 2.5O0.
William A. BaalkS. Pres'l 001 L. hH rrar
J. H Lai)chaira,vPre,i latorB Hayt
F K Bsteeway. v Pre " C I "arson.
eo m M r. t'ttatiit i
Approyd OOtW bought II NSSOMbiS ratm
and it t ersl 'Hi. k 1 1 ii baataesi trarn-ru'ij tl
Mom ) to low on r kI .lHlf 1 low rn-
Wltlloul Immiii-
8afet DpoaH Boss Ml real
Otti Bahtke Block. Alma
! DR. F. Q.OLP.
Teeth Extracted
Without Pain.
K New Polleskv Mock.
4 I I I I I I 14 I I -
...J. T. SWIGART...
Real Estate and tn-
surance Agent. 4
Villas soS fans pis tf ty for !
......... .. a lrit fur lMi wr
Mat' Su ii Hank, Alma.
Dr. W. Kelly,
... Dentist ...
Filling ami preserving the nat
ural Teeth, Crown and BridfC
Work a Specialty.
Artificial Teeth. $4. $6
$8 per sot.
OPPICBl Opera House Block,
New York Life...
Standard Stock. Fire
and Tornado
- Agent. -
Office Over Alma State Savings
Pension Attorotf T epboaa
Jaiul Notary PlMM '
John D.Spinney,
Pollasky Blk, Thone No. S5.
Al Roller Mills JT j j j J j
,8aiwcyood riiUui
Contn 110 morn ami in fx'tter
than other flour of the warne
; .1 SB BEST.
Alma (Patent).
Arcada (Straight).
Bakrire (Clear).
Ask Your Grocer For It.
We Can Sell Your Farm
Factory. Rutin,, or R.ti-I
one. Mo matter where
located. We have noWl
hundred of others. Whv
not yonra? We haw nnl
orlrfnal method whirJ
aeloom I at la. Send
dearrlption and price and
we Wtll e 1 plain how
on Good atortaafoa.
Office, in all orindnal dtiea: hiaheat refer
nc.-.. A. A. ROTTNER A CO.. SIM
,.lt.fdfl, Phils., Pa. KataMUhed .hJ
who sees the consequences of
continued eye strain. Price
less, bevord all possesious is
the eyesight, deserving of
your highest consideration.
Don't trifle with your eyes,
it will cost yon nothing to
see us.
The Optician,
Commencement Exercises of The
Alma Springs Sanitarium
Training School for
. GlO. f. butler
By Hard Work and Strict M!cr.
tion to Bu iness is Now One
of Our Succcessful Busi
ness Men.
Banquet Serve! the Entire Cores of
Nurses by the Sanitarium
An Example of What any Youn? Man
Can Do if He Sets Out on The
Hkht Course-
The t.u-uie-n career of the labject of 1
thn iketoh li fu r ejcnmplt of what
hrd work, a keen ins ahr for bttliaOM,
ooopled with lodoitrlon methods, will
In the syniii iniom of Ihe Hanifnuuin
last SaturiUy ev ng c( urred the yrad-
uatinc lerciftet of tht s Dior OMi from
the A 1 11.ii SprnirfH Sitmfnriuin Tr t nin
School for Nnrgea. At '. 'olock tlin en
tire oorpi ol nursed, with the medical
staff Hid menagtr of ti e sanit riutn,
mjarohed into the dining room tnd ml
d 'wn to a sumptnou' hti ouet wiin h
occupied the'r entire time and attention
till the hour for the BZeroItei proper.
Shortly after B o'clock the mtdiOfJ
BtafT were seated on the platform in the
Kymnasinm, together with Dr. J. H.
Liuoashire, preiident of the sanitarium
company, Miss Anna Louise Dayh,
superintendent of the Training School,
and the Rv. W. K. Spencer, D. D.
