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a a g
Don't Mistake the Cause of Your
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Alma people testify to permanent curs
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DeWitt's Little Karly Hi.er, tho
fanions little liver pill Sold ! y Chiw
inc. ftuiirt ntuunu
Olazlcr Wjnts His Case Tried In
Jackson County.
Many Allegations Made Why Ex-Stato
Treasurer BeMeves He Would Re
ceive Unfair Trial In Inflham Courv
ty He Faces Three Indictments.
Lansing, Mich., April 14. Attorneys
for ex-State Treasurer Glazier have
filed application to the Ingham circuit
court for a change of enue In tho
cases against Glazier under tho Indict
incut returned by the Ingham grand
It U charged in the application that
Governor Warner has poUoned the
people against Glazier, and for that
reason he cannot tecure a fair trial
here. It la further charged that be
cause of tho inaccurate, partial, pre
judiced .accounts Of the defandant'a
transactions, which have been pub
lished In tho newspapers of Inshani
county and those circulating here, tbo
people of tho country are prejudiced
against hlm. t t"" .
Kefd'enCe Ts also made to tho fact
that public attention has been aroused
In all bections of the county by reason
of the three Indictments leturued
against Glazier by jurors coming from
every part of the county, whereby it
Is paid It will be dlificult to secure an
impartial jury to try the case.
Mention Is ulso made of the failure
of the Glacier & Gay bank, at Stock
bridge, in which It 13 said the bank
ruptcy proceedings have aroused a
fear In the minds of the depositors,
thereby . causing additional prejudice
against Glazier. It Is asked that the
cases be taken to the Jactcson circuit,
and it is iurther alleged that Mr.
Glazier's witnesses can more easily
be procured for the trial there, than
if it were held in Ingham county.
It Is charged that by reason of the
charge of Judge Welst to tho grand
Jury it will be difficult to secure an
Impartial trial of the case here. The
affidavits filed are tdpned by Harold
P. Glazier, son of the ex-treasurer,
but no mention la made of the fact
that It is alleged that Glazier Is men
tally unbalanced.
There ar attached to the applica
tion copies of articles appearing in
the Detroit newspapers during the
rrotrress of tho nand Jury investiga
tion, which, it is claimed, have stirred
up public prejudice against the de
fendant. Glazier faces three indictments, one
rhargintr. frp.ud in office, another em
hfzzifMhont f.rid converting state funds
to 1.1s own use, and the third charges
convening ?a!a monoy to his own
use iiml to i) at of tho Glazier Stove
works. Th. application will he con
tested l;y the proso-uitlng officers of
tliis imii'tv.
Remarry After Thirty Years.
Detroit, Mich., April 14. Married
fort v-1 hive years a?,o In Detroit, di
vorced in 1S7S after u petty quarrel
when neither would make overtures
for reconciliation, both married to
other parties and finally reconciled
to -parti other through the t-oo-l offios
of tlielr two daughters "by their first
marriage, Charles I. 1). Thomas, sixtv.
j lx years old. and Mrs. I.ove A. Col-
son, sixty-five yenrs oKl. will b re
united in marriage at ihe hon;.- t
Mrs. Grace Idnr, 24.". Jxn-ette st!.
The couple formerly lived at Lapeer.
Their divorce was obtained in that
city, and for thirty jars they have
lived apart.
Unlawful to SeTI Bad Eggs.
LanHng, Mich, April 11. It I un
lawful to sell "bad" ggs, according
to the dairy and food commission.
People who palm ofT eggs of a ques
tionable character will be prosecuted,
although Commissioner Bird, who
makes the decision, has not decided
In what manner he will go about it to
prosecute such suits. It is given out
officially that the first person who vio
lates the pure food laws by selling
"bad" eggs will be Just as severely
punished as those who put adulterated
"maple" sugar or sairsage on the mar
ket a p pure food product.
General Cutcheon Dead.
Ypsllantl. Mich.. April 13. General
TJyron M. Cntcheon, former congress
man from Michigan end well known
attorney In Grand Rapids, Manistee
and Ypsllanti, Is dead. Death came
after a lingering illness. He was
seventy-one years old. lie Is sur
vived by a widow and four sons, Frank
M. Cutcheon.an attorney of New York
city; Charles.reslding in Washington;
Fred R. and Max II. of Wisconsin.
