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THURSDAY, MAY 27, 190?
That if vou me in need of anything in
Watches, Clock, or. Jewelry, we can
supply yon. All repair work guaran
teed. Agency for ' the New' Home
Sewing Machines.
nTnn rn rr vfnnnn Tho
Union Phonel l.
9 Jeweler.
May 29 to June 5,
We will have on sale 100 Beautiful
New Rugs 22x5 ft. in a dozen differ
ent patterns at
99e each
Come in and see them. This is a
genuine Bargair. Worth $2 to $2.50
En En foil IBUID & (SO.
The Best Place in Gratiot County to buy
Wagons, Buggies, and Farm Implements
F. C. HYDE, Riverdale,
Where you will always get
Reliable Goods and a Square Deal.
We carry a full line of Vehicles. Farm Implements
and Machinery. Wagons, Buggies, all kinds Cultivators.
Mowers and Hinders. Bean Pullers. Drills and Corn
Planters. Harrows and Pulverizers all kinds. Fencing.
Windmills, (.'ream Separators, Hay Loaders, Side Deliv
ery Hakes, etc.
It will pay yoi to secure- our prices be
fore buying your Farm Implements,
STATK OK MICHIGAN -KankiiiK I)trai tmeM
Office of the Commissioner:
Whereas, lv satisfactory evidence present?.!
to the undersigned, it has been made to ntjear
that Hank of Riverdale in the Village of River
dale. in the County of (iratiot. Stale of Michi
gan, has complied with all the provisions of the
General Hanking law of the State of Michigan
required to re complied with lefore a corpora
tion hall le authorized to coni::ience the busi
ness of Hanking.
Now Therefore. I, Henry M. Zitntnermantt.
Commissioner of the State Hanking liepartnirnt
do hereby certify that Hank of Riverdale. in the
Village of Riverdale. in the county of (iratiot.
and state of Michigan, is authorized to com
mence the business of banking as provided in
section seven of the General Hanking law of the
State of Michigan.
In Testimony whereof. Witness my
fsKAi. hand and seat of office nt I.ansing. this
tenth davof Ma v. i .
llKNK V M . Z I M M F R M A N N
Commissioner of the Hanking I eparttnent.
No. 42 ). l7't'
State Pioneer and Historical Society Kill Hold
Session In Senate Chamber.
The tbirty-hfth annual meeting of
the Michigan Pioneer and Historical
Hoclter will tio beM in the senate
chamber. Lansing. June 2 and 3. Kour
neMiont are to be held and a number
of prominent sneakers wiil be heard on
question of more or le historical
interest The meeting or-ens Wednrg.
dav afternoon. June 2. The reports of
officer will s presented then. A
memoir of OenBvron M. McCutcheon
will le given by Henrv M. I'tlev, of
Detroit Pacers will b-j given bv
Mrs. Martha (Irav. Traverse Cltv
"Reminiscences. P. S liichards.
CohocUh. '"The Great Railroad Com
pany. " and 8. K. Cook. Lansing, j
"The Man Who Sold Mackinac'
At the Wednesday venirg so'slnn a;
memoir of Peter White will be given (
liv Hon. Chase 8 Osborne, of Saultj
Sto. Marie, and Levi L. Harbour, of i
Detroit, and a memoir of Daniel Mc
Cov bv Judge Robert Montgouiev. of
Lansing. Paoers will be given bv
Hon. Lawton T. Heam. of Mason, on
"Father Gabriel Richard" and by C.
M. Hurton of Detroit, on "Earlv
Amusements of Detroit.
Ihurmlav afternoon memoirs of Rev
David CooDer and Richard. Elliott,
historiographer, will Ins given by Hon.
Thomas Palmer, ot Detroit, and lit.
Rev. Frank O'Rrien of Kalamazoo,
and ratters will he read bv W. V.
