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Thur.lav. Jum 15. 1022
Dodge Brothers
Build New Coupe
Behind the simple phtascoh-y of
of an announcement which PoMgc
Brothers, Detroit automobile manu
facturers, arc publi-hing todayr' in
every importani city and Uif in
Ainerica, lies the story, of 'iicw
achievement in automobile dcclup
tnent. "Motive Urotlurs announce a
business coupe; conservative ihani.s
in the body desrgn of all other t;K V
the adveitiscimnl reads. , y
The business coupe is the fir.4t 'all
steel closeil car ever matkcLes i ;, ly
this respect it tal.es a new and dis
tinct place in automotive hit,VV
it involves an entirely mi i. juo princi
ple of coupe body const rue', ion. iVVfhc
steel body not only piratically eli
minates the problem of limited pro
duction, due to the le.liou and, vus 1
individual workman-hip reipiirV on
Wood bodies, but also enables the
manufacturers to give the c oupe-t he
fame lustrous baked enamel finifh
which has already contribute ' mi
much to the reputation o!' Dodge
Htothers open cars. This j, roves;; in
itself will al; o faciliaU ouantity pro
duction, as ;m ' 1101 niiius amount tf t
time way consumed herelofoi y n ap
plying the numerous coals of paint
required on wood. ' ,.
Naturally, thee are important
factors in the determination 4 ,lm
idling price, icsulting in economies
..hich Dodge Brothers are passing
irectly to the purchaser. '"Wood is
. radically eliminated from the con
struct ion of this ear,'' ."aid .John Mali,
he local dealer. "liven ' the frafiV
svork and panels are' of steel, and tin
natural result is a lighter, iiiete)
and more durable car. Steel pro
onu life' and i educes-the po. stbilit
of squeaks and vattl-s. f -
"The Ihisine.vs men of Amttri'-;.
have Ik en expo. -ting sucii a coupe am!
Dodge Brother. h.ave given it to
them. ;
"It is in reality a c.rUpe at a-roa li
fter price. While it is easily. ' at
tractive enough for any u.v, it is par
ticulaily designed for the busines
man who needs the comfort ,aa
protction of a closed car in hh work
but who can easily get along vitly.u'
a few of tlie Iumiihs which, in tht
past, have made the dosed car' UK ex
pensive. The business coupe is buili
inside and out to withstand the wcai
and tear of every day use--and ye'
it retains the same lightness? ; ami
beauty of line which everyone, js ac
customed to h-ol; for in Dodge Bro
thers closed cars. It la; ks onl.v
what 1 plight term tthe dep'veiatior
liabilities of the riore (ejyiV(
coupe. It is upholstered n grvfeirit.
leather, has a w ide ' comfort abb
straight seat, i:- equipped with con
tires, heater, dome, light, xviiyyY-V
cleaner and adjust nv.'nl." for raising
and lowering 'wind-my?": 'TIVv.ooi
are unusually wide :nd are fitteo'
with nejy "ea?y ' closing 'Yale lVK
There is'Wore than U;e usual 7nH'unf
of leg Tobrti ami convenient an
rpacious luggage e ompartments arc
provided.. Doctors, leal estate met
and ralesmen of all kinds will find it
just the car they need. We stiTftd
have good indie atiow.; of a tremendou:
Agents of the .lobn lb bir.soif eir
CUS have been passing thne,"h Alms
for several weeks now, preparing fo
the coming of the big vhow en Sat
urday, dune 21, when it will exhibit
at Alma.
Circus men have (tune to top(unc
contracted the how ground s, feJl
supplies of all kind-, to : ny notion.''
of city licenses and billing and trans
puliation facilit ies for the Ionic train:
of the show. Now comes the first oi
the pi ess ngents, to be followed h
the three advertising ears, filled witl
bill posters, lithographers, banne:
men, country route and rail billets
The other day the general agent of
the show came to town quietly an?
studied local conditions and busines;
prospects'. Ho hasn't much to do ex
cept rout? the show, order tons .of
billing sent Jo dilierer'.t points ever;
week, command the activities of on
hundred meii in advance, study cro
reports, smooth out railroad move
ments each May, receive reports of
advance r.-ir nrm-iert, brigade man
aers, route- riders, audit the ac
counts t.f contracting and dibursinv
agents and keep shi:nents of japei
by freight on their way, even if h
has to tcet them through by airplane?
ir wireless,, for, be it known, there
are no excises or alibis in the ad
vance of the bi show. Outride of
that, the general atrent of the Johr;
liobinson circus has nothing to do ex
cept visit cabarets and )icture shows.