Killed by Buzz Saw.
St. Clair, Mich., April 11. While
working around a buzz saw Guy Will
lares, farmer, living three miles south
f here, was cut almost In two and
Instantly killed. He was assisting
with the conduction of a building
when his clothes became tangled up
with the machinery, and he was
drawn Into the revolving saw. Will
iams leaves a wife and three children.
reside in East China.
J lilJulllJ
Universities of the Middle West Will
Recognize Technical Studies.
Kulamazoo, Mich., April 13. After
teveral years' persistent effort, the
Western Manuel Training and Draw
ing Teachers' uo'aociation haa succeed
ed In getting recognition . from uni
versities and colleges in the shape of
an agreement to give pupils entering
those institutions credit In the sub
jects coming under the general term
of manual tiaining and drawing, Just
as they do In other studies.
Tho success of efforts which se
cured this agreement at a. -conference
of colleges and universities of tho
middle west, recenlly held in Chicago,
was announced last w i k in Indian
apolis at the annual tneeiing of tho
Western Manuel Training and Draw
ing Teachers' rssoeiatlon, as reported
by I'rofessor Geoivo S. Wai' h'il
of the Kalamazoo jiuhMf sol ool' m:n
ual training department. The iV I
slon will affect the I'nhersit v tr Mich
lgan and the colleges of the s-1 :i t , at
well as other Institutions of kvii'n'.
In neighboring states, and it is plan
ned to Immediately begin an actio
campaign to secure a similar agree
ment with universities and colleges in
the east.
Up to the present time pupils In
manual training, etc., were not al-1
lowed any credits on entering a col-!
lege, but would be given some credit
after they had passed examination.
Two Boys Drown.
Cadillac, Mich., April 13. By the
going to pieces of a raft which they
had made, Lyman Enlko, fourteen!
years old, son of Arlene Enlke of Na
poleon, and F.lmer Thombley, fourteen
years old, son of W. E. Trombley, a
fanmr living two miles south of Cadil
lac, were drowned In an overflowed
pond. The pond Is from three to
twelve feet deep. There was no boat,
so the lads constructed a raft from
eld wood that was lying near. Mrs.
T. A. Cooley, who lives sixty yards
distant, saw the raft dissolve and the
boys feo into the water. No men were
at hand. The woman used the tele
phone to secure male assistance, but.
it was three hours before the bodies
of the lads were brought to the sur
face. Big Fire In Marlon.
Marlon, Mich., April 13. Starting
at 11 o'clock at night, a fire of un
known origin raged until 3 In the
morning and wiped out several busl
ness places. The losses: John Mc
Cambly, harness and shoo shop, $1,
400, fully Insured; Lewis building, $1,
300; Burt Aselton, household goods
$50, stock $1.0; Game Bros, meat
market Jl.Ci'O, small insurance; J. A.
Nelson building, $1,000; George Gray,
furniture, $S00, no Insurance; A. A
Johnson, drugs and express omce.
ftock $1,000, building $1,000. tome In- llon bcfoio tl)0 laEt Cf August. Ho
surnnce; Marlon State bank building j celvor ,.ounslirv states 'that the sa'a
UWl vuiui iD-aci.
Many more buildings were afire, but
they were extinguished. Evrv light
of glass in buildings across the atreot
were shattered.
Mrs. Metzger Held For Trial
Cassopolis, Mich., Apiil 13.--Mrs. j
George Metzger, the South Bend j
(Ind.) woman who confessed that she
fired the shot that ended the life of i
Carlton Morgan at the home of Mrs.
Ray Green In this city, occupies a
cell in the woman's ward In the coun
ty Jail. When arraigned, Mrs. Metz
ger waived examination and was held
without bail for trial at the present
term of circuit court. Mrs. Metzger
has become self possessed and has re
covered from the hysteria that fol
lowed the tragedy. Her attorney
states that she will not plead guilty.
Fear Boy Killed Himself.
Port Huron, Mich., April 13. The
police and the sheriff's force are
searching along St. Clair river for the
body of Gordon Yeates, the fourteen-year-old
son of Richard Yeates, 714
Fort street, who It is thought has
commuted suicide. Yeates Is large
for his age. Several days ago the
lad was punished by his father for
stealing money from his employer, a
local news agent, and, amartlng with
the chastisement, left home. His par
ents think that he has committed sui
cide, but are having officers search
the state for him. When he disap
peared, Yeates wore a dark gray suit
and a small brown hat.