Smith, of Flint. on the Aborigines of
Michigan. Mrs Hanette Hyde, and
Mrs. Florence E. H-abhitt Yuilanti,
"Old Samplers. " Thursday evening
memoirs will be given on Samuel II
Rowe. bv J. V. Harrv. Lansing, on
McMillan, bv Charles
and on Miss Emlv
Gilmartin, Detroit,
Grant. Lansing. An
address will he given by Rev. Jenkins
Lloi Jones, of Chicago.
Senator W. C.
Mcore. Detroit.
Mason, bv Hugo
and Judge C. B.
To Fight Tuberculosis.
A Clinton county association for the
study and prevention of tubercu
losis was organized at St. Johns Fri
day. Tne tinrnone of the association
will be to popularize facts concerning
tuberculosis and to educate persons in
the prevention and cure of th" di'-ease
and care of putletis. The memtxTship
fee was fixed at $1 and an effort will
mado to nceu-e member" bv In
teresting citizens, inenhcrs of literarv
club, gringos and farmer' Hubs
throughout the county.
Cure for the Soul Kiss.
' I t the only cure fer th' soul kiss
is onlonn, but ye got to keep takln'
'in! Cleveland Plala Dealer.
g News From a Lively Town.
oo ooofl qoo ooaoooooooooa oo o a
P !
Several New Features Have Been Added To
Michigan's Highway Law.
Call at Cash's Elevaor. Riverdale.
for seed beans. We have some extra
good stock.
John G. Young spent Sunday with
Elwell friends.
The Pere Maruuette railway are pre-
The Fox highwav bill was passed bv
both houses of the legislature before
'adjournment The new bill was the
! longest introuueed in either branch of
j the legislature, covering 18? printed
I pages, and its provisions concern
j every farmer. Thero are a great
many laws relating to country roads
core man iuu in an. home were en
paring to raise their track running acte(i a half-century or more ago. and
west from this station for the purpose wme contravene each other. The Fox
of reducing the heavy grade. At bil, repeals them all and re-enacts the
present there Is a verv heavv grade ; itest of aH of ttem that are not ob.
of Riverdale and ;
l)oth east and west
through freights have hard work to
"make the grades."
Members of the G. A. R. and W.
R. i... in this section will go to Elm
Hall to observe Memorial Dav.
Riverdale is to have a new clothing
store, a young man from Greenville,
having rented the Phelps building and
will put in a stock of clothing and
solete. In addition there are not
many new provisions. The tiiost
essential ones are: All country roads
are placed on a uniform system, and
must be surveyed and marked with
monuments every 80 acres and record
ed in the permanent record in tho
town in the own clerks's ofiice.
Farmers are forbidden to drain their
fields Into the highways where the
Happenings, Incidents and Troubles,
Gathered Here and There, of Major
and Minor Importance.
fnrnising goods. The building has drainage would likely to cause wash-
been newly papered and presents an
attractive appearance. C. V. Eggles
ton did the work and. of course, it
was well done.
John Saunders of St. Louis, a
former resident of Riverdale. . was in
town Saturday looking after interests
here and renewing acquaintances.
In the spring take a tonic for that
tired feeling. At Owen's vou will
find all the popular remedies.
The Rank of Riverdale has leen
made a state depository, State Treas
urer Sleeper having directed that
several thousand do'lars of state
moneys lie deoosited here. Another
evidence that Riveredale is on fbe
n.aps and its fame is becoming state
wide. Mr. and Mr. N. Wixon are the
parents of a little son. born last Fri
day. Mr. Wixon naturally thinks the
new arrival the brightest little
"shaver" in town.
With the warm weather the Satur
day night crowds are increasing. With
the large stock, carried bv onr mer
chants this village is becoming more
and more a ponular trading center.
Superintendent Lvon of the River
dale schools expects to attend the
summer school at Mt. Pleasant Nor
mal Mr. Lyon is popular with the
pupils and patrons and all are pleased
to know he will return here for an
other ver.
Thr- Riverdale Sluggers defeated the
Block school Fleet Footers in a well
played raino of ball Saturday after
noon, the score being 12 to 7 in favor
of tho local te;im.
W. F. Raven of Brooklyn. Mich.,
a prominent farmer and stock raiser
of Jackson conntv. was in Riverdale
Friday. While here he viited the
farm of Al. Suttcn wet of town.
