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Thursday. June 15, 1022
College and High School Sporting News
Detroit Newspapers
Arranged the Game
.The Michigan Intercollegiate Cham
pionship baseball team of 11)22 from
Alma College has been accorded an
honor that has never been tendered to
a baseball team of the association in
the past, an invitation to play on
Navin field in Detroit, the home of
the Detroit Tigers, on Saturday, July
The invitation to the Champions is
extended to the team through The De
troit News by the sporting editors of
the Detroit newspapers, who follow
the work of the college aggregations
clorely and who believe that the Alma
Champs will be a big drawing card.
The Maroon and Cream t-eam is to
play an all star aggregation picked
from the Manufacturers league of
Detroit, which,, is composed of some
of Michigan's fastest amateur dia
mond aggregations and it is certain
that Campbell's outfit will find some
rough going in the game on Navin
The game is being staged ns a
benefit for disabled soldiers in the
hospital -in Detroit, and it is expect
ed that this being the nature of the
contest, the turnstiles at the Tiger
lair will be kept busy on the day of
the big game, and that thousands of
Detroit people will see the Alma col
legians perform, which while being
an aid to the disabled soldiers there,
will also be a source of fine adver
tising for the College.
There is but little question but
what the Alma team put in the field
on. July 1 will be the strongest that
the collegians have had together at
any time this year, unless the un
expected happens. Captain "Iron
sides" Crittenden, will probably get
the hurling assignment in this game,
as the Alma Collegians realizing the
stiff game that they will have on
their hands, will make every possible
effort to turn back the foe, and give
the Detroit baseball public a game
well worth their attention.
The wonderful finish that the Al
ma collegians put on the M. I. A. A.
season, after they were apparently
out of the race, which enabled them
to jump from fourth place to first
place and the title in two days, is
one of the big features that made the
fightln college aggregation stand out
as the one team that should be
brought to Detroit to play the bene
fit game.
It is part of good sportsmanship
to learn to take defeat graciously.
However, hundreds of Albion fans
have had some difficulty in gct
ing reconciled to that forteenth in
ning field day defeat by Alma.
Probably no game in recent years
left the rooters so deeply impressed
with what might have happened at
several points if Albion had played
just a little differently. Hut we lost
and take off our hats tp a worthy
foeman. No team ever had a bet
ter right to a championship than
those Alma boys clean, fir' sports
men, everyone of them from their
brilliant pitcher, Crittenden down to
the last hitter on the list. It was a
wonderful game and if Alma and Al
bion play off the final again next
year well, Alumni field will have
a hard time to hold them all. Al
bion Recorder.
IN PiriTINd OVEH 22 TO 1
Alumni Battled
College to Tie
The Alma collegians had their
hands full Tuesday afternoon with
the Alumni, and the Michigan Inter
collegiate champions were forced to
divide honors with the Old Hoys, the
score standing at 2 all when the
game was called at the end of the
seventh to give time for the turning
of dirt for the new memorial gym
nasium. Eddie lloyne did honors on the
mound for the Old Timers for six
innings and pitched highly effective
ball, holding the collegians to two
hits both of which came in the second
inning for the runs that the Champs
nailed down. Catherman of the col
lege team hurled the seventh inning
for the Alumni and did some fancy
work striking out two men in that
inning. "Ironsides" Crittt-nden also
had some stutT on the ball, the Alum
ni connecting fer just one hit during
the fray, this being a 1 ingle taken by
Johnny Campbell of Alma and Uni
versity of Muhigan fame, a brother
of Coach Campbell. Hoth runs taken
by the Old Uinis came on errors in
the second.
In the second Fitch was safe on
Hathsburg's error, lloyne was bit by
a pitched ball, after FiLh in stealing
second went on to third on Heckton's
error. IJoyne attempted to steal and
('arty threw the ball to the center
field fence and both men counted.
The collegians came back in their
half. Crittenden opened with a sin
gle, and then Kathsbure; leaned
against one that went to the fence for
a homer, Crittenden r.iorinj; ahead of
Lineup and summary:
Alumni A I! II II O
Smith, ."rd 0 0 1
Campbell, 2ml :i 0
Letters Awarded
At Chapel Service
Leters and other honors for ath
letes, orators and debaters, were
awarded Monday at the final chapel
service of the year at Alma College,
thirteen men receiving the football
Ittter, ten the basket ball letter, nine
the tiack letters and eleven securing
letters as members of the Michigan
Intercollegiate baseball . champions.
Four letters were awarded for tennis.
In debate six letters were given and
two were awarded in oratory.