The nurses then marched in from the
rear of the room, th Bight raduatt n m
white, in front, followed hy the junior
cla8 in the standard uniform, after
which the program was opened with the
invocation by Kev Sp ncer. This was
followed hy a piano duet by Misses Lou
Olp and Mary A Butler, which was
do for any v nuu man who stairs out in
life with the intention of making his appreciated, as was evidenced
way in the world and sticks to his first , Tn near PP M7
. L. Bettnetl itnrted nj on his business
career whn tw lve ye.irs of bkc,
"Stevie," as he was called hy evrry-
DAPAI DAI II Oarwa Catarrh of Wnmfj
IMVML OMLM ( lx.,rr(K"a f lid er,
m form of nir Troubiav
bony who knew him, first conceived the
Idea of makiutf a few xtra peOBlfJl by
selling taffy candy about the street
and (?oit;K to the h t !s. d'-j ots and oven
from house to house. He had nothing
to start him in lift eZOOpt his good
health and a determination to do some
thitiK. Later M he huilt a little
'pannt" sfau i where the H thlkt block
now stat'ds and when he was sixteen
The yountf ladies showed much ttienl ,
displaying nearly perfect leahniqoc and
remarkable expression, which dtuoted
their excellent training and hard work
i i !i"complishiiig the difficulties of th
piece. Dr. Geo. F. Butler then dt liv. nd th
address to the class, which was full of
fjood thoughts aud advice to the trained
nurse, aud couched in beautiful lan
gaage. Be c m pared the lives of ueen
Victoria aud of Florence Nightingale
The reign of Victoria is simply going to
be a page in a history book, a name and
a date, but the time is coming when the
1 name of Florence Nightingale will he
'echoed in reverent chorus a thousand
times where the nan.e of Victoria is
j soauded once. Of her, the founder of
the trained nurse system, the historian
of the Crimean war speaks words which
would seem to furnish the ideal which
every member of her noble professi D
hould striee ever to emulate. Skill,
patience and energy, devotijn, gentle
ness and sympathy. Couple to thee
traits rigid and untiring adherence to
orders aud you have the true trained
nurse And there are thousands of such
women in the world, aud such women
in oar own training school.
"The doctor saves many a life," he
aid, "but it must be admitted that a
large percentage would bfl lost but for
the trained nurse. She is left at the
bedside as the doctor's other self; a
trained, skilled, aud OOlitOtf 1 mentality,
watching what the doctor would have
years old ha l WOTIM up (j-nte a lusi
ness s.-llwitf candy, pope m ei d peanuts. 1 noted could he only remain at one bed
4t that time he had the agency for all Nurses must nreserve the diffintv
of their profession ; it is a holy, sacred
the dailv newspapers. (o:uing into Alma
a-id with his little stain! that helped
hitn along so that he whs aide to lay hy
cause and most letaiu the love and de-
a few dollars. In ls'.d be leased the votion of the nurse She must almavs
building where MiUiman's mest market saaep in mind tbe thought, I am the
Is now k) ated iBd WSUl lot 1 bUStnesi nurse first, afterward myself.' In this
on a lirrie iarg r -cup, tie reiu.une.i hs 111 otner propsi' ms m ast oe learned
Ihere three vears and then moved into 1 the lesson of maintaining a ort of dual
his present location, adding an icecream j personality; and above all, don't gossip,
parlor to the other business, later on i The woman has no right to breathe a
purchasing a so la fo nntain and aoding j word that the nurse has been told or
the necessary equipment for serving observed. Lt the nurse cultivate hap-
cool summ- r drinks, piness and a cheerful face, for much of
Mr Bennett next branched out by the patient's comfort depends upon this,
putting in ovens and going into the "The nurse's life will not be all senti
baksTJ bnsinass. This proved to be a j ment. There is muoh drudgery aud
anoces as well as the thsff branches of much that is the reverse of sentimental,
his business and from time to time he ' but let her overlook the disagreeable and
enlarged his bakery until now he has I see only the good, the beautiful and the
as finely mju pp"l a bakeshop as there . pleasurable. The nurse is a burden
will be found in this .art of the state bearer aud should take pride in being a
In his ioe cream business he uses a gao- 1 'lifter' and not a 'leaner.' " The ad
line engine for po-or in making the dress closed with the words : "May you
product and taking very part of his go forth to your life work and rlize to
business, you find it ompp d with the fullest the truth of the noble Night-
modern apphttn es, everything neat and ( ingale's words when she says, after
clean. He has recently purchased the twenty years experience, 'I say that the
property where he is located and it is happisit people, the fondest of their oc
barely possible that he will branch out tcupation, the most thankful for their
farther in a short time. I lives are. in my opinion, those engaged
While he has always applied himself in sick nursing.' "
strictly to business, atill he has found j The address was followed by a bed
time to enjoy life as be has found it. tone solo by Dr. (J S. Browning, which
He has a pleasant home and everything was well rendered and pleasing to the
to make life enjoyable. His brother, large audience
F A. Bef.ne't. assists him. in fast has The valedictory, by Miss Martha
charge of the bakery. Both have grown Maude Brown, was the next number,
up in Alma, are happily married and This was well delivered by Miss Brown
are counted among our best citizens and showed much oareful thought in its
Mr. Bennett still retains the little j preparation. It was clearly apparent
wooden box that be first used to hold 1 from the speaker's words that she real
the taffy oandy ae he oarried it about iasd fully that graduation is but the be
from place to place and he prises it as ginning of life's work, that the labor of
one of his most valued possessions. I the training oourse la but a hint of the
...We Are Specialists...
