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f{oto is the Time to fix Up.
jfoW tbe time to bdy yodr paint and White
wajh brashes of ds.
We will close out our entire stock of
brushes at first cost, 20 to 35 cer ts will buy a
good large brush from us.
We also have a few gallons of paint which
will be closed out at
25c Per Quart.
Frost €$ Spies,
Washburn, Wis.
y 0 * THE 0 <
Is again being conducted under the
direct management of
i •
And will give every effort to be clean and
up-to-date, serving only
The Best of Good Things to Rat.
Meals and Lunches at all Hours.
We will endeavor to satisfy all the wants of the inner man,
and conduct everything on a basis of a 4
w A First Class Restaurant. A
you tired of using steeLjjjl f ,|j|L
* 0. A. HERING. *
Furniture the Home.|
VOU are probably through with your housecleaning
* and you deserve a good rest, but you may see an
empty spot here and there, and we want you to come
here and make a selection of Parlor Chairs, Library
/ Tables, or anything else }’ou may need in the line of
Furniture, to fill in the bare spots.
All of our furniture is
A /No. 1 in Quality and Style.
We have one of the Largest and Choicest stocks
of Fuaniture, Stoves and Ranges, Baby Cabs, etc. in
the Northwest, and when you want anything in the
Housefurnishing Line we want you to come and see us,
N. B. —We pay the Freight to Out of Town Buyers.
i ■ i ■————c—jmmj—y i"rirnmiiiMMarniiiriiiMiwiiwi %mmmm ——iJiiiwmifl— m
M. A. Sprague Negotiating For the
Thompson Mill.
InCase the Deal is made the Thompson
Lumber Company Will Cease Operations
at Once.—The Thompson People are
Practically Through.
M. A. Sprague is figuring with the
Thompson Lumber Company for the
purchase of their mill. The Thomp
son people are through with their
work in Washburn, and figure some
on greeting out of business this fall.
Owing to the burning of Mr.
Sprague’s mill he is considering buy
ing the Thompson miil. Negotia
tions are pending, and it is not at
all improbable but that the deal may
be nade within a very short time.
In case of a sale, < The Times is- in
formed, immediate possession will
be given, The price at which the
mill has been set is not known,
Congregational Church Service
Children’s Church service to-night
at 7 o’clock sharp. Prayer meeting
immediately following at 7:45.
Next Sunday will oe observed as
Children’s* Day. Special services
are being arranged for both morning
and evening and our annual offering
will be taken for Sunday school
missionary work in the state.
At the morning service a special
feature will be the baptism of chil
dren. All parents desiring to have
their little ones baptized at this
tinre are requested to send word to
the pastor at once. The subject of
the mbrning sermon will be, “The
religion of a child.” The children’s
choir and abo the church choir will
furnish music.
The evening service beginning at
7:30 sharp will consist of the rendi
tion of a beautiful program now be
ing prepared by the Sunday School.
The public is cordially invited to
all these meetings.
Sunday School and Christian
Endeavor as usual. *
Dog Tax Notice.
The dog tax has been due ana pay
able at the office of the city treas
ures since June Ist. All persons
owning dogs are hereby notified that
unless the tax is paid at once that
the ordinance rearing to the collec
tion and enforcement of the tax will
be rigidly enforced.
Dated June 6, 1905.
R. A. Hiring, City Clerk.
Maccabee Notice.
All msmbere of the Knights of
Maccabees are requested to be pre
sent at the next regular meeting, to
be held Wednesday evening. June
14th. at which time business of im
portance to the order will come up.
E. Bryan, Commander,
Hans Ambly, Record Keeper.
If you want a pretty face and de
lightful air,
cheeks and lovely hair,
Wedding trip across the sea,
Put your faith in Rocky Mountain
Tea. —Fox Bros.
Perfect In quality.
Moderate In pric^p.
Cash Sh oe Store,
Located in the Prudhomiue
Building, next to Franklin
House, is always ready to
supply you with the latest
styles in the best shoes at the
o Cowest {Possible {Prices .
We do all kinds of repairing.
C. N. Cramer Co’s. Big Safe Blown
With Nitro Glycerine
It Seems Certain that the Same men Who
Have Committed Other Robberies in
Washburn are Responsible for
Latest Piece of Work.