Hut, in duo course of time, the show
trains roll in, the reat stretches of
canvas aiise on the "lot," and the
;cold and silver street parade, with
its hands, tits tfl Uterine,', flashing
cajres and costumes, its floats and
tableaux, comes down the street. The
fdiow in here and you and I will be
We wih to extend our heart felt
thanks to, our friends and neighbors
for their kindly assistance and ser
vice, dunnrc-the illness and death of
our beloved husband and father,
Jacob Lippett. Also for the beautiful
floral offerir.tr and the minister for
hif kind words.
Mr?. Harriet Lippett.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LinneA and
Mrs. and Mrs. Lloyd Lippett and
Mr. and Mrs. Ackley Lippert and
Mr. Frank Lippert.
Misses Sarah and Violet Lippert.
Dust ofT the old desk. Put on a new
desk blotter and see how much bet
blotter at the Iiecotd office adver
tisement . . -
(('ontinueel from pae one)
llrovvn City, A. H.; and Koe-er Zinn of
Alma, A. IS.
Kiiidortcnrten teachers certificates
were presented to Sadie Marion Brad
ley of Alma, Mildred M. Chevrie of
Napoleon, Ohio, llulda Ward of Alma
and Fiomilda' Yountf of Howell, who
luiint: the year completed some work
of the Kindergarten clepartment, that
was abolished last year.
Announcement was made that
lloyalvin (iustafson tf St. Iicnace had
e. n awarded the Sillman scholarship
ind Miss J lut h JJradley of Alma, the
Uiovvnell sehid(irhip for the bert
tatk-.s '. diihiuT the freshman and
;ophomore year:.. President Crooks
then ' bnimunced 1 hut after 10 yeans
f teat hiiur, L'J of which was done at
lma College Professor F. N. Notes
tein'has been granted the Sabbatical
.ear of have by tlie trustees for next
The board 'of trustees of the eol
i j;'o, he announc ed, had established a
lew college oll'ice, that of vice presi
lent, to which Professor Iioy Hamil
.iiii of the Kne;lish dejiartment, and
utiiiK dean this jiast year, has been
eeo appointed.
It was announced that after the
'.wo year experimental period, the
mard of trustees had adopted the
dan of j-.tudent jcovernment under
he student council permanently.
It was also announced that $.rr,3,GO0
f the "f.r.Ha.OOD sought in the collejce
ndowment campaign haf been se
urc (1 and that..:j,W) is still needed
o make certa'iii all- conditional K'fts.
resident Crooks spoke of the recent
rift of Mrs. Lancashire of $.10,000,
vhich indicated a continued interest
.t the Wright family in Alma Col
et.e. lTe urt;xl that all friends of
he c l!"ico support the campaign to
he best' of their -ability that it may
e complete d ..f.ueccisf'Jlly.
?dondajf "uvi iiinj: the; srrdr eh.ir.r.
ilay, 0.:':ar'-VihIt,:R.::tir" c n l'r.;lih
ife, "'Jho l:i:p-.r tar.ee oi Pe'r:; Hazier-1,"
was' rc-mie;ed at the J'tra.n!
heatre, and drew a crov.'dvd l.o.: ?.
n r,pite of the fact that the l k::;' --.-a
;f the cast had pressed for ti::.e ."or
uaetice in view of the commence
nent activities, the play was exceed
njcly well rendered.
Tuesday evening the annual senior
iromenade was held on the eollejre
ampus, when the seniors bid fare
veil to the colletce buildings tlat
lave meant so much to them during
he past few years. The reception by
.'resident and Mrs. Crooks followed.
Commission Lowers
Ml. Pleasant Tax
That the- Commission form of city
;o "inment is paying in Mt. Pleasant
via re It was adopted not long ago,
. s shown from the. following item
aken from one. of the Mt. Pleasant
rjpcVs, and whi:h has to :da with the
ity taxes there over a period of
line years:
"City Manager Peterson gives the
'dlowinjr anlaysis of the city taxes.