Letters to members of the cham
pionship M. I, A. A. baseball team
were awarded to Captain Crittenden
of Howell, Williams of Brown City,
Shaver of Day City, Kirker, Hicker
son und Carty of Detroit, Ryan and
Beckton of Caro, Wright of Cross
well, Johnston of Newberry and
Catherman of Farmington.
In football letters were awarded to
Captain Waggoner of Bad Axe, Tar
rent of Harbor Beach, McNaughton
of Argyle, Hunter and Howard Fos
ter of Newberry, Shaver of Bay City,
Johnson of Newberry, Kirker, Hick
erson and Carty of Detroit, Beam of
Maocelona, Wright of Crosswell,
Sordistrom of Bay City, and Cather
man of Farmington.
In track letters were awarded to
Captain Vreeland, Sidney Foster and
Howard Foster of Newberry, Hand
ley of Alma, Bentley of Alma, Rose
of Ashley, Johnston of Newberry, and
Bailey of Breckenridge. Medals won
at the M. I. A. A. meet were present
ed to Captain Vreeland, Handley,
Hicktrson and Johnston.
In tennis letters were presented to
the Misses Fellows of Marlette and
Shaunding of Allegan, and to Porter
of Ionia and Frye of La Grange, 111.
In oratory letters were presented to
Frank Vreeland of Bay City and Miss
Louise Osgood of Temperance.
Debating letters were given to
Robert Wyatt of Rudyard, Roger
Zinn of Alma, Russell Wilson of
Traverse City, J. Thomas Dasef of
Stanton, Forest Freeman of Bay
Announcement was made that the
business men of Alma were taking
up a collection to present jerseys to
the members of the 1922 Alma Col
lege Michigan Intercollegiate Champs.
It- is expected that they will atrivc
within the next two weeks and they
will be mailed to the letter winners
of the team.
Vreeland and Williams, who finish
their college courses (his year, fol
lowing past custom, will be presented
with the tervice nweater. These had
not arrived ,in time for the final
chaptl service Monday)
The Alma Hi-h School baseball , I!"14'' ss "
I itch, c
team put over a 22 to 1 victory on joVU.t p
Ilhaca Thursday and thereby insured Simniinton,
fer itself a tie f r li'st honors in the j King, rf
Central Michigan league of high Catl'ney, m
schools with the wjnr.ers of the Mt. I Catherman, p .
Pleasant-Shepher.l contest, and im- Pohley, If
mediate decision was made to ask 1
for n play off for the league title. I
No one expected that the Alma ball College
tossers would find the Ithacans as Beckton, ss
easy as they proved to be, although i Hickerson, 2nd
none doubted but what Alma would I Carty, c
have the needed punch to put over j Johnston, If ....
a victory. Shaver, if
Dick, the fifteen year old fresh- Crittenden, p
man hurler, who had pitched against ! Rathsburg, m .
Clare High and earned a l." to 1 vie-j Kirker, .'Jrd
tory on Tuesday went back Thursday
to the mound to stop the Ithaca ag
gregation and he rcpcllu! the Ithaca
stickers with five hits, all of them
singles, and -except for the aid of an
Alma error, he would not have been
sceied upon.
Ithaca used three hurlers in the
effort to stop the race of the team
around the sacks, but only in one in
ning did Ithaca manage' to keep Alma
from crossing the home plate. In
one other inning Alma was able to
acpiire just one run, but in the other
sessions the players dashed around
the sacks almost at will, Ithaca er
rors coupled with the Alma hitting,
j proving a big benetit to the Alma
outfit in chasing runs around the
In the first inning Alma chased
six runs over the plate with very
little effort, the Ithacans piling up
a bunch of errors, and before the in
ning was played out, as after events
proved, the game was won.
Innings 1 2 .'J 4 o ( 7 X !) R II E
Ithaca 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 5 10
Alma ; :) l o 2 :i 1 x 22 11 4
2 1 21 :
1 11
In the third Mt. Pleasant scored
twice. Florey was safe 'on Elias
error. He took second when Strong
let Chaffin's peg go into the crowd,
which should have had Florey flat
footed off first. Hirsh grounded to
Chaffin and Sisco rapped out a tri
ple to-left, scoring Florey. He
scored a minute later on Tripp's pass
ball. In the seventh McCabe was
safe on Elias' error, which allowed
him to go to second. He took third
on a pass ball, and scored when Wag
ner fuzzlcd a roller that Hirsh sent
to second and which should have
been the third out.
Alma counted first in the seventh.