A. G. Beeson of Elwell. ac
companied bv his brother, W. E.
Beeson, of Grand Rapids, was in
Riverdale Friday.
The fish pond on
leen removed and
is a noticsble one.
At Owen's vou get purity in drugs.
Riverdala will be well represented
at the county field meet at Alma Frl
dav. Moblo & Co announce a special sale
of rugs in their advertisement this
week. x
"Silas Marner will be dramatized by
the Riverdale high chool, Friday eve
ring, June 4th. The following is the
cast of characters:
Silas Marner II. A. Lyou
Godfrey Cass Leo Going
Nancy Cass Gladys Copen
Dunstau Cass Harvey Harry
Squire Cass Ilert Osborn
Dolly Winthrop Helen Williams
Mr. Snell John Youngs
Dr Kimble
Mr. Dow'as
outs. The highway commissioner is
empowered to acquire by condemna
tion proceedings gravel pits for build
ing roads.
' Where there is a dispute over a road
that is dividing the line between the
township and the municipality, provi
sion is made for settlement by the
highway commissioner and the mayor
or president.
Where a street of a municipality
Judge Frank E. Knappen, of Kala
mazoo, Saturday afternoon Issued an
order which will compel the three dry
trustees' of Climax, who have been
staying away from the meetings, to
attend the village board sessions or
go to Jail.
By the election of a wet president
last spring, the element in favor of
the saloons In the village controlled
that body, so the three trustees rep
resentative of the dry element decid
ed to stay away from all meetings,
allowing no quorum at any session.
Meanwhile all village business has
been tied up and two saloonkeepers
seeking admission to the village have
been prevented from doing business.
The three drys say thai they will
appeal the case to the supreme court
at once. This Is the first qase of the
kind that has ever been heard by a
Michigan court.
Treasurer Is Missing.
The books of James S. Tozer, treas
urer of the Modern Brotherhood of
AmpHrfl rf CJnitH ta Maria nra Via.
extends into a township, the town lng investigated. They are 'reported
must mako the road the same width as to be short $200.
the street. Tozer has disappeared and Is sup-
All roads hereafter laid out shall be, d to be In Canada .
., tor years before coming to the Soo
uniform width. , Tozer was a nolitlclan In Kent rountv.
All bridges and culverts hereafter leaving there, it is alleged, because of
built must be strong enough
12 ton.
Rural delivery letter-boxes must not
be placed nearer than 15 feet from the
center of the road
main street has
tho improvement
Townships are allowed to have ono
to four overseers, to spend the repair
tax, the township to definitely deter
mine the number.
At the option of the overseer of
highways a taxpayer roav work out
his road tax.
Township loards of fence viewers
shall comprise the overseer of the dis
trict, the highway commissioner, and
two justices of the peace.
Iu tno spending cf highway money
the township lard ai d the highway
commissioner must work in harmony
with each other.
to carry family troubles.
I Tozer claimed to be a boyhood
chum of Thomas C. Piatt and an Inti
mate friend of the lato David Wllmot,
the Pennsylvania jurist and politician,
j whose proviso, attached in-1 84G to an
appropriation bill for the purchase of
Mexican territory and prohibiting
slavery therein, mad him famous.
The bill, by the way, with the pro
viso, passed the house, but failed In
the senate.
Tozor's home and mall are being
watched by detectives.
At Elm Hall To Observe Memorial Day Me
morial Service to be Glveo There Also.
It., No. IM. re.idiK in tbe Vicinity J""..?'."!
of Riverdale. Elm Hall, and Sumner.
will observe Memorial Day at Elm Requisition for Daly.
Work and Wages.
I Whether or not the adoption of
Miss Margaret Rucholtz into the fam
j ily of the late John A. Dratz, of Mus
, kogon, invalidates her claim for 9."3
i weeks of servant work Is a question
j that the probate court will have to
decide in settling up the affairs of
J the Dratz estate.