The information" : is of especial
nten st . at this time,
"Several inquiries have been made
n regard to increase in taxea thi3
!uT.' o.'er. Iast dune. City taxes for
f22 are lower than they have been
or an of the three years previous.
"If any one cares to prove this
tatcnunt for themselves and wants
o spend the time in looking it up he
an find the following information
"City taxes for the fiscal year of
Mai eh 1, 11)1!) to March 1, 1120 (Tax
s paid in December, 1'JlO), amounted
o :rN,l;,ti.0 with a valuation of
.::,Mi',i:!r.O0, making a rate per $1,
((i.oo of $17..r,0.
"Cily taxes for the fiscal year from
larch 1, l'.vjl to March 1, 19:22 (taxes
aid December, 1!20), amounted to
::,'JM.2" with a vaiuation of $4,
:10,70..00 making a rate per $1,000.
10 of !j:i7.10. Hut due to the change
n the form of government- in March
;'.'2J the fiscal year changed from
Mnteh 1, to June 1, and an
idditional tax was leived in
.fune 11)21 for $:.r),0()0.00 to
arry the. additional expenses from
rom March "1, 1'j22 to June 1, 1022,
vhero fall taxes 'of 1920 carried the
xpensc3 only to March 1, 1922,
hen-fore. the fifteen months from
March 1, 1921, to June 1, 1922, the
otal tax was $108,900.25 making a
ate for the fifteen months $23.45 or
naking a rate of $18.80 for one year.
"The City taxes for this year (due
June 1, 1922), and carrying the ex
)cn.;es of the City to June 1, 1923
.mounts to $80,902.94 or rate per
.1000 of $10.15.
Jacob Lippert was born at Hinsdale
Vew York, May 31, 1800. His early
ife was spent and his education ob
tained at the place of his birth. With
his parents he moved to Gratiot
County, Michigan in 1880. They
ook up their residence in Seville
O.i Nov. , 1882 at St. Louis, Michi
ran, Mr. Tiippert was utiifed in mar
riage to Miss Harriet Humphrey. To
his union were born eight children.
All are living save one son, Cecil,
.vho died in Alma fourteen years
ngo at the age of sixteen. The other
children are: Mrs. Hertha Rowley,
Arthur, Frank, Lloyd, Ackley, Sarah
and Violet. All reside in Alma ex
cept Ackley who lives at Rose City,
Resides the wife and children he
leaves fourteen grandchildren and
three sisters and two brothers.
Mr. Lippert became a Christian in
18S0 and has lived a consistent
Christian life since. He died at his
home among his family at sunset
June 7, 1922. Rurial wa3 made in
the Riverside cemetery.
The Record can rfo your Job Print
ng Call or Ulephone. - -
Order of Services
At Tlie Churches
Kpisropal Church
10 a. m. Morning Prayer and ser
mon. Strangers and visitors cordially in
vited. s Kev. James Moore Horton, L. Th.
Hector. tf
Free Methodist Church.
Corner of Cedar and Center Streets
K. Mellott, Pastor
Sunday school at 10:00 a. m.
Preaehnijr at 11:00. '
No evening service.
Mid week Prayer meeting Thursday
evening at 7:30.
Every body welcome to all of these
United Hrethren Church
115 Hastings St.
Sunday school 10 a. m.
At 11 o'clock a field worker of the
Anti-Saloon League will speak. You
should hear him.
Kvening preorhing G:.10 p. m.
Christian Kndeavor 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing. -
JackNon Street Church
Sunday school 10:30 a. m.
Christian Kndeavor 7:00 p. m.
F.vening sermon 8:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening.
C. II. Hull, pastor.
First Church of Christ Scientist
Alma, Mich., 511 North Park Ave.
Lesson Sermon 10:30.
Sunday School 0:30.
Wednesday testimony meeting 8:00
The Christian Science Reading
j Room located at 113U West Superior
i street is open daily except Sundays
from 2:30 to 5 o'clock.
' The', public is cordially invited to
the services and the Reading room.
Presbyterian Church
Corner of W. Superior St. nnd
Prospect Ave.
Rev. W. L. Celston, Minister.