Washington, April 13. ohould Pres
ident Roosevelt's present desires be
realized, he will spend the first year
after his retirement from office in
travel outside the United States. Mr.
RooseTelt's itinerary haa not, how
ever, been determined. His plan is
to see some of the rugged and little
frequented porilons of foreign lands,
as well as to travel the beaten track
of the tourist. That the president
will indulge his fondness for hunting
big game is believed by those to
whom he has confided his Intention.
Find Bodies of Missing Boys.
sagmaw, Mich., April 14. The
bodies of Thomas Murphy and Fred
Egerer, two boys who disappeared
while duck hunting on the Tittabawas
see river last Wednesday, have been
found. Searching parties have been
at work constantly since the day of
the boys' disappearance.
Play Indian; Boy Killed.
Saranac. Mich., April 11. While a
ntimbfr of boys were playing Indian,
a gun In the hands of Paul Stuart was
accidentally discharged. Instantly kill
ing I.oyd Tuller. Both are about
twelve years old.
u h
Gleaned From Daily Michigan Happen.
Ings cf the Fast Week.
The Michigan Employment Institu
tion for the Illind, at Saginaw, has
Installed a feather duster department.
The big mill of the Alpena Excel
sior company, at Alpena, burned. The
damage is estimated at about $10,000.
William A. Atwood, a prominent
resident of Flint for many years, is
dead of infirmities attendant upon ad
vancing years, after an illness of cev
eral months.
Charged with going to a schoolhouse
end beating his fifteen-year-old daugh
ter with a stick, James Farley, a
farmer living one mile north of Car
Eonville, has been arrested.
It Is understood that Chicago
parties aro considering the plans for
the building of an lnterurban line to
connect Marquette with Negaunee
and Ishpeming.
Postmaster IMpley of Montague has
j heen cleared of charges preferred
against him in his official capacity,
An inspector found that charges that
ho was lax In his duties were un
The Greenwood Cemetery associa
tion, at Wrmingham. has formed a
"perpetual fund" for the maintenance
of graves and lots in the cemetery.
A ft'v ot wlu care for a lot for
time eternal
Work on the new $200,000 agri
cultural building at the M. A. C. hai
commenced. The new department
will house the departments of animal
husbandry, agronomy and the experi
mental stations. It will be four
stories high and will contain twelve
lecture rooms and twenty laboratories.
When the police learned that Miss
Maude Russel of Bay City has pur
chased some carbolic, acid they start
ed on her trail. It took the united
efforts of three men to put her In a
cell, where she could do no harm. It
Is said that she had trouble with a
young man and was despondent.
While searching for shee'.ls along
the west beach of Belle Isle, three
young boys stumbled across the body
of fifteen-year old Raymond Kalso.
son of John B. Kalso, 321 Sherman
street, Detroit, who was drowned
while trying to skate out to an old
wreck In the river Jan. 20 last. Coro
ner Farker took charge of the re
mains, which were In a remarkably
good state of preservation.
By an agreement between both
sides of the controversy over the Ton-
tlac. Oxford & Northern railway, the
rnnfi r,mbnblv will not h sold at anc
l0 H-ivMs,.,! slxty days and
sixty days
I probably wii not be started before
! the last of May. Judge Wisner's de-
cl.-ioi' was that the road be sold with
in ninety days.
An nccjualntance of four years
widcl. develoi d into a warm and pe
cu'iai attachment has had a sensa
tional Fennel at Flint in the dhsai-
i prarance of Samuel M. Andrews, fifty
I five years old, and Nellie Helena Fo'tz,
thirteen years old. The man anl the
. , . . , . , .
T:;esday. A warrant has been Issued
lor the arrest of Andrews on the
charre of abduction.
Tr.e Houghton authorities have jus;
unearthed a case ol bondago In which
a ffuen year-old Austrian giri plays
the leading role. Sold for $80 by her
uncle, Josephine Gragoch was turned
over to Mrs. Antonla Pinter of Huron-
town, a suburb of Houghton, and lm-tij-edlately
pn ssed into slavery. Rela
tives of the girl, learning where she
was, came to the Pinter home, and
with the aid cf the authorities, they
tuOK her from her miserable surround
fnps. The uncle. Victor Albanac. lelt
for Austria after securing the $80.
