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Reed and Reed Fibre
Thursday. Jue IS, 1922
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Lift ., m ,
One Week Only
oney Savers
hahson 1ssuki) statkmfxt
ukcakdim; money siti:a
tio.n in ii. s.
linger V, Babson issued the fol
owing statement to.lay regarding
the Money Situation.
"For the past few years banks,
mortgage companies, ami others en
gaged in the loaning of money have
been educating people to pay hiih
rates of interest. Manufacturers,
business men, home builders and
others are today paying high rates
of interest which a few years ago
they believed never would be paid.
Naturally this has handicapped em
ployment, especially building opera
tion?:. These people now wonder
whether this is to be a permanent
condition or whether these high
rate are only temporary. Statistics
lead ine to believe that the high
money rate period of the past few
years has passed for many years to
come. Already money rates have
declined greatly in the wholesale
market. Where a year ago the
banks were loaning money on call
to the brokerage houses at from six
to eight per cent they are now loan
ing at about four per cent. Even
'three to six months paper' can be
fold at from 4,4',' to S Vi ' discount.
These are tremendous changes within
a short period of time. In fact the
change is so great (a decline of about
Ar0'r) that it would not be surprising
if money rates now strengthened for
a short while preparatory to another
downward movement.
"Money is a commodity the same
as cotton, wool, lumber, or copper. It
ha? a wholesale market and a retail
market. A wholesale price and a
letail price. Moreover, as with
commodities,, the retail price in the
money market lags, about six months
to a year, behind the wholesale price
of the money market. This means
that the rates in the wholesale money
market go up and down from six
months to a year before the average
buriner.s man and home builder is
affected. It takes nearly a year
for cotton to get from the plantation
to the shelves of the department
store. Hence, it may be several
months before the retail cotton
goods trade gets the advantage of a
decline in the price of raw cotton. It
is the same with money as with cot
ton. It is' some months afkr the
decline in the wholesale price of
money before the business man and
the home builder get the advantage ,
in the decline of rates. The bank
ers are not to blame for this. It
is economic law. As it takes some
time for the bankers to raise the
retail interest rate for money after
Pthe wholesale rate advances, so it
takes a considerable time for the
retail rate to decline after the
wholesale rate declines."
Being asked how this is to affect
the average man during the next
year Mr. Babson replied as follows:
"This means that the average man
will be able to borrow money much
cheaper during the next five years
than he has been able to borrow
during the past five years. It means
that there will be a decline in the re
tail price of money the" same as
there has been a recline in the
wholesale price of money.
It means that money will be more
available for the building of homes,
rchool-houses, roads and constructive
work of every form. Most of all it
means: As the banks during the
past few years have educated the
public to high rates, the public must
during the next few years cdu:ate
'themJelves back again to the lower
rates of some few years ago."
General Business as reflected in the
Babsonchart is running 15'r below
.normal an increase of l'r over last
week. It is holding well in face of
the bearish factors resulting from
the lailroad ruling.
Tearl Heard and family attended
children's day exercises at the Meth
odist church in Alma and took dinner
with L. H. Murwin's.
Maynard Otto, of Jackson, and Mrs.
It. McFnul of the Davis district are
visiting at Guy Hibncrs.
Fred Guild and family were in Car
son City, Monday.
Guy Hihner of this district and sev
eral of the Kellogg district were in
Detroit the fore part of the week to
attend the funeral of DeW.tt How
Day 369 Red
Night 369 Green
I c
Local Happenings
Tersely Told
m m ii m m n nfr
K. L. Smith was in Saginaw cm
business Wednesday.
You will find the best bread in
Butter Cup wrappers. 02-tfc
Attorney John Mathews of Ithaca,
was in the city on legal business Fri
day. For your eavest roughing call 447,
K. W. Albright, 121 Allen Ave. adv
tertisement. ":i-tf.
Mrs. W. X. Bingham of Traverse
City is visiting her daughter, Mrs. II.
II. Anders. in.
Mrs. S. V,. Dietz visited with her
sister, Mrs. I.inwood St. Peter, of
Saginaw Friday.
Dr. E. G. Sluyter, osteopathic phy
sician, State Savings Bank Building,
Alma, both phones. 57-tf
Mrs. Carrie Wharton of Ashland,
Chio, vistied with her mother, Mrs.
John Gongwer, last week.
Bev. William Mason of Saginaw
attended the commencement exercises
at the College yesterday.