10:30 a. rn. The children will meet
in the (lasses and take their enroll
ment afU'i which they will form in
line and match into the church for
tlu fclluwing service.
11 a. m. Morning worship. The
children of the? Sunday school will
have chatge and the following pro
fiani has been prepared:
Prelude Mrs. J. W. Kelder.
Responsive reading.
Welcome, by Pauline Chick.
The Dearest Book, by Margaret
A JJiir Welcome, by Willis L. Cel
ston, Jr.
Scpg, Jesus Loves Me, by Robert
Welcome to June, by Helen Mc-
K?nzjefc. . ,v . .
- The Olaet Game, by Kenneth Kinck.
Recitation, by Lucile Foster.
Offertory. v ,
Hajsiim fit child ren.
Promotion, exercises.
Address, by the Pastor.
The Life of Christ in Scripture and
song! by groups of children from the
Pn'mary and Junior departments..
7:30 p. m. High school baccalau
reate in the Methodist church.
All are inyited to these services.
K Superior Christian Church
H. H. Anderson, Minister.
"The Kingdom of God is a loving,
intelligent family organized around
the Father's Will, living in the uni
verse of His home, using the forces
of nature as the instruments of His
will, and making all things vocal with
His wisdom, love and power."
9:45 a. in. The Bible School.
11:00 Morning Worship.
0:20 p. m. Christian Endeavor.
We crave an interest in your pray
ers and invite your attendance at all
There will be no evening service on
account of the Baccalaureate Service
at the Methodist Episcopal church.
The following books have been ad
ded to the Al ma College library since
May 10:
Alexander; W. J. An introduction
to the poetry of Robert Browning.
Aliotta, Antonio The idealistic
reaction against science. 1914.
Cook, G. W. A guide-book to the
poetic, and dramatic works of Robert
Browning. 1919.
Croce, Benedetto Historical ma
terialism and the economics of Karl
Marx. 1914.
Croce, Benedetto What is living
and what is dead in the philosophy
of Hegel. 1915.
Descrates Philosophical works
edited by E. S. Haldane and G. R. T.
Ros. 2 v. 1911.
Hartman, II. G. Aesthetics: a
critical theory of art. 1919.
Horton, Marion Viewpoints in es
says. 1922 Ref.
Inglis, Alexander Principles of
secondary education. 1918.
Krehbiel, II. E. A second book of
operas. 1917.
Murray, Gilbert Tradition and
progress. 1922. J
New International year book for
1921'. 1922. Ref.
Royce, Josiah Lectures on modern
idealism. 1919.
Seybolt, R. F. tr. The manuale
scholarium. 1921.
Smith, W. R. An introduction to
educational sociology. 1917.
Valentine, C. W. An introduction
to the experimental psychology of
Witt, R. C Howe to look at pic
tures. 1921. -
Al uiuli-r thin lit ml t lim' d for t
rt of one out hoiiI, ith H
minimum t liuigc of 'J.' c nt.-t. !'-tlivt-ly
no ik'.h will tkii Tor tli
column williuut rusli in ikIv uin'i. AU,
txli ( l(.li.iin-i in riue t l- I'uitl for (.
iwfure tluy of 1'iil.liiutioii li insure iu
rtion. i.
pit's weigh i ivy
about ll'O
lbs. .1. A. liartley. 51,11...,, , .
farmer who has
Wool to r.ell, ti f.ee
man. Wool taken
( u.;li, the wool,:
. i
at liarn at :r
cada Hotel. Phone 057,
NOTICE -I do al
woik, large or :
inet work and
Frank Hints, Jl
1 kind : of carpenter
mall jobs, also caj;
furniture reparing.
2 Moyer Ave. Plio'ne
WANTED I-ndy or gentleman of
gool education living in or outside
of Alma to do some home work oV
to travel. Salary $15.00. to SIH.im
per week and expenses. Experience
unnecessary. Address Winifred
B. Smith, Kiverdale, R. I. 50-1 p
WANTED Fifty men and women to
work in canning factory. Good waucs
and leavonable board. Apply in
person or by letter. W. R. Roach
& Co., Edmore, Michigan. 50-2e
Pine Kt.
ashinjj at 31 I,
WANTED-C.irl for general house
work. Inquire .'',25 Walnut st. Mrs.
