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1 Little Straight Talk by State Superin
tendent Cary Upon Country Schools
St tfce SupminfcencUiiit Ca-y has
issued a small pamphlet of sugges
tions to school officers, in which
tirere is considerable matter of value.
He has a section of his pamphlet
vhic \ he requests read at the an
*l school meetings, and it is
?, rtinent that The Times gives it
g; A It is as fellows:
To ; ' who are interested in the
betters. of our rural school con
It is the com.non belief that rural
schools are not 'improving much, if
any, from year to year. This does
not apply to every school, it does ap
p’y to many schools. When we in
quire into the causes we find that in
?inany school districts there is a feel
ing that any kind of teacher will do.
and the cheaper the better. Every
body knows that in buying a horse,
fifty dollars will not purchase as good
an animal as one hundred dollars will
buy. Yet when it comes to hiring a
teacher there are many people who
think a teacher is a teacher, and if
one can be had for twenty dollars a
month it is just so much clear gain
over paying forty dollars a month.
Sometimes school district officers
boast about “saving” the district
five or ten dollars a month on teach
er's wages, when, as a matter of
fact, they have allowed a good teach
or to leave them, and have engaged
a poor, incompetent excuse for a
teacher, to the lasting injury of their
children and their school. Some
school officers refuse to retain a good
teacher for the next year because
someone or two 'patrons of the
school are displeased because their
children were uot allowed “to run
things” as usual. Good discipline
is absolutely essential to all good
school work.
In order to have a good school you
must have a good teacher and a
district that will allow a few dollars
in salary or a little prejudice to
•weight more than their children's
s.4lfare, is not wise.
The best economy is to get the
ifcest teacher your district can rea
sonably afford. In selecting a good
teacher your county superintendent
nught to be a good adviser.
Next after securing a good teach
er it is important to see that child
ren attend school regularly. No
child can do good work if he has to
be out of school frequently. More
than that, a-school cannot be a good
school if the children attend irregu
The next things of importance
after a good teacher, and good at
tendance are a comfortable school
house,’comfortable seats and plenty
of pure air. Children cannot do
well shut up in a c’ose room where
they have to breathe the same foul
air over and over. We have to
breathe because we need oxygen
from the air, but* breathing the air
takes part of the oxygen and puts
impurities in its place, so that child-,
ren do not get enough of the life
giving oxygen and do get too much
of the impure gases that are contin
ually breathed out.
The best way to give c hildren in
3chool pure air in winter is to have
a basement furnace, or a stove with
a jacket around it from the floor to
the top of the sttfve, or higher, and
an arrangement for taking the fresh
air from the outside by means of an
air shaft extending from the outside,
trader the floor to an opening direct
ly under the stove.
Children who are compelled to
breathe foul air, cannot study well
and they are liable to sickness
golds, headache, and other minor
ailments (and even consumption),
result from impure air. Children
also become nervous and restless,
idle away their time or get into
mischief as a result of the lack of
T)ure air.
One thing more, if there are but
i'ew children in your school, would
it not be well for you to close your
school for the present at least, and
engage some good reliable mau to
take the children of your district to
a neighboring school every morning
and bring them back in the evening.
You would have to make arrange
ment with the district to which you
wish to send and tuition. If j
jour school is small, say ten child - j
jen or less, you would probably find
would cost less, and your children
could have a better teacher. A ,
small school is apt to be a lifeless j
school, but a larger school, with a j
good teacher, ought to be full of
energy and enthusiasm.
The plain road to improvement in
rural schools is through stronger
and better teachers, better attend -
ance, larger schools through con
solidation of small schools, and bet
ter ventilated school houses.