Dr. and Mrs. Staley of Tawas City
vi.-teil at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John Gengwcr, last week.
C. A. Wright of Ithaca, county di
rectoi of religious education, was in
the city on business Friday.
Chas II. Goggin and D. L. Johnson
attended the State Bar Association
held in Saginaw, Thursday of last
wee k.
It is a pleasure to sell Taniac, lie
cause tho.-e who buy it come back
and prais-e it. Look -Paters on Drug
Co. adv.
Paul Cash anil Mr. Johnstone, stu
dents from Ann Arbor visited with
Mr. Ca-hV- parents, for a few days
this week.
Leo Miller of Hudson, a grad'iufe
of Alma College two years ago. spent
the week end here, visiting with col
lege friends.
More people have taken Taniac
and praised it than any other medi
cine in the world. There's one rea
son only merit. Look-Paterson
Drug Co. adv.
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Smith re
turned Monday evening from Bed
lands, California, where Mr. Smith
has been athletic director in the high
school this past year.
Remember to get your certificate
of title for your car, also your li
cense. It is necessary before July 1.
Get blanks and get them filleed out
at Sharrar &. Watson's. 47-tf
C. Plank of Traverse City, dis
trict agent for the Metropolitan In
surance Company was in the city on
business last week. He was a for
mer resident of this city.
The police report for the month of
May submitted to the city commis
sion, snows a total of L'U arrests tor
the month, the largest number in
some time. Seven of the arrests
were made under city ordinances and
the balance under the state laws.
A number of local high school ath
letes went to Shepherd Friday after
noon to witness the Shepherd-Mt.
Pleasant beseball game, and look
over the aggregation, which would tie
with the local outfit for the champion
ship of the Central Michigan league
of high schools, by winning the con
test. Th June meeting of the W. C. T.
U. will be held at the home of Mrs.
Ernest Fuller, River avenu?, Wednes
day, June 21, at 2:30 o'clock. Mission
flower day will be observed and all
having flowers are requested to bring
them as they are to be distributed
among the sick and those who are
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Zinn of Euclid
ave. entertained at dinner Tuesday
evening in honor of their son, Mr.
Roger Zinn, and their daughter, Miss
Treva Zinn. Their guests Mr. Strick
and daughter, Pauline, of Brighton,
Mich., Mr. James Rose and Mrs. W.
N Bingham, of Traverse City, and
Rev. and Mrs. II. II. Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. W T. Naldret and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Miller went
to Monroe Tuesday where they at
tended the graduation exercises of
Miss Dorothy Xaldret, who has com
pleted her college course at St Mary's
College. Miss Neldret graduated
from the academic department n
1118, reccivirg a scholarship. She
has rince received another scholar
ship and the honor of being the val
dictorian of her class.
Dr. and Mrs. F. C. Thornburgh left
this morning for Chicago at which
plac-3 Dr. Thornburgh will attend the
National Homeopathic Medical Soci
ety meeting, which will be held next
week. From there they will continue
their automobile trip through points
in southern Iowa to Unionville and
Kansas City, where they will visit
with relatives, and friends.
County Agent s Push
Livestock and Crops
Production problems in connection
with farm crops and livestock im
provement work are head-liners in
the program outlined by Michigan
county agricultural agents for their
field campaigns of the coming year.
A state-wide survey just complet
ed by C. V. Ballard, assistant state
county agent leader of the Michigan
Agricultural College extension di
vision, shows that an average of 27
per cent of the time of the various
agents will be devoted to livestock
improvement this year. Crops im
provement follows closely with 21
per ent, giving production problems
in these two fields practically half
of all the time allotted by the agents
for their year's endeavor.
Only a few ears ago, marketing
and organization work headed the
list of county agents activities, the
me.) being great in the state for that
field of work. Completion of the
basic farm organizations, and of the
s-keMon machinery for cooperative
marketing has left the agricultural
field men free to turn their attention
to production work again. Market
ing, soil improvement, farm engineer
ing and country life betterment, boys
and girls club work, and farm man
agement a iv other phases of the
general extension program which are
to be emphasized during the coming
year, according to Ballard's state
Michigan now has ill county agents,
covering "7 counties, according to R.
J. Baldwin, director of extension work
at M. A. C. This staff covers the
state thoroughly, and their programs
for the year's work are taken as an
accurate index of the problems far
mers themselves are emphasizing at
the present time.