Mr. Dratz was a wealthy Muskegon
merchant. Miss Rucholtz, who was
j left an orphan at the age of 12. was
taken Into the Dratz home and
I worked for the family for 20 years,
j leaving in 1906. During this time she
received no pay except her main
tenance. At the eleventh hour, during
, the hearing of the claims on the
! claims on the estate, Miss Rucholtz
put In an appearance from Chicago
! and presente.l a claim of $2, Sr.:. va!it-
a week.
heirs will contest her claim.
Hall this year. On Sundav morning
at the Elm Hall M. E. church, at the
usual hour of service. Rev. A. E.
North of Riverdale, will deliver the
memorial sermon, and special music
will be provided by the choir. On
Monday afternoon at
Requisition has been granted by
Governor Warner for Milton J. Daly,
of Chicago, wanted in Jackson county
on a charge of bribing Warden Arm
strong, of Jackson prison. In connec
tion with the contracts to furnish sisal
for the prison binding twine plant.
Ttiu rennls'Hiin irnintoH woa mala V v
One O'clock, PrnepMitnr mes0 nf la pit win Hnlv
the members of tho post and corps and has been arrested in Chicago under
citizens will again gather at Elm Hall the Indictment returned against him
to the denarted b the Kand Jury and released on ball.
:. 1L UBI." , Charles W. McOill, of the attorney
North will de- ,,0i ,. v m.i
liver the address and there will also the presentation to the grand Jury,
be exercises by the pupils of the school will accompany the officer to Spring-
On Mondav forenoon detail from nf'lfl T am in securing imiy. u is pre-
to pay their tributes
heroes. Rev. A. E.
Fred Williams
Col. Ely Post will decorate the graves
of comrades buried in the Riverdale.
Vettaburg and Sumner cemeteries and
the graves at Elm Hall will be
decorated in the afternoon.
Z All are urged to attend these ser
vices and to assist in making the ex
ercises a succeess.
Gorge Oliver of Elm Hall, is com
mander of Col. Ely Post.
Jem Rodnev Kav Capeu
Mr. Macey Lewis Valance ' BfiWarC Of OinlmCIltS FuT
Mrs. Kimble Addie Hyde
Servant Marguer'te Hyde
Molley Cass Iva Tallon as mercury will surely destroy the sense
That Contains Mercury.
sunied that even if tho requisition Is
approve. I by the governor of Illinois
that Daly's friends will make a fight
In Chicago to prevent extradition to
this" state.
Ex-Warden Armstrong has made a
sf nsatlonal affidavit to be used In con
nection with the requisition papers.
In his affidavit Armstrong says that
Daly, who was the agent of the Hoov
er & Gamble Co., of Mlamlsburg, O.,
which Installed the machinery, ap
proached him and frankly told him
the machinery he had In view was
old; that if he would help him put
through the deal he would make him
a handsome present at least $1,000.
Armstrong avers that the deal went
through all right and that on May 13.
1908, Daly gave him $1,300.
I'.ppie Lvle Lyons of smell and completely derange the
Kppie 10 years later Leu a Johnson whole system when entering it through '
Aaron Winthrop f T . ,fJ, the mucous surfaces. Such
.Drm.Wi.,lUnn1ft..1nii '
First Start of Immense Business. '
Life insurance Is common in all
great cities, but did yen know that
the business was established in this)
city? A tablet on a building In Wail t
Postmaster Short.
In checking up the postmaster's
articles D00a a Metz, Presque Isle county, a
hnutnfflno fnflnurtnp Vina fMiinl a clirtrl-
; should never be used except on prescrip- ' of.about J2.000. ' Judge- of' Pro-
tions from reputable physicians, as the bate Theodore Hardies Is postmaster,
danger they will do is ten fold to the At the time of the big fire at Metz
good you can possible derive from them. ,ast fal1 a shortage of $C,00 was found.
tt-ii r .i n j , but this was repaid, and nothing fur-
Hall s Catarrh Cure, manufactured by thpr done abouthe niattPI.( but thU
I'. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains time it is likely the postofDce depart
no mercury, and is taken internally, ment will take action,
acting directly upon the blood and
imienns KnrTae rT tlip kvbIoih Th ". ...... ... ..c, ......
sireei. lacing Hanover t-nnnre rnn " " tn r tlirrtn In ooarrV. hot-
tains the Information that in 1SI.1 , bnJ'iu 1IalI's Catarrh Cure 1,6 sure Jou hand, who she believes left home with
Morris Robinson, a Canadian, started get the genuine. It is taken internally another woman. She has five children
the business In the United states In n and made in Toledo. Ohio, bv F. J. at home.
building the site of which is marked Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
by the tablet. New York Times.