If your school is not already in
good condition in respect to the
matters mentioned, can you not do
something row to bring about an
It is probable that someone from
the state department of education
will visit many country schools dur
ing the coming year and it is the
desire of the department to be use
ful in every way possible in improv
ing rural schools. Let. us work to
Special Notice
County of Bayfield, City of Wash
burn; ss:
Public notice is hereby given, that
the Board of Review for said city of
Washburn will meet at the office of
the undersigned, city clerk thereof,
on the 3rd day of July, 1905, at nine
o’clock in the forenoon for the pur
pose of reviewing and examining
the assessment roll of real and per
sonal property therein, and of bank
stock, and correcting all errors ia
said roll, whether in description or
Dated the 26th of June, 1905.
R. A. Hering,
Cicy Clerk.
We would like to ask, throught
the columns of your paper, if there is
any person who has used Green’s
August Flower for the cure of Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, aud Liver
troubles that has not been cured —
and we also mean their results, such
as sour stomach, fermentation of
fold, habitual costiveness, nervou
dyspepsia, headaches, despondent
feelings, sleeplessness —in fact, any
trouble connected with the stomach
or, liver? This medicine has been
sold for many years in all civilized
ountries, and we wish to correspond
with you and send you one of out
books free of cost. If you never
tried August Flower, try a 25 cent
bottle first. We have never known
of its failing. If so, something more
serious is the matter with you. The
25 cent size has .just been introduced
this year. Regular size 75 cents. At
Frost & Spies. G. G. Green,
Wood bury, N. Y
Asthma Suffered Shbu 1 and Know This,
Foley’s Honey and Tar has cured
many cases of asthma that were
considered hopeloss. Mrs. Adolph
Buesing, 701 West Third St,, Daven
port, lowa, writes: “A severe cold
eotraeted twelve years ago was neg
ledted nntil it finally grew- into asth
ma. The best medicalskii) available
could not give me more than tem
porary relief. Foley’s Honey and
Tar was recommended and one fifty
cent bottle entirely curee me for
twelve years, and if I had taken it
the start I would have been saved
yeaus of suffering.” Frost & Spies.
A Good Time
on the
Fourth of July!
is what you need. It pays to get out of the rut occasionally.
Get out and have the mental cobwebs brushed away. There
are many places to Which you can go and spend the day
very enjoyably. Ah exceptionally fine assortment of plea
sure places are located along the
The local agent will be very glad to tell you about the various resorts, the rates in
effect for the occasion and assist you in any manner possible. If you mish to go
GO HOME for the Fourth, ask about rates, dates of sale and limits of tickets.—
W. B. Cutty, Agant Washburn, Wis., A. M. Cleland, General Passengsr Agent,
St. Paul, Minn.
We want you to See
In Making Candies and Ice Cream,
Needham's Ashland.
, \ ,
\'Py Washburn, Wis.
Tjo TJhose
Cos n templau'ng
By calling on the under
signed you can' make your
selection from plates of
first and second floors and
view of upright of one 1
hundred American homes
of latest construction.
Blue Prints and specifi
cations furnished at a cost
within reach of all.
Contractor and Builder.
A W } ash b trn, 'll?is. *
A OF^V^n 1 E 8
you of using
, G. A. HERIING. -fr
For any kind of wood
Call up
Bell Telephone.
# General insurance. &
Special Attention Given to Insurance on
Farm Buildings. Rates Reasonable.
Office at Bayfield County Bank, Washburn, Wis.
finest turnouts
* . . in . .
Jn the City at
g. C. L. Willey’s Stables *
Electricity ...
Our rate for Electric lights is ten cents per
1000 watts. There are very few places any
cheaper. In fact for every place with cheaper
rates there are ten places with higher rates—
some as high as 2) cents per 1030 watts, We
make no charge for meters and will wire your
house at cost.
If interested call at office and talk the light
question over. Every customer can have lights
on meter or fiat rate as best suits him.
Washburn Electric Light and
Power Company.
He that lives
upon hope will
fast —
N •>
But he that
lives on
will feast.
W Don't forget
J Graham Crackers \
I Butter Thin Biscuit 1
\ Social Tea Biscuit J
\ Lemon Snaps /

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