Willard S. Peterson, Eastward st
gave himself a bad cut to a finger of
his right hand while working a new
machine at the wheel plant. The
linger is healing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Pitman
and Mrs. Nicholson have moved back
again to their old home at the corner
of Eastward st. and Linden ave.
Mrs. George Switzer is suffering
from blood poisoning in her face.
Mrs. Wescott, and her two daugh
ters, have moved back to their for
mer home on Hayes avenue.
Mr. Harry W. DeYoung, Republic
avenue, has resigned his position in
the otTice of the pickle plant.
The Clarence Conrad family, East
ward st., aie entertaining Mrs. Fa.
Conradfi Okeechobee, Fla., and her
two sons, also Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Kidd, Lansing.
Mr. James Baird, Elmwood avenue,
after three years service with Swift
& Co., has resigned his position there
and is now acting as night watchman
with the Republic plant.
The Rev. J. M. Cclston, D. I).,
whese ministry at Eastminster ehap
elel is so much appreciated, is having
a reunion at U. of M., Ann Arbor, of
his graduating class of the year IStVJ.
Out of a class of thirty-four, Mr.
Cclston expects to meet thirteen of
his classmates who graduated from
Ann Arbor fifty-three years ago.
There will be a Children's Day
service at Eastminster chapel this
Sunday morning. In order to allow
the congregation to attend the high
school baccalaureate service in the
evening at the Methodist church,
there will be no evening service at
the chapel. At four o'clock Sunday
afternoon a two reel moving picture
film showing magnificent views of th?
Grand Canyon, Colorado, will be
During the storm Friday evening
the residence of Elmwood park addi
tion were stalled by a severe crash )
of thunder and soon a number of pco- i
pie were observed running toward
the Ramsay residence on Elmwood
ave. They found that the lightning
had struck the dormer window on the
west side of the house tearing the
lath and plaster away completely
from the wall beneath. It then ran
thru the floor to the ceiling below
tearing away part of the ceiling from
the bedroom and cracking the plaster ,
thru the hall and living room. It
blew out the plugs on the back stair-1
way. All of the nush button wall
plates of the elect ic liht ry-i"".-i
were bent and the lihti tN ' " " '"
the house were blown out. Curio?: !y
enough no fire was kindled. Mrs.
Ramsay had a narrow escape as she j
had only a moment before removed a
screen from the window where the
lightning struck. The house carries'
a tornado insurance, f I ' gTHI. '
Last Thursday evening the Repub
lic school presented the be'st piece of
work given by the school, namely, the
operetta, The Golden Gift, to a large
audience. The pupils from all the
grades from the kindergarten to the
eighth grade, took part in the pro
giam. The singing, under the direc
tion of Miss Emmel was exceptional
ly good. All those who took part
seemed to be letter perfect in their
rdes, and many in the audience were
heard' complimenting tin teachers on
the splendid work done for this en
tertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Vein Holme's, Linden
ave., have moved to Owosso.
Mr. Dan Dickens, Grace avenue, re
turned home Saturday from Milwau
kee. He had to leave immediately
for 'Detroit on business for the Re
public plant.
Misses Stitt and Trapp motored on
Friday afternoon to Kalamazoo on a
visit to Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth of
that city. Mr. Elsworth is a gradu
ate of Alma College and a former
superintendent of the Alma public
schools. He is at present at the head
of the Normal training school at
Ladies, get a box of the Social size
Ilammermill Bond Stationery, 2."i)
sheets of paper with the same number
of envelopes at the Record office.
Taken from Rupert HiiKhes1 clevt'i story which appeared in
Evening Post.
One of the most delightful comedies in which this genial
Shown with
Buster Keaton
Tuesday and
Chaplin jML
It's a Laugh! A Scream!
A Roar!
ALICE BRADY in "Dawn of the East"
i-V .:; m
J. ;.'. f
M,, -Ww .- -V- -
Congo, the baby hippo, with the John Robinson Circus, Alma, Saturday, June 21.
rvtxri& " f'Pd
"The Paleface
i - y .
'. . .-. -..
-J. ,. i a '.'K. X
1? A
Sunday and Monday
the Saturday
Irishman ever
r 7.? JZg-gft" ' 3 ctCK UOI.T f-
rr rr n f mrt
1 '"r''77;rT:JfrV?rr.l
. ' Vef '-'-i ''-V
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.,., .. '
TP "07 "E?
ana Friday

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