D. W. Robinson. 50-lc
WANTED (Jirl or woman for gen
eral housework. Ann"tt McLaren,
520 Center st. Phone K'.X. 50-1 p-
Elmwood -l!e t VVC-ed
farms. R
is by the row.
sn Sullivan, p
WANTED Lady or gentleman with
fair education to do home work or
traveling.. Salary, :J".im) j....- week
above expenses. Apply Reulah Lit
tle, Alma, Mich., (Jen. Delivery. , p
WANTED --P.ee t wceders at
wood farms. Ross Sullivan.
WANTED Wahing and
do. Call N22 Rlaek.
STRAYED to my premises at Focest
Hill, a male Aiidih- dog'. Ownr
may have same by proving proper
ty and paying for thi-i noti -e, -JM.
i, Higgler, roresL-inn, .micii. i-.ic
LOST Rrown Leather P.oston Rag,
from auto, be tween Lansing and j
St. Ldais. Contains .L-welry . iyid.)
Toilet article;:. Rewanl. .Mrs. Pe.s-,
cott Steele, Onaway, Mich. 5"ell;
roil KKNT
FOR liFINT rA panic m -,ho.uge,,..-
Francisco Ave. firai boii-e north of
Michigan Ave. Inquire F. E. PoL
lasky office Pollasky Rlock. 52-tfc,
FOR RENT Three mo.L rn furnUjied
light housekeeping rooms, close in.
Inquire 120 (Jratiofr-trvo.-'.
FOR RENT Two rooms for light
housekeeping, furnished. inquire
107 Allen Ave-. '? 51-tfe
i wo iifnisnea sieej.iu
rooms. Inquire
(Ira dot.
FOR RENT Mod. in l oii and gar
age at 215 Valley Ave. S12.no per
month. Ah'o houses l trade for
farm lard. Inquire at 117 S.
State St. 50-lp
FOR RENT llou e and barn to rent
to parties, wishing to draw gravel j
one-mile north of State load, near
gravel pit. Phone R. IS 2 short, I
1 long, j 50-1 j) !
FOR RENT Three modern noms
furnished for light housekeeping-'
with private entrance. Inquire
Earl Walker, 510 Richmond St. j
ion SAI.K.
VON C'Al I,' An LlnMrli-iffiwi mill'
,0;y ..';".;:: ;: .v: -
-o ,r
FOR SALE New storage batteries
guaranteed one year to fit Ford,
Chevrolet, Overland, ?1v00, Dodge
Rattfries ?22.oi New ."Wx.'l'.j tires
$K.7o ::0x:t tires ?.00 .ShreeveandU
Ruccaning, 2.'I0 W. Superior St.
Alma, Mich. 50-r
Overland Roadster .$105.00, starter J
good tires. One Model T. Chevio-
let ton truck $075.00 first class
condition, nearly new , tires. .Qrie
Chevrolet 4!'0 Touring" ear $22.1.00
..,,,.,i,.,,,i,..i i;i
ei ...i ' i M vxi
.'III . v illlU I.Ut l illl IIIK t
Superior St. Alma. Mich. , ..50-lc
FOR SALE Several tons mixed al -
falfa hay. Price $15.00 per tn: at
barn located 1 mile east and Us
miles south of East Superior cross- "ho weather was warm until Zon
ing. Smith & Walstow. 52-tfc y. when the tem)erature fell some-
-4i what. . Corn is beinir cultivated and
FOR SALE A fine summer home at
Reulah. Four acres, of land, good
small fruit. One half nilie ffdni..lf
("rystal Lake Renzit Co
reasonable and price right. I
of M. S. Joiner. 515 College St
FOR SALE rt.,xl used tires $2.00,
50 gallon empty steel oil drums
with faucet .suitable, for gasoline
or coal oil. $2.00. Shreeveland
to ') m' i :
l) III l .1 1 II 1 1 1 Js , .V7 V .
Spperior St
FOR SALE One I T. P. C. row and
.1 gilts all bred for August farrow.
Registered. $28.00 and $50.00Ji'
quire Carrie A 775 Any el, hnvmcmne firougnt
-y l - .- ' r ,-
55 2p
FOR SALE Three Angora Kittens.