The big safe at the C. N. Cramer
& Company warehouse was blown
last Thursday night, and a sum of
money running up to about forty
dollars was taken. Besides this the
safe, which was valued at nearly
four hundred dollars, and was con
sidered one of the the best ip, the
city, was completely ruined. ' Three
charges of nitro-glycerine Were
used, and the steel chest was blown
to pieces, as also were the doors and
other parts of the safe. The reports
were heard by several people, but
there was no alarm giveu, and the
robbers carried out their work un
molested. The first theory advanced
was that the work was that of pro
fessionals, but in the face of the work
done and all the circumstances, this
theory does not hold good. 'Un
doubtedly the same people who have
done other jobs of burglarizing in
Washburn are the ones who blew
the Crammer safe. And unless
these men are brought to time soon
there will undoubtedly be other de
pridations. There are some bad
men in Washburn, and the}' have
been responsible for several very
clumsy pieces of work, and it would
seem that the police officers should
land some of these people before
long. Just what clues the officers
are working on The Times is not
permitted to state, but progress is
being made, and there is likely to be
something sensational at most any
tin- •.
M. E. Church has Big Things on for the
Present Week,
There will be preaching services
at the church next Sunday morning
and evening.
The Fourth quarterly conference
will be held next Saturday evening
in the auditorium of the church at
7:45. Ail who are interested in the
work of this church for another year
are urged to be prelent. This is the
last and most important conference
of the year.
The mortgage burning will be held
in the church parlors Saturday
evening. There will be a short pro
gram beginning about 8:30, after
which refreshments and a social
time. All members of the church
and congregation are invited.
Rev. Frank Haight presiding
elder of the Ashland district, will
preach npxt Sunday morning. The
rite of baptism will be administered
and new members received into the
church. All probationers are re
quested to meet at the parsonage
this Thurday evening.
J. A. Pugh, of Hayward, is in the
Co-Operative Store,
Special Low Prices
On AH Kinds of
Can Goods
For The
Next Two Weeks.
Let us fill your Order for the next lot of
Groceries. We will do our best to try
and please you. Our Prices are Right.
Where the Teachers Spend Vaca
Most of the teachers of the public
schools have departed from the city.
Some will return in the fall to take
up their school work again, while
others % ill not come back. A few
of the teachers have remained in the
city, and Superintendent Oscar will
likely not take a vacation. Miss
Chittenden will liye here the great
er part of the summer, and will
spend a short time at Madeline is
land: Miss Bates will also remain
here. Of those who have already
gone are the following, together
with their destination:
Miss Tormey, to Madison; Miss
Evans, Spring Green: Miss Ring
rose Hancock, Minn.; Miss Smith,
Fox Lake; Miss Lange, Medford;
Miss Peterson, Ellsworth; Miss
Muller, Mayville; Miss Sames, Pres
cott; Miss Hanson, Racine; Miss
Gibson. Iron River; Miss Ray,
Dale; Miss Swenson. Menomonie;
Miss Culver, Cobb; Miss Bronson,
Stevens Point; Miss G-riudell. Platte
vilie; Miss McKanna, Superior; Miss
McCabe, Milwaukee; Miss Snarling,
Berlin; Miss Stuart, South Wayne;
Miss Dougherty, Fond du Lac; Miss
Quammen, Heg.
Commencement Exercises.
Commencement exercises were
held at the Opera House last Friday
night, and the building was filled
with patrons of the school and other
citizens. The room had been very
appropriately decorated for the
event, the motto hanging over
a stage rich in decorations. The
class of eleven graduates occupied
easy chairs on the platform, and
President L. N. Clausen, Principal
S. A. Oscar and Professor H. W.
Rood, the speaker of the evening,
were in evidence. The address
of Professor Rood was a good one,
and left a deep and lasting impres
sion upon the graduates, and was
well received bv the audience. Mr.
Clausen’s presentation was well
worded and well rtceived. Mr.
Oscar and the graduates were given
a hearty welcome, and the approval
of their year of high school work was
shown in the response of the
audience. The class is one of the
best that has ever graduated from
our schools, and they start out in
life with the best wishes of everyone.
