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TIiui-.mIuv. June 2D, 1922
HAItCOCK & UltOSSKOI'F. Publiahtrt
I'ullishetl Fvery Thursday Afternoon at Alma, (Iratiot (bounty, Michigan
li. 8. UAIU'IX K, h:.lit..r
F.MNOIt C. ItAlICOCK, Ahh.h-UU lUJitof
For Btlvrrti-inir rat" m.ly for m-httliili. Nilir'H f rlmrrh and Iixlpe imriaN nj en
triinmkriti tohi-tv lulmi .: imi is liuiv l. rrrulitr tuj vcrti intr rutin. CMituary imtlftti, I'JZ
words tic, over that, uiu- riiit per wool. All oliituury tiy, in' cent ir word. Clu-iNi-u
nd-t, on- t-t nt j' r a or J null i.suf, sith u iniiainuiii j. ine of ;:.' icuU, vuh in advance;
tamp it'if I'ttil.
$1 .r.n
yr. . .
niiiiitli i
wiii:n i'aiu in aiivamk
()ii ri.i.v, tlin-o iiiniitlis. . .
Ontsiil.' tf State, oiih yi-nr.
With Our State
Con I cm por ariat
Th) K-4'urtl w -iiifi i nt I ho j.i
Mill ti.i t-rt'itiitl-rlasH inntl.r.
tllu f. AIiiib, Mi.himn, for truiisml iiou through the
mil roKDNHvs ri;tirkil t
Tho state of Michigan may very
will rt-Kitt tlu determination of Jo
seph W. Fordney to retire from con
gress at. the conclusion of h is pres
ent term of of fie. Vi do not sa
this because we believe that Mr.
Fordney always has been correct in
the? positions he has taken on ..public
matters. There arc, for instance-,
features of his tarifT hill that seem
more than dubious, and his American
valuation plan requires a great deal
of defense. Hut Mr. Fordney com
mands respect (-ven though one may
differ with him strongly and at times
question seriously the wisdom of hi-
opinions. ior throughout tl:e almost
quarter of a century of his work in
the house of representatives, the
member from the Fight Michigan dis
trict has consistently had the cour
age of his convictions. He has stood
honestly by his beliefs and principles,
lie has not trimmed, lie has been a
man. And as he has gained in ex
perience, he has become an outstand
ing public servant and has dune good
woik for his nation and his state.
A No, and this is no small matter,
Mr. Fordney has given Michigan
piideful prestige and influence in
congress. In this connection, the peo
ple of the Fighth district d-serc
credit and thanks b.-c;inc after tiri,!-
capahle representative, they
good .-vr.s.. to value bin.
as much probability that tho cuts were 'and stick to him. If sun? other Mich-
Undoubtedlv members of i'ran , ,slnrl wou" .s t,rK" w:
woul'.l nave m t!ie na
a much stronger all
the railroad workers just compensation, with due regard to the j round representation than it p
cost of living, compensation paid in other lines of industry, the i sesse.j)etnnt rvv Press,
character of the work, and the ability of the industry to pay. ".massacrf"
However that may be, the fact remains that the Railroad The bloody happenings at Ileum
Board is a lawfully- established tribunal of adjudication; it pro-111-, classify umFu- only one Anglo-
, . i r i i l i ! Saxon word, "massacre." We haw
reeded with its work in a lawtul manner; it reached a decision ( h(.;ml 1)(.ful.t, jn this Klin,rati(,n ()f
which stands as the expression of the will of the American people. labor riots, race riots, bread riot.;, etc.
nnd that decision is entitled to the same resnect as anv other do- lul massacre . no apj)iua
cision bv anv other governmental tribunal.
in i)i:riAN( i: or the law
Notwithstanding frequent assertions that the American peo
ple are showing a tendency to look with leniency upon lawlessness
the fact remains that the American people are the most law abid
ing1 of any in the world. They recognize as the fundamental piin
ciple of American institutions that this is a government by 1 iw
and not by men, and that liberty depends obsolutely upon the
maintenance and enforcement of law. This being true there can
be no hope of ultimate success of a general railroad strike in de
fiance of the decision of the Railroad Labor Hoard in the matter
of railroad wages.