422 E. Dovvnie St. Call evenings.
55-1 pj
FOR SALE A large neatly new De
. troit Jewel gas range cheap. In
. quire 22H E. Center st. Phone 311.
FOR SA LE Two crates of natural
state black board, one crate 4x4
and the other 4x5. Inquire 120
Moycr Ave. 55-2p
I r;nrr cam am i,,.!. .., -mki ....
Furniture Store. 50- 1c
SALE Wood at
two dollars
Frank Cllf-
per cord at the yard
ford, three
miles south on cemetery
FOR SALE A book case, dining
tal le, and buffet. Inquire 010
Woodworth Ave. Phone 12. 50-1 p
FOR SALE Three ten gallon milk
cans, also Cedar Fence Posts. L.
, i. Welch, Riverdale, box 7. 50-1 p
FOR SALE Two Vulcanizing out-
fits cheap if taken at once. Mrs.
A. Riehter, Sturgis, Mich. 110 Mon-
roe St. 55-2p
FOR SALE A large nearly new De
troit Jewel gas range, cheap. In
quire :!2S E. Center St. Phone .'Jll.
FOR SALE Cheap, a good gas
stove. Inquire S. L. Rennet, In
surance, Koom 1 and 5 Opera House
Rlock. 50-tfe
NOTICE For vour
E. W. Albright,
tin work call 117
J21 Allen Ave.
FOR TRADE 15' acre farm for city
property. Inquire Carl E. Harry.)
To all persons interested in the
.Twin Cities Realty Company, Take
Notice, that it is the intention of the
stockholders of said company to ter
minate its corporate existence, and
' all creditois are notified to present
. their
hums at the Ifice of the Sec-
i . i a i y ai iuo. .viienigan Ave., eiiy or
Alma. .Michieran. on or before
.Michigan, on or
: Da
itcd Mav 15. H22.
(Signed) Albert
Alma, Mich.
W. Hudson,
.lunc Merchants and
caves Morton's Feed Rarn
at I'r.'M) for Crystal Lake for the
big dance. Leave Crystal at 11:110.
NOTICE Now is the time to look'
after your farm building rodding, i
You are entitled to this protection,'
cheaper insurance, and our service.'
Prices, '.VI strand 1H gague cable 12
cents' jet' foot, strand 18 gague j
!.' cents. .$1.50 per. top. ('all us !
for .samples and further informa- j
tion. Theo. E. Myers. Phone 5, 1
ring ' 5. 55-tfc.
NO'FJCE This is bean planting
month and you can make no better
investment than to sow a liberal
amount of .Jarcvki Fish Rrand fer-
tilrriv. with our seeding. It is
"'not a 'question of how little you
cait get along with, but, how much
,i.u can u.--e to get the best returns.
Wo have an analysis for every
type of foil. For further infor
mation call Smith & Walstow,
Phone 5, Rings 5. 55-tfc
NOTICE Specials on Hosiery and
Underwear. $1.50. Pure thread silk
he s for $1.25 and other values
Cqually as good. Also have a very
nice line of children's half hose1.
t Orders taken for all kinds of yarns!
in any quantities. Come and see
m;. Mrs. C. SC. Watson 105 W.
(Vbter St. ! 55-lcj
NOTICE Wvc have a supply of sweet:
peas suitable for cut flower pur
Ioses, also geraniums and other,
plants in bloom. South side green j
house, l.'!2 Moyer. Ave. Johnson and j
Nelson, Prop. 50-1 p'
- crystal lake re
Kii.M en- .wicii. iew collages
, , . ... , .
to seieci irom tor tno cany ouyers,
choice lake ,ront tjuilding lots, in
Silver beach, Tow and Stones
Paik, about 000 cottages and 2U
ncw under construction. Splendid
bathing, fine fishing, and beauti
ful scenery. Very courteous peo-
1,1 pie and no inflated prices. George
1 1 & Hill, Arrow Hotel, Crystal. 5G-2c
Weather and
Crop Bulletin
Copious showers fell in nearly all
-snarts of the lower peninsula on Fri-!
j,la.V an(1 Saturday last, although in ni
! f'W sections the rainfall was light;
I'11'' brought conditions still prevail.!
making good growth. Some cutworm
damage is reported in the northern
ounties and grasshoppers are also
coming troublesome in that part of
lerniSNhn state. Wheat and rvn continue in
Vrood condition and the color is be
ginning to turn in the southern and
central counties. Oats, barley, mea
dows and pastures were greatly ben
efitted by rains and -arc generally in
thriving condition. Hay cutting is be
ginning and the hay crop is repotted
f 1 1 4. 11 1 1 .1
,'-,J' muiia uii- mruut un jii.iiihu
itiiu iaiu ouiicj )iuiiouk iuiiuiiuc.'s.