Tulips In the Cornfield.
There are more than 20 varieties of
tulips to be found growing wild In the
country about Florence, th" earliest of
these, a tall scat let on- with very
handsome flowers, bin:; generally
found among the corn; !-.f, r on there
is a dainty, small, ftrir
white one and vnrior
In fhades varying fir-:
a dep orange tint, v i.
"In a Tuscan Ca;c'. .. '
j Sold by Druggists. Price, 75c per
J Take Hall's family Pills for constipation.
Apples as Cure for Influenza.
A cure for Influenza which Is being
strenuonslv advocated rnnsUta of rnnl.
I el P.nd I nn- Hr:illtrht nf nhonlutnlv n.iro mill
W yellows, I .,lp1v nn U'im1n,,0 K An.. l
10 night, and a diet of ripe apples and
petals. brca(1 only
Ontonagon has a murder mystery.
The finding of the body of a lumber
Jack a few days ago under peculiar
circumstances led to an Investigation
which resulted In the locating of a
bullet hole In the man's head, evi
dence, It Is believed, that the man
was murdered.
State Fire Warden Pierce has re
ceived his first report of a forest fire
for the present seaFon. A settler in
Antrim county burned isome waste
timber and the flames spread, destroy
ing several cords of wood belonging
to a neighbor. The man who gave
the fire a start paid dairages amount
ing to f 1 SO and will not be prosecuted.
I How Money Helps j
I To Make the Man
Money in the hank is more than 'money
it is eharaeter. The man with a hank ac
count is seldom out of work. His thrift is
recooniAMl. It makes him a ;ool work
man. If a man is to he .selected for pro
motion the man with a hank account is apt
to he chosen. He is looked upon as a re
liahle man. He is a pod citizen. The
hank solicits the accounts of wae earners,
farmers, merchants and all others who wish
to hecome thrifty. It does nut matter how
small your first deposit may he, it will he
none the less appreciated. Ihinu your
money down to-day and start an account
with the
IBank of Riverdale I
A State HanK Juith 20.000 Capital
4 ,
line ot t lie
finest lin"-
to he found
in (I ratiot
John taring
!: .... 4 v.. ....
Agent Martin Copper Lightning Rods
feet put up this spring.
Farm implements, ail kinds and descriptions. Prices
riiiht. See us hefore vou huv. We can save vou monev.
9 T.ICH.
Can't afford to paint,
j y
Tbe man who says that, for els that paintiilr pr.j tr!y 1ol.j ! i tj..i
my; and the fact is he can't nlT ud NOT to paint.
How often you require to paint is largely depeud ibk- upon the j a;: t
U vou use.
Call for Color Cards.
Otto Sanderhoff,
The Hardware
jooooooooooooooooooocooooo oooooooooocoooa -r k - y . , , i
T O C H I C A G O j
j Daily Steamers From Holland and St. Joseph to CjAz r.o $
Interurban cars leaving Grand Rapids at SM'O p. ta. c ;u t v
at HollanJ dock with steamrr leaving at 9:30 p. m. d.iilv . . .6
Close connections with P. M. Hy. o
i iic ri4iu i rffrvL'ci io cnanije tins sciumui" wiujout Entice. Q
jooocoocoocaico otyv. v . rryxxxy vrm xxxxxxxr-uooooooco
Building !iim:ites Alvay Furniliod . . .
ZATTO P. rJOOSJ, Alma, rnich.
Let The Record Advertise your
Auction Sales. Rt suits arc sure

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