Captures the Wing Scholarship.
Miss Ida Tetzner., of the graduat
ing class, has received the $1(0
Wing scholarship, having stood
higher in her class than any of the
other eleven graduates. Her stand
ing was over ninety percent. Guy
Warden was a close second, there
being but a small margin in the dif
ference between his markings and
those of Miss Tetzner. Each year
the scholar having the highest mark
ings receives one hundred dollars
from the earnings of the sum of
mouev set aside several years ago by
Colonel Wing.'
Given a Farewell Banquet. ,
A farewell banquet was given at
Hotel Washburn Tuesday evening in
honor of Frank Dußoise, who has
been at work for the Edward Hines
Lumber, for the past two or three
years, and who leaves in a few days
for the west, where he will remain.
Covers were laid for twenty persons,
and the affair was said to be a
$2.00 PER YEAR.
Work of Takiny Census to Commence
June 20.
County Clerk is Sending Out Neeessary
Forms to Town and City Clerks, Who
Are to Make the OfTic ial Count
for the State Census.
County Clerk N. M. Oscar has
received blanks from the secretary
of state for the taking of the state
census for 1905, and he is sending
these out to the numerous town and
city*clerks of the county this week.
The census is to commence on the
morning of June 20th. and is to be
taken by various town and city
clerks, who are obliged to make their
returns to the county clerk. At the
office of the countyclerks the names
are re-copied and classified and sent
to the state department, where they
become a matter of permanent re—•
cord. The clerks in the towns are
allowed three dollars for each hund
red names. In the city of Wash
bur i\ the clerk will receive but $1.50
for each hundred names. But in
addition he will receive $1.50 per
hundred names for classifying all
persons eligible for service in the
state militia, and renumeration for
other clasifications. The census
blanks provide for complete statis
tics as to manufatures, mining
agriculture, foreign popultation, col
or, sex, age, whether single or mar
ried, parentage, nativity, occupa
tion, property ownership, months
employed during the year, etc. The
census dates from June Ist, so that
any child born between the first of
the month and the twentieth will
not be counted.
The people in the county should
lend every' assistance to *the census
takers, and see to it that every name
is given in. It is a big job for any
one person to tai:e the census of any
of the towns, or of the city of Wash
burn, and there must be assistance
tendered from every person. Let
the number of names be complete, so
that it can be shown up that Bay
field oounty is getting to the front.
It is more than likely' that the Com
mercial Club of this city, will give
its attention to the work, and help
see to it that none are missed in
the count. v
(Official Publication.)
Hank Statement.
Report of fcne financial condition of the
Bayfield County Bank, located at Washburn*
state of Wisconsin, at the close of business on
the 29ih day Qf May, 1905.
Loans and Discounts $97,135 85
Overdrafts 2,543 6£
Bonds v 11,000 00
Banking House, furniture and
fixtures 6,400 Oo
Due from Banks 8,069 8$
Checks on other banks and cash
items 1,285 06
Exchanges for clearing h0u5e...... 177 60
Cash on hand... *. 6,560 30
Total $183,173 33
Capital Stock paid In $20,000 00
Surplus Fund 1,217 47
Undivided Profits, 1.56.8 8t
Due to Banks-deposits 374 35
Deposits 110.017 65
Total $133,173 35
State of Wisconsin ) C<J
County of Bayfield f s
l, C. O. Sowder, Cashier, of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
foregoing statement is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief,
C. O. Sowder.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3rd
day of June, 1905 Arthur W. McLeod
(Notarial Seau) Notary Public.
The Marshals Quit.
The large force of deputy United
States marshals who went to the
Thoroapple dam two weeks ago after
Jack Deitz, the homsteader, return
ed without their prisoner after being
out for several days. Deitz still
holds the fo*’t. undisturbed.
A Polish Wedding.
Mr. Joseph Zokoski and Miss Mary
Mosinak were married at the home
of the latter Tuesday night. The
event was made the occassion for a
big blow out among the Polish peo
ple, who celebrated the affair in a
way peculiarly their own.
W anted: —Girl for general house
work. Apply at once to Mrs. Dal

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