It may be readily admitted that perhaps the Railroad Labor
Hoard in its decision did not reach exact justice, for exact justice
is impossible as long as human intirmatives continue. But it may
be safely asserted that the decision of the Board, after due con
sideration of all the facts and circumstances, is a far nearer ap
proach to justice than can be attained bv any other means or
t i , j. 1 ,ntf Ji capan
through any other agency. In the reduction ot wages, which haveimiVl. n.ui tu.
been ordered, there is just
4 tt on-ill iw flifii film wi'i'ii i ( im (rep-it
the Board did what they thought was right in an elfort to award j tional1 capital
tion in the United Statt s of recent
years. The urim thimr haiks hai k
In an elfort to substitute lawful procedure for the force and: to the days of the pioneers when red
violence of a strike or a lockout, and in an endeavor to protect the j inM savages sprang from the U:i-
, ... .. . . , c , (leibrush to slay pale-faced invadei
interests of all the people trom the conlhcting interests of employ- ( without mertv. The River Raisin
ers and employes, Congress passed the law which provided for the ! massacre in Michigan near Monroe
. ii, i;, ,..,iii.. i,l JJcniMo Thnt tkn lnu- w na norfiwt m- iti and the destruction of Custer's
lUlJinilUUIOIl Ul llllllOlUI UI.'IUll.- XlMtLlltV, .-lww'-vvl.wi .t.'i
administration perfect is quite likely, but it is the best that has
ever been accomplished for the general welfare. It substitutes
legal decisions based upon evidence in the place of agreements
forced by arbitrary power on the one hand or exacted under the
threat of distress and devastation on the other. The country is
presented, therefore, with the question whether it will be gov
erned by lawful procedure or by mob rule. There can be no ques
tion whatever as to the position the great body of American peo
ple will take.
A railroad strike may Ik
brave band at Little Pie; Horn art
comparable with the Ht r i in ma-sac e.
Hut in all of these casts as in the
race riots at Fast St. Louis and in
Texas the element of racial anti
pathy was a factor. At Hen in, how
ever, white men tortured and killed
other white men without quarter and
denying mercy. To find anything
even remotely resembling this massa
cre we must ir back '"." years in
American history to the day when
Mormon fought Christian in the
called, but, if called, it will mark mountains of Uah j.:u.n th(. Moun
the beginning of the end of the organizations responsible for de
fiance of law and disregard of the public welfare.
tain Meadows Massacre, in which 1"M
non-Mormon settlers in Utah were
ruthlessly slaughtered is n't wholly
akin to this 2'2 horror, since it was
largely Indians who did the killing
women and children beinu' included
in the slain although Mormons were
charged to have inspired the massa
cre. In fact, .Jchn I. Lee, a Mormon
leader, was condemned and exi cuted
in lh"7 for his share in the conspir
acy. There is a ditiercncc between
Co-operative ! fijrhtintr .d massacre. All reports
tln hope of the strik(.1)r,.lkt.r, Wl.n, t.olu)i(.l.,y vt.r.
piophel is to be fulfilled. The old age Still lifts Up its Voice t() Cry, powered, and the Associated Press
Wnr i inovH.ol.lo th now :iov cro. ':r i no more inevitable declares they were herded together
than slavery. The old age still insists that the state has no obli
gation but power; the new age answers that the state can be as
Christian as a man. The old age urges that all nations must be
armed against each other; the new age replies that all nations
must co-operate together for the world's peace. In this choice be-
The following extract is from a little book by II. E. Fosdick,
the eminent New York clergyman. It was probably written soon
after the great war and before the Washington Conference. It
is a commentary oji the spirit which pervaded that great meet
ing of the nations.
After quoting a passage from Isaiah he flays.
responsibility must overpass national lines, if
and slain. In this
black record resemble
Meadows Massacre,
smacks of the days of
peit Herrin's
the Mountain
The crime
the Iiviui.-ition.
In years jrone b niasacres have been
inspired by two e;reat causes of dis
cord: religion and racial inharnnny.
That horrors remindful ir. their in-
in its origins, motives, methods and issues is the most powerful' Massacre and the savaVe ruthless-
tween Christ and Satan, Christians have an enormous stake. War
earth. But individual service alone ness of the Indians can occur in this
The co-operative organization of all ', country in the Twentieth Century
the international good-will there is, is indispensable. What an ex-: powerful evidence of the extremes to
which conflict between Labor and
anti-Christian influence on
cannot handle the problem.
panded, steady, wise and ardent public-mindedness will be neces
sary to make such co-operation win the day!"
There is no excuse for anybody not putting by something for
a rainy day. The United States Treasury is olfering securities
A N N ( ) I J N C I : M A I I i I A ( ; i :
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Creascr of this
city have announced the marriage, on
that meet the most modest pocketbook. Treasury Savings Stamps 'June 17, of their daughter, Celia, to
Capital can ro when
peaceful adjudication i
(Irand Rapids Herald.
lacking. The
can be bought for one dollar each at any post office or bank.
When twenty of them have been accumulated they can be ex
changed for a Treasury Savings Certificate that in five years will
be redeemed by the United States for $25. That means that your
money will have earned interest at 1VL w cent per annum, com
pounded semiannually. Other Savings Certificates in $100 and
1,00Q denominations may be bought for $80 and $800, respective
ly. An individual may own as much as $5000 worth of those certifi
cates of the series of any one year, and may then buy $5,000
worth of the next year's series, and so on. There is no better in
vestment in the world. The interest return is higher than any
savings bank, and the security of the principal is beyond question.