C. C. Glover, arrested in Chicago
for burglary committed four years Ago
at Corunna, has been brought back to
Corunna. Glover was captured ty
fihtriff Watson, who found him in a
way car on the Chicago & Alton rail
foud. where he was employed as a
br&keraan. in August. 1904, the office
building of Hamlin Bros., at Corunna,
was broken Into and a typewriter
stolen. There was no clue until Into
years afterward, whn a letteras
received from Glover, who offered to
give evidence against another man If
he was guaranteed Immunity. Glover
gave n false name. With the letter
as a clue, the officers finally located
Spencer Is Mayor of Flint.
Flint, Mich., April 14. H. C. Spen
cer, banker, is mayor of Flint by two
votes. The common council decided
the question of the fourteen disputed
ballots irregularly marked by an in
spector. The council decided thai
these ballots are valid. This gives
Spencer his two majority over Mayor
George E. McKinley. McKlnley will
not contest the decision In the courts.
Methodists May Dance.
Worcester. Mass., April 14. By a
rote of 107 to 42, the New England
M. E. church conference adopted a
memorial to the general conference
recommending the repeal of the article
forbidding dancing, card playing and
attending theatrical performances.
The conference voted against a me
morial calling for the restoration of
the time limit by which pastors were
allowed to remain only Ave years In
one pastorate.
I'AUt IMKtfc
Proscription For Constipation
Eminent medical authorities agree
that ninty xsr cent of their patients
suffer from ailments dne to clogged
bowles (Constipation)
Tho bowles become clogged witli im
purities and lody ioibonH, causing til
tousnlsH, colds, stomach trouble, head
ache rheumatism, deranged liver aud
kidneys, etc.
A, Tonic Laxative is prescribed la
nearly every case. Tho who need a
laxative may nso this prescription with
tho assurance that no harmful results
will follow its uso. It has loen given
the. Public iu Tablet form and u. known a
Iron-ox (Laxative Iron-ox Tablets) aud
aro pot npin aluiuinum pocket cases.
The formula is wrapjodjaround the case
Tho action of each ingredient is ex
plained, that yon may understand why
Laxative lron-ox Tablets are the safest
Laxative to une; they strengthen the
iKiwels, aud digestion, and keep the
liver and kidneys healthy and active
We have secured the selling agency for
Laxative Iron-ox Tablets aud reeom
meMd them to our Customers. Sold by
Chas. Rhodes
State of Michigan, The Circuit
Court for the County of. Oratiot. -In
Mary J.'dranger, Complainant,
Ela Tranter Hud Carrie Gros, Defen
dants. Zl Suit pending in the circuit court for
the countv of Gratiot in Chancery, at
the village of Ithaca. In said countv.
on tho 4th dav of February. A. D. .
liios. In this caw It appearing from
atlidavit on file that tho defendant
Klhi Tra-ster and Carrie Cross are per
sons whose residence Is not known to
tho complainant therefore on motion
of James O. Kress, complainant's
solicitor, it is ordered that tho aiiear-
jance of .said defendants! lie entered
nerein within hve months from the
date of this order and In cumj of their
appearance or either of them that they
cause their answer to the Bill of
Complaint filed in said case to he
filed in this court and a copy thereof,
served on the complainant's solicitors
wihin fifteen days after service on
them or either of them of a copy of
said bill and notice of this order; and
In default thereof said bill Ite taken
as confessed by said defendants. And
it la further ordered that wihin
tweny days the complainant cause a
notice of his order to he published in
the Alma Hccord. a newspaper printed
published and circulated in said county
and that said publication lie continued
therein once in each week for six weeks
in succession, or that she cause a
copy of this order to lie personally
served on said defendants'at least fif
teen days liefore the time above pre
Hcrilied for their appearance.
Dated Feb. 21th. Kelly S.SearI,
Circuit Judge.
James (1. Kress,
Com pit's Solicitor
Business address, Alma. Mlch. 1513-17
County of Gratiot.