Strawlterries are abundant, although
the early crop in southern and central
4arts of the state was shortened by
Other fruits continue in
Vllnf nri
I excellent condition.
Alma-Sarjinaw Schedule
Effective April l.",
Eastern Standard Time
A.M. A.M. P.M. P.M. STAKT HCOM P.M. P.M. A.M. A.M.
;.'. 1! :0I 4 .SiiKinuw. I runklin I lot I. I) .:: 4.00 1 :0i M::tG
;:.' 1 1 :0.. :ur, 4 :U7, .Shviuu , Pniii-i.-ft Molt-1. 0 :2't :i Vl-.ur, 1(1:5
M:4) 11:10 l.':10 4 :40 . .K.iKii.u', S.huih llnti-l . . i, :L'H :t:'.0 12:.'.0 M ::MI
U:4r, 11:15 2:1.'. 4 :4.' . .Sutrinuw. I..r.li..y 1I..I. I. . i; :(:i:, 1J:I'. 10:1.'.
!:IO 11:40 2:411 .r.:lo . . . ll-mlo k. Hhluuraiit. :,( :i :J0 MMd !l :.r0
H :::o l :oo : :(i0 f, ;3o Menill. II. .t. I ...lt ..,, u (id 'j
it:4'. 12:l.r. :i : 1 r. r. : I'. . VVIn-t lir, Wlift-li-r iiurii-v.. . ;t 4:, 11:4.". .'.:1".
H :f.i I2:2.r. :2' ft:!,', Hi .- keiui.U.-. II. .(!.... 5 .- ; ::r. II !:".
10:11 12:4.". :i:4". li : ." . .St. I.uin, Purk H..0 I . . . 4 :4.'. 2:1.'. U:l.' :"
10:::". 12::..r. a:.'..". f. :.'.:. ...Alum. VriK-U H..n-.'. . . . 4 :t.-. 2:o.", 11:0.". H :U.'i
lli.liO 1 .0'. ' 4 :. ;:.ju ...Alma. Ai:il; Mot. I. ... 4 :I10 2 .(Ml 11:00 H :30
. C. HANSEN, Prop, and Mrr.
IteMilenre. f.21 Iii liiivnic) St., Alma
J.UisiiH'HH, Wli.-i-lt-r C.arave.
)rivT Max Arnriis, Alma, Midi.
nun mmn railroad
in connection with
Steamer "State of Ohio" to Put-in-Hay,
"City of Krie" to Cleveland
thence the groat ship
livery Thursday and Friday,
Commencing June 2!)lh
Tickets Limited Fifteen Days
Hound trip fare from Alma
Hound trip excursion tickets will also
N. Y., at $1.00 less than Niagara Falls.
For Further Information Consult
are said to have first invented the doughnut,
now popular throughout the entire world.
Our Doughnuts
are famous throughout this entire community. Our
customers tell us they are "like those mother used
to make' and that is the best recommendation a
doughnut or any other article of pastry can have.
Quality and cleanliness are the ticin mottoes
cf this bakery at all ttmei.
The Model Bakery
The Sibrite
Fuel Prices
Are Going
You can protect yourself from increased
prices on coke by contracting with the
Gas Company for your years require
ments. . , v m
... .11 V
at Gtts Plant or $10.00 delivered
Delivery made any time up to Jan. 1, 1923.
You cannot lose on this contract and you
may gain a great deal.
Gratiot County Gas Co.
Get Scratch Pads of The R
PIlOIII- f.il.
Vln-.l.r, Mi.
I)rivr-IN-x Alli-n, PiiK-inaw, Mich.
0 0 0
be sold to lluiralo,
Local A pent
THE Germans, even
centuries ago, were
famous all over Europe
for their ability as bread
and pastry makers. They
- -

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