Mr. J. R. Rosencrans af Middleton.
They will make their home on the
groom's farm near Middleton.
Fvery thing is set for the t big auto
;u ing progiam on the Mt. Pleasant
'air Cioumh track the afternoon of
i u!y 1th, when the Isabella County
.vair Society will give races under
auction of the Michigan Speedway
Vssociation. Secretary Purch has
u en receiving mail orders and phone
from all over this section of the
from parti 's who want to be
that they will be al le to get
. All the star drivers of Mich
will !.; on hand and the races
be the big feature of an all day,
f.ishioned cebhration and Mt.
"!:as'int N putting forth her best
Ire-vS t make welcome and acconi
nodate the big horde of visitors that
.re experted.
Among the fann us drivers who
vill be on hand is Hob Wil.'ox of
!V(i so, for. several years stat.- cham
ion, and who is driving a Frontcnac
'.his year, and in which be created a
lew state record of 'Y- and l-" seconds
ast week. Fitted against him will
e such stars as Dudek, the flashy
Iriver from Standish, who always
make the opposition as tough as
tossible; McCale f Detroit, Long,
.Yooll and (
Taylor from
arpenti r from Saginaw,
Flint, Shindlcr from De-
ioit, Hull from (Jrand Rapids and
tlier stars.
The races start at ." o'clock andovill
onsist of from seven to nine evT.ts,
letermined by the numb? r of (dim
nation heats that are necessary.
(Continued from page one)
ek the no; lination, making certain
th,' p'diiica.I toga will not oe
d on to anv one.
.lit ical . gossip eaily Monday be
to link tmmei ous namvs with ihe
.1 ready some of
ed their hats into
.: :aiiiiv primary.
L" en u have to.
he ring, and there is every probahil
ty that another week will see a still
:rcatT list if camlidates. Among
hose who have entered the race, or
. hos" names are being connected w ith
t as prol al le candidates for the Re
niblican nomination at the primary
.n September 2 are .Judge Finest A.
now of Saginaw, Fin! .1. Vincent of
vigil. aw, city attorney, and William
-mith of St. .Johns, chairman of th.'
Michigan Public Utilities Commis
ion. Expectations ikw are that theie
vill be an agreement between Judge
;nuv and I'.ird J. Vincent, as to which
f th.'se Saginaw men will make the
a.-e against Smith.
Mrs. Miller of Maple Ridge farm,
oe mile west of this city, is opening
a tea loom at her farm home, which
is adjacent to the golf grounds, and
will furnish a delightful place of re
freshment for the numerous players
and their friends, who are almost con
stantly on the course. Mrs. Miller
expects to open the charming tea
room on July -I.
The thirty-third annual I'attcngiU
uunic.n, of th. former pupils of the
late Henry Pattoiigill, will be held on
Friday at the home of Fred (iriswold,
on tiunk line 11, near Lansing Fri
day. Mr. (Iriswold was a former
(Jratiot resid-nt, and one of "Fat's"
former pupil. It is expected that
many of Pattrngill's foimer pupils
iti this county will attend the reunion.
I Basrtley's Market
coon skrmci:
t ..... c
client commcnccoieoi.
.r.ad.- Sunday evening m the union
ervires hcld'in the park. An audience
:f .'.proximately two hundred lis
'cned to an inspiring message from
Rev. llertnn, of the Episcopal church,
(' thc-ive "Sowers and Jceaiers.
Smith hd the community sing
led by a union choir. Airs.
Malcolm Smith sang a solo or un
;rial beauty.
Next Sunday evening Rev. E. E.
!-.outler will speak using the theme,
Stewards of Redemption."
I 'rank
r g a1 uc
"I Cot Real Mad
Mv Setting Hen,"
When I Lost;
Mrs. Hannan.
'T went into the hen house one .
morning and found my favorite setter
.lead. I got real mad. Went to the j
store, bought some RAT-SNAP and!
in r. .reel: I got six dead rats. Every- j
1 odv who raises poultry should keep
Three size.?, ""c, O.'c, $1.2.". Sold
and guaranteed by C. R. Murphy and
Winslow Pros. Drug Stores. advertisement.
The Best Baked Goods
fresh every day
Meals and Lunches
at all hours.
Try our dinner at 30c.
328 Stale Street
France is to send a financial commission this month to the
U. S. for the purpose of arranging the refunding of the French
debt to this country. A British commission will also come at an
early date, and the end of the year may well sec about seven
tenths of the total foreign debt put in negotiable form, with in
terest payments assured, and a date for final liquidation arranged.