AfT711VT0 A"VTI" I71 11V1) 1 11T1T
...It is our !ntv to st'll everything that (hey wear, from Bats to EfotieryM.
Bee our line of Boys' and Child- (PI EH
rWs Wash Suits. 75c to -f ltUU
V r- ;ilo RhowiUtf T lie line?
Deck wear ;n town for ....
H. C. Cohn & Co. Superba Cravats.:
A uew ;uil complete 1 i 1 1 f English Sqnaroe and Midget Fouriu-Handa just in
... 1 -
MESSINGER'S, Agent for...
Stein-Bloch Clothing:. Dutchess Trousers.
Fm E. POLLASKY , uioh.
Leedirtg Dry Goods. Cevrpet OLfd Shoe House.
of all Summer Goods begin
ning Saturday. June 20th.
Owing to the past unseasonable weather for Warm Weather Goo da vre have ltcilel to
clean op OUT Mock by offering all our ::::::
Wash Goods, Laces, Embroideries Muslin
Underwear. Gauze Underwear, Hosiery.
Gloves, etc : : : : :
... AT...
Are You Interested in baying Seasonable Qoods al much Lower Prices than their value?
K yu are and want Home Rare Bargains
Call at...
Special Clearance Sale of Stylish
Skirts, Silk Jackets, etc.
F. E. Pollasky's, Alma
Leading Dry Goods. Carpet erkd Shoe House.
g o acHooKcKKHaooooooaoo oo o a o coa oohj
....Founder and Machinist....
Manufacturer of and
Dealer in i
arduous toll of the nurse's oarer in th
world. Bat the training hern had so
thoroughly prepared the graduates to
rnter life's great field that they flt am
ply capable to start on the course of
their life work. With grateful words
she expressed the thanks of the olaat to
the medioal staff and the superintendent
of nurses for the earnest and valuable
instruction imparted to them during
their oourse in the school. With a few
well chosen and touching words the
speaker then bade adieu to her class
mates, the junior class, and the Institu
tion. Preaentation of the diploma by Dr. J.
H. Lancashire followed the valedictory
and then a piano solo was rendered by
Miss Mary Butler, in which was shown
even more ability than in her plaving
in the duet. It was a difficult numhtr
but ao perfeetly rendered as to elicit
much applause. After the presentiin m
of the badges by Miss Davis, the pro
gram was closed u ith a soprano solo by
Mrs. Cecille Berryman. This number
was one of the most enjoyable of the
evening, the singer's beautiful tonea and
interpretation being most pleasing.
Miss Whiting added to the enjoyment
of the program by her perfect accom
paniments for the vocal numbers.
The pr rsm being finished the floor
was cleared and dancing was indulged in
by the nurses and friends till 10 o'clock,
Mr Herlrt Palfrey presiding at the
piano for the dance music.
The class who received diplomas was
composed of the following members:
Selma Elizabeth Schneck, Berne, Ind. ;
Flora Benita Hodgson, West Bay Oity,
Mich ; Mary Kate Archer, Trumbridge
Wells, England ; Anna Mary Bell. Biok
ford, Out. ; Mary Isabel Dill, Wart burg,
Ont. ; Martha Maude Brown. Petoskey,
Mich.; Nancy Relief Hendrioks, Clif
ford, Mich.; Harry Barton Sherrod,
Grand Rapids, Mioh.

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