In Probate Court of said coin
intv, J
In the mattei of the esthto of Smith
Star.ard, late of Alma Michigan, de
six months from the 4th day of Feb
ruary A. I)., l'.'oM. havo Iteen allowed
for creditors to present their claims
against said deceased to f-aid court
for examination and adjustment, and
that all creditors of aid deceated
are required to present their claims to
said rourt. at the probate otlice, in the
village of Ithaca in said county, on
I or before th th dav of August A. U,
1fllW . ", ' .,. "i; ...in k.
I 1908. aud tho said claims will tie
heard by said court on Tuesday the
4th dav of August A. D.. 1008, at tea
o'clock In the forenoon.
Dated, March 10th. A. D. 150R.
Judge of Probate.
(First IiiHtrtiou March 25.)
At a eMon of the l'rotnte Court for mucI
Comity, held at the Protate office in the Village
of Mlmca. on the ith dav of March, in the year
one thousand nine h unit red eiRtit. (igos).
I resent Isaac S. Seaver. Judge of Trotiate 1,
In theniattt r of the estate of Micaiah Ikmik
lass. deceased.
on rending and filing the petition duly verified
of Mora I. Steven, daughter of naid deceased
praying that the administration of said estate
te granted to John T. Swigart. or to acme other
suitable person.
Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the iMth
day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon
he assigned for the hearing of said petition and
that the heir-at-law of said deceased, and all
other iter Anna interested in said estate, are re
quiredto apiearat a session of said Court then
to Ite holden at the Probate Office, in the Village
of Ithaca, and show cause, if any there tie, why
me prayer 01 me petitioner should not he
r.r.r. T 4,1 V? A,n' "ecoril. a newa
paper published and circulated in said county
three ucccsive:wtk previous to said day'of
(A true copy.) Isaac S. Skavkk
Judge of Probate.
(First Insertion March tlth.)
Tiik Phoiiatk Court or the tnrvT'.
At a session of said ennrt iM jt,- t
office in the village of Ithaca, iu said county
on the I'th day of March A Ii r'
I present, Hon. Isaac S. Seaver,; Judgcfof Tro-
' In the matter of the estate of Mary Medler
drccased. '
Iiina MinglnfT having filed in said court her
petition pravhig that snid court adjudicate 'and
determine who uere at the time of her death
the legal heirs of said deceased and entitled to
inherit the real estate of which said deceased
died, seicd therefore
It is in ordered, that the ftth clay cf April A D
1'XtS. at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at said pro
bate office, he and is hereby appointed for hear
ing said ietition,
It is further 'ordered, that public notice
thereof Ite giren by publication of a copy of thia
order, for three successive week previous to
iiu .my ni nenring in the Alma Kecord
newspaper printed and circulated in si
, . . ' . "Isaac S. Skavf.r,
(A true copy.) Jndge of Probate
(First Insertion March 18)
At a .Session of the "Probate Court for Saif
Countv. held at the iTobate office in the Village
of Ithnca. on the iMh day of March, in the teat
one thousand nine hundred eiht.
Present, Isaac S Seaver. Judg of Prolate
In the master of the estate cf Haniel li. Itailev
deceased '
on reading and filing the petition verified of
Atono liailey. son and heir at law of said de
ceased, praying that the administration of
laid estate te granted to John T. Swigart or
to some Hhrr sititp'.le prison.
Thereupon it is or.lered. That Monday the 1.1th
dav of April next, at ten o'clrxk in the fore
noon, be aiered tor the hearing of S!id peti
tion, and that the l eirs at law of said deceased
and all other persons interested in r.i.t.'
are required to apjar at a sci.n if said'
ciurt. then to be holden at the Probate Office, in
inriii.iKr or unnca ami snonr rane if any
there be. why the prayer of the petitioner
should not I erantrd.
Audit is farther ordered. That said petitioner
g've notice to Die persons fnfrrtH I.. ..i,t
et;ite. of the pendency "f said petition, and
the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of thia
order to be published in the Alma Kerord a
newspnrr published and cirrnl.ite.t In
And it is Iurther ordered, that eaid petitioner
f."V';T l ,h.' r-rsoii interested In said
tate. of the pendency of said petition, and the
earing thereof, by causing a copy of this ordr
county three successive weeka previous to said
day of hearing
(A true copy U S. Sr vu,
!n!geof Probate.

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