With negotiations concluded with the two principal debtor nations,
it should not prove a difficult matter to take up the question with
each of the other countries in turn and speedily convert the notes
now held by the Treasury into securities that may be handled in
the future as Congress may direct.
A still tongue is not always a wise one. Sometimes the judge
considers it contempt of court.
The richer a man gets the poorer he feels in his greed for
more. . 2
1 July
t y
Ml Plaaimt
Feature of all day
Isabella County Agricultural
Admission 50 Cents
Starts 3 P. M.
THAT a cool kitchen in summer
does much to make' a happy home.
THAT you should pity the man
who can't see anything good in his
own home city.
THAT the only knocker you
should have in your eitv is MR
OITOUTUNITY, who is today
knocking at your floor. Why not
open the door and let him in. DO
IT NOW, some day he may get
tired of waiting and have.
THAT a dead fish floats down
stream. It takes a LIVE FISH
to .-wim up stream.
THAT then; is untold s.aisf.vr
lien in knowing that you are one
of the progressive citiens who are
building your city.
THAT the niei chant that ad
vertises, knows the merit of his
wares an I must substantiate his
every printed assertion.
THAT you should (JET THE
THAT after the family reads
your home paper, mail it to some
friend or acquaintance in some
other city or state. Try it for
a month, that is one way to help
advertise your city.
E. R. Waite, Sec", Shafnee, Okla.
C. of C.
Kansas Dread Flour A Kettle Roasts of beef
none be tter, sack H$J xt,;l quality, lb. ID'-
Corned beef, boneless, lb K,c
Hamburg t ah, Hi I-'.-
Pork steak, lb F-c
Fresh potk in c hunk, 1! 1 Ic-l'Je
Fresh pork rhanks, lb 10c
Pork in picked, lb 1lV-17c
I'ac-on, home smoked, lb 2.1c
Fork sausage, lb Die
Lard, home rendered, lb ... loc
Smoked hams, sugar cured
half or whole .33c
Smoked ham butts, 4 5 lbs.
per lb 1.1c
Veal for slewing, lb .... IlV-D-c
Veal roasts, lb 20c
Veal chops, lb J'c-:'.ic
Fowls for stewing ami roast
ing, per lb ."iWe-.'JJe
Lak-e trout, lb 27c
Mackerel in brine, lb .2sc
Cod- fish I lb boxes 2-"c
Salmon, tall can l.'c
Che; ; e, full cream. .. - -7c
Corn, can Flc
Milk, tall can 10c
IYa, sifted, can F2c
;'ouo, can F)c, 3 for -.27c
Peaches in syrup No.SVi can 20c
Prunes, good size, lt Frc
Rai,ins in bulk, lb - 21c
Apricots, fancy, lb 34c
I.oganberi ies, No. 10 can C0c
Pineapple, No. 10 can 7-rc
Peaches -75c
Catsup, No. 10 can B0c
Dill pickles, doz. 18c
Co' ( a, qt. jar - - 20c
I "dad; Cross tea, lt .rC
C il'; e in bulk good ejuality
U ..27-32c
(linger Snaps, lb 12c
Fig bars, lb - 15c
P.-royidc bath tablets 8c
(iood broom - 50c
:r and k(jgs
y Alma Creamery Co'gP;
y Dairy Foods
( -
The Store With the Low
Prices and Quality Goods
,f.s7 a few of our Regular Prices
That's what all the kiddy-
girls and kiddyboys say
ff when you give them i
tjj treat of your bread and
our milk. And its migh-
ty goed for 'em, folks. K;
Pasteurized Pivductif.
Soap, Toilet,
Pure (llycerine
Matches, Flue Ribbon
Silv. r Flak" Rcdb-d
Oats, 20 I.;:, pkg. . .
Silver Leaf .Idly,
K D7.. tumbhr
Coin, Kemp's Sugar
. Teas, is; cnsin
j per can
! 1! 'ans, Wax, String and 1flf
I Faked IUU
Coirec-, Coldcn Santos 9Rp
1 To. pkg. sMf
j (. a, Star-A-Star
i 1 ijl. jar
Unions, good l-rtring ACn
For Saturday, July 1st
Com, Pea.; and ilciiu.s, One
Dozen Can.;, assorted
Cream of Wheat Bread Flour
21' ' IF. sack
IW carry a full line of Choice Meals
at ihe lowest possible prices.
Game's Cash Market
(VW E. Suoerior St.
Open Evenings
The Collossus of Comedy
in Four Reels
ii i I i in jn ...1 7 . 1 "J:
, ifWift I
S r . - rr . .. .v L :
A Sailor-Made
The Supor-drcadnoiiKhfc of
ln with no limitation on
Shown with
Mr. and Mrs.
Carter Dc Haven

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