Wilk was safe at first on a poor peg
ly Walton, who made Mt. Pleasant's
only error. He took second on a
wild pitch and scored on Burt's single
to left. In the eighth the final run
counted. Strong walked and went to
second when Dick walked. Wagner
was out on an infield fly. Wilk
smashed a double to right and
Strong scored, Dick haulting at
third, and being caught a moment
later at the plate.
Alma 000 000 110 2.'J7
Mt. Plyeasant 002 000 lOx IVM
Batteries: Chaffin and Tripp; Wal
ton and Hirsh.
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IJffcctive Monday, June 12
Trains :w ami M between Pay City. Saginaw and Grand
Rapids will ho restored on the following hc.cuu...
Train .Tl
Week I lavs
1 1 :2.'
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Crand Rapids
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and 5:55 PM.
For changes en other divisions inquire of Ticket Agent.
ijmimiimii.immiimm uiniinnm iinnnit
Almaitcs Praise
The Albion Team
Down Albion way, they are sing
ing the praises of Captain Victor
Crittenden, Coach Campbell and the
Alma College la'bal) team for their
wonderful preformance in winning
the championship of the Michigan In
tercollegiate in a record game with
Albion, the fans there and Coach
Miller's men realizing the determina
tion that Alma put into the fray, fol
lowing Friday's hard tilt with Kala
mazoo, and Thursday's hard trip to
Allium wViir-Vi rwnvl y.ct.1j?J .!
astrously for several of the ball
players who went into a ditch.
The Alma players were in reverse
when they arrived home, and were
loud in their praises of the great fight
that the Methodists put up in coming
up from behind and twice tying the
score. The men have not yet finish
ed talking about it either, and it will
be many a moon before any of the
men who took part in that contset
forget the great fighting spirit that
Miller's men displayed. From Ed.
Smith down to the weakest fielder
and batter of the team, they were
out there fighting. That was what
made it possible for Albion to take
advantage of Alma's slips in the
fray, and come up twice, after being
apparently beaten, and tying the
rcore. It should have been a 1 to
0 victory for Crittenden and his
mates in regulation innings, and the
fact that Albion twice knotted the
count by coming from behind, shows
that Alma was up against a worthy
foe, the kind that Alma teams al
ways welcome engagements with,
clean fellows, who never know when
they are beaten, and who battle un
til the final mnn has been retired.
Much commendation should be
theirs. It was no disgrace to be
beaten in such a game and by such
a team ns the Alma team one de
termined to win, and which battles as
if life itself depended upon the result.
Williams, 1st .
Alma 0 2 o o o o o 2
Alumni 0 2 0 0 0 0 02
Home run Rathshurg. Sacrifice
hit Reckt( n. Hit by pitcher: by
Crittenden 1 "(P.oyne). Hits otT
Royne 2 in C innings, olT Catherman
1 in 1 inning. Rases on balh Off
Crittenden 1, ofT Iioyne 2. Struck
out by Iioyne f, by Catherman 2, by
Crittenden 3. Umpire Cash.
Alma High School's baseball team
handed the championship of the Cen
tral Michigan league of high schools
to Mt. Pleasant yesterday in the play
off of the tie on neutral grounds at
Shepherd, errors being responsible
for all of the runs that the Isabella
County team secured in its .'I to 2 vic
tory, y
Miles Chaffin never pitched a bet
ter game for Alma than (he urie b
displayed at Shepherd in endeavoring
to bring a victory to his school and
with it the championship banner of
the league, and while Walton pitched
a great game for Mt. Pleasant, even
the victors must conceed that the Al
ma lad had a good edge in the hurl
in. Chaffin allowed by three scat
tered blows to the Mt. Pleasant ag
gregation, the hardest hitting team
of the league and struckout eleven
men with his benders. In two in
nings in which the Mt. Pleasant team
did not score men were put on first
by errors, and aided around to third
before a man was down, but each
lime the Alma hurler pulled himself
out of the hole, in one inning striking
down three men at the plate in suc
cession. Due credit must be given to
Walton, who hurled nice ball for the
winners, and held Alma to three hits,
striking out sixteen, but it must be
admitted that Alma had the only
earned run of the game.
Even in spite of seven errors be
hind him which came at critical per
iods, Alma would have had a tie score
or better hail it not been for primary
grade base running in two different
innings. In the sixth with one
down and; two on bases, both men
left their sne.ks on a (ly to the
outfield, making possible a double
killing at a time when Walton was
ragging and threatening to go down
under the fire of the Alma attack. In
the eighth poor base running again
cost a possible chance. When with
two gone and two on a runner at
tempted to score from third on a bad
peg to that base to nail him. On
the way home he slowed down enough
to turn and see where the ball was
and It beat liim to the plate on a play
that should have